Copse ‘n’ Corpse (Part 14)

~ Copse ‘n’ Corpse (Part 14) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Beating retreat, flaming less bolder,

Dampened ash, smoking smoulder,

Wisps and whirls and hoary purls,

Swirled about the figure curling.


A furtive glimpse quickly stolen,

This flaring fiend from fire woven,

Feathers furled, glistered golden,

Rippled as if molten motion.


Twas spectral without solidity.

An entity with lucidity,

A translucent vision, an apparition,

An ethereal being beyond description.


It stood or floated, perhaps it hovered,

Black in body, face covered –

A formless shape in cloak or cape,

Shifting, drifting in the breeze.


Tho’ briefly seen thro’ fire’s sheen –

Beyond a screen of rising thermal,

I had no doubt what looked out,

Nothing less than paranormal.


Compelled to gawp, gape and gaze,

Across the sand thro’ dying blaze,

I watched the spectre turn its head,

In my direction its leer was led.


I knew it saw me, I felt its glare:

Stabbing with its piercing stare,

Seized by eyes that were not there,

I was entrapped, ensnarled, ensnared.


Fervid fear in my stomach pit,

Bit with bile, dried my spit,

Ill at ease without my wits,

I hunkered down ‘neath rock parapet.


I shot quick glance across the bay:

A place of refuge to make my way,

But alas! Only towering cliffs of grey,

Surrounded the cove ascending away.


Stalled and stilled, static, inert,

Fingers raked through dampened dirt –

In hope of bough or sturdy staff,

Something solid to defend myself.


Yet barren about me upon the sand,

No robust tool came to hand,

Frantic was I when in my sight,

Came creeping tendrils of waxen light.


These pallid blooms probing gloom,

Opaque at first grew brighter,

Until in fact ‘tween every crack,

Shone shafts of light ever whiter.


Where umbra hid behind my boulder,

Soon bathed in light, blazing bolder –

Darkness illumed, shade consumed,

My shadow set in silhouette.


So sudden before me towering tall,

The spectral form of this faceless ghoul,

Stood staring down upon my crown,

As fear further fed my dread.


But yet, I sensed no menace or malevolence,

No prevalence of maleficence,

Instead a palpable benevolence –

A quality of graceful elegance.


~ Copse ‘n’ Corpse (Part 13) precedes this post. Part 15 to follow shortly ~


15 thoughts on “Copse ‘n’ Corpse (Part 14)

  1. Aaaah!! Good day Dewin. I feel the sap rising! The creative juices flowing once more – 2020 approaches and the beast is released!

    • Good day Opher, how are you?

      You sound energised, enthused, and altogether juiced yourself my friend, though that not an uncommon trait with you! Thanks for stopping by: your spirited comment is much appreciated.

      ‘The beast is released’ – one hopes it is delivered from cage to page!

      Happy New Year Opher! 2020, makes one think of perfect vision: undoubtedly it will be a great year for you to remember.

      Best wishes,


    • Happy New Year Maria!

      Thank you for saying so, your readership is most welcome, your comments, both here and elsewhere have been inspiring. I’m grateful for both, thank you.

      I never write with a definite blue-print of a story, as such the mystery of what comes next – all but fleeting ideas glimpsed in dreams – remain a mystery to me as well. Sometimes it is only in the quiet hours when the world has yet to wake that these ideas return to find form upon the page. In that way the poem becomes an adventure.

      Enjoy a wonderful week.


  2. Good day Liz, how are you? I hope you had a very merry Christmas and are looking forward to welcoming the New Year in much the same way. I trust it will prove to be a wonderful 2020 for you. Best Wishes!

    Thank you for kindly comment: so pleased you enjoyed those lines. Having inserted an image in the previous post and not really commented on it, I thought it opportune to scribble a few lines and give the ‘fiery fiend’ some form. Describing movement using metaphor and simile in the context of a poem, or rhyming verse, is quite a tricky business, but always an engaging challenge to be overcome and enjoyed. (To which, I might add, time spent writing Haiku is most helpful in focusing on word associations and imagery)

    It’s good to hear from you Liz. I trust all is well and the ink flowing nicely.


    • Thank you Cindy: perhaps it is that on occasion words find me a willing recipient: I am always the student and they the master.

      A scintillating GIF, thank you. Gold is such an alluring colour…a celebration in light.

      Happy New Year! May it prove to be a great year for y’all at the Holler!


  3. Your descriptive grace is off the scale Dewin as I felt my own mouth go dry as the creature you described loomed before you..

    “Fervid fear in my stomach pit,
    Bit with bile, dried my spit,
    Ill at ease without my wits,
    I hunkered down ‘neath rock parapet. ”

    Wonderfully worded my friend with such flare and finesse held within each syllable..
    Thank goodness it was Benevolent.. And look forward to reading more..

    Hope your day is going well Dewin.. 🙂

    • Thank you Sue! An inspiring, generous, and wholly encouraging comment that will undoubtedly help shape (and sharpen) the tip of my quill and have me press-on with the poem in earnest. Pleased indeed you are enjoying the story so far.

      To my way of thinking the main protagonist has endured sufficiently to warrant a little good fortune, but whether or not the phantom turns out to be friendly or fiendish remains to be seen: my whim can be fickle sometimes and even surprise me! Of course I hope it is the former rather than the latter but time will tell! 😀

      A brighter day here as I hope it is for you as well up North: a perfect day for rambling hills and dales.

      Take care,


      • I was pleased to read more good fortune within those lines Dewin.. and hope that the spark of love may indeed penetrate deeper within the tale.. 😀

        As for weather.. here we have high winds, relentless rain with only a few sunny interludes as the clouds swiftly cross the heavens… A better day tomorrow though is forecast.. Fingers crossed.. 🙂

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