Stitch, Stash, and Stow

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Stitch, Stash and Stow is the final Act in a three Act poem written under the title Copper Door. Copper Door is the 4th Chapter in a poem recalling my meeting with Merlin the Wizard many years ago and follows on from Elixir Vitae. Chapter 5, Natura Naturans is to be published shortly, and will conclude the poem.

Act 2 of Copper Door, Thread, Tread and Weave, heralded the beginning of a journey for the Buccaneer, stepping out with Merlin and Archimedes on a glorious underground adventure to save Camelot from the ruin of Modred and Morgana, and en route visit sweet nature’s Copper Door. But alas, tragedy struck early upon the journeymen’s arduous route when the trio became separated at a ravine, leaving the brave Buccaneer all alone in the dark to fight an overgrown Draconis! In stirling battle upon the very edge of life, the marauding Mariner was shaken by a savage blow and cast brutally against the rock wall. He lies where he fell slowly drifting as one with impenetrable night…


~ Copper Door ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~

~ Act Three ~

~ Stitch, Stash, and Stow ~


“This flume, this room, this funnel we’re in,

there’s no further we can go.”

“Boulder and smoulder contest our stride,

making our return arrested and slow.”


“Darn deluge, darn cave-in, darn witless Buccaneer!”

“Why had he never learnt Latin?”

“Is caudicalis draconis so complex a term,

“not to know it meant driftwood dragon?


“At tunnel’s gape, where we all turned to flee,

gnarled wet and warty Oaken tree.”

“T’was driftwood thwarting our underground seam,

blocking our pathway beside river’s ravine.”


“How long have we worried along this maze of ways,

searching for our mariner friend?”

“How long had it been before precious dreams,

met with such dreadful end?”


“By Jupiter, Merlin! Come quickly here!”

“I’ve found a tunnel to the other side!”

“Said subway extends below an Infinity Pool,

but offers safe route inside.”


Upon closer inspection the subterranean path,

proved a tight passage barely insurmountable.

Of small concern for an owl of Archie’s size,

yet for Merlin, t’was all but impassable!


When at long, long last, tight tenacious tube,

squeezed squat opening upon farthest shore.

A climbing clough sloped to a tapered crown,

and disappeared on through iron doors.


Merlin raced to reach the perilous rise, and

scampered for the monstrous doors.

High on a ledge, already ahead,

sat Archie unpicking lock’s flaws.


“Concealed beneath darkly binding bond,

and enchanted periphery.”

“Are spells I’ve never encountered before,

in all my years of history.”


“Such charms were spawned from an ancient tongue,

in a dialect that passed long ago.”

“But I fear whatever skulks behind these iron doors,

would be fair reason for us to go!”


“No! We must keep on!” Merlin eagerly insisted,

pressing closer to the iron-clad shell.

“Our wily Buccaneer’s waylaid beyond ‘ere,

this door may lead to where he fell.”


With deftly hand and a wizard’s indolent ease,

from out of his bag a vial he retrieved.

And daubing four hinges with a generous drizzle,

stepped aside as iron started to sizzle.


“Been here before?” Archie nonchalantly asked,

as spit and spark smote hinge and fetters.

“Oh yes indeed, way back in ’57,

this was Ceasar’s great Hall of Letters.”


“At bequest of the Four King’s of Cantium,

we’d set out on a stealthy mission.”

“As I recall, we arrived by coracle, and

picked passage thro’ the river-system.”


“Having disembarked we’d headed out on foot.”

“Three in our company, as was the custom.”

“When by chance we happened upon this hidden door,

a giant portal to unearthly wisdom!”


“Five guards presented no encumbrance at all,

our spell-casting was a formidable tradition.”

“After heaving aside two iron-hung doors,

we stepped into a belletrist kingdom.”


“Behind this mantle of Rome’s imperial zeal,

lay a depository of wonder to feast upon!”

“From scrawls and scripts, from spells and spiel,

to classics scrolled but long forgotten!”


“Lost to wonder, to words, to Virgilian folio,

we pursued mission’s end, searched high and low.”

“Rumour was rife, the toxic tome had been found,

and was concealed here, deep underground.”


“Specifically and explicitly,

for ears of only you.”

“Said Hall was last resting place,

of a relic known to few.”


“The Lettered Hall housed The Wizard of Wands,

taken intact from Alexandria’s athenaeum.”

“Within opulent bind, is bound and found,

wicked Sorcery’s darkest compendium!”


“Here be evil that spoils, evil that boils,

evil that defiles all truth in antiquity.”

“It’s why this Book was secured so fast,

it has power to alter history!”


“Do you think it’s still here?” Archie enquired,

“After Modred’s many years of tears?”

Merlin pushed hard against solid carved doors.

“After Morgana’s many years of fears?”


With thunderous impact on the rock strewn floor,

two slabs shattered and scattered as scree.

With sudden screech through the vacant door,

rushed branches of a Banshee Tree!


Archie stalled, Merlin stilled,

and threw himself clear to one side.

“Her boughs spring once, it’s the wail in their flail,

that’s why the name’s applied!”


Dalbergia’s flame cast out its brightest beam,

deep into the cavernous beyond.

Merlin slipped silently into the scarlet gleam,

and slowly withdrew his wand.


Ash flurried and scurried in the press of air,

released in the quake of mighty doors.

And floated as motes in scarlet brigade,

spiralling upwards from fire scarred floors.


The Hall was vast, to honour Rome’s reverie,

with religion, ideas and philosophies.

With archaic wisdom stolen from every country,

blooded by Rome’s savage victories.


Four towering walls stood cracked and scorched,

fine murals, flags, and eagles torched.

Merlin gazed upwards to where once was a dome,

now pitted and pocked, scorched granite stone.


To either side stretched a thousand rows,

of charred wood stacks and cinder meadows.

Pillars stood buckled, each blackened the same,

every book and volume, vanquished by flame.


“What heinous crime has befallen this Hall,

and taken from us such treasure!”

“What odious fool has forsaken this Hall,

and destroyed it all beyond measure!”


Archie circumnavigated the entire Letters room,

seeking salvage and prize to return.

But discovering little, he flew from the gloom,

looking jaded in heart and downturn.


“Whatever was here, is here no more,

all’s been damned in a literary pyre!”

“Such glorious minds, their words, now gone,

all’s been consumed by raging fire!”


Far beyond reach of Sissoo’s sumptuous glare,

a shadow shifted to an open door.

Slipping slowly through the swarthy crack,

it stole away from the blackened Hall floor.


It was Archie who sensed the feint fleeing form,

who heard thud of heavy stone doors.

And flapping towards the source of the sound,

called for Merlin to follow once more.


“We’re not alone,” Archimedes whispered,

hurrying passed in dry smoky air.

And speared fast vector across the gaping room,

with distant door never leaving his stare.


Merlin ran and ran, for all his aging might,

to keep pace with Archie’s fleeting flight.

But failed on legs, both thin and old,

to keep the swiftly owl in sight!


“Well don’t delay or dilly-dally there,

waiting for me to open the door!”

“There’s no time to pause pursuing perplexing shade,

best policy is to push on some more!”


Broad bound stone, squealed and yielded,

swinging with effort upon ancient mounts.

Merlin tarried a little to take a deeper breath,

fearing whatever might suddenly pounce!


But only the surge of tunnel’s pitchy murk,

hurried headlong through the door.

Only the breeze from a distant wind,

stirred a foot or so from the floor.


Merlin stepped forward, his wand poised to strike,

prepared for any threat coming into view.

Archie flapped overhead, fearing to tread,

thinking it safer if he simply flew.


Bitter darkness bit harder at staff’s bejewelled blaze,

incensed at having woken from slumber.

But the tunnel was bare; there was no lethal lair,

no sneaky snare, spitting fire and thunder!


When unexpectedly across the subway floor,

slid a sliver of light at phenomenal pace.

It dashed or darted for path’s deeper gloom,

before Archie could give proper chase.


“It’s a Wisp!” declared Merlin with concerned surprise,

“a puckish sprite of the fairy-realm!”

“Caution prevails my fine feathery friend,

one wrong turn, could well overwhelm!”


“Twas no Ignis Fatuus sliding from Hall’s ashen tomb,

but something mean and menacing!”

“Tis safe to follow a foolish fiery Wisp!”

said Archie, flying off without questioning.


Myrddin hastened his chase of the serpentine beam,

slipping quickly down the passageway.

At tunnel’s end, where three paths extend,

Merlin slowed to feel the feint of the Fey.


Deep within darkness, small particles of warmth,

still lingered in the blush of whisked air.

Towards tunnel two and threading on through,

stretched two streaks of fast fading flare.


