~ Luna ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Luna is not in any sense peculiar, she is

Merely addicted to the Balmy Moon.

Luna is not in any sense a lunatic, she’s a

Mad Poet weaving at the Writer’s Loom.


~ Artwork/photography/Composition ~ By ~ Dewin nefol ~



Pistil Nebula

~ Pistil Nebula ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Whatever the matter with Universal Matter,

Only Dark Matter matters to the Jackal.

You see She likes to keep The Bodies neat,

Her Cosmic Diner with grim and dazzle.


Whatever the matter with Milky Way Matter,

Only Entropic Matter matters to Anubis.

You see She likes to keep the Planets suite,

Her Opera without farce or detritus.


Whatever the matter with Earthly Matter,

Only Carrion Matter matters to The Beast.

You see She like to keep The Kennel clean,

Her Whole Life is a banqueting feast.


Whatever the matter with Deathly Matter,

Only Plutonic Matter matters to The Diner.

You see She likes to keep The Dog-House fresh,

Her Embalmer’s Scent, there is none finer.


Whatever the matter with Esoteric Matter,

Only Liminal Matter matters to The Membrane Maiden,

You see She likes to keep The Mystery alive,

Her Dark Shadow, the Pistil Shaman.


~ Artwork/Photography/Composition ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~



~ Balmy ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Two Moons rising upon my summit.

Two Moons sinking upon my peak.

Two Moons on top of my cresting top.

Two Moonbeams balmy upon my peak.


~ Artwork/Composition ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Vixen Nebula

~ Vixen Nebula ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Wherever I may wander.

Wherever I may roam.

Far and wide or around and around,

I always think of Home,

Of Venus who waits for me:

The wings beneath my throne.


Little Red Foxy

She rocks me

She chews me up

Spits me back out,

Head spinning seeing stars.

My Lil Red Foxy devours me,

For I am her Mercurial Mars


~ Artwork/Photography/Composition ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


13th Floor

13th Floor is an intermission from the Alkemi series I have been writing: a chance to pause and breathe. The preceding poem Alkemi (Part 11) is what it is…and got a bit heavy with brevity hence the break and some buoyancy.


~ 13th Floor ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Illuminated within deep spaces and elevated places,

Are other metaphysical places small squat and bare.

Where if I stand to stare for long enough,

I see the 13th Floor that’s never there.


It is a far reaching place: higher than Floor 12

Higher still than high-flying Floor 14.

It is an apex place: The Cosmic Space,

In which to amuse the Muse and dream.


~ Artwork/Photography ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Alkemi (Part 11)

Alkemi (Part 11) is the penultimate instalment in an extended poem written under the arch-title, ‘Piper At The Gates Of Dawn.’ The poem is more a jigsaw narration than a poem written with deliberate direction, although not without deliberate intention. It’s a little fractured in places, but I hope it will pull itself together before the end.

For those curious, previous instalments of Piper precede this post.

And so it is in returning to the story that Alkemi (Part 11) finds the awakening, stair-rising, transforming Red Kite close to the very top of a starry-stairway that he sees as a vision in the sky. Above him is his beloved Venus: always shimmering in the glimmering of a diamond studded sky. She ‘watches’ over the Kite with fondness: for she knows him already in different guise and by a very different name.


~ Alkemi (Part 11) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Black-blood pumps prickles tickles pleases, teases into the very heart of me.

Darkness squeezes eases her way, tentatively stepping on my starry stairway,

Where up ahead in starlit skies cloud and shadow torn from inky lines.

I see Darkness stride out from behind a door left ajar: one portal distant one door afar,

Where there are gleams broiling and snakes coiling inside coital cunny seams:

Dog wet dreams rapacious screams moonbeams slip and slide, fall to rise

Tailed impaled in bliss-less gain; ebbing flowing ecstatic pain towards

Euphoria: the edge betwixt wax and wane where tenderised meat bleeds again,

Swollen buds leak again, dewy petals wide again:

Flushing flaring they come gushing else rushing blindly lusting,

Blushing burning scarlet yearning: their screaming whore on the floor prostrate:

Left to fall where they fell in the Grubby Dark Spell,

Found bound deep inside the Devil’s Dirty Inking Well.

Where his Poet dips an ecstatic tip yet cannot control his will:

He shivers quivers ponders rivers bunnies birds bees fawns and rats,

Then quite certain grasps his billowed mast to firmly have to add:


‘Beaten and eaten bleated defeated his Lamb ready to be devoured,

He’d ravaged her affection deflowered her complexion, corrected her in every way.

She fell as a Maiden her virtue stolen, perishing in the Devil’s vat.

Biting her he mounted her as a Pole Cat violating her will:

Then rode her hard beyond Mars, like a howling-mad Dog from Hell.’


‘Black-blood pumped the bitch was snarling: wrenching reaching rasping raking: she forsaking all Love.

He ripped her and arched her fleshless back, further back until it snapped and she quaking, shaking

Wrecked with pain and dying again writhing with lasting aching.

She begged and pleaded to be violently seeded in the deathly throes of Puppy Love.

She screamed when she bucked, grasped when she fucked, gasped as he ripped her away:

From mother from brother from all and one other: from the bright Light of another new day.’


