Buckle Down


The carnival that constitutes the production effort for The Wizard of Wands (WoW) strolls steadily on: story blueprints are drafting, new sets’ building, novel locations being sourced and the usual hustle of wardrobe and props continues to bustle unabated. Extras and stunt doubles are scheduled and I’ve reason to hope all other logistical nightmares are catered for….but there will always be the unexpected to look forward to. Book 2 of the continuing saga is therefore underway – albeit slowly – as new story-threads are teased from the inkwell and given an airing. Despite what might sound like care and careful planning, there is a lot of flexibility built in to the system to cater for the keyboard-trolls. (I have no ‘Raven’ in feline guise to keyboard stroll and rid me of the pesky trolls.)

So whilst the production crew (that would be Dewin) presses on with the Wizard of Wands, I thought I’d try to keep the story alive by publishing a few ‘off-camera incidents’ that might otherwise go unread. I’m Jake Sweeny, general factotum and artful ‘Scrounger’, and friend to Merlin and Archie for more years than I care to remember. It’s a friendship that brings advantages and of course carries immense trust and degrees of responsibility. But their secrets are all safe with me, I’m not in the habit of mischief making nor gossip mongering, which would never do (we are like one big family) but capturing chance moments and spinning a line or two seems fair game to me. Perhaps I’ll also include idle snippets of conversations, mindful musings (and other quiet quiet thoughts) taking place amongst the stars and cast members on the set of The Wizard of Wands. I would include text and tale of the production crew as well but that would just be me and be of no real interest here.

The current ‘players,’ Master Scribe, Archie, Merlin, Hg, Snowmelt, Niblette and Scriblette, and I, have arrived at our new storyline location and are making ready to draft out the next performance. With camp preparations complete and time to kill before we break for supper, I’ve grabbed my parchment and headed out to join the team hoping to catch a ‘curious’ moment somewhere abouts.

Unknown to Merlin and the other legendary stars, I was ‘asked’ by Master Scribe to quietly ensure the first line of any new verse associated with the ‘Merlin poem’ began with words given by CB from VC who provided…‘bring on the wizardry.’

Well okay, I’ll try, but I’m no wizard! 🙂

~ 16th June 5 A.D ~ It’s dusk at the end of a thunderously wet and soggy summers day. Understandably activity in the campsite is at a rather slow ebb but with promise of a fine dry evening the fire’s are lit and warmth returns…indeed there is the gentle lull of music to sweeten our ear. As I sit to write Master Scribe has just returned from a moist ramble in the rain…


~ The Wizard Of Wands – Bloopers and Out-Takes ~

~Buckle Down ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


‘Bring on the wizardry,’ amused the Muse,

musing the moment with the amuse of her muse.

‘Sing with the melody,’ mused the amuse,

amusing the moment with the Muse amused!


His gaze stayed stalled paused stilled,

for perhaps two moments too long.

“Beautiful“ I heard a voice tenderly say,

“She sings a most beautiful song.”


“At once when seen she enters ones dream,

fluttering the flitter of friendship’s feather.”

“Her face a grace a mystical place.”

“Her companionship a partnership to treasure.”


“A Roseling is she and an absolute delight!”

“Adored by all since appearing one night,

emerging by fireside cast in hearth-light,

She’d slipped Hg’s guard to give all a fright!”


“CB is how she is affectionately known,

amongst our fine fellowship of good friends.”

“I’ve heard she travels under a different guise

when accompanying tales to telling ends.”


“I find her a mystery, beguiling perhaps,

a curiosity in purple hue.”

“Her hair raven sleek, eyes dark with mystique

and a smile to warm one through and through.”


“We’ve sat to chit and chat a bit,

else passed the time of day.”

“I’ve asked her about her travels elsewhere,

but she’s very reluctant to say.”


“A twinkle in her eye reveals a depth to her,

a dimension I’ve not yet seen.”

“Perhaps along our meandering path,

will emerge what now lies unseen?”


“Did I mention CB is trippng with us?” I wrote.

“As a new player in the troop?”

“Merlin explained it was all prearranged but,

he’d forgotten to keep us in the loop.”


Said Master Scribe,

“I’m delighted to have a new friend along,

one so creative with merry songs.”

“She a fine heroine to honour our group of six,

and help with my writing wrongs!”




Smack went the slap reeling him back

and cherrying his cheeky cheek!

Snap went the strap bracing his back

slackening his pack

tipping him into the middle of next week!


Archie muffled a laugh as he heartedly quaffed

else swallowed down a sizeable seed.

He had sunk a few maybe one or two,

He had drunk two too many with greed.


“Indeed,” said Merlin in chastising tone.

“A fine friendly flower on which to dwell.”

“But first Master Soothsayer least you forget,

the will of the Rose in your ink-well?”

“Would I dare declare your interest should care,

care for the tale still left to tell.”


“Ouch!” he said, “was that really needed?”

“To your ‘look’ I had already conceded!”

“Hmmm,” grizzled Merlin from griddle-side.

“To Fair Lady Veritas are you dutifully tied!”


“She intrigues us all,” said Master Scribe,

“She a late arrival amongst our cast.”

“Where did you say she’d journeyed from?”

“Pray tell us more about her past.”


“No,” he gruffed with definitive intent,

adding another furrow to his frown.

“You’ve no time to stand and stare my Sage,

“Verse must be written, so please buckle down!”


“It’s day 7 after leaving Copper Door,” I mused,

and we’ve all succumbed to the toll.”

“500 long miles across desert sands,

our story is more than a gentle stroll.”


“Mostly Merlin’s mood has morosely moved

to the darker side of grumpy grey.”

“Two days delayed by lashing rain,

we are way behind on our Way.”


“Hg? He had to flee some three days past,

but he should be back quite soon.”

“His long journeys out never seem to last,

moving so fast by the light of full Moon.”


“As for the Grimalkins, yes both are well.”

“Slipped away for the night I shouldn’t wonder!”

“Else stolen away you know how they stray,

following each whim with a wander.”


“And Snowmelt? Ah yes, as beautiful as ever.”

“Our Leopard never leaves our side.”

“She, always as elusive as she is ethereal,

our dear Snowmelt is not often spied.”


“But I feel her,” said Master Scribe.

“Here with her gentle grace.”

“I sense her motion, feel her pace, so soft.”

“Her paws fall but never seem to touch,

more brush the dust.

In as much,

that Snowmelt fairly floats.”


“Snowmelt,” the Scribe said quietly out loud:

perhaps as a stray thought finding air.

“How I love her… in as much,

“… because I know she’s always there!”


Photography/Artwork by Dewin Nefol



At last! Chapter 5 Act 4 of Natura Naturans is finished and posted under the title Love (Part 2). This instalment is the concluding chapter in the Wizard of Wands, Book 1.

Many months have passed since the Buccaneer first set out on his quest to acquire the One Inked Quill, and in so doing sought the companionship of Merlin the Wizard and his pet owl Archimedes to assist him along his way. Happily agreeing, the three hearty comrades set course for Camelot travelling dark and dangerous underground passages in an attempt to avoid the ever present threat of Morgana Le Faye. It was here in the tunnels that the three journeymen narrowly evaded the savagery of Darkly Sparkle and escaped from an underground waterfall. Separated during the chaos Archie, Merlin and Buccaneer were later reunited with the magical help of Mercury’s indelible ink, which lead them to safety. Now back together the three tired heroes press on once again into the darkness of twisting tunnels as they make their way steadily towards Camelot. In his hand the Buccaneer holds two luminous silver feathers belonging to Mercury. Quite why they were left still remains a mystery to be solved.

I hope you will enjoy the story…thank you for reading.


~ Chapter 5 ~

~ Natura Naturans ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~

~ Act 4 ~ Love (Part 2) ~


Lost were long hours spent walking that day

seeking tunnels dark end steeped in deep grey.

But at last they arrived upon a hewn-rock wall

spanning the width of their passageway.


Archie took a feather from the Buccaneer’s hand,

and stepped closer to investigate.

“Hmm,” said he, “tis a mystery to me,

but I’ve a theory to postulate.”


“Said wall is not all it appears to be,

but an illusion to perplex one’s plight.”

“Watch as I disappear,” Archie amused

and vanished quickly out of sight!


Moments later he reappeared,

emerging from the opposite wall.

“A pathway behind this façade of stone

heads upwards to a curious hall.”


“How did you do that,” the Buccaneer asked,

“disappear into rock and boulder?”

“It’s quite simple really,” Archie confessed,

“truth lies in the eyes of the beholder.”


“The wall and buttress never actually meet

for their join secrets a hidden seam.”

“From where we stood when first arrived

the opening is architecturally screened.”


“A hall?” enquired Merlin shouldering his bag

and following Archie’s ponderous shuffle.

Said Archie, “I saw no more as I hurried through

only signs of a silent scuffle.”


“With care,” Merlin cautioned, “until we are sure

and watch where you tread upon the floor.”

“Buccaneer do well to stay close at my side

our situation has yet to be clarified.”


More outsized room than hewn-rock hall

with haunts of dampness and fear.

Bones lay scattered amongst skittered plinths,

cobwebs spun their webby drear.


“An old Temple for ceremony,” Merlin offered,

“but I know not of what prevailed.”

“There’ll be more I’m sure yet to be seen

 when deep darkness lifts her veil.”


Two flints struck a searing spark

flaming the fuse of four candles.

In sudden bloom the swell of the room

revealed her curvaceous angles.


The Buccaneer stepped back a pace or two

aghast at the sight he saw.

Skeletons and skulls and human bones

lay fallen upon the floor.


“Six,” whispered the wise feathered Sage,

“and all from a different time.”

“Old bones flake, new bones break and

ancient bones slip away as slime.”


“Archie,” said Merlin, “what do you see

when you look up to where a ceiling would be?”

“I cannot say with all sincerity, but

this hall reaches skywards towards infinity?”


All three gazed upwards with uncertainty,

 wide eyes squinting into obscurity.

When Archie stated most emphatically,

“the ceremony has already begun.”


“What?” said his comrades simultaneously,

“what ceremony is happening concurrently?”

“Archie?” said his comrades urgently.

“Please explain what you mean exactly?”


From far lofty mount an ominous boom rung out,

sending cold shivers down their spine.

“At the base of a bottomless tidal well,” he said,

 the deepest in any Earth mine.”


“What ceremony?” pressed the frantic Buccaneer,

and grasped his two feathers tighter.

“An ill-omened hum hangs over this well,

its lament is a prelude for disaster!”


“Buccaneer!” snapped Merlin, “Get a grip!”

“Else fashion a mind that rises!”

“Archie please tell me what has now begun?”

“I have dislike for unwanted surprises.”


“Imagine a huge cylinder reaching upwards thro’ stone

at the base of which was once found a door.”

“Imagine stepping into that swelling well

to be carried upwards to something more.”


“In tall tales told in folds of old fable

we emerged from inside the Earth.”

“For a race once born into darkness and gloom

found chance to endure rebirth.”


The press of the press of the Buccaneer’s press

became evermore impressive.

“What ceremony has begun?” He anxiously asked

becoming evermore eggressive.


“The Rising,” said Archie in monotone mood,

“it started when we arrived.”

“We could make for the door but I’m really quite sure

any way out will be deprived.”


A thud behind them reaffirmed his doubt

as large doors closed sealing their doom.

From pores in the floor gushed excited streams

swirling water into their tomb.


“Folklore and tradition are without contradiction

in the telling of their fabled tale.”

“Her water either carries one’s spirit far away,

‘else one is lifted far beyond this veil.”


Darkness pressed down upon their crowns,

a chill promptly dampened the air.

Water gushed and flushed and wildly rushed

and filled the well with damp despair.


Knee-deep and desperate, dismayed and forlorn,

 when the water slowly whirled her pool.

“Vortex!” shouted Merlin, “get out of the stream

or spoil in the spin of her spool!”


“There are steps!” yelled the Buccaneer.

“Steps on the inside of the wall!”

Merlin followed his distant gaze

towards what he thought was rock-fall.


There upon tired eyes glimpsed one tiny jut

then another in sequential setting.

Around the wall small steps did crawl

 offering escape from the fateful wetting.


Archie was buoyant as he bobbed and swayed

and floated a path to the fall.

Merlin waded instead to the rocks he fled,

. with the Buccaneer in firm haul.


Three scrambled for foothold on miniscule mounts,

each step completed by fate or God’s will.

To the rush and roar of wild whirling furore

they raced the rapidly rising well.


Archie moved easily over perch-like stones,

tined talons teased a tenacious grip.

Though soon parted from their party of three

he still reached so none would slip.


Merlin’s assured stride aided his hastened ascent,

as did surefootedness and a calm demeanour.

Both were virtues the Buccaneer lacked

with his trepidation and twitchy endeavour.


Where two travellers scurried Archie hurried

and took a long view ahead.

Their slippery path plotted a perilous course

spiralling upwards into blackness and dread.


Water quickened the whirl of her watery swirl

pirouetting passed their perilous perch.

She spun she turned she twisted she spurned,

she scoured tall walls with smirch.


She thrashed she wailed she topped and tailed

she twirled gyrated and whorled.

She ripped she raced she pranced and paced,

 she pulled pushed and hurled.


“Quicker!” shouted Merlin, “She reaches with zeal,

we must move further ahead!”

“Take care across here old rocks are worn

make certain of where you tread!”


Against the rock wall facing the full fall,

the Buccaneer set down a shaky stride.

His weight shifted twisted his balance desisted

as stepping stair began to slide.


He stumbled ineptly back his balance cracked,

his reserve flaked like dry old bone.

“Merlin!” he yelled, “what on earth do I do?”

to cross these juts of crumbling stone?”


Readily applying his mass so heavily

the Buccaneer bore down on one aged stone.

As it broke away Merlin heard him say,

“what little hope is all long gone!”


Fine fortune favoured the fall of the fool

when he fell into a backward slide.

The snag of a crag slowed his drag

stabilising his foot on tunnel’s side.


“Merlin!” yelled the beleaguered Buccaneer,

“two steps have fallen away!”

“I’ll soon be thrown to become dust and bone

in the whip of her cyclonic sway!”


”Buccaneer!” screeched Archie, “focus your mind!”

“There amongst chaos a solution you’ll find!”

“Buccaneer!” howled Merlin, “steel your heart!”

“There amongst chaos you’ll hone your art!”


Tearing torrents tore their torrid tide

rampaging fast and feral and free.

Feet below the Buccaneer’s woeful roost

wild water raged rapaciously.


Closing his eyes and opening his heart

he reached for a higher stay.

 As white water rippled as dark fear rattled

his mind found a another new way.


Two steps were gone his leap was too long

to risk his fate to faith alone.

Had he had wings he would have flown,

and soared the gap between the stone.


In his moment of pride, “Eureka!” he cried,

“there is one last saving grace!”

“A bridge!” he cried, “to the other side,

a feather-bridge to span the space!”


“Maybe he’s loco,” said Archie thoughtfully,

“far too long in dry-dock repair?”

“Maybe he’s cool,” said Merlin considerately,

“but all we can do is hope and stare!”


“End to end with feather tips overlapping,

I’ll lace the barbs with my fingers.”

“They’ll reach I’m sure and both hold secure,

for they bear Him up to where he lingers!”


Without further delay thick barbs were splayed,

and woven to form wizard’s weave.

Nimble with sleight magic fingers took flight,

preening faster than he could believe!


“Quickly!” Merlin urged with eager egression,

“she’s risen another few feet!”

“Make haste Buccaneer tie firm your pleat,

make fast your task to complete your feat!”


Barely seconds to spare when feathers extended,

reaching-out across the void.

Merlin grasped and gripped the spanning quills,

as water lashed dashed destroyed.


By good measure his feathers fanned a bridge,

their thread a slender stem to tread.

“Quickly! Quickly! Hurry! Scurry!”

“Do not stop for fear or worry!”


The Buccaneer paused to polish his poise

to ensure his first step were true.

To Merlin he gazed in a wistful daze…

and then one small step became two!


By third fraught stride the feathers bowed

but held their binding bonds!

Then quill tips raked and old stone quaked,

 then barbs loosened their tangled fronds!


One wobble one wibble caught in the middle

he sunk closer to her ferocious roar!

 One quiver one shiver his voice didn’t wither

as shrieking he leapt to his mentor!.”


Water roared and raced and ravaged the quills

 tearing them apart and ripping barbs!

One moment one feather and then their were two

as he scurried over one making yards!


Merlin’s grip slipped on splitting spines

his grasp a sudden clasp on thin air!

Archie grabbed grappled grabbed again

pulling him back onto the narrow stair!


The Buccaneer’s foot landed its mark

but his momentum carried him further!

Arriving fast with no way passed

he took one giant step more upon crumbling ore…

before leaping clear of the tier!


Piercing his shoe as he lifted and flew

was one half of a silvery feather.

T’was held fast in the grasp of synthetic hide,

in a sole devoid of leather.


High over their heads like a bird he soared

with one feather giving him flight!

Into gloom he flew but then was gone, that

Buccaneer with one feather of light!




Slipping tripping flailing and wailing

Merlin harried Archie to quickly race!

When above in the gloom in a glowing bloom

appeared the Buccaneer’s radiant face!


“Oh Merlin! I flew!” he yelled, “I flew! I flew!”

“Above the flue I flew over you!”

“I flew!” he yelled, “I flew! I flew!”

“And in my flight I grew and grew!”


“From inside darkness I’ve emerged anew!”

“From out of darkness I’ve returned to you!”


“T’was more a fortuitous Fool leaping with style,

than a flight of any reliable worth!”

“But I shall credit you this,” Archie said,

”you’ve a heart of considerable girth!”


“Now quickly ahead upwards we tread

to escape her swish and swirl!”

“Buccaneer lead us clear to lofty ground

 and way out of this infernal well!”


Three hurried to climb skinny stone steps

with doom biting hard at their tails.

Higher and higher they scrambled their way

with death’s tipping hand on their scales!

~ + ~

A smear of rouge a smudge of light

a glimmer shone out from afar.

“I can’t be sure until I’ve seen some more

but it shines as bright as a star!”


Archie stared hard into the blackened haze

intent of seeing far further.

“Good Heavens!” said he, “it’s the sky above!”

And screeched to express his fervour!


“Then quickly!” yelled Merlin, “we must now flee

and escape this soggy insanity!”

“Step faster push harder reach higher!” said he,

“else we’ll drown within this misery!”


Chasing and pacing and outrunning the tide

they strived for the very next stay.

Upwards three clambered as one path meandered

to a star shining down on their way…

~ + ~

Unto last stepping stair they fled with dare,

until arriving on a wider projection.

To the lip of the ledge the Buccaneer edged

seeking sight of their next destination.


Merlin and Archie clambered from the gloom

and breathless regained their composure.

Shoulder to shoulder three travellers stood

upon the crown of one last boulder.


Their feather-light reached to illume old rock

a crag riddled with ravelling radicals.

Dry roots knotted clotted dotted and spotted

the granite with vegetable materials.


High above their eye-line bearing down

bowed vast boughs of vaster trees.

Fat twigs unending fatter branches bending

with the weight of oversized leaves.


When to their noses wafted scent of roses

bourn aloft upon soft calming breezes.

“An age in tunnels has left me nearly in pieces

I cannot tell you how much this pleases!”


Below still circled the predatory swell

her whirling well far less frantic.

Rising to still on the lip of their sill

in feather’s warm glow she was dramatic.


Calm and serene dark watered and menacing

her settling poise absorbed their light.

“Only a fool would fall ‘neath her shallow veil,

deep down she’s as dark as night.”


 “Then it is a leap of faith,” Archie declared,

“for none of us are preened for flight.”

“If my sense of second sight steers us right

we shall prevail and all be alright.”


 A gap of twelve feet separated the three

from the rock of roots before them.

When with one sudden bound the Buccaneer left ground

took flight and grasped a thick stem!


“Twice in one day, ‘tis child’s play

this flying with one feather unaided!”

“Now come don’t delay reach for this stay

or linger longer there until persuaded!”


Merlin caught the twitch in Archie’s face

as one eyebrow rose in revelation.

With his mind inclined with intuitive grace

Merlin knew it required levitation.


“I’ll give you a hand to cross,” gestured Archie,

“else you’ll never make the leap.”

“Distance is deceiving because of the height

it is more than a little steep.”


“Indeed agreed,” said Merlin,

“tuck a strong wing beneath my boot.”

“And on the count of one two three

launch me to the rocky root!”


“All being well and my bound finds ground,

you’ll be all alone to cross the swell.”

“How might you fare my dear old owl

will all with you all be well?


“Of course!” came Archie’s certain response,

“you really are an old wheeze!”

“I’ve Spring in my sight, one wing for flight,

I’ll clear the gap with ease!”


“Then so be it,” Merlin conceded,

“I shall see thee on the other side!”

“Leap swiftly grasp safely land securely,

and stay away from her grasping tide!”


He ran three steps and put down his boot

into the cupping of Archie’s wing.

With force the owl flexed feather tips and

launched Merlin as if from a sling!


His flight was short but his aim was sure,

he landed in dry rooted weaves.

And turned to watch as Archie leapt

and flew up into the leaves!


He’d slung his sling and tested his wing

before he’d leapt the void.

It pained him still but firm was his will

 when deeper conviction was employed.


Now jubilant and thriving climbing still striving

for the summit of their rooted rock peak.

So far from the floor and just meters more

before the promise of Nature’s mystique.


The Buccaneer reached down a hand

as Merlin topped the climb.

“You have to see what’s waiting here,

‘a forest born from the sublime!”


Barely had Merlin straightened to stand

or the Buccaneer turned around.

When from behind them a voice spoke out

leaving both speechless and spellbound!


“Merlin my friend! My dear artful Seer!”

“How very pleased I am to see you!”

“I thought you lost to her swirling grave,

that I was to late for your rescue!”


As the Buccaneer spun, Merlin quickly begun

walking towards the Silver Winged Flyer.

“Hermes!” He bubbled, “you silvery Mage,

and high Herald holding highflier!”


Hooded was he tall elegant and composed,

polished to a perfect shimmer.

A dress of coal black subdued blue hue,

but not the lustre of celestial glimmer.


He stood shaded by a sweep of broody leaves,

freely tumbling from a bough.

Shadows deep only failed to keep

his radiance from flaring out.


Two friends embraced as old Wizard’s do

with hearty slaps on the back as gestures.

Two friends locked eyes as great Elders do

sharing silent whispers of high adventures.


T’was Archie who interrupted the Seers greet,

who leapt a branch to land at their feet.

Said he, “how marvellous to see you Mercury

as we rise from our oubliette.”


Three Mages of Ages embraced as one

a collective with unlimited measure.

To three Sages stepped forth the Buccaneer

so four travellers might stand together?


“Hers is the hearth at the heart of every Sun.”

he heard Lord Mercury say.

“She is well my friend and the route not far

to the warmth of her homely stay.”


“I believe this is yours,” quavered the Buccaneer

holding out one silver feather.

“On the contrary Sir its ownership is yours,

gifted to you for your measure.”


“I’m Lord Mercury,” said he in quipped parlance,

“but you may call me Herm or Hg.”

He emerged from shadow in one swift stride

to the side of Merlin’s prodigy.


“My dear Sir,” said he, “you’re part of our three,

the reason why four now stand together.”

“Our every endeavour has carried you further

and closer to the treasure you’ll pleasure.”


“I have more to tell when we’ve time to dwell

but for now let us tread quickly.”

He placed one hand on the Buccaneer’s arm,

“we’re far from harm but must move carefully.”


Of curiosity indeed Herm had a familiar face

a visage the Buccaneer had seen before.

He dug deep and trawled memories recall

yet couldn’t quite find what he looked for.


He was in awe for sure of this preened demi-god,

he was lost in the throes of near bliss.

For all those years spent soulfully wandering

had somehow led him to this!


The Buccaneer stuttered his opening line

clearly overwhelmed by his companion’s shine.

“Hb,” he faltered and twinkled a smile,

“the pleasure,” he assured, “is mine.”


Merlin attempted to capture an impulsive smile,

Archie let slip a muffled wheeze.

Lord Mercury’s riposte flew sincere and true

as if sped by the lulling breeze.


“Agreed,” said he, “tis my pleasure indeed,

to meet a maverick from Merlin’s fold!”

“There was once another with your brash and verve,

whose Arthurian legend is still told.”


“Merlin speaks highly of your essential essence,

he believes in the heart of you.”

“Great things will come when time is right

until then we’ve Destiny to pursue.”


“Walk with me and we shall talk some more

en route to Copper Door.”

“I’m told you are eager in your thirst to learn

 and in your hunger to discover more.”


The Buccaneer hardly heard the Flyer’s words,

star struck was he within mystery.

He kept astride alongside his new company,

a fourth now added to travellers three.


Overhead towering trees reached for the sky

grasping for distant stars burning higher.

Upon a floor firm and sure Nature thrived oversized,

her every form a poem to inspire.


“Our path to Copper Door,” said Mercury,

“will take a long hour or two.”

“I imagine you’ll welcome this emerald seam

 after long dark days in the flue?”


“What words have I to define this dream,”

mused the Buccaneer gazing away.

“When one walks with Gods in Eden’s prayer,

what words are there to word this day?”


Mercury flashed a smile and down a path he led,

“that’s why you’re here among us,” he said.

as Scribe within our fold.”

“To Camelot we are head with intention set.

you shall score the Legend to be told.”


“One hand must write the tale just right,

must reach for words of Truth.”

“History must be etched in The Wizard of Wands,

from the quill of the Soothsayer’s sooth.”


Speechless breathless at a loss for words

the Buccaneer fell into a stumbling stride.

T’was a reassuring hand upon his arm

when Hg slowed and returned to his side.


“Do not dwell on doubt or let her deceive,

 what lies ahead is yours to believe.”

“It’s why you muse as you do and strive to achieve

ownership of Merlin’s wizardy weave.”


The Buccaneer let out a long pent up smile

a beaming gleam worn ear to ear.

