Copse ‘n’ Corpse (Part 17)

~ Copse ‘n’ Corpse (Part 17) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Darkness steeped in deep of sleep,

Twas last hour before the dawn,

West-wind blew, warm and true,

Encouraged a new day born.


Sensuous calm pervaded the shore –

A cackling Crow, but nothing more.

As if obeying ancient lore: sunrise

Was what life waited for.


No shroud of cloud or misty veil,

Venus glistered on wet shale.

She pearled in pools radiant jewels,

Her presence here palpable.


Indeed, tide had turned, ebbed away,

Grumbling still in tumbling play,

Quiet beyond the briny bight,

Beyond the reef, out of sight.


From my cosy I’d risen slowly,

Stepped stumbling across the strand,

To where a talus of tumbled rock,

 Lay fanned upon the sand.


Scrambling me scattering scree,

Until at height from the floor,

Better placed when daylight chased,

Shadows from sea-shore.


Upon a wedge of weathered stone,

Deep in thought, sat alone,

My spirit feathered, my heart untethered,

Unfettered in flighty reverie.


Soon clear to me I wasn’t alone –

No longer singular I,

For I resided undivided, in Love,

With one on high.


There Venus shone a sorceress star,

Spinning spells spilled from afar,

Soul-to-soul with me was she,

My celestial queen for eternity.


“I am the passion in your heart.

The fiery flame at each new start.

A wandering star just like thee,

Consort and guide, follow me.”


Breaking my dream a shrilling cry,

A flock of gulls hastened by,

Upon miry sand they quickly settled,

Amongst claggy rocks quietly nestled.


Gazing east towards the sun,

Soon to guild curved horizon,

There night skies already fading,

Traded gloom for lighter shading.


First one splinter then a crack,

Drapes of night drawing back,

Swiftly now darkness weakened,

In its stead brightness sweetened,.


Licks of light slick and bright,

Flecks of peach and tangerine,

Saffron hues spliced Prussian blues,

As morn’ awoke from dream.


A way away across the bay,

Atop sea-cliffs cast iron grey,

On razor edges, perilous ledges,

Rough ridges rendered rose.


~ Copse ‘n’ Corpse (Part 16) precedes this post. Part 18 to follow shortly ~


10 thoughts on “Copse ‘n’ Corpse (Part 17)

    • Thank you for your supportive comment and appreciation Liz 😀

      This the third time in an extended poem when dawn’s breaking has featured and the second time when the main character has been on the shore to see it unfold. One might imagine that I’m rather partial to sunrise but admit I’m rarely up-and-about at that ridiculous hour, although, on occasion, I do make the effort and whole-heartedly enjoy the spectacle…September until mid-February are opportune months to view both sunrise and sunset (depending on where in the world you are)

      Similarly, Venus in one form or another features regularly and remains an ever-present companion and like a lodestar to my buccaneering sailing ship I follow her and succumb to her whim and wile 😀

      Is Venus a harbinger of a happy ending? Hmm, perhaps she might…I’ve four lines of notes written for the next three or four instalments and may yet add another chapter if needed. I guess it depends on her mood and where she might or might not lead me. I do like a happy ending, but we shall see what happens when it happens!

      Thank you for continuing to read the story.

      Hoping all is well in NH. Take care of one and all,


  1. Your descriptive words always hold my attention Dewin, but you caught me in that ‘Sensuous Calm’,
    Broken only by the cackling crow. And the glistening presence on wet shale where Venus made her appearance.
    The beauty of your words only rose to a crescendo of more splendour when one’s gaze was cast East to see the Kaleidoscope of hues broke the horizon to send the dark night back where it came as Dawn ‘woke from her Dream ‘..

    Just beautiful Dewin all of it.. I read it twice with a quick refresher read of the previous chapter..
    And for one I am not too late in my arrival from its publication..
    And look forward to chapter 18..

    Have a great evening my friend.. I hope you have been wrapped up warm from today’s bitter wind..
    Take care my friend.. And thank you also for your own wonderful visit today..

    🙂 Sue 🙏

    • Good day Sue, how are you? 😀

      This a most generous and encouraging comment! Thank you so much for your warm appreciation and kind regard Sue, it is most welcome, I’m pleased indeed you enjoyed the read and refresh of Part 16. 😀

      Despite the idyllic, restful bay and calmness, which I think the protagonist is warming to, I deliberated too often writing this, although not because of a lack of ideas but rather in having too many thoughts rushing around at the same time. Separating ideas was a trial. I always want to include far more in the poem than I actually need so rather than whittle lines I decided to think it through a little more than usual: hence calmness (a woodland wander) was required! 😀

      You know, I do like to have a cackling Crow or raucous Raven appear at some opportune moment or another in a tale: they have a multitude of symbolic meanings, both dark and light, but are altogether benign and generally mean well. (Curiously, of late, they’ve become the Whippets favourite chase across the fields: but they’re way to crafty to ever be caught off guard!)

      Thank you Sue, I managed to avoid most of the bitter wind yesterday but today will not be so fortunate: dog-walking this afternoon, hence woolly hat and winter coat; it’s breezy here again.

      Enjoy the latter part of the afternoon. Grab a cuppa and ease awhile in the warm 😀

      Thank you again for your comment Sue,


      • Thank you Dewin, Ravens and Crows always a welcome site here abouts despite their bad press… 🙂
        Enjoy your walk Dewin it will be most bracing of that I am certain. 🙂

        • And also welcome here Sue! I think Corvus are generally misunderstood, but yet, if acknowledged as harbingers of change and transition (out with the old, in with the new) positive results often ensue 😀

          Despite a stiff breeze and damp chill, the riverbank was a joy to wander: Crows in bare trees, Swans on calm water, twas a delight to linger, pause, and saunter.

          Have a wonderful evening. Enjoy the latter end of your week 😀

          Take care,


          • Thank you Dewin… Have you also been enjoying Winter Watch.. I loved how that little Tree creeper snuggled into the crevices of the bark of that tree.. Thermal imagery showing just how much heat that tree shared.. 🙂 Nature always a delight to ‘watch, linger and pause.’. Enjoy your weekend to come my friend

            • Should opportunity present itself, I will be sure to watch, and enjoy watching, Winter Watch, thank you for mentioning it Sue. I had no idea trees provided heat as well as shelter for small animals, but it makes perfect sense in as much that growth and photosynthesis must generate latent heat on some level. Absolutely fascinating! 😀

              Thank you Sue, and you enjoy yours as well. Perhaps you’ll be tempted to ramble 😀


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