Copse ‘n’ Corpse (Part 12)

~ Copse ‘n’ Corpse (Part 12) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Thunder-clapped, tumultuous applause,

Gods raged above sand shores,

Air sizzled, rain drizzled,

Lightning seared swelled sea.


Anvil headed storm-cloud stacks,

Night squeezed ‘tween black cracks,

In darkness shared with dark company,

Nevermore reached tentatively.


Woody tips touched mort-cloth strips:

 Grasped gently at the bundle,

Nightingale squeaked, urgency piqued,

Overhead thunder rumbled.


Twas as if he held a priceless gift:

An item o so precious.

Cradling his savaged heart,

Left him o so breathless.


He paused for a moment, head titled,

Hand stilted unbinding rag:

As if in peeling, unwrapping, revealing,

Disclosure made him sad.


I knew so little of his fate,

Nor of his days of life: but yet,

Twas plain to see in each degree,

His suffering, his sorrow, his strife.


I sensed his misgiving, his acute unease,

Tho’ certain was I he’d be appeased.

Yet each turn of cloth he moved farther,

His demeanour deepened ever darker.


“My fate,” said he, “a pitiful end,”

“So sudden, stabbed with pain.”

“Such gloom consumes this heavy heart,”

“Would I desire to feel it again?”


“Yes yes my love,” Nightingale said,

“But sweet is our memory.”

“Dread being dead can’t hurt us now,”

“Together for eternity.”


She flapped and flew to his hand,

Perched resting on a finger,

She looked at he so lovingly,

Before once more a singer.

“Neath deep sea life lay drowned,”

“In mort-cloth was your heart enwound,”

“But to my heart your love is bound,”

“For in my soul your soul is found.”


“So near,” she sung, “so nearly free,”

“Feel the love I have for thee.”

“Come my love, journey with me,”

“Beyond the stars to infinity.”


I heard her mutter, watched her flutter,

Quickly she flew my view.

When then of a sudden, no-longer hidden,

As a ghost she returned hitherto.


More beautiful than I first recalled,

Ethereal as a Luna-moth,

Crouched on sand she took his hand,

Teased away stained cloth.


Timed just right, a lightening strike,

As to his lips she pressed her own.

“Don’t be afraid,” she softly sung,

“Tis time to come on home.”


~ Copse ‘n’ Corpse (Part 11) precedes this post. Part 13 to follow shortly ~


14 thoughts on “Copse ‘n’ Corpse (Part 12)

    • Hey 1Weaver, how are you?

      Thank you for your kind comments and appreciation. Recent bouts of inclement stormy weather here in the U.K – it is Autumn after-all – were encouraging. That Halloween cast her bewitching spell also helped brim the ink-well a little further. With a little luck Chapter 13 will be forthcoming shortly.

      Thank you for stopping-by. Hoping all is well wherever you may be.

      Take care, Namaste,


        • Very pleased to hear all is well with you despite storms and seasonal lashing. I’m led to believe that Cyprus enjoys one of the warmest winters in the Mediterranean part of the EU: an average of 340 days of sunshine per year! I imagine rainfall to be somewhat of a blessing?

          ‘Chop wood, carry water, refill ink well’ – what a wonderful phrase, which also lends itself readily to the poem. Thank you, I shall endeavour to press-on! The poem has taken an age to write but thankfully is slowly drawing to a close.

          Lovely to hear from you. Namaste,


      • I’m okay. I’ve been working steadily on new stories for the collection and arranging and rearranging the collection in my head. Once I buy Scrivener, I can start putting the collection together for real.

        • Hey Liz,

          Very pleased to hear you’ve been busy, both in thought and action, and the collection is, I hope, progressing nicely. Having never compiled an anthology I’m in no position to fully understand the process per se other than to acknowledge there is most likely an awful lot of hard work to do! Suffice to say I wish you well with your endeavours and hope the compilation will reach conclusion shortly.

          Given that research and acquisition of associated material helps support your writing I can understand why Scrivener would be an appropriate tool for you. I have come across it myself and did a little investigation but concluded that I would not, at this time, gain advantage from having it. However, that might change in the future should I ever diversify my writing. As it is I keep all references filed as favourites and any other ideas stored away in my head: thus far that has seemed an appropriate working method.

          I will listen out for mention of your finished tome and wish you well in getting it done.

          Have a most enjoyable week.


  1. Hi DN — this is one of my favorites, yet. Read it three times (and just now, a fourth!) You have a magical way with words that linger in our imaginations. Thank you for sharing your gift! Namaste (truly!) Virginia 🙂

  2. Hey Virginia, how are you?

    Thank you so much for reading, appreciating and leaving such a wonderful comment. Your kind and considerate appreciation is wholly inspiring, thank you! 😀

    I very much enjoy writing these stories and try as best I am able to choose words with care: on occasion such deliberation extends into long hours, perhaps even several days. I am always learning, always overcoming writing challenges and seeking new ways to express aspects of storytelling. It is a labour of love, and an enjoyment that fills many happy hours of my life.

    Thank you once again for your kind words.

    Namaste 😀


  3. That was just beautiful Dewin.. Love forever binds us, and is the bond beyond… Into Eternity.. So enjoyed, and happy too to see you have once again begun to complete this wonderful tale.. The pleasure you bring in words, and how you weave your magic imagery into them is a true gift.. 🙂
    As your words come to life in the mind.. 🙂
    Wishing you a peaceful weekend.. 🙂
    Stay Blessed 🙂

  4. Hey Sue, how are you? 😀

    Lovely to have you stop-by, thank you. As always your inspiring comment is loaded with nicety, enthusiasm, and positivity, for which I am grateful, thank you Sue. Such comments encourage me onwards towards completion of stories: this one in particular has taken most of the year to write – and my interest in it ebbs and flows like the tide – but in my defence I have not been committed to it this year and instead have focussed on writing other material and attending to other matters elsewhere. However, rest assured it will get done, albeit slowly! 😀

    Love is the principle force that binds all things in all ways: ’tis no less than the fabric of the universe from which our existence is fashioned upon which our flesh is hung.

    Thank you Sue, I’m looking forward to the weekend and chance to unwind a little: it’s been a busy week and a lie-in is long overdue! 😀

    Have a [pleasant day and a wonderful week. Take care,



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