“Hg,” said he, “is this fantasy reality?”

“Or am I really here?”


“As you believe the world to be,

so it is,” replied Hg.

“Now come,“ said he, “walk with me,

we should return to our esteemed company.”

~ + ~

At length their trail wound to a rock-strewn ford

straddling a brook silently running.

To either side plunged crumbling cliffs

tumbling into stream’s quiet babbling.


“We’ve time to sit beneath a press of stars

and still in the softness of their glow.”

“Buccaneer,” said Hg, “study them well,

each is a world you’ll come to know.”


Four gazed up towards Empyrean’s dark skies,

upwards and upwards into distant highs.

Higher and higher they lifted their eyes

admiring Her beauty in heavenly guise.


Venus shimmered her sallow scarlet flame,

a full Moon flushed her milky hue.

Into Her ponderous perplexity they peered

until dark clouds concealed their view.


Mercury shifted swiftly rising to rise

spearing an impossible vector into the skies!

His rapid return gave all sudden surprise!

That mercurial aviator in mercurial guise!


“Quickly!” He commanded with forceful tone

“we must take flight from cloud and chill.”

“Morgana’s carrion gather vast flocks en masse

her swarms come to take us to Hell.”


Hg wore the countenance of one born to wield

the great power of a discerning Seer.

“Never before has that audacious boar

bore such audacity to venture here!”


“She comes for the Scribe,” Merlin advised,

“for the writer of The Wizard of Wands.”

“In place of the Book she’ll take his hand

and foil the spoil of her darkly Lands.”


Merlin turned in haste to his companions three

his smile an artfully crafted mystery.

“Hg,” said he, “speed them safely away,

I’ll return to you all at first light of day.”


Archie stepped forward to voice his concern

“Merlin,” he said, “are you quite sure?”

“Yes,” he replied, “quite certain indeed,

I’ll lead them on a merry detour.”


Merlin winked at Hg in that way of Sages

ran into the forest and evaporated!

Mercury gathered the duo and abruptly stated,

“his mastery shouldn’t be underestimated..”


“Now swiftly we fly very low in the sky

to avoid detection from overhead.”

“Breathe-in as we leave out as we arrive,

‘else deceleration will spread and shred!”


“On counting three,” said Hg,

“we’ll lift away and soar!”

“On counting four,” said Mercury,

“we’ll land at Copper Door!”


Empyrean’s Moon shone her bedazzling bloom

pouring sequins upon the stream.

The Buccaneer’s count slipped slowly passed “three,”

by “four” he had arrived in a dream!

~ + ~

Merlin hastened his pace and took quicker strides

dashing with dare between trees.

Whilst in the light his foe would catch sight

of his shadow betrayed in Moon’s frieze.


The spell he had poured from his ancient vial

conjured free movement as one might please.

T’was an invisibility cloak a mirror for smoke

a wheeze to evade capture with ease!


“One dab one daub one spill of application,

one nip one sip one gill of concoction.”

“One drizzle one mizzle one dowsing of lotion,

et voila!” Said Merlin, “invisibility potion!”


In magic Merlin had entrusted his fate,

to the Craft he held so dear.

In Mercury Merlin had never have doubt,

he knew friend’s were safely clear.


He understood Hg was lightening quick

yet weight-restricted to carry two.

 T’was why he’d chosen to remain behind

and lead-away the carious crew.


And so he had waited as the circling throng,

gawked and squawked and gathered above.

A trail he’d laid giving an impression of three,

a twisting path heading away through trees.


Within hours his course traced path to the well

where her demonic pout was out.

At rooty rock’s ledge he stepped to the edge

and stared into her bottomless spout.


Her smirch and bloom had given way to gloom,

gloom had given way to despair.

Despair had sunk low to drain away

leaving bare her precipitous lair.


At rocky edge he left a choice trinket or two,

signs of a Seer having spilt baggage.

Then doubling back on a wide arcing path

he raced Aurora’s dawning passage…

~ + ~

From a hilltop nesting whilst still resting

Merlin looked down upon the babbling stream.

T’was a mount with a perch a fair mile away

affording full view without being seen.


He wanted to be certain his curtain, his tissue of lies

led the brood to drowning ends.

Would he then turn to return to his task

and the companionship of his friends.


High above had swelled whirled twirled its mass,

black ink was in turmoil and tumult.

Raven’s rose arose a rose of twisted crows

 a symphony of flurry and movement


Jet feathers swift flight,

swirling hordes no light,

when something ceased,

and a crack of bright,

amidst the gloom of doom descending!


Bursting black in bill with thorn-tipped quill

Faye’s feathered ferocity flew to slay!

Flocking mocking swarming rocketing,

black rain came with dawn of day!


Tides spilt torn edges of seething clouds

splintering the sky into a million shards.

Corvidae and pain fell again and again

pooling amass upon streams’ babbled yards.


A mass swirling and flurrying black feathers still scurrying,

scattered, gathered, strutted and stalked.

Seething sighing blood-lust flying and

carving crowing clawing when they walked.


With such a swathe of seething rage

Merlin’s set trail was quickly found.

From crest of hill Merlin chanced a smile

when amass all turned around…

as one by one they followed along

the deadly path to a wet end bound.


“Craft a draft with a dizzy dash of good luck!”

Merlin mused setting pace to Copper Door.

“Well that and knowing of tidal times,” he said,

“just to ensure and be doubly sure!”


At last fleck of the fleeing flock,

blossomed Aurora’s swollen rose.

Dew tipped prickles pulsed and rippled

as she arose in scintillating prose…

~ + ~

Had I wit to wonder when my particles returned,

long before my senses would ever glean.

Perhaps I’d have felt the pressing back out

of my light-self into labyrinthine.


The rush the thrill and still pulsating when still

as atoms found their way to form me!

I look and see as parts of me shape me beyond me

and turn to firm again as me as bones!

Oh my!


It’s perfectly true my experience was through

in less than a miraculous second.

But not my lingering recall lingering still

  of the fleshy robes of primordial schneken.


My ripple rippled for blissful hours, the rush

departed with one breath of air.

Returning from light is inexpressible delight,

 more intimate than a love affair.


Emergent as three were Archie me and Mercury

upon swollen tip of a hilltop peak.

 T’was an ancient mound intentionally crowned

with megaliths of antediluvian mystique.


Beyond all-around and far-away to my eyes

radiated the radiance of a radiant land.

At first sight so bright so light and snow-white

I shielded the shock beneath salute of one hand.


She was a parallel of coincidental correspondence,

her accordance in concordance and harmony.

A highland rising undulating and forming, still

firming towards one unified singularity


Snow-peaked, snow-laden, snow fields lay pillowed

Dreaming in homogenised reveries.

Bunkering bewildering wilderness shifted

drifted beneath a quilt of snowy seas.


To my eyes still distant in forming vision,

towards rugged peaks capped with ice.

Colossal overwhelming charismatic and charming

 flowed Nature’s presidential paradise.


“Long have I held a feeling, a sense of believing,

in a realm still taking its first breath.”

“Elemental simplicity primordial complexity

potentiality balanced precariously on the edge of death.”


T’was Hg’s line finishing my first thought

as I returned to a semblance of calm.

“Linger longer,” said he, “let new colours spill and thrill

and find way into your heart.”


Mere moments indeed when with sight improved

blindness lifted from my squinted gaze.

 At once the gleam of an undifferentiated scene

withered with my hedonistic haze.


I shivered or quivered whichever it was

at a last pulse of atomic surge.

With bio-systems intact compact and fully charged

binocular biology blinked and merged…


In that single moment of darkness whispered a breeze,

 “Traveller do not be afraid of me.”

“Walk in wonder towards Copper Door and

far deeper into Mystery.”


As my ear did hearken

to a soft voice spoken

my spell was broken!

My eyes shot open!

My fear awoken!

My breath frozen!

My senses in motion

as into my vision

a new scene was woven!

Oh my!


Candle light bloomed her soft orange glow

fair across a cavern wall!

In an undersized space less a cave more a room

I suddenly felt very small.


“”Darkness!” I blurted, “is that you who speaks?”

“It is I the Buccaneer from the mine!”

“Two encounters already since my journey began

our third now here in this shrine?”


“Hg,” I hollered, “Morgana is here for my sight!”

“No,” came the voice, “everything is alright.”

“What then,” I said, “is this tenacious tight tomb

chiselled and hewn from dark night?”


She spoke pearling words upon a silky sigh,

“my dear Buccaneer how unsettling to hear

of your flighty fear of fiery Le Faye.”

“Would you be calmed still if I were to tell

I’m not here to bedevil your stay.”


“I’m here to please or else accompany you

as companion in your dramatic play.”

“Silently we’ve been pacing and quietly waiting

and now here as your Felidae.”


“Have you noticed us at all in your lengthy trawl

treading your journey’s wearisome way?”

“Whilst remaining rather small are we unforgettable

with our patina and irresistible sway?”


“What the double toothpicks!” I suddenly protested

sensing the soft press of brushing fur!

To the floor my eyes were quickly drawn

to smudge shadow and fleeting blur.


To two emerald beams bedazzling from eyes

glistening as jewels within jade.

To the sweetest purr I have ever heard

from the sweetest Grimalkin ever made.


Upon a sumptuous throne of curvaceous stone

flowed her slinky nimble form

She was sleek with chic and feline mystique her

fur fashioned from midnight and storm.


 Lacquered swathes switched swatches with cobalt coals

lustre licked the gloss of her pelt

 Black fur with shine so exquisitely fine

my frozen heart began to melt.


I loved her way her faint sway each way rippling

as molasses from head to toe.

I loved her poise her pose her predilection

in the cut of her tail-ending mow.


I loved the elegance in the tilt of her head

in subtle waves of quivering fur.

I loved the contours of her sensuous shape

and the allure of her alluring purr.


I loved the curve of her spine and sensual face

her grace her polish her pride.

I loved her compose her blossomed black rose

her stance her strut her glide.


Her stare was a dare I could no longer bare

for want of touching one so fine.

From the first moment I caught sight of her,

I knew she was undoubtedly mine.


I approached with care whilst crouching low,

easing from shade into deep shadow.

“By what name would you travel by?” I inquisitively asked,

“might it be a name I’d know?”


“Niblette,” mewled a yowl close to my kneel

“Scriblette,” mewed another below the throne.

In the flick of my eyes between the two

they had both already flown!


“Niblette, Scriblette!” I exclaimed on a whim,

eager for glimpse of twined two!

One grimalkin was a magnificent sight,

glancing glossy two was entirely untrue!


From a splice in a crack near a neat small stack

came a voice melting chocolate and cream.

“Amber is what tells us apart,” she purred,

flashing eyes from an exotic dream.


“On my” I sighed, “you’re a bodacious sight,

 with your limpid eyes of saffron light!”

“Breathless in the beauty of two grimalkins alike,

one emerald one amber both exquisite delight!”


A shadow stirred silently upon the throne

as a black pelt parted the shade.

Seamless was she and as fluid as night

as deep within darkness she played.


She purred as a panther to encourage my hand

to reach out and caress her fur.

She teased as a tigress torn from a scene

in a dream where she never were.


Hurried to haste for my first faint touch

she sighed a long visceral purr.

Charmed and enchanted I longed so much

to know the true essence of her.


Oh my! Would a kiss ever linger quite as long

if dusted against my cheek?

Would a flame ever warm my loving heart

as did the caress of her midnight chic.


Tip to tip with both sleek and slick her fur

pressed athwart my hand.

I closed my eyes as she eased to me

with her pelt now gently fanned.


Did I first fly or was I first flown

in that one press of her to me?

More Love flowed than my heart would know

more fears left than my mind could see.


Two delicate paws barely dented my robes

as she lay one either side on each shoulder.

Into my face she was gazing her emerald blazing

when I opened my eyes to her smoulder.


This feline face with lioness grace she moved me,

stirred me turned me to spiralling bliss.

Her touch when it fell lightly upon my nose

came softly as an angel’s kiss.


My tears as they flowed sealed our embrace

‘else sweetened my heart still further.

I listed and drifted in the sweet Love of her

upon seas as light as a feather.


I lingered and lazed within her emerald eyes

drowning in jewels knowing dreams.

I floated as a mote in her languid gaze

upon Love’s glistening streams.


She nudged and nibbled as she nosed my nose

and patted my face as I petted her grace.

Our union was instant our hearts became one

 in the charm of our sweet embrace.


“Scriblette,” she purred, “come hither if you will,

come meet our charming new friend.”

“His touch is warming his heart quite endearing,

his gentle loving knows no end.”


My eye glimpsed a sudden amber flash

streak upwards from the floor.

Chancing quick glance proved pointless

before quick glimpse of a delicate paw.


At once one furry pad preceded two,

 with a third and fourth soon following.

From deep dense shade flowed a cat so fine

one cast from nights dark hollowing.


“Scriblette,” she soothed stealing my heart and

pausing my breath with her mewl.

I turned my head to face her feline form

as she slipped out for her big reveal


From her mantle ledge in soft candlelight

to my shoulder in one graceful bound.

When into my neck she nuzzled her head

I sensed the sweetest love I’d ever found.


To that shared moment would I sit and write

and find a thousand words to tell.

Of how two spirits filled my heart with Love

and my life with their Grimalkins spell.


But it’d delay still further the forthcoming end,

and the continuation of my story.

Perhaps another time shall I share a line

or else tell a tale or allegory


T’was Niblette with her verdurous eyes

who pressed for a tighter huddle.

T’was Scriblette with her adoring grace

who melted into folds of our cuddle


“Trust in us,” she appeased softly purring,

half-closing her amber eyes.

“To Copper Door we swore to lead and guide

to take you further to other highs.”


“For you sweet love arrives a moment so fine,

  a gift bestowed upon the few.”

“Tis time your heart encouraged your mind

without thought to misconstrue.”


“Asleep in one room of this ancient deep tomb

upon a soft bed of balsam and heather.”

“Lays a lady purple red in fine silken threads

adorning fuchsia and teal feathers.”


“Her burning emotion is her flawless devotion

 sharing Divine Love unconditionally.”

“Into her swollen hue is a path set out for you,

one that ends in knowing Her Supremacy.”


“Would sense of sunlight kissing tree-tops tall

turn your sight towards such Love?”

“Would knowing the Loving heights of angelic birds

inspire you to embrace your Dove?”


Niblette slipped her sweet embrace and

to the empty throne did leap.

“Buccaneer,” said she melting on cold hard stone.

“Or would you sow a crown to reap?”


“Another annexe to this tomb hides a different room,

in which is secreted the One Inked Quill.”

“Separating you from this hallowed loom

is a choice to be made with free will.”


“This feather of fable for which you yearn,

will carry the mind to unimaginable heights.”

“Far farther beyond reach of one’s dreaming spire.”

“Towards Kingship and Priestly rights.”


Niblette stretched and arched her slender form

curving to a near perfect arc.

She relaxed once again with her green eyes aflame,

and mewled, “are you ready to embark?”


“Two paths are ahead,” purred Scriblette

but upon which would you tread?”

“Might Niblette’s path bloom your Kingly flower,

‘else place a crown upon your head?”


“Might my path sweeten your compassionate heart

and flourish Love’s rising Rose?”

“Or might neither path offer the fire you desire

to empower either Love, King, or prose?”


“Love,” said I without pause or dither

“I want to hold her in my heart.”

“I want knowing of her flowing in my loving prose

her flourish to every word’s new start.”


“I want Love to seal and close each line,

To swell and pour upon my nib”

“I want her fire her desire her flaming spirit

to fill my quill and always give.”


“I want to hold to fold to mould with her

to have her burn against my mind.”

“I want to feel the sear of fusing Love

 when our hearts are first entwined.”


“I want to fall at her feet feeling wholly complete

and adored by her Loving gaze.”

“I want tears and deep stirrings and emotional outpourings

I want to drown when I give her praise.”


“Hmm,” Niblette purred, “what exquisite delight

would the flight in light of Love offer!”

“But why not explore your feelings more,

 Kingly priesthood is the better proffer?”


“Why would you not rise to fill two crowns

to embrace both virtues of equal merit?”

“Would not her Love nurture self-Sovereignty

and inspire your Kingly spirit?”


“We knew one other who passed through here

whose path was destiny bound.”

“Yet one choice had he to be made freely

to embrace pure Love or be crowned.”


“Might you recall the ancient Sage still?”

“He who hastens to be at your side?”

“Would knowing his choice instil perfect will

or else help you to further decide?”


“You have asked so little for one who seeks,”

continued Scriblette’s tender thought.

“Merlin’s choice to follow the truth in his soul

is a vow he has never forgot.”


“I am without questions, my intention is set,

to know Love is my questing end.”

“Many times have I tried my feelings to hide

but I can no longer pretend.”


“I know you both sense a hollow in me

a dark place where light has never shined.”

“Would I confess in prayer as we sit and dwell

‘tis where my heart is confined.”


In unison my audience spoke as one without flaw,

“one always finds so much more to explore,

when our drilling bore draws close to the core

 and first pierces a distant void.”


“Tis true,” I said, “I want so very much,

to know the press of Love’s tender touch.”

“To sense sweet embrace cradle me in her womb,

 with her blood spiriting my eternal bloom.”


It was Niblette leaping into my expectant arms

who proffered her purred second sight.

“A righteous choice if it were perfectly right

to forgo instating Kingship with Love’s light.”


“Hg once advanced through her hallowed Door,

chose his path after Zeus gave him wings.”

“As I recall Mercury was a miracle born

for words with spirit that sings.”


“He wears no crown or covets a throne

he is a Spirit intended to be free.”

“Psyche’s flight is his might, his adoring delight,

dispensing her quicksilver energy.”


“Merlin yields and bends to Love’s sweet call,

to share wisdom of her enchanted will.”

“Mercury crests and soars and glides and guides,

and scribes with her One-Inked Quill.”


“And so to what end might you now intend,

having shared an inner thought or two?”

“Be certain,” they purred, “ before making your pledge,

before you step far beyond the ledge.”


“Tis not by way of mindful philosophy

shall your choice be held fixed and firm.”

“Beyond virtuous belief or humble prayer,

is the answer for which you yearn.”


I knew as I grew in one supreme moment

my choice did not need amending.

“I am blessed to walk as a humble man

  with desire for life never-ending.”


“I am free within me to be as I please

when held in the arms of Love.”

“My life is worth spending relentlessly striving

with my love in Her Love above.”


“Then so be it,” mewled the Grimalkin two,

 “your oath has been solemnly made.”

“Had doubt dampened your swift reply then

your choice was not for what you prayed.”


Into shadow they slipped sliding a path

out of sight of my field of vision.

Hours seem to pass in one beat of my heart

waiting for what followed my decision”


There was no drift or shift or crack in black.

No sound no thud or sudden snap.

No groan from walls or turning racks.

No whisper from doors flung widely back!

Only piercing silence pierced my tomb,

piercing my heartbeat piercing the room.


Then with neither growl nor purr of any sense,

a mewling menace flared my attention.

Fear ignited my darkness to a dizzy haze,

a gaze with no visible foundation.



A whisper came floating from deep within shade.

“My darling,” it flowed, “do not be afraid.”

“She loves you deeply in a bond heavenly conveyed

long before your sweetness was ever made.”


Quills and fluid fur found form in my hand,

my fingers found form between fur.

She flowed like a river to her tailing end,

from the fluid tap of her queenly purr.


To my right she returned having circled me whole,

and slid her weight beneath my hand.

Her muzzle pressed, her nozzle nuzzled

nudging for embrace on demand.


Slowly kneeling though never leaving my feeling,

letting fingers rest upon her might.

When two exquisite eyes in Lapis blue hue,

twin pearls pooled in perfect night.


 Alabaster danced swirling sapphires deep beryl.

Teal teased indigo’s royal blue.

 Azure sheen sizzled ultramarine

blushing turquoise with cerulean dew.


Livid black slices pearled liquid orbs.

Jewels brushed starlight with lapis sable.

Black spheres lost in violet and jade.

Fused with fire and deep copper gable.


But, in one blink she was gone or spirited away!

Else pacing her imperious dark shrine.

 My senses raced to taste her heavy dusk scent

for touch of her irreducible feline.


“She misses you,” whispered a whispered voice,

a wafted whisper wafting to my ear.

Wafting settling lapping rasping

Soft licks groomed my Buccaneer.


“We miss you.”

“Whenever you reach for so far away.

Or stray away from your far away stay.”

“Each time you set sail on another new way.

Each moment of each and every day.

Whenever your stay is days away,

days away from your loving way.’

“Snowmelt and I, we miss you.”


Stunned, rooted was I by firm stem and stable.

Stalled still kneeling upon the floor.

Stilled still reeling with her pant still purring.

With sweet-love behind Copper Door.


Deep blue ran rings around pitted black pools

 Mourning mauve contested amethyst fire.

“Snowmelt” said I, “please, one blink more,

one glimpse more,

one chance more

for one glance more of your sapphire pyres.”


But her purr and perfume padded to fade

Folding away to slip beyond shade.

Left mindful was I anticipating next turn

A Knight waiting his felidae’s return.


Candle flame flickered on the whim of a breeze

Took flight from its tethered fuse

Light raced chased last phantoms of grey

Devouring my shrine in heliotrope hues.


Auriferous ferocity sensuously blazing.

Ignited livid light rapturously flaming!

Breathless was I my heart blissfully hazing!

Touched by Love’s Golden Heart blazing!


My soul aching with desire spilt glorious yearning!

All sense of sense seared sent burning!

Her light was so bright, her emergence quaking!

My eyes were opened as if first waking!


“Oh my Goddess!” I breathed barely breathing at all.

Powerlessly melting upon the floor.

“Oh my goodness,” I whispered my breath inhaling.

Helpless in-Love behind Copper Door.


“Oh my Love,” I grasped at last still gasping.

Still grasping reaching for words to say.

And then nevermore the sound of breathy words.

  As I died in her arms that day…

~ + ~

~ Epilogue ~


“Master Soothsayer shall we make best of where we rest?”

“This sweet nest so blessed with happiness?”

It was either Niblette or Scriblette upon the throne,

two Grimalkins were sat entwining.


Snowmelt shifted her phantom drifted,

And excluded chill at the door.

Upon the floor she calmly eased blissfully pleased

By morning’s ice-cold breeze.


Niblette flowed from her throne and padded a path,

Rippling the darker shades of the room.

Scriblette leapt from stone into my embrace,

Flashing two liquid saffron blooms.


“We wait,” she purred, “here in the shade

and perhaps learn a little more.”

“Niblette will tell of what we’ve missed

and what is still left to find in store.”


“I’m not sure of where I’ve even just been!”

“Nor even sure of where I am now!”

“It all seems a dream, a whimsical stream.”

“Like a poem plucked from the brow.”


“Mmm,” mewled Scriblette and paused.

“Was there always an evermore behind Copper Door,

one quite as exquisite as this?”

“Was there always evermore after Copper Door?”

“An evermore of quill, ink and chalice?”


“Sweet Scriblette my dear you make it so clear.”

“In this instant I really am here!”

“Master,” chirped Niblette leaping to cutch.

“There are no secrets between there and hear.”


”So neat offbeat, feet fleet with beat but so unsure?”

Soothsayer, “walk and believe to achieve.”

“Else adopt adapt advance,” she smoothed.

“Please Master we must now leave.”


“Tis your time to write with Light!”

“Cleave splice with her Feather!”

“Else pull taut her Virtuous Bow.”

“Slice never slash cut never gash.”

“Her mind your mind, one arrow.”


“For sooth’s sake walk Master Scribe.” they teased.

“Take up her tier’s new start.”

“Walk sit alongside her other winged Seers.”

“Her Masters of the Purple Plumed Art.“


By fireside huddled a small group of two.

As if a portrait in a hall of fame.

Three hours were passed since Merlin had gone.

Dawn would soon share morn’s flame.


Quintessentially calm poised and serene.

Hg was never one easily ruffled.

His gaze was glazed in fire-lapped haze.

His thoughts tempered tho’ ne’er troubled.


“Your passage through the tidal swell.”

“Is a secret to fall silent on your ears.”

“You now have sight of my Magus sleight.”

“Tis a trick I’ve been using for years!”


“What better route than take Nature’s root?”

“Far quicker delivering at Hades door.”

“I wait for her drought, head back before spout.”

“And up through the hall in well’s floor!”


“The bones are a folly at the bottom of the well.”

“Fair warning ‘beware her swell!”

“Yet still they come to chance her whirl.”

“Few leave having stories to tell.”


“I’m occasioned by lost souls seeking their way.”

“Back to the past life or light of day.”

“I’m Psychopomp,” said Hg, “it’s my bound duty.”

“As accompanying guide for the final last stay.”


“I’m heading back.” Archimedes muttered.

“To see if I catch Merlin’s sight.”

“My wing is well rested to permit short flight.”

“My quill sharp to take-up the good fight.”


“No!” Mercury insisted standing firm his ground.

“It would be a most foolish endeavour!”

His emphatic command bounded around.

“Staying right here would be clever!”


“Merlin has more than one trick up his sleeve.”

“Else he’d not have gone astray.”

“Better we wait for Dawn to come.”

“Our path far safer ‘neath light of day.”


“Quiet,” Mercury said suddenly turning.

Hearing my first step upon the floor.

Moving fast, he arrived long, long before,

I could think about one step more!


“Where in Sooth’s Tale have you been?”

His words firm splitting the air.

“One moment as I watched you quickly dissolve.”

”And the next you were no longer there!”


I was still in shock and could only stare.

Not yet fully settled in the room.

I was overcome and a little undone,

Not yet fully out of the tomb


Niblette lay bathing her feline with fire.

Scriblette splayed out to perfect her shimmer.

Flame flicked licked glossed and glistened

Two Grimalkins with a rosewood glimmer.


“Grimalkins,” said I.

“They do Love a well tendered hearth.”

“It makes their day when there’s no delay,

being first to fireside by quickest path.”


“Hg, Archie, where is Merlin if you please?”

“I will recall all but first please don’t tease.”

