~ Afterburner ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~




~ Palladium ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Distinctly minted freshly pressed,

Wrapped in velvet as all the rest, but yet,

This silver flier with feathered cap,

He was a most impressive chap.


He’d caught my eye whilst out shopping,

When paused too long not intending stopping,

Poised in-front of a bric-a-brac store,

 Knowing I had time to see more.


More of the coin in front of me.

Embossed with the bust of Mercury,

Winged Messenger of antiquity,

Whose destiny was Thrice lived.


With pleasantries completed,

I waited whilst seated,

Her return from shop-window:

So as to show me said coin.


Broad-beams above, oak timbers below,

Quiet corners pitted in deep shadow,

Cases cabinets rich honey-glow,

Shelves stretched high chests reached low.


Festooned with items and curios,

My eye flittered along every row:

Up and over, along and through,

Bewitched by items old and new.


“We called him Lightening,”

She said with a smile, then,

Handed me a cloth containing said dial.

“I’ll leave you a while to decide.”


Far-lighter than I had expected,

I wondered at its density:

Electrum or so the label stated,

Weighed like a feather to me.


Quietly inside I gently sighed,

For I couldn’t hide my pleasure,

Said item was a treasure whilst I joyous,

To be holding something so precious.


Wraps discarded I eagerly gazed,

Amazed by this silvery prize:

Buffed polished and glistening,

Mercurial before my eyes.


More medallion than coin per se,

Thicker than a silver dollar,

Heavy to my hand in which it lay,

“It’s magnificent,” I brightly told her.


“Indeed it is a very rare piece,”

“Of another we’ve not heard,”

“Also you’ll note blank on one face,”

“Twas never stamped with words.”


How apt I thought for an aeronaut,

Whose trickery is communication,

To show true face leaving space,

For grace to place her meditation.


“Year?” I asked gazing entranced,

“In what year was this made?”

“Upon reflection a very good question:”

“Totally dependant on grade.”


“Electrum is a confusion,”

“A fusion of several parts.”

“But silver must be in profusion,”

“Above 20% grading starts.”


“But this coin is an oddity,”

“An unfathomable curiosity,”

 “A commodity with perplexity,”

“Evading normal enquiry.”


“Oh,” said I now totally surprised,

Sat wide-eyed with wonder: and,

Questions galore galloping afore,

Upon them all I had to ponder!


When then above me in the ceiling,

Adding synchronous timely meaning

A bulb flickered blooming bright,

Pouring down intense white-light.


As if delighted suddenly ignited,

Mercury’s dash flashed dazzling,

 Sizzling streams silver glitterings,

Shone-out their glimmerings.


“Wow!” I whispered looking-down,

Where a point of light whizzed around:

Stayed and played and long remained,

Upon the coin’s edge.


“Wow!” I startled looking up,

To where she stood holding a cup,

“Tea?” She asked smiling away,

“4pm it’s that time of day.”


“Sugar,” she added, “milk or cream?”

“I prefer mine rather saccharine.”

“Both are fine but if you please,”

“Give the bag an extra squeeze?”


“Duly noted,” she said with a smile,

Returned attention back to the dial,

“I knew when you entered my emporium,”

“You were one come for electrum.”


“It doesn’t shimmer for everyone,”

“Indeed you are the first.”

“The previous owner said it’d choose,”

“Next keeper from this universe.”


“What do you mean?” I said blabbering,

Dribbling hot tea on my knee,

Shocked I dropped saucer and spoon:

A tragic melody, a broken tune.


With sweet tea rushing and I gushing,

Embarrassment reddened my cheek,

I reached to blot at spots dropped,

Using wrapping-cloth as a sheet.


She laughed out-loud and heartedly,

As I sitting uncomfortably,

Looked-up at her sheepishly,

And boldly declared, “oops!”


“The previous owner said you’d do that,”

“Tis why it’s wrapped in synthetic tat.”

“He told me that the very same thing,”

“Also happened to happen to him.”


“He’s added a twist, a little trickery,”

“A meditation he said just for thee.”

“It required a catalyst: a good cup of tea,”

“To activate his sorcery.”


With damp cloth held before my eye,

And she alongside both did spy,

Lettering in wetting where writing read,

Words in Latin that quietly said.


‘From far away out of sight,

I’ll come to you in dreams at night,

In flight of birds upon morn’s bright,

As breeze spinning leaves in oaken trees,

I’ll lead you to the light.’