Bounding for two, Merlin strode on through,

quickening as long passages descended.

When into a cavern of sparse width and height,

sloping tunnels quite suddenly ended.


“At last!” smirked Archie with sardonic glee,

“I thought perhaps you’d lost our tail?”

“Meet my old friend, Gaslite Zee,

our new guide upon the trail.”


“Well, I’m delighted!” sighed Merlin wearily,

“Indeed we’ve need of company.”

“The tale we tell, is of dream’s defeat,

and unhappily, of near tragedy”


“Merlin,” said Zee reassuringly.

“Trust to hope in your loving heart.”

“We shall find your friend, the mislaid Buccaneer,

and I will show you where to start!”


“Twas fortuitous indeed that we happened upon,

your most timely company!”

“I’m grateful, I’m sure, yet tempted to ask,

how you know where our comrade may be?”


“Indeed agreed!” mimicked Gaslite Zee,

“t’was fortuitous for both thee and me!”

“Before you appeared, a phantom slid free,

and into my light stabbed its dark mystery!”


“T’was an evil creature, with fiendish intent,

a Darkly Sparkle from the after-life!”

“When we leave in search of your misplaced friend,

prepare for worse trouble and strife.”


“But, you enquire of me, a puckish Wisp,

how I know of your journey’s end?”

“Well, I’ll tell you more, as we head-out the door,

en route to your dragon-slaying friend!”


Archie forced a smile to lift the mood,

for Zee’s story had already been told.

Then in full sight, of friendships warm light,

they left quickly for darkly folds…

~ + ~

I lay within shadow, upon cold sodden ground,

weeping pain from my splintered bones.

“How long has it been since last felling wound?”

“How long since I fell on bloody stones?”


“Spawn’s accursed wraith, is it here with me?”

“Preparing to attack, or assault viciously?”

“Or has it flown, though skulks close by,

waiting and watching, with Draconis eyes?”


“Oh Merlin, why did you ever turn and go,

leaving me to die by beast and shadow?”

“Did I fail to meet your wizard’s highest stay?”

“Or falter one step upon the way?”


“Did I not fight with bravado and bravery,

to overcome our adversary?”

“Did I not fight with a knight’s gallantry?”

“Yet, alone I will die, in your lost ossuary.”


“How foolish was I to have ever believed,

in Fate, in Merlin, in Destiny!”

“How foolish was I to have ever agreed, to travel

a journey so foolishly conceived.”


“And now, for all my courageous sway,

shall I never again see first light of day.”

“Ne’er be overwhelmed by Love’s rising rose,

instead, overcome by deathly shadows.”


“Shifting shade hungers for my breath’s final spill,

eager to befriend one dying alone.”

“She shines coal eyes, scrawls her inky quill,

beneath last lines of my fading tome.”


“I feel her here, sense her never-ending lull,

taste cheap thrill on the tip of her tongue.”

“With Death as my lover on last voyage home,

am I still bound to where I begun?”


Upon cloying air whispered the faintest of words,

a muted hiss aside my death’s bed.

“There’s no brighter gleam, no better dream,

than one heartfelt and intuitively led.”


“I thought dear friend, you might fail at the first,

or fall foul of the incongruous ravine.”

“Yet it still seems, in your heart, left unseen,

is hope to live-on in your dream?”


“What gave you strength, surely gives you hope!”

“Tis not your time to come to me!”

“Banished were your fears, in a tonic of tears,

when Merlin passed his cup to thee.”


“I cannot stay here, my fading Buccaneer,

offering cold comfort until you are through.”

“I cannot stay here, my foolish Mutineer,

with Merlin’s elixir still flowing in you!”


“Feel your way through last testing hour,

with faith and resolve in your heart.”

“And within sight, of Merlin’s light, might,

you find your new place to start.”


“My friend, you’ve already travelled so very far,

upon a path to meet your noble end.”

“You sought adventure beyond the infinite void,

and that journey is still far from penn’d.”


“We shall meet again, before an earthy tomb,

or by Life’s crossroad at dusk of day.”

“Farewell Buccaneer, I’ll leave you to dreams,

of your destination far away.”


Darkness left, leaving her scent upon my skin,

her words lingering upon clammy air.

On this occasion, She came silently alone,

to offer hope, not to ensnare.


“Tis sweet joy to know my life will still flow,

beyond current sense of suffering and pain!”

“For one testing hour, must I strive to prevail,

seek strength to believe once again!”


“Upon hallowed ground, is where I was found,

by a Wizard who freed me from fear.”

“With purpose I followed, for I firmly believed,

t’was my destiny guiding me here.”


“Such wonder indeed whilst I shared his company, and

touched the heart of Merlin’s fantasy!”

“Bewitched, bemused, beloved, enchanted, and

guided by the hand of mastery.”


“But to meet my end on a journey bound,

within darkly passageways heading deep underground?”

“In abandoning me to die upon bloodstained floor,

how did Merlin perfect sweet Nature’s perfect law?”


“Perhaps it is not for me to dwell upon,

the way of a Wizard who inwardly guides.”

“But yield to belief, he is divinely inspired,

ending my path over which he presides.”


“My mind clings to many dissolving dreams,

limps still in hope towards the unseen.”

“But my heart lies broken, split apart at seams,

aching for repose in Eden’s garden green.”


“Should my resolve weaken, or fade further still,

will it have all been in vain?”

“Or did I find my way betwixt night and day,

questing Merlin’s reality membrane?”


“I see with simplicity, in the clarity of last hour.”

“Mine was never a love of life, not until it hurt,

not until death came knocking at my door.”

“Mine was never a life of love, not until it hurt,

not until my heart lost a life worth living for.”

~ + ~

“So there was I, an atmospheric Wisp,

bright with light and flaming cheerfully.”

“When there fluttered down on feather’s of gold,

the Thrice Greatest, Winged Mercury!”


“In a voice to crack blue Preseli stone,

he commandeered me to grand adventures!”

“Then led me at speed along underground paths,

to a great Hall pillaged of splendours!”


“And there I waited as Mercury requested,

glowing dimly in the murky mantle.”

“And there I waited as Mercury suggested,

for the arrival of Darkly Sparkle.”


“He knew foul fiend would frequent there?”

Merlin furrowed his frowning brow.

“Why didn’t he say, when here the other day,

in our pre-adventure powwow?”


“I can only assume, t’was to give you three room,

to press on without added distraction.”

“Had you known of the threat, it’s safe to bet,

you’d be first to take decisive action.”


“Should your cover be blown, we’d never have known,

who threatened your way ahead.”

“Twas for Camelot’s sake, I had to make,

first contact with Morgana’s dead.”


“But let us hurry and scurry and skitter on,

we’re closer than you might imagine.”

“When Mercury sequestered me, he also told me,

just where the Buccaneer had fallen.”


“Fascinating,” said Merlin stroking his beard,

“Morgana’s tentacles have stretched far and wide.”

“We are grateful indeed you’ve suddenly appeared,

and may remain a while at our side?”


“Of course,” agreed Zee, “quite happily,

until we arrive at Copper Seam.”

“From there you must travel her burnished road,

to fulfil your own special dream.”


“As for Zee, I’ll never be, any more than me,

a guiding light to a tunnel’s end.”

“For all those lost at lonely times, I am

a friend on whom you can depend.”


“When path ends, I’ll return to my vaporous life,

of sweet ignition and entropy.”

“To rise in flame, to flare then fade,

always fulfilling my destiny.”


“It’s been many years,” Archie said with regret,

“since we met in the Woodland Realm.”

“And traded tall tails of far flung shores,

beneath mighty boughs of Saturn’s Elm.”


“Centuries and eons are too many years,

but chance allows us to talk on our way.”

“Tis timely synchronicity, and Mercury’s trickery,

bringing us together upon this day!”


“But first,” said Zee, “I shall recall, briefly,

the rhyme of the dragon-slain Mariner.”

“You’ve crafted an obituary?” Merlin recoiled,

“Isn’t that being rather premature?”


“Oh no!” shrieked Zee, “On the contrary!”

“Your Buccaneer remained with the living!”

“My ode justly tells the one last tale,

of a hero who kept on believing.”


“A hero?” Merlin asked, unashamedly confused.

“Perhaps you should elaborate.”

“I’m intrigued to know, where your story goes,

and how we have cause to celebrate.”


“You’re peeved, indeed, I’ll bring you up to speed,”

and save my post script for another time.”

“Suffice to say, no dragon was slain, but,

an object washed underground in the rain.”


“In darkness, your hero, raged needlessly,

repelling a driftwood Oaken Tree!”

“Dislodged up-stream, it came thundering down,

drowned the Buccaneer and tumbled his crown!”


