The Great Fairy Fire – (106-107) – Flow (Continued)

Gathered upon a crumbling Folly mid-stream of the Black Babble River unlikely comrades wait in anticipation of Merlin’s return. Included in the small group are twelve Ravens, unknowing descendants of past Adepts whose dark-magic flows from the very depths of time and courses in their veins.

The group are waiting on an ancient platform standing in the river. Through it’s centre flows the Babble River. Anubis stands arching this gap whilst on either side of it, Jinder Soo and Snow Melt, are stood almost statuesque in the cold waiting for their moment to shine.

Merlin’s dissipated particles are flowing downstream in the enchanted River Babble. Should just one of his particles reach Eons Bach it is likely Merlin will be magically restored to new life. If so, he will become legend by leading a prophecy returning rightful rulership to Camelot.

The river flows onwards whilst Creosote and Andromeda the heavily armoured Swan return after safeguarding Eons Bach from Morgana and her swarm of rogue-fairies…


~ The Great Fairy Fire – (106) – Flow (Continued) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Andromeda dangled her flippers made ready to touch-down.

Came to rest by the folly where Creosote leapt for ground.

“Sealed for all time until next I light the wick.”

“For now we’re safe but I had to work quick.”

“Morgana’s last words near made me sick.”


“Her mind’s a sewer of filthy lies,”

“Her hopes for us are for slow death and flies.”

“She will skin scrape bake and break our bones.”

“Crush us slowly beneath wood and stones!”

“But not this day shall sorrow follow from the Hollow!”


“But I fear there is something I have overlooked,”

“A scent I sense in the distance arriving on the breeze.”

“Tis scent breezing along a Skyway staining the route used.”

“There to ensure ‘Ways’ aren’t abused: used for wicked intent.”

“Tis why I have sense of difference with this sickly scent sent.”


“There is no record present for my route here.”

“As Seer of the Ways I have privileges: secrets must be kept,”

“Or else routes through life would never seem blessed:”

“One would know where life will go and finally rest.”

“What test then of life if without quest of love and strife?”


“This scent lingers as an after-taste: bitter on the tongue.”

“Tis a taste laced with poison nasty with its stun.”

“Tis toxic tasting very wrong: strong odours of rotting meat, and.”

“Stinking feet of filthy Fey – treacherous users of airways.”

‘But no Fey I know knows the track I use by air to Eons Bach?”



~ The Great Fairy Fire – (107) – Flow (Continued) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


One amongst Twelve Ravens became quite excited,

Animated and energetic flapping away on his stay: the archway wobbled

Almost toppled as he leapt and jigged away.

“I remember the words of the prophecy!”

“We are all inappropriately placed! The arch is not our perch!”


“We have to disperse! We have to disperse!”

Sprog the croaking Raven, black as a funeral hearse,

 Cried with excitement as he recalled the verse,

Words once fluent learnt from ancestral tales:

Enchanted stories folklore and fables.


“We are to separate, each occupy a station.”

“Where from above we form one formation.”

“Where Ravens become one by being Twelve.”

“Where stood proud to perch upon point and rise.”

“Twelve shape a Raven flying through skies.”


“Quicker and quicker I appear to recall detail:

“As if by some miracle I remember the tale.”

 “Twelve hills about Eons Bach where stands an ancient tree.”

“Where there we each sit harmonising a great symphony.”

“In the Raven key of E we sing to raise Black Wing Bridge!”


“The Bridge!” cried Anubis, “yes I remember the span!”

“Black Wing must be in place touching both lands:”

“It must appear so the Seer’s guide may cross the Babble.”

“Where she will travel with the Seer to the edge of Eons Bach.”

“And there shed her skin to pass to him a coat of Silver Feathers.”



The Great Fairy Fire – (104-105) – Flow (Continued)

The midnight hour has arrived, dark-magic is at work in Eons Bach and Merlin’s particles flow in the Black Babble River.

Should Merlin survive the ice-cold river he will return to life in new form to fulfil a prophecy said to overthrow Morgana-Le-Faye from rulership over the Kingdom of Camelot. If he is ‘returned’ Merlin will rise a fierce adversary and ultimately lead Twelve Ravens returning to Camelot to restore it to its former glory.