She had stood from stooping,

Still smiling thoughtfully,

Whilst I without stopping,

Adored my curiosity.


“Research reveals almost nothing at all,”

“Tis a metal not known by man”

“The previous owner said he knew:”

“Twas a meteorite landing-on land.”


“Certainly an alloy not of this world,”

“Those are his words and not merely mine.”

“An artefact was what he tentatively said,”

“Arriving from another time.”


“It has an atomic number of 47,”

“When normally it’s 46:”

“Not for Electrum but Palladium,”

“Which defines this metal’s mix.”


“Rare silvery-white resembling Platinum.”

“But this he said is unknown amalgam.”

“Similar to Electrum in conductivity,”

“A catalyst for super-connectivity.”


“If only speaking hypothetically,”

“The previous owner revealed to me:”

“There’s strong possibility it’s alien:”

“Arriving from beyond our Sun.”


When then again another flicker,

The bulb above me the sitter,

Grew steadily brighter until it shone,

Gold like the mask of Agamemnon.


“Another sign,” she said with rhyme,

“He mentioned there’d be three:”

“Two flickers of light to gently ignite,”

“Activate the disc for thee.”


When next I looked she was gone,

Instead the smile of another woman,

Whose tearful eyes couldn’t hide,

Her unexpected good surprise.


“Dream ticket to the Palladium!”

“First prize!” She cried-out loud,

“I’ll surely go and use them,”

“You’ve all done me proud.”


I was left smiling broadly,

Still pondering synchronicity,

When behind the till a lady yelled,

“Next customer if you please!”


“Lots of interest in that today,”

“But none were tempted to buy.”

“Its billion-dollar price-tag,”

“They thought were rather high.”


“So how will you be paying?”

“Cash, cheque, banker’s draft?”

“Credit-card, gruelling-yards, or word-by-word,”

“Writing with hard-graft?”


~ Artwork/Composition ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Underworld Getaway (14)

Chiselled from the mythic tale of Hades and Persephone, Underworld Getaway (14)  follows Hermes as he quests at bequest of the Olympian gods return of beloved Persephone and Immortality Potion – an elixir of life quaffed by the gods.

A simple but effective plan hastened Hermes into the Grisly Gardens of Hades Hall whereupon he was unfortunately detected, caught, bound and thrown into dungeons deep underground. Beaten and left close to death Hermes endured a night alone chained in his cell. At dawn’s first light he was presented to Hades whose disturbing rhetoric pre-emptied Persephone’s disturbing appearance. Hades is feeding her immortal flesh to Ambrosia Roses, which are the main ingredient of Immortality Potion and whilst Persephone (spring) is incarcerated in Underworld nothing grows in the lands above Hades to replace the god’s supply. Olympus is in commotion and Hermes in Hades to acquire more potion as a side-reel event to Persephone’s safe return.

Our hero is shocked by sight of Persephone’s plight but can do nothing whilst chained other than watch and listen…


~ Underworld Getaway (14) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Hades stooped,

Softly scooped

Scalloped flesh.


Blood splattered

Silence shattered,

Piercing screams!


“Springtime Persephone,”

“Full o’vitality,”

“Fertile fecund.”



“Forever, I think.”

He said.


“Spring’s come”

“Already begun,”

“In Underworld.”


Gently placing,

Upon web-lacing

Tender morsel.


“Our sample,”

“A piece-of-fleece,”

“Goddess flesh.”


“When at rest,”

Said Hades,

“Full o’zest!”


“Look! Look!”

“Fantastical notion,”



Through slits,

Hermes spied

Flesh alive!


“Tis bewitching!”

“Cellular twitching,”

“Rejuvenating tissue!”


Evidently amused,

Hades mused,

Quaffed wine.


Deep inside

Hermes cried,

Outraged incensed.


Heartfelt pain

Shackles strained

Forcibly detained.


Ferocious words

Muffled unheard,

He despairing.


“Then spiced,”

“Diced tendered,”

“Shredded blended.”


“Juiced reduced,”

“Concentrated, cooled,”

“Packed stacked.”


“When grated,”

“Rose sated,”

“Accelerated energised!”



“Complex dynamics,”

“Molecular sorcery.”


“All this,”

Said Hades,

“Just for me!”


