Copse ‘n’ Corpse (Part 11)

~ Copse ‘n’ Corpse (Part 11) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


For an hour or more upon seashore,

Huddled near haggard rocks,

Beneath full bloom of a silvery Moon,

Beholding the metal box.


Nevermore hadn’t moved,

Nor had he said a word,

Lips tight-stitched, gaze transfixed,

As was the lyrical bird.


He looked at peace but underneath,

I knew he was perturbed.

Inside he fumed, his thoughts consumed,

By all that had occurred.


In rage-wet eyes bitterness lingered,

In balled fists anger hungered,

Long lost years spilt as tears:

Damp tracts on hessian sack.


At length he turned, looked at me,

His face devoid of misery,

In its stead a smile had spread,

Spread glinting in his eyes.


He bowed his head in gratitude,

Removed his gunny hood,

“One thing more I ask of you,”

Then slowly rose and stood.


Between his robes of plastic clothes,

He reached a woody hand.

A short crowbar with chamfered tip,

Was placed upon the sand.


“Please,” he said, “prise the box,”

“I have no strength to do it.”

“Slowly, slowly if you please,”

“My heart, do not tear it.”


And so it was I set about,

My task an assiduous affair:

Gently probing ‘tween seams corroding,

Jamming the jemmy with care.


Minutes passed when then at last,

Box and lid separated.

Although enclosed was not exposed,

Twas a moment long awaited.


The silent Chat sat no more,

Fluttered feathers and to the floor,

Flew to view what lay in store,

Inside the metal box.


Eager, excited, indeed delighted,

Unburdened of her pity,

She cooed to embolden Nevermore,

Trilled an enchanting ditty.


He adoring gazed down at her,

She gazed up at him,

Then carefully he raised the lid,

To see what lay within.


A bundle bound in oilskin rag,

Wrapped inside a mort-cloth bag,

Lay betwixt two rustic roods,

In an open box of wood.


When then a sound from all around,

As if a quiet humming,

Feint at first, grew and grew,

Became a thunderous drumming!


~Β Copse β€˜n’ Corpse (Part 10) precedes this post. Part 12 to follow shortly ~


49 thoughts on “Copse ‘n’ Corpse (Part 11)

    • Hey Opher, how are you?

      ‘Tis good of you to pause from writing and stop-by to comment so generously. Thank you for your kind consideration, it is much appreciated. I’m certainly no master at this writing game but with a combined total of approximately 21,000 lines written across 4 stories, I’d like to hope I’ve made progress, but there is always room for improvement! πŸ˜‰

      I have considered recording a previous story, namely The Wizard of Wands and had found someone willing and better able than I to do it. As it was such an idea never materialised – situation and circumstance change and people move away. It remains a consideration for the future. I still think it would be a worthwhile project and add a different dimension to the story being told. I am a great fan of audio-books and enjoy listening to a tale being told. Thank you for making the suggestion.

      No doubt you are deep into your second draft of Neanderthal, so I’m grateful you found time to read my wares. Many thanks πŸ™‚

      Love and Peace,


      • Hey Liz,

        Thank you, I’m glad you think so. It is more a case of fitting the right voice to the right story, which to a certain degree relies on good fortune in meeting the right person as much as it does in writing the right story. A person’s ability to characterise the player’s would be fundamental: ’tis not an easy task.

        The idea of engaging with such an endeavour sits in the wings of my mind’s stage, but certainly remains a distinct possibility.

        Thanks for passing-by and leaving a line.

        Love and Peace


  1. I totally agree Liz: one must be entirely selective and quite certain of the choice. The individual I had in mind would have been perfect for the task, but alas!

    ‘I will continue to be intrigued by the possibility’ – as do I! Such an idea is ever present.

    Hoping all is well,


      • Thank you Liz, I appreciate that. I have faith the perfect fit will be found πŸ˜‰

        My attention today is easily distracted by the U.K’s constitutional crisis resulting from a Scottish Court of Session ruling regarding the machinations of a shambolic U.K Tory Government and the unlawful prorogation of Parliament. The ramifications of their decision are potentially extensive and far-reaching, as a consequence it is compulsive viewing.

        I’d recommend reading the ‘live-news’ feed from The Guardian Newspaper and passing it on so that others can do the same…

        It is one ‘eck of a story!

        Love and Peace,


          • Now there’s a six-million dollar question if ever I have heard one Liz! I think we’d both like to hope the answer is yes, but perhaps a more pertinent question might be, ‘when will there be an end to the turmoil in the world?’ I have no immediate answer for that, however, I believe the human-race will one day live in Love and go in Peace. I also hope that that will happen long before we leave planet Earth and set out to colonise other worlds…I’ve every faith the Universe will not permit our species to leave this planet and taint perfection elsewhere until we are enlightened.