“Don’t tease appease my inquiring heart.”

 “With an answer if you please.”


Hg’s eye’s shone with truth in knowing.

 “All is fine Master Soothsayer,” he said.

“All’s well in the swell of the tidal well.”

“Come sit by fire with us instead.”


“But before we turn and return to friends.”

“Your Soothsayer’s ear if you please.”


“Our Rose…

Her prose only grows when your love flows.”

“Give her sweet passion tender space.”

“Observe her rule never fool her Dove”

“Until your last coup de grace.”


“My Lord Seer?”


“Master Scribe,” he said stating the law.

“Always Sooth when you write with Her feather.”

“Live the oath you swore behind Copper Door.”

“And your hearts will be as one together.”


“My Lord?”


“Her wizard’s weave!” He said wearing smile.

“She’s already penned The Wizard of Wands.”

“And will write of Camelot,” muttered Merlin.

“When a rose cried tears for sweet freedom.”


“Merlin! Hg roared ecstatically!

“My Sage! The wonderful Wizard who is!”

“Still riding beneath her Banner I see.”

“Still keeping the life that’s his!”


“Always a last line for free!” chortled Merlin

“I’d miss your muse if absent.”

“Where did you disappear to?” said Hg.

“With your sudden invisible talent.”


Mercury’s eyes softened to a friendly stare.

He’d already heard Merlin’s victory flare.

 As a message delivered from a higher Stair.

“Her well is swell, her swell all well and fair.”


“Friend it is so good to see you.”

“We’ll talk later of adventures.”


Two Sages of Ages smiled musing.

Sharing in the ways Great Seers do.

Three stood embracing as Archie cuddled.

Warming his twit between two.


Suddenly turning Merlin whirled twirled, cloak unfurled .

“Where is the Soothsaying Buccaneer?”

“Is he here?”


“Master Scribe!” sighed Merlin still swirling.

“How is our ruby Rose young wing?!”

“Shining and pearling elegant wings unfurling?”

“Transcendent in-Love never ending?


Prodigy and Sage paused for an age,

Eyes piercing the other’s knowing.

“It’s time to fly to your highest stay,

Rise the Kite showing Love’s glowing.”


“Gentlemen!” Said Merlin chuckling.

“See how he gleams when so newly preened!”

“Not perfect or polished by any standard.”

 “But I think elegant, surprisingly esteemed.”


Scriblette mewled her eyes softly drooling.

To smoulder my shoulder with dark fur.

“My sweet yours is still a shine divine!”

“More colourful with your every next purr.”


“Brothers Sisters Friends,” she softly mewled.

Glistening with the tone of her flame.

“Forevermore shall four nevermore be three.”

 “We are five as one in this game.”


“Sleek and slick and chic with thick fur,

Snowmelt now brings warmth to our six.”

“She’s our slight lissom Light phantom delight!”

“Enchanting with her tender sweet licks.”


“So six in our fellowship to flower one Rose.”

“And bind Land, Sea, Air and Above.”

“At our heart, her Rose is perfect prose.”

“And our Fire of unquenchable Love.’


“Master Scribe you are the Buccaneer no-more.”

“But now always her soothsaying Love.”

“Her Red Kite, her Eagle.

“Her Flaming guardian from above.”


“Amen,” said six as one.”


Snowmelt purred stirred lifted and stilled.

Then back to her chill on door’s sill.

She seemed so free to simply be.

But she stayed to keep us from ill-will.


Three left our quickly huddled prayer.

Returning to warm by hearth’s fire.

“Tell me,” said Hg turning back to me.

“What do you now desire?”


Staring into his knowing eyes I said.

“To walk on the surface of the Sun.”


“Hmm,” said Hg with a wry old smile,

“One day my Sage, when your journey is all done.

I’ll carry you there to the heart of the Sun.”

“And lay you down with the soul of the One.”

“Until then, you have a far higher purpose to serve,

and we have Camelot to be won.”


“My promise Hg was always to Serve.”

“To write with her rose on my quill.”

 “To flourish Her flower with Love’s arching curve.”

“With Her verve cresting every word’s thrill.”


“Indeed agreed,” said Hg.

“Go weave her loving spell.”

“Write a Truth to last for all time.”

“A Legend always to tell.”


“She held me,” I said with my eyes misting.

 “For a moment as the King I was.”

“The man-child conceived in a womb of Love,

birthed cherished and cradled, because.


“Fly swiftly to my arms Willy Wagtail” She hummed.

“Come child clutch at my breast.”

“Weep with me Willy Wagtail,” She sighed.

“Sleep next to me again.” She begged.


“Surrender in my Love child,

come bathe deeply in my spring.”

“Come suckle from my fountain child,

As once you did a King.”


“My darling why did you ever leave?”

“To quest when I was always here.”

“For you my dear sweet Seer.”

“My sweet sired Sire.”

“You were always my desire.”


“Where did you wander to be better nourished?”

“What dreams encouraged you to go?”

“Why did you wonder when so cherished?”

“Why ever leave the one who loved so?”


“But look!”

“My child now a Knight in-Love how fine!”

“In-Love again for the very first time.”

“Fluttering his buck eyes to fawn in mine.”

 “His Sun now grown a Stag in time.”


“Antlers and feathers are seeds in my care.”

“Both gifted for my son’s new journey.”

“Fan your flare where antlers dare.”

“Hold high your head my Sun, be worthy.”


“Your future now carries gravitas.”

“Romancing Fair Lady Veritas.”

“As Knight and Chaperone.”

“You will yield to Fair Lady Veritas.”

  “Be Sooth for Her veritable Throne.”


“Her will will will your will and spool your spell.”

“She will always define your measure.”

“Her will will will your will and fill your quill,

“With Love in your Soothsayer’s feather.”


“Come,” said Hg, “pray silently with me.”

“Pray for the Heart of our eternal red Rose.”

“Her Love arose a rose blossoming eternally.”

“Adored by her Sun each new day.”


Hg and I stood for a quiet time each reflecting,

Stilled in thought dynamically connecting.

Far beyond beyond I was cut from my tethering.

Dissolving revolving evolving bettering

Centring, dithering, entering, surrendering

Feathering, tempering, treasuring, and rendering

Coloured in the bliss of Love.


“My Lady, amen” said I sated by prayer,

now flowing in a rush of showing.

Showing still growing, crowning and flowering

glowing with the gnosis of knowing.


“So where exactly have you been then?”

Five faces finally had to ask as one.

“Far beyond here without you.” I led.

“Romancing the Grail,” Hg said.


“For you Soothsayer a gift,” he continued.

“This is now yours to firmly wield.”

“Keep her Love always warm in your heart.”

“Keep Lady Rose upon your shield.”


He handed me a fabric sleeve.

Two knots in length maybe three.

“What is this cloth with lilac wispy weave?”

“Embossed with strange heraldry?”


“Delivery livery,” clipped Merlin’s frippery.

“Rose cloth veined with heather.”

“Her will will be done, not if or whenever.”

“But done when you Sooth this feather.”


My gaze fell upon the sacred form I held,

traced its size and unexplored dimension.

I sat to sit under the sudden weight of it,

with anticipation focusing my attention.


Small folds opened further layers slipped away,

until a wrap of scorching red satin.

“Amor Vincit Omnia,” I read out loud,

elegant words sown in Latin.


Sumptuous to the touch her satin smouldered,

Folded peeled to reveal her feather.

She was so bright, so delicately light,

my hand began to quiver.


“Behold, Milvus Milvus,” Hg confided,

“The most gracious of all Accipitridae.”

“Resplendent in flight she is never misguided,

Her Love always leads your way.”


Through tears all my fears took sudden flight,

my heart swelled and spilled its pleasure.

Now bent to the floor was this far, far more.

More treasure than I could ever measure.


Her Feather, a dream, she was supreme.

A plume of immaculate conception.

Without exception she was sculptured perfection,

Her Quill the will of loving creation.


Impelled to hold her, I withdrew her length,

 and into my hand did slide.

I fell instantly dreaming far beyond the room,

but remained still by the fireside.


Trimmed at her tip by a jet of night,

She burned on a spine of rosewood.

Brilliant in white she radiated might,

Shone the Sword of my Knighthood.


One moment when with new wings unfurling.

I left the Earth with my head still swirling!

I was lifted and rising when I was suddenly flying!

Soon soaring without trying!

Ascending skies extending unending.

Racing the light of a rosy red dawn.


I couldn’t stand or cease from kneeling.

In bliss was I with unbounded feeling.

Falling through skies with my wings burning,

turning discerning yearning with resplendent fire!


“Soothsayer,” said Merlin with calm melody

his voice a lull to ground me.

“You’ve flight whenever she wishes to be free.”

“Her Love is a sky always gifted to thee.”


“Fly on your way like an Eagle!” mused Archie,

stealing last lines unto the end.

“Indeed, agreed,” declared Merlin.

“What finer words could be penn’d?”


“Quos amor verus tenuit, tenebit,”

I fluttered, flittering a Soothsayer’s knowing words.

“Amor meus amplior quam verba est,”