‘Beneath ground he raised her braised her nourished her and praised her;

For nine long years he tenderised her mesmerised her, silenced her maiden’s fair song.

For nine lives long she was distant and gone, her body belong to the Dog Star everyday:

Where afterwards he’d lay chewing by a portal appalling, excitedly recalling the way she cried,

Where afterwards he’d lay masticating by a portal appalling, biting harder on her lacerated raw hide.’


Suddenly the door to the Underworld closed violently,

As well my eyes from sights I didn’t want to see.

I took one more step on metaphysical stairs: one deeper into the heart of me.

When then emboldened to the penultimate stair, Venus above dimmed her flare:

All brilliance gone she shone with despair: stripped of all colour to her bare underwear:

For there above her hanging and hounding, a sound upon the Night was pounding.

Torn from the womb of wicked doom came a blood-curdling howl from a canine so foul:

The Devil Dog-Star once known as the Beast, Wolf of Darkness, Lord Anubis. Tis he

Black Jackal hell-born from spawn, bred by the Devil’s own satanic Muse:

Medusa the Snake Charmer, Snake Handler, Snake Harmer,

Reaper and Keeper of The Lamia Rose.


Grubby shades and filthier shades amassed between fifty shades, and

Flashed between darker shades: peppered the Heavens with ashen shades,

Deathly grey graveyard maids, pebble-dashed tombstone slaves,

Polished stars with their souls depraved: and

Evil flowed as writhing skeins burning the blood of cosmic veins,

Vaporous bio-hazardous poisonous and toxic, exploding pockets of space rocketed:

Rocketed and reeled in multi-coloured wheels.

Light-waves wriggled jiggled jingle-jangled,

High above me the Cosmos spangled and disbanded,

Hell-born black-light was robbing heavy-handed.

Extinguishing stars in Empyrean’s starry-night sky:

And with them gone also my chance to fly.


Into my blackening view pumped a universal stew of complexity and confusion!

A phantasmagorical tumbling illusion, a Mercurial profusion of polished Glitter-stones:

Runes and Roams, Druids and Druir, were Sorcerers, Enchanters and Wizards welding power.

  All rushed raining with Magic reigning, cascading down all over me!


How sweet the release from brim and shadow! How buoyant when darkness yields!

Yet how fleet the treat to hold back Night, the Jackal panting behind the bright,

Hunting me rapaciously, slashing stars to get to me, pray Venus take care of me!

Keep me tethered to this fantasy! Keep my soul safe for me!

Keep the totality of me intact!

Keep the Jackal far from me: for He is Death who comes for me.


Enchantment boldly builds barriers between us: battle-lines drawn by Venus.

I feel fearless and emboldened else furiously blazing, courageous and brave my red misted gazing

Descended enflaming my coal laden hearth: cool embers ignited my fire restarted,

Ferocity fanned the furious flame, as once more into the deathly dark game: where

Waiting on a stair with time to stare; to stare into the endless unbounded,

I waited as if baited for my moment to lament, for the Jackal to pass Judgement.


My vision confused yet mused a little space, my mind raced to quash my fear.

Yet fury stirred deep emotional streams, my imagination bloomed terrifying dreams,

When into my mind swam slippery breams and reams of obliterating words:

‘Thank Venus the wizard’s have heard!”

They now conjure and course a galloping horse a fire-storming wind-turbine of mind;

A herd of hooves thundering by across the clouds of a cloudless sky! But yet, still so lost am I

Still reeling from toxic shock: oil slick thick the dark oil of sick, thick with death still slowed,

Still flowed in the flood of black-blood hastening to crush the rush of high plane drifters,

Shifters of mind these war-horses of Psyche, battle-hardened steel-plated Cavalry strike:

The might and armour of powerful thoughts when wrought like iron when wielded like steel,

When Evil bites when Death comes to steal, when always looping upon the never-ending reel,

When fearful and full to fear filled brimming, drowning within darkness with all hope missing.

For then I shan’t feel: but still my will to hiss my quill to be the Scribe with a masterful blade:

‘To inlay words upon the page to finely script until I finally engrave,

For one last time for one last line, when I sign my name upon my grave.’


Horses thundered hooves plundered pulling me from my moment of bliss: back into wilderness and wildness,

Ferocious emotions burst and bubble: battle-steadied readied for cosmic trouble:

Blind anger boils-over to arrive suddenly pouring, tolerances tested and I exploring,

 The limitation of my volcanic explosion: Berserker at the heart of my eruption.


Tis all Love and Loathing twisting and turning, dividing discerning,

Fear to leave me yearning and in my terror turning, turning always seeking my Love,

Venus is she, my bright star above,

I shake I shiver my vision all aquiver is a flowing river of infinite dreams!


Now here there are no slippery monsters,

No snakes in slimy grimy seams,

No evil lurking from the other side,

Lingering within my dreams.


Tis not the Dark I see in front of me: my eyes were now light-beams!

Suddenly here blessed was I by two stones to See; to see all Above and all Below and all around me,

The sense to see deeply into reality, deeper still into the very dark heart of me:

The antiquated part from a distant past: the ancient bloodline of Wizardry,

The Dark Art of a Druid’s Heart, the Bard bound deep within me,


I see Venus cower behind Death’s swarthy veil.

I see her dim to the edge of extinction.

I see her Crown slip down her