            If we were to consider the ‘grand narrative’ of human-kind’s spiritual evolution as an unfolding consciousness extending over thousands of years, is it not conceivable we would transition between one state of being and another more refined state of being in a series of natural progressions that lead us, or perhaps return us (ultimately) to a ‘perfected’ state knowing of Love, Peace, Tolerance, Kindness and Compassion. Might this be considered our ground-state of being, where as if stripped of the mundane and superfluous density of materiality we are once again naked like a new born child undifferentiated from a Universe from whence we came: as the perfect union of spirit and matter.

            Is it not also conceivable that at various stages in our transition there will be a period when the (collective) soul of human-kind becomes entrenched so deeply in matter that it is unable to comprehend the subtle forces at work on the inner planes of life – forces that will ultimately liberate and free us from such entrapment?

            If it is our destiny to journey beyond the stars: if technology will one-day enable us to do that, then we’d best get our skates on and wake-up else forgo such wonders of time and space and other planes of consciousness which, at present, the human mind cannot possibly yet conceive.

            Love and Peace. Namaste,


              • ‘Infinitely perfectible’ – what a beautiful phrase that is Liz, thank you πŸ™‚

                Some say human-nature – the sum total of our species identity: the mental, physical, and spiritual characteristics that make humans unique – cannot be changed: that we have remained fundamentally the same for 200,000 thousand years. But yet, never before have we had available to us advanced technologies that have capability of radically changing our world: either for the betterment of our entire species – to make the world a beautiful place in which to live – or for our possible annihilation…much depends on how such technologies will be used and by whose hand it will be wielded. I believe that such advancements are testament to the development of’ our mental vehicles, which will, in time, bring to us an increasing understanding of the deeply spiritual qualities innate in our (natural) being. (As Above so Below, according to the One thing.)

                I also believe that Nature exists in a state of equilibrium: where there is an over-emphasis of any one aspect, function, purpose, or human-centred quality a counter-acting force is set in motion. Hence alongside our belief in technological absolutism there will be an awakening of the heart of humanity – an elevation of our innate and collective spirit to countervail domination by the lower mind. By subtle, effective progressions, human-kind will become ever more aware of our responsibility towards brotherhood with others and, equally, with all life existing on Planet Earth.

                Perhaps (looking) even further ahead, as human consciousness evolves and expands, we will rise from Earth and gain freedom of the firmament. It seems to me that human-kind’s journey has always been destined to return us to the stars.

                Love and Peace,


                  • Thank you Liz πŸ™‚ I hope we can all take comfort in envisioning a better world than the one we have (diminished and continue to destroy) at present. I do believe there has been a subtle, progressive shift in our collective consciousness already that concerns itself with urgent matters such as climate change, pollution, war, lack of, and quality of Education, unemployment, malnourishment and world hunger, poverty, and the potential threat of emerging new technologies. Perhaps at last human-kind are starting to look forwards in time with intelligent foresight and deeper understanding, acknowledging that we must now take action and make provision for the future of the whole world whilst simultaneously protecting all life on Earth.

                    About 110 light-years from our planet there exists a ‘super-earth’ called K2-18 b. It is a planet about 2.3 times wider than Earth and eight times more massive and orbits a red dwarf, a star smaller and dimmer than our Sun. Two research teams have recently detected the presence of water-vapour in the atmosphere. They deduce that conditions on this planet are (potentially) suitable for life to exist, albeit in a different form to that on Earth. But setting aside those differences, I have come to imagine this alien world as deeply symbolic: it is a living, breathing, pure, organic entity that mirrors (so closely) our Earth as once it was when new born. One wonders how life on K2-18b will evolve and progress and how the sentient, intelligent life-forms who might one day populate it interact together and treat their beloved planet. If in the unfolding of human evolution we journey the stars, perhaps it might be us who arrive on K2-18b with intention to colonise it. I hope we will take great care of it from the very start.

                    Love and Peace,


                    • Thank you for doing so Liz πŸ™‚ Life is a never-ending joy of learning.

                      Whilst there is debate and disagreement as to the exact nature of this planet and whether it might truly be considered a super-Earth, I find it most inspiring: a symbolic destination point for human-kind to aim to, whereby the process in achieving that will be the real journey.

                      I try to imagine what it would be like to stand on that other world gazing upwards as a rising inner-planet ascends to its zenith backlit by a giant red sun. ‘Tis the stuff of science-fiction.

                      Have a great weekend. Take care,


                    • That’s what weekends are for! I trust your mum is well and time spent with her mutually enjoyed.

                      Thus far my weekend is going well, thanks Liz.

                      Have a pleasant evening,


                    • Very pleased to hear it. Fettle is an interesting word.

                      Ah so you are a morning writer. So many I speak to also do the same and find it wholly productive. Good luck with the writing, I’m sure you’ll find fine form.

