The Great Fairy Fire – (125) – Pulse (Continued)

Downstream of the Black Babble River, friends of Merlin wait in the village of Eons Bach to play there part in returning Merlin to life. He is flowing and growing within the waters of the river towards Eons Bach to be reborn in new form. It is essential that Merlin live for he is to lead a campaign freeing the Kingdom of Camelot from the evil reign of Morgana-Le-Faye.

Merlin’s comrades: two big-cats, Anubis and twelve Ravens must work together to perform dark-magic and save the wizard from death. However, Anubis is struggling to recall a small detail, some ‘thing’ lost in time that forms a crucial part of the process they need to follow. Whilst he stands waiting for Merlin atop a folly between the two big-cats he pursues a memory that comes to him from a time long ago when he first met Death…


~ The Great Fairy Fire – (125) – Pulse (Continued) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Grim was grim in grubby grim garb

Wrapped head-to-toe in black

Tall and thin there was nothing of him,

Skeletal beneath slack clothes.

“Nobody knows I’m dead,” he said.


Anubis didn’t care for Grim’s menacing stare,

Didn’t care for the foul smell of him:

A blend of death and sin, loss and chagrin

Misery vice and despair: sullied the air

Soiled his robes, stained his skin.


Grim took one gaiting stride

Arrived at the side of Anubis,

Who tried to hide else hang his head,

All joy had left replaced by dread.

“I’m not all rotten,” the Reaper said.


The Goddess encouraged Anubis forward,

“It’s okay,” she whispered, “he doesn’t bite.”

“He might look grim and dark as sin,”

“But get to know him, he’s a cad.”

“Not at all bad or sad or as mad as people say.”


“Be glad you’ve a home here,” she said,

“Amongst the dead though it may be.”

“Be good for Grim, be far better for me,”

“And we shall see about a key,”

“A key for the door in the floor.”


Grim reached down and patted him,

A bony hand ash pale and thin.

“Welcome Anubis to Underworld.”

“A realm you’ve already seen.”

“You’re the third Anubis there’s ever been.”


“We’re averaging one every thousand years.”

“They come and go as often as Seers.”

Grim mused a smile and held up a key.

“For you eventually: after you’ve settled in your new home.”

“The dog-flap key will allow you to roam.”


“Indeed,” said the Goddess, “come and go as you please,”

“But never leave the door ajar.”

“Should they catch glimpse of light of day,”

“The dead will stray, wander far away,”

“And you my lad will be made to pay!”


Anubis grimaced as Grim grinned:

Mused a smile like one who has sinned.

Grim chuckled again, unlocked the door:

Stairs descending into the floor.

“Follow me honeybee,” said he.


The Goddess caressed his fur, kissed his brow,

“Come,” she said, “time to go now.”

Anubis courageously took big brave strides,

Disappeared down stairs into the dark-side.

“I’m here,” she said, “I’ll be your guide.”



The Great Fairy Fire – (123-124) – Pulse (Continued)

Arriving en masse for war in Eons Bach, Morgana-Le-Fay leads swarms of rogue-fairies towards snowy mountains intending to enlist the Wench before launching a dawn air-assault on the quiet Welsh Village in the valley below. Arcing light cracks the horizon.

In an attempt to thwart Morgana’s progress, two brave comrades of Merlin have flown to investigate the amassing horde. In evading imminent danger and alerting the horde, Creosote and Andromeda – a cat and swan respectively – lead two rogue-fairy outriders through thick fog into a quickly-made makeshift trap.

Meantime downstream of the Black Babble River, Anubis waits mid-stream with intention of retrieving Merlin from icy waters when he’ emerges’ in Eons Bach having been restored to life. Anubis must be successful but yet does not remember all he needs to do to facilitate Merlin’s rebirth. He searches through memories spanning thousands of years eager to find instructions for the part he has yet to play…


~ The Great Fairy Fire – (123) – Pulse (Continued) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Taut tense highly-strung,

Netting hung between close shores:

A tight squeeze, water poured and raced

Made haste towards a weir.

