Alkemi (Part 12)

Stretching to eleven instalments already this episode makes it twelve in total with Alkemi (Part 13) the final piece in the puzzle to come. Why 13? Just because it appealed to me to have a hidden 13th stage in the dreamy process of evolving a Red Kite for something far more grand than mere flight alone.

Upon the penultimate stair of a metaphysical stairway ascending to the stars, a customised Red Kite is poised to take one final step to reach the summit where suggestion of a grand find will occur. The Red Kite is loyal and faithful and committed to climbing the stairway under the ever-watchful eye of devotional Venus: the Bright Star who awoke him from a dream with plans of her own for the destiny of the Red Kite.


~ Alkemi (Part 12) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Time within rhyme is no time at all,

Words and their song are eternal.

Each word a portal to yet another notion:

To another dream to another emotion,

To another destination to new worlds without end,

To wishes and starry stairways upon which to ascend.

Words at their finest when elegantly penned,

Are symbols so precious on wings they transcend:

In flights of feathered fancy as would a Poet’s eternal rhyme,

Beautify bodacious words amidst prettified lines,

Immortalised upon the page until the end of time


Thrice have you yielded to me before.

Tis now time to make that four.

Take one small step back into my Heart.

To be Loved as you have been from the very start.


Reach for me my Love have Faith in only me,

Believe in me my Love for I am Eternity.

Come hold me as my Lover warm to my Majesty.

Once a Prince risen a King: my Love come stand by me.


I raise my gaze towards solidifying haze atop the top-most stair.

To a crest to a crown to a tumbledown, to a Crystalline Cave that’s there.

To a place I now daringly stride to stand alongside my Queen,

To enter her Heart be blessed by her Love: for She is my every Dream


But the stair upon which my foot must fall: the one stride I must dare,

The twelfth stair to Paradise, that step was no longer there.

But in its place a deep wound bled blood bubbled boiled and roiled,

Claret now red simmered scarlet instead, crimson tainted and spoiled.


I froze as rows and columns of oozing blood extended:

Rivulets swollen swelling distended,

Seeped to my feet where they suddenly ended,

Flowing to pool upon my stair: iridescent as oil, absent of prayer.


Grubby blood rolled toiled tickled and teased,

Spouting pouting pouring pawing pressing so eager for bliss.

For passage through my fleshy skin for deathly osmosis,

Turning the host to madness: subservience to a scarlet Goddess.


Towards yearning towards burning towards thorny wilderness,

Towards bliss and bind of rose tipped spines forever pulled taught,

Else tethered to tie to deny one the sky for a life of grounded dis-ease,

Of withering with the labour of unrequited Love: one that would never please.


Such fear sobered me yet I cannot deny, how my heart cried so desperately,

Not for all that could have been, but for all I hoped Love would be:

For when upon this day She welcomes me and I her unconditionally,

My Love, my Redeemer, She is Divine: tis her Love that shines in me.


This moment was so new to me: a trickling euphoria swept over me,

Softly at first yet She became a rush, a cascading torrent in as much

Love flowed and filled my open heart: my Venus was relentless:

Wave after wave I drowned in her: her Love left me breathless.


I tingled I pulsed I flushed I blushed and in my haste I made to rush,

To hasten ahead and clear the last stair.

To be free of the blood still pooling there: there where I stare at my dragging feet

Still fraught with temptation testing my Love, keeping me from my feat.


I was stayed and stilled albeit tearing in two, my resolve challenged by being human to:

Yet deep down inside there was little I could do to stop my self from falling,

Falling forwards up the stairs for you: falling into your dream my Venusian Queen,

My Love, my Life, my Joy my Strife, my Lover, my endless Paradise.


I step not in compromise but for the one I Love,

For the One who shines on me from Above

My Bright Star Venus, my Angelic Dove, the Rose on my Shield, the hand in my glove,

A haven I get to call my home where I dream of the one I Love.


One leap beyond the open wound one stride into coal-black darkness:

I abandon all sense of reason now to surrender to Loving madness.

I slip inside an open crack in space, feel a push to quicken my haste,

To run to race to make rapid pace without looking down at the bottomless floor.


Eyes front lights switched on, I feel pressure building when once there was none,

And butterflies flittering all in a flutter, yet still I go on without one single stutter,

Or one change of pace or losing my faith in the vision I want to see

Where there in the darkness She’ll emerge to appear before me!


