Copse ‘n’ Corpse (Part 20)

~ Copse ‘n’ Corpse (Part 20) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Her words dripped like water-drops,

Spilled from cresting cliff-tops,

As rain they came showering me,

Spellbound upon the scree.


Slowly seeping, memories creeping,

Visions of a deepening mind.

Vibrant notions whirled in motion,

Thoughts couldn’t be confined.


This beach, these cliffs, this sea-view,

Doubtless was a coast I knew:

A magical place, a mystical space – but,

Was I just passing through?


No! I’d walked along this high headland,

Trod ancient tracks across the sand.

Wide-eyed I’d gazed in mindful wonder,

Immersed in realms lying yonder.


I’d seen sunshine light-up this shore,

The Moon illume its sandy floor,

I’d seen the cavern ‘neath this bight,

The ancient shrine hid from sight.


Piece-by-piece the puzzle grew,

More-and-more until I knew,

This dew-drenched jewel upon the shore,

Was steeped in legend, mythic lore.


Yes indeed, I’d been here before,

Countless times throughout my yore,

As if in procession, each a succession,

A returning recurring in time.


When last I’d heard Nightingale’s words –

Amidst shadow and candle glow: twas,

Another dawn of a new day born,

An Age lived long ago.


And so it was at morn’ this day,

Knowing my fate I made my way,

Descending scree, across the bay,

With her song at play in my ear.


“Hold steadfast to your path,

Don’t deviate your course.

Past will pass to you this day.

So too the vital force.”


Then face-to-face with Nevermore,

Who hooded, preened and gowned,

Dark as night shone with light:

Light rising from underground.


Whelmed was I by his glance,

Succumbed to magic, lost in trance.

In his glare I became aware,

Of my poignant circumstance.


From deep within inside of me,

An intensity I’d never known.

Twas if a power undefined,

Rose to claim my throne.


With push, punch, and potency,

A tide of unknown energy,

Swelled and surged forcefully,

As if intended with efficacy.


My heart lifted, my thoughts shifted,

My spirit floated on air.

All at once as if fragmented,

I was everywhere!


~ Copse ‘n’ Corpse (Part 19) precedes this post. Part 21 to follow shortly ~


~ Photography/Artwork ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


32 thoughts on “Copse ‘n’ Corpse (Part 20)

    • As is your spirit Cindy…we’re all inseparably interwoven within the one unfathomable weave of life, seamless with existence, given to contemplate our wonder, born into dream.

      Thank you,


    • The intrepid traveller returns! 😀 How you doing Opher?

      Some might suggest the journey never ends, that the human soul does not die alongside the physical body. However, I very much hope the poem reaches a final destination and delivers a satisfactory conclusion at some future point in time.

      Always a pleasure having you stop-by. Thank you.

      Have a great week…I’m looking forward to holiday photos, and accompanying comment, as-and-when they’re published.


    • Hey Shingle, how are you?

      Grateful for your generous comment and kind observation, thank you. I must admit I’m not really one to be unduly concerned, or confined, by recognised form or structure – although, I like to keep to a set style – and often, at the whim of the pen, play about with rhyme to keep (myself and) the reader attentive. (Like driving great distance on a motorway, I’m grateful to see different designs in the bridges that cross-over it, for they stimulate the senses.) It also throes up opportunity for flexibility in the length of each line within a stanza, which is sometimes necessary, and allows rhyme to roll-over into the next verse. It is an indulgence 😀

      Thank you for your visit, your readership, and kind appreciation. Most welcome thank you.

      Enjoy your week!


    • Thank you Liz! Indeed, (thankfully!) there’s not far to go now before conclusion and resolution. I’ve been shuffling the thought of an appropriate ending to the back of the pack for long enough and really must reveal it soon.

      Thank you for kind comment on the image: it’s also one of my favourite pieces, but then again Raven’s are one of my favourite birds! 😀 I hoped it would give form to Nevermore and remove the need to elaborate on him further.

      Hoping all is well and life peachy,


        • That is the most curious expression I’ve heard in many a year Liz. Absolutely wonderful! 😀

          Naturally I was curious to know its origin and found this on-line entry (1)

          “This is an American simile and dates back to the mid 19th century. C. Davis’s Diary of 1865 has this entry: “I have a better flow of spirits this morning, and, in fact, feel as fine as frog’s hair, as Potso used to say.”

          So, it’s good to hear all is well 😀

          Thank you for commenting on the image. He provokes different thoughts in me depending on my mood.

          Have a great day!


          (1) –

            • Curiosity always attracts the cat in me Liz, so I had to know more. It would also be interesting to discover who C. Davis was and how indeed this diary entry became common parlance in your father’s life?

              Henceforth I’ll adopt the phrase and use it amongst friends, family, and work colleagues and see what reaction I get 😀

              It tickled me no end, thank you.


              • According to a quick scroll through search engine results, the expression was common in the American South. Given my dad’s experiences in the South during the Civil Rights Movement, as well as his time in the Army during WWII, I expect that he picked it up from someone. He took great delight in unusual or amusing turns of phrase, a trait both my brother and I inherited from him.