Morgana is wise to the threat: she hunts Merlin and other conspirators in the prophecy to undo her reign. Leaving the Highwayman’s Hollow far behind Morgana and swarms of Rogue-fairies (Fey) take to the night’s sky plotting course to Eons Bach. They are under direction of a rogue-lock–picking-fairy called Pickadoo, a Wench who once lived in the mountains surrounding Eons Bach, but cannot remember the way to get there having joined a circus and travelling by road and not on-wing…


~ The Great Fairy Fire – (104) – Flow (Continued) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


A swirling eddy breaking-free of the flow,

Twisted and turned with nowhere to go.

Around and around it eddied away

Separated Merlin sent him on his way:

Downstream towards dawn of another new day.


Billions of particles shifted lifted dispersed:

Made unsteady by the eddy in watery verse

For one moment a cloud bloomed: faded to die,

Flowing with the rush of the Babble’s lullaby.

Particles raced downhill following river’s slide. 


One particle in particular shone a little brighter,

Lighter perhaps or with a darker golden hue.

A particle gleamed blue in absence of moonlight

One illuminated from within by second-sight:

Or guided in flight by an unfathomable mystery.


One particle flowed where no others flowed,

Steered clear path passed reed rock and bank: it touched nothing

Flowing unimpeded left untainted untouched:

Where other particles collided affixed and sank.

One particle flowed freely through the dank.


It’s gentle brightness shimmered ever more: grew lighter

 Whiter than gold: one spore of Merlin boldly twirling,

Whirling racing pacing hastening to Eons Bach,

One scintillating particle flowed with no turning back,

Refreshed renewed cherished by Love.


~ The Great Fairy Fire – (105) – Flow (Continued) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Anubis was apprentice to the Reapers craft.

Never once promoted since time first began:

His Master’s greed gave urgent need to start,

Become Helmsman of the Deathly Art,

Necromancer practicing darkly arts.


Upon the Folly, Grim’s dog considered his role,

Strolled his mind far back through his yore,

Eager to explore memories from before

He knew there was a clue to help him through,

Knew lore lay at the core of his life long ago.


He stood posed as a bridge between marble plinths

Two paws either side of a narrow divide,

Through which the Black Bubble rushed and raced.

Jinder Soo, Snow Melt too, flushed with cold, braced

A building breeze: stood motionless with queenly grace.


Morgana flapped at a furious pace making haste,

Flying through night a curious sight:

A vicious vulture leading swarms of vile Fey

On their way to sleepy Eons Bach: to attack

Every house every home devouring flesh and bone.


A murderous swarm with wicked intent,

Morgana drove-on her regiment from town to town,

Relentless without rest pausing only to explore,

Ask around some more for direction to where before,

The circus had been or was seen paused or passing-by.


The Great Fairy Fire – (103) – Flow (Continued)

Morgana-Le-Faye and an army of swarming rogue-fairies were so close to breaking through a stone-portal and gaining access to Eons Bach when the image of their destination faded from view on a screen inside the portal. A masked hooded Cat riding a swan sealed the portal from the other side and extinguished a candle with a blow-dart. An image of Eons Bach was required to access the portal.

Morgana is desperate to foil a plot against her: a plot centring on a prophecy to overthrow her rulership of Camelot. Crucial to that prophecy is Merlin the Wizard whose particles wait for new life in the Black Bubble River flowing through Eons Bach.

Morgana menaces the dark of a forest at the Highwayman’s Hollow where giant portal-stones have sat for an age…


~ The Great Fairy Fire – (103) – Flow (Continued) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Bedlam ensued in the Highwayman’s Hollow,

Candle-light was a light snuffed and gone:

There was no illumination for projection,

The imagined view of Eon’s Bach stolen.

All was black as pitch betwixt megaliths.


Swarms seethed with rage sizzled with anger:

Jumping stomping somersaulting as if revolting!

Flare and furore fire flame and flash protesting Rogue

Bashed and gnashed snarled and growled,

Prowled through night diseased and roweled.



One shrilling cry from Morgana curtailed whooping and woe:

Would’ve curdled cream if cream had been on show.

Nothing moved nothing stirred, a pin could’ve fallen heard.

No wing tip quivered but yet all fairies shivered,

As Queen Morgana disappeared from their gaze!


No haze or puff of smoke no ripple in the air,

One second she was present the next she wasn’t there!.

T’was then her clothes moved: lying tumbled on the floor,

Beneath which the witch emerged to fairy-furore,

Fully feathered a death-eating vulture!