“My wife:”

“Her strife,”

“Extends my life.”


“She, deathlessly flows,”

“Perpetually regrows,”

“In Underworld.”


“Cherished is she,”

“By me,”

“For eternity.”


~ Artwork/Composition ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Underworld Getaway (13)

Underworld Getaway (13) continues reworking the myth of Hades and Persephone using short verse and low word count. Previous chapters precede this post.

Snatched by Hades (Winter) Persephone (Spring) is lost to darkness and nothing grows above ground. Mother Earth is exasperated whilst Mother Demeter is exhausted with a mother’s ceaseless worry. Mount Olympus is in uproar: replacement growth of Ambrosia Roses hasn’t materialised and reserves of Immortality Potion are in short supply: Ambrosia roses are the key ingredient in the elixir of life, which ensures a god’s extended lifespan. At Zeus’s request Hermes set-out questing both Persephone and Immortality Potion and a successful return…

And so it was, our hero Hermes entered Hades undetected but disaster soon struck when his presence was remotely ‘sensed’ by Death. Disorientated by toxin from a devilish-rat Hermes was quickly caught and placed in dungeons beneath Hades Hall. Strung hung cut and bled our hero was mercilessly beaten and left close-to-dead. Meditation relieved his pain and at length lulled him to sleep…


~ Underworld Getaway (13) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Early morn’

New-day born

Grizzled grey


Hades Hall

Sombre still,

Dark foreboding.


Deep beneath

Granite blocks

Locked away.


Tightly chained,

Hermes remained,

Pained asleep.


Nightmares leak

Seep creep,

Hounding haunting


Doggedly stalking

Chasing hastening

Reaching raking!


Canines biting

Chewing chastening

Chomping bone!


Pain ascending

Darkness descending



Prodded poked

Hermes awoke,

Sweat soaked


Quickly hooded

Beaten bloodied,

Forced to kneel.


“You’ll squeal!”

“That’s assured!”

Minions roared.



Through which,

Hermes stares


Dares glare,

Snipes snarls,

At Hades!


Who sits

Sipping wine,

Breakfast time.


“Pomegranate seeds,”

Said Hades,

“Medicinal properties.”


“An accelerant,”

“Or stimulant,”

“Cellular repair”


“A catalyst,”

“For healing,”

“With a twist.”


“If I may:”

“A presentation,”

“Small demonstration,”


“Fascinating contemplation:”

“Cellular decimation,”

“Restoration recovery.”


He paused,

To reflect:

Dramatic effect.


“Ambrosia Roses,”

“Immortalise posies,”

“Flesh-fed flowers.”


“Flesh-fed bowers,”

“Refine powers,”

“And potency.”


“Purity improves,”

“Roses enhanced,”

“Evolved advanced.”


“Persephone’s flesh,”


“Longevity meat.”


“Energising treat,”


“Our Persephone.”


Parting dark-curtains,

Diffused light,

Horrific sight!


Persephone’s plight!

Tethered tied,

Barely alive.


Pallid grey,

Diminished lay,

Naked drip-feeding


Shallow breathing,

Scalloped wounds,

Dripping blood


Body shrivelled


Withered wasted


“Five pounds,”

“Of flesh,”

“Per night.”


“Cut away,”

“Just right,”



“She wriggles”

“Squiggles wails,”

“Pales significantly.”


“For breakfast,”

“Liquid feeds:”

“Pomegranate seeds.”


“By day,”

“She restores,”

“Before giving more.”


She groaned,

Moaned, sighed,

Tried screaming.


“Choker chain,”

Hades explained,

“Choking pain.”


“Disruptive commotion”

“Tainted potion!”

“Solution found!”


~ Photography/Artwork ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Underworld Getaway (11-12)

Underworld Getaway (11-12) continues my attempt at reworking the myth of Hades and Persephone using whittled verse and restrictive word count. Previous chapters precede this post.