I flourished, flying away with a flock of birds…

~~~~~ + ~~~~~

Quos amor verus tenuit, tenebit – True love will hold on to those whom it has held.

Amor meus amplior quam verba est, – My love is more than words.

Photography/Artwork by Dewin Nefol


Authors Note: I have thoroughly enjoyed writing and sharing my tale of long ago and hope that the writing journey will continue. A huge thank you from me, Merlin and Archie to everyone who has shared my story and walked alongside the Buccaneer en route to each new chapter. We would not have got there without your kindness and friendship. So it’s a BIG thank you from me, and a BIG thank you from them as well. Thank you.

Love (Part 1)

New Mercury copy


Chapter 5 Act 3 of Natura Naturans is called Love (Part 1) and will be presented here in two parts for ease of reading. I trust you’ll forgive my dilly-dally and dithering in reaching the end of the poem, it is not by way of laziness or indulgence. It is more that Merlin stopped to tell a story half-way through this episode and time just passed me by. I believe he was speaking with the Buccaneer and deliberating a mute point still further but as usual I was writing all he said down and barely got chance to actually listen. Perhaps I’ll read it back through to myself later.

Act 2 of Natura Naturans left the adventuring trio torn, twisted, barrelled and rolled, and dispersed throughout the underground labyrinth. Barely had they fought off Morgana’s shady brood and Darkly Sparkle when the three journeymen were flushed-away to soggy ends by a surging tidal flood in their cavernous maze. Having been tossed and turned and borne by stampeding water their racing torrent launched them over the edge of a beautiful waterfall. It was here that if not for good luck, quick wits, wishful thinking and a little aeronautical bravery offering semblance of chance to evade death, the Buccaneer and his companions would surely have all perished in the cascading tumult…

I hope you enjoy this instalment.

There’s enough ink in the pot to spill another spell before the well runs dry. Love (Part 2) will therefore follow shortly. Thank you for reading.


~ Chapter 5 ~

~ Natura Naturans ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~  

~ Act 3 ~ Love (Part 1) ~


Flash and flicker lit tips of tallow tapers

flaring feeble flames to warm the shade.

In despairing gloom inside a miserable tomb,

darkness plagued where he sat and prayed.


Worry weighed heavily upon Merlin’s mind,

deep grief pressed for room to mourn.

They had journeyed so far to lose so much,

yet now their fellowship was torn.


He sat lost to the touch of Sissoo’s torn sleeve

knowing inside she’d died and gone.

Unto final end she’d been his phoenix queen,

until last song when she’d sung a swan.


He’d seen Archie stall airlifting their fool

having almost remained airborne.

He’d watched ‘em both fall and some other as well,

something black and Hell-born.


Merlin had followed ill-fated raft to the floor

still tethered to splitting oak beams.

The raft took full force striking river’s course

and splintered away on slip-streams.


Flotsam and jetsam had bedevilled his jaunt

passing through the waterfall pool.

Left bruised and battered to a cave he’d ventured

seeking sanctuary from Morgana’s ghoul.


With neither wand nor staff Merlin indulged the dark,

barely half the wizard of fable.

In his mind he knew his journey went on,

but in his heart he didn’t feel able.


Forlorn and dejected his thoughts turned to Zee,

another friend lost from a triad of three.

He missed the mischievous wispy Sprite

with his cheerful flame and frippery.


Soft blooms of light slowly warmed his heart

as he sat despondent on the rocky ledge.

Reaching slowly down he fumbled around

and set a light by water’s edge.


He lit the tall taper and let it tilt

with its flame to the crystal flow.

Then placed a leaf upon the gurgling stream

to see which way it would go.


The lonely leaf rushed silently away

hastening its pace on its way to the grey.

“Good,” said Merlin, “a little luck on my side,

I’ve still a fast rushing tide to ride.”


Options were few but he’d decide what to do

whilst he travelled through the ravine.

“Safer to keep sailing,” he assured himself,

and made ready to head down-stream.


When to his eye fluttered a fleeting glimmer,

a sheen quickly seen at water’s edge.

Stooping to the floor he discovered something more

and sat-back aghast on the ledge!


Where water whirled beneath tapers glow

a whorl now swirled within river’s flow.

It spun a wispy spiral of silvery light

with a glimmering glittering show.


Merlin dipped a fingertip into the fulgid eddy

and holding steady the hoary thready

brought it slowly to his eye.


With absolute delight he had been right,

it was indelible Ink-Stone fluid!

In the silence of his subterranean hide

Merlin thanked the mercurial winged-druid.


The Ink-Stone had become soluble,

as was its intended trade.

Spinning a thread of soft silky words

from one’s mind onto the page.


In water the ink would neither dissipate

nor ever dissolve away.

Where water would slowly evaporate

indelible ink would stay!


Merlin watched the ink coil and curl,

watched its playful helix burl and twirl.

Watched it spin and turn and twist and purl

and watched the silken threads unfurl.


The grey inky flow spun slowly away

and flowed to cavern’s yawn.

In its wake it left afloat a written note

in a hand so elegantly drawn.


“Follow me as I flow along river’s ravine,

‘tis not so far to tunnel’s end.”

“And there at rest by tunnels’ stream

is where you might find your absent friends.”


“Carbus Minibus!” exclaimed Merlin out-loud,

“Dear Mercury, you do have some style!”

“Thank you my fine swift-feathered friend,

you do have such guile to beguile.”


With meagre load stowed upon makeshift raft,

with tapers tied to a twiggy bough.

Merlin cast out for unknown shores

tailing an inky-trail at her prow.


Serene in gleams of taper’s soft beams

they floated upon ravine’s rushing stream.

Beneath weight and press of mountainous mass

they sailed through ravine’s dark seams.


Wherever Mercury’s inky-flow decided to go

Merlin steered the raft to follow.

Threading tunnels long deep and wide

and those both tight and narrow.


He’d retained his bag with contents intact

and reached-in to rummage through.

A certain potion had teased his mind and

he was unsure if it were lost in the flue.


T’was a spell he’d cast only once before

long ago on a distant adventure.

On a whim he’d brought the vial along

with little pre-thought or conjecture.


For some reason it felt of comfort to him,

an assurance that remained undefined.

Yet still it prevailed as a passing thought

pressing gently on his mind.


He flipped the small vial back in his bag

and returned his gaze to the bow.

Ink slipped and flowed and found its way,

Merlin followed its after-glow.


One last lit taper slowly dwindled its flame

and dimmed to a sparking demise.

One moment when darkness darkened dark night

then sudden light appeared in new guise.


“Indelible ink is luminous!” chuckled Merlin

delighting in what had been hidden.

“Good words ought be brought to the light of dark,

‘tis why good words are written!”


The channel thinned to a narrow squeeze

with passage onwards into darker frieze.

More slowly now…without gouge or gorge

Merlin steered with crafted ease.


At furthest extend of tunnel’s tight end

the channel split into two.

Ink ceased its flow and purled a pool

made a choice then shot on through.


The river rushed and streamed fast and true

as tunnel’s width grew and grew.

Ink and raft were hurried through and through

and into a misted lake they slew.


Merlin chased the ink as it made a turn

and pursued swift course to the shore.

He imagined it was to avoid the mist

but deep down he knew far more.


He sat lower upon raft’s gnarly top

and squinted beneath the misty veil.

Soft luminous glow reached into shadow

but warmed only rock and shale.


When between snaggy crags and craggy snags

a shoreline lit his view.

T’was here the slippery silvery ink

spelt out the words “For You.”


With darkness extreme the inky gleam

barely reached the shore, but

with faith in his stride Merlin leapt the tide

in his haste to discover more!


Had it not been for woeful blubbering, choking

and coughing and incessant snuffling,

Merlin wondered if he would ever have seen

his two friends lost on the shore!


With untold delight he rushed to reunite

their ship-wrecked team of three!

With glee with glee with merry merry glee

to have restored their company!


T’was the Buccaneer’s pitiful weep and wail

Merlin had heard as he had arrived.

“Ahoy!” He called as he followed the howl,

“Merlin!” Came a voice in surprise!


Embracing was bracing and came with tears

as two friends rejoined with delight.

“Where’s Archie?” Merlin asked with moist eyes

still holding his prodigy tight.


Pointing to the floor with a few tears more

the Buccaneer gestured to his side.

Within raggy wrap and torn-off scrap, Archie lay

with sprained wing and pride.


“I think he’s asleep,” the Buccaneer suggested,

“He’s been like that for hours.”

“Tis nothing we can’t restore a little further more

with time and healing powers.”


Merlin lifted Archie from the soggy ground.

and stepped away towards the raft.

“Come,” said he, “brave hearts indeed,

we’ll rest in tunnels’ shaft.”


Aboard once more running silent and true

following their silver-ink trail.

Merlin, the Buccaneer, and Archie their Owl

slipped quietly beyond the pale.

~ + ~

“I have so much to tell you,” the Buccaneer said,

“one wonders quite where to start!”

“I recall our ravine my twisted dreams

and the pain in my aching heart.”


“But such bountiful beauty have I also seen

amidst my anguish and deep suffering!”

“T’was Nature’s emerald Isle my fairest Queen

gently woken from her slumbering.”


“And a pathway of sumptuous gild and gold

and light streams upon which to unfold.”

“And colours! Oh Merlin, t’was a rainbow of joy,

such vivid sights to behold!”


“Through glades glossed with glimmering light

beneath a sky of azure blue.”

“When I happened upon an exquisite pond

brushed in Nature’s dreamy hue.”


“To her edge I ventured and then gazed across

to where a beautiful Rose did grow.”

“My heart was unbounded my spirit ungrounded!”

“Before Morgana-the-Raven did show!”


“She stole my light, blinded my sight

to leave me burnt to my core!”

“But Merlin, I flew, I flew, upon dark wings I flew

across my pond to the other shore!”


“Morgana led me through deep darkness

and into a moon-struck hall.”

“Dance,” she said, “take flight in my light,

but she let this foolish fool fall!”


“Fascinating!” exclaimed Merlin, “an adventure indeed!”

“A dream found deep within a spell!”

“My fine Buccaneer it does truly seem

as if all with you will now be well.”


“I have much to tell and much to explain

and much to reveal to you.”

“But so little time when there’s so much to gain

on this mission we must pursue.”


“Buccaneer,” said Merlin, “I think you now see

the depth of Morgana’s treacherous villainy.”

“You were the fool she so easily enticed

by the allure of dark sorcery.”


“Feathers are graced and placed with great care

and never charmed by wishful thinking.”

“Such is your desire to have wings and fly

you forget to do any thinking.”


“Thinking?” I asked, “what on earth do you mean?”

“I had wings on the mindful side!”

“And so you will again,” Merlin assured,

“once you lose your foolish pride!”


“VITRIOL carries the soul to the Edge of the Void

with the promise of finding true Love.”

“Yet it seems dark seams were revealed in dreams

in the guise of your darkly dove!”


“Morgana’s attention was to lower your intention

pull you further from your highest goal.”

“Her promises and lies were cleverly disguised

yet all were found within your soul.”


“To your heart’s desire she was so readily drawn

to flighty dreams of being airborne!”

“She fooled your fool in her sorceress pool

and gilded your flowering thorn!”


“Tis not a sin nor foolish pride

to hold fast to one’s deepest dream.”

“But a Wizard’s way is stay without sway

to remain above our darkly gleam.”


“You saw and feathered your dark mystery

else amused the Shadow held within.”

“T’was not all a dream but possibilities unseen

of a power held beneath you skin.”


“You mean I can fly?” The Buccaneer asked,

sounding overwhelmingly confused.

“Why of course you can!” Merlin chuckled,

when both your heart and mind are used.”


“Her pool revealed deep desire in your heart

her sorcery manifested that intention.”

“Moon‘s illuminating beam shattered false dream

to save you from Morgana’s dimension.”


“Did Morgana set me free?” I cautiously asked,

unsure if I wanted to know.

“Perhaps” replied Merlin, “or you awoke the fool

and made your own choice to go?”


“But she reached for my heart then let me depart

in the fall of a single moonbeam!”

“I fell so far having flown so high

in the illusion of a beautiful dream.”


“She said to me…

“The sweet rose that grows in your rosy eyes

will root you to the floor.”

“But the rose that grows in my darkly eyes

will lift you for evermore.”


“She has a serpent’s tongue and wicked words

to twist your heartfelt intent.”

“Beware the sensuous Sorceress in dark feathered trim

her power doth tease and torment!”


“Have I failed you Merlin to reach a higher stay?”

“Or did I fall and leave the Wizard’s way?”

“No,” said Merlin, “darkness was Her chance to see

the true depth of your loyalty.”


“You fell Buccaneer but were not taken below

because your truth will never hide.”

“Morgana has now seen only purity within,

to her darkness you’ll never be tied.”


“You were born to fly within Sun drenched skies,

‘tis where your heart’s intended.”

“You were born to fly within infinite skies,

‘tis where your mind’s extended.”


“I’ve heard that before!” I cried-out excitedly.

“Whilst waiting on Isle’s sandy shore.”

“Beneath crimson light I was told it was right

to find heart in Merlin’s lore.”


“But when at the Herm where I paused to dwell

and considered my pathway ahead.”

“I wonder now if the choice I made

were the wrong path upon which to tread.”


“In the stream of my dream I saw colours gleam,

felt their energy flare my flame.”

“Yet now as I awake from slumber’s tale

I feel nothing but qualm and shame.”


“Do not dwell upon such withering doubt

nor consider your healing fell short.”

“Destiny will be found whilst still Earthbound

when you reach for her highest-court.”


“What do you mean,” I asked once again,

even more confused by his riddling.

Said the Seer, “Buccaneer pause to think some more,

weren’t you once charmed by a Rose glistening?”


“Did her sweet blush not render your heart

with the flush of her gilded Rose?”

“Love lifts and inspires takes flight and aspires

but one’s mind must discern her prose.”


“Natura Naturans.” He continued choosing words

to deepen my waking trance.

“Nature nurturing Nature, “ he enlightened,

‘tis one’s chance to dance with Romance.”


“But do not forget your discerning mind,

nor fail to pierce Nature’s veil.”

“Her eternal devotion is a driving emotion,

always reaching for the light of her grail.”


“Elevate your mind let your psyche take flight,

as did Nature use wit to form her feather.”

“From shadow she grew to her beloved she flew,

always reaching for the end of her tether.”


“And now so must you fashion your mind and

grow with her wit and woo.”

“Where one feather grew to fashion your wand

with her Love you will soon wear two.”


I was dazed and confused and equally bemused

as I sat listening to Merlin’s words.

So far from Her Isle yet borne by Her smile,

and the memory of those flame-licked birds.


“Both Love and Passion were revealed at my pool

and shared wisdom of her rose!”

“But had it not been for Morgana’s ravening

I’d know from where her Love flows.”


“But you do Buccaneer,” said Merlin the Seer,

“for Her heart beats as one within you.”

“Is your mind still blind to the Love you’ll find

blushing your spirit’s infinite blue?”


“Love swells your well to brim and lip,

drives your passion with loving fire.”

“But ‘tis your mind that finds the creative spark

to fulfil your heart’s one true desire.”


Merlin chuckled a little and squeezed a smile,

certain the Buccaneer was drowning!

“You must twist both flames to gild your rose

and raise her to her crowning.”


“Perhaps,” said Merlin, “I should share a tale

and demonstrate an analogy.”

“A classic story so often told

in the annals of antiquity.”


“So would you care for calming words

or thoughts of daring-do?”

“Or would you dare for dashing words

and thoughts of Love’s red hue?”


“Buccaneer,” said he, “let me take you back a way

to a time before time begun.”

“When to our Earth a flower was born

kissed by the rays of the Sun…”


“One day a spark from Thought brought forth a whim

proposing possibility within a space.”

“Fair Lady Sophia accepted this idea

and created potential inside that place.”


“Her name was Gaia, a sweet natured child

with kind tending heart and manner mild.”

“Perfect in dimension for her timeless intention

of creating paths for thought’s ascension.”


“Tendrils of light kindled Gaia’s loving toil

shining affection upon her grace.”

“Pearls of life dewed warm sensuous soil

spilling braid upon green lace.”


“Hands of Gaia tended her seedling sire

providing spirit with loving embrace.”

“Curiosities’ flute teased Gaia’s peeking shoot

encouraging growth with nurtured haste.”


“Youthful pleasure pinked spring’s budding frills

chancing to good luck in her chase.”

“Wild fervour unfurled sepal’s fledgling folds

and parted her pursed petal case.”


“Fiery passion deepened her puckering red bloom

igniting a fuse of green lace.”

“But only true Love would ever open her flower,

to reveal the blush on her face.”


“Sleek slender sharp and sassy she arose a Rose

reaching upwards for her highest tier.”

“From lofted crown she surveyed her realm

as might a queen gaze-out from her tower.”


“Her flower-crested isle lay surrounded by seas, but

her Rose was guarded by Jacaranda Trees.”

“On sultry nights in the swish of a breeze, came songs

of Honey-Creepers, Wood-nymphs, and Bees.”


“With the allure of her flower She wielded Love’s power,

a power to inspire grace or devour.”

“From her stems high mount Aphrodite shone out

enticing butterflies to her Rose bower.”


“Word had gone forth to Kingdom’s far edge

Aphrodite had come of age to marry.”

“T’was Thought who decreed only worthy should succeed

and set a challenge pre-matrimony.”


“To each suitor a quest was fittingly found

tailored to suit their merit.”

“To each a challenge was duly bound

cut for the fit of their spirit.”


“There was one winged-suitor whom I seem to recall

was a little different to any other.”

“It was late in the year some time around Fall

or perhaps it was at end of Summer?”


“T’was a day very unlike the day before

with not one cloud to spoil the sky.”

“When to her Isle there happened along

a most enthralling guy.”


“Tall was he and of athletic build

with cascades of silvery hair.”

“He cut a dash with elegant appeal

with his splash of debonair.”


“He was suited in black with a Raven’s blue hue

and a hooded cloak of metallic grey.”

“Magical mystery flowed from his robes,

when finery flared the light of day.”


“Upon his darkly back the Raven in black,

wore wings of silver feathers.”

“Said he these are not the frill’s of a common man

but quills that define my measure.”


“Neither striding nor gliding he swayed his way

across her white-sandy shore.”

“And passing betwixt her supplicants

knelt down upon her floor.”


He gazed upon Aphrodite’s radiant red Rose

at Her elevation above the heather.

“My Lady,” said he, “ thou art truly divine

finding you is my absolute pleasure.”


“I have travelled so far from distant realms

to feel the passion of your flame.”

“Tis a journey I’d make through Hell and back

to see your Rose again.”


“But first please allow me to introduce myself,

I am a Messenger of the Air.”

“A fleet-footed Flyer with quicksilver pace

flamboyance panache and flare.”


“My Lady I am he who is also three,

Thoth, Hermes, and of course Winged Mercury,

an Aviator of unimpeachable descent.”

“I am Herald and Harbinger, Magician and Mage

and a Lord of the Firmament.”


“I have no gold to swell your royal chest,

no kingdom for you to treasure.”

“Tis my heart I offer in service to you

and my wings of silvery feathers.”


“It is my pleasure indeed to welcome thee,

my most esteemed Lord Mercury.”

“We are unexpectedly graced most certainly,

meeting one of the Dii Consentes.”


“The delight is mine,” Mercury assured,

“your luminosity is unsurpassed.”

“By harmonious degree your rapturous beauty

is clearly from Heaven cast.”


“My Lady if I may quickly cut to the chase

and ask more about my quest.”

“I believe there is need to fulfil a task

before one can lay and rest.”


“Indeed Lord Mercury I’ve a deed for thee,

a trial with proportionate suitability.”

“Tis not a consideration of your capability

but something to test your versatility.”


“”I am at your service,” said winged Mercury

with a flourishing sweep of his arm.

“I trust my lady your task demands daring-do

with high certainty for harm?”


Aphrodite smiled and blushed a little redder,

Mercury it seemed was a fine brave fella.

“My Lord if you possess such elevated pedigree

you will complete the deed without difficulty.”


“My Lady,” said he with chivalrous inflection,

“it would be my gracious pleasure.”

“To compete for your hand and win your heart

should require full use of my measure.”


“Indeed,” said Aphrodite flirting a smile and

rouging to a tender sweet flush.

“Tis a matter of great importance to me,

success in your task will mean much.”


“Declaring one’s self an adept at speed and flight,

is quite an accolade.”

“I know of many who would hasten to suggest

‘tis the stuff of which dreams are made.”


“Please listen to me well my Lord Mercury

for I shall reveal my quest for thee.”

“I have reflected upon your flighty might

and have a task I feel is perfectly right.“


“Long have I held a fascination for the stars,

with their shine at end of day.”

“For your first task you must harvest a star

from the boughs of the Milky Way.”


“To complete your second labour of love,

assuming your first was a success.”

“I ask that you steal my weight in gold

from Hades dreaming wilderness.”


“A loud gasp flowed from the gathered crowd,

a rippling of surprise and woe”

“Then all eyes turned to the stranger with wings

to see if he would go!”


“Lord Mercury stood and lifted his gaze, and

stared deeply into her strawberry haze.”

“My Lady,” said he, “I shall return for thee

before first light of day.”


“One question Lord Mercury before you go,

there’s something that I’d like to know.”

“They say my flower is a butterflies dream,

but am I the fairest rose you’ve ever seen?”


“Undoubtedly,” he said, “you are truly blessed,

Earth’s sweetest most radiant petalled Goddess.”

“There is no other whose beauty compares to thee,

whose brilliance shines with such majesty.”


“Within sight of your exquisite light

I feel a demi-god newly reborn.”

“Fairly floating am I without need to try

and I hope this feeling will go on.”


“To the wow of the crowd he unfurled his wings

and rocketed into the air!”

“A sudden flash of Sun and then he was gone,

that Messenger with mercurial flare!”


“What happened in Hell?” Archie unexpectedly asked,

freshly woken from distant slumber.

“My head is swimming it won’t stop spinning,

I think I’m going to chunder!”


“Love stories,” said Merlin, “they leave him queasy,

feeling uneasy and a little out of sorts.”

“Archie it’s delightful to have you back from sleep,

I’ll look for safe place to port.”


Merlin chuckled a little and mused a smile

recalling the story he’d once heard told.

“What happened to Mercury in the Underworld

is indeed a story to behold!”


“Perhaps at journey’s end,” said Merlin the Seer,

“I’ll tell you more and bend your ear!”

“Suffice to say it was one Hell of a day

involving a dog hot fire and a Lyre!”


Finding an alcove with sufficient room for three

proved to be an impossibility.

So high were they on tidal rise

searching further seemed futility.


But when to an opening the tunnel extended

and continued to a widening hollow.

There they chased the fleet-flowing ink

and into the cavern did follow.


A rocky shore bore an inlet with anchorage

and one small step to firmer ground.

Whilst Archie raced to wretch and reel,

Merlin’s story continued to astound.


“Lord Mercury’s return all-but silenced the throng,

those gathered for a tall tale told.”

“A flash of light so bright so white and

Mercury appeared amongst the fold.”


“My Lady,” he said, “should I be blessed to return

to once again behold your fire.”

“Tis your beauty and grace that has given me pace

and the will to never tire.”


“Upon this morn this inspired copper dawn

I bring great word of my victory!”

“To distant stars I have flown to Hades far below

through time space and mystery!”


“From Heaven’s high bough I plucked you a star,

‘tis more deeply red than Cinnabar!”

“From Hades black fold I purloined your gold

and a copy of old Black’s Grimoire!”


“The crowd erupted in a cacophony of cheer,

their gallant charmer had prevailed!”

“Where others had tried and lost their way,

Lord Mercury had never failed!”


Aphrodite shimmered as She unfurled her flush

and gazed upon her Winged Knight.

“My Lord,” said She, “please present for me

the spoils of your questing flight.”


“A silence settled upon the gathered crowd,

a hush to hear a pin fall.”

“My Lady,” said he, “tis pleasure indeed

to exhibit your cherished haul.”


“But first,” he pressed, “may I seek a small space,

your cache requires an introduction.”

“T’was no mean feat to accomplish your task

and fulfil your expectation.”


“Why of course fine Sir,” Aphrodite replied,

“I am most keen to be pleased by your tale.”

“Lord Mercury,” She said, “Might we start with my star

and a story of epic scale?”


“My Lady,” said he, “where better else to begin,

than with romancing your heavenly jewel.”

“Tis fair I share the beautiful grace of a blissful place

embroidered within Empyrean’s crewel.”


“I climbed a steep arc as I flew from the Earth

and accelerated hard for the stars!”

“I rode slip-streams ignited moonbeams

and topped-out far beyond Mars!”


“In search of your star I turned to the dawn

and raced light across Earth’s sweeping curve.”

“As she lifted her face to the morning I paced

with rose flush dashing my verve.”


“Sweet Star of Dawn high above she shone

as gift from the highest realm.”

“Her star thought I would charm your blush

but allow your beauty to overwhelm.”


“Within reach of my grasp Venus asked,

“To what do I owe this pleasure?”

“My Queen,” said I, “to your glory I was drawn

upon solar-winds and silver-feathers.”


“Tis with urgent heart and urgent appeal,

I petition your ear to hear.”

“Herald’s fabulous flower, my flagrant fictive Queen

by whose light I am endeared.”


“My heart is stolen by a most beautiful rose

with gild of scarlet lace.”

“Tis her flower, her grace, I seek her embrace

and the Love in her eternal prose.”


“I am charged with returning a heavenly star

harvested from the Milky Way.”

“For her heart I must compete, a task to complete,

to take her hand upon this day.”


“Lord Mercury,” said Venus, for she knew his name,

“I see her shine upon your eyes.”

“Tis sweet Aphrodite of whom you speak,

‘tis her love upon which you rise.”


“I am Heaven’s Herald held tight in God’s heart

and hewn by her Loving hand.”

“Below is the glow from Earth’s emerald star

and the warmth of her vibrant land.”


“I wake each morn to Gaia’s tender form

and gaze upon Aphrodite’s red rose.”

“Heaven honours Earth’s exalted flower,

‘tis through her heart our Love flows.”


“I cast my shine to polish her bloom

to share a moment in her embrace.”

“My light might flush her crimson wash

but could never blush her face.”


“She arose a rose upon this very morn,

as ever a spectacular flower.”

“In her gaze towards morn’s dawning skies

a twinkle did escape her bower.”


“I am gently moved by her stunning shine

for her Love is deep and true.”

“Her desire is not the stars she wonders at

but longing for Mercurial you.”


“My lord I am blessed to witness such Love,

to have sense of your sacred fire.”

“May your sweet love shine and burn divine,

may your hearts never fail or tire.”


“I’m honoured to have your blessing my Lady,

to know our love is well received.”

“May I extend my pleasure whilst in your favour

for an item to be retrieved.”


“Wouldst thou share one drop of Love

to adorn my beloved flower?”

“Wouldst thou spill one tear of Love

to illuminate her every hour?”


“My Lord her radiance casts a brilliant glow,

upon the hearts of all.”

“If pleasure were measure of Love’s true treasure

then ‘tis joy to have one tear fall.”


“And so it was Venus poured her Love,

into my crystal vile.”

“Starlight star-bright ‘tis a star just right

to veneer my Lady’s smile.”


“Lord Mercury,” said Aphrodite fluttering a grin,

“I am moved by your flattery.”

“With suave you charmed sweet Venus above.

with panache you’ve captivated me.”


“I witnessed your dash across Heaven’s sky,

saw your trail inflamed by stars.”

“When you chased the Sun, crested the horizon

did I hope my dream was ours.”


“Yet my Lord to your final task we turn,

seeking tale of your daring-do.”

“Should I not see bags of gold on thee

if your jaunt through Hell came through?”


“My Lady my Queen my rosy red dream,

would I fail a promise to keep?”

“But…dare I share the woe and weep of Hades deep,

or steep your flesh in doleful creep?“


“Merlin! The ink!” “It’s flowing away!”

Came Archie’s warning cry.

“What say we dispense with your hearty tales

and follow the inky dye?”


The Ink had indeed coiled and sprung

and woven a silvered trail ahead.

“At a more convenient time I’ll finish last lines,

for we’ve thread to sled instead.”


“What I will tell you before we go,

Mercury succeeded in his journey below.”

“Yet t’was not gold he prized his bride

but a diamond-studded cameo!”


Said he, “My Lady,”

“Neath star-shine your Rose is wholly perfected

when brushed with Heaven’s light.”

“Within this jewel your Rose is eternally reflected

 and always worn in Heaven’s sight.”


Merlin chuckled and paused and chuckled again…

“Okay”, he said, “we’ll skip to the end.”


“Aphrodite consented and the two were wed

with much merriment and jubilation!”

“Thought was delighted his Rose was united

with a Messenger of such elevated station.”


“Merlin…are we all now all now ready to leave

or remaining here for chapter two?”

“I hate to halt your storyteller’s flow

but there’s something we must really do!”


“Indeed,” said Merlin winking at the Buccaneer,

“when you’ve boarded we’ll get started!”

“It wouldn’t do leaving twit or twoo

in our haste to be departed!”


Archie ruffled feathers and scrambled aboard

and muted his muttered mutter.

“Merlin,” said he, “skip to the very end

and forgo the lyrical clutter!”


“Indeed agreed,” conceded the Buccaneer,

“I am already so very confused.”

“You’d do well to dwell on latter verse,

than leaving me somewhat bemused?”


Merlin paused briefly to consider their request,

then eased a curious smile.”

“If I relinquish my style you’ll miss the beguile,

and trial awhile in this watery aisle!”


“But,” he continued, “I shall dally no more,

and dispense with my playful rhyme.”

“Perhaps it is true and the hours so few,

to allow me to take my time.”


“Buccaneer,” said he, “tis mystery to me,

to know what you’ve learnt so far?”

“So if I may allow you centre stage

and room for your repertoire?”


“Where to begin?” The Mariner asked

“when so much has happened this day?”

“How to begin?” he mindfully pondered

“when my thoughts have been far away?”


Merlin let soft silence fall to fool his fool

adrift on his raft made for three.

“Why not start in the tunnel my Buccaneer friend,

when you took leave of our company.”


“You left me!” hollered the pitiful Buccaneer.

“To the wrath of a fearsome fiend!”

“I lay dying within amongst blood splattering,

then almost died once again as I dreamed.”


Swirling Merlin returned his gaze and

saw desolation beneath his downcast haze.

“I’d not be the Wizard of legend and fable

if I left you now all withered and feeble.”


He chuckled behind a satisfied smile

and looked down upon his charge.

“Tis dry-dock despair from dry-dock repair!”

“A last shadow to pass as a dirge!”


“I call it Jeremiad’s Lament,” teased Merlin

with a twitch of a mischievous grin.

“One returns in new skin to a haunt of violins

playing out our memories and chagrin.”


“Fading ghosts and ghouls idle follies of fools,

mere milestones of dreams long past.”

“Now amassed in new skin are you free to begin

sailing on beneath a full mast.”


“Now,” said Merlin, “about that second death,

you should really look into it a bit more.”

“How far did you fall in a moonlit beam

when stepping upon Morgana’s floor?”


“Well I don’t readily recall the end of the fall,

merely the start of my flapping end.”

“One moment I was there the next I was gone

and into darkness I had descended.”


“I awoke on the shore to find dear Archie torn,

split feathers across sand and stone.”

“I thought he had gone that I was alone, and

you’d been devoured by a Dragon!”


“Hmm,” said Merlin, “a riddle indeed how

you fell twice but were miraculously saved?”

“You had long since gone when we stumbled upon

your battered body in dismal caves.”


“Restorative charms worked ancient ways

your beaten body healed in a couple of days.”

“But your mind it seems revealed two streams

and from one you were lifted away.”


“Hmm,” said Merlin, his second pause in a row,

“we must turn back the hands of time.”

“You fell in the fall of a waterfall swell

but were never pulled in to her brine.”


“Twas Archie who saved your worthless hide!”

“Without him there you’d surely have died!”

“He severed the tether betwixt you and raft,

set you down on the riverside!”


“Think nothing of it,” huffed Archimedes,

“It’s what us Owl-types do.”

“We’ve broad wings to lift those that fall, and

talons for those who may slip through.”


“With second sight we are born of Night,

into silence with death passing through.”

‘We’ve precognition in flight to know what’s right

before it ever happens for you.”


“Merlin had seen the heinous evil being,

pulling you through the veil.”

“When I reached and grasped to take hold of you,

it was at first to no avail!”


“Morgana had hold of your aching heart, in her

poisoned pool and darkly glass.”

“I ripped you away from the Ravening ghoul

without Sorcery blackening fresh grass.”


“Poison and tethers?” “A new skin for night?”

“Morgana offered me both before inaugural flight!“

“But now you say death darkness and sight

and feathers to fly are all alright?”


“I recall my fall and the face of her fiend.”

“But wait! It was the cruel face of me!”

“My wretched self with wretched eyes, and

wretched in feathered misery!”


“Indeed agreed,” said Merlin,

“the Rainbow of Iris will never lie.”

“Your need for speed whilst lusting for wings,

it nearly had you die.”


Archie ruffled his feathers and extended one wing,

the other was strapped at his side.

“Buccaneer,” said he, “tis your mind that soars,

and your heart that powers your glide.”


“Hmm,” said Merlin stroking his beard,

“we’ll leave him to think it all through.”

“When the rose that grows catches his eye,

he’ll let go of his myopic view.”



“If you quibble your dribble unmuddle your middle

and better your dabbling ways.”

“You’ll scribble your drabble unscramble your ramble,

and discover your dreams missing phase.”


“Enough!” commanded the Buccaneer…

“I just don’t have the reach and sway,

to understand your wordy play!”

“What middle? What riddle? What dark missing phase!”

“I’ve been with Morpheus for several daze!”


“Hush now!” Said Merlin, “use your self will

and take a moment to quietly still.”

“Take a moment to steadily fill your empty heart

with memory of her loving thrill.”


“And another thing,” interrupted the Buccaneer,

“there’s one answer I need to know.”

“From the day we set out I never had doubt

of where we were intending to go.”


“You are the Seer it’s clear with gifts to see,

with loving eyes you watch over me.”

“And yet I know there is still something more?”

“Merlin…what exactly is sweet Copper Door?”


“Copper Door,” the old Wizard said at last,

“Is not merely another way.”

“Tis an entrance to a realm far far beyond,

beyond a place you’ll long to stay.”


His smile a crease between beard and ‘tache

spread to kindle kind old eyes.

“Buccaneer,” he continued, “what is found ahead,

is a most beloved prize.”


“Behind Copper Door lies an ancient form,

an entity born at the flick of a quark”

“In darkness she sleeps with innocence untouched

at the very heart of every heart’s spark.”


“When to Her dreams comes a spirit of light,

one sweet drop of a soul so pure.”

“For the seeker who wakes her ancient repose

waits a Love that will always endure.”


“Merlin,” said Archie, “Can we please dispense

with both lyric and repertoire?”

“Our fast thready eddy our slinky trail

has steadied to stall on a sand-bar.


The ink was dimming pooling and puddling and

stilled on the creep of a grit shore.

Their brief glimpse of land ebbed slowly away

but not resolve to head on some more.


“Wait” said Merlin, “before we leap clear

let’s watch what the ink might do.”

“After all,” he suggested, “it has led us here,

perhaps there will be further clues.”


Scarcely glinting barely stirring viscous ink

slipped slowly to water’s edge.

One thin finger of one ink-stained stream slid

quickly onto the sandy wedge.


It followed no path nor obvious route

as it ventured further away.

Yet it was clear to all who stood in awe.

the ink somehow knew its way.


Up slope where dim light failed to reach,

a tall shadow whispered a call.

And bent to lay down an ebony box

upon the sandy shingle shawl.


He stood to watch three bedraggled souls

find good sense to step ashore.

And waited for the ink to safely return

back to its dry-stone store.


The shadow placed two silver feathers down,

both planted upright in the ground.

Then turning away he folded into the dark

and disappeared upwards without a sound.


Merlin was the first of their company ashore,

his first step first print on new ground.

Archie stumbled a little but dug in claws,

the Buccaneer landed in one bound.


Towards slope’s gravelled summit they slowly paced

leaving a wake of footsteps behind ‘em.

Darkness so complete each stride a new beat,

each step an echo on a dry drum.


Merlin tarried a little to look back at the raft,

a mere blip of grey amidst the gloom.

It remained firmly tethered to a staked out line,

still amidst still spilling spume.


When ahead of him came a sudden loud cry,

a startled shout to lift his dim view.

“Merlin come quickly I’ve a find to declare,

something I literally bumped into!”


Whether by luck or chance, fate or fortune,

t’was the Buccaneer who knelt for feathers’ prize.

Who stood and held two silver stemmed quills,

wide eyes wide with a child’s surprise.


Merlin helped Archie reach their jubilant charge

and cautiously took a feather in hand.

“My, my,” said he, “tis magnificent indeed

finding feathers firmly fixed in the sand.”


Tall slender and slight of a weight just right

to give height to flight in full sunlight.

Sculptured silver with white a feather just right

to excite sunlight in full-winged flight.


It teased darkness with the warmth of its glow

as might a mirror reflect black light.

In seeing a little further ahead,

two feathers displaced plight with delight.


“We are close to our end but not our goal.”

“Yet we are cared for at every stride.”

“Buccaneer,” said Merlin, “is your faith now restored?”

“Do you follow this sign left by our guide?”


Said the Buccaneer caught a little off-guard,

“Why two feathers and not just one?”

.”Is this another choice to be made perhaps

when one choice has just begun?”


“Why not leave with both?” Archie asked,

“It would be the right thing to do.”

“Feathers so prized should not be left behind

when two were left behind for you.”


“Indeed agreed,” Merlin decreed,

“treasure them both with immense care.”

“Fine feathers for flight through darkness and light

and beyond upon slip streams of air.”


From within wide eyes on a radiant face

the Buccaneer returned an enigmatic stare.

“Merlin,” he said, “I have no fear as I tread

further into our spellbinding prayer.”


“Excellent!” chortled Merlin smiling,

“keep that thought spinning in your mind.”

“I’ve a sense such strength and mindful mettle,

will yet be more sharply defined.”


“So let’s press on!” Archimedes suggested,

“with those fine feathers to light our way!”

“Else these old legs of mine will need more time

to rest another day!”


“Indeed agreed,” quipped Merlin,

“we all appear a little jaded.”

“Yet resolute are we to answer Camelot’s call,

for her song has never faded.”


“Quite so,” said the Buccaneer,

“to Camelot we must strive.”

“With good fortune at hand

to keep our dreams alive!”


The Buccaneer turned and dissolved away,

treading a thread across sandy coarse.

Merlin shuffled Archie urgently along,

following the Buccaneer’s striding course.


Sand became pebble, pebble became boulder,

back into tunnels walking bolder and bolder.

Ahead led the Buccaneer fanning mercurial light.

With Merlin to his left and Archie to his right

three travellers journeyed on into cavernous night…

~~~~~ + ~~~~~

Air and Water

New Mercury copy


Act 2 of Natura Naturans is titled Air and Water and continues the intrepid adventure of the wayward Buccaneer, Merlin, Archimedes and Gaslite Zee as they journey onwards together through the darkness of underground tunnels towards their final destination, Camelot.

Act 1, Fire and Earth, which precedes this post, concluded with the ghost of the Buccaneer stepping foot upon a virgin isle and delighting in the exquisite beauty of Nature’s sumptuous dream. In reality however, he is asleep, bound and buckled to a make-shift raft, and being towed upstream by Merlin and Archimedes towards Rainbow Ravine and a proposed rendezvous at Severn Fold Road. Merlin who has foreseen danger on their path is most anxious to make haste and deliver their party to contrived safety beyond the extended reach of Morgana Le Faye. He carries the fabled Ink-Stone belonging to Mercury, an item he is keen to return to the winged messenger at his earliest opportunity…


~ Chapter 5 ~

~ Natura Naturans ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~

~ Act 2 ~ Air and Water ~


Deep within fissures of fallen black stone,

darkness rippled her swarthy drape.

Deadly, dastardly, dark and deathly, emerged

Darkly Sparkle’s devilish shape.


She slunk and slithered across midnight glissade,

and slid sensuously upon the shore.

Silently slipping, quietly quickening, she

slid serpentine onto cavern floor.


Athwart shadows She pressed her oil slick scales,

and glided towards Gaslite Zee.

She surveyed her prey from rock’s deepest shade,

concealed within dark ebony.


Zee dozed and dazed within his guiding glow,

and cast his beam down-stream.

His Gaslite vein had wound on down,

since tattle had turned to dream.


Late was the hour after long tiring miles,

and their passage had worked a charm.

Zee had flickered ahead, his light to shed,

and Merlin had kept them from harm.


T’was Archie’s affable wit, and tweeting twooo,

which had kept their spirits elevated.

From up on high, his vociferous cry,

had kept tired hearts motivated.


For seven hours, the merry minstrel played,

with no line lost, or note ill-stayed.

For seven hours his inflecting repertoire,

echoed high above centre stage.


Merlin had mused as he wandered this day,

caught in deep thought at Archie’s tale.

Most he’d remembered from times long ago,

when prose rose upon Avalon’s Isle.


Recalling her spell left him vulnerable,

such was his love for her misted veil.

Into her fabled realm he’d strayed and stayed,

charmed by her legendary tale.


“Avalon, my Lady ” Merlin had sighed,

each time Archie recounted her fame.

And crossed his heart and touched his lips,

each time poetry whispered her name.


T’was where he fell for Nimhue’s aqueous gaze,

and filled his scarlet heart.

T’was where he drowned in her submarine maze,

and failed his purple craft.


Her melody, her mood, her mulberry mauve,

her imperial poise and lilac rose.

His fair sweet Nimuhe, whose intoxicating balm,

would always haunt his darkly prose.


Zee wavered lazily, in dreams’ reverie,

snug in a nook of the cavernous wall.

T’was all well to dwell in slumber ville,

whilst deep water ran calmly still.


Away in the distance, Dalbergia sighed,

her glow a whisper upon the air.

With sensuous grace, she revealed her face,

in faint blush of strawberry flare.


T’was moment when scaly demon stirred, and

surged from her shadowy hide!

T’was moment when the recumbent Zee,

found no crook in which to slide!


Dark jaws opened wide, from above she dived,

like an angel of whispering death.

Zee’s flaming fright was a last flickering light,

as Darkly Sparkle snuffed out his breath


Shadow swiftly swarmed to compound his plight,

and sealed off the Gaslite vein.

With no gaseous chain spreading swift prattling,

Zee’s last words were screamed in vain.


Darkly Sparkle coiled her oil-slick form, and

squeezed the light right out of Zee.

Each lingering death brought ethereal delight,

for Morgana’s unearthly zombie.


She spilled from the crevice as melting wax,

a single drop of liquid night.

Upon the ground, she pooled and purled, and

dissolved the puckish sprite.