“Looks like we’re doing this the hard way”

A Rogue spoke out of turn as if knowing but unwise.

“We take to the air to arrive at break of day!”

“We don’t stop for those that drop or fall to their demise!”

“We follow Pickadoo who once flew here from the other side!”


“What!” exclaimed Pickadoo, “what do you mean follow me?”

“I haven’t been back to Bach for years: I couldn’t possibly!”

“I cannot show you when I never flew all the way:”

“I hitched a ride with a circus for a month of days.”

“Paid my way as an escapologist travelling under the name:”

“Harriet Houdini, perhaps you know of my fame?”


“You’ll be legend to very few who know your yore Pickadoo.”

“But not to I who needs you to get me to Eons Bach.”

“I really don’t give a crap what happened back then.”

“Best start remembering else I’ll snap your wings,”

“Then slice you and dice you and do terrible things!”


“We’ll follow roads town-to-town, passes from peak to peak.”

“We’ll follow your blank passage here and hope before then,”

“You’ll pick up the scent of your past frequent:”

“You recall where and when your last flight slowed.”

“When joining a circus heading-out on the road.”


“My Lady,” protested Pickadoo, “I am full of fear.”

“I’ve no sense at all of our success!”

Morgana bent down lent closer and sneered,

“Do not fail me or you’ll end up a mess.”

“A wingless spore-addict cast to the wilderness.”


Morgana emphasised her wicked intention: with conviction

Snapped at the air with her beak rolled her eyes.

“We fly en masse for Eons Bach, we flies until the dawn!”

“At daybreak we swarm as hell-born Fey!”

“Get your kit together fairy, show us the way!”


The Great Fairy Fire – (101-102) – Flow (Continued)

Dark-magic at midnight and snow in the air: it is an enchanted night in Eons Bach as mysterious events unfurl. A prophecy is being fulfilled that if successful will lead to Camelot being returned to its former glory after ruler-ship by wicked Morgana-Le-Faye.

Upstream of the Black Babble River flowing through Eons Bach, Merlin the wizard’s particles are momentarily cradled within a dissolving gloop of sap resting on the riverbed. Merlin is at the beginning of a ‘voyage’ down-river heading for new life: and also new friends who make preparation to receive/retrieve him without the vital help of the Ferryman lost already to an assassin snake. The boa-constrictor waits for Merlin to show.

The snow keeps falling on Eons Bach and the story flows on…


~ The Great Fairy Fire – (101) – Flow (Continued) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


“One feather of fate returns you to me.”

“But not for too long my love.”

“Would it were we had longer to be,”

“Two feathers in the dream you’re thinking of!”

“But what if it were three feathers I see for thee?”


“You have travelled so far so fast so furiously.”

“Lived through centuries with me at your side.”

“I’ve treasured and cherished you relentlessly.”

“The love I have for you cannot be denied.”

“Have faith in me Merlin I’m here to guide your ride!”


“I felt you reach-out for me,” said Merlin

“I sensed your flowing grace.”

“I know your soft voice,” he said, “but not your sweet face.”

“Grant me sight so that I might see,”

“The beauty of you in front of me.”


“Merlin my love, you know that can never be.”

“My beauty is multi-faceted: it adorns everything you see.”

“I cannot give up my mystery by revealing my identity.”

“Else you’ll not weep at a sunset nor fall for the Moon.”

“Nor conjure fine words for your writer’s loom.”


“But who are you?” asked Merlin, “tell me your name.”

“I’m a path to death for every atom every grain.”

“Timeless when I ended eternal when I begun.”

“I am the Flow of Life in everything: the force moving the sun.”

“And you’ll be new Merlin-feathered after I fire my starter gun!”


~ The Great Fairy Fire – (102) – Flow (Continued) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Twelve Ravens two cats and Anubis stepped out on the midnight hour.

Snaking left they headed west through trees and a leafy bower

Whereupon a pathway led passed mooring-masts; and on to the end of a jetty.

There she floated sitting pretty: tired and torn derelict and rickety,

Black Beauty the Ferryman’s skiff was pitiful dilapidated and dirty.


“I know,” said Anubis, “I make no apology,”

“It was on my ‘to-do’ list honestly!”

“She hold a dozen when fully laden,”

“It gets to be a game then of keeping on-course.”

“O watch where you tread I’ve not swabbed the decks.”