As a consequence of Persephone’s incarceration Winter persists long into springtime and nothing grows. Demeter is beside herself with angst and to make matters worse the gods of Olympus are in commotion as reserves of Immortality Potion are in short supply. The key ingredient Ambrosia Roses haven’t grown and immortality is no longer assured. Hermes is tasked with restoring order for one and all…

Thus far our hero has slipped into Hades and managed to access the grisly gardens of Hades Hall. But disaster struck when his presence was ‘sensed’ by Death – one of four apocalyptic horsemen delivering corpses to gardeners growing Ambrosia Roses in Hades – who gave swift chase. Confused by toxin from a fiendish-rat Hermes sought refuge in the hollow-trunk of a gnarly old tree. But once again he was foiled when enchanted branches bound tightly about him preventing his escape…


~ Underworld Getaway (11) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Twilight departed

Night ignited

Darkness flowed


Gloom glowed

Thunderheads glowered



Hermes cowered

Enduring hours

Endless pain


Again again,

Beaten bruised

Tortured abused


Bashed berated

Tormented assaulted

Burnt stung


Strung hung

Cut bled,



Tormentors desist,

Secrets persist

Hermes tight-lipped


“Time a’plenty,”

“You’ll reveal,”

“Else squeal!”


Choker rammed

Door slammed

Footsteps fade.


Silence ensues

Respite solitude

Huddled misery


Wounds bleeding

Barely breathing

Hope receding


He shivers

Quivers quakes,

Shakes fearfully


Overwhelmed exhausted,

He meditates,

Changes states


Elevates dissipates

Alleviates suffering

Disbands pain


Slowly slowly

He lifts,

Drifts away


Carried higher

Upon winds,

Healing wings.


~ Underworld Getaway (12) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Swarthy clouds

Winter’s shroud

Blizzard howling


Wind wailed

Flailed assailed

Whipped raged


Sleet lashed

Pierced slashed

Snow splattered


Hades nattered

Cursed chattered

Cussed discussed


Debated berated,

Their guest,

With Death.


Hades paced

Chased thoughts

Sought reason


His evening,

Quietly reading,

 By fireside


Limited edition,

Sought-after publication:

‘Rose Craft’


When suddenly!

Disrupted disturbed,

News heard


Hermes detected!

Captured arrested

Bound detained


Dungeon deep

Fortified keep

Beneath Hades-Hall


Hades fumed

Anger consumed

Indignation ire


Blood boiled

Evening spoiled,

“Damn Hermes!”


Death hypothesised

“Olympus spies!”

“Imminent invasion!”


“Quiet fool!”

Hades spat,

“Not that!”


“Something more:”

“Whispering trees,”

“Springtide thief!”


“Of course!”

“Obviously here,”

“Rescuing Persephone!”


“But Hermes,”

“A hero?”

“O please!”


~ Artwork/Compostion ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Underworld Getaway (10)

Underworld Getaway is a work-in-progress penned using short verse retelling the tale of Hades and Persephone from the perspective of Hermes. Chapters 1 – 9 precede this episode.

Questing Persephone and Immortality Potion – a sorcerous brew quaffed by the Gods of Olympus to ensure longevity – Hermes has entered Hades but not yet accessed Hades Hall, which stands in a vast garden with flowering rose-beds neatly configured in concentric rings around it. Ambrosia Roses as used in the preparation of Immortality Potion are flourishing in Hades but yet elsewhere with Persephone stolen Spring has failed and reserves of Immortality Potion have diminished. Consequently the gods are anxious and Hermes tasked with stealing elixir from Hades and returning it and Persephone to Olympus…

Hermes moves silently between rose-bushes towards Hades Hall where a wagon-train of corpses is attended by four-horsemen in discussion with a blabbering minion. About them busy bodies off-load dead from carts for gardener’s pushing wheelbarrows. One of the Horsemen, Death, turns away from animated conversation to look-out across the gardens of Hades Hall: it senses something is there…something ‘alive’ moving close-by. Leafless trees whisper the name ‘Hermes’…


~ Underworld Getaway (10) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Death walked

Telepathically stalked

Slithered scurried


Hermes knew

It scanned,

Underworld’s land


He sensed

Its presence

Its gaze.


He stilled,

Stalled, stopped,

Dropped kneeling


A rat

Running fast

Scampered passed


But then,

Another! Others!

Seething swarm!


One glanced,

Glared entranced

Charged squealing!


Hermes reeling

Striking back

Vicious attack


Fateful clout

Rat struck-out,

Swiftly slain.


Hermes stricken

Savagely bitten

Escalating pain


Muffled screaming

Rats unhearing

Continued streaming.


