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    • Hi Simon.

      You’re most welcome. I found ‘something’ very genuine on a website, a sense of honesty and truth, and such a blessing needs praising, and the messenger acknowledging and broadcasting further.

      I’ll be visiting your sight more frequently now that I know it’s there and no doubt I’ll always find reward and inspiration to take away with me.

      Thank you for your generous comments.

      DN – 15/03/14

  1. I see you have found my lovely friend Simon!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Yes, I am in very good company. Thank you so much for visiting my site, and leaving such heartfelt and thought-provoking comments. I was speechless earlier, and honestly, I still am. You have served as a big and wonderful sign from God, which has left me in wonder and contemplation all day. I’ve had a very emotional week and I have been pondering about life — here and beyond this plane — and your comments came blowing in like a flower in the wind! I love how we are all connected and able to “hear” when we are silent. I am so grateful for the silence. And the humbling experience of emotions to bring me to a point where all I want to do is shut up. Lol! When my head is not so far gone I will reply to your comments. Thank you new friend. Namaste, Trina

    • Hi Trina,

      Actually it was Simon that found me! I found his site revealed the man behind the words, and he’s a great guy. Through Simon I found you, and in so doing found a special place to rest a while. Your comments are very touching, thank you (!) My replies will always be written with the same good faith, truthfulness and honest intention, and I shall continue to mean every word. You have a beautiful soul, a wonderfully honest voice in your writing, and I think you see further and feel more deeply than perhaps you know.

      Namaste is such a beautiful word to define the connections we make with certain people, or rather the connections to people that we were meant to come to know…I don’t believe it could be otherwise: you are right to believe in the silent voice that unites disparate souls. You’re site has already offered this Nomadic traveller in life a wonderful refuge and an enlightening source of nourishment from which to dine. The series of Love Letter’s posts are quite something, very special in fact, and I’ve no doubt I shall read many of them several times over.

      I’m so sorry to hear your week has brought you emotional discomfort. I’ll email you a small gift in the hopes that it’ll provide a little distraction from your thoughts. Hope you like it 🙂

      Namaste new friend.

      DN – 28/03/14

  2. Hey O and OM,

    Thank you for your warm generosity and friendship and for your words of encouragement. I really am quite touched and (for once!) feel a little lost for words… 🙂

    Namaste O and OM

    DN – 28/04/14

    • Hey Barbara,

      These are wise words for sure. Alchemy is indeed the true essence at the heart of all life, the perpetual cosmic chemistry of flowing matter and the fundamental mystery that is the eternal evolution and transformation of ourselves.


      DN – 09/05/2014

      • and at this very moment humankind are transforming… the flowing light is absorbing the dark and dense physical bodies… creating a new light biology for DivineHumanBeings to begin a new and magnificent adventure… (which I have written about in my latest blog)… Cheers Dewin…

      • Hey Barbara,

        In the words of R.W Emerson…’Immortality will come to such as are fit for it; and he/she who would be a great soul in the future must be a great soul now.’

        Thank you for your comment. I hope to be visiting the sunny shores of your Blog shortly. Take care.


        DN – 11/04/2014

  3. Hey Sue,

    Thanks for dropping by, I appreciate the kind gesture, and hope that 2015 has brought blessings to your door in ways that continue to make you shine. My world as you say is like a house made of leaves built on sand, precariously balanced, and at the mercy of the changing weather. Looking forward to 2016 already.

    Happy blogging Sue! Take care and god-speed in all that you do 🙂


    DN – 26/01/2015

  4. Hi Dewin Nefol!
    Just stopping by to say Hi
    I hope all is well with you
    Your lyrical replies continue to amaze me ❤
    That's a gift in it self
    You shouldn't lose it

    Happy Valentines
    It's almost here 🙂

    • Hey Deanne,

      The lateness of my reply does not detract from the kindness in your words, nor the manner in which it is accepted, with a warm smile of gratitude. Thank you 🙂

      I think the gift of words is far better suited to your ownership and celebration than it is mine to awkwardly misplace and mismanage. Your blog is an unfastened, intimate fusion of water and fire that flows with the inspired inertia of a poet already predisposed to the impetus of im-pressing words with considered meaning.

      Thank you for considered words. Lovely to have you stop by.


      DN – 15/03/2015

  5. Dewin! I have been looking for you, as funny as that sounds! That is synchronicity, at it’s finest. I am so glad you heard my call. I tried contacting you via Google, the chat thing we used to talk with. How can we keep in touch?


  6. Hey Trina,

    Well you found me! Or did I hear your call? Either way it’s wonderful to have you back on WP and even better to have you stop by and say ‘hello’! 🙂

    It goes without saying that I hope all is well and life is treating you with kindness and affection. I am sure we’ll manage to get in touch somehow….indeed, the Google Chat thing is still available so perhaps we’ll catch up that way again soon enough. I’ve no doubt you have much to tell and discuss regarding your months away in the big smoke, and all manner of inspired stories to share as well. I’ll look forward to hearing all about the big adventure, and in the meantime I’ll also look forward to new material for more great posts on your Blog.

    Thanks for dropping by and liking Golden Pathway. Catch up soon 🙂


    DN – 27/03/2015

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    • Hey Jithin,

      Did I miss the drum roll lol 🙂 Congratulations! Fantastic achievement, and the perfect way to celebrate your talent 🙂 Such inspiration must surely set you up nicely for the next publication, which I imagine is being penned as we chat here lol You have to keep the momentum flying!

      It’s always been a great pleasure to visit and read your Blog Jithin, I’ve enjoy the diversity and the breadth of your observational skill. Sunsets, sunrises, street life, townships, people…the photographic stories have captured the essence of your destinations and always leave a permanent impression with me. Your commentary is personal, clearly defined, and succinct, and adds a spice of life to the mysteries and reflective quality of your photography. Every visit is an education that provides a fascinating insight into corners of this beautiful world that I’d not have opportunity to visit. Judging by the many comments you receive, your readership is supportive and wholly encouraging, and you must find great strength and inspiration in that as well. There is of course one special destination that you described that still has me captivated…you know which this is of course…and if ever I visit, i’ll be absolutely certain to be in touch. 🙂

      I wish you every wonderful success with the publication, and further, continued success through your Blog and travels. Excellent achievement, thoroughly deserved, well done!


      DN – 01/09/2015

    • Hey Ginni,

      🙂 Thank you. Your comment arrived just when it should and I’m grateful for the inspiration it gave. My eagerness to finish, and your anticipation to read the poem’s next instalment, are motivational thoughts and had me press on with the saga, thank you. Act 3 of Copper Door – Stitch, Stash, and Sow to follow soon. Please keep fingers crossed. 🙂

      Hoping all is swell in the Deville well of wonder and poetic life. Take care, enjoy the weekend.


      DN – 11/06/2016

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    • Thank you Himali. I loved writing the poem for you. Your photograph moved me, stirred me, lifted the clouds, and left me buoyant and recoded for h-a-p-p-I-n-e-s-s 🙂

      Thank you 🙂 Sweet dreams. Nos da


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