To their relief snow blanketed what was underneath:

Beneath the snow not the skiff, which held all

Precariously: Anubis pushed off gently heading for the folly,

Still crowned with holly sleet and snow, and

Rushing through its heart the Babble’s rushing flow.


Anubis man-handled the two injured big-cats

Both sore from their earlier endeavours

He’d offered a gentlemanly paw but received a scratch

As rebuff from the queenly panthers.

Not put off he’d lifted them both onto their respective pillars.


Twelve Ravens took up their elevated perching station:

Twelve side-by-side crossing the golden arch.

Anubis filled the space as doorway to the arc.

He was not attired as would befit the night,

But something dark glossed his coat with black-light.”


The Great Fairy Fire – (100) – Flow (Continued)

Midnight beckons in the small Welsh hamlet of Eons Bach as dark-magic begins to flow.

Upstream in snowy mountains Merlin’s particles were deposited into the Black Babble River beginning a hopeful journey ending in new life. If successful Merlin’s restoration will continue a prophecy concluding in the return of Camelot to rightful rulership.

Downstream new friends make preparation to meet and greet him whilst unbeknownst an assassin also waits for Merlin’s arrival.

Snow falls quickly silently in great hurry scurrying and flurrying through the air. The cold dark waters of the Babble roll relentlessly on. Life is in motion everything flows onwards to whatever end fate decides…


~ The Great Fairy Fire – (100) – Flow (Continued) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Filtering through limestone bubbling through cracks,

Source of the Black Babble lies in Eons Bach.

It flows from a spring beneath the house of Grim:

He being the Reaper of recent yore: put to the sword

Lying dead on the floor having committed a great sin!


He was trusted to take care of Merlin

Trusted to protect him from strife,

Trusted with preparing his particles

For rebirth and return to life. But alas!

Grim lied to one and all including Sopdet his wife!


Merlin was mixed with ingredients hand-picked,

He was boiled in a vat above roaring flame.

But the Reaper was grim did a wicked thing,

Sold Merlin’s soul to the Devil for gain:

For a life without pain without stain of death.


Snow Melt released Merlin’s particles into the Babble,

Where they huddle inside a hide of glutinous sap.

The cold water flows but nobody knows

If it is Merlin who is coming back.

Midnight flows as the Babble flows-on into Eons Bach


The Black Babble River tripped and tumbled:

Fumbled its way grumbling, cascading where it poured

Into pools full and brimming spilling downhill.

Wildly rushing and racing rumbling never stumbling forever trundling on:

Never-ending motion perpetual animation, fluidity of life.


“Will anything be the same again?” he asked coming to rest.

Merlin was not so much in pain but very sore to say the least.

Recent days had been a strain: he thought of the scaly beast, and

Of being deceased and distilled within sap sat here on the river floor.

He was stilled no longer swirling, no longer twirling no longer Merlin!


Metaphysically he thought he had never-ended,

Yet he knew he had never begun.

He’d only been suspended in a different dimension: a solution

Where everything was nothing and nothing everything.

Where he felt assured knowing he always was and forever shall be.


He contemplated consciousness for there was little else to do:

Waiting for a few minutes whilst an aspect of forgotten lore

Dissolved sap around him released him in spores: as a million seeds

Dispersing and spawning within waters of the Babble – a million seeds

Dissipated, but only one propagated brought to life in a bubble.


Merlin knew where he was yet not by any sense did he know

Beyond certainty with no sight or sound: he felt the river flow,

Knew her secrets her age her ever-changing mood, her every meandering move

Her groove and sensuality. He knew her endless slip and slide

Her every glint and every glide.


She waited for him he waited for her, to stir,

To break him, wake him, make him: for life-giving to occur.

He waited for returning with yearning burning a hole:

Not in himself but in his soul, his future soul,

His future self. He gazed at nothing knowing only of his goal.


The Great Fairy Fire – (98-99) – Flow

Heavy snowfall conceals dark going’s-on in Eons Bach where twelve Ravens, two big-cats and Anubis prepare for Merlin’s magical return to life. They gather as comrades and as friends sharing belief in a prophecy said to restore Camelot to former glory after tyrannical rulership by Morgana-Le-Fays and her army of filthy Rogue-fairies.

