Copse ‘n’ Corpse (Part 21)

~ Copse ‘n’ Corpse (Part 21) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Split, spliced, sub-atomically sliced,

My subjectivity subdivided,

Transient ‘tween reality and dream,

In liminality I slowly glided.


A cloud was I, mere flecks and specks,

Motes afloat in space,

Amidst vast seas, evolving galaxies,

Drifting thro’ time and place.


Not ashen pale behind this veil,

Nor inked in darkly shade,

Here possibility embraced infinity,

Here, from light were all things made.


How long away I cannot say, nor

To what end I was bound, but

When awoken by a voice spoken,

I was treading ancient ground.


Fleet the beat of shuffling feet,

Through tunnels dank and dark,

‘Til came a time, a sharp decline,

Where bloomed a sudden spark.


A lantern lit, a flare of light,

A stair of steps, a downward flight,

B’twixt a twitchel tween tall walls,

Where torchlight blossomed bright.


Down we wound through lamp-lit grey,

To a door iron-braced,

A key inserted, a twist exerted,

Into a chamber we hasted.


Said chamber, more an anti-room,

Small, squat and square,

A late addition of fine construction,

Hewn after l was there.


Across the floor strut Nevermore,

Whilst I remained unmoved:

Entranced by tones of old flagstones,

That time and tread had smoothed.


To other side where no lamp lit,

Flit the striding crow,

An abrasive sound, stone sliding ground,

Then candle’s glistered glow.


Barely bright, dim pool of light:

A flickering honey-tone,

Lit a column with ball-claw bottom,

Carved artfully from stone.


Atop its top, finely honed,

A skull, translucent-white,

“A key,” said he mysteriously,

“Satin-spar, Selenite.”


“What will come, what will go,

This piece brings release.

Positivism, purity, fluid-like energy,

Attuned to deepest peace.”


“Alignment,” he said, “and activation,

For reaching higher planes.

Earth is but one conscious station,

Others exist in distant domains.”


Smiling he tossed the Satin-spar,

“Explore,” said he, “journey far.”

Then lifting the column from its mount,

“Follow me,” he turned about.


A shorter passage, an open door,

Polished stone upon the floor,

A lantern lit: soft peachy glow,

“Ah,” said I, “a place I know.”


~ Copse ‘n’ Corpse (Part 20) precedes this post. Part 22 to follow shortly ~


21 thoughts on “Copse ‘n’ Corpse (Part 21)

    • Hey Cindy, how’s you?

      Thank you 😊 I enjoyed writing this episode: a little light at tunnel’s end enticed the weary wanderer.

      Hoping all’s well with y’all in the Holler. Take care 🙏


  1. Dewin, so glad to see you continue these vivid journeys into the space between dreaming & awakening,.. Hope you are doing well!🌟🌿😷🌿🌟

    • Greetings Virginia,

      Good to hear from you: I trust you are keeping well.

      One has to keep going ‘cos the dream’s always flowing: the magical stream of life 😊

      All’s well thank you Virginia as I hope it is for you.

      Take care 🙏


    • Top of the morn’ Liz, how are you?

      Thank you for suggesting so: a dreamy Moon played a tune whilst one night I took a stroll.

      Thank you for thinking of me. It’s been a busy few months in what has become a year of unprecedented change. I hope to be online more frequently than I have: the ending won’t write itself! 🙂

      Hoping you and yours are keeping well: strange days indeed.

      Take care 🙏


      • Hi, Dewin. My family and I are keeping well, although the daily news is very distressing. We’re fortunate that my husband is retired, and I’ve been working a remote job for a year.

        I’ll look forward to the ending of the Nevermore saga!

        Take good care.


        • I’m very pleased to hear that you and yours are well Liz. Daily C-19 case numbers and death-toll figures coming from America are upsetting, affirmation, if any were needed, of the U.S administration’s failure to take effective control and prioritise lives over capitalist interests. Come November, the U.S electorate has an opportunity to rid themselves of Trump and his cronies…one hopes good sense will prevail among them.

          I can only imagine the disruption C-19 has had on the education system in the U.S, and how affecting such disruption has been to those teaching and learning. I wish you well with your endeavors.

          Thank you Liz: I too shall look forward to ending the Nevermore saga!

          Until next time. Take care 🙏


          • The US is in crisis. If measures aren’t taken to stop this pandemic, anyone who survives it is going to end up in a barren, post-apocolyptic wasteland scratching in the dirt looking for cockroaches to eat.

            K-12 education is in a much worse place than higher ed because so many colleges were already offering classes online. Opening the schools has become completely politicized, and the schools that have brought the kids back are seeing outbreaks.

            Ugh. I’d better stop.