“The inscrutable Gaslite’s, control a gaseous vein,

or perhaps that should be gossip vine?”

“A tube for tattle, a pipe-line for prattle,

and dare I say most of its mine!”


“But,” said Zee, “whilst a wee sprite I be,

I tell you my tale with all certainty.”

“Your Buccaneer fought most courageously,

hewing branches off his adversary!”

~ + ~

Within a hurried hour, the rum team of three,

had hastened their return to wild Oaken Tree.

But searched in vain for either track or trail,

for slightest sign of their Buccaneer’s sail.


When alone, far away, submerged in deep grey,

Archie spied their fallen friend.

Lying still on the floor, was Zee right after all?

Or had life already come to an end?


As they gathered around the blood-soaked ground,

it was Merlin who fell upon one knee.

And tending the wayfarer with restorative charms,

incanted spells to kindle soul’s recovery.


“Tis timely intervention, for our Buccaneer pales,

his flaming flare is fading fast.”

“But I sense he must linger a little longer still,

to find new form, with an ancient past.”


“He dwells in the illusion of shattered dreams,

alone without faith to root his flower.”

“He seeks higher realms to determine his fate,

and slips beyond reach of my power.”


“Perhaps it’s early upon his unlearned way,

but I shall present a foolish notion.”

“Our Buccaneer is lost without fire in his heart,

might not Love, be our strongest potion?”


Looking to Archie, Merlin whispered words,

“VITRIOL if you please, my feathered swage.”

“Visita Interiora Terrae, Rectificando Invenies,

Occultum Lapidem,” said Archie, the oracular sage.


“Yes, yes, indeed agreed.” Merlin decreed,

“an acrostic, to solve it alone.”

“Visit the interior of the Earth and there,

to discover and rectify, the unseen stone.”


Merlin lifted the Buccaneer’s weak, wilted form,

and carried him to a cave by river side.

And there upon the blanketed ground,

laid him down with last spell applied.


“What does it mean to become your dreams?”

“What does it take for you to believe?”

“Break down your walls, step forth, be free,

embrace the power you hold within.”

~ + ~

Lifeless and listing, lay the brave Buccaneer,

with gentle heart stilled and without verve.

On a ship bourn away upon Life’s ebbing tide,

stood his ghost with spirit stirred.


“The last golden Galleon, she sails as my Queen,

fleet’s finest, most splendid, ship ever seen.”

“Oak timbered, high sided, five-mast sovereign,

carrier of souls to where dreams begin.”


“Fleet in flow beneath full fashioned sail,

She styles sleek lines from aft to helm.”

“As silhouettes we’ll follow the transit of stars,

homebound to a distant realm.”


“Cast off, cast out, make ready ruddy sail!”

“Hoist the talisman atop the mast!”

“Fly fast my fair Queen, for Destiny’s shore, for

disclosure and closure at last!”


Beyond harbour wall, with canvas pulled taut,

The Venus slipped silently away.

A voice from afar, “Fare thee well Buccaneer!”

Keened my spirit setting out on the way.


“Starlight, star shine, moon balm and calm,

pearls strung across an endless sea.“

“Unfurled, unfettered, unfounded, unbounded,

sailing in search of endless me.”


Empyrean rippled her infinite glass,

turned heaven to meet ocean’s end.

By clear moon light, within distant sight,

She called to me as her friend.


“Her Star blazons beyond far tipping edge.

my sweet herald at dawn of day.”

“Sail on Buccaneer, your time has come,

for Venus to guide your way.”


I stood for an age, with rosy eyes glazed,

in admiration of her exhilarating show.

Upon this night, it felt so right, to bathe

in light of her Loving glow.


“I fell in despair from Death’s deadly snare,

only to rise in eternal devotion.”

“Upon glittering seas, is where my spirit breathes,

sailing heart’s ocean of timeless emotion.”


For one moment I pause to imagine fine sight,

of a ghost-ship cresting giant waves at night.

When at helm’s wheel, I saw my vaporous apparel,

become a moth flying in starlight!


”What sense of grace unfurls such fragile wings?”

“Or impels my flight towards distant shore?”