Flowing away, she followed the fall,

down path to ravine’s twisted turn.

T’was where her hordes waited, at bend of stream,

for Merlin and comrades to burn…

~ + ~

Sunlight bathed the glade of my precious Isle,

life serenaded in voluptuous green.

Long languid gazes, thro’ lazy hazy mazes,

as the ghost of I waltzed with his Queen.


Ending my avenue of golden wheat sheaves,

lay a pathway of burnished stone.

It dwindled away through prismatic shades,

to a Willow copse growing alone.


I quickened my pace over firmer ground,

and hastened for the Willowy thicket.

Parting the Sallow, I discovered a pond,

laying ‘silent as a silent cricket’.


Her glade was bathed in sun-kissed wonder,

Her gown a crown of scintillating green.

She stole my breath, stalled my heart,

with beauty I had never seen.


Upon her calm, no ripple stirred,

no ringlet bubbled forth.

Her mirroring sheen was mesmerizing,

reflecting the sum of Nature’s worth.


Languorous she lazed beneath a cloudless sky,

her pool cast vivid blue.

From sloping banks the tilting Willow bowed,

to dream in her dreaming hue.


Tall Oak and Elm, and Pine and Lime,

stood firmly rooted to the ground.

Vibrant Nature bustled, her vivid leaves rustled,

and yet, there was no sound.


“Still is the water when my fears are unfounded.”

“Ancient is the land when my feet stay grounded.”

“Eternal is the moment when my heart is astounded.”

“Infinite is the sky when my dreams are unbounded.”


Tentatively I stepped to water’s glinting edge,

with my heart suddenly all a stutter.

To either side of my timid stride,

a kaleidoscope of butterflies did flutter.


I watched and waited as they flurried away,

and gave chase through adorning light.

Across the water the rabble rushed,

with flicker in their flittering flight.


To farthest shore sped the flashing swarm,

and settled in polychromatic pose.

Upon each leaf and stem, every colour shone,

to adorn Love’s sweet Gild Rose.


Beguiling, bewitching, her bloom gazed at me, and

deeply I fell into her red reverie.

Flushed with blush, I pinked and purled, quite

overwhelmed by her energy.


To my side as I cried sweet tears of release,

floated two forms with ethereal grace.

One bright with light, one dark as night,

but both of angelic face.


“Fair fabled Rose, sweet budding bloom,

whose centre is spun misted gold.”

‘Tis around her eternally spiralling heart,

where your delicate petals unfold.”


“Beholding her charm, her enticing allure,

draws your eye evermore deeply within.”

“Her coiled frond path leads to her heart, and

will return you to where you begin.”


“When my Passion burns, I sweeten her flower,

by quickening the thrill of her heart.”

“When my Love heals, I propagate her flower,

by perpetuating her annual new start.”


“We Love, we Live, our Beauty ceaselessly gives,

our fervour flows within all veins.”

“When I am your Passion, when She, your Love,

our Grace doth bring rich gains.”


T’was at waters edge where I stood and gazed,

across the pond to her scarlet blaze.

“Passion’s Loving flower with your rose tinted bloom,

‘tis my heart you will always consume.”


I sensed Love’s company leave unexpectedly,

and hasten quickly away.

I saw my dear rose close her open heart, and

from her side the butterflies start.


I saw towering trees tops suddenly bend and sway,

I saw tall grasses snap and splay.

I watched wild Nature fall into wild disarray,

I cowered as deep darkness pushed back the day.


A shadow passed swiftly across the veil,

on swarthy wings of raven night.

Its form settled upon a posted crown,

and stole away my light.


“Seeker of quills!” crowed Morgana Le Faye,

with shrill and crowing cry.

“Behold, Merlin’s fool, who approaches my pool,

without pretty wings to gratify!”


“Have I not tempted to tease, and attempted to try,

and promised one day to make you fly?”

“Yet you desert your dreams for an ancient worm,

without ever once asking, why?”


“The sweet rose that grows in your rosy eyes,

will root you to the floor.”

“But the rose that grows in my darkly eyes,

will lift you for evermore.”


“Tis never to late to change your sway,

and feather your wings another way.”

“Tis never to late to reach for the sky,

so come Buccaneer, I’ll make you fly!”


The ghost of I diminished and dimmed,

my dappled colour scuttled to grey.

I darkened deathly shade of ashen bone,

as my spirit was burnt away.


There was no flaming pyre, no Phoenix fire,

no flash of light at tunnels end.

There was no loving grace, no redeeming face,

no Wizard to call my friend.


My fire swiftly changed from an emerald flame,

to one cast with a ravening blue.

For fast pressing thro’ my famished frame,

was a flash of petroleum hue!


T’was brief the gleam of fiery green,

burning my remnants for kindle.

Her cobalt blue flame returned again,

and had my colour dwindle.


Blackened and charred, my spirit scarred,

my form barely more than cinder.

About me lay Nature, with fair glory marred,

as if savaged by perpetual winter.


“Look down, my sweet handsome Prince,

and reflect in my mirroring pool.”

“Those feathers of which you have always dreamt,

are now worn by your wishing fool.”


By Willow bank, I turned slowly around,

and withered down towards the ground.

Was this last moment, last felling wound,

or pool where dreams were found?


The ghastly edge of a ghostly wing,

feathered within my view.

T’was mauled and matted, twisted and tattered, and

cast an obsidian blue.


“Oh my!” crowed Morgana, “see how you shine!”

“With your patina of ravening glitter!”

“Tis well to swell with blushing pride,

for it sets my heart a twitter!”


“Would you have fared so well, to this beautiful end,

had Merlin dispensed your hell?”

“Would you have travelled this far, for wings of flight,

had I not dispensed your spell?”


“And now with you free, from your own tragedy,

am I able to feel your true measure.”

“So come Buccaneer, come fly with me, and

share unbounded pleasure together.”


As I knelt on the floor, laid bare to my core,

my mind wavered with revulsion.

But as I gazed in the pool, at my feathery fool,

t’was deep lust I felt for my vision.


I arose without turning, my cobalt eyes burning,

my fledgling wings extended for flight.

In twilight I stood, a magnificent sight,

a Dark Prince rising on darkly night!


“My sweet Prince,” cooed Morgana, “my dear darkly dove,

aren’t your Raven wings quite all you love!”

“In time you will forget about your life above, and

the foolish illusions you once dreamt of.”


She paused her spiel and approached the grove,

dragging her darkness across my alcove.

“All this,” she gestured, “is my rich treasure trove,

and yours in the name of my love.”


Her nebulous Demon, in black thorny trim,

flew an arc to the other shore.

“Come Buccaneer,” she seductively teased,

let me show you to something more.”


T’was a mere short glide to pond’s farther side,

but this was my inaugural first flight!

Far down had I travelled, to be so unravelled,

and yet, still rise to such glorious heights!


Sweet was the feat of my first wing-beat,

when my feet lifted off the floor!

With every next beat, came sweeter feats,

until I ached for more and more!


I hovered at low height, a little above the ground,

with my wings beating a steady pulse.

Already the floor was a bore, and walking a chore,

t’was merely something more to repulse!


I caught full sight of my kingly flight,

as I floated above blackly pool.

To lustful delight, I saw the lustre of night,

and knew I was no longer the Fool!


As onyx was I, carved chiselled and hewn, and

polished to an unearthly shine.

I was elegant and sleek, with Underworld mystique,

and such fancy was rightfully mine.


At last free to soar, to find so much more,

I took full measure of my flighty treasure.

To vast heights I soared, to faster speeds I roared,

unbounded in my limitless pleasure.


In silken star-shine, I topped-out of a climb,

and cast a long glance below.

Underworld lay serene, within folds of dark dreams,

and nightmare’s pallid after-glow.


“Hasten, sweet Prince,” Morgana pleaded, from

her pitchy perch on farthest shore.

“There is time enough to enjoy your toys,

but I must lead you to something more.”


So eager to please, I came flurrying down,

and curled the well of the pool.

My inaugural first flight, had been ecstatic delight,

I felt taller for the fall of my fool.


Morgana let slip her atramentous attire,

for a fashion of passion and pain.

Her scarlet black light, was of predatory night,

as she led me on further again.


I followed her scent, as would a faithful hound,

trailing a path where her feathers fell.

I stepped into shadow, for love I had found,

knowing in my heart all was well.


Deeper shadows distend, utter darkness extends, and

I was consumed by seamless night.

Where once I’d take fright, to be without sight,

being without light, now felt so right.


When from above there came a sudden glimmer,

a solitary beam of moonstruck glitter.

One shard of light, milk-white and bright,

cast down its crystal flicker.


I watched my Queen grace silken beam,

and dance in her pool of light.

Oh fantastical night, of never-ending delight!

Never had I imagined such sight!


“Come hither for your pleasure,” she softly purred,

reaching out with her passerine claw.

“Come hither for my pleasure,” she gently lulled,

“come dance with me upon the floor.”


In sight of her gaze, I was lost in my daze,

and found in the blaze of her haze.

I took one lively step, one giant stride,

to be with my love, to stand by her side…


But there was no floor!

No blackened ground!

Just a bottomless hole,

extending down and down…

and down and down…

and down…and down.

~ + ~

Merlin was tiring, his strength failing away,

indeed, it had been a most arduous day.

And yet through it all, the Buccaneer lay,

wrapped in his shrouds of lifeless grey.


Sissoo’s flittering flame, suddenly flickered and fell,

fluttering to become a mere quiver.

With haste, Merlin pulled taut his tether, tugging

their raft to edge of the river.


Archie who sensed a foul change in the air,

had landed to reel his lash in.

With a whispered voice he quietly announced,

“We’re surrounded by Morgana’s Djinn.”


At once Merlin reached for his flaming wand,

and flashed Sissoo’s indomitable fire.

Scarlet light, scorching bright, took rapid flight,

and scythed across the mire.


Shadow drifted, shade shifted, turned and twisted,

but still evil amassed her horde.

With venomous zeal came her slashing blades,

dripping death from every sword.


Ferocity fanned fiend’s frightful fire,

as she cleaved away the light.

And drawing closer towards Merlin’s wand,

struck fast with blinding bite.


“Merlin!” screeched Archie, anticipating the strike,

but to late to intervene.

Shadow stung hard at Sissoo’s ruby red hue,

and hurled her to Hell’s ravine.


“No!” Merlin howled with pain tearing his heart,

as his beloved was ripped away.

“Sissoo!” he wailed, “My darling Sissoo!”

“I will pray for your soul on this day!”


Shade poured her horde upon Merlin’s gown,

with intention to inflict cruel pain.

Anguish savaged his heart and ravaged his frown,

in grieving waves again and again.


In mournful moment, Darkly Sparkle uncoiled,

a fierce fury within wrathful fray.

With Dalbergia undone, with enchantment far flung,

Darkly was assured her Wizardy prey.


Through swathing swarms of swarthy Shade,

She came with malicious force.

Sweet kiss of death with deadly intent, to

take Merlin below river’s course.


With fangs distended, She thrashed her flail,

and rippled dark night upon her trail.

Her toxic tips touched Sage tendered lips!

As sharp talons tightened around her tail!


Night’s raptor, her capture, raged and reeled,

and raced for a far higher stay!

And there upon a lone craggy ledge,

put rapid end to her despicable grey!


T’was sufficient show for Shadow to flee,

back to her never-ending misery.

Shade slid away ‘neath stone and boulder, and

Sparkle was cast to the sea!


Archie leapt clear from his high lofted mount,

with wing feathers mauled and missing.

Downwards he flew, swooping hard and low,

with his predatory rage still misting.


He skittered and scattered scurrying Shade,

tore hole through the bearing horde.

To Merlin’s side, he courageously dived,

to save his grief-stricken Lord.


His tined tearing talons slit and slashed,

their aim struck fair and true,

At each killing stride, his eyes flared wide,

his beak flashed steely hue.


Merlin still spun, still stung, still lingered upon,

his beloved sweet Rosewood Sissoo.

He grasped for his staff, his old solid timber,

with his heart having torn in two.


Drowning in grief, his passion boiled free,

with rage he struck, with blind savagery.

“For you my Love! My sweet Rosie Sissoo!”

“For the Muse I amused in the heart of you!”


Unto bitter end battled the embittered swarm,

unto brittle end, with all fight gone.

Yet splicing and slicing, slitting and slaying, and

screaming their deathly dark song.


Into fierce flail and wail of felling furore,

came sudden sound to deaden the fray.

To Archie and Seer, who were last to hear,

came a roar thro’ bore’s water way.


Abandoning their fight dark hordes took fright,

and scurried swiftly from their siege.

Artful second sight had Archie take flight,

and Merlin recover his ‘Sage.’


A spitting wild wall of venomous foam,

exploded around tunnel’s tight bend!

In waves of thunderous depth it heaved,

the tidal head of a flooding end!


She came as secondary swell in tunnel’s watery well,

raging and racing rapaciously!

Deafening was the boom of torrential gloom,

as she cascaded relentlessly!


Merlin turned swiftly from the tumultuous tide,

belted his tether, a reef-knot he tied.

Then sprinting to the ravaged raft, he raced,

with hauling line firm about his waist.


Gushing, rushing, overwhelming, and drowning!

Water poured with cataclysmic force!

Sheer mass and might pitched all with spite,

as she charged without remorse!


Merlin quickened his quickly unhesitating stride,

crossing boulder and pebble at speed.

At jut of gapes edge, he leapt from the ledge, and

jumped into a white-water stampede!


T’was to late to land upon their stricken raft,

for it had already strayed away.

Into ravine’s ravening river he fell,

into a place with no light of day!


Gloom boomed and thundered, crashed and roared,

and ripped thro’ the tunnel at speed.

Merlin’s struggling form was lifted and bourn, and

carried by galloping steeds.


With tether pulling taut about his waist,

Merlin tightened his grip on ropey twine.

With every ounce of strength and might,

he pulled himself further along the line.


Up ahead sped the raft at tremendous pace,

hustled to haste by the river’s swell.

It flew and chased, and hurtled and raced, and

tobogganed through ravine’s dark well.


Still further ahead on her wild rushing tide,

she deposited her debris and detritus.

She dammed her flow, but found new wrath,

revealing the worse of her animus.


She tore new bore through weakened rock,

split crack and crevice seams.

She surged, purged, scrubbed and scourged, and

twisted her eroding streams.


Merlin prayed for escape from hole’s jagged gape,

felt dismay as raft barrelled through.

He sensed water swerve, felt every vim and verve,

as he careened thro’ her carven corkscrew.


Buffeted and ruffetted and dragged quickly along,

Merlin held tight to tie and tether.

Twisting and turning with tired lungs burning,

t’was no time for a wizard to wither!


Within sight and reach of raft’s Oaken boughs,

with pain tearing at every sinew.

Merlin watched their craft take sudden flight…

and then into deep darkness he flew!


One piercing stream, one scintillating beam,

gilded a shaft of intense golden light.

From miles up high, thro’ a slit in the sky,

shone radiance to illume their flight.


Light’s blinding beam reached in to the ravine,

and revealed a most wondrous sight.

Had it not been, for death’s forthcoming dream,

such vision would have inspired delight.


T’was Rainbow Ravine, as Merlin had never seen,

without stepping off path’s grounded way!

Now heading for her hue, both raft and he flew,

falling with wispy waterfall spray!


Amidst splash and splay of faint misty play,

Iris fanned her multihued bloom.

She spilt seven shades from single rays, and

cast her rainbow to the gloom.


She was sight to behold amongst darkly folds,

sweet Goddess and Divine Messenger.

In Merlin’s eyes, She shone a beacon of hope,

as way out of their watery sepulchre.


With audacious heart, he chanced a looping line,

and caught hold of a jutting rock snag.

Then to the ground his eyes tentatively turned,

in expectation of the sudden drag.


He watched Buccaneer and raft frantically fall,

and fast approach her prismatic crown.

Unto tether’s tight end, they spin and spun,

until halting their journey down


Merlin’s rope tightened in a violent vicious vice,

as raft’s weight pulled taut his tying tie.

Upwards he sped, towards rock’s jutting edge,

praying that no one here would die.


Inertia tore the Buccaneer free,

from crafted rafted oaken tree.

At one end of last tie, he almost slipped free,

pulled by the force of gravity.


Left hanging upside down, he dangled around

turning and twisting with bluster.

With both neck and crown below Rainbow’s gown,

t’was only his body in arc’s lustre.


Barely in time, Merlin looped second line,

then readied himself for sudden impact.

He struck the hard edge of cold jutting ledge,

and felt his whole body compact.


Taut tether tightened about snagging rock stack,

and held heavy wet weight of all.

But should saving stack, suddenly crack,

one and all would surely fall!


Blood gushed and rushed to the Buccaneer’s head

overwhelming his recovering dream.

Waking eyes went wide with traumatic surprise,

as they stared into the black ravine!


He screamed a scream to chill frozen wind,

and thrashed at tether’s end.

He curled and furled and flapped and flayed,

at visions he couldn’t comprehend.


For far, far below, where water gushed away,

emerged a harrowing spectre cast pale ashen grey.

Rippling as it hovered on ghastly-blackened wings,

every feather rotten with hellish rotten things!


All around this fiend from the abysmal ravine,

shimmered a landscape beyond all despair.

Nature’s sensuous form lay blackened and torn,

Her sweet nature laid sullied and bare.


T’was then foul fiend pulled away its hood,

and stared into the hung man’s eyes.

T’was then brave Buccaneer saw his deepest fears, and

horror at his own wicked guise!


“My beautiful Prince” pleaded a harrowing voice.

“Be wise to Morgana’s lies!”

“She’ll gild the ground beneath your feet, but,

no-man ever flies her skies.”


“These things are not wings!” the Demon cried,

“But sins from the soul’s she skins!”

“Do not preen with pride by her dreaming pool,

but tailor your wings for kings!”


Gnarled and gnarly, scarred and scaly, came the

unexpected reach of clasping claws!

Around the Buccaneer’s heart they tightened hold,

and pulled him towards the floor!


“My beautiful Prince!” crowed a carven voice,

“You seem to be all in a flutter!”

“Should I squeeze to please my maleficent self,

and have your treacherous heart stutter?”


“Morgana!” gasped the desperate Buccaneer,

as he reeled at her vile visage!

“Maggot!” she recoiled, “Mutineer!” she broiled,

’tis your soul I have come to pillage!”


Claws pawed his heart and paused his mind,

and poisoned thoughts to make him blind.

“Foul fiend!” He screamed, as dreams unseamed,

and sharp claws ground their grind.


“Foul fool!” She screeched, with flared eyes blazing

flesh boiling to a scarlet shine.

“Had you never heard, Merlin’s sugared words,

you would have already been mine!”


“Where is he now, in your time of great need?”

“Where is he now, for your life to plead!”

“He fell for despair, in my water he bleeds.”

“Upon his sad soul, my darkness, she feeds.”


“But all is not lost, my Dark Prince and King’s heir,

for your journey now begins with glee.”

“Come Buccaneer, fly with me, reign with me!”

“Rule Underworld with our dark majesty!”


She howled and cawed, and carved and crowed, and

into his heart her dark fingers she drove.

Harder and harder, she squeezed and pulled, and

lower and lower, the Buccaneer was hauled.


He wriggled and squiggled, twisted and turned, and

in his heart, for Love he yearned.

T’was a joyous moment when his spirit returned,

when lessons of Love were truly learned.


In desperation to be free from his wild insanity,

the Buccaneer began swinging his line.

Morgana clawed and roared and ripped and raked,

to hold fast her concubine.


Struggling, straining, with his binds loose and failing,

The One Ink Stone slipped silently away.

Downwards it spun, into darkness, then gone,

lost in last shadow of last day.


Up high on a ledge, braced hard to the edge,

Merlin clenched the ever-tightening tether!

He heard the Buccaneer’s scream, and saw him swing,

and felt him pull ever closer to t’river.


The old snagging stack, crumbled quickly away,

as the Buccaneer lengthened his swing.

Rock shattered and splattered in a squall of scree,

leaving all unsecured to anything!


Downwards they plunged into the engulfing ravine,

downwards and downwards to shades darkest seam!

Downwards they tumbled thro’ Iris’s dream.

downwards and downwards to Hell’s opening!


When suddenly…!

A long shrilling cry echoed down from on high,

as a dark shadow crossed through the light.

T’was most welcome sight, given their plight,

to see Archie in full flapping flight!


Downwards he raced like a bullet train,

wings pulled back, to quicken his gain!

Faster and faster and faster he came,

faster and faster and faster again!


When alongside Merlin, he slowed his fall,

and heard a voice calling loud in his ear.

“We’re tied by one rope, with no hope to help both,

“Archie…you must save the Buccaneer!”


“Merlin!” shrieked Archie, “There must be a way!”

“Of saving both upon this day!”

“Go! Archie! Go! Fly fast my dear friend,

his precious life upon you depends!”


For one fleeting moment their eyes met and stared,

their tears stung then streamed away.

“Forgive me,” yelled Merlin, “my beloved old owl,

and pray for my soul on this day!”


Merlin turned and tumbled, and rocketed down,

as Archimedes swiftly passed his shoulder.

T’was one final chance, one final glance, before

friendship would be brought to closure.


Hastening faster, accelerating harder, Archie

pierced the unfathomable dark.

With verve he swerved, and slew as he flew,

and passed the Buccaneer’s ark.


Through gloom with doom, the ground rushed up

and caught Archie unaware.

A mere hundred feet for an aerobatic feat,

by which to salvage the Buccaneer!


With tined talons drawn, Archie turned fast and hard,

his hooked bill a razor of fire.

Shuddering pain ripped through his frame,

as he tore through the retaining wire.


Barbed talons grabbed with their grappling grip,

grasping at the Buccaneers tie.

Huge powerful wings gave might for flight, but

with dead weight, he couldn’t fly!


Archie extended wide his spanning wings,

and pressed down to arrest their fall.

His jarred muscles hurt, his taut tendons burnt,

whenever he pushed, or tried to pull.


His fast flurry and flap were to no avail,

t’was far better to reach-out and glide.

At speed they speared a spiralling descent,

heading away from the cascading tide.


Scarcely twenty feet from the fast flowing flood,

flight feathers failed then ripped and tore.

For ground they found one rapid way down,

and were met by stone stack and tor!


Barely slowing from break neck speed, they

blazed onto the rock-strewn shore.