Quick slow

Toxin flowed

Erratic heartbeat


Cold sweat

Muscle cramp

Feverishly damp


Unexpected confusion

In profusion,

Muddled thinking


He focussed,

Applied will:

Medical skill


Needle strung

Quickly done

Stitches sown


Supressing swelling

Battlefield dressing

Securely tied


Silently wincing

Rising glimpsing

Watching Death


“Demon manifest,”


“Trading immortality?”


Lingering longer,

Hermes pondered

Wondered thoughtfully


Watched intensely

Noted carefully

Heinous activity.


Butchers busied,

Never stopped

Chopping blocks


Axes flashing

Bone cracking

Hacking corpses


Processing lines

Cadavers refined

Corporeal resource


Barrow loads

Body pieces

Spliced diced


Porters tread

Thread pathways

Meander avenues


Gardener’s wait

Anticipate receipt

Barrowed meat



Bodies spread

Dug-in deep


Chuck-steak fodder

 Nutritiously feeding

Ambrosia seedlings!


Sudden cry!

Howling nearby!

Ratted out!


Hermes seen!

Death screamed,

“I’m coming!”


Unprecedented situation

Unplanned deviation,

Self-preservation required!


Hermes rustled

Disquieted dis-eased,

Hastened hurriedly


Tumbling stumbling

Fumbling feet

Beat retreat


Heart-rate sounding

 Headache pounding

He ran!


Racing pacing

Horsemen chasing

Murderous pursuit!


Dead ahead

Branches spread

Diabolical tree


Disease riddled,

‘Wormwood Flea’

Possible sanctuary


Hollow trunk

Deadwood stunk

“Fortuitous luck!”


“Discretion valour,”

“Foolish pride,”

“Quick inside!”


“Lifeless tree,”

“Protect me!”

He pleaded


But alas!

Conflicting notion!

Sudden motion!


Branches grasped!

Violently clasped

Clawed mercilessly!


Hermes held

Foiled felled

Yelled-out helplessly!


Underworld Getaway (9)

Underworld Getaway is a poem in progress: a piece written using restricted verse and word count. Chapters 1 – 8 of my tale reworking the story of Hades/Persephone from the perspective of Hermes – an often forgotten hero in this story – precede this post.

Persephone (Spring personified) is stolen, all hope and annual new-growth is gone. As a consequence reserves of Immortality Potion – a tonic, a sorcery of the gods made from Ambrosia Roses – is running low. To restore order our hero is charged with entering Hades stealing Immortality Potion and returning with it and Persephone to Olympus…

Within perpetual gloom Hermes slipped-away from a corpse-carrying cart conveying him towards his destination inside Hades and passed through a gate unseen by nervous guards abandoning their station to investigate an explosion at the tail end of a wagon-train of dead-bodies. Hermes now finds himself in a huge garden full of flowering roses: but these aren’t ordinary roses they’re Ambrosia Roses used to make Immortality Potion!

Hermes watches and waits to make his next move…


~ Underworld Getaway (9) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Fertile fields

Flowering roses

Fervid posies


Rose beds

Flourishing vibrancy

Led concentrically


Towards afar,

Hades Hall

Standing tall


Hermes stared

Readied prepared

Nostrils flared


He watched

Waited patiently

Discerning learning


Horsemen shout

Workers assemble:

Gardening ensemble


Axes forks,

Bloody earth-works:

Digging-in roses.


“High grade,”

“Winter’s spill,”

“Fresh still.”


“Quality assured,”

Famine paused,

“Fine fertilizer”


“Bodies intact,”

“Bleeding in-fact,”

“Still screaming.”


Horsemen joke,

Hermes choked,

Porters off-load


Groundsman conceded

“Urgently needed,”

“Bedding seedlings”


“Fresh rotation,”

“Unique mutation,”

“Ambrosia Rose.”


“Engineered flowers,”

“Elevated powers!”

“Enhanced longevity!”


“Exciting times,”

“Flavoursome wines,”

“Genetically modified.”


“Tell more,”

Said War,

“More detail.”


Using stealth

Famine offered

Proffered wealth


“500 gold-bits,”

“For snippets,”

“And secrets”


“Else death!”

“Your choice,”

Stressed Conquest.


Under duress

Death pressed,

Groundsman relented


“My pleasure,”

“Making gain,”

“Without pain!”


Gardeners bustled

Sound stifled

 Voices disrupted


Six words,

Softly heard

Sporadic, intermittent


“Level nine,”

“You’ll find,”

“Sweet meat.”