Running clear into a pool.


“That’ll floor them,” whispered the cat,

Leaping back to hide behind a tree.

Carefully so as not to be heard:

Yet purred at the prospect of felling Fey,

Two rogue-fairies who headed their way.


When then the flap of leathery wings,

As two nasty nixie pixie things,

Struck tightly-wound netted strings

That pinged snapped and collapsed the net,

Trapping the Fey beneath it.


Bound for water but flapping hard

Two fairies anxiously hovered:

 Mere inches from swirling swell

Their will to live was palpable.

Their cussing and cursing audible.


“Careful,” warned Andromeda,

“We can still be felled by spell.”

“Outriders have rudimentary skill.”

“No flame or fire have they to spill.”

“But a one-shot wand designed to kill!”


~ The Great Fairy Fire – (124) – Pulse (Continued) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Anubis stood on the holly arched folly

Lost in streams of dreams.

He was reaching for a memory from long ago,

When into his mind a vision flowed,

Of a new home with a deathly glow…


He followed her as would a faithful hound,

Eyes wide-open nose to the ground.

Anubis was led by a Goddess blessed:

Blessed to rest underground, and

He as her hound was Hades-bound.


“No lead for thee my honeybee,”

“My Realm is your realm, here you are free.”

“I’m neither your handler nor owner,” said she.

“You are Apprentice to me.”

“I’ll make you the Sorcerer you always wanted to be.”


“Follow me,” she said walking away:

He gave her ten yards so as to watch her sway.”

“O lucky day,” he thought musing his way.

To a door in the floor he’d seen before,

Where she paused, turned, was about to say…


When a voice in the dark rang out with a bark,

“So you must be the fresh meat Anubis!”

“Grim be sweet, greet our new pet with politeness.”

From out of swathes of shade strode the Reaper.

“I’m Grim,” he said, “Keeper of the Dead.”


The Great Fairy Fire – (121-122) – Pulse

In twilight skies high over the Welsh village of Eons Bach two courageous souls fly towards an amassed menace of swarming fairy Fey led by Morgana-Le-Faye, the tyrannical self-proclaimed ruler of the Kingdom of Camelot. Knowing of prophecy said to overthrow her, Morgana is en route to Eons Bach intending to do away with conspirators, which includes Merlin who is in the process of ‘becoming’. With assistance of unlikely friends Merlin is being returned to life. The friends – two big-cats and Anubis – wait for his imminent arrival downstream where also waiting for Merlin is an assassin Boa-constrictor called Fusion…


~ The Great Fairy Fire – (121) – Pulse ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


One flick of a wand one pulse of light

One death-dealing shot lit up the night!

“Hard right!” yelled the Highway Cat,

“Incoming Fey closing -in on our back!”

“So begins the Battle for Eons Bach!”


Andromeda dipped her right-wing tip,

Splayed out her feathery feathers.

 “Hold tight!” she said as she turned and sped and led

Leathery Fey hurtling to the ground:

Down down faster faster eager to avert fatal disaster.


When then close to the floor, to the misty moor,

Andromeda stopped short, made haste for thick fog.

To a bubbling bog bridged by a log standing beside a cabin,

 Where close at hand for ease of grabbing,

A mosquito net tied to a tree.


“Impressive!” mused the hooded-cat,

“That was well recalled.”

“I barely remember yesterday,”

“Least of all being here last Fall.”

“Now help me unspool this trapping tool.”


Andromeda almost stalled by steps to the cabin:

Reached with her beak grabbing the netting,

Letting it trail behind her to farthest shore.

“Would it were we had more,” said the Cat.

“I’d lay it end to end over Eons Bach!”


~ The Great Fairy Fire – (122) – Pulse (Continued) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Fusion was musing on this and that:

In fact in was just this, he’d lost hope in that

In that both cats atop the folly –

The folly arched with fruiting holly,

“Would it were they would wobble and fall.”


“Hours have passed and yet still they stay.”

