Copse ‘n’ Corpse (Part 18)

~ Copse ‘n’ Corpse (Part 18) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


A cliffy crescent enclosed this bay,

East to West, curved each way,

To tapered ends sloping away,

Trailing into briny blue.


Tinting their tops, evergreen dell,

Candy glazed, greyness quelled.

Silhouetted trees, rouge rubbed leaves,

 Foliage flush with blush.


Yet fleetly flittering dewy pink rose,

Sweetly deposed by mellow,

A sallow light, weak and wan,

Skies awash with yellow.


Drab and drear upon the sheer,

Gleamed a flaxen sheen,

Dim and grim upon the scree,

Quickly fled the scene.


Across the bay shadow scurried,

Behind boulders shade hurried,

Hastened, hounded, harried on,

Mercilessly chased by waxen sun.


Not yet cresting cliffy peaks: but,

Rising steadily soon to peep,

Soon to illume gloaming gloom,

Rouse Stygian from deep sleep.


At talus top, my brightened mount,

Sat in wonderment, gazing out,

I felt displaced, but yet embraced,

Interlaced within this special place.


Inseparable was I from waking dream,

More than just a perfect scene,

It stirred me in ways most curious,

Left me heady, delirious.


Full to brimming, senses swimming,

Drinking-in the view,

Dank wet-through with heavy dew,

Soon drunk on nature’s brew.


When then within my dreaminess,

A memory, vague and nebulous,

As if an echo from long ago,

Had burrowed deep inside.


I felt so sure I knew this shore,

Twas more than evocation: yet,

This not the view it’d been before,

But a weathered approximation.


Quickly, quickly, in rapid succession,

Thoughts flowed in quick procession:

A magical mage, a secret shrine,

Murderous intent, an abandoned mine.


I had no need to pause and ponder,

Only to muse upon my wonder,

For wonder it was, this revelation:

Exchanging mystery for illumination.


But yet, neither resolved nor crystal clear,

Questions remained unanswered here.

What was the source of these sudden notions,

That deeply stirred my emotions?


Surprised perhaps, but not perturbed,

A voice inside me softly heard,

I recognised her songbird chime,

The soulful beat of Nightingale’s rhyme.


“Watch and wait my dear Seer,

Soon all doubt will disappear.

When magic flows you will know,

What is to see before thee.”


And so it was without surprise,

Atop the scree ‘neath dawning skies,

I sat in awe as flocks of birds,

Made haste towards the bay.


Skuas, Shags, and Razorbills,

Spilled upon the shore,

Gannets, Gulls and Guillemots,

Frenetic with furore.


Gathered at a point beyond the rocks,

Shrieking, flapping around,

As if encircling something unseen,

Something upon the ground.


But this wasn’t fever of frenzied birds,

Hungry, driven to feasting.

Snip! Snip! Snip! Scissoring threads,

Twas Sentinels they were releasing!


~ Copse ‘n’ Corpse (Part 17) precedes this post. Part 19 to follow shortly ~


24 thoughts on “Copse ‘n’ Corpse (Part 18)

  1. Dewin – amazing! Love the lines “For wonder it was this revelation: Exchanging mystery for illumination.” Brilliant!!! Thank you for sharing your writing gifts with us! Hope your week is blessed with extra doses of illumination, joy & (a little) hilarity. Cheers – Virginia 🌟💨🕯💨🌟

    • So pleased to please Virginia, and receive the pleasure of your appreciative company. Thank you for your kind comment and readership 😀 I too enjoyed writing the lines you cited.

      It seems to me the protagonist has been kept in the dark for long enough and throwing a little light on the mysterious events he’d experienced is, I think, small reward for his kind-hearted endeavour and patience 😀

      I hope both our weeks will be as joyous, and as enlightening, as is wished for. Have a ball Virginia. Take care, keep smiling 😀


  2. I particularly like the first stanza; it could stand on its own. It immediately brought to mind the California coast. I think the epic is drawing near to all things being revealed to the Seer?