Morgana has learnt of the plot to overthrow her. She is ‘close-by’ waiting for Pickadoo – a lock-picking rogue-fairy – to crack-open a portal doorway by projecting an image of Eons Bach onto the destination screen thus envisioning the place where they head. The doorway was previously used by the Highway Cat, Creosote, to free the twelve Ravens from Morgana. If Pickadoo is successful in her imagining, swarms of deadly Rogue will be unleashed upon Eons Bach and Morgana’s conspirators, led by Merlin, all bled dry.

Meantime and elsewhere: alarmed by an intuitive feeling there was a breach in the door of a stone-portal, a mysterious masked and hooded cat riding an armoured swan races across a snowy sky to a gateway close to Eons Bach. He is the infamous Highway Cat and Eons Bach desperately need his cunning…


~ The Great Fairy Fire – (98) – Flow ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Summer-soft breeze teased leaves in trees

Waltzed blossoms spiralling to the floor:

The moor spread a downy-meadow sprayed green shades

Leafy glades evergreen rolled and stretched and flowed

Onwards towards high-peaks capped with ice and snow.


To the source of the Babble’s black-bubbling rise

To where foothills tumbled to a shallow demise,

To where mountains shed snow ice and trees,

To where a valley lies shimmering emerald green.

To where holly crowns a folly standing midstream.


Pickadoo was floating inside her own dream

Mesmerised meandering following memories seen: and unseen!

Those she knew and those she gleaned or those she had been told: –

Legend and fable ancient stories of old – tales from eons back,

Of a crack in the Bach, of a bridge once spanning the gap.


The screen flickered the image changed returned to tumbled folly,

To where holly now had berries and snow fell flurrying:

Where she as a child remembered scurrying, hurrying

Hastening upon delicate wings to enjoy festivities:

Tis the Night of Lit Lanterns when everyone sings!


  Another flicker but no fade or loss of flow:

Snow is gone summer’s song now fills the air.

Another flicker: another cry of despair,

From restless swarms worthless forms

Flesh-eaters who stare gnash and glare!



~ The Great Fairy Fire – (99) – Flow (Continued) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Creosote pulled clumps of ice from frozen fur

Wiped water from wet green eyes.

Circling once in snowy skies they’d landed prepared for war.

Making double-quick time flying blind hoping not to be late:

Late sealing the gate threatening the fate of all in Eons Bach.


Megaliths stood unmoved: no fresh grooves or foot-fall.

“It’s far too still,” said Creosote, “too quiet too chill.”

“Keep a look-out old friend, I’ll be quick with the sealing spell.”

When thereupon came a shaking a quaking a fracturing of sound:

A thundering of wing beats reverberated all around.


He worked quickly to slice a small narrow slit:

Slim and thin it tapped within the rock’s casing.

Into the slit he fit a length of bamboo, a stem freshly cut.

With his heartbeat racing with his tube in the rut,

He peered on through guiding his one and only shot.


Rock shook snow loose dislodged hanging ice.

“Be quick or be dead,” Andromeda said – always a swan of few words.

“Quickly,” she added, “we cannot let them through!”

“Time for one shot make your aim fair and true.”

“Double-top,” said Creosote and away the blow-dart flew.


Rock hummed hammered by the down-beat of a million wings,

Leathery flapping wings attached to nasty wicked things,

Wicked things hankering for blood in the Bach! But..

But the dart snuffed-out the candle illuminating the portal screen!

From somewhere far away came a blood-curdling scream!


The Great Fairy Fire – (96-97) – Release (Continued)

Desperate to foil a plot to overthrow her rulership of Camelot, Morgana is but a hair’s-breadth from swarming en mass through a portal leading to Eons Bach where gathers a group of unwitting travellers brought together to save Merlin from death at the hands of the Grim Reaper.

Grim now lies dead; Merlin’s particles released into the Black Babble River; and midnight is nigh in Eons Bach. Twelve Ravens, two badly injured big-cats, Anubis the deathly dog, and a curious Hooded Cat called Creosote and his gallant swan, Andromeda, gather in one room of the Ferryman’s lodge. The Ferryman was crucial to dark-magic scheduled for midnight: magic said to restore Merlin to life. But Berry is missing and in his stead the group gather finalising their plan to save Merlin.

But ever-present is an assassin Boa-constrictor who also waits for the appropriate hour…


~ The Great Fairy Fire – (96) – Release (Continued) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Anubis excused himself and left the warm room,

“Some air,” he’d said but they all knew instead

T’was to go syphon the python paint yellow snow!