“Fooled into believing that upon this day,”

“They are Queen’s! O please!” teased Fusion.

“And I thought I brought confusion!”

“Ragbag tatty and torn: no more queen’s than spoils of war!”


“Anubisssss,” hissed Fusion having a little fun,

“Tonight is the night when you’ll come undone.”

“When in the moment of your triumphant call,”

“Little old me will be there eating you all!”

“Tis the miracle of life, don’t knock it, rock it you fools!”


Anubis was shivering but not with cold:

For this was his one moment to be bold.

In anticipating the great event he’d spent time and energy,

Focussing his memory searching for clues:

Instructions for what they had yet to do.


Anubis had apprenticed for a thousand years.

Between his ears vast knowledge of Seers:

“If I could recall it all, details both large and small,”

“Then I’d control of this miracle,”

“But for now the spell eludes me.”


The Great Fairy Fire – (119-120) – Flow (Continued)

Carried within flowing waters of the Black Babble River one of Merlin’s scintillating particles proceeds on its journey towards complete manifestation downstream. Gifted with the force of Life and guided by the hand of Love, Merlin’s rapidly dividing seed is expanding into new form when soon he will be reborn in new form.

If successfully restored Merlin will face a hostile reception upon being retrieved from the River. Morgana has learnt of an ancient prophecy led by Merlin said to overthrow her tyrannical rulership of Camelot. In a bid to silence the rebellion she leads swarms of rogue-fairies towards snowy mountains surrounding Eons Bach from where she will launch an aerial assault on the village at dawn…


~ The Great Fairy Fire – (119) – Flow (Continued) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


“Slow slow quick quick slow,”

“Merlin knows which way to go.”

“Flow flow quick quick flow.”

“Merlin grows each mile he goes.”

“He knows he grows as he flows!”


Water woven with words came softly wafting,

Came waving in the slip of a stream.

Merlin’s first sense of reality

Came floating to him as if in a dream:

Where voices unseen came gently wafting.


Came to him unseen repeating its theme,

“Merlin knows he grows as he flows.”

Yet without eyes to see Merlin could see: could see

Shadows move around him: calling him enticing him,

Exciting his view from deep within.


“But for skin and bone I’m here in this home:”

“Seated on the throne of another new hide.”

“In icy Black water where I ought to swim I glide!”

“I spin I slip I slide: this my new ride from end to end,”

“Whilst downstream friends wait for me to rise.”


“Merlin my love within small hours you will be,”

“Returned wholly complete to reality.”

“Tis so short a time for you to be with me.”

“What is left to say is encoded within thee.”

“Your cellular fluids carry sacred memories!”


~ The Great Fairy Fire – (120) – Flow (Continued) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Andromeda flowed through fading night

Towards destiny and morn’s arcing light:

Bright but for the blight in sight of Eons Bach,

The flailing mass amassing to attack

“Swarms stacked packed racked and ready!


“Your bravado is most welcome,” said Creosote,

Who spoke through clenched teeth, whilst steely eyed

Gazing up at the sky, spied wicked Fey heading their way!

“Outriders!” yelled Andromeda, “let’s bid ’em good day!”

“Time to start the body count! What do you say!?”


“Easy girl!” said the Cat who felt her chomp at the bit.

“Best we sit back let them come to us.”

“I count only two so there’ll be no fuss.”

“Dispatch them quickly without alerting the rest,”

“Else all hell will break loose and we’ll head West!”


Morgana could almost taste ice and snow:

Could all-but follow her own flighty course

To where three peaks pulsed with light

“Piercing night, bright as three new pins!”

“Soon blackened by hands of nasty winged things!”


“You’ve done well Pickadoo to save your skin!”

“Least you never forget the way here again!”

 “Now guide me to the Halls of wild wicked Wench.”

“I want to soak in their foul wicked stench.”

“Where drenched in stench I’ll quench my thirst but not my hunger for WAR!”