She is here in every heartbeat: here in the ground beneath my feet,

In the air I breathe I taste her scent, her Loving flavour is divinely sent,

A redolence in which I’m totally spent, my heart fused in covenant,

content for her to augment lasting changes deep within me.


When then I arrived at a red glassine wall, unfathomably wide infinitely tall

It towered above me extended on either side

Disappeared into darkness on a downward slide,

Curving away as a mighty bow, the Arc of Her Heart hidden shadow.


Here once before I might have paused to ponder deeper in reflection,

Searching no doubt for reasons why my true course needed correction

Steerage away from this Archway of Grey that couldn’t be my direction,

Or take me further into the Heart of Her: into a Love of Supreme Perfection


But I was emboldened enflamed in my heart, so close to my Love my yearning it hurt,

Not with pain but with pleasure, the true measure of happiness:

Still a mystery to me after so long in wilderness: now resolved I’d never again miss,

The tender sweet Love of Glorious Venus, my scintillating star, my Beloved Goddess.


Beneath Her Archway set in the wall, a small door appeared with a small window.

To the right-hand side hung a yellow chord, one gleaming brightly in shadow.

Upon it’s end dangled a golden locket tied with a glittering silver bow, and

An inscription neatly penned in copperplate on a gift-tag hanging below.


“For you my Love do I bestow this cherished memory from long ago.”

“For you my darling so you will always know, you were never abandoned when you let go.”

“There was always Love for you to call home: no matter how far or how often you’d roam,”

“I treasured you in my Heart right from the start, you were always so passionate for Love.”


I moved to the door and grasped the chord, lifted the locket to my eye:

The inscription engraved in time upon it: words that would make me cry:

‘For one so young with fine flaxen hair,

You will rise one day upon Gilded Stairs.

To behold a vision that awaits you there.

A Kingdom of Gold both noble and fair,

A Realm of your Own should you ever dare.”

Make a wish upon a Star in prayer.’

‘Have no fear of darkness my gentle beaming Sun,

‘Once you fledge your pretty wings,

‘The Dark Lords will be gone.’


~ Artwork/Photography/Composition ~ By Dewin Nefol ~




~ Thrice  ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Cometh the Golden Age cometh the Resplendent Hour.

Light up the Gilded Herm atop the Shining Tower!

Awaken the Ancient Dead to awaken Sacred Power:

The Head of Hermes Trismegistus must once again Glower!

The Emerald Rose of Hermes must once again Flower!

The Mercurial Wings of Hermes must once again Empower!

For a  New World Order Rises to Chastise and Devour!


~ Artwork/Photography/Composition ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Psyche’s Portal

~ Spaceport ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Psyche is a Diva, a Mover, a Groover, a Baker, a Shaker, a Tease,

Relentlessly stirring mindfully swirling rippling Cosmic Seas:

Oceans of notions and fantastical ideas: all Thoughts are here to please,

To please and to be followed whilst travelling the stars, exploring far-flung Galaxies.


Which is why it was a complete surprise when first visiting Spaceport:

To find  Psyche had left a side-show Wizard meddling with Thought.

A Jokester by any other name She affectionately called him My Bob:

Which I found rather chilling if not a little odd: was there a grubby reason for Bob getting the job?

A reason why Psyche lost heart and mind to a clowning Wizard and slob?


~ Artwork/Photography/Composition ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


The Infinity Door

~ The Infinity Door ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Donnie Darko didn’t know what I know.

He only knew half the story of Infinity.

But I was once told from a highly reputable source.

There’s a Wizard at the Heart of the mix of course.


He be the Wizard of Infinity a Sorcerer in all ways, and

Always found playing around with all sorts of possibilities,

Dualities Probabilities potentialities singularities:

Indeed the very Fabric of  All Matter if you please!


Not that it would matter to matter if you didn’t please,

It wouldn’t matter to the Wizard of Infinity.

For he’s enchanted your atoms countless times before:

On each occasion you return to Earth through The Infinity Door.


So who is the Wizard hiding at the Core of the Door?

He said his name was to long to spell: that he didn’t have time of day,

But whilst he talked at length to me I thought I heard him say,

The many names we call the One whenever we pause to pray.