    • Thank you Liz, ’tis always a pleasure to have you pop by. That’s an interesting observation regarding the opening stanza: one for me to ponder, I think, as I’m sure a literal view wouldn’t suffice. 😀 Curiously, it was the last stanza written for this instalment and then reshaped to fit, whereas the last stanza written for the previous instalment was written first and fashioned to fit. But what is writing if not a fluid enterprise? 😀

      I’ve never visited California but have seen many photographs of the coastline, which is quite something to behold. Having had a short break late last year in Cornwall, my inspiration flowed from experiencing the Cornish coast: in many places it is wild, rugged, and dramatic, but yet, always peaceful and serene. A place to balance head and heart.

      You may well be right Liz: I too think all things will be revealed to the Seer in due course. I also get the impression the protagonist is eager to embark on new adventures elsewhere! ‘Tis time to fly 😉

      Thank you for commenting. Have a wonderful week, take care of one and all,


  3. Thank you Maria 😀 You know, I always enjoy imbedding a subtext but try to leave room for interpretation 😉

    Hoping all is well and your week flourishing.


  4. I loved the flow of your verse Dewin and the description of your horizon cliff top sky and tide.

    Reading your verses on the familiarity as if seen before, yet no dream… brought with it a memory of one of those déjà vu moments..
    I was travelling by coach in the French Alps, years ago now on a holiday tour, and instinctively I knew as we as we were to round a bend in the road that beneath would open up a view of a valley and lake… We had never been to that part of the world before, And I said to my husband there is a Lake view coming up soon… At the time we could see nothing but the high sides of rock and Trees either side.. The shape of the lake and everything below I just knew it… A Surreal moment. 😉

    You conjured up a flock indeed with those shrieking bills, and now to wonder upon those Sentinels… Friend of Foe… 🙂 and to what form they take in their powerful Alchemy 🙂

    Another wonderful episode to read further this adventure Dewin..

    And you now have given it new food for thought 🙂
    Many thanks Dewin, have a beautiful day… 🙂
    Take care 🙏💚

    • Hey Sue, how are you? Feeling better and brighter I hope, and no doubt already several chapters (and a pot of tea or two!) into your book 😀

      Thank you for sharing your fine anecdote: what a wonderful moment it must have been, ever more so in that not only were you anticipating the view you imagined but that you were also correct! Intuition (if that is the correct term in this example) is a powerful sense, and yours appears to be very sensitive. I imagine you’ve had many other similar experiences? I wonder if whilst absentmindedly gazing out of the coach window watching the terrain unfold you had become somehow more receptive, or more aware, of your surroundings? Or perhaps, in another time, you had seen the view before and had tapped into that distant memory? ‘Tis a curious little story to explore and ponder upon Sue, thank you 😀

      I’ve only ever seen one snow-capped mountain for real and that was Mount Whistler (British Columbia), albeit from a distance. I always feel very drawn to mountains but cannot explain why they hold sure appeal.

      I often draw on personal experience, and nature in general, when writing. The great outdoors is a wonderful source of inspiration. As I mentioned in my reply to Liz, a recent vacation to Cornwall late last year, and in particular Perranporth Beach, provided opportunity to see sunrise and sunset across a sweeping bay. The Cornish coastline, like that of Scotland is beautiful.

      As for those Sentinels, I had a certain brief role sketched out for them, but your comment has got me thinking whether or not to expand on them a little more. Perhaps if I can arrive at a compromise in my thinking I may deliberate on them a little more. Thank you for your indirect, and appealing suggestion 😀

      And thank you for your kind comment and appreciation: an enjoyable response to the poem.

      Today we had some wintry sunshine, and a clear, cold, star-peppered night sky to enjoy this evening ahead of the full Moon. ‘Tis a dreamer’s night tonight 😀

      Hoping you are well on the mend and will enjoy the remainder of your week. Take care, have a great day!