( Author’s note: 3000 lines!? 🙂 )

The Great Fairy Fire – (117-118) – Flow (Continued)

It’s long past midnight in Eons Bach where new friends, wise fiends and old foes gather ahead of Merlin’s imminent return to life and the long-awaited prospect of restoring Camelot to rightful rulership. Should Merlin return he will spearhead a prophecy overthrowing Morgana-Le-Faye, the despotic self-proclaimed ruler of the Kingdom.

Knowing of the plot against her Morgana speeds vast swarms of ferocious rogue-fairies through the night towards a proposed dawn attack on Eons Bach! Alerted by Morgana’s heinous smell, two comrades have flown to an elevated station close to the source of the Black Babble River. Creosote and Andromeda – a.k.a the Highway Cat and his Swan –  wait upon a mountain scanning the sky for signs of Morgana’s approach.

Meanwhile downstream in Eons Bach an assassin Boa-constrictor hides in deep shadow patiently waiting for Merlin to spring forth from the Babble. Fusion waits watching Merlin’s friends also waiting for Merlin to manifest…


~ The Great Fairy Fire – (117) – Flow (Continued) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


The foulest scent one could ever invent

Gusted in on a wicked wind!

Gushing came rushing withering trees,

Foul stench of Wench sullied the breeze:

“Bouquet of death despair and disease!”


“It grows stronger the longer we linger.”

“Yet we cannot leave here my feathered friend.”

“We stay to delay or to proudly defend,”

“Else fend away our fearful foe!”

“To whatever end we are sworn to go!”


“Over there!” yelled Creosote still looking East.

“I see shadows move to leave stars creased:”

“Ceased in their shine by long wavy lines,”

“Be they swarms of war-mongering Fey!”

“By Jupiter she’ll be here by break of day!”


“There must be thousands of filthy dirty Fey”

“Perhaps a million rogue-fairies heading our way!”

“But long have we known of this despicable day,”

“When Wench and woe flow into the Bach,”

“When you and I must hold evil back!”


“Cometh the glorious hour, come the monumental day,”

“When legend recounts how we battled the Fey!”

“Make ready my friend for we ride to our end!”

“Unfurl the banner! Unfold the flag!”

“May Red Draco snag a big bag of hag!”


~ The Great Fairy Fire – (118) – Flow (Continued) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Snow had abated whilst Fusion part-sated,

Lay digesting an unfortunate rabbit.

“Welsh rarebit!” mused Fusion smacking lips,

His quips not slowed or without spice,

Fusion felt buoyant despite the ice.


He’d shifted position to a spot near the folly:

Where holly hid his dampened hole,

Where cold chilled his reptilian soul.

He lay neatly coiled: soiled by dust and spore,

Spiralled upon the pebble-dashed floor.


Still gazing through twiggy thickets

Towards where idiots waited atop a folly,

A folly crowned with one arch baring holly.

“How brave how courageous how desperately foolish!”

 “Bold in the cold is a certain death-wish!”


“But why should I care as I lay and stare:”

“If not for Merlin they’d all be dead!”

“And I rid of this infernal chill!”

“Still cold to my core: but for my will to slay!”

“Why else would I wait for break of day!”


“Although cold and coiled my hunger’s not spoiled.”

“I’ve room for a wizard and friends:”

“A subtle blend of wild dog and panther,”

“Whilst fresh Sage lends body and taste!”

“O do make haste Merlin! Do make haste!”


The Great Fairy Fire – (116) – Flow (Continued)

Fulfilment of an ancient prophecy said to restore the Kingdom of Camelot to former glory relies on Merlin being successfully restored to life. Whilst his particles flow along growing within the icy-cold waters of the Black Babble River, the evil queen Morgana-Le-Fay is en route to Eons Bach to deny Merlin new life. She hunts the wizard and conspirators in a plot to overthrow her.