“What sense of wonder billows full swelling sails,

steering The Venus to Copper Door?”

~~~~~ + ~~~~~

Thread, Tread, and Weave

New Mercury copy

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Thread, Tread and Weave is the second Act in a three Act poem written under the title Copper Door. Copper Door is the 4th chapter in a narrative poem telling of my encounter with Merlin the Wizard. This poem follows on from Act 1 – Spiel, Spool and Spell, which precedes this post. Copper Door has been divided into three Acts, with Act 3 –  Stitch, Stash and Stow to follow shortly.

Spiel, Spool, and Spell, told how our questing hero, the Buccaneer, stepped through Merlin’s magic mirror and into the darkly realm beyond. Here he was met by Merlin and Archimedes, and in a feast of showmanship and spell-casting, introduced to the Red Lady, Dalbergia Sissoo, Merlin’s rosewood wand. With formalities set aside, the Buccaneer and his two magical companions now stand upon the threshold of adventure and journey to Copper Door.


~ Copper Door ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~

~ Act Two ~

~ Thread, Tread, and Weave ~


“Where’s Myrddin?” I asked, with quiet timbre voice.

“Has he already fled?”

“No, he’s taken a flume to a different room,

to prepare for our passage ahead.”


“Each chance to glance, I glimpse and gape,

and yet Merlin’s nowhere to be seen!”

“It’s almost as if he could never exist,

without this fool, with eyes to dream.”


“Buccaneer,” said Archie, “I need to explain,

our questing is guise for clandestine intention.”

“We trail a tale to restore lost kingdom’s past,

for Camelot we are contesting.”


“What do you mean, pursuing furtive gain?”

I was feeling unexpectedly besieged.

“We depart this day for realms far away,

to reclaim King’s crown wrongfully seized.”


“One thousand years of Mordred’s wicked reign,

has blackened the legendary Kingdom.”

“Through desire it was lost, through Lancelot’s lust,

and with it, Chivalry’s worthy wisdom.”


“Legends of bold, speak of great Kings of old,

ruling enchanted empires of fable and fantasy.”

“No King was as bold, no tale better told,

than Merlin’s telling of Arthurian history.”


“His myths of old, speak of Knights of bold,

galloping steeds, gallanting deeds, slaying flame and fancy!”

“No Knight’s tale was more boldly told, than

Lancelot and Guinevere’s sinful treachery.”


Archimedes flew to settle upon a nearby stack,

to conclude Lancelot’s misdemeanour.

His tale only whittled my whittled worries more,

whilst waiting for my unwitting misadventure.


“A Knight’s virtuous path tells of Devil’s darkly glass,

tempting fire from Light and King’s flavour.”

“Beneath Queen’s banner rose, daring Knights rode,

slaying Shadows, wearing Knight’s shining armour.”


Lancelot’s ventured path, tells of Devil’s darkly glass,

teasing fire out of sight with King’s favour.

“Beneath Queen’s banner rose, daring Du Lac rode,

Slaying Guinevere, with Knight’s shining amour.”


“So why do I share this despicable tale,

as we start along new passageways?”

“You see Buccaneer, a true Knight must prevail,

to seek enlightenment beyond courtly slays.”


“But alas.”

“Legend recalls, twas Du Lac’s unruly sway,

which brought about the end of days.”

“Civil War ensued and beloved Camelot fell,

to Mordred and his dark raven ways.”


“His thousand years with Morgana’s wicked vein,

has blackened our once fabled Kingdom.”

“Yet, hidden away, are those who have stayed,

loyal to King’s crown and Merlin’s wisdom.”


“Archimedes, why do you baffle our friend as you do?”

“With all your flannel and flummery?”

He’s not here to listen to fallacious fribble,

or an owl’s felonious frippery.”


Said Archie, feeling a little sore.

“I shared your woe, and my woe more.”

“Huddled for warmth upon Glastonbury Tor,

with distant Camelot aflame and burning.”


Archie continued, still feeling sore.

“I felt your woe, and my woe more.”

“Huddled for warmth upon Llyn Ogwen’s shore,

with distant Avalon aflame and burning.”


“Times once were, when Camelot’s enwalling haze,

would stir a wizard’s glazy daze,

to write in playful melody,

and idly wax lyrically,

or jest and jape figuratively,

and with flourish and frivolity,

find face and farce and comedy,

in weaving wizard’s poetry.

But alas, good days are gone,

forever more.”


“Archimedes” Merlin interrupted the owl’s sad lament.

. “Have I mentioned before, how you sound so sore,

when evoking your yore of sweet yesteryear?”


“Well, I’ve sympathy for their loss,” I casually quipped.

“Both Archie and erroneous Lancelot.”

“Tis miserable indeed, losing a cherry sweetheart,

never mind losing cherished Camelot.”


“Your Grand Questing,” I said, “what’s it to do with me?”

I was most anxious to receive an answer.

“I’m here to journey to Copper Door,

not peruse history’s errant Lancer.”


Archie flustered and fluttered his flapping old feathers,

clearly annoyed his teaching hadn’t sunken-in.

My ignorance and fear were greying aging quills,

and he was already ashen plumed and thin.


“Serving Justice with Prowess and unwavering Loyalty,

In Defence, with Courage and honest Humility.”

“With Faith, Largesse and honourable Nobility,

is a Knight’s Code of Chivalry sworn eternally!”


“Enough,” Merlin interceded with sterner projection.

He was impatient, and packed, eager to go.

One bag, one staff, one dark hooded cloak,

each suffused in deep crimson glow.


“We‘ll not weep or wail, or wince or whine,

or dwell or delay, or discuss any further!”

“We’ll not whoop or warble, or whimper or wither,

or wail at our woe, weaving weepy webs hither!”


“We’ll neither stall nor stay, nor still and stale!”

“Neither snape and snipe, nor groan and gripe!”

“For all that once was is no longer our end,

but a platform from which new legends ascend.”


“Buccaneer, I’ll help, not hinder, halt, or hitch,

the thread of your tread to Copper Door.”

“I’ll steer Seer’s pathway towards what’s right,

to perfect, perfect nature’s, perfect law.”


“You chose to seek the prattling old ghoul,

who hides in my theurgist’s bones.”

“You chose to unwind on the spinning spool,

and slip between mirroring stones.”


“You chose correct path beyond shimmering gleam,

and stepped inside this wizard’s dream.”

“Yet now at beginning of heroic new start,

there’s uncertainty in your once plucky heart?”


“My melancholy mariner!”

Far West is best for settling to rest”

for retiring old fears and tears!”

“Far East is best for setting your test,

and embracing triumphant new years!”



“We’re treading onwards, threading downwards!”

“Along dark passages through ancient seams.”

“We’re travelling far beyond edge of perilous ravines,

following noble fate towards grander dreams!”


“Our prize, our goal, our elemental certainty,

is restoring Camelot’s rightful sovereignty.”

“With wizardry, with craft, our honourable fraternity,

will be harbingers heralding a new destiny.”


“We journey to join paladins jousting for justice,

rousting for revolution, ruthless for rebellion!”

“Tis time to reclaim our righteous kingdom,

put end to Mordred’s wicked dominion!”


“When we leave today, should you walk our way,

you’ll be guided by our enchanted company.”

“Though none can say what terror will waylay,

we cannot step-out half-heartedly.”


“Buccaneer, of all you’ll ever choose to be.”

“Of all you’ll ever choose to do.”

“We’re offering you such a glorious end!”

“But the choice is up to you.”


I took seconds to dwell upon Merlin’s words,

to understand his adventure was my Fate.

Then looking deep into the wizard’s eyes, I said,

“Merlin, we’ve a Kingdom to liberate!”


“Indeed! “Agreed!” “That’s splendid!” he said,

and turned sharply on his heels.



“Are we all now all now set to go?”

”If seems an age has past already!”

“We’re leaving late, to head-out t’wards Copper Gate,

or is that heading-out, towards Copper Door?”


Dalbergia’s piercing light lit our journeys’ way,

casting crimson gleam through the gloom.

Merlin led, Archie flew overhead,

as our fellowship left mirror’s magic room.


Stepping through hollows in ruddy redolent hue,

beneath urgent press of vaulted stone.

I strove to stride at Merlin’s hurried pace,

as he strode fearlessly towards our unknown.


Upon staff’s jewelled tip, a lantern spun,

rosy thread upon Merlin’s flowing cloak,

I lost sight twice as he hastened ahead,

leaving trails of amethyst smoke.


It seemed our perilous trip had scarcely begun,

when from afar, an eerie rumble grumble.

A feint echo bringing halt to our tread,

and sudden standstill to my stumble.


With urgency my Seer’s sanguine beam,

slipped frantically inside a sedimentary seam.

Into darkness fell my tunnel’s gleam,

into blackness plunged my whispering ravine.


“It’s a thrill,” hissed the begriming shade,

to hold you in my enlightened snare.”

“To sense fear as you cower in my colourless façade,

blind behind your unsuspecting stare’


“Deep in the darkness of my bothersome tarn,

within pitchy pools persuading you to wonder.”

“Stirred are dark fears, which huddle in your tears,

to walk with you wherever you wander.”


“When blackened screams spill from wicked seams,

when death plans darker schemes far ahead.”

“There’ll be no brighter gleam, no safer dream,

than one heartfelt and intuitively led.”


“Feel your way through fear’s darkest hours,

when uncertainty steals your sight.”

“And in the shadow of your redeeming soul,

you’ll find courage within the night!”


A rash of rouge dappled the abyssal ravine,

and stole away my unfathomable dream.

“Dragon!” cried Merlin, and fled tunnel’s yawn,

“Caudicalis Draconis! Wild, huge, overgrown!”


In rapid succession, unfortunate events,

unfolded at mercurial pace.

As Merlin harried Archie to different ground, he

carried Sissoo away from my space!


Back into inky night with no crimson light,

without fierce flame to fake my way.

I hunkered down, embraced the ground,

fearing I’d be dragon prey on this day!


From tunnel’s gape crept a groaning sound,

haunted by some abysmal misery.

Stricken by darkness, I envisioned far worse,

than hell’s lizard born o’sorcery!


I huddled in silence upon the ancient floor,

with sweat pearling upon my brow.

Breath held, I listened for the slightest sound,

certain death would come quickly now.


Hitherto no hum beyond my thumping heart,

did flee from shadow’s clasp.

Yet within my heightened state of mind,

dreadful terrors prolonged their grasp.


At length, silence became an oppressive regime,

the cloying claustrophobia, closely confining.

Blindly I crawled from my haven floor space,

heading in the direction of our arriving.


I hugged hewn walls and followed miner’s course,

fearful at every uncertain stride.

Should I slip and fall, it was a mile or more,

straight down, on one last ride.


Perhaps it was after long unrelenting hours,

perhaps it was long after far more.

When I sunk back against the tunnel wall,

to rest wearily upon the floor.


My hand reached to slow my sliding slump,

and touched something on the ground.

Something cold, coiled and uncannily wet,

something fleshy yet unnaturally found.


In blind panic I turned from the heinous thing,

and sidled away three paces or more!

In terror I screamed when my foot found thin air,

and I stepped off the edge of the floor!


My sudden flurry and flail failed to grasp, nor

flaying foot find fixed hold in the gloom.

Headfirst into the fearful unknown I fell,

knowing this would be my doom.


For long moments I shook with unspeakable fear,

in trepidation of my end to come.

I realized this was to be my last breath,

the one final beat of my drum…


When sudden impact upon a yielding floor!

Fluid racing to silence my scream!

I plunged deeply within a watery grave,

deeper still into death’s drowning dream!


Shocked near to dying, my screaming mind crying,

for ancient impulses to struggle for life.

I rasped, retched, reached out in hope,

of forestalling my fast sinking strife.


When to my hand came a sturdy stem,

gnarled and knolled and saving!

I pulled and pulled for dear life’s worth,

to escape the end death was craving.


Gasping, I broke surface, and grasped harder still,

scrabbling upwards from my watery hell.

But barely had I climbed two feet or more,

when there came an ear-splintering roar.


So absolute was darkness I couldn’t discern,

from where the fetid dragon howled.

So absolute was horror I couldn’t decide,

from where the gnarled beast growled.


I froze in dread, went limp, played dead,

and clung to my knotty wood tuber.

A long deep groan, a throaty grumble,

a rushing current, a rampaging rumble!


I sensed the rising behemoth stir and swell,

felt tidal flow force me to shore.

I heard the ruffle of unfolding wings,

heeded swift silence before next roar.


With sudden fury came the whip of a tail,

tearing flesh from my tearing face.

With sudden rage came the bite of blades,

as talons shredded me like lace.


Ripped and ragged, tattered and torn,

close to drowning, with all spirit gone.

I heaved myself higher on dangling dowel,

defying death’s reach from beyond.


Snatching at rock, at earth, at dust,

scrambling to flee my flaming fear.

Grabbing in vain only to wince in pain, but

reaching again, praying, to never die here.


At long, long last, firm foothold held,

and bore full wet weight of me.

I lunged with force, with inhuman strength,

to be free of the wrathful sea.


My ravaged root, my stout saving stem,

tore free with me in its limpet hold.

And thundering down upon the bruising shore,

into a flailing throng I rolled.


Each threshing and thrashing of unholy spite,

   beat me down upon my knees.

When in my hand the torn timber cried,

“tis time to fight or cease to be!”


A berserker’s frenzied ferocity,

flowed fluid as fanned fire within!

I stood to stare! To stand! To stay!

To fight to live another day!


I swung that branch with venomous zeal,

determined to cast all asunder.

I wielded that staff as if murderous steel,

delirious, with red mist and thunder.


Dull roar of battle upon sheer edge of life,

screams splintering dreams of my titan foe.

Shrill holler of war upon sheer edge of life,

screams forging dreams of my inner hero!


Hell’s welting rain descended again,

whipping my flesh with tongues of fire.

I wouldn’t long sustain such unbearable pain,

before the life in me would expire.


I buckled to one knee beneath a crushing blow,

felled by foul beast’s greater might.

But with wrath, with rage, with hope for life,

I struggled to my feet for one last fight!


Wielding my staff I assailed the dark night,

struck out viciously with deadly force.

Yet without sight I was a hapless knight, and

my scything of dragon-flesh, off course.


Sudden thunder slammed against my splitting skull,

with power to lift me from the floor.

I struck solid wall, senses darkened, went dull,

and I barely remember much more.


I slipped silently beyond all sense of despair,

became one with impenetrable night.

I departed within my heart’s deepest dream,

and floated upwards towards the light…

