Copse ‘n’ Corpse (Part 10)

~ Copse ‘n’ Corpse (Part 10) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Fingers of light scything bright,

Cool mist upon the sea,

A golden glaze through wispy haze,

Reached-out to welcome me.


Stroke by stroke I made my way,

Slowly, slowly towards the bay,

In my wake undulating grey,

Fumed at my trespass.

Soft sand at last between my toes,

Firm ground, a rocky shore.

Upon the beach I sat me down,

To one side laid Nevermore.


A way away a tolling buoy,

Feint echo of a bell,

Faded, fading, evaporating,

Fell silent in briny swell.


Tired, overcome, exhausted, undone,

Sore eyes saw nothing more.

Sprawled on sand, safe on land,

Soon asleep upon the shore.


For an age I slept in warming sun,

 Adrift in curious dreams:

Untethered, untied, like a boat afloat,

Or a mote borne on jet-streams.


I awoke ‘neath a cloak of shimmering stars,

Glinting on brocade and crewel,

Each shone bright with crystallised light,

Each was a glistening jewel.


Moths and Loons hailed the Moon:

Selene a hoary orb,

The bay alive with silvered life,

In her light were absorbed.


One large Moth black as night,

Spiralled down in my sight,

It came to land on-top of rocks,

Close beside the metal box.


I saw it settle, raise dark wings,

Lift its head, heard it sing,

It called to others close nearby,

A quiet lament for one who’d died.


Before my eyes, to my surprise,

Through an eclipse of flutter-by’s,

Darkness shifted, a shadow drifted,

A hooded figure stood tall.


Tall and slight, dark as night,

No robes or clothes around him:

Instead four-bags tied with string,

Were tightly bound to wooden limbs.


In his hand perched Nightingale,

Sat silent without lament,

Both he and she gazed longingly,

Knowing of the box’s content.


Removing his hat the Scarecrow sat,

Sat crossed-legged upon dry sand,

Swift and true Nightingale flew,

Flew to land on my hand.


~ Copse ‘n’ Corpse (Part 9) precedes this post. Part 11 to follow shortly ~


26 thoughts on “Copse ‘n’ Corpse (Part 10)

    • Hey Opher, how are you?

      Perhaps not (yet) turning at full tilt, but still spinning a line or two. A little space this weekend to find some form has rewarded a little fruit. I should make haste whilst the sun shines, and will hope to do so as the week warms. This evening a short break in the flow – a BBQ to enjoy – then it’s back in the saddle penning rhymes.

      Thanks for stopping-by. Enjoy your evening.

      Love and Peace 🙂


    • Hey Liz, how are you? 🙂

      Good to hear from you, I trust all is well and life peachy.

      Is the suspense getting to much to bare? 🙂 It is for me as well, but yet, this mischievous pen of mine remains tight-lipped and offers no clues what to expect next. Wretched thing shouldn’t have secrets but it does! Grrrr 🙂

      Thank you for your readership. Enjoy a wonderful day.


        • The darn pen and I have had words Liz and I do believe we’ve arrived at some sort of understanding. If it keeps to its side of our arrangement – and that is a big if – I will be informed of all its possible intentions but not its final choice of destination. Somehow I think my pen still has the upper hand 🙂

          Either way, I shall progress the poem this week and hope my pen remains compliant and agreeable.

          Have a pleasant evening.

          Love and Peace,


  1. Loving this tale Dewin, what ‘treasures’ will come next I wonder?
    You conjour up such a descriptive scene, I was exhausted with him as he heaved himself upon the shore.
    Looking forward to the next chapter.. 🙂
    I trust you week is going well my friend 🙂
    Take care

    • Hey Sue, how are you? 🙂

      Thank you for finding time to stop-by and have a read. Pleased to know you are enjoying the tale so far! 🙂

      I also wonder what events may shortly take place. I am torn between two, perhaps three options, and remain undecided which I’ll choose. It is possible that each option will lead to the same destination but the manner in which the poem gets there would be quite different. My pen is as yet undecided! 🙂

      Thank you for your appreciation. The antagonist has endured quite an arduous adventure, it is no wonder they are fatigued and no doubt grateful to have survived their ordeal! (As I recall, the day I wrote this had been pleasantly tiring, although long and involved. I was pleased to have progressed the poem to a point where sleep offered both the antagonist and I chance to dream.)

      Thank you for your readership Sue. I hope you’ll enjoy the next chapter.

      Thus far the week has been kind and considerate to me. I hope you are able to say the same 🙂

      Take care. Namaste


      • Likewise Dewin, the week has been easy paced just a few weeds cleared out on Tuesday on the plot..
        Yes I am enjoying this tale my friend.. it will I am sure which ever route you take be the right one..
        Your imagination knows no bounds and I am sure your pen is being guided across the page..
        Enjoy the rest of your week also Dewin.. 🙂

        • Both gardening and allotmenteering are never-ending labours of love, best served, I think, by adopting a consistent easy pace…one has to move at nature’s natural pace. Which reminds me, now that sunshine and a light breeze have dried the turf I’ve some grass-cutting to attend to later. The more it rains the quicker it seems to grow!

          Thanks Sue – I hope the pen will be generous and guide me wisely in the right direction. It has a disobedient nature, one which sets me adrift on courses leading to situations and circumstances that require additional writing…sometimes even the slightest deviation necessitates another chapter (or two!), but I am getting used to its prankish ways and shall remain guarded against such tomfoolery!

          Thank you for reading, enjoying, and commenting so kindly: ’tis much appreciated.

          Have a pleasant afternoon and evening. Take care,

          Love and Peace,


  2. Annwyl Dewin,

    Your contribution is fantastic, I have no say. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sandy beach. I let the sun shine over my skin, the wind whispered in my ear and fell asleep covered with sparkling stars. I’m just a dreamer 😉😉😉
    But now I’m looking forward to the next post and I’m sure he’ll be just as beautiful as this one 😀

    Rwy’n dymuno noson heddychlon i chi gyda breuddwydion hyfryd iawn 😇😇😇


    • Annwyl Balle, sut wyt ti heddiw?

      Thank you for expressing your appreciation and enjoyment: such nice words are inspiring 🙂

      You’ve a wonderfully vivid imagination Balle! My poem may have opened a very small gap in your dreaming door but it was your imagination that opened it wider, allowed you to step through it onto the sun-drenched beach and make the scene idyllic. With such an ability to imagine you should be a writer as well as a talented cook! But I know your creative passion is for the latter and your true medium is food.

      I hope the next chapter will fulfil your expectation 🙂

      Diolch am eich darllenydd. Gan ddymuno dydd Iau hyfryd i chi. Cymerwch ofal. Nos da,



    • Namaste Maria,

      So pleased you are enjoying the poem and imagery, such a comment is inspiring, thank you.

      The adventure that is writing this poem has led me into some awkward places descriptively. I’ve tried hard to create atmosphere and hint at the surroundings whilst simultaneously attempting to progress the story. The challenge is always about trying to find a balance between simplicity and complexity: too much description makes the poem too dense, whilst too little description diminishes the sense of time and place. I’m not always successful in achieving a satisfactory balance but try hard to learn as I progress…there’s always room for improvement!

      Thank you for an appreciative comment.

      Love and Peace,


        • Thank you Maria, I haven’t been unwell but also hope that that will continue until my last breath 😉

          Thank you for taking the time to read the poem. Appreciate your company, thank you.

          I’ll look forward to enjoying more of your excellent photography in due course. Until next time…

          Take care, Namaste,


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