Amassed for an air assault, Morgana leads swarms of rogue-fairies hell-bent on destruction towards the village where already alarmed by a strange scent in the air Creosote and Andromeda left comrades and flew to the source of the smell in distant  mountains surrounding Eons Bach. The two almost-crash but sustain no injury having landed on something soft and rotten…


~ The Great Fairy Fire – (116) – Flow (Continued) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Spotted blotted dotted beneath disrupted snow,

Scuttled Fey lay in dark crimson shadow.

Lay scattered in circles as if hurtled by force:

Thrust to the ground flung around: found squashed,

Matted and splattered awash in red.


“All very dead,” declared Creosote,

Poking through Fey taking note of everything.

He knelt to explore tracks in the snow

Leading uphill as fast as they’d go:

“Long strides of Underdog in full-killing-flow!”


Andromeda proffered the theory of heavy snowfall.

“Dislodged from tall trees, sudden and terrible!”

“Not snowfall at all my artful Swan, but snowball!”

“One giant ball of snow felled those below”

“Wiped away Wench within it’s shadow!”


“Is this the putrid scent we sense scenting the breeze?”

“That or evil from Grim’s wicked wheeze?”

“But why were the Fey behaving this way?”

“What had incited disquiet or caused them to riot?”

“Pleasure is their leisure: discreet and quiet.”


“Creosote!” called Andromeda from a nearby copse,

“There’s dust flowing from out of rocks!”

The feline conducted a closer inspection:

An investigation starting with taste and smell.

“By Jupiter Andromeda, it’s a toxic Spore-well!”


“Out here in Eons Bach? But how can that be?”

“There’s no pathways here unknown to me!”

“But yet Morgana’s poison has spread rapidly!”

“Returned the Wench to savagery!”

“To wickedness and barbarity!”


“Underdog’s been busy on the dark side of town!”

“Busy tunnelling whilst we’ve been gone.”

“I’ll wager we find mined ‘neath Grim’s Reaper,”

“Tunnels running deeper growing deadly spore.”

“Dispersed by the heat from bubbling sulphur!”


“But no time to ponder my beloved old Swan.”

“Best we be gone, head for higher ground.”

“Where with snow desisting we won’t be missing,”

“Anything foul from afar.”

“I’ve sense dead Wench are precursor for more.”


The Highway Cat took-up slack reigns,

Saddled again walked Andromeda to the ledge:

To the very edge where with feathers furled she fell,

Wings half mast fast diving with speed:

With momentum to rise she rode the uplifting breeze.


Andromeda beat down her mighty ashen wings

 Beat until feet reached the snowy peak:

Thereupon to perch upon it’s crest.

“Quick!” yelled Creosote, “there’s no time to rest!”

“I’ll look East whilst you look West!”


The Great Fairy Fire – (114-115) – Flow (Continued)

Ice-cold waters of the Black Babble River flow onwards towards Eons Bach carrying within it Merlin’s particles: one of which is guided and nurtured by the hand of Love onwards on its journey of becoming. Merlin is hastened to inspired new life, new form, with intention that he fulfils a prophecy leading to the overthrow of the wicked queen Morgana who has assumed control over the Kingdom of Camelot.

Whilst Merlin flows within the Black Babble River, Morgana and swarms of rogue-fairies are en route for Eons Bach travelling on the wing through starry night. Morgana has intention of foiling the plot against her and removing every conspirator for good. Flying out to meet the approaching mass is a hooded cat called Creosote, the Highway Cat, the last Templar Knight and brave defender of all ‘passageways’ into Eons Bach, including those by air.

Creosote rides a heavily armoured Swan called Andromeda high above the clouds…


~ The Great Fairy Fire – (114) – Flow (Continued) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Sudden impact smacked one particle cracked,

Split through and through doubled into two:

Doubled as if alive separated by a seam

One scintillating particle was reacting,

Reactivating Merlin’s new beginning!


Electric blue-hue sizzled snapped popped

Fizzed until the particle stopped:

Plunged no deeper into the pool,

Bashed about by the waterfalls.

Flowed away doubling cells.