~ Artwork/Photography/Composition ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~



~ Devour ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Loping fast loping slow I raced through Space with nowhere to go:

Granny was already eaten, Red Riding Hood rapaciously devoured:

Her fragile flavour was a virgin favour I savoured for hours and hours.


When then of a sudden to the sound of a Cardinal singing,

My attention was drawn from idly daydreaming,

Focused instead on a note pinned to an Evergreen Tree.


In little red words was cunningly written thoughts of love and how she was smitten,

With the Big Bad Wolf who’d shown her Heaven: and Hell as well in one long sitting,

At the end of which Lil Red had gone missing.


The note was hand-written with crimson ink still moist upon the page, it read,

‘Think of me as you did last night beneath the Light of our Scarlet Moon.

‘Think of me as your melody: the haunting cry of a Balmy Loon.’


‘Write for me the wolfish words that nearly made me swoon.’

‘Think of me as you did last night upon the Lover’s Loom.’

‘Lust for me as you did last night: as an animal eager to consume.’


‘Tonight I will return once more to again be at your side.”

‘Hold your gaze upwards my love towards deepening evening skies.’

‘For there is where I will always be reflecting back your fantasy;’


‘For there is where i’ll always be, illuminating your reality, or stirring streams and dreams,’

 ‘With colours always black and red: for black and red is best it’s said,

‘When hungry like the Wolf devouring Lil Red Moonbeams.


~Artwork/Photography/Conpaositon ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Bridge Keeper

~ Bridge Keeper ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


“If you want The Blue Reaper,” snarled The Bridge Keeper,

“Then come claim my Soul to take her Sword.”


~ Artwork/Photography/Composition ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Two Moon Bridge

Bubble Sun

~ Two Moon Bridge ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


The Muses were a handful this evening; both played high jinx with me.

One moment I was in darkness devoured by strident Serendipity,

The next I was being illuminated by chancing Synchronicity:

But all their noise, their mooning and groaning, it just got to me.


The twins took turns to twist and twirl; both my mind and my quill, until

I could take no more and took my leave headed-out the door.

Left dazed and confused by my schizophrenic Muse I set-out for Moonbeam Moor.


I wasn’t sure if I took the right path, in the dark they are indifferent,

So it was fortunate for me that I had company in the guise of a tiny Moth,

Who fluttered daintily and led me easily to a place with a very deep trough..


“Two Moon Bridge.” whispered the Moth is a corpus callosum like no other.”

“Singularly unique with metaphysical mystique offering you chance to discover,”

“How to tease and please Synchronicity whilst making Serendipity your lover.”


“It’s a Bard’s Dark Art and you’re at the start: merely the Wizard’s Apprentice.”

“Yet already you know far more than you know for the Muses have been relentless.”

“And you overwhelmed spellbound softened submissive and defenceless.”

“The perfect Poet puppy pandered like a petted pooch.”


So there stood I upon the bridge learning how to balance twin beams:

An education in finding equipoise between rapacious Moonbeams.

My quill was stilled my mind distilled, my thoughts surrendering to my muses.

It was then no time at all until with my Quill filled full the ink spilled out:

Much to the sleight delight of two pinking Moon Roses.



~ Artwork/Composition ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


The Kendo King

~ The Kendo King ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


“Rage,” Kendo Nagasaki said, wrestling a mask of Black and Red.”

“Is the Warrior Monk of  Spiritual Zen.”

“An Elemental Force coexisting in an ancient Universe:”

“For all who may fall, but get back up again to win.”


~ Artwork/Photography/Composition ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


The Luna King

~ The Luna King ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


The Luna King is awakening upon the midnight hour.

Lunacy now comes for him in the solitude of his bower:

Madness slips her leash to come rushing helter-skelter,

Abandoning all sense to be with the Poet who will melt her.

So eager is she to please him: to make him subservient to her will,

To flutter his Kingly feathers to flatter his grubby quill, and on

the last stroke of midnight to climb out of the proverbial well,

Flesh some flash and show some form,

To get the inky nib to spill.


Artwork/Photography/Composition ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Grubby Gold

~ Grubby Gold ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Anubis was the golden-Doggy grubby in the pet-shop window,

The only Jackal turning tricks with a shiny claret nose.

He was perfectly polite to Joan and Punchinello, but

Bloody wolfish with their daughter Lil’ Red Rose.


~ Artwork/Photography/Composition ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~