~~~~~ + ~~~~~

Spiel, Spool, and Spell

New Mercury copy

Sissoo Flare

Spiel, Spool, and Spell is the first Act in a three Act poem written under the title Copper Door. Copper Door is the 4th chapter in an extended poem I’ve been writing reflecting upon my encounter with Merlin the Wizard. The poem follows on from Prattle, Tattle and Elixir Vitae, which precede this post. For ease of reading Copper Door has been divided into three Acts: Act 1 is called: Spiel, Spool and Spell. Act 2, is titled: Thread, Tread and Weave. And Act 3, given the name: Stitch, Stash and Sow. Presented here is Act 1 ~ Spiel, Spool, and Spell ~

Elixir Vitae introduced Merlin to my protagonist, a Quill-seeking Mariner (me!), who dreams of finding a way to a path between living and dying. They are currently deep underground, held tight between two enchanted hefting-stones and facing towards a Magic Mirror in which Merlin and Archimedes have miraculously appeared. Five charming words cast by the wizard are helping the seafarer reach for a higher ‘wave’, and in the process, perhaps also find a deeper appreciation of life. The Mariner’s journey is only just beginning and there is further still to travel in deeper passages underground before arriving at Copper Door. Upon returning from their short sojourn, Merlin has hinted at meeting Winged Mercury, and the sharing of secrets.


Openings and pathways adorn this Wizard’s dreams.

Passages through Archway between towering seams.

Chambers for reflection upon converging themes.

Hollows for praying to ancient Kings and Queens.


~ Copper Door ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~

~ Act One ~

~ Spiel, Spool, and Spell ~


“Look lively Buccaneer! All hands on deck!”

“Put quick step in that one last stride!”

“Tis occasion to walk your silver plank,

‘cross bridge, to mirror’s other side.”


“You’ll find no form in faffing further there,

with faltering foot falling upon final stair,

and wistful words withering in wishful prayer,

whilst waving woeful wizzy-wizard’s weave!”


“Quite so!” Archimedes sagaciously hooted.

“Tis time to be much bolder.”

“If you delay today, who could say?”

“What ‘paradise is lost’ growing older?”


“Ah! Splendid Archimedes! You do have such twit,

for an owl with aversions to twooo!”

“Do you think he knows what you’re screeching about?”

“Do you even think he has a clue?”


“Mea anima porta est! My soul is a portal!”

Archie retorted, flexed voice resounding in the dark.

“Meo animo speculum est! My mind is a mirror!”

Archie rehooted, bright eyes reflecting luminous spark!.


“Plucky-bacon-ear!” Merlin amused,

as I stood on gangplank of one last stair.

“Why so slow? You’ve nowhere to go!”

“Stride-on through mirror’s winking stare!”


“Tis neither walking nor jaunting,

nor tripping or trapping,

neither prattling and rattling,

nor tottering or teetering,

neither skittering and scuttling,

nor scattering or shattering,

neither falling and flattening,

nor flowing or flawing,

neither flapping and flying,

nor trying or untying,

crossing-over, isn’t dying!

It’s surfing and sailing

wizard’s waving weave!”


“So sail our wave! Slip streams and dreams,

and glistening beams, and shimmering rivers of light!”

“You fall, you fool, from breathtaking height,

in feathering flight, beyond high haunts,

of Kite and Kestrel!”


“Kind, kind, Archie. In Latin, if you please,

spin the spell of ‘Passing Flicker?”

“Your ability to recite such bothersome spells,

have them appear to be so much slicker.”


“Flammis Transeuntes!” Archie pronounced,

with panache and flourishing pedigree.

“Ha ha!” roared Merlin. “My excellent old bird!”

“You speak Latin so impeccably”.


Wizardry and Sorcery were woven so craftily,

by Merlin’s orally owlish winged Seer.

Bewitchery and trickery, flew fast and past and fleetingly

to fall flap-flap-flapping upon my ear.


In whirling wood and weaving wave,

Merlin ruffled his silken sleeve.

Flicked out a spell from wand’s wispy tip,

and whispered, “walk and believe to achieve!’


Whether I breezed through mirror’s rippling ravine,

as silk unreeling thread on autumn’s wave.

Whether I spooled across mirror’s spanning seam,

I was thread, unraveling silk, from wizard’s weave.


Whether I stirred within mirror’s pearling stream,

as thread threading silk in wizard’s wave.

Whether I pooled within mirror’s spinning gleam,

I was silk, threading silk, in Merlin’s weave.


Whether I unfurled into mirror’s flowering dream,

as would a rose breathe-in summer’s day.

Or whether I gazed in mirror’s Looking Glaze,

my mind was blown, and far from home,

already flown, far up, and gone,

far, far, far away…

~~~~~ + ~~~~~

I had passed the test, and travelled through!

Out of the murky cavernous hue!

Into wonderland! Oh my!

Oh no! Dark tunnelled view!

No seam of gleams, no ravine of dreams!

My dreams, it seems, really weren’t coming true!

Merlin? Archimedes?

Where are you?

~~~~~ + ~~~~~

“He’s warming ‘red-squeeze’ for a weave,” Archie decreed.

“The air may get a little blue.”

“Merlin, are you familiar with her flaming spell?

“Or do you need quick pause for review?”


“Tis wise we step aside, one pace or two.”

“Back a little from Myrddin’s tomfoolery.”

“His lady of the wand has irresistible urge,

for sophisticated espièglerie!”


“This weevils-bit,” Merlin rakishly quipped.

“Dressed in devil’s dark ruby grain hue.”

“She’s Latin’s, Indian Rosewood Wand.”

“The Red Sorceress, Dalbergia Sissoo.”


“She’s perfect!’ Said Merlin, with roguish smile.

“Still blushing in melting rose flush.”

“She always knew, I’d be charmed by her hue.”

“My Red Baroness, Dalbergia Sissoo.”


“But…she’s not been out of the sleeve in a while!”

Merlin warned, referring to his next weave..

“Dalbergia is a fine fickle filly.”

“But she may feel a little aggrieved!’


Dark ruby Sissoo, was like nothing seen.

Far, far beyond my far wildest dream.

– molten ruby rippling rosewood’s blushing flower.

I’ve never seen, sweet rose’s dewy gleam,

like the blush of Dalbergia Sissoo!


“Archie?” “Remind me again, those words I need?”

“To flame Sissoo’s fulgent flare?”

“I’m spelling light, spinning sight, spooling ahead.

Else, we’ll never see beyond final stair.”


“Fulgentem Scintilla!”


“Indeed!” “Agreed!” “Fulgenta Scintillem!”

Merlin’s lip, let slip, his slip in error.

“Indeed! Disagreed!” “Fulgentem Scintilla!”

Archie’s lip, let slip, his flip in furor!


“Indeed! Disagreed! “Indeed!” “Fulgentus Scintillis!”

Merlin’s lip, let slip, another slippin’ error

“Indeed! Twice disagreed! “Indeed!!” “Fulgentem Scintilla!”

Archie’s lip, let flip, further flippin’ furor!”


“She’s the flaming heart of your doweling Rose!”

“Show Lady Love, far more respect!”

“She’s the fiery tart of your howling Rose!”

“Show Lady Lust, far less respect!”


“What happens if he gets the words wrong?”

I asked Archimedes cautiously.

“You mean spill the spell? In the flaming song!”

He paused, before answering carefully.