            • The C-19 pandemic has clearly exposed the extent and reach of right-wing political, capitalist processes already in place edging us (ever closer) towards a dystopian world. Perhaps in many ways, the pandemic has exacerbated, if not also accelerated, such Machiavellian practices: governance by decree being one example where perverse ideology is inflicted on the people. The consequences of their self-serving, politically motivated decisions will not be easily forgotten. It will take leaders with great vision, compassion, and sane judgement to undo the wide-spread damage already done – to the people, to the planet – and set straight the path that human-kind takes into the future.

              The U.K waits with trepidation to see what effect re-opening schools and educational establishments will have on C-19 transmission rates and deaths. I sincerely hope it is not a tragedy in the making. The U.K government should take heed of the figures coming from the U.S and be cautious, but will of course prioritize the economy over saving lives: their financial backers, donors and investors will undoubtedly demand it. We are of course at the beginning of a global recession, but yet, there are huge organisations making vast profits during this unprecedented time. It will not be easy balancing an economic revival against relieving suffering.

              I trust you’ll enjoy your weekend Liz and set aside woeful thoughts. A New Hampshire summer must be a season of great beauty, there to enjoy for free.

              Take care 🙏


              • You’re right that our new Hampshire summer is a season of great beauty. The overgrown Rose of Sharon outside our livingroom window is blooming attracting hummingbirds.

                • Both Rose (of Sharon) and Hummingbird are beautiful symbols that make a truly wonderful pairing: full of energetic life, Love, joy, vitality, renewal, peace, playfulness, loyalty, affection, and healing. Your garden must be alive with hypnotic, flashing colour! How very fortunate you are 😊

                  I read somewhere that New Hampshire is densely populated with forests and national parks: surely great places to visit, and of course, the Atlantic Ocean flows onto the rocky shores of Maine. Days out and weekends away must be a real treat: pure inspiration for the writer in you.

                  Have a blast Liz. Loaf long and prosper 🙏


                  • The northern part of the state is still densely populated with forests, although the southern part of the state has seen swaths of trees cut down in recent years to make room for storage facilities, strip malls, and housing subdivisions. Maine is more densely forested than New Hampshire. Driving north to Aroostook County on the Interstate, you can still see signs for timber tracts instead of towns.

                    Loaf long and prosper? I am liking the sound of that!

                    • Then North it is Liz, towards bounteous forest lands where days away ‘neath high canopies await you!

                      ~ Sleeping In The Forest ~

                      I thought the earth remembered me, she
                      took me back so tenderly, arranging
                      her dark skirts, her pockets
                      full of lichens and seeds. I slept
                      as never before, a stone
                      on the riverbed, nothing
                      between me and the white fire of the stars
                      but my thoughts, and they floated
                      light as moths among the branches
                      of the perfect trees. All night
                      I heard the small kingdoms breathing
                      around me, the insects, and the birds
                      who do their work in the darkness. All night
                      I rose and fell, as if in water, grappling
                      with a luminous doom. By morning
                      I had vanished at least a dozen times
                      into something better.

                      ~ Mary Oliver ~

                      Take care 🙏


    • Aaah Opher – fighting trolls indeed (!), and not just the ones living under the mountains: pesky little critters, they’re everywhere! 🙂

      Good to hear from you old bean, thanks for stopping-by, appreciate the comment. I trust all is well with you and yours and you’ve remained safe, in fine fettle. Thus far, the more rural areas seem to have escaped the worse of C-19. Let’s hope it stays that way.

      What a crazy year its been for one and all: the world, it is a changin’.

      Take care 🙏


  2. Wonderful to see you again in the world of poetry and story… As the saga continues to unfold Dewin..
    Hope you are well my friend..
    Loved your latest episode and Selenite a wonderful crystal.. I have two large towers and a beautiful sculptured Orb in Selenite.. You might like this lovely little video on the Crystal Selenite 🙂
    Enjoy.. as I enjoyed your poetry and seeing your return Dewin..
    Sending Blessings and well wishes
    Sue 🙏

    • Always a pleasure to hear from you Sue. Thank you for kind comment, and appreciation of this installment 😊 I trust you and yours are safe and well.

      All’s well here Sue, thank you. Having spent a little time off-line – supporting family members shielding during the pandemic – it’s good to now be easing back into the inky-flow.

      The video provided further illumination about a stone I already knew a little about. Thank you for including the link. It is a beautiful crystal: pure liquid-light, vibrating with truth and wisdom. Quite how its inclusion in the poem came about is a story for another day. Suffice to say synchronicity played a part, and I grateful for the inspiration it provided.

      It doesn’t surprise me at all to learn that Selenite crystals are central pieces in your collection 😊

      Lovely to hear from you Sue. Enjoy a wonderful weekend. Take care 🙏


      • Good to know you are well too.. And yes we too spent time shielded.. Thankfully I now can have visits from our granddaughter whom I missed such a lot….
        I am not surprised Selenite was projected into your thoughts its a powerful crystal and when Synchronicity happens we must follow its lead 😀
        Sending continued well wishes and happy to be reading the journey saga again Dewin .. 🙂

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