A little light relief whilst with nowhere to go,

They waited for midnight to shortly show.


Perhaps now was opportune to ruffle the hound,

To snuffle him deep beneath hard ground:

To drown him in sulphurous despair!

Might he dare be so bold as to fold him and roll him

Squeeze one so cold and unforgiving about death?


Fusion had sense of the hound’s dark countenance,

 Sense of his unsympathetic stone-cold heart:

“Simply perfect for a killer,” he thought.

“Or with a curious and macabre fascination,”

“Perhaps by way of a deadly occupation?”


He slithered from a hole darted for dense trees:

No more than feet from Anubis taking a whizz.

There he tasted the air, discerned its telling scent:

“Bitterness of a hound bound by covenant. With death!”

“He sweats despite the cold whilst fear flames fire deep within his hearth.”


“I know you Anubis from a time long since past.”

“From time before time when darkness walked the Earth.”

“When Death was keeper of all Flame and Fire:”

“Master of deadly passion, of unquenchable desire!”

“He found those slithering and those canine too: adept killers like me and you!”


~ The Great Fairy Fire – (97) – Release (Continued) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Alarmbells were ringing in the back of his mind,

Yet try as he might he couldn’t find reason not to worry.

He jumped to his feet barely thawed from his feat:

Nor the swan barely thawed from her flight.

“Pray we’re not late,” said Creosote, “Morgana’s breached the Gate!”


“But how can that be?” asked Rubble, more to muse little spaces

Creosote’s announcement had done little to lift dour faces.

“There’s no time to delay we must be on our way!”

“If swarms have got through there’s nothing we can do.”

“They will be here in a matter of minutes.”


“We shall ride-out against Morgana’s heaving tide!”

“Try holding back her swarming attack.”

“But arm yourselves comrades for it’ll not be long,”

“She will soon be here in Eons Bach!”

“If she gets that far we’re all long gone!”


“So up up and away Andromeda!”

“Follow course to the Highwayman’s Hollow!”

“Back to flaying snow back to freezing ice:”

“Back to saving Bach from roguish fairy-vice!”

“O for five minutes more by fireside: now that’d be rather nice!”


“Should Morgana get through, I’ll make attempt at warning.”

“That’s if I live after she comes crawling: with Rogue swarming!”

“And long before she comes calling at Eons Bach!”

“To your stations good friends! Do not hold back!”

“Don’t forget to save Merlin during the coming attack!”


The Great Fairy Fire – (94-95) – Release (Continued)

Tis a time for unwitting heroes: for Ravens and dogs to become team players in an ancient prophecy and for big-cats to become Goddess in a drama underpinned by dark-magic poised upon the midnight hour.

A disparate group of travellers gather in Eons Bach: all are unwitting agents in a bid to save Merlin’s life from the Grim Reaper and as a consequence set in motion a plot to overthrow Morgana-Le-Faye the current tyrannical ruler of Camelot.

High above Eons Bach an armoured swan makes for snowy-mountain peaks whilst somewhere amongst snowy-mountain peaks Snow Melt – a snow-leopard – survived an encounter with Death but sustained severe injuries. In her weak state, she has one crucial task left to perform…


~ The Great Fairy Fire – (94) – Release (Continued) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


There were few who would go,

Fewer still who would know,

Highways above clouds full of snow.

But Creosote knew as he flew:

Flew saddled upon an armoured swan.


Amidst sky-blue hue with wings at full span,

Creosote flew far above snow-covered lands

Yet to fall into ruin in Morgana’s wicked bands:

Her swarms of wicked Wench and stinking Stench,

Pixies nixies and other wee bastard tricksies!


Up-here, time was not linear above the clouds:

Time unfolded in its own inevitable way,

No tickety-tock clock-watching each day,

But a play of light between bright and shade:

The eternal romance of illuminated existence.


Descending from highway to pathway to track,

Andromeda tacked for peaks of Eons Bach.

Wings heavy with snow ice on the leading edge

Narrowly avoiding a jagged ledge, she landed

 Relieved to be down: down once again on solid ground.


Already unsaddled the Cat followed tracks,

Downhill they led towards a deathly dark shack.

Less a dwelling more an outhouse with doors front and back,

No smoke from the chimney no welcome mat by the door.