Barrelling, bowling, reeling and rolling,

they crashed down on the deadly floor…

~~~~~ + ~~~~~

Natura Naturans

New Mercury copy


Natura Naturans is Chapter 5 of my poem telling of high adventure with Merlin the Wizard. As with the previous chapter, I have divided this chapter into 3 Acts for ease of reading. This Act is titled Fire and Earth.

Natura Naturans continues the story of the wayward Buccaneer as he journeys underground in the company of Merlin, Archimedes, and Gaslite Zee. At conclusion of Chapter 4, Stich, Stash and Stow, the bewildered ghost of the Buccaneer was setting sail for distant shores upon the mighty Venus in search of higher dreams and firmer ground to root his flower.

Meanwhile, within dense dark tunnels, his beleaguered comrades take respite from their arduous travels to tend the Buccaneer’s corporeal self with Vitriol…


~ Chapter 5 ~

~ Natura Naturans ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~

~ Act 1 ~ Fire and Earth ~


“Rippling the surface of unfathomable blue,

rise virgin shores of a distant isle.”

“Bashful she hides ‘neath eve’s blistered sky,

a precious jewel with enigmatic smile.”


“For four fine days, for three starlit nights,

have I journeyed so indescribably far.”

“Carried by winds, bourn by waves,

always following my luminous star.”


“Tis to her glow my ethereal moth was drawn,

in flight upon Love’s light.”

“Tis to her warmth my delicate heart is drawn,

in dreams I have each night.”


“She shares no illusion when I close my eyes,

and feel my Loving heart swell.”

“I am serene, deeply stilled from within,

drawing water from her purest well.”


“At coming of morn’s lustrous, red dawn,

I’ll set foot upon Isle’s blessed ground.”

“What wonders await for when I arrive,

at sacred place where dreams are found?”

~ + ~

Merlin reclined against carven cavern wall,

and gazed into the subdued rosy hue.

For fourth fraught day, the Buccaneer lay,

following his most propitious rescue.


Zee swayed in time to an airless breeze,

Archie perched by pothole’s yawn.

Bound by friendship’s fate they waited upon,

the Mariner’s restored new form.


Said Merlin, “We can ill afford to rest further now,

or we’ll miss our rendezvous.”

“We should have been at Rainbow Ravine,

but are now so long overdue.”


“Our beleaguered Buccaneer cannot stay here,

we must all travel as one together.”

“Two paths ahead, upon neither we’ll tread,

but take another, with greater endeavour.”


“Is it wise to move him?” Archimedes asked,

inflecting words with a cautious tone.

“Losing heart and soul surely takes its toll,

‘tis not repair to flesh and bone.”


“I thought he’d achieve all he needed to find,

as we made our way to Copper Door.”

“I never considered his conviction would fail,

nor his will to journey-on some more.”


“Perhaps VITRIOL has induced rapid care,

and loosened his shackles further still.”

“I’ve a knowing sense our seafaring soul,

will yet find the one inked Quill.”


“We will leave in the morn, without further delay,

with our Buccaneer rafted and stowed.”

“We’ll head upstream towards Rainbow Ravine,

set camp by Seven Fold Road.”


“My preference to travel by deeper paths,

was to avoid exposure to harm.”

“We have little choice, whilst he lays in repose,

spellbound by her VITRIOL charm.”


“I’ll go gather boughs from flayed Oaken Tree,

craft a crafted craft with stability.”

“Archie, I trust you’ll steer our passage clear,

with your usual dependability?”


“An excellent plan!” Archie commended,

“Shall I fashion us each a new oar?”

“Why no Archimedes, ‘tis you who will tow,

at tether’s end ‘til destiny’s shore!”


“I shall commandeer our makeshift helm,

keep our vessel on safe course.”

“It’d be near tragedy, should further calamity,

compound our collective remorse.”


“At tether’s end, for an entire day!”

“Good grief Merlin, I’m 1000 years old!”

“Tis 10 hours at least to Rainbow Shore,

a further two until Seven Fold Road!”


“Then we’d best leave early!” Merlin replied,

“and move ahead of the tidal-rise.”

“I fear secondary swell in this watery well,

without land to land is unwise!”


“Early?” Said Zee, flickering to life,

“Would that mean, top o’ the morn?”

“I’m usually rising much closer to dusk,

in twilight am I best born.”


“Tis humbling indeed to be one of three,

who focus with such earnest intent!”

“We’re leaving at five, when fire dies,

so prepare for our watery event!”


“I’ll send word ahead on the Gaslite vein,

request covert eyes along our trail.”

“Tis well to know if our wicked foe,

hides where a Seer’s sight might fail.”


“Graciously accepted,” Merlin responded,

“I’ll consider it an act of great import.”

“Might I also rely on your generous help,

in giving Archie some affable support?”


“I’ve a sense, my flapperty frivolous friend,

will sulk the entire evening away.”

“Tis not his age which troubles our sage,

but the weigh of wet sleigh for a day!”


“I think,” smirked Zee in Merlin’s ear.

“Archie’s gained a pound in the middle”

“If it were possible to help our owl at all,

I’d be first to decline to paddle.”


“I understand why Archie befriended thee,”

Merlin said with a mischievous grin.

“You share commonality as self-absorbed rogues,

with a heart of gold within!”


“Airborne, he’s free, to moan incessantly,

out of ear shot of you and I.”

“I’ve a tether for me, to heave our company, but,

we’ll leave him to flap on high.”


T’was playful mockery at an uncertain hour,

an opportunity to let off steam.

Upon the morn’, would all four move on,

in pursuit of dreams upstream.

~ + ~

The ghost of I slid from ship’s ancient helm,

and floated towards her prow.

One last hour unto Isle’s blazoned shore,

fairest beauty, as she’d mastered now.


“Night slips and slides to other side,

in shine of yonder fire.”

“In flit and flight beneath starlight,

to such an end inspires desire.”


“High overhead, shimmers a wondrous star,

radiant in her blazing gown.”

“In splendour she ignites her heralding flare,

upon threshold of emergent dawn.”


“Fair luminary, which on my ghost does shine,

guiding light to farer’s end of mine.”

“Sweet promise resplendent in glowing Celestine,

your fire is divinely sublime.”


“You are first-light upon this unfolding hour

last flame to fade before the Sun.”

“And in your glow, and by your compose,

Heaven’s procession is finely spun.”


As if on queue, from my beloved’s hand,

came a backwash of cobalt blue.

An intense orange seam split soured cream,

before brilliance in carnation hue.


“Tis well to dwell with tear filled eyes,

and relish this blessed scene.”

“To see Empyrean’s canvas, once dazzled by stars,

brushed with blush, by morning’s Queen.”


“Upon sweet cherry painted misted morn,

wet still with passion’s shine.”

“Unfolds a vision from an embellished dream,

dripped in pink and gold design.”


“Rose coloured seas prolong their dreams,

or pause on the turn of the tide.”

“Breath held, breeze stilled, for final touch,

to Love’s adoring bride.”


When into my vision raced a flock of gulls,

cutting a dash with graceful appeal.

Feathers ignite, in flight, with scarlet delight,

as angels spiral, twist, and wheel.


I gaze and follow their graceful course,

soaring majestically above the sands.

Masters of flight, tripping the light,

flying upwards to distant lands.


At crest of their rise, to my sudden surprise,

I glimpse glint of an unknown flare!

At speed it raced, or shifted space,

until halting in my startled stare.


I sensed it turn around, survey the ground,

and focus thro’ the cosmic haze.

A sound from within, which came from afar,

seemed to deepen my burrowing gaze.


T’was moment when the Earth stood still,

when all reason fell away.

T’was moment when my heart would fill,

and my mind be blown away.


I felt impelled to listen, eager to hear,

nay, keen to attune to the hum.

Tis hard to conceive a more curious sight, than a

gleam speaking light from the sun.


“Me?” I said, both dazed and confused,

clearly overwhelmed by the mystical glow.

“What are you, who speaks without words?”

“And what is it I must know?”


“With Love,” spoke the voice. “Watch yonder skies.”

“Witness the birth of a brave new world.”

“We are here for all, yet speak to you,

as one ready to be unfurled.”


“With eyes that see beyond reality,

with a heart that knows only truth.”

“Tis rightful time to now set forth,

fulfill the promise of your youth.”


“Follow cosmic schemes to grander dreams,

to where your heart‘s intended.”

“Merlin gifts and guides towards what’s right,

to where your mind’s extended.”


“Listen well Buccaneer to his quiet inner voice,

resounding in your heart.”

“Tis Merlin who speaks, your sagacious sage,

from your side he’ll never start.”


“You’ll not fail the Grail you’re questing on,

nor will your destiny be amended.”

“With Camelot lost to the perfidy of piers,

‘tis time their reign was ended.”


“We know the anguish of your ailing world,

sense your despair and suffering.”

“We come to earth to fight for few,

who believe Camelot is worth reclaiming.”


“You are not alone in this time of woe,

take heart through the coming years.”

“Awakening Camelot to its machiavellian ways,

requires augmenting people’s fears.”


“Have no doubt, you will ultimately succeed,

to smite evil’s growing horde.”

“Not by violence shall the truth prevail, for

your pen is mightier than their sword.”


“In time, foul stench of impoverished souls,

who turn your world to twisted ends.”

“Those few will fall upon weapons they wield,

in hell shall they make amends.”


“Unwitting fools, who prosper still,

from deceit, exploitation and lies.”

“Love offers hope for the tyrannical heart,

if eyes gazed upwards at sunrise.”


“Fear not the path befalling you now,

‘tis nigh time for you to stride.”

“Fear not the words you’ll find to write,

‘tis not the time to hide.”


“For all brave souls whose hearts aspire,

will flourish in the fall.”

“For all brave souls whose hearts inspire,

will respond to worthy call.”


Upon far horizon flashed twelve flaming jewels,

fire-kissed orbs to adorn Love’s crown.

In waves of three and four they came,

to announce a new Earth born.


The last globe to appear, momentarily paused,

before ascending to a higher station.

I sensed its intention shift slowly towards me,

as it issued a silent communication.


“Come Buccaneer, step into your dream,

we’ll show you what we’ve already seen.”

“Far beyond reach of your empirical eyes,

is a world where you’ve always been.”


“Come Buccaneer, step onto the shore,

we’ll show you where you’ve visited before.”

“Far beyond reach of your rational mind,

is where you will find Copper Door.”


“Tis time to step away from The Venus prow,

follow isle’s path as it is unfurled.”

“Unto journey’s end, my Buccaneer friend, and

the one heart to change your world!”


Upon boards beneath high tethered sails,

my ghost became unbounded.

Fine dust of me carried to yonder shore,

where I collected together, dumb-founded!


T’was further surprise when high flare did fade,

when 12 jewels descended as one.

Then serene silence, like none I have known.

As Earth stilled for the rising Sun.


The distant horizon bloomed a flourish of fire,

flame raced to devour each cloud.

Love’s flush flowed and sweetened Earth below,

covering all with her blushing shroud.


I swayed when bathed in bright crimson shade,

inhaling Love’s searing breath.

A hot fire within, whilst she cleansed my skin,

bringing life to renew living death.


Earth turned in time to face far rising jewel,

in rhythm to her cosmic symphony.

Towards the hum of her approaching Sun,

She held her breath reverentially.


A blood-red sphere crested the horizon line,

a fierce ball of ruby rose fire.

To Love’s beauty and grace I was immediately drawn,

into the heart of her flaming pyre.


Standing to gaze across Earth’s crimson haze,

my heart swollen full and brimming.

Surrendering to all that had come before, leaving

my ghost standing taller and glistening.


With eyes open wide, my ghost ready to stride,

my brave-heart swelled to venture on.

With Love at my side, my ghost eager to strive,

my brave-heart yearned for Babylon.”


Sweet flurry and flare of cerise drenched morn,

lifted her heart to infinite blue.

Pink skies gave rise to pastel surprise,

within a melt of light cerulean hue.


“My last moment upon isle’s virgin shore,

my first step on another new way.”

“Tis no longer with hope I journey on,

but within light of a blue-sky day.”


“Phantoms of shadow feint fright at light,

isle’s misted dew lifts, and burns away.”

“Emerging ahead thro’ morn’s thinning haze,

a forest waking, to first light of day.”


“From towering heights, the tree tops stare,

and stall their dapple with sunlit glare.”

“Between bowing boughs scythe honeyed rays,

pooling pools of lemon kissed flare.”


“As I gaze around, Nature’s diversity abounds,

she tenders perpetuity with exquisite care.”

“Within abundance and green, and vivid gleam,

may I grow from within Her prayer.”


The ghost of I slipped between soaring trees,

treading a fructiferous path of fern.

Bright limpid light, cooled emerald green,

paved the way for my return.


“Listening to breeze take flight thro’ trees,

to her voice singing from fauna and flora.”

“In wonder I wander beneath jade-rich haze,

immersed within her living plethora.”


“To either side of my buoyant stride,

lofty swards gently pulse and sway.”

“Beyond tall grass, Great Brocéliande Forest,

where Romance is legend each day.”


“Between her coiling vines and laden boughs,

in a forest expectant with potential.”

“Are wilds for lovers, lunatics, and poet’s alike,

seeking an experience of the existential.“


“In wondrous tales of bold adventurous hearts,

who frequent her forest darkly shaded.”

“Tis always towards her raw sensuous allure,

where their hearts are so easily persuaded.”


“Miraculous stories so frequently declare,

one must beware false glare from far-off flare,

for impression so frequently jades.”

“Perhaps passion pens pearls with charming appeal,

whilst words written with love never fade?”


My passing thoughts passed with illuminating shine,

each pressed from an emerald scene.

Barely had I been within her fine flourishing,

and my heart already felt evergreen.


I twisted and threaded, or weaved with the way,

carefully considerate to every stride.

Unbounded, yet grounded, amidst cool calming hue,

and dissolving as I followed her guide.


I gazed upon high, to an arching canopy,

in wonder at her elegant prowess.

“With desire she extends her heart to the Sun,

in reach of true love’s first kiss.”


“To bake or bask at such inspiring heights,

and perspire in Sun’s syrupy glow.”

“Tis to lofted realms where Nature’s dreams aspire,

and winged angels habitually go.”


“Such yearning have I to feel cloudless skies,

to perfect mastery upon the air”

“My heart’s foolish desire will never transpire,

without firm wish to ever dare.”


“My Earth rooted feet might never take flight,

or have me trail the astral plains.”

“But each day I endeavour with an honest heart,

to be free of my earthly chains.”


My ghost quickened along Nature’s fruitful path,

feeling freshened by her fecundate forms.

When soon upon a mossy Herm I came,

nestled deep within her charms.


“Beneath blade and bract, tight vine and leaf,

is an inscription carved in base relief.”

“It offers no distance to journey’s end, but

a choice to be made with belief.”


“Traveller take heed, and with conviction perceive,

the rightful path to amble down.”

“When ready to receive, when willing to believe,

Fate and Destiny, will lead to your crown.”


I paused to ponder, to contemplate,

to cogitate and deliberate.

To ruminate and meditate, calculate and concentrate.

Yet found one doubt within my heart.


Here stood I, my ghost feather-light,

my form free from earthly fate.

T’was my corporal self, the mortal me,

still left to liberate.


“In disquieted repose, upon a frayed hem of life,

remains the failing light of me.”

“Brave heart indeed, would he have failed to see,

true beauty in Love’s deep mystery.”


“Shadows surrounding him appear never to fade,

darkness frequently blinds his sight.”

“Else, ‘tis not with eyes that fail to see,

but a heart that fears the Light.”


“One wonders what warms his starless soul,

or inflames his reclusive spirit?”

“One wonders whether Love was welcomed within,

or had ever expressed Her merit?”


“His plight with life, was a featherless flight,

a struggle to continuously be free.”

“Earth-bound, his heart fell far from home,

t’was never where he wanted to be.”


“Tired with wandering, wondering, and pondering,

his heart ached for sweet release.”

“T’was what impelled him deep underground,

as escape to bring lasting peace.”


“Tis to Merlin he reached with earnest intent,

seeking counsel to another new way.”

“How he had hoped with Love in his heart,

to find a Wizard’s highest stay.”


“How he had hoped with Love in his heart,

to be returned to the light of day.”

“How he had hoped with Love in his heart,

to never again feel cast-away.”


“Merlin endeavours to loosen his tethering bonds,

blending VITRIOL for his bodily soul.”

“Yet ‘tis for a Love beyond my sagacious sage,

where his heart desires to go.”


“Beyond the veil, always pale to his distant gaze,

mythic Beauty waits to lift his heart.”

“Tis to her intoxicating Light he’s artfully drawn,

but has at times felt quite apart.”


“And yet, here am I, a ghost upon her Isle,

unfastened from all haltering ties!”

“Tis no longer the Buccaneer stepping thro’ here, but

his spirit stripped of all earthly guise!”


“At last, beyond form, am I so nearly free,

from recumbent ways and materiality!”

“Unchaste from daydream, released from fear,

am I limitless in potentiality.”


“So what of this Herm? What is it I perceive,

as I pause to ponder, and believe to receive?”

“Buried in deep green, lies a trail yet unseen,

one leading to Fate and Destiny.”


“Beyond trees I see her one emerald path,

laying serene between high hoary veldt.”

“I’ve followed her flow with faith, never doubt,

in what it was I had always felt.”


“If this is a dream, would I have really rushed in,

if not impelled by what I believed?”

“Need I understand more, about sweet Copper Door,

before my path ahead will be perceived?”


“Tis time infinite me decides’ with certainty,

to set one foot further upon this day.”

“Tis time unlimited me, passed beyond mystery,

by walking the unseen pathway.”


I turned from the Herm, and gazed further ahead,

to where two Junipers entwined their crown.

Betwixt the two, a flourish of Bamboo, and

a flowering Wisteria tumbling down.


“Towards soft lavender blue, and deep violet hue,

towards a cascade of purple rain.”

“Towards mollifying light, am I instantly lulled,

and to sweet promises she might contain.”


Beneath turquoise blooms from stems extended,

bathed in sprays of amethyst fire.

As I lingered within her sweet heliotrope hue,

my heart swelled with profound desire.


“A lake once dry, suddenly fills and spills,

and rushes thro’ my veins distended.”

“Tis Love, ‘tis Life, ‘tis God’s earthly state,

‘tis sweet Nature acting as intended.”


“Laid bare am I, with neither bind nor bond,

yet tied by Love to everything.”

“My heart calmly yields to Nature’s pressing will,

and drinks from her colourful fountain.”


When I opened my eyes, there was little surprise,

to find virgin ground beneath my feet.

Yet meandering away within a wash of green,

wove an avenue of golden wheat.”


Crowned clusters stretched to a distant end,

far beyond reach of my captivated stare.

Flaxen and flowing, she danced with the breeze,

in a sensuous love-affair.


Finding my focus, I slipped from the shade,

and stepped into an auriferous spell.

Sunlight flared the tips of golden sheaves,

adding polish to her sway and swell.


Syrup stained light splashed my unfettered soul,

as I ambled between gold-leafed stems.

T’was the sheen for dreams of spirited wings,

to shine with the iridescence of gems.


Mottled me dallied and dawdled in dappled daub,

to delay departing the pasture.

My ghostly grey had faded away, but my spirit,

was newly alive with colour.


I flashed, flared, my kaleidoscopic colours dared,

to race through their chromatic spectrum.

Splitting celestial light, was an ecstatic delight,

a moment to touch perfectum!


Transparent in light, I was rainbow bright,

as I twirled and twisted away.

Unto avenues end, did my dance extend,

within Sun’s golden enamelled rays…

~ + ~

T’was Merlin who woke to watch fire’s demise,

who saw embers fade slowly away.

He’d sat alone by hearth’s shifting light,

casting shadows of serpentine grey.


He had observed, and seen, snake-like skeins,

rise and twist and sway.

He intuitively knew, within smoky hue,

waited wisdom to help guide their way.


“We must pay heed on this path we lead,

en route to Rainbow Ravine.”

“Morgana searches for the Wizard of Wands,

and knows of our surreptitious scheme.”


“Her sorcery and villainy, her wicked ambiguity,

her darkly disciples of the deceased.”

“To evil ends her dreams descend,

wielding Mordred, her twisted beast.”


“Tis well to dwell on the extent of their reach,

to discover her magic has further increased.”

“But I feel deeply within true heart of mine,

a new power rising in the East.”




T’was Archie who eased himself into the cave,

and interrupted his Seer’s thought.

“I’ve flown ahead of where we will tread, and

our way appears fraught with nought.”


“Thank you,” said Merlin, lifting his gaze,

towards his feathery old owl.

“I wondered if I were the only fool to wake,

but I see you’ve been out on the prowl.”


“Whilst our Buccaneer floats in distant realms,

‘tis wise to consider our plight.”

“If danger is ready to compromise our course,

‘tis wise to consider our sleight.”


“Our fairway is free of fiend, friend and foe,

‘tis time to break our camp and go.”

“Zee is alight, with his flame shining low, but,

he’s taken to igniting in stealthy-glow.”


“I’ve readied our rather recumbent Buccaneer,

he should survive a splash or two.”

“Which leaves you and I, Merlin the Seer,

to make ready our briny crew.”


“Where would I be without you?” said Merlin,

as Archimedes settled by the fire.

“My feathery old sage since our earliest days,

together we are all we require.”


“Archie, I’ve something I must reveal to you,

a burden I’ve carried all alone.”

“Since first morn’ of our departing day,

I’ve concealed the One Ink-Stone.”


“You’ll recall I disappeared into a nearby flume,

to pack for our journey ahead.”

“My bag, my staff, and cloaking threads,

upon the bed were spread.”


“I retrieved several vials, and a pot or two, and

maybe a nip of sweet Seer’s brew.”

“And there, beside all my bottles and flasks,

lay a box in ebony hue.”


“Would I have noticed its subtle existence at all,

if not for its lustrous allure?”

“Or perhaps that was the real reason why,

the black box failed to reassure.”


“But beneath it lay a hand-scribed note,

penned with a flourish of silvery line.”

“Dear Merlin,” it read, ‘Take care as you tread,’

P.S: Look after this, it’s mine!”


“Well, stone the crows!” Archimedes blurted,

“You are charged with the fabled Ink-Stone!”

“Tis no wonder you pushed so hard to leave,

in truth we should have already flown!”


“Indeed agreed!” Merlin decreed,

“There was no time for delays with our stray!”

“Tis quite clear, Mercury is compromised,

or this stone would never come our way.”


“What is this Ink really for?” Archie enquired,

his attention suddenly quite piqued.

“I’ve heard so many fantastical tales,

in legend is the Ink-Stone steeped.”


“Hmm,” Merlin stalled, and gazed out to the shore,

basking beneath a warm crimson shade.

“Words were a gift once bestowed by the stars,

the most refined symbols ever made.”


“To ensure continuity and purity of word,

indelible ink was widely proscribed.”

“To only the few, whose words would be true,

was Ink-Stone more rarely prescribed.”


“Permanent ink?” Archie quizzed,

“why would that manifest such ill-ease?”

“Together we’ve encountered a billion words, and

none have left you so displeased.”


“Tis not the prophet crafting each critical word,

nor their hand that wields their wand.”

“Tis not their heart inspiring prognostic prose,

but the voice calling from beyond.”


“Tis not the eye reading each crafted word,

which enchants the infatuated wit.”

“Tis not the mind appraising appreciative prose,

but the voice speaking silently thro’ it.”


“Not every hand blessed with sweetened words,

is a conduit for rightful expression.”

“Befalling the befuddled are tainted tongues,

where evil flows as their only confession.”


“Whatever the intention setting out for their stay,

a wicked word will be heard, either way.”

“Tis not sufficient to dismissively say,

such evil words will have their day.”


“Legendary Ink-stone stains the retinal mind,

with words of indelible certainty.”

“At once when seen, are those words etched in,

to last for eternity.”


“If indelible words were wickedly cast,

and passed before the unsuspecting eye.”

“If those indelible words, were ever free to roam,

the consequences would terrify.”


“I see!” said Archie excitedly, “tis indeed a very noble prize!”

“An indelible ink-stone, whose essence never dries!”

“For what is written, will live-on as truth,

or lines will propagate more lies.”


“Succinctly put,” Merlin replied,

“I knew you’d appreciate my concern.”

“Tis wondrous indeed this gift from the God,

but something I’m very keen to return.”


“The Hermeneutic ink-stone!” Archie exclaimed,

“Held here in your loving care!”

“The stone from which the Message goes forth,

when written with Mercurial flare!”


“Archie,” said Merlin, “what would you say,

if I left you and Zee for a couple of days?”

“I’ve a location in mind, a destination to find,

someplace to hide the ink-stone away.”


“Oh no,” said Archie, “that’ll never do!”

“We four are together, you’re part of one crew.”

“Should peril prevail, we’re better as two,

together with Zee, we’re three for you.”


“Once more Archie, you make me so proud,

to have you standing by my side.”

“To know in times of timeless furore,

‘tis together we’ll bravely stride.”


“Tis not the last adventure we’ll undertake,

but the last we shall conclude.”

“Unto the bitter end we must defend,

a campaign of such magnitude.”


“We are entrusted with a glorious task,

to restore Camelot’s worthy kingdom.”

“Neither I nor thee, will ever know certainty,

without help from a good wingman.”


“Indeed, agreed,” Merlin said with conviction,

as he stood to shoulder his pack.

“Let’s move it out, and tread with care,

we’ve a Darkly Sparkle at our back.”


Upon crafted raft of shapely oaken boughs,

the marinated Mariner was rested.

Wrapped to his chest beneath a waterproof vest,

Mercury’s Ink-Stone was carefully secreted.


Archie stepped into twisted rope and brace,

tightening his belt a notch or two.

Zee flurried ahead to shine gentle light,

to keep their bearing true.


Grasping the tether, Merlin slowly pulled,

easing the raft gently ahead.

Once moving, he knew, momentum would hold,

replacing effort he’d invested instead.


With deluge dampened, the flow was slow,

the river a distended stream.

Driven to reach camp at Seven Fold Road,

they headed out for Rainbow Ravine…

~~~~~ + ~~~~~

Photography/Artwork by Dewin Nefol: https://dewinnefol.wordpress.com/


Stitch, Stash, and Stow

New Mercury copy


Stitch, Stash and Stow is the final Act in a three Act poem written under the title Copper Door. Copper Door is the 4th Chapter in a poem recalling my meeting with Merlin the Wizard many years ago and follows on from Elixir Vitae. Chapter 5, Natura Naturans is to be published shortly, and will conclude the poem.

Act 2 of Copper Door, Thread, Tread and Weave, heralded the beginning of a journey for the Buccaneer, stepping out with Merlin and Archimedes on a glorious underground adventure to save Camelot from the ruin of Modred and Morgana, and en route visit sweet nature’s Copper Door. But alas, tragedy struck early upon the journeymen’s arduous route when the trio became separated at a ravine, leaving the brave Buccaneer all alone in the dark to fight an overgrown Draconis! In stirling battle upon the very edge of life, the marauding Mariner was shaken by a savage blow and cast brutally against the rock wall. He lies where he fell slowly drifting as one with impenetrable night…


~ Copper Door ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~

~ Act Three ~

~ Stitch, Stash, and Stow ~


“This flume, this room, this funnel we’re in,

there’s no further we can go.”

“Boulder and smoulder contest our stride,

making our return arrested and slow.”


“Darn deluge, darn cave-in, darn witless Buccaneer!”

“Why had he never learnt Latin?”

“Is caudicalis draconis so complex a term,

“not to know it meant driftwood dragon?


“At tunnel’s gape, where we all turned to flee,

gnarled wet and warty Oaken tree.”

“T’was driftwood thwarting our underground seam,

blocking our pathway beside river’s ravine.”


“How long have we worried along this maze of ways,

searching for our mariner friend?”

“How long had it been before precious dreams,

met with such dreadful end?”


“By Jupiter, Merlin! Come quickly here!”

“I’ve found a tunnel to the other side!”

“Said subway extends below an Infinity Pool,

but offers safe route inside.”


Upon closer inspection the subterranean path,

proved a tight passage barely insurmountable.

Of small concern for an owl of Archie’s size,

yet for Merlin, t’was all but impassable!


When at long, long last, tight tenacious tube,

squeezed squat opening upon farthest shore.

A climbing clough sloped to a tapered crown,

and disappeared on through iron doors.


Merlin raced to reach the perilous rise, and

scampered for the monstrous doors.

High on a ledge, already ahead,

sat Archie unpicking lock’s flaws.


“Concealed beneath darkly binding bond,

and enchanted periphery.”

“Are spells I’ve never encountered before,

in all my years of history.”


“Such charms were spawned from an ancient tongue,

in a dialect that passed long ago.”

“But I fear whatever skulks behind these iron doors,

would be fair reason for us to go!”


“No! We must keep on!” Merlin eagerly insisted,

pressing closer to the iron-clad shell.

“Our wily Buccaneer’s waylaid beyond ‘ere,

this door may lead to where he fell.”


With deftly hand and a wizard’s indolent ease,

from out of his bag a vial he retrieved.

And daubing four hinges with a generous drizzle,

stepped aside as iron started to sizzle.


“Been here before?” Archie nonchalantly asked,

as spit and spark smote hinge and fetters.

“Oh yes indeed, way back in ’57,

this was Ceasar’s great Hall of Letters.”


“At bequest of the Four King’s of Cantium,

we’d set out on a stealthy mission.”

“As I recall, we arrived by coracle, and

picked passage thro’ the river-system.”


“Having disembarked we’d headed out on foot.”

“Three in our company, as was the custom.”