One particle flowed downstream,

Purposefully picking up speed: indigo star-seed

Streamed light-trails, shimmered light beams

Hastened Merlin towards prophetic dreams

Towards new life, new form, new Creed.


By mid-meander where river wend,

Merlin’s particle was doubling again:

Again and again until doubling exponentially,

Merlin grew rapidly expansively towards new form,

New form fit for new guises surprises and war!


A future sense of his enchanted self

Sensed sweet caresses from a Goddess,

Flowing never showing as if flowing with stealth:

She moulded every atom wove every cell,

Weaving with Love her finest miracle.



~ The Great Fairy Fire – (115) – Flow (Continued) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Airborne yet rapidly tiring, flying through thin air,

Andromeda dropped where Creosote indicated, “there!”

Descended beneath cloud dumping snow below,

Back into darkness and snow-heavy haze,

With no clear vision or far distant gaze.


But ahead silhouetted mountains with pointed peaks

Three steeping summits chic with mystique:

Hid beneath layered veils of snow and ice

Freshly spiced ever-green scented with pine,

Three peaks climbed reaching for night’s sky.


When then of a sudden upon the frigid air,

Creosote caught scent of what was already there.

“Wench!” he cried in utter disbelief, “beware!”

“Head for the Grim-stead but land at the pass.”

“Easier for us if we’ve to leave rather fast.”


Andromeda flew in moving far to quick:

Missed her footing slid and slipped,

Became unstable became undone: spun spinning

Over the crest towards rock-bottom:

Landing upon something soft and rotten!


“O my giddy aunt! The stench of Wench!”

“Is revolting!” said Creosote cringing.

“Drenched in stinking Wench is far worse!”

“But dead we don’t hear their wailing whinging!”

“Be wary of wands still sinning and stinging!”


The Great Fairy Fire – (112-113) – Flow (Continued)

If the ruined Kingdom of Camelot is to be free of Morgana’s wicked reign dark-magic must succeed in Eons Bach: where friends wait to retrieve Merlin’s new form from the icy waters of the Black Babble River where he is being restored to life. Billions of his particles flow towards chaotic ends in the rushing cold water: with the exception of one particle that is guided by the hand of Love.

En route at speed to Eons Bach flies Morgana with a swarm of evil rogue-fairies. Morgana has grown wise to a plot to overthrow her and heads for Eons Bach with intention to hunt down conspirators including Merlin. Flying out to meet Morgana and her swarms of deadly Fey is a hooded cat riding an armoured swan…


~ The Great Fairy Fire – (112) – Flow (Continued) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~

One particle slipped and fell helter-skelter

Tumbling amidst cascading water,

Imminent impact chemical reaction,

Moved by the force of premeditation.

One particle reached for an elevated station.


Said she who guided Merlin’s mystery,

“In this state you are all possibility.”

“Undefined, blank life, all potentiality.”

“You are star-seed Merlin awaiting depository.”

“Waters flow with Love especially for thee.”


“What shimmers what glimmers what is to see?”

“Twirling in a waterfall starlight shining on thee?”

“What radiance is cast what rays find their prism?”

“Starlight star-bright, Merlin behold this vision!”

“Gaze upon your origin and destination.”


“See my love see, see what flows deep within thee.”

“Thy source lies far away in a distant galaxy,”

“Left behind long ago when God’s came for thee,”

“Delivered you upon Earth to change history.”

“Behold Maia beloved mother of Mercury.”


“Behold Jupiter beloved father of winged-he.”

“From the Pleiades is your originality.”

“You were born from God’s, from Stars, from Love.”

“Born from passion from fusion from immortals above:”

“Star-seed prodigy born from binary pedigree.”


~ The Great Fairy Fire – (113) – Flow (Continued) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~

Three needle-tipped peaks stood bold and proud.

Mountainside’s pining snow-lining icy brows.

“Behold the Hills of Eons Bach,” said Pickadoo.

“The home of the spell-casting Wench: for you,”

“They’ll bid thee welcome into the heart of Stench.”


“The Stench?” asked Morgana none the wiser.