      • Thank you Dewin, I am as bright this morning as the Sun that is shining making the sharp frost sparkle and gleam… So thank you my friend..
        I am pleased my comment also sparked a thought for the Sentinels future development.. 🙂
        BC is beautiful, I was privileged to go on a coast to coast tour of Canada for our Silver Wedding treat back in 2000, and climbed a mountain, ( which was first navigated by a gondola lift ) to a visitors centre and then a walk way and steps made from wood went to the top, where you could ring a bell at the summit… We both managed it in the time we had up there.. And found the mountain goats fascinating.. The mountain was Sulphur Mountain… Banff and Jasper were beautiful, If ever you get the chance, Lake Louise is also special. We also took a helicopter ride over the Rockies.. Just Stunning.. We have been fortunate and grateful, in that while we both worked hard, we also like to travel, now we are more contented exploring the British Isles 🙂
        I hope you too enjoy your day Dewin… just the day for taking Alice a walk.. 🙂

        • Good to hear you are in fine fettle. Twas a beautifully crisp, bright and clear day, albeit a little bracing in the wind. I too was up and about early this morning and also marvelled at the frosty gleam sparkling. A wonderful early morning.

          Alice and I took off for a walk earlier in the week. It was not so much a walk, rather an extended game: she was ball-happy and chased her ball relentlessly – back and forth, back and forth, throw, fetch, return – for about an hour and a half. Suffice to say we both returned worn out but happy! 😀

          Thank you for your sparky suggestion Sue. I’m currently deliberating, and cogitating the idea and have not yet committed to a defined course of action.

          Your silver wedding treat sounds delightful Sue! I’ve just had a look at some on-line images of Sulphur Mountain, including those showing the gondola ride to the boardwalk. What a view! What fabulous memories you must have returned with To be there must have been quite something. It is what I’d call a proper mountain – 1800ft+ with snow-capped peak. Stunning 😀 Should I ever return to Vancouver I’ll be sure to enjoy a couple of days sight-seeing a little further afield…as it was my time there was somewhat limited, hence I explored much of the City but nowhere else.

          I have a wish list of at least twenty places in the world I’d like to visit and each week the list seems to grow longer. At some point I really should sit down and prioritise them. It’d be great to visit them all before it’s too late 😉

          Hoping you enjoy the latter end of the week. Thanks for your enjoyable reply. Stay warm and dry, take care of one and all,


          • So pleased you were able to take Alice for a brisk walk earlier this week and thankfully Dewin the Sun has shone on and off most of the week, Allowing for hubby to do much more digging of the earth..
            I can whole heatedly recommend BC, Vancouver, Niagara Falls, and the Ice Glaciers near Banff We went on a tour similar to this one Magical … All of it…
            Keep wrapped up for the Incoming Storm… Not here as yet.. 🙂
            🙂 🙏

            • Thanks for the link Sue…I’ll be sure to watch the video a little later this evening with a hot cup of chocolate in hand. 😀

              Good old hubby! Relentless in his pursuit, tireless in his endeavour. He sees the spring/summer vista, which spurns him on, and just not the process involved in getting there. A lesson for us all, I think.

              The cold wind is blowing, the night’s chilled, and wintry weather is likely to be on its way. Whilst it may not feel like it, this weekend’s Snow Moon is however an indication that we’re in the last month of chilly winter: that its icy grip is lessening; that spring is only weeks away. ‘Tis a time to recognise our potential and declare our purpose, to cast off out-dated modes of thinking, and to consider new ideas and set new goals believing we have the inner strength to commit to new destinations.

              Baton-down the hatches, throw another log on the fire, and let the storm come and go at its leisure. Warmer weather will soon be here 😀 Have a wonderful week.