Somehow spurned

Death turned

Garden gazing


Sniffing air,

Something there?

Something alive?


He paused

Summoned spies

Secret eyes


Snakes slugs

Snails bugs



Plants shrubbery

Remote telemetry

Empathetic telepathy


Death scanned

Conversed discussed

Swore cussed


Leafless trees

Whispered, “Hermes,”

“Springtide thief!”


Death howled!

Vowed retribution:

Trespass violation!


Seasoned pro,


Hermes fled!


Scrambling low

Below rows

Shaded beds


Hermes crept

Stepped closer

Towards Death!


Underworld Getaway (7-8)

Underworld Getaway is a work in progress: an attempt at story writing using restricted verse and word count. Chapters 1 – 6 precede this post.

Chapters 7 and 8 of my poem reworking the story of Hades/Persephone follows Hermes as he moves ever deeper into Hades with the intention of rescuing Persephone and returning to Olympus with her and Ambrosia.

By hiding within a cart-load of corpses Hermes passed through a gateway in Hades outer-wall and continues towards his destination. He waits amongst death anticipating his next move…


~ Underworld Getaway (7) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Darkness deepened

Shadow hung

Cloyed clung


Hours passed


Single file


Despairing miles

Rutted track

Tailing back


Across wilderness

Wasteland, dead

And dying


But yet,

Bodies busied

Digging graves


The damned,

Eternally canned

Between worlds


Slaves helots

Odalisques vassals

Serfs thralls


Puppets tools

Devilled fools

Idle hands.


At rest

Amidst death

Hermes waited


Anticipated, expectant:

Final destination

Hades inner-sanctum


Stench clung

Eyes stung

Dampness crept


Shocking scenes

Nightmarish dreams

Perpetual shade


Endless grey

Endless decay

Endless suffering


Brow furrowed

Pitiful sorrow:



Wagons halted

Oxen snorted

Guards shouted


Quick glance:

One chance,

One opportunity


Never sighted

Hermes alighted

Melted away


~ Underworld Getaway (8) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Hermes crept

Stepped softly

Moved swiftly


Into shadow

Below parapets

Battlements, towers



Boundary wall

Underworld Hall


Hermes spied:


Towards torchlight


Distant ahead

Horsemen tread

Remonstrating wildly


Words unheard

Sounds merge

Riders gesticulating


Guards attend

Animated argument

Rapid consent


Portcullis opens

Oxen stroll

Wagon’s roll


Sudden flash!

Final cart

Blown apart!


Blood splatters

Corpses shatter

Remnants airborne!


Bodies flying

Bodies lying

Torn twisted


Masked head

Sped past

Moving fast!


Chaos ensued

Oxen loose

Processional disarray!


Guards rush

Wagon-train end

Attend smithereens


Hermes smiles

Pockets vial

Pyrotechnic catalyst!


Abandoned gate

Hermes hastes!

Surreptitious entry!


Between shadows

 Within shade

Progress made


Open space

Gardened place

Rose-fields abloom!


Underworld Getaway (5-6)

Setting myself a small challenge of reducing word count and verse size to recount a story resulted in Underworld Getaway. It is a work in progress.

Chapters 5 and 6 continues a mythical tale of rescue and robbery as heroic Hermes embarks upon an intrepid quest journeying into Hades seeking to return with both Persephone and Immortality Potion. He is required by the court of Zeus to restore spring and eternal youth to mother and gods respectively for the plight of winter has beset both and Earth lies dying in the grip of winter whilst nothing grows…

Carefully following an ancient path circumnavigating the bad-lands Hermes arrives at a gateway leading onto Hades. Still hidden at a safe distance from the towering gate he looks-on as crowds busy themselves with dead-bodies. He watches and waits and considers his next move…


~ Underworld Getaway (5) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Outer wall

Bustling still

Body bountiful


Wicked lands

Outlaws brigands

Hawking corpses


Stacked packed

Neatly racked



Minions scurry

Minions worry

Buying merchandise


“Damaged dead,”


“Per head”


“Screw you!”

“Gimme three!”

“Gimme four!”


“No more!”

“Fetid flesh”

“Second best!”


“Rotting sinners”

“Cerberus’s dinners!”

“Worthless waste!”


When suddenly,

Discussion interrupted.

Watchtowers trumpeted!


“Make way!”