All was ashen and grey grubby and grim, dilapidated and broken fallen into ruin.


~ The Great Fairy Fire – (95) – Release (Continued) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Snow Melt faded in-and-out, her consciousness without clarity:

Shadows danced within deep shade, all with disparity.

“Open the spout Snow Melt,” came a whisper in her ear.

“Bast,” she sighed, “once more you’re at my side.”

“Grant me strength,” she pleaded, “so Merlin may survive!”


In that one moment Snow Melt arose a Queen,

She felt the rush of something deep within:

A power more formidable than a flashing blade,

Power of a Goddess with Love tenderly made:

She bathed in the might of Bast’s flowing light.


To her feet she stood without fear or pain.

With hope restored with certainty again.

She grasped the ladle tapped down on the tap,

Took delight as steaming mixture thick as sap

Spilt into a channel leading to the Babble below.


Suddenly aware of someone behind her, Snow Melt spun,

Ready to face anything with new found conviction.

Yet no foe was there but a Hooded masked Cat!

One smiling enigmatically as if knowing this and that,

“Come with me if you want to live: I’m bound for Eons Bach.”


When Creosote, the Swan and Snow Melt came in from the storm,

A fire was already lit the room comfortable and warm.

Snow Melt was subject to much fuss and furore,

To spell and enchantment, to healing of sores.

Soon with energy enough to revel in her yore!


The Great Fairy Fire – (92-93) – Release

In the final hour before midnight Pickadoo dreams of materialising a pathway leading to Eons Bach from the inside of a stone-portal. If successful the open gateway will release Morgana-Le-Faye and swarms of rogue-fairies upon the unsuspecting land. Morgana seeks Merlin the wizard and other conspirators joined in a plot to overthrow her rulership of Camelot. She will stop at nothing to kill them all!

Meantime an injured Jinder Soo formulates a plan to save Merlin from the Black Babble River. The Ferryman is missing and she now part of a group of travellers including Anubis and twelve Ravens gathered to ensure Merlin’s survival and as a consequence fulfilment of an ancient prophecy. A curious stranger is newly amongst them and eager to assist in their cause.

Close-by in a tunnel beneath Eons Bach an assassin slithers to-and-fro keen to know more about dark-magic and strange going’s-on in Eons Bach.

Elsewhere Snow Melt bleeds from injuries sustained in an excruciating encounter with the Grim Reaper. She has to yet to complete a task said to undo what has been done with murderous intent to Merlin…


~ The Great Fairy Fire – (92) – Release ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Pickadoo pushed through one last snippet of thought,

One piece of picture ought to have made it whole:

The Wench was focussing on Black Berry’s pole,

“He’s forever punting dead up the Babble,” she said,

“But I’ve neither seen nor ever been to Hades.”


“Well every cloud has a silver-lining,” said Morgana smiling,

Her mood fragrant with death at this late hour.

“There!” she said glaring excitedly at the screen,

“The golden arch stands as I remember it being!”

“My dears this is Eons Bach you’re now seeing!”


Rogue Fairies gazed down upon Pickadoos’s summery scene:

Rolling hills wearing evergreen set beneath a cloudless sky:

T’was every inch the happy valley, the perfect lullaby.

Meadow lined a river babbling full of sigh: whilst there in the middle

Stood a folly with black-water rushing by.


Intuitive discourse had magically prevailed:

Amongst new friends who trailed swift path to Jinder Soo.

Talk turned to Snow Melt as all wondered what to do?

“There are far too few of you and it is far too far!”

“But we’ll go,” said Creosote, “we’ll flow and find her!”


Andromeda looked out at heavy snow-fall:

Looked doubtful if flight were possible at all.

“More courageous the fool who fails whilst trying,”

“For he be the fool who falls a hero dying!”

“We shall be victorious,” promised Creosote, “glorious in our return!”


~ The Great Fairy Fire – (93) – Release (Continued) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


From hewn-wood timbers hung Grim’s hour-glass:

An ornate piece of antiquity forged in a timeless past.

T’was to this glass Snow Melt cast her eyes,

To sand moving rapidly marking day’s demise,

“Minutes to save Merlin then I must head back to Bach.”


She was weak to within minutes of passing out,

Her thoughts were in confusion yet beyond all doubt,

Burned an urgency within her to let Merlin out!

Flipping the lid she stirred with the feather,

Slowly at first and then faster and faster.