              • I hope you came out of the storm unscathed dear Dewin…. Only a couple of pains of glass broken in the allotment greenhouse for us.. Hubby mended one this morning, but needs more glass for the other badly broken one.. But he has some sheets of plastic perspects to hand that only needs cutting to size later..
                We fared better than some neighbours whose fences came down and some shrubs were uprooted.. And feel so sorry for those whose homes have flooded yet again… Take care as you go Dewin…
                And have a pleasant week… 🙂 and thank you

                • We fared better than some thank you Sue, who also lost a fence panel or two 😦 The garden is a little windswept but thankfully no real damage, although one ornament (a Bill and Ben Flowerpot Men copy) was blown from its mount and shattered. It’s suggested the storm will pass by Tuesday/Wednesday so a tidy up will be in order.

                  Sorry to hear of broken greenhouse glass. I’ve every confidence hubby will restore the damage without too much concern. From the pictures you post of the allotment, it looks a large open space where the wind must hurry-through without impediment. I’m surprised, but glad to hear damage was not more severe.

                  Regards the flooding, it’s been a devastating few months for those living in certain areas in the North who have been greatly effected. I too feel very sorry for their predicament: it must be horrendous. I would really like to hope investment in flood prevention will be forthcoming.

                  Thank you for the link in your previous comment Sue. I enjoyed watching: a wonderful experience for those taking part, but whilst the Skywalk experience looked amazing, I’m not so sure I’d have the stomach for it: vertigo would undoubtedly get the better of me! None-the-less I would give it a go.

                  Have a most fulfilling week Sue. Wrap up well if out-and-about, it’s still quite chilly when the wind blows!

                  Take care of one and all,


                  • I agree Dewin I so feel for those who have suffered floods and damage yet again.. Must be heart wrenching, Where do you start in such a clean up.. I can see why some of those shop owners who’ve been flooded several times are now going to call it a day..

                    The Sky walk we didn’t do there, We just opted for the glacier experience and travelled on the big ice buses to walk on the ice.. lol… Saving our treat for the helicopter ride over the Rockies instead 🙂
                    We sky walked on the glass floor though of the CN Tower… That did make my tummy churn… But I did it.. 🙂
                    Glad it was only fence panels that suffered damage Dewin.. And no more damage here thankfully…
                    Enjoy your Week too my friend.. 🙂

                    • I cannot begin to imagine how it must feel to have your home, your life, disrupted by flooding. The resilience of those affected is admirable, as is the drawing together of communities in support of each other. One wonders what, if anything, this government will do by way of expenditure on effective flood prevention schemes throughout the U.K, especially in Northern towns.

                      Whilst the Skywalk is undoubtedly an exciting experience, and the glacier visit thrilling, the helicopter ride over the Rockies must have been exhilarating! 😀

                      I’m not sure I could do the CN Tower either Sue! But well done you for giving it a go! Before its revamp in 2011, I struggled looking down through the small glass-panel atop the Blackpool Tower, and if memory serves, that was about a foot square!

                      I’ll leave you to enjoy the following YouTube video of ‘a technician climbing 1768 feet to the top of a transmissions tower, for repairs. He wears a headcam, which adds to the sense of vertigo! Truly scary!

                      Take care of one and all,


  5. Goodness Dewin I got vertigo just by watching.. And so admire those whose daily job involves such fete’s of bravery.. One of my Son’s friends works for an Electrical Company and he climbs and installs and repairs those huge pylons you see criss-cross the countryside..
    The Helicopter WAS the best option, it lasted 30 minutes and will live in my mind as one of the most memorable of the trip, that along with the Maid of the Mist tour onto the Niagara Falls… I cried… Such was the power of water and emotion… So overwhelmingly magnificent as the water roared and wet us through with the mist..
    The Fly over the Niagara Falls we gave a miss, opting for the boat instead, and we got the better of the deal over the Rockies,.. As those taking the fly over the Falls said it only lasted ten minutes and was roughly the same cost as the Rockies ride… So should you ever want a Tour of a life time, Do the Coast to Coast in Canada with Titan Tours.. Excellent value, wonderfully guided throughout and Top hotel accommodation.. Made our Silver Wedding Anniversary very special.. 🙂
    Hope your week is going well so far.. 🙂

    • As do I Sue, as do I! Truth be told I haven’t yet managed to watch it end-to-end without turning away or skipping the video on due to vertigo! lol 😀 Yes indeed, lots of admiration for those whose profession requires undertaking these sort of feats, such as your son’s friend: a doubly-dangerous job for sure! I recall a past landlord of a rental property who had the same profession and was good enough to advise me about the job. I couldn’t imagine it being a choice profession for me!