“When by chance we happened upon this hidden door,

a giant portal to unearthly wisdom!”


“Five guards presented no encumbrance at all,

our spell-casting was a formidable tradition.”

“After heaving aside two iron-hung doors,

we stepped into a belletrist kingdom.”


“Behind this mantle of Rome’s imperial zeal,

lay a depository of wonder to feast upon!”

“From scrawls and scripts, from spells and spiel,

to classics scrolled but long forgotten!”


“Lost to wonder, to words, to Virgilian folio,

we pursued mission’s end, searched high and low.”

“Rumour was rife, the toxic tome had been found,

and was concealed here, deep underground.”


“Specifically and explicitly,

for ears of only you.”

“Said Hall was last resting place,

of a relic known to few.”


“The Lettered Hall housed The Wizard of Wands,

taken intact from Alexandria’s athenaeum.”

“Within opulent bind, is bound and found,

wicked Sorcery’s darkest compendium!”


“Here be evil that spoils, evil that boils,

evil that defiles all truth in antiquity.”

“It’s why this Book was secured so fast,

it has power to alter history!”


“Do you think it’s still here?” Archie enquired,

“After Modred’s many years of tears?”

Merlin pushed hard against solid carved doors.

“After Morgana’s many years of fears?”


With thunderous impact on the rock strewn floor,

two slabs shattered and scattered as scree.

With sudden screech through the vacant door,

rushed branches of a Banshee Tree!


Archie stalled, Merlin stilled,

and threw himself clear to one side.

“Her boughs spring once, it’s the wail in their flail,

that’s why the name’s applied!”


Dalbergia’s flame cast out its brightest beam,

deep into the cavernous beyond.

Merlin slipped silently into the scarlet gleam,

and slowly withdrew his wand.


Ash flurried and scurried in the press of air,

released in the quake of mighty doors.

And floated as motes in scarlet brigade,

spiralling upwards from fire scarred floors.


The Hall was vast, to honour Rome’s reverie,

with religion, ideas and philosophies.

With archaic wisdom stolen from every country,

blooded by Rome’s savage victories.


Four towering walls stood cracked and scorched,

fine murals, flags, and eagles torched.

Merlin gazed upwards to where once was a dome,

now pitted and pocked, scorched granite stone.


To either side stretched a thousand rows,

of charred wood stacks and cinder meadows.

Pillars stood buckled, each blackened the same,

every book and volume, vanquished by flame.


“What heinous crime has befallen this Hall,

and taken from us such treasure!”

“What odious fool has forsaken this Hall,

and destroyed it all beyond measure!”


Archie circumnavigated the entire Letters room,

seeking salvage and prize to return.

But discovering little, he flew from the gloom,

looking jaded in heart and downturn.


“Whatever was here, is here no more,

all’s been damned in a literary pyre!”

“Such glorious minds, their words, now gone,

all’s been consumed by raging fire!”


Far beyond reach of Sissoo’s sumptuous glare,

a shadow shifted to an open door.

Slipping slowly through the swarthy crack,

it stole away from the blackened Hall floor.


It was Archie who sensed the feint fleeing form,

who heard thud of heavy stone doors.

And flapping towards the source of the sound,

called for Merlin to follow once more.


“We’re not alone,” Archimedes whispered,

hurrying passed in dry smoky air.

And speared fast vector across the gaping room,

with distant door never leaving his stare.


Merlin ran and ran, for all his aging might,

to keep pace with Archie’s fleeting flight.

But failed on legs, both thin and old,

to keep the swiftly owl in sight!


“Well don’t delay or dilly-dally there,

waiting for me to open the door!”

“There’s no time to pause pursuing perplexing shade,

best policy is to push on some more!”


Broad bound stone, squealed and yielded,

swinging with effort upon ancient mounts.

Merlin tarried a little to take a deeper breath,

fearing whatever might suddenly pounce!


But only the surge of tunnel’s pitchy murk,

hurried headlong through the door.

Only the breeze from a distant wind,

stirred a foot or so from the floor.


Merlin stepped forward, his wand poised to strike,

prepared for any threat coming into view.

Archie flapped overhead, fearing to tread,

thinking it safer if he simply flew.


Bitter darkness bit harder at staff’s bejewelled blaze,

incensed at having woken from slumber.

But the tunnel was bare; there was no lethal lair,

no sneaky snare, spitting fire and thunder!


When unexpectedly across the subway floor,

slid a sliver of light at phenomenal pace.

It dashed or darted for path’s deeper gloom,

before Archie could give proper chase.


“It’s a Wisp!” declared Merlin with concerned surprise,

“a puckish sprite of the fairy-realm!”

“Caution prevails my fine feathery friend,

one wrong turn, could well overwhelm!”


“Twas no Ignis Fatuus sliding from Hall’s ashen tomb,

but something mean and menacing!”

“Tis safe to follow a foolish fiery Wisp!”

said Archie, flying off without questioning.


Myrddin hastened his chase of the serpentine beam,

slipping quickly down the passageway.

At tunnel’s end, where three paths extend,

Merlin slowed to feel the feint of the Fey.


Deep within darkness, small particles of warmth,

still lingered in the blush of whisked air.

Towards tunnel two and threading on through,

stretched two streaks of fast fading flare.


Bounding for two, Merlin strode on through,

quickening as long passages descended.

When into a cavern of sparse width and height,

sloping tunnels quite suddenly ended.


“At last!” smirked Archie with sardonic glee,

“I thought perhaps you’d lost our tail?”

“Meet my old friend, Gaslite Zee,

our new guide upon the trail.”


“Well, I’m delighted!” sighed Merlin wearily,

“Indeed we’ve need of company.”

“The tale we tell, is of dream’s defeat,

and unhappily, of near tragedy”


“Merlin,” said Zee reassuringly.

“Trust to hope in your loving heart.”

“We shall find your friend, the mislaid Buccaneer,

and I will show you where to start!”


“Twas fortuitous indeed that we happened upon,

your most timely company!”

“I’m grateful, I’m sure, yet tempted to ask,

how you know where our comrade may be?”


“Indeed agreed!” mimicked Gaslite Zee,

“t’was fortuitous for both thee and me!”

“Before you appeared, a phantom slid free,

and into my light stabbed its dark mystery!”


“T’was an evil creature, with fiendish intent,

a Darkly Sparkle from the after-life!”

“When we leave in search of your misplaced friend,

prepare for worse trouble and strife.”


“But, you enquire of me, a puckish Wisp,

how I know of your journey’s end?”

“Well, I’ll tell you more, as we head-out the door,

en route to your dragon-slaying friend!”


Archie forced a smile to lift the mood,

for Zee’s story had already been told.

Then in full sight, of friendships warm light,

they left quickly for darkly folds…

~ + ~

I lay within shadow, upon cold sodden ground,

weeping pain from my splintered bones.

“How long has it been since last felling wound?”

“How long since I fell on bloody stones?”


“Spawn’s accursed wraith, is it here with me?”

“Preparing to attack, or assault viciously?”

“Or has it flown, though skulks close by,

waiting and watching, with Draconis eyes?”


“Oh Merlin, why did you ever turn and go,

leaving me to die by beast and shadow?”

“Did I fail to meet your wizard’s highest stay?”

“Or falter one step upon the way?”


“Did I not fight with bravado and bravery,

to overcome our adversary?”

“Did I not fight with a knight’s gallantry?”

“Yet, alone I will die, in your lost ossuary.”


“How foolish was I to have ever believed,

in Fate, in Merlin, in Destiny!”

“How foolish was I to have ever agreed, to travel

a journey so foolishly conceived.”


“And now, for all my courageous sway,

shall I never again see first light of day.”

“Ne’er be overwhelmed by Love’s rising rose,

instead, overcome by deathly shadows.”


“Shifting shade hungers for my breath’s final spill,

eager to befriend one dying alone.”

“She shines coal eyes, scrawls her inky quill,

beneath last lines of my fading tome.”


“I feel her here, sense her never-ending lull,

taste cheap thrill on the tip of her tongue.”

“With Death as my lover on last voyage home,

am I still bound to where I begun?”


Upon cloying air whispered the faintest of words,

a muted hiss aside my death’s bed.

“There’s no brighter gleam, no better dream,

than one heartfelt and intuitively led.”


“I thought dear friend, you might fail at the first,

or fall foul of the incongruous ravine.”

“Yet it still seems, in your heart, left unseen,

is hope to live-on in your dream?”


“What gave you strength, surely gives you hope!”

“Tis not your time to come to me!”

“Banished were your fears, in a tonic of tears,

when Merlin passed his cup to thee.”


“I cannot stay here, my fading Buccaneer,

offering cold comfort until you are through.”

“I cannot stay here, my foolish Mutineer,

with Merlin’s elixir still flowing in you!”


“Feel your way through last testing hour,

with faith and resolve in your heart.”

“And within sight, of Merlin’s light, might,

you find your new place to start.”


“My friend, you’ve already travelled so very far,

upon a path to meet your noble end.”

“You sought adventure beyond the infinite void,

and that journey is still far from penn’d.”


“We shall meet again, before an earthy tomb,

or by Life’s crossroad at dusk of day.”

“Farewell Buccaneer, I’ll leave you to dreams,

of your destination far away.”


Darkness left, leaving her scent upon my skin,

her words lingering upon clammy air.

On this occasion, She came silently alone,

to offer hope, not to ensnare.


“Tis sweet joy to know my life will still flow,

beyond current sense of suffering and pain!”

“For one testing hour, must I strive to prevail,

seek strength to believe once again!”


“Upon hallowed ground, is where I was found,

by a Wizard who freed me from fear.”

“With purpose I followed, for I firmly believed,

t’was my destiny guiding me here.”


“Such wonder indeed whilst I shared his company, and

touched the heart of Merlin’s fantasy!”

“Bewitched, bemused, beloved, enchanted, and

guided by the hand of mastery.”


“But to meet my end on a journey bound,

within darkly passageways heading deep underground?”

“In abandoning me to die upon bloodstained floor,

how did Merlin perfect sweet Nature’s perfect law?”


“Perhaps it is not for me to dwell upon,

the way of a Wizard who inwardly guides.”

“But yield to belief, he is divinely inspired,

ending my path over which he presides.”


“My mind clings to many dissolving dreams,

limps still in hope towards the unseen.”

“But my heart lies broken, split apart at seams,

aching for repose in Eden’s garden green.”


“Should my resolve weaken, or fade further still,

will it have all been in vain?”

“Or did I find my way betwixt night and day,

questing Merlin’s reality membrane?”


“I see with simplicity, in the clarity of last hour.”

“Mine was never a love of life, not until it hurt,

not until death came knocking at my door.”

“Mine was never a life of love, not until it hurt,

not until my heart lost a life worth living for.”

~ + ~

“So there was I, an atmospheric Wisp,

bright with light and flaming cheerfully.”

“When there fluttered down on feather’s of gold,

the Thrice Greatest, Winged Mercury!”


“In a voice to crack blue Preseli stone,

he commandeered me to grand adventures!”

“Then led me at speed along underground paths,

to a great Hall pillaged of splendours!”


“And there I waited as Mercury requested,

glowing dimly in the murky mantle.”

“And there I waited as Mercury suggested,

for the arrival of Darkly Sparkle.”


“He knew foul fiend would frequent there?”

Merlin furrowed his frowning brow.

“Why didn’t he say, when here the other day,

in our pre-adventure powwow?”


“I can only assume, t’was to give you three room,

to press on without added distraction.”

“Had you known of the threat, it’s safe to bet,

you’d be first to take decisive action.”


“Should your cover be blown, we’d never have known,

who threatened your way ahead.”

“Twas for Camelot’s sake, I had to make,

first contact with Morgana’s dead.”


“But let us hurry and scurry and skitter on,

we’re closer than you might imagine.”

“When Mercury sequestered me, he also told me,

just where the Buccaneer had fallen.”


“Fascinating,” said Merlin stroking his beard,

“Morgana’s tentacles have stretched far and wide.”

“We are grateful indeed you’ve suddenly appeared,

and may remain a while at our side?”


“Of course,” agreed Zee, “quite happily,

until we arrive at Copper Seam.”

“From there you must travel her burnished road,

to fulfil your own special dream.”


“As for Zee, I’ll never be, any more than me,

a guiding light to a tunnel’s end.”

“For all those lost at lonely times, I am

a friend on whom you can depend.”


“When path ends, I’ll return to my vaporous life,

of sweet ignition and entropy.”

“To rise in flame, to flare then fade,

always fulfilling my destiny.”


“It’s been many years,” Archie said with regret,

“since we met in the Woodland Realm.”

“And traded tall tails of far flung shores,

beneath mighty boughs of Saturn’s Elm.”


“Centuries and eons are too many years,

but chance allows us to talk on our way.”

“Tis timely synchronicity, and Mercury’s trickery,

bringing us together upon this day!”


“But first,” said Zee, “I shall recall, briefly,

the rhyme of the dragon-slain Mariner.”

“You’ve crafted an obituary?” Merlin recoiled,

“Isn’t that being rather premature?”


“Oh no!” shrieked Zee, “On the contrary!”

“Your Buccaneer remained with the living!”

“My ode justly tells the one last tale,

of a hero who kept on believing.”


“A hero?” Merlin asked, unashamedly confused.

“Perhaps you should elaborate.”

“I’m intrigued to know, where your story goes,

and how we have cause to celebrate.”


“You’re peeved, indeed, I’ll bring you up to speed,”

and save my post script for another time.”

“Suffice to say, no dragon was slain, but,

an object washed underground in the rain.”


“In darkness, your hero, raged needlessly,

repelling a driftwood Oaken Tree!”

“Dislodged up-stream, it came thundering down,

drowned the Buccaneer and tumbled his crown!”


“The inscrutable Gaslite’s, control a gaseous vein,

or perhaps that should be gossip vine?”

“A tube for tattle, a pipe-line for prattle,

and dare I say most of its mine!”


“But,” said Zee, “whilst a wee sprite I be,

I tell you my tale with all certainty.”

“Your Buccaneer fought most courageously,

hewing branches off his adversary!”

~ + ~

Within a hurried hour, the rum team of three,

had hastened their return to wild Oaken Tree.

But searched in vain for either track or trail,

for slightest sign of their Buccaneer’s sail.


When alone, far away, submerged in deep grey,

Archie spied their fallen friend.

Lying still on the floor, was Zee right after all?

Or had life already come to an end?


As they gathered around the blood-soaked ground,

it was Merlin who fell upon one knee.

And tending the wayfarer with restorative charms,

incanted spells to kindle soul’s recovery.


“Tis timely intervention, for our Buccaneer pales,

his flaming flare is fading fast.”

“But I sense he must linger a little longer still,

to find new form, with an ancient past.”


“He dwells in the illusion of shattered dreams,

alone without faith to root his flower.”

“He seeks higher realms to determine his fate,

and slips beyond reach of my power.”


“Perhaps it’s early upon his unlearned way,

but I shall present a foolish notion.”

“Our Buccaneer is lost without fire in his heart,

might not Love, be our strongest potion?”


Looking to Archie, Merlin whispered words,

“VITRIOL if you please, my feathered swage.”

“Visita Interiora Terrae, Rectificando Invenies,

Occultum Lapidem,” said Archie, the oracular sage.


“Yes, yes, indeed agreed.” Merlin decreed,

“an acrostic, to solve it alone.”

“Visit the interior of the Earth and there,

to discover and rectify, the unseen stone.”


Merlin lifted the Buccaneer’s weak, wilted form,

and carried him to a cave by river side.

And there upon the blanketed ground,

laid him down with last spell applied.


“What does it mean to become your dreams?”

“What does it take for you to believe?”

“Break down your walls, step forth, be free,

embrace the power you hold within.”

~ + ~

Lifeless and listing, lay the brave Buccaneer,

with gentle heart stilled and without verve.

On a ship bourn away upon Life’s ebbing tide,

stood his ghost with spirit stirred.


“The last golden Galleon, she sails as my Queen,

fleet’s finest, most splendid, ship ever seen.”

“Oak timbered, high sided, five-mast sovereign,

carrier of souls to where dreams begin.”


“Fleet in flow beneath full fashioned sail,

She styles sleek lines from aft to helm.”

“As silhouettes we’ll follow the transit of stars,

homebound to a distant realm.”


“Cast off, cast out, make ready ruddy sail!”

“Hoist the talisman atop the mast!”

“Fly fast my fair Queen, for Destiny’s shore, for

disclosure and closure at last!”


Beyond harbour wall, with canvas pulled taut,

The Venus slipped silently away.

A voice from afar, “Fare thee well Buccaneer!”

Keened my spirit setting out on the way.


“Starlight, star shine, moon balm and calm,

pearls strung across an endless sea.“

“Unfurled, unfettered, unfounded, unbounded,

sailing in search of endless me.”


Empyrean rippled her infinite glass,

turned heaven to meet ocean’s end.

By clear moon light, within distant sight,

She called to me as her friend.


“Her Star blazons beyond far tipping edge.

my sweet herald at dawn of day.”

“Sail on Buccaneer, your time has come,

for Venus to guide your way.”


I stood for an age, with rosy eyes glazed,

in admiration of her exhilarating show.

Upon this night, it felt so right, to bathe

in light of her Loving glow.


“I fell in despair from Death’s deadly snare,

only to rise in eternal devotion.”

“Upon glittering seas, is where my spirit breathes,

sailing heart’s ocean of timeless emotion.”


For one moment I pause to imagine fine sight,

of a ghost-ship cresting giant waves at night.

When at helm’s wheel, I saw my vaporous apparel,

become a moth flying in starlight!


”What sense of grace unfurls such fragile wings?”

“Or impels my flight towards distant shore?”

“What sense of wonder billows full swelling sails,

steering The Venus to Copper Door?”

~~~~~ + ~~~~~

Thread, Tread, and Weave

New Mercury copy

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Thread, Tread and Weave is the second Act in a three Act poem written under the title Copper Door. Copper Door is the 4th chapter in a narrative poem telling of my encounter with Merlin the Wizard. This poem follows on from Act 1 – Spiel, Spool and Spell, which precedes this post. Copper Door has been divided into three Acts, with Act 3 –  Stitch, Stash and Stow to follow shortly.

Spiel, Spool, and Spell, told how our questing hero, the Buccaneer, stepped through Merlin’s magic mirror and into the darkly realm beyond. Here he was met by Merlin and Archimedes, and in a feast of showmanship and spell-casting, introduced to the Red Lady, Dalbergia Sissoo, Merlin’s rosewood wand. With formalities set aside, the Buccaneer and his two magical companions now stand upon the threshold of adventure and journey to Copper Door.


~ Copper Door ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~

~ Act Two ~

~ Thread, Tread, and Weave ~


“Where’s Myrddin?” I asked, with quiet timbre voice.

“Has he already fled?”

“No, he’s taken a flume to a different room,

to prepare for our passage ahead.”


“Each chance to glance, I glimpse and gape,

and yet Merlin’s nowhere to be seen!”

“It’s almost as if he could never exist,

without this fool, with eyes to dream.”


“Buccaneer,” said Archie, “I need to explain,

our questing is guise for clandestine intention.”

“We trail a tale to restore lost kingdom’s past,

for Camelot we are contesting.”


“What do you mean, pursuing furtive gain?”

I was feeling unexpectedly besieged.

“We depart this day for realms far away,

to reclaim King’s crown wrongfully seized.”


“One thousand years of Mordred’s wicked reign,

has blackened the legendary Kingdom.”

“Through desire it was lost, through Lancelot’s lust,

and with it, Chivalry’s worthy wisdom.”


“Legends of bold, speak of great Kings of old,

ruling enchanted empires of fable and fantasy.”

“No King was as bold, no tale better told,

than Merlin’s telling of Arthurian history.”


“His myths of old, speak of Knights of bold,

galloping steeds, gallanting deeds, slaying flame and fancy!”

“No Knight’s tale was more boldly told, than

Lancelot and Guinevere’s sinful treachery.”


Archimedes flew to settle upon a nearby stack,

to conclude Lancelot’s misdemeanour.

His tale only whittled my whittled worries more,

whilst waiting for my unwitting misadventure.


“A Knight’s virtuous path tells of Devil’s darkly glass,

tempting fire from Light and King’s flavour.”

“Beneath Queen’s banner rose, daring Knights rode,

slaying Shadows, wearing Knight’s shining armour.”


Lancelot’s ventured path, tells of Devil’s darkly glass,

teasing fire out of sight with King’s favour.

“Beneath Queen’s banner rose, daring Du Lac rode,

Slaying Guinevere, with Knight’s shining amour.”


“So why do I share this despicable tale,

as we start along new passageways?”

“You see Buccaneer, a true Knight must prevail,

to seek enlightenment beyond courtly slays.”


“But alas.”

“Legend recalls, twas Du Lac’s unruly sway,

which brought about the end of days.”

“Civil War ensued and beloved Camelot fell,

to Mordred and his dark raven ways.”


“His thousand years with Morgana’s wicked vein,

has blackened our once fabled Kingdom.”

“Yet, hidden away, are those who have stayed,

loyal to King’s crown and Merlin’s wisdom.”


“Archimedes, why do you baffle our friend as you do?”

“With all your flannel and flummery?”

He’s not here to listen to fallacious fribble,

or an owl’s felonious frippery.”


Said Archie, feeling a little sore.

“I shared your woe, and my woe more.”

“Huddled for warmth upon Glastonbury Tor,

with distant Camelot aflame and burning.”


Archie continued, still feeling sore.

“I felt your woe, and my woe more.”

“Huddled for warmth upon Llyn Ogwen’s shore,

with distant Avalon aflame and burning.”


“Times once were, when Camelot’s enwalling haze,

would stir a wizard’s glazy daze,

to write in playful melody,

and idly wax lyrically,

or jest and jape figuratively,

and with flourish and frivolity,

find face and farce and comedy,

in weaving wizard’s poetry.

But alas, good days are gone,

forever more.”


“Archimedes” Merlin interrupted the owl’s sad lament.

. “Have I mentioned before, how you sound so sore,

when evoking your yore of sweet yesteryear?”


“Well, I’ve sympathy for their loss,” I casually quipped.

“Both Archie and erroneous Lancelot.”

“Tis miserable indeed, losing a cherry sweetheart,

never mind losing cherished Camelot.”


“Your Grand Questing,” I said, “what’s it to do with me?”

I was most anxious to receive an answer.

“I’m here to journey to Copper Door,

not peruse history’s errant Lancer.”


Archie flustered and fluttered his flapping old feathers,

clearly annoyed his teaching hadn’t sunken-in.

My ignorance and fear were greying aging quills,

and he was already ashen plumed and thin.


“Serving Justice with Prowess and unwavering Loyalty,

In Defence, with Courage and honest Humility.”

“With Faith, Largesse and honourable Nobility,

is a Knight’s Code of Chivalry sworn eternally!”


“Enough,” Merlin interceded with sterner projection.

He was impatient, and packed, eager to go.

One bag, one staff, one dark hooded cloak,

each suffused in deep crimson glow.


“We‘ll not weep or wail, or wince or whine,

or dwell or delay, or discuss any further!”

“We’ll not whoop or warble, or whimper or wither,

or wail at our woe, weaving weepy webs hither!”


“We’ll neither stall nor stay, nor still and stale!”

“Neither snape and snipe, nor groan and gripe!”

“For all that once was is no longer our end,

but a platform from which new legends ascend.”


“Buccaneer, I’ll help, not hinder, halt, or hitch,

the thread of your tread to Copper Door.”

“I’ll steer Seer’s pathway towards what’s right,

to perfect, perfect nature’s, perfect law.”


“You chose to seek the prattling old ghoul,

who hides in my theurgist’s bones.”

“You chose to unwind on the spinning spool,

and slip between mirroring stones.”


“You chose correct path beyond shimmering gleam,

and stepped inside this wizard’s dream.”

“Yet now at beginning of heroic new start,

there’s uncertainty in your once plucky heart?”


“My melancholy mariner!”

Far West is best for settling to rest”

for retiring old fears and tears!”

“Far East is best for setting your test,

and embracing triumphant new years!”



“We’re treading onwards, threading downwards!”

“Along dark passages through ancient seams.”

“We’re travelling far beyond edge of perilous ravines,

following noble fate towards grander dreams!”


“Our prize, our goal, our elemental certainty,

is restoring Camelot’s rightful sovereignty.”

“With wizardry, with craft, our honourable fraternity,

will be harbingers heralding a new destiny.”


“We journey to join paladins jousting for justice,

rousting for revolution, ruthless for rebellion!”

“Tis time to reclaim our righteous kingdom,

put end to Mordred’s wicked dominion!”


“When we leave today, should you walk our way,

you’ll be guided by our enchanted company.”

“Though none can say what terror will waylay,

we cannot step-out half-heartedly.”


“Buccaneer, of all you’ll ever choose to be.”

“Of all you’ll ever choose to do.”

“We’re offering you such a glorious end!”

“But the choice is up to you.”


I took seconds to dwell upon Merlin’s words,

to understand his adventure was my Fate.

Then looking deep into the wizard’s eyes, I said,

“Merlin, we’ve a Kingdom to liberate!”


“Indeed! “Agreed!” “That’s splendid!” he said,

and turned sharply on his heels.



“Are we all now all now set to go?”

”If seems an age has past already!”

“We’re leaving late, to head-out t’wards Copper Gate,

or is that heading-out, towards Copper Door?”


Dalbergia’s piercing light lit our journeys’ way,

casting crimson gleam through the gloom.

Merlin led, Archie flew overhead,

as our fellowship left mirror’s magic room.


Stepping through hollows in ruddy redolent hue,

beneath urgent press of vaulted stone.

I strove to stride at Merlin’s hurried pace,

as he strode fearlessly towards our unknown.


Upon staff’s jewelled tip, a lantern spun,

rosy thread upon Merlin’s flowing cloak,

I lost sight twice as he hastened ahead,

leaving trails of amethyst smoke.


It seemed our perilous trip had scarcely begun,

when from afar, an eerie rumble grumble.

A feint echo bringing halt to our tread,

and sudden standstill to my stumble.


With urgency my Seer’s sanguine beam,

slipped frantically inside a sedimentary seam.

Into darkness fell my tunnel’s gleam,

into blackness plunged my whispering ravine.


“It’s a thrill,” hissed the begriming shade,

to hold you in my enlightened snare.”

“To sense fear as you cower in my colourless façade,

blind behind your unsuspecting stare’


“Deep in the darkness of my bothersome tarn,

within pitchy pools persuading you to wonder.”

“Stirred are dark fears, which huddle in your tears,

to walk with you wherever you wander.”


“When blackened screams spill from wicked seams,

when death plans darker schemes far ahead.”

“There’ll be no brighter gleam, no safer dream,

than one heartfelt and intuitively led.”


“Feel your way through fear’s darkest hours,

when uncertainty steals your sight.”

“And in the shadow of your redeeming soul,

you’ll find courage within the night!”


A rash of rouge dappled the abyssal ravine,

and stole away my unfathomable dream.

“Dragon!” cried Merlin, and fled tunnel’s yawn,

“Caudicalis Draconis! Wild, huge, overgrown!”


In rapid succession, unfortunate events,

unfolded at mercurial pace.

As Merlin harried Archie to different ground, he

carried Sissoo away from my space!


Back into inky night with no crimson light,

without fierce flame to fake my way.

I hunkered down, embraced the ground,

fearing I’d be dragon prey on this day!


From tunnel’s gape crept a groaning sound,

haunted by some abysmal misery.

Stricken by darkness, I envisioned far worse,

than hell’s lizard born o’sorcery!


I huddled in silence upon the ancient floor,

with sweat pearling upon my brow.

Breath held, I listened for the slightest sound,

certain death would come quickly now.


Hitherto no hum beyond my thumping heart,

did flee from shadow’s clasp.

Yet within my heightened state of mind,

dreadful terrors prolonged their grasp.


At length, silence became an oppressive regime,

the cloying claustrophobia, closely confining.

Blindly I crawled from my haven floor space,

heading in the direction of our arriving.


I hugged hewn walls and followed miner’s course,

fearful at every uncertain stride.

Should I slip and fall, it was a mile or more,

straight down, on one last ride.


Perhaps it was after long unrelenting hours,

perhaps it was long after far more.

When I sunk back against the tunnel wall,

to rest wearily upon the floor.


My hand reached to slow my sliding slump,

and touched something on the ground.

Something cold, coiled and uncannily wet,

something fleshy yet unnaturally found.


In blind panic I turned from the heinous thing,

and sidled away three paces or more!

In terror I screamed when my foot found thin air,

and I stepped off the edge of the floor!


My sudden flurry and flail failed to grasp, nor

flaying foot find fixed hold in the gloom.

Headfirst into the fearful unknown I fell,

knowing this would be my doom.


For long moments I shook with unspeakable fear,

in trepidation of my end to come.

I realized this was to be my last breath,

the one final beat of my drum…


When sudden impact upon a yielding floor!

Fluid racing to silence my scream!

I plunged deeply within a watery grave,

deeper still into death’s drowning dream!


Shocked near to dying, my screaming mind crying,

for ancient impulses to struggle for life.

I rasped, retched, reached out in hope,

of forestalling my fast sinking strife.


When to my hand came a sturdy stem,

gnarled and knolled and saving!

I pulled and pulled for dear life’s worth,

to escape the end death was craving.


Gasping, I broke surface, and grasped harder still,

scrabbling upwards from my watery hell.

But barely had I climbed two feet or more,

when there came an ear-splintering roar.


So absolute was darkness I couldn’t discern,

from where the fetid dragon howled.

So absolute was horror I couldn’t decide,

from where the gnarled beast growled.


I froze in dread, went limp, played dead,

and clung to my knotty wood tuber.

A long deep groan, a throaty grumble,

a rushing current, a rampaging rumble!


I sensed the rising behemoth stir and swell,

felt tidal flow force me to shore.

I heard the ruffle of unfolding wings,

heeded swift silence before next roar.


With sudden fury came the whip of a tail,

tearing flesh from my tearing face.

With sudden rage came the bite of blades,

as talons shredded me like lace.


Ripped and ragged, tattered and torn,

close to drowning, with all spirit gone.

I heaved myself higher on dangling dowel,

defying death’s reach from beyond.


Snatching at rock, at earth, at dust,

scrambling to flee my flaming fear.

Grabbing in vain only to wince in pain, but

reaching again, praying, to never die here.


At long, long last, firm foothold held,

and bore full wet weight of me.

I lunged with force, with inhuman strength,

to be free of the wrathful sea.


My ravaged root, my stout saving stem,

tore free with me in its limpet hold.

And thundering down upon the bruising shore,

into a flailing throng I rolled.


Each threshing and thrashing of unholy spite,

   beat me down upon my knees.

When in my hand the torn timber cried,

“tis time to fight or cease to be!”


A berserker’s frenzied ferocity,

flowed fluid as fanned fire within!

I stood to stare! To stand! To stay!

To fight to live another day!


I swung that branch with venomous zeal,

determined to cast all asunder.

I wielded that staff as if murderous steel,

delirious, with red mist and thunder.


Dull roar of battle upon sheer edge of life,

screams splintering dreams of my titan foe.

Shrill holler of war upon sheer edge of life,

screams forging dreams of my inner hero!


Hell’s welting rain descended again,

whipping my flesh with tongues of fire.

I wouldn’t long sustain such unbearable pain,

before the life in me would expire.


I buckled to one knee beneath a crushing blow,

felled by foul beast’s greater might.

But with wrath, with rage, with hope for life,

I struggled to my feet for one last fight!


Wielding my staff I assailed the dark night,

struck out viciously with deadly force.

Yet without sight I was a hapless knight, and

my scything of dragon-flesh, off course.


Sudden thunder slammed against my splitting skull,

with power to lift me from the floor.

I struck solid wall, senses darkened, went dull,

and I barely remember much more.


I slipped silently beyond all sense of despair,

became one with impenetrable night.

I departed within my heart’s deepest dream,

and floated upwards towards the light…