                      Have a great day,


                    • You did? You do? That’s excellent news! No doubt your day was far brighter for it and the smile on your dial far wider.

                      It seems to me you’re getting quicker and quicker – and more adept? – in writing these short-stories Liz. Might I sense an anthology in the making? If so, I wish you all the luck in the world πŸ™‚


                    • Now that you mention it, the stories do seem to be coming quicker than they used to. I guess the forty-year apprenticeship is paying off? I hope you have a good week, with some creative time built in.

                    • I guess you are right! (But) As the master of your own creative output you are far better placed than I to acknowledge the fruitfulness of that 40 year (gestation period) apprenticeship. (One reaps what one sows!) From my perspective, as a humble reader of your sculptured words, I know I very much enjoy the stories (and poetry) you write and the way in which you write them.

                      Thank you Liz. I’m sure I’ll find some creative time this week.

                      Happy Equinox πŸ™‚


  2. I was enthralled and waiting in anticipation for that box to be prised open.. And still I have to wait to see what is yet to be revealed.. the Hum… Hummmmm…. I wonder.. πŸ™‚
    Beautifully written Dewin and had to smile at how you put in one verse ‘Jamming the jemmy with care.’ very visual all of it…
    Hope all is well with you Dewin and reading your last comment above with link, which i have yet to explore.. What a shambles our government is in… I felt so disgusted the other day I wrote expressing my thoughts ( in a polite way lol ) to my local MP… I try to not allow myself to be affected, but what Shambles we are witnessing as we see those on their own agendas mocking the word ‘Democracy’

    • Hey Sue,

      I’m pleased to hear you are enthralled, and grateful for your continued appreciation and kind comment. Thank you! πŸ™‚

      It seems my pen delays revealing the entire contents of the box in detail although suggestion of what is there inside is offered together with a small dollop of drama. πŸ˜‰ All being well, I will hope to progress the poem further over the weekend, and look forward to your continued readership, thank you.

      I’ve aimed to write about 15 stanzas for each instalment, which I thought a reasonable number of lines in which to contain description, action, imagery and setting without excessive deliberation, but, as is often the case, it’s knowing what to leave out as much as it is knowing what to put in. Regards opening the box, I wasn’t sure of what method I’d use to do that, but having decided on prising it open – as opposed to say cutting it open, or melting it somehow – words like jemmy and crowbar came to mind. From those words flowed action words describing their use…jam or jamming was a good fit alongside either jemmy or jemmying, and it sounded okay as well. Like you, I also paused to chuckle…as I did with the line ‘Trilled an enchanting ditty,’ which responded to the warbling Chat discarding her ‘pity’.

      All is well with me thank you Sue as I hope it is for you as well? The unfolding drama of Brexit, whilst a very tired and tiring topic, was given new impetus by the Scottish Courts ruling regarding prorogation of parliament and in so doing highlighted the short-comings of a political system that has power to (seemingly) act outside of parliamentary rules and possibly the law of the land as well. We have as Jeremy Corbyn suggested a disgraceful government, which shows contempt for a constitution that once demanded honesty, integrity, decency, openness and discussion amongst representatives of the people. Instead of statesmen-like leadership we (appear to) have a clandestine self-indulgent government contemptuous of large swathes of the electorate, who, removed from the reality and consequences of their decisions act with apparent impunity whilst steering the country deeper into chaos. We no longer appear to have a democracy in the U.K, we have an establishment lunging evermore quickly towards dictatorship. You are right to express yourself to your MP – it is something we should all consider doing – but what good it will actually do remains to be seen.

      Thank you for stopping by Sue. A pleasure as always. Enjoy the sunshine, take care,

      Love and Peace, Namaste


      P.S: I left a comment on your latest allotment update. Hope it arrived safely? πŸ™‚

      • I will look forward to then next chapter Dewin and your comment is sitting patiently waiting, I intended to answer a back log of comments on my Garden blog last evening, but my PC time got cut short with other commitments..
        Today I only sat down for my tea, even lunch I ate on the go.. So busy in the garden and with household chores today , Plus berry picking early morning..
        So for a couple of hours, I am winding down now in catch up mode on WP again..

        As for Parliament, they all should be ashamed of themselves, like little children brawling, shouting abuse.. and these people we put in charge!!…
        Part of my letter actually used the words we are coming to a dictatorship! in one part..
        Its the first time ever I have felt I needed to air my voice to my MP this way.. As you say it will make NO difference what so ever, but I felt better for it πŸ™‚ .. πŸ™‚
        Many thanks Dewin, as always your reply’s are full and meaningful..
        Have a wonderful Weekend .. Take care πŸ™‚
        Blessings Sue

        • Hey Sue,

          There’s never a deadline with responses on WP – life is for living! – I was just checking it had arrived safely πŸ™‚

          I admire your resolve in getting your chores done and out of the way before the weekend kicks in. You’ll have more freedom to choose how you spend your time over the weekend as a result. The weather looks set to remain sunny for a few more days yet so I hope you’ll enjoy as much of it as possible.