      You undoubtedly have many treasured memories of your Silver Wedding trip to Canada and I can appreciate why such thrilling experiences left their mark on you. How exciting it must have been to see the Rockies from a helicopter – a more intimate way to fly than by aeroplane – and marvel at the view. Spectacular! Your visceral reaction to the boating trip aboard the Maid of the Mist describes so well your enjoyment of the occasion. Simply breath-taking. It sounds as if your special adventure was far more than that…but a journey of a lifetime! So good to hear. 😀 Whilst I don’t remember very early parts of my life, I have, apparently, seen the Victoria Falls (Lozi: Mosi-oa-Tunya… “The Smoke That Thunders”) in Zambia, southern Africa (Zambezi River), but try as I might, I don’t recall anything of it. I’m also led to believe we encountered crocodiles whilst there, but whether that is true or not, I cannot say. There are few, if any photographs remaining from that time in our possession, which in some ways is a shame.

      Thank you for providing the name of the tour operator you used for your Canadian holiday, and with it favourable recommendation. Making such a journey is on my ‘to-do’ list alongside other entries for possible destinations around the globe and such advice may be of great use. If only it were possible to visit all the locations I have listed in one lifetime: what a great thought that is! 😀

      Thanks for asking Sue, my week is going well so far. It’s still very windy and cool here and I see the next storm is due to hit the U.K very soon. I didn’t manage to get anything done in the garden, but upon reflection, with more high winds expected, it would probably have been a waste of time anyway! But there’s always next week to attend to the clear-up. Roll on Spring! 😀

      Hoping all is well with you. Enjoy the latter part of your week. Take care,


      • You are most welcome Dewin, and the tour company very professional throughout.. We would never have been to so many places Coast to Coast across Canada on our own..
        Your early childhood seems to have been filled with travel adventures also.. And perhaps as well the crocodile incident is buried deep somewhere Lol… That one I could well leave in my amnesia banks lol… That is one animal I am not fond of.. 😀

        Hope are batterning down the hatches again Dewin.. Already here its getting pretty wild.. Take care and enjoy your Weekend, all be it a stormy one.. 🙂

  6. Our family emigrated to South Africa for a few years when I was very young and whilst there visited several ‘tourist’ locations, famous town-ships, and resorts. The Victoria Falls was one such destination.

    The crocodile sighting occurred whilst camping at a managed site very close to a river. Led by a guide we had left the safe area to wander alongside the river but were soon turned back when crocodiles were spotted. Of course life in South Africa was very different then and Health and Safety not as pronounced as it is now! It is possible the memory remains inside me, but I was barely old enough to say the word crocodile let alone remember the incident.

    I have an idle fascination with crocodiles due mainly to the fact they are descendants of Archosaurs, the group that gave us dinosaurs (and then birds) and Pterosaurs. Crocodiles are therefore cousins to the dinosaurs but are in fact more closely related to birds than they are to lizards. You’d no doubt agree that crocodiles would be far more terrifying (if that is the right word) if they had evolved wings and could fly! 😀 It is sad to know crocodiles are also an endangered species: hunted to extinction in some parts of the world to make way for cattle farming and habitat change.

    Yes indeed Sue, hatches are battened down and windows closed. It is wild, wet and very windy here as well. Looking at the weather map on T.V the other night, the western half of the U.K looked set to get a battering. I hope you’ll not be unduly affected.

    Thank you Sue. Enjoy your weekend as well. Wrap up warm and take care if out-and-about! 😀


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