“Would that be the foul smell in the air?”

“Tis the lair of the Wench,” replied Pickadoo,”

“Shall you and I be invited there:”

“There to share stolen spoils and spells.”


“That’s what I adore about them!” replied Morgana,

“Their nastiness their sassiness their spite!”

“In light of the blight they undoubtedly are,”

“We’ll find warm welcome amongst them.”

“Amass our swarms mesh our intentions!”


Andromeda powered her way through thick snowy air,

Rising high above the clouds to where,

Jet-streams rushed raced accelerated paced

Made haste tunnelling corridors in space:

High over Eons Bach she chased winds with no name.


“Tis no game we play this day Andromeda,”

“But for Merlin’s life we must fly.”

“Tis destiny for us to be defenders of the sky.”

“Protecting every pathway, Templar Knight’s born.”

“Sworn Highway Cat of Eons Bach ensuring no harm.”


The Great Fairy Fire – (110-111) – Flow (Continued)

Flowing within the icy waters of the Black Babble River, Merlin’s particles are guided by the hand of Love towards his destiny and rebirth in new form. Dark-magic is afoot in Eons Bach and Merlin is being restored to life.

Eager to foil a plot to overthrow her, Morgana-Le-Faye is closing in on Eons Bach with intention to destroy Merlin and conspirators in the prophecy leading to her demise. She pursues a course by air into Eons Bach following a route travelled by a rogue-fairy called Pickadoo.

Meanwhile an assassin boa-constrictor called Fusion waits to cause confusion when Merlin emerges from out of the Babble River in the small Welsh village of Eons Bach…


~ The Great Fairy Fire – (110) – Flow (Continued) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~

One particle paused pivoting on waterfall’s edge,

Paused at the ledge spun by a vortex turning against the flow:

“From here you go quickly to meet your rightful end.”

“Babble may meander, she may wend her way,”

“But Merlin my love you will always be okay.”


“Whilst caught in the steady of the eddy as it whirls,”

“We draw to you nutrients and minerals.”

“Small matter scattered rich with chaotic energy.”

“Dynamic kinetic magnetic catalytic electricity, “

“Impact after the waterfall initiates growth of cellular thee.”


“As you flow you shall expand, evolve rapidly.”

“As you flow you shall know secrets of Eternity.”

“Merlin Trismegistus is See with blessed ability.”

“You’ll be a Wizard whose reach orbits stars above.”

“Whose Heart knows Venus. Whose Soul knows Love.”


“You shall be mighty and brave leading the way:”

“Leading Twelve Ravens to war.”

“Pay no heed to danger for it will not delay.”

“Your will to restore Camelot by end of this new day!”

“Make haste my love, I shall guide you all the way.”


One particle caught in a steady eddy readied itself,

Spinning more energetically tipped over the shelf,

Tumbling cascading enthused by the fall to the floor.

One particle knew more than before of where it were head:

Enchanted by Love it was being gently led.


~ The Great Fairy Fire – (111) – Flow (Continued) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~

Fusion shivered in his dank dark hole.

He needed to bask it was good for his soul.

Hours had passed since he last lay on a good rock.

Soaking-up the sun warm in every nook, every fold, every coil.

Winter found ways of stealing warmth from soil.


By riverside he spied those gathered upon the Folly,

Watching as they posed poised waiting:

Twelve Ravens leaving the golden arch with the holly.

“To go where?” he wondered deliberating, “and why?”

“But why ask why when Ravens are out of the way!”


“It seems safe to safe it’ll soon be time to play.”

“To assassinate! To slay! This day I take Merlin away!”

Warming to the thought he felt a tingle tip to toe,

A lift in his mood despite the falling snow,

Knowing Merlin would taste fresher for time in the flow.


Gibbering fell away beneath them a flaming pyre.

Rogue-fairies had torched the village, set it on fire.

The Piranha were fed: sated instead on char-grilled flesh and bone.

 Morgana bled the lock-smith dry: he died making her key.