“Spill this spell, and his dark rosewood from hell,

she’ll bedevil the spell, bewitch this spill,

she’ll ensnare the dare of her stare in his spell!”

She’ll bemuse this spill, burn his spell,

she’ll entice the wily wolf away from his spell!

She’ll bewilder this spill, beleaguer his spell.

she’ll entangle the daze of her gaze in his spell!

She’ll besiege this spill, beset this spell

she’ll enamel the glare of her flare in his spell!

She’ll besmirch this spill, she’ll beguile his spell,

she’ll enkindle the stain of her flame in his spell!

She’ll bedazzle his spell, befuddle the steer,

she’ll enrapture and capture the spell of this Seer!


“Fulgentum Scintilla!” Cried Merlin.

“One flick to redden Sissoo’s carmine fuse”

“Fulgenta Scintillum!” Yelled Merlin.

“One flick to scarlet Dalbergia’s ruddy muse!”


“One quick slick of cherry lightning.

One rose bud on ruby quick.

One quick lick of dark crimson.

One ruby bud on rosy wick.”


“One quicker slick of red lightning,

One fiery flick of rosy quick.”

“One quicker snick of dark crimson,

One fiery lick of ruby wick.”


“One quick lick of scarlet lightning

“One flaming flick of ruby quick.”

“One quicker slick of dark crimson.”

One lightning fleck on rosy wick tip.”


“Perfect!’ chuckled Merlin, “she’s still flushing style!”

“Just look at her carnation tincture!”

“Sublime!” chortled Myrddin, “she’s still blushing smile!”

“Did you see the fire-cracker tint-in-her?”


“You are so beautiful,” sighed Merlin.

“My sweet willow Sissoo.”

“How I love to amuse the muse in you,

and muse the muse amused in you,

to amuse the muse I love, in you.”


“Oooh”, she swooned, and flushed her rosewood frame.

“For you,” she cooed, blushing ruby wood grain.

“From Sissoo,” she wooed, and whispered her rouge name.

“Mon amour,” she oozed, and blew to him,

her heart’s gold rosy flame.


Our cave was bathed in crimson shade,

air redolent with Sissoo’s febrile perfume.

No longer grim tomb, of deep waxen gloom,

but riddled rose flume, cast in saffron red bloom.

~~~~~ + ~~~~~

Elixir Vitae

New Mercury copy


Elixir Vitae is Part 3 of my Taliesin-reduct relating the time I encountered Merlin the Wizard. Part 2, Tattle, had Merlin free my underworld protagonist from the bewitching Morgan Le Faye and guide them to the top of a stone staircase. It is here that they are currently being held in the grip of enchanted stones and sleeping deeply. Archimedes, the Wizard’s Owl, stands upon the last stepping stair, mere yards from the protagonists reposing form. It might appear the end is nigh for Merlin’s quill-seeking guest, but perhaps all in not quite as it seems…

~ Elixir Vitae ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Night’s raptor, my captor, extends out wide

his titian tailored wings.

And gazing out through lantern eyes

has scathing words to sing!


“Fool!” Screeches he, with ferocious zeal,

standing taller as if to admonish!

“If you’d never erred at Morgana’s sugared words,

there’d be one less Kelpie to vanquish!”


“Come, come Archamedies, you pontificating foul,

high virtue never suited your swagger!”

“My heart might once have been with sweet, sweet Nimuhe,

bound in her forest of thorny daggers.”


“You’re the Seer who sees, but I cannot believe,

how you’ve taken so many wrong turns!”

“Harder to conceive as ‘your Eminence Grise’,

is why we’re bound in this infernal tomb!”


“Ah, yes, indeed, attending Kingly needs,

had me lose sight of my Wizard’s Wave.”

“Yet ‘twas for Love’s sake, our Lady of the Lake

forged the One Quill for Arthur’s enclave.”


“Ynys Afallon,” sighed Archimedes fondly,

misting over memories, fable and fantasy.

“Insula Avalonis,” sighed Merlinus lovingly,

“Do apple trees still blossom in Arthur’s cemetery?”


“Lonely in darkness under those fragrant boughs,

I’d yearn my heartache away.”

“Lest I miss the request from beyond earthly rest,

granting Arthur’s return to the light of day.”


“We’d long for darkness beneath Empress skies

to sit and gaze upon glistening stars.”

“I recall his delight, one night, correcting my sight.”

“’That’s Venus” he chuckled, “not Mars!”


“An undisciplined imp with disrespectful wit,

there’s not much more to him than that!”

“A trickster, conjurer, poor king-maker’s neophyte!”

“A fabled Monarch sadly gone from sight.”


”900 years since his untimely passing,

and still such scold for his mischief-making?”

“Dear Archie, I love the way you remember him,

Ingraine’s fair haired boy we raised as King!”


“Merlin,” Archimedes coughed and wiped away a tear.

“There’s wizard’s work still left to be done.”

“We’ve another buccaneer in dry dock over here,

seeking fellowship back to the Sun.”


“Quite so,” agreed Merlin, “ we really should begin,

our guest tires of being so tethered.”

“I’m intrigued to know where he’s seeking to go,

on a journey questing Golden Feathers!”


“A fellowship you say? Adventuring starry skies?

“Trail blazing providence far away?”

“Ah! Such energy within, to speed off voyaging!”

“Path finding the entire Milky Way!”


“Archie, please remind me again, it’s been a while

since I last cast with Magic words.”

“You’ll recall the spell, you’re an Oracle,

and wisest of all the birds!”


“Solvite Corporea et Coagulate Spiritus”

Archimedes chanted as if an Alchemical Art.

“Indeed! Dissolve the Body, Coagulate the Spirit!”

Merlin implored my insentient heart.


Fleeting, flowing, fading form slides

deep darkness from my dreams.

Dappled pools of light and shade

amass between moonbeams.


Grey gives way to mottled cream,

inward dreams are magnified.

Projected in the cavernous glow,

as flickering lantern slides.


Pulsing upon the screen of cream

a light does shine like none I’ve seen,

Piercing shards of lightening white

emanate outwards blinding my sight, but…


…solidifying slowly, fluorescence finds form,

compressing to swell outline and brim.

I sense unearthly company materialise before me,

Spirits manifesting in mirror’s margin!


Magic mirror of dreams unfolding such scenes,

revealing beings distilled from pure light!

Suddenly I feel so feathery light, as if I just might,

take swift flight across to the other side!


”I think he now sees,” Archie quietly suggested,

moving aside to let a figure pass.

In glimmering silk parading celestial spheres,

Merlin approached the looking glass.


His figure is silhouetted against a sweep of stars,

wrapped in an aura of scintillating flare.

Light sparks and arcs and spirals around him,

as he reaches the threshold stair.


“I’m Myrddin,” declared a voice behind an arm

extending a hand in ancient tradition.

“You are welcome here, and will come to no harm,

whilst we seek to fulfil your intention.”


”My precocious feathered bird impatient to screech,

flies under the call-sign Archimedes.”

“He possesses elevated reach, and faculties to teach

precious wisdom where ’tis most needed.”


”There’s one other here you’ll know quite well,

an Adept of both speed and flight.”

“I believe you’ve encountered my Mercurial friend,

chasing vapours of silvery light.”


“He’s often here quickening trips and journeys,

travelling with souls in his role as Hermes.”

“I’m told he’ll sequester you following your return,

to share a secret for only you to learn.”


“Formalities aside, I’m here as your guide.”

“A life-long friend if you’ll permit me to be?”

“There’s a little farther to go, deeper paths below,

along smooth passages to set you free.”


Sweet melody and euphony, trickled with vitality,

washing words over me, his magic stirred so potently,

such power wielded nobly,

that I was held spellbound!


I yielded,

to enchantment, to Myrddin’s healing draft,

to his realm I was here occupying.

This was my dream finding his island mid stream,

this gateway between living and dying.


For those lonely years spent soulfully wandering,

hoping for the one great way.

For those long journeys now come and gone,

were fading in the grey.


For those long hours spent alone and wondering,

reaching for the one higher stay.

For those lonely nights now come and gone,

were dawning upon the day.


“Come now” said He, “we’d best make haste,

there is little time for delay.”

”This confounded ectoplasm burns so quick!”

“And you must be on your way.”

~~~~~ + ~~~~~

~ Part 4 ~ ‘Copper Door’ ~ to follow shortly ~



New Mercury copy


Tattle is part 2 of a poem inspired by a first meeting I had with Merlin the Wizard and follows on from Prattle, which precedes this post. Prattle found Merlin’s quill-seeking protagonist being merrily led through underground passages by a darkly Raven in a bid to reach Merlin’s fabled ossuary. Having tripped the light fantastic along a mirrored corridor, the two have arrived at the foot of a stone staircase. It is here the Raven revealed herself and urged the protagonist to make haste…

~Tattle ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


”Run you fool!”