                • Ah, how fascinating thank you Liz! That sheds further light on the mystery.

                  It sounds as if your father had quite an adventurous life and certainly lived through some troubling times.

                  The Internet is an invaluable source of reference: a gold mine of ideas. These small phrases brim full with history. Like words I find great joy in tracing their origin and meaning. I imagine you’ve had a lot of fun accumulating them over the years.

                  Thank you, I appreciate the update 😀


  1. Dewin, as always your words create vivid pictures — but today, what incredible artwork! It’s the kind of picture that draws us into layers of detail, of mysteries on behind the horizons of imagination. Cool. Really COOL! 🙂

    • Good day Virginia, how are you? All well now, I hope, and back in the saddle enjoying life to the full.

      Thank you, that’s very kind of you to say so and I appreciate your enjoyment of both the poem and the image.

      I like to think of Nevermore as an enigmatic Raven (as all Raven’s are of course!) and tried to express those qualities about him. Like his mysterious character, and perplexing nature, the picture is also a blended composite of several photographs layered together to create the one image. By degrees, I’ve employed the use of a little artistic licence by way of small deviation to the poem’s text, but otherwise he fits the bill quite nicely 😉 As I suggested in a previous comment, Raven’s tend to get a bit of a bad press, but I find so many positive associations attributed to them symbolically. I also enjoy their ragged elegance and expressive nonchalance.

      Lovely to hear from you Virginia. Have a wonderful week. Wrap up warm!


  2. Such a beautiful ending my friend, you woved these last verses excellently.
    As memory of a shore we have all travelled reveals its beauty once again.
    No longer trapped or chained, but to once again be part of the all.
    I thoughally enjoyed these chapters Dewin, and the journey you took us through.
    A perfect ending to this chapter, and will look forward to what comes next my friend.
    One can only hope when one’s own rights of passage comes, we finally find all our missing pieces to join and fragment into everything we have always been. 😄
    Wonderfully written. Thank YOU. 🙏🙂
    Have a sunny day Dewin, it’s been very warm in the green house 😄

    • Hey Sue, lovely to hear from you. Thank you for taking a break from the hot-house and venturing here. I hope all is well with you.

      Finding time to consider conclusion to the poem, and tie together all loose threads, seems to elude me at the moment: there is always something far more pressing to attend to. But, ce la vie. Thank you for kind comment and engagement with the story, I’m delighted you enjoyed this instalment and found means to weave yourself in-and-out of the verses with the protagonist. It seems his past and present are converging, his displacement a necessary experience as prelude to his continuance and adventures beyond. Perhaps this is his rite-of-passage…only time will tell! 😉

      I’m quite certain life’s great mysteries are revealed to us when we leave this mortal coil, but I often wonder how close to those truths our beliefs will be, and whether in actuality it matters anyway.

      Thank you for kind comment and appreciation. Enjoy your week Sue: may it be fruitful and rewarding in equal measure.

      Take care 🙏


    • Hey Maria, how are you?

      Thank you for your kind comment and warm appreciation, both are most welcome and gratefully received.

      Time is a little against me at the moment – juggling various responsibilities during this unprecedented time – but I hope to continue the poem shortly and conclude the story. I hope you are keeping well and staying safe.

      Thank you for your readership.

      Take care 🙏


  3. Just dropping by to see how you are fairing Dewin. We are all experiencing unpresidented times.
    Hope all is well with you and your family Dewin.
    Sending thoughts 🙏
    Take care

    • That’s very thoughtful of you Sue, thank you for asking: we are all well and holding-up whilst locked-down! I sincerely hope you and yours can say much the same? Every new day is a blessing in disguise and there to be enjoyed as best one is able. We are fortunate to have a garden in which to expend some energy and/or warm idling in the spring sunshine. Exercise beyond the garden gate is of course limited to once a day, but additional, essential trips to and from food-stores and the pharmacy allow some form of social contact beyond the immediate family, albeit conversation conducted at the required distance. It is what it is and I’m happy to adhere to the rules: it is the very least I can do to support those active on the front-line selflessly serving others.

      Indeed these are unprecedented times. I follow various news-feeds and try to keep abreast of developments in the U.K as well as events occurring overseas. The world is in chaos Sue: at once rocked and shocked to its very foundations, teetering on socioeconomic collapse and global meltdown whilst simultaneously preparing for the new. Our way of life simply cannot return to the way it was. Capitalist, right-wing ideology twisting the Earth on an axis of idiot’s gold has proven not to work for the greater good of all. It is time for progressive global change: for populist-centered politics and egoism to give way to effective altruism and cooperative governance of a collaborative world. An article appearing in the Guardian under the title, ‘leaderless-lacking-and-late-a-global-plan-to-fight-coronavirus-is-desperately-needed’, highlights the need for an international effort to combat C-19….’Only united action will stop the pandemic triggering a catastrophic worldwide food and humanitarian crisis.’ (1)