~~~~~ + ~~~~~

Spiel, Spool, and Spell

New Mercury copy

Sissoo Flare

Spiel, Spool, and Spell is the first Act in a three Act poem written under the title Copper Door. Copper Door is the 4th chapter in an extended poem I’ve been writing reflecting upon my encounter with Merlin the Wizard. The poem follows on from Prattle, Tattle and Elixir Vitae, which precede this post. For ease of reading Copper Door has been divided into three Acts: Act 1 is called: Spiel, Spool and Spell. Act 2, is titled: Thread, Tread and Weave. And Act 3, given the name: Stitch, Stash and Sow. Presented here is Act 1 ~ Spiel, Spool, and Spell ~

Elixir Vitae introduced Merlin to my protagonist, a Quill-seeking Mariner (me!), who dreams of finding a way to a path between living and dying. They are currently deep underground, held tight between two enchanted hefting-stones and facing towards a Magic Mirror in which Merlin and Archimedes have miraculously appeared. Five charming words cast by the wizard are helping the seafarer reach for a higher ‘wave’, and in the process, perhaps also find a deeper appreciation of life. The Mariner’s journey is only just beginning and there is further still to travel in deeper passages underground before arriving at Copper Door. Upon returning from their short sojourn, Merlin has hinted at meeting Winged Mercury, and the sharing of secrets.


Openings and pathways adorn this Wizard’s dreams.

Passages through Archway between towering seams.

Chambers for reflection upon converging themes.

Hollows for praying to ancient Kings and Queens.


~ Copper Door ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~

~ Act One ~

~ Spiel, Spool, and Spell ~


“Look lively Buccaneer! All hands on deck!”

“Put quick step in that one last stride!”

“Tis occasion to walk your silver plank,

‘cross bridge, to mirror’s other side.”


“You’ll find no form in faffing further there,

with faltering foot falling upon final stair,

and wistful words withering in wishful prayer,

whilst waving woeful wizzy-wizard’s weave!”


“Quite so!” Archimedes sagaciously hooted.

“Tis time to be much bolder.”

“If you delay today, who could say?”

“What ‘paradise is lost’ growing older?”


“Ah! Splendid Archimedes! You do have such twit,

for an owl with aversions to twooo!”

“Do you think he knows what you’re screeching about?”

“Do you even think he has a clue?”


“Mea anima porta est! My soul is a portal!”

Archie retorted, flexed voice resounding in the dark.

“Meo animo speculum est! My mind is a mirror!”

Archie rehooted, bright eyes reflecting luminous spark!.


“Plucky-bacon-ear!” Merlin amused,

as I stood on gangplank of one last stair.

“Why so slow? You’ve nowhere to go!”

“Stride-on through mirror’s winking stare!”


“Tis neither walking nor jaunting,

nor tripping or trapping,

neither prattling and rattling,

nor tottering or teetering,

neither skittering and scuttling,

nor scattering or shattering,

neither falling and flattening,

nor flowing or flawing,

neither flapping and flying,

nor trying or untying,

crossing-over, isn’t dying!

It’s surfing and sailing

wizard’s waving weave!”


“So sail our wave! Slip streams and dreams,

and glistening beams, and shimmering rivers of light!”

“You fall, you fool, from breathtaking height,

in feathering flight, beyond high haunts,

of Kite and Kestrel!”


“Kind, kind, Archie. In Latin, if you please,

spin the spell of ‘Passing Flicker?”

“Your ability to recite such bothersome spells,

have them appear to be so much slicker.”


“Flammis Transeuntes!” Archie pronounced,

with panache and flourishing pedigree.

“Ha ha!” roared Merlin. “My excellent old bird!”

“You speak Latin so impeccably”.


Wizardry and Sorcery were woven so craftily,

by Merlin’s orally owlish winged Seer.

Bewitchery and trickery, flew fast and past and fleetingly

to fall flap-flap-flapping upon my ear.


In whirling wood and weaving wave,

Merlin ruffled his silken sleeve.

Flicked out a spell from wand’s wispy tip,

and whispered, “walk and believe to achieve!’


Whether I breezed through mirror’s rippling ravine,

as silk unreeling thread on autumn’s wave.

Whether I spooled across mirror’s spanning seam,

I was thread, unraveling silk, from wizard’s weave.


Whether I stirred within mirror’s pearling stream,

as thread threading silk in wizard’s wave.

Whether I pooled within mirror’s spinning gleam,

I was silk, threading silk, in Merlin’s weave.


Whether I unfurled into mirror’s flowering dream,

as would a rose breathe-in summer’s day.

Or whether I gazed in mirror’s Looking Glaze,

my mind was blown, and far from home,

already flown, far up, and gone,

far, far, far away…

~~~~~ + ~~~~~

I had passed the test, and travelled through!

Out of the murky cavernous hue!

Into wonderland! Oh my!

Oh no! Dark tunnelled view!

No seam of gleams, no ravine of dreams!

My dreams, it seems, really weren’t coming true!

Merlin? Archimedes?

Where are you?

~~~~~ + ~~~~~

“He’s warming ‘red-squeeze’ for a weave,” Archie decreed.

“The air may get a little blue.”

“Merlin, are you familiar with her flaming spell?

“Or do you need quick pause for review?”


“Tis wise we step aside, one pace or two.”

“Back a little from Myrddin’s tomfoolery.”

“His lady of the wand has irresistible urge,

for sophisticated espièglerie!”


“This weevils-bit,” Merlin rakishly quipped.

“Dressed in devil’s dark ruby grain hue.”

“She’s Latin’s, Indian Rosewood Wand.”

“The Red Sorceress, Dalbergia Sissoo.”


“She’s perfect!’ Said Merlin, with roguish smile.

“Still blushing in melting rose flush.”

“She always knew, I’d be charmed by her hue.”

“My Red Baroness, Dalbergia Sissoo.”


“But…she’s not been out of the sleeve in a while!”

Merlin warned, referring to his next weave..

“Dalbergia is a fine fickle filly.”

“But she may feel a little aggrieved!’


Dark ruby Sissoo, was like nothing seen.

Far, far beyond my far wildest dream.

– molten ruby rippling rosewood’s blushing flower.

I’ve never seen, sweet rose’s dewy gleam,

like the blush of Dalbergia Sissoo!


“Archie?” “Remind me again, those words I need?”

“To flame Sissoo’s fulgent flare?”

“I’m spelling light, spinning sight, spooling ahead.

Else, we’ll never see beyond final stair.”


“Fulgentem Scintilla!”


“Indeed!” “Agreed!” “Fulgenta Scintillem!”

Merlin’s lip, let slip, his slip in error.

“Indeed! Disagreed!” “Fulgentem Scintilla!”

Archie’s lip, let slip, his flip in furor!


“Indeed! Disagreed! “Indeed!” “Fulgentus Scintillis!”

Merlin’s lip, let slip, another slippin’ error

“Indeed! Twice disagreed! “Indeed!!” “Fulgentem Scintilla!”

Archie’s lip, let flip, further flippin’ furor!”


“She’s the flaming heart of your doweling Rose!”

“Show Lady Love, far more respect!”

“She’s the fiery tart of your howling Rose!”

“Show Lady Lust, far less respect!”


“What happens if he gets the words wrong?”

I asked Archimedes cautiously.

“You mean spill the spell? In the flaming song!”

He paused, before answering carefully.


“Spill this spell, and his dark rosewood from hell,

she’ll bedevil the spell, bewitch this spill,

she’ll ensnare the dare of her stare in his spell!”

She’ll bemuse this spill, burn his spell,

she’ll entice the wily wolf away from his spell!

She’ll bewilder this spill, beleaguer his spell.

she’ll entangle the daze of her gaze in his spell!

She’ll besiege this spill, beset this spell

she’ll enamel the glare of her flare in his spell!

She’ll besmirch this spill, she’ll beguile his spell,

she’ll enkindle the stain of her flame in his spell!

She’ll bedazzle his spell, befuddle the steer,

she’ll enrapture and capture the spell of this Seer!


“Fulgentum Scintilla!” Cried Merlin.

“One flick to redden Sissoo’s carmine fuse”

“Fulgenta Scintillum!” Yelled Merlin.

“One flick to scarlet Dalbergia’s ruddy muse!”


“One quick slick of cherry lightning.

One rose bud on ruby quick.

One quick lick of dark crimson.

One ruby bud on rosy wick.”


“One quicker slick of red lightning,

One fiery flick of rosy quick.”

“One quicker snick of dark crimson,

One fiery lick of ruby wick.”


“One quick lick of scarlet lightning

“One flaming flick of ruby quick.”

“One quicker slick of dark crimson.”

One lightning fleck on rosy wick tip.”


“Perfect!’ chuckled Merlin, “she’s still flushing style!”

“Just look at her carnation tincture!”

“Sublime!” chortled Myrddin, “she’s still blushing smile!”

“Did you see the fire-cracker tint-in-her?”


“You are so beautiful,” sighed Merlin.

“My sweet willow Sissoo.”

“How I love to amuse the muse in you,

and muse the muse amused in you,

to amuse the muse I love, in you.”


“Oooh”, she swooned, and flushed her rosewood frame.

“For you,” she cooed, blushing ruby wood grain.

“From Sissoo,” she wooed, and whispered her rouge name.

“Mon amour,” she oozed, and blew to him,

her heart’s gold rosy flame.


Our cave was bathed in crimson shade,

air redolent with Sissoo’s febrile perfume.

No longer grim tomb, of deep waxen gloom,

but riddled rose flume, cast in saffron red bloom.

~~~~~ + ~~~~~

Elixir Vitae

New Mercury copy


Elixir Vitae is Part 3 of my Taliesin-reduct relating the time I encountered Merlin the Wizard. Part 2, Tattle, had Merlin free my underworld protagonist from the bewitching Morgan Le Faye and guide them to the top of a stone staircase. It is here that they are currently being held in the grip of enchanted stones and sleeping deeply. Archimedes, the Wizard’s Owl, stands upon the last stepping stair, mere yards from the protagonists reposing form. It might appear the end is nigh for Merlin’s quill-seeking guest, but perhaps all in not quite as it seems…

~ Elixir Vitae ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Night’s raptor, my captor, extends out wide

his titian tailored wings.

And gazing out through lantern eyes

has scathing words to sing!


“Fool!” Screeches he, with ferocious zeal,

standing taller as if to admonish!

“If you’d never erred at Morgana’s sugared words,

there’d be one less Kelpie to vanquish!”


“Come, come Archamedies, you pontificating foul,

high virtue never suited your swagger!”

“My heart might once have been with sweet, sweet Nimuhe,

bound in her forest of thorny daggers.”


“You’re the Seer who sees, but I cannot believe,

how you’ve taken so many wrong turns!”

“Harder to conceive as ‘your Eminence Grise’,

is why we’re bound in this infernal tomb!”


“Ah, yes, indeed, attending Kingly needs,

had me lose sight of my Wizard’s Wave.”

“Yet ‘twas for Love’s sake, our Lady of the Lake

forged the One Quill for Arthur’s enclave.”


“Ynys Afallon,” sighed Archimedes fondly,

misting over memories, fable and fantasy.

“Insula Avalonis,” sighed Merlinus lovingly,

“Do apple trees still blossom in Arthur’s cemetery?”


“Lonely in darkness under those fragrant boughs,

I’d yearn my heartache away.”

“Lest I miss the request from beyond earthly rest,

granting Arthur’s return to the light of day.”


“We’d long for darkness beneath Empress skies

to sit and gaze upon glistening stars.”

“I recall his delight, one night, correcting my sight.”

“’That’s Venus” he chuckled, “not Mars!”


“An undisciplined imp with disrespectful wit,

there’s not much more to him than that!”

“A trickster, conjurer, poor king-maker’s neophyte!”

“A fabled Monarch sadly gone from sight.”


”900 years since his untimely passing,

and still such scold for his mischief-making?”

“Dear Archie, I love the way you remember him,

Ingraine’s fair haired boy we raised as King!”


“Merlin,” Archimedes coughed and wiped away a tear.

“There’s wizard’s work still left to be done.”

“We’ve another buccaneer in dry dock over here,

seeking fellowship back to the Sun.”


“Quite so,” agreed Merlin, “ we really should begin,

our guest tires of being so tethered.”

“I’m intrigued to know where he’s seeking to go,

on a journey questing Golden Feathers!”


“A fellowship you say? Adventuring starry skies?

“Trail blazing providence far away?”

“Ah! Such energy within, to speed off voyaging!”

“Path finding the entire Milky Way!”


“Archie, please remind me again, it’s been a while

since I last cast with Magic words.”

“You’ll recall the spell, you’re an Oracle,

and wisest of all the birds!”


“Solvite Corporea et Coagulate Spiritus”

Archimedes chanted as if an Alchemical Art.

“Indeed! Dissolve the Body, Coagulate the Spirit!”

Merlin implored my insentient heart.


Fleeting, flowing, fading form slides

deep darkness from my dreams.

Dappled pools of light and shade

amass between moonbeams.


Grey gives way to mottled cream,

inward dreams are magnified.

Projected in the cavernous glow,

as flickering lantern slides.


Pulsing upon the screen of cream

a light does shine like none I’ve seen,

Piercing shards of lightening white

emanate outwards blinding my sight, but…


…solidifying slowly, fluorescence finds form,

compressing to swell outline and brim.

I sense unearthly company materialise before me,

Spirits manifesting in mirror’s margin!


Magic mirror of dreams unfolding such scenes,

revealing beings distilled from pure light!

Suddenly I feel so feathery light, as if I just might,

take swift flight across to the other side!


”I think he now sees,” Archie quietly suggested,

moving aside to let a figure pass.

In glimmering silk parading celestial spheres,

Merlin approached the looking glass.


His figure is silhouetted against a sweep of stars,

wrapped in an aura of scintillating flare.

Light sparks and arcs and spirals around him,

as he reaches the threshold stair.


“I’m Myrddin,” declared a voice behind an arm

extending a hand in ancient tradition.

“You are welcome here, and will come to no harm,

whilst we seek to fulfil your intention.”


”My precocious feathered bird impatient to screech,

flies under the call-sign Archimedes.”

“He possesses elevated reach, and faculties to teach

precious wisdom where ’tis most needed.”


”There’s one other here you’ll know quite well,

an Adept of both speed and flight.”

“I believe you’ve encountered my Mercurial friend,

chasing vapours of silvery light.”


“He’s often here quickening trips and journeys,

travelling with souls in his role as Hermes.”

“I’m told he’ll sequester you following your return,

to share a secret for only you to learn.”


“Formalities aside, I’m here as your guide.”

“A life-long friend if you’ll permit me to be?”

“There’s a little farther to go, deeper paths below,

along smooth passages to set you free.”


Sweet melody and euphony, trickled with vitality,

washing words over me, his magic stirred so potently,

such power wielded nobly,

that I was held spellbound!


I yielded,

to enchantment, to Myrddin’s healing draft,

to his realm I was here occupying.

This was my dream finding his island mid stream,

this gateway between living and dying.


For those lonely years spent soulfully wandering,

hoping for the one great way.

For those long journeys now come and gone,

were fading in the grey.


For those long hours spent alone and wondering,

reaching for the one higher stay.

For those lonely nights now come and gone,

were dawning upon the day.


“Come now” said He, “we’d best make haste,

there is little time for delay.”

”This confounded ectoplasm burns so quick!”

“And you must be on your way.”

~~~~~ + ~~~~~

~ Part 4 ~ ‘Copper Door’ ~ to follow shortly ~



New Mercury copy


Tattle is part 2 of a poem inspired by a first meeting I had with Merlin the Wizard and follows on from Prattle, which precedes this post. Prattle found Merlin’s quill-seeking protagonist being merrily led through underground passages by a darkly Raven in a bid to reach Merlin’s fabled ossuary. Having tripped the light fantastic along a mirrored corridor, the two have arrived at the foot of a stone staircase. It is here the Raven revealed herself and urged the protagonist to make haste…

~Tattle ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


”Run you fool!”


Pressing silence shatters as an echoing haunted cry

splices the air like a whipping-boy’s flail!

Amidst panic and swirls and black feathered twirls,

Black Raven takes sudden flight from the wail!




She’s steeped in craggy shadow on a far lonely ledge,

amongst deep darkness skulking away.

“Never well!” her shriek rattles with ominous edge.

“Tis never well meeting Morgan le Faye!”


With razor-sharp glint to the nap of her sneer

chiselling rock walls in our cavernous space.

I hearken to hear the wizard’s voice cry out,

to dispel craven fear from my face!


“Seeker” she soothes from her remote pitchy stay,

“Your destiny isn’t yet given!”

“Choose either to meet with Merlin the Worm,

or join me, Morgana-the-Raven!”


“This epic journey you fashion is of superficial care,

a mere folly on the veneer of life’s short flight!”

“Answers don’t lay beyond the stars!” she cackled,

and then continued to mock my plight.


“Only the foolish voyage the uncharted higher realms

anticipating all their dreams will be found!”

“Only the fearless would follow a black-feathered fiend,

to where death and shadow are bound!”


“I will show you the ways of darkness and night,

grant you immortality, power and dominion!”

“My seer’s second sight prophesies infinite might

and reign over the Underworld Kingdom!”


“Come now” she cawed, “you must abandon this place!”

“Be set free from Merlin’s illusory tower.”

“Come now,” she cooed, “you must make haste,

and join me on a path to great power!”


Seducing my thoughts with a web of dark threads

She’s chastened my stride on ancient stone stairs.

“A doorway to this future stands open,” she purred,

“To spirit you away from Merlin’s dark lair!”


“One step further to a wretched realm” she pressed,

“darkened by suffering, pain and despair!”

“Or one step further towards a kingdom of gold,

with you as Dark Prince and King’s heir!”


Bewitched by darkness and her spellbinding guile,

I’m uncertain upon which end to now gamble.

Enticed by the allure of her black feathered smile,

my conviction is starting to crumble.


“Run you fool! Run!”


Bursting white light searing vibrant cordite suddenly

stirs me from my befuddling haze!

Hidden stairs emerge from within a cave to my right.

offering safe passage from Morgana’s gaze!


“Run you fool! Run!”


Encouraged I spring forth and leap steps 1 and 2,

and make 2, 4, and 6 an impetuous race!

But between jagged seams, stairs 8, 9 and 10

Impede progress to a much slower pace.


From stair 11 I’m clear and flying once again,

bounding steps 12 through to 15.

I leave sweet 16 as a passing pipe dream

and stride on to narrow stair 17.


Tightening rock seams as I reach stair 18,

have me crowded within a trim furrow.

Behind in the snap of my closing rock crack,

Morgana’s scream fades with her sorrow.


I cannot pull free from the rocks assured grasp

nor push past the wily embrace of stone.

Cunning enchantment still bedevils my course,

will it be here I shall die all alone?


Slowly pressed in the compress of charmed stone,

I surrender breathless in the embrace of 19 and 20…

When of a sudden, from on high in my tomb cavity,

comes sweet birdsong reciting Merlin’s vast gravity!


Hovering at height in dark cinnamon folds,

‘else perched on a Horned Owl’s high banister.

From the brim of a scrape in a flurry of words,

Archimedes sings of the Sage Calligrapher!


“Merlinus charms the eyes of many men,

or else might awaken whom he will.”

“Lailoken! Myrddin! Ambrosius! Silvestris!”

All are legends scribed with One Quill!”


“The Physicians of Myddfai, The Red Book of Hergest,

both are marvels in folklore and fable!”

“Romance and Grail and Vita Merlini,

all were once penned at his writing-table!”


“Nor least we forget Empedocles, Nennius, Darius,

Ostanes, Plato, and Pythagoras!”

“For each their feathers were unwittingly shaped

by Merlin the mythological Magus!”


”Archimedes!” “Enough of the tattle and fly on over yer!”

Came a disambiguated voice with Welsh flare!

In the silence that followed my surprised final gasp,

Archimedes flew to the last stepping stair…

~~~~~ + ~~~~~