Copse ‘n’ Corpse (Part 15)

~ Copse ‘n’ Corpse (Part 15) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Neither less diminished, nor less bright

The colour of the tendril’d light,

No longer glared ferocious white, but

Flared instead deep purple.


Twas if that lustre, an energetic flow,

Shone from within, an auric glow,

For this spirit, this spectre, this visitant,

Illumed at its core was scintillant.


So close to me I could sense,

Its halcyon sway, its resonance:

Calm, serene, with manner mild, yet,

Beneath its façade, something wild.


A quality hidden, I could not fathom,

An enigmatic edge to this balmy phantom,

 Twas more perception than certainty, but,

Beyond all doubt ambiguity.


Coiled, expectant, upon wet sand,

My head raised, tho’ I didn’t stand,

Eager was I to understand,

To figure-out what was at hand.


Whatever it was or wanted with me,

It posed no threat immediately,

For had it intended hostility,

Why delay swift victory?

I watched and waited, hesitated,

Ill at ease and agitated, but,

Not disquieted or prone to ruffle,

This eidolon meant me no trouble.


I lifted my eyes towards night skies,

Gazed upwards at the being,

To my surprise ‘neath hooded guise,

A face was now appearing!


Indeed this spectre was solidifying –

Fleshing out with skin and bone,

A man it was, aged, well-weathered,

Long beard of pearl-grey tone!


Upon his face inscribed ink-blue,

Signs and seals, arcane tattoos,

Those I saw inspired the notion:

Symbols for wind, time and motion.

Mere moments later he was complete:

Manifest from head to feet,

Clothed and cloaked in drapery,

He exuded an air of mystery.


Wide-eyed was I, surprised, aghast,

An apparition in flesh recast! But,

What was this inexplicable sorcery,

This mesmerism in front of me?


Fully formed he took one stride,

Closer still until beside –

Beside the side of my right-hand side,

Then reached to touch my shoulder.


As reflex reaction to his action,

I blenched and flinched away,

Yet neither my shiver nor my quiver,

Dislodged his hand where it lay.


Without hiss, or cackle, or ghostly rattle,

Without menace to excite my fear,

Words I heard whispering,

In tones soft, deep and clear.


~ Copse ‘n’ Corpse (Part 14) precedes this post. Part 16 to follow shortly ~


24 thoughts on “Copse ‘n’ Corpse (Part 15)

    • Hey Liz, how are you?

      Thank you for continued reading and appreciation. I also enjoy a cliff-hanger (though this minor in comparison to some!) and hope whatever follows will fulfil your expectations! I’ll strive to complete Part 16, but a busy few days ahead may impede progress. Fingers crossed I shall prevail.

      I’ve been pondering your comment, ‘Entering the realm of the fantastical is a welcome relief right about now’ but have yet to place it entirely into context. Perhaps you might expand on it a little?

      Hoping all is well and New Hampshire not yet succumbed to the full fury of winter. Enjoy a warm weekend.


    • Hey Virginia,

      ‘Tis good of you to pop by, thank you. Pleased to hear you are enjoying the story thus far and hope you will continue to do so! 😀

      Whilst a busy few days will undoubtedly restrict progress with the poem, rest assured the little grey cells will be simmering ideas on the back-burner ready to be written here. Voices in my head isn’t something I’d normally wish for but I’m hoping to hear whisperings and murmurings in amongst the tittle-tattle and idle prattle of everyday hustle-bustle.

      Thank you for your kindly comment Virginia. Enjoy a wonderful weekend.


  1. What words would he whisper?
    From ‘neath the hood of his grey whiskers
    As New form with morphic markings
    Held shoulder firm to stop his partings..

    Loved my time here this afternoon Dewin, and look forward to catching the next chapter..
    Have a wonderful weekend my friend..
    Take care…
    And stay Blessed..
    Sue 🙂

    • As always dear Sue I’ve enjoyed your company and insightful comments, and delighted at your turn of phrase…forever quick with the quill whenever the whim takes you, you leave a line or two upon which to ponder, thank you 😀

      You are right, it does indeed appear that no matter what words are whispered the benevolent visitant with ‘morphic markings’ has a firm hold of the protagonist but I wonder what he might have planned, and what reason he has in being there? Once I unpack those mysteries the story can progress! 😉

      Lovely to hear from you Sue. Thank you for taking time to read those chapters missed.

      Take care in all ways always,


      • Argh well dear Dewin the story will unfold as it is projected into your mind my friend.. The Morphic markings came to mind as I had just finished reading a book ( the second time around in reading it ) called Gaia Codex, by Sarah Drew.. in which a young girl developed such markings on her body .. that pulsated as she attuned into mother Gaia .. An enlightening read of fantasy interwoven with wisdom..
        I look forward to more chapters of mysterious unfolding.. 😀
        Have a Peaceful rest of the day Dewin my friend… 😀

        • How right you are Sue and to aide that end I’ve invested in a pocket notebook so as to scribble thoughts and ideas as they come and go: I simply cannot contain them all and forget far to many of them far more frequently than I remember them!

          Sarah Drew’s book has excellent reviews, and by all accounts offers an inspired and inspiring narrative, and I can fully understand why it impacted on you. (Might you ever consider writing a book similar to this Sue Dreamwalker: one that draws on your oracular knowledge, your creativity, and feminine wisdom?) I found this quote from ‘Gaia Codex’ on Goodreads: ““It is said that within the tens of trillions of cells that compose the human body we have the memory of every form of Life that has ever existed – terrestrial as well as celestial. Inside us are the imprints of the first ferns in primordial Carboniferous forests some three hundred and fifty million years ago. Inside us are the furthest reaches of the stars, suns in galaxies far from the spiral of the Milky Way.”

          ‘I look forward to more chapters of mysterious unfolding’ – and I’ll look forward to having the pleasure of your company Sue. Thank you for reading.

          Have an inspired afternoon. Take care,


          • Argh dear Dewin, I have just drafted a post with similar thoughts about us all containing within the memory of many stories… yes this book impacted greatly both a couple of years ago when I first read it to re-reading again this past week.. It’s a journey we are all upon, and a story is often wanting to burst forth.. And who knows,,, I need to focus more on that intention.. But then the need subsides as being present in the gift of now is often enough.. ..
            Your note book will serve you well… And thank you my afternoon inspired, I typed up my own thoughts from a sleepless night from my bedside table journal… Often my best poems often come from this space.. 😀 …
            And I look forward to more mysterious unfoldings of your own Dewin.. Thank YOU..

            • Some day I hope you will feel compelled to set pen to paper and write the book that wants to burst forth…and not only write it but also create the beautiful artwork to accompany your enchanting tale! Perhaps you might also find the wonder of living in the present weaves it magical threads into the plot in ways you have yet to imagine or explore: you know better than I how writing is an adventure 😀

              Those occasions when sleep eludes you, but when peace, solitude, and serenity surround you, sound perfect for penning both prose and poem. I’ve heard it said that when the mind is still, words, thoughts, and answers to our questions come to us far more readily. ‘Tis little wonder you flourish at such times.

              Enjoy a peaceful and productive week.


              • Big smiles here Dewin as some amazing synchronicities have been nudging me to commit to such a project I started long ago… And yes those early wee hours are when inspiration strikes a chord within many of us..
                And I am paying attention to the Signs coming in right now..
                Many thanks for you encouragement and praise dear Dewin.. I need such promptings every now and again… 🙂

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