Pressing silence shatters as an echoing haunted cry

splices the air like a whipping-boy’s flail!

Amidst panic and swirls and black feathered twirls,

Black Raven takes sudden flight from the wail!




She’s steeped in craggy shadow on a far lonely ledge,

amongst deep darkness skulking away.

“Never well!” her shriek rattles with ominous edge.

“Tis never well meeting Morgan le Faye!”


With razor-sharp glint to the nap of her sneer

chiselling rock walls in our cavernous space.

I hearken to hear the wizard’s voice cry out,

to dispel craven fear from my face!


“Seeker” she soothes from her remote pitchy stay,

“Your destiny isn’t yet given!”

“Choose either to meet with Merlin the Worm,

or join me, Morgana-the-Raven!”


“This epic journey you fashion is of superficial care,

a mere folly on the veneer of life’s short flight!”

“Answers don’t lay beyond the stars!” she cackled,

and then continued to mock my plight.


“Only the foolish voyage the uncharted higher realms

anticipating all their dreams will be found!”

“Only the fearless would follow a black-feathered fiend,

to where death and shadow are bound!”


“I will show you the ways of darkness and night,

grant you immortality, power and dominion!”

“My seer’s second sight prophesies infinite might

and reign over the Underworld Kingdom!”


“Come now” she cawed, “you must abandon this place!”

“Be set free from Merlin’s illusory tower.”

“Come now,” she cooed, “you must make haste,

and join me on a path to great power!”


Seducing my thoughts with a web of dark threads

She’s chastened my stride on ancient stone stairs.

“A doorway to this future stands open,” she purred,

“To spirit you away from Merlin’s dark lair!”


“One step further to a wretched realm” she pressed,

“darkened by suffering, pain and despair!”

“Or one step further towards a kingdom of gold,

with you as Dark Prince and King’s heir!”


Bewitched by darkness and her spellbinding guile,

I’m uncertain upon which end to now gamble.

Enticed by the allure of her black feathered smile,

my conviction is starting to crumble.


“Run you fool! Run!”


Bursting white light searing vibrant cordite suddenly

stirs me from my befuddling haze!

Hidden stairs emerge from within a cave to my right.

offering safe passage from Morgana’s gaze!


“Run you fool! Run!”


Encouraged I spring forth and leap steps 1 and 2,

and make 2, 4, and 6 an impetuous race!

But between jagged seams, stairs 8, 9 and 10

Impede progress to a much slower pace.


From stair 11 I’m clear and flying once again,

bounding steps 12 through to 15.

I leave sweet 16 as a passing pipe dream

and stride on to narrow stair 17.


Tightening rock seams as I reach stair 18,

have me crowded within a trim furrow.

Behind in the snap of my closing rock crack,

Morgana’s scream fades with her sorrow.


I cannot pull free from the rocks assured grasp

nor push past the wily embrace of stone.

Cunning enchantment still bedevils my course,

will it be here I shall die all alone?


Slowly pressed in the compress of charmed stone,

I surrender breathless in the embrace of 19 and 20…

When of a sudden, from on high in my tomb cavity,

comes sweet birdsong reciting Merlin’s vast gravity!


Hovering at height in dark cinnamon folds,

‘else perched on a Horned Owl’s high banister.

From the brim of a scrape in a flurry of words,

Archimedes sings of the Sage Calligrapher!


“Merlinus charms the eyes of many men,

or else might awaken whom he will.”

“Lailoken! Myrddin! Ambrosius! Silvestris!”

All are legends scribed with One Quill!”


“The Physicians of Myddfai, The Red Book of Hergest,

both are marvels in folklore and fable!”

“Romance and Grail and Vita Merlini,

all were once penned at his writing-table!”


“Nor least we forget Empedocles, Nennius, Darius,

Ostanes, Plato, and Pythagoras!”

“For each their feathers were unwittingly shaped

by Merlin the mythological Magus!”


”Archimedes!” “Enough of the tattle and fly on over yer!”

Came a disambiguated voice with Welsh flare!

In the silence that followed my surprised final gasp,

Archimedes flew to the last stepping stair…

~~~~~ + ~~~~~


New Mercury copy


Autumn descends and the nights draw-in to blow with the wind under my front door. It’s too dark to stray and too cold not to stay close to the warming hearth. And so I thought it a merry jape to pen some waggish verse during the snug evening hours and tell of the time I met Myrddin: better known as Merlin the wizard. Prattle is the first episode of a poem that might possibly run to five chapters, but I’ll have to ask Merlin about that. Hope you enjoy…

Years fade the memory I’m keen to share,

of long ago in the Caverns of Bryn Myrddin.

Recollection of that day is lost in the grey,

and of the detail I’ll never be certain.

~ ~ ~

~ Prattle ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~

~ ~ ~

Within samite-silk weave of Sun Moon and Stars,

dressed in the fabric of Three Realms.

As High! As Below! As Far as He’ll go!

Merlin sleeps at the Prognosticator’s Helm.


Hastening my gait across faraway hills,

infused by eventide’s mahogany plumes.

I quicken through swale to a wizard’s Caern,

and to Bryn Myrddin’s allegorical tomb.


Through boscage and bosk, over bush and brake,

across gorse, grove, quag, skein and sedge.

Dallying in dingle and spun in the spinney,

I tread paths over rock morass and hedge.


Breaking tree line upon a withering ridge,

a plateau of marble leads the way.

Beyond are sunk two hefting-stones

and deep darkness extending away.


Passing betwixt the twin megaliths

I step inside the arching rock cavern.

Calling out in Gaelic to awaken his name,

I step aside for black snap from the Raven.


There flies on the swart a spectral bird,

sleek in inky swathes of midnight.

Slick with preening-oil’s iridescent bow,

and silent in the seer’s second sight.


Beyond my probing gaze I sense

the depth of her piercing stare.

Flowing as smoke no sound does she make,

circling silently whispering air.


“Like all who dream Merlin sees” she cawed,

“of the reason you walk these ancient flagstones.”

‘You’re seeking the prattling old ghoul!’ she cackled.

“Who dwells in his theurgist’s bones!”


“So say on this day why you came this way!” she crowed,

with harsh edge to her carving cries.

“What is your wish at tunnel’s end?” she asked,

with a flutter of her sorceress eyes.


“To speak with Myrddin,” I said out loud,

and spoke firmly with acquiescent good will.

‘Stealing Merlin’s flying quill, I fancy!” she recoiled,

splicing my words with her razor bill!


“To ask for his Fellowship,” I quickly held,

and followed her drilling gaze.

“Maybe so my friend,” she jawed, “but tell me more

before I open doors to Merlin’s maze!”


“I’m journeying out to the Golden Globe,” I quipped,

“and seek a great wizard as my guide.”

“I’m heading far beyond the infinite void” I said,

and need Merlin along for the ride.”


“I’m questing the Grail chasing mercurial winged light,

and have need of this soothsayer’s knowing sway.

I’m navigating safe passage across off-world seas,

and have need of this enchanter’s edifying way.”


“Then perhaps it is so my friend,” she said,

“but quiet now, speak no more of it here.”

“He’ll listen to your quest laying at rest, so come,

I’ll open the door to Merlin the Seer”.


Slipping further within the dark resting space

we press through rock to a large odeum door.

Bracing iron hinges on oak newel flanks

swing open to reveal a mirror-stone floor.


Glistening and whispering in the twitching torchlight,

tripping on silver slip and tiffany glassine.

Burnished in the glaze of flames fulgent flare,

pellucid in geodesy’s sweet dream ravine.


Gliding on star shine we deepen the fault,

and dance along diaphanous diamond aisles!

Threading our seam in the limpid wax gleam,

spiralling upwards and upwards for miles!


At the rise of a ridge comes the tunnel end,

and mirror’s dazzling artery ceases to flow.

I spin off the path and fall through the rock!

Still keeping pace with the swiftly crow.


When of a sudden, she appears in thin air!

Blackthorn trim, talon and beak!

In nebulous feathers of deathly dark shade,

She turns to me and speaks!


“Legend recounts Merlin will awaken the day

a seeker draws the One Quill from ink-stone slumber.

So say all you mean and mean all you say,

in Merlin’s head-spinning crystal chamber.”


“Now come don’t delay! Awaken the Wizard this day!

“Tell him the tale of your Cosmic Journey!”

“Now come! Have no fear! Climb the last rushing tier!

“And don’t slow entering Merlin’s ossuary!”