“Make haste!”

“Inbound waste!”


Whispering sounds

Hooves pound

Thundering closer


Spectres hidden

Horses ridden

Galloping hard


Four Horsemen

Racing pacing

Hastening fast!


Dastardly demons!

Demonic knights!

Apocalyptic blight!


Quick succession

Swift procession

Rapidly by


Following behind:

Oxen strained,

Wagon train!


Bodies slain

Winter’s reign

Corpses galore!


Endless cartloads

Ceaseless flow,

Withering woe


Hades Door

Panic furore

Guards stumbling


Minions fumbling

Corpses tumbling

Voices cursing


Outlaws skittering

Crowds scattering

Gateway opening!


~ Underworld Getaway (6) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Hermes waited,

Anticipated deliberated,

Left roadside


Dashed darted

Rushed departed

Ran alongside


Climbed outside

Clambered inside

Beside death


Putrid flesh

Stinking mess

Weeping seeping


Tightly squeezed

Hidden Hermes:

Restricted view


Peering through

Body stew,

Glimpses glances


Skull-tipped fences

Guards restless

Bloodied avenue


Wagons roll

Carts rumble

Oxen trundle


Crowds amass

Hoards harass,

Pilfering corpses!


Chaos abounds

Wagons surrounded

Highway robbery!


Hermes squeezed

Hunkered down

Baying crowd


Guards attacking

Looters ransacking

Mercilessly beaten

When then

At last!

Trumpets blast!


Rumbling sound

Trembling ground

Gateway closing!


Snatchers disperse

Hermes hearse,

Successfully through


Beyond gates

Darkness waits,

Fear, loathing


~ Artwork/Photography ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Underworld Getaway (3-4)

A self-imposed challenge to use reduced word-count and whittled verse led to this attempt at short-story writing. Rough and ready but a first effort and learning-curve the poem is more a work in progress than finished article. Chapters 1 and 2 preceed this post.

The story borrows loosely from the myth of Hades and Persephone to which I’ve added further urgency by way of depleted reserves of ‘Immortality Potion’. Persephone is kidnapped, spring has failed to emerge, nothing has grown to replace what had come before including Ambrosian Roses used to make immortality potion. With the Gods in commotion Olympus has turned to Hermes to resolve their unseasonal dilemma…


~ Underworld Getaway (3) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Zeus’s court,

Hermes sought:

Hero’s quest.


Gaia quaking

Mother aching

Spring forsaken


Grief stricken

Tears glisten

Tragic Persephone.


Demeter pleaded

Implored entreated

Begged favour


“Save her!”

“My daughter,”

“From slaughter”


Hermes listened

Spring imprisoned!

Seasonal calamity!


He wondered,

Pondered upon

Earth’s plight


Winter’s blight

Decimation atrophy

Apocalyptic catastrophe!


Without Persephone,

Starlit canopies

Meant nothing.


“I’m tormented,”

“I’m tempted,”

“Challenge accepted”


“One day”

“To ready,”

“Steady nerves”


“Pack reserves,”

“Buckle down”

“Head underground.”


“Indeed agreed,”

Zeus decreed.

“Take heed!”


~ Underworld Getaway (4) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Strategy dissected

Details corrected

Idea perfected


Intrepid rejected

Simple plan

Humble man


Early morn’

Bitter dawn

Striding on


Bootstrap backpack,

Hooded cape

Desolate landscape


Winter’s wrath

Lonely path

Dark aftermath



Snow showers

Frigid hours


Until arriving

Slipping sliding

 Mountain wilderness


Whereupon halting

Consulting maps

Choosing tracks


Avoiding spies

Evil eyes,

Formidable bad-lands


High pass

Ancient path

 Silently trespassing


Carefully treading

Perilous edging

Fatal fall


Ridgeway ended

Pathway descended

Valley floor


Shadow played

Shade haunted

Darkness daunted


Eerie sounds

Echoed around

Wild wasteland


Stealthily stepping

Silently fretting

Getting closer


Through haze

He gazed

Upon Hades


Outer wall:

Unconquerably tall

Fortified gated


Hewn stone

Granite grim

Archway towering


Wagons wait

Hell’s Gate

Fully laden


Shouts screams

Ghastly scenes

“Dead delivery!”


Demonic crowds

Set about

Unloading corpses


~ Artwork/Composition ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~