      Take great care of one and all Sue. Keep smiling, stay calm and carry on regardless,

      Happy Easter! 🙏


      (1) –

      • I am pleased to say Dewin we are well, and happy to hear likewise from your good-self.. Yes a Global-melt-down- in every sense..
        I always felt this time would arrive, not quite in the way it has, and perhaps not in my life time.. But I knew the collapse had to occur and that it would be traumatic… We are only just as yet on the fringes of what is to come.. How we each react, and what we choose is now crucial to the outcomes of this..
        All it needs is a spark in the wrong place to ignite a different outcome of less freedoms and more controls..
        But I am witnessing great selfless acts of service to others,.. My own family in the front line of keyworkers daily with no protection are keeping going…. My sister helping manufacture parts for the respiratory systems for the NHS.. working twelve hours some shifts…. My neighbours reaching out and helping each other..
        I am very calm…. VERY…. more so than I think even before… Because I see a bigger picture..
        The butterflies have been abundant in my garden… And I hope today to put a post together for my garden blog at least… I thank you for your inspiration in the video idea…. 🙂
        Take care also Dewin.. Enjoy your Garden this Easter weekend.. ❤ 🙂 🙏

        • Delighted to hear you and yours are safe and well Sue. Despite the physical distance between family members there is strength found in the unity of a collective. I trust your sense of resolve will prevail. Keep smiling.

          I applaud your sister’s efforts in doing her bit, without PPE, for the greater good.

          I wonder why more people were not ‘redeployed’ from other sectors of the economy – those on reduced hours or given furlough but paid by the government – to assist in practical ways to support community based projects, charity based initiatives, or work in other essential key-worker posts such as supermarkets or food-supply-chain roles. I also wonder why the U.K’s multi-millionaires and billionaires – those that avoid paying tax and contributing to the coffers for expenditure on public services in the U.K – aren’t stepping forward and making very large donations to tackle the crisis. Perhaps they are just too busy asking for handouts from the public purse to bother? It also occurs to me that the banks bailed out by the U.K tax-payer should now be required to pay that back to every individual in the U.K whose contribution kept the banks afloat.

          It comes as no surprise to me to read that the U.K is likely to have the greatest number of fatalities in Europe. 10 years of needless austerity and severe cuts to the NHS and other front-line public services – diverting money to fund tax cuts for the already grossly wealthy – by successive Tory governments left public healthcare provision vulnerable and unprepared to cope. Even before C-19 hit the severely underfunded NHS had already reached crisis point! Their attempt at disguising a policy of herd-immunity as anything other than what it is has received global condemnation and cost many hundreds, perhaps thousands of needless deaths. Government ministers have to be held accountable for their willful neglect, utter incompetence, and complacency. Perhaps that is why they are reluctant to fully publish the conclusions of Exercise Cygnus undertaken in 2016. Mismanagement of this pandemic is a national scandal.

          Despite weeks of advanced notice, it also comes as no surprise to see the U.S administration failing miserably in its fight against C-19…and not only failing but now reaching out to proportion blame onto others in an attempt to deflect their inaction. They are led by an egoist. It saddens me to read of the number of deaths across the U.S.

          You write, ‘All it needs is a spark in the wrong place to ignite a different outcome of less freedoms and more controls.’ Already I read of suggestions put forward by the World Health Organisation warning of social unrest across Europe. Should the U.K public not respond well to controls put in place to help ease the effects of C-1 – assuming of course the government takes effective, practical, necessary action to ensure all sectors of society are adequately provided for equally and hence avoid exacerbating social tension – I too can imagine further draconian measures being enforced in the U.K.

          What is the bigger picture you see developing Sue?

          Nature has flourished without human-interaction and that pleases me no end. When restrictions are lifted, I hope the beauty and tranquility of wide open spaces will be far better appreciated and more responsibly enjoyed. It’d be wonderful to imagine they will also be better protected as well.

          No doubt you will continue to enjoy your garden, and the allotment, and find peace and sense of calm whilst immersed within them. The arrival of butterflies seems somehow pertinent and profound: a promise of transformation…leaving behind the old to embrace the new. One hopes it will be a better world emerging from the aftermath of C-19.

          Have a wonderful Easter weekend Sue: let the wine and chocolate flow in abundance 😀

          Take care, Namaste 🙏


  4. Dear Dewin… Just a quick visit as I thank you for your last reply… i just read it while revisiting, it must have got lost as I took a break inbetween, Who would have thought at the beginning of the year 6mths later we would see the world in the situation it now finds itself within…
    You asked for what is the bigger picture I saw…. see…. Well, none of it is very good I am afraid, even though I so want it to be other wise… Until we wake up to what is really going on, we will be controlled, tracked, traced, and divided… We are already now seeing this escalation to the next stage of Mayhem..
    So I keep doing what I do, and plugging away at opening hearts…
    On a brighter note… Our plot is thriving and all of this rain is just what it needed and my arms are thankful for the rest 🙂
    I so hope all is still ok in your world Dewin..
    Thoughts and Hugs, Take care…
    Sue 🙏

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