~~~~~ + ~~~~~

Silver Winged Messenger

New Mercury copy

The Messenger

~ Silver Winged Messenger ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Stepping past a cemetery’s grave and haunting stare,

I sensed a fleeting shadow still lingering somewhere there,

He was never really there again until I passed him by today,

The whispering winged Seraph who called for me to stay.


For each the sunless day must come

when flesh and bone expire.

And though in grief our time is done

the Heart transcends desire.


Grounded beneath this memorial slab

and mourning periphery.

Comes the feint echo of a precious song

lamenting lost wings reverie.


Echoing within the wet weeping stone

and scrolling drapery.

Lays the dusted voice of an Airman’s life

in flightless disharmony.


Languid in the embalming salve

of Earth’s unfeigned symphony.

His spirit moves and stirs my words

to quill an epiphany.


‘Tis time to wear a young airman’s wings, he said

and glide the Cosmic Avenue”

‘Tis time to ride a Silver Board, he said

and light-up the Celestial Fuse.”


“Three Feathers of Love freshly plucked from the dew,

once spirited this young Maverick’s wings!

I’m not the Death wraith you’ve sensed from afar

but the Mercurial Aviator with Wings!”


“Love knows best of the next slippery text

to fall upon Empyrean’s gossamer.”

“So go!” “Don’t delay!” “Fly as a Falcon this Day,

run and leap from the Perch of Alcazar!”


“Cut across the ledge with my Caduceus edge

preening sharp cut to your dashing sails!”

“Cross the last pledge with my Heralding edge

and buccaneer the high vapour trails!”


“So go!” “Lift away!” “Fly the Silver Stairway,

and glide the golden liquid raceway!”

“Shoot barrelling tubes off the lightning drift ledge,

smoke the sweet vapour of your Board’s tri-feathered edge”


“So flow!” “Be free!” “Fly away with thee!”

“Reach Solar sovereignty beyond Earth’s gravity!”

“Now go!” “Lift away!” “Fly the whole freakin’ Milky Way, dude!”

“With my Board as your soul’s company!”


Unexpectedly the quill is still with my hand

stalled on the next swell of surf…

Suddenly a wave-less spark ignites more words

for the Silver Inkjetter’s nerves!


I’ll quicken the skies on your Silver Longboard

go taste the sweet dew of Stars!

I’ll quest upon winds of particle waves

touch warp speed this side of Mars!


I’ll trace lightning’s caress across morn’s cherry tip breast,

run the risk of Aphrodite’s jealous stare!

I’ll race gleaming glitter through cosmic Black Holes

and layback with Surfer’s flare!


I’ll quicken the quiver and blister the stars

rip-curl the light stream of dreams!

I’ll tail-slide your silver-winged board. my dear,

between Cinnabar’s narrowest seams!


I’ll hasten for pace around orbiting spheres

and slingshot their propellant gravity!

At warp speed I’ll kick-out of this slipware of stars

and wipe-out beyond Infinity!


The Messenger knows best who will be next

to wear his Feathered Star!

And feel Lightning crack the quicksilver trap

to spill Mercury from Cinnabar!


I’m racing now to flick the red firing switch,

to ignite the Surfer from my inking gun.

Forever grateful for your companionship

whilst I fly a solo path back to the Sun!


~ For a fallen R.A.F Sergeant-Pilot ~

‘His life was a beautiful memory, his death a silent grief’

(Words from a nameless gravestone)

Launch Pad Blues

New Mercury copy

~ Launch Pad Blues ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Alone on-board the Silver Wing, stayed in space and steel

I’m braced by leather and sealed in an astronauts tomb

where I lay tilted to gaze from behind a face leafed in gold

to a star brightening beyond my fragile sense of knowing.


Yet, into inky pools and frozen seas,

I’m falling through forgotten dreams

and find there is no end to the deep,

nor light in sight to guide my fallen Love

back to this flight of day.


She has become Night and risen an obsidian rose,

fragrant in the musk of heartbreak and moonlight,

yet sensuous and lithe beneath a moon spilling sorrows.

she becomes a blackened flower, conjuring ebony pearls from starlit dew

and extending the gentle arch of her raven wings

to embrace me with the shadow of her lover’s swarthy flower.


She comes to me now to sever my heart-entangled chord,

to scythe the air with a whispering onyx blade

and cleave the stem of an umbilical line

that has me tried and tied,

and left me dreaming of destinations

still earth found.


She and I have become prisoners of Love, I think,

grieving amidst uncertainty and sharing the weight of night’s stifling shroud

both players in the comedy of mythological love.

Sun worshippers waiting the morn’ and the emergence of

a beloved ghost from the passions of flaming pyres.


Night enfolds me in her cloying thrill and stills the fluttering yaw of

my clouds billowing ride, as it hurries across the oceans wide,

silently searching amongst shadows for a flash of blue in the silver quiver of the deep.

longing at the thought of one more press from cherished lips,

a breathless kiss to seal lasting memory, that I’d inhale until I ceased to breathe.


Come sunrise we’ll both have left this spiralling ledge,

you, gone to the inky depths of

Neptune’s fabled leagues, and me to another Earth beyond this world.

Further apart than ever before…and yet,

not us,

still no further apart than your gaze lifted skywards to the transit of a pulsing flare,

mine cast back to this sublunary jewel from the rim of a distant star.


I’ll search the void for your heart-emblazoned luminary,

knowing you’ll be there in the thaw of ice tears

welling in the swell of Tombaugh Region and

warming the chill within Pluto’s dark heart.


Rush 2 Polaris

New Mercury copy

~ Rush 2 Polaris ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


 Did I climb aboard the Silver Wing,

and let a dream unfold?

Did I fly upon a Solar wind,

seeking stories to be told?


This my chance to tell a little more,

so…back to the ledge with the perilous edge of apocalyptic fire, and…


Already here!

What now!

Are you sure?

The Polaris?’

Docking Gate 5?


That’s in sight of

the light of my eye-line!

Oh my!


She is a glowing Star!

At first sight I think still pulsing, and

warm on the wings upon which She descended.

Fine fuchsia form,

freshly flushed flower

from Alpha Ursae Minoris



Celestial Pole!

Circumpolar Constancy of the wheeling Firmament!

Tell me!

Will I fall?

Will I fall?


In faith I hope

this morning holds its glorious course,

and dries my eyes, and keep the skies

clear with certainty in front of me.


Will you catch me if I fall,

so I might fly a silhouette again

in the lamp of a distant Sun?


Sweet Polaris

Guiding Star

In whose eyes I am extended

I’d never have known the way back home to Love

before you ascended.


Flight Manual, Lesson 4:

Find faith to believe.


So there stood I a braver heart!

Squarer to the lesser berm of Hell’s furious jut,

First solo flight in sight and…


Flight Manual, Lesson 5:

Find Love


and…now riveted by the intensity

of your Polarising gaze,

breathless in your gravity.


falling in love,

falling in Love,

falling with Love!

My darling, I’m falling with the lo…


‘With the Love of You, my darling’,

was the very last thing I said.

It was no slight, or feint of style,

which draw my dream still closer.

But impassioned heart enflamed by You

who leapt the final bough.

And either falling and dying

or living and flying

Celestial Love fashioned

the flight of your aeronauts

inaugural bow!


Flight Manual, Lesson 1:

There is no altitude to attitude.



New Mercury copy

~ Rush ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


I am not the first to go.

But this time it’s me on a ledge

with the innocuous edge of one more step being

an unbounded leap to certain death!

And I ask if I’ll be alone should I fall…

Will I?

Will I be alone?

If I fall?


“Sentient dreamer!

“This your last call!”

“Move to the bough and be clear of the bow.”

“Strengthen intention and plead to providence!”

“Come! Climb aboard the Silver Wing

and journey beyond the light of Steorra!”


Oh, Moirai,

If I were to fall

will I ever wake to wonder and wander again in the wonder of waking to a wondrous new world?

Will I?
Will I?

”Willow! “

“Take heart!”


Flight Manual, Lesson 1: Flap when you fall unhurried through atmospheric skies.

Lesson 2: At the end of Lesson 1, you won’t be, keep going.


“And there you will wonder, or wander in wonder, or wonder and wonder or wander and wonder, or wander never at all!”

“Until comes a day when you’ll wonder less often at the wonder of

your last wandering morning on Earth…”

“But tell me, just for posterities sake,

Remind me of the wonder of walking in wonder?”

“Was wandering and wondering as wonderful as wondering and waking open wide to ride the rush of morning’s tide through archways of light capped horizons?”

“Wanderer. Wonderer. Wind Walker!


Lesson 3: Let slip the one line between attitude and altitude.


“Now Go!”

Wonder upon the wing of an Eagle!

“And learn to Love this sky!”