          Berry picking? Hmm, is that an apple and berry pie I smell cooking? πŸ˜‰

          I am not normally one for watching T.V and certainly avoid BBC political commentary when I do due to its state-biased perspective, but I happened to catch a snippet of BBC’s Question Time where a member of the audience said they were sick and tired of the Brexit fiasco. I think he spoke for millions of us in the UK who have had enough of the fiasco and farce that has dominated everyday life for the past 3 years. Not only have politicians of all political colours behaved atrociously – arguing, counter-arguing, lying, deceiving, conniving, power-mongering and generally making complete fools of themselves and of democracy in front of the entire world – but the UK is still no further ahead in securing a deal to leave the EU that will adequately ensure betterment and least disruption for the UK population across all walks of life. Belief and trust in politicians has evaporated. It is time for a new system of governance that remains fully accountable to the people least they forget they are there at the will of the people.

          I hope your letter will be read by your MP and a full, detailed reply returned to you. I won’t hold my breath, but I can fully understand why you have written expressing your views: sometimes it feels we, the people, have no voice whatsoever in government – evermore so when government becomes a dictatorship.

          Thanks again for commenting Sue πŸ™‚ I hope your weekend is greatly enjoyed…sunshine is the best medicine of all! πŸ˜‰

          Love and Peace,


          • Thanks Dewin, you expressed my thoughts exactly.. Its one huge shambles and the quicker our old systems collapse the better.. I did watch the BBC 24 hr news which had Parliament live When Parliament was shut down.. When you see the regalia, the pomp and wigs of a system that dates way back to the 1200’s and little much has changed as you see the power mongering between them..
            You can see these systems now falling apart… It’s just painful while we are in the midst of it.. πŸ™‚

            You too enjoy a sunny weekend.. and yes chores out the way to enjoy some relaxation time in nature πŸ™‚
            Take care Dewin and thank you again

  3. I couldn’t agree more Sue.

    I don’t think wigs and regalia, pomp and ceremony appeal to many anymore: pageantry and pantomime, ’tis pure illusion and aesthetic – a staged show – behind which the cogs of power turn. Nothing really changes politically, everything is cyclical over the longer-term: what is given by one government is removed by the next.

    Love and Peace,


    • Agreed.. Only just saw this as I came back to your site Dewin… Pomp and ceremony outdated laws, and traditions that date back to the elite-control of this world… We only live in the illusion there is Democracy… We only think we have a vote to change the system.. When in fact the system itself is being controlled.. Argh but lets not clutter our minds with the rabble of politics.. This week has been too nice.. I disengaged from the media, and mostly tried to keep off my PC… Instead the garden has ruled, and peace has prevailed..
      This evening as I type the night sky is shot with red as we make the most of these lazy last days Summer holds onto.. πŸ™‚
      Have a wonderful weekend my friend.. Take care
      Sue πŸ™‚

      • I’ve done similarly this week Sue – spent time engaged in activities other than being on-line or following too closely stories in the media although I have kept up to speed with major news items – the global protests concerning Climate Change being of prime concern of course – as well as a general level of interest leading up to next weeks U.K Supreme Court judgement on the prorogation of parliament. But for all intents-and-purposes I’ve been switched off to the toxic noise, welcomed plenty of sunshine, and enjoyed a couple of days away to boot. The weekend is nigh and I shall enjoy that as well!

        September is one of my favourite times of the year: days are warm, long and lazy, mornings are cool with wispy clouds, mist and dew, whilst afternoons bask in sour-lemon light, sunsets blush the sky with shades of red and carnation, and nights are crisp and clear: the firmament awash with glistening stars. September beats to the rhythm of life πŸ™‚

        Thank you Sue, take care and make this weekend special,

        Love and Peace,


  4. Dear Devin,

    you have very positive to my expectations ☺️ I am very thrilled. I got goose bumps while reading.
    Thank you for your efforts πŸ™

    Best regards πŸ€—

    Namaste πŸ™‚


    • Thank you most kindly Maria I’m grateful for your readership and comment πŸ™‚

      I’d like to hope the poem is heading towards conclusion…should the pen permit and time allow! πŸ™‚

      Hoping all is well, Namaste


  5. Thank you! A very encouraging suggestion indeed! πŸ˜€ One day I very much hope to be Cindy, but make no mistake, the wordy Muse is a capricious companion, not easily impressed, and certainly wise to my old blarney! But I love her all the more for it: she makes me reach beyond my grasp πŸ˜€

    Namaste πŸ™


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