Into the whirlpool she placed one hair and the feather,

Replaced the lid then slid slumped and shivered.

Blood-loss from wounds left her shaking quaking,

Barely holding on to life: the knife had cut deep,

Deep enough for death to creep into her veins.


Rubble ran to catch the accelerating swan,

“The cauldron must be emptied for the spell to be undone!”

The Hooded Cat acknowledged that then lifting off was gone.

Quickly beyond sight further beyond sound,

Snow cushioned beating wings echoing all around.


Deep beneath Eons Bach secretly hidden away,

 Warm snug and cosy in a claustrophobic tunnel-way,

Fusion listened-in on twelve Ravens and Jinder Soo:

Discuss plans to save Merlin from Black Babble stew!

Somehow the panther knew dark-magic too: knew enough to know what next best to do!


The Great Fairy Fire – (90-91) – Trapped (Continued)

At bequest of comrades fulfilling a prophecy foretelling Camelot’s liberation from Morgana-Le-Faye, Snow Melt has braved a snowy mountain pass to enter the dwelling of Death and is engaged in mortal combat with the Grim Reaper and his ‘pet’ Underdog. Assisting them is Sopdet the Reaper’s wife who carries a very large boning knife! Snow Melt is there desperate to save Merlin from having his suspended particles drown in a boiling vat of solution prepared (yet sabotaged!) for his midnight return to life.

Lying in the shadow of these high-rising-peaks, the Welsh village of Eons Bach has become focal point for a gathering of unwitting travellers: twelve Ravens and Anubis, the Grim Reaper’s faithless hound search fruitlessly for Black Berry, the Ferryman of the Black Babble River. Berry is crucial to events at midnight but is nowhere to be found.

When then appearing in the snow…


~ The Great Fairy Fire – (90) – Trapped (Continued) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


“I’m deeply troubled by a dark foreboding sense,”

“Hours have passed since Snow Melt left for the pass.”

“She should be back: perhaps she’s trapped?”

“Or am I foolish for falling for such intuited farce?”

“Venus protect her from Grim’s deadly force!”


Anubis came bounding-up having quietly roamed,

Bounding and barking: a hound protecting his home.

“Strangers ahead,” he doggedly said, “I smell trouble.”

“A cat and a swan I think!” said an excited Rubble;

As out of the snow strode a very curious couple!


“They call me Creosote,” said the Hooded Cat,

“On account of my black-shiny coat.”

“And this my armoured-swan Andromeda.”

“We are unique but I shouldn’t gloat!”

“I’m the Highway Cat who saved you from Fey upon this day!”


“You may already know of me: my name is spelt ‘infamy!”

“The Hooded Feline who knows all highways:

“All paths too if you listen to the few,”

“The few who like you have travelled through,”

“Through my portal to distant lands.”


“Why are you here?” Anubis asked stepping close to take a sniff.

“Cat!” he complained, “fancy that, another furry whiff.”

“What do you want with us? What’s all the fuss?”

Anubis was commanding with his doggedness.

“To give you this,” said Creosote, “from Bast to bless the Bard!”


~ The Great Fairy Fire – (91) – Trapped (Continued) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Grim was no more than one step away:

Perhaps no less than an outstretched arm.

For a Mage of his age he’d raced the few yards,

Spurned on by intention to do great harm: he reached for the ladle

With which to flip the cradle, tip Merlin to his doom!


Snow Melt leapt the last few feet oblivious to raging pain,

Opened her jaws to take his arm using her weight for gain.

The feather fell but not too far, her bite tightened as if it were

Her last act her last play in this fray, this play for life:

To kill her adversary set Merlin free, free from death and strife!


They rolled as one thundering into a pillar:

She felt a sudden urge to kill spill to fill her:

Swell to thrill her with hate with loathing fear,

“Kill him! Kill him!” was all she could hear,

Bast’s voice urgent in her uncertain ear.


Perhaps it was primal reflex more than conscious intent:

So exhausted near dying with all effort spent,

Snow Melt snapped closed open jaws on his head,

Pulled back his neck ripped his throat instead.

For one moment she indulged as the Reaper bled.


She was panting as she reached the simmering vat.

Reached down for the feather then glanced back,

Towards where Sopdet lay in a pool of blood.

To a space where Bast should have stood.

“Would have stood,” said Snow Melt, “had you ever been there.”