 No house no home left standing: nothing left but ash and misery.


Pickadoo led them towards snowy peaks distant to her eye.

She had clear scent of her journey’s intent: she knew where she now head.

She guided the swarm towards the dawn, towards their coming attack,

“My Lady tis but a few hours flight to Eons Bach.”

“Soon you’ll be free from prophecy: free from Merlin the See.”


The Great Fairy Fire – (108-109) – Flow (Continued)

Eons Bach is alive with dark-magic orchestrated by unwitting characters newly befriended who in the process of their encounter are learning of their yore and role in the future of Camelot. Comrades of Merlin who gather in earnest to save his life: twelve Ravens, Anubis, two-big-cats, a mysterious hooded cat and his armoured swan wait to retrieve and receive his body from the Black Bubble River. Within the icy water Merlin’s were dispersed to follow course down-stream. His journey will restore him to life in new guise.

Ahead of Merlin’s arrival at the Folly where his friends wait, Sprog the Raven recalled aspects of a prophecy overthrowing Morgana and suggested the Ravens occupy positions around the village where they will harmonise their croaking-cries to raise the Black Wing Bridge.

Elsewhere and closing-in on the village of Eons Bach, Morgana is en route with swarms of Rogue-fairies hunting Merlin and conspirators in the prophecy to overthrow her. Her course to Eons Bach is led by Pickadoo a Wench from the snowy mountains of Eons Bach…


~ The Great Fairy Fire – (108) – Flow (Continued) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Twelve flew in search of their high twiggy perch:

Each given a designated station: a platform for vocalisation

An individual tree from which to orchestrate harmony.

From which to fill the valley with symphony

With sound to shake the ground quake the earth.


From each tree-top propped upon each hill,

Ravens found their stay and will to find their form.

Each sat contemplating the coming mind-storm,

Whereupon minds in possession would lead the procession

 Would meld with their brethren to raise Black Wing.


Sprog took the lead as his mind emptied,

Rid itself of nonsense focused in on the need:

A need for yore from before to fill his mind.

He fell quickly blind to all else but ancient text,

Until no longer perplexed by content or context.


“I’ll take point by Babble’s edge,” Sprog said,

“Wait for me to orchestrate our symphony.”

“Agree to follow my lead in the Raven key of E.”

“Twelve must be in perfect pitch and harmony.”

“Do not falter do not fail: for Merlin we must prevail.”


Rubble rushed to his lonely tree at tail-feather end.

Found a branch extending high above the canopy,

“With a view so that I may see the valley in totality.”

“Tis appropriate,” said he, “that I face East,”

“I am the Spell-caster summoning Eurydice.”


~ The Great Fairy Fire – (109) – Flow (Continued) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


To one particle gleaming in icy Babble flow,

Came a lulling voice whispering soft and slow:

“Merlin my love you’re guided from above.”

“Held safely in the warm arms of Love.”

“Wherein lies destiny you must know of.”


“You are lifted upon wings of a mighty Swan:”

“Carried along Black Babble where you’ll become”

“Immortalised in legend fabled in Folklore.”

“Fortunate are thee soon to be far more than before.”

“Heroic are thee whose Fate it is to fall facing adversity.”


“Once a scribe with promise you’ve risen to be,”

“Merlin the Wizard of antiquity.”

“Restored to life you shall newly be:”

“Known as Merlin Thrice-Greatest of all history.”

“Merlinus Ambrosius Trimegistus if titled correctly.”


T’was a pit-stop only, barely a few moments to rest,

Morgana discarded black feathers for a little black dress.

She ventured to an address Pickadoo had mentioned,

The home of a lock-smith where she intentioned

Acquiring a master-key fitting all locks of mystery.


En route to the town of Gibbering, Morgana had been chatting,

Learning more of Picjadoo’s yore, she was keen to explore,

Keen to speak discretely, seek gossip find out more.

Pickadoo spoke of a client known from long before: a Lock-charmer,

A sorcerer of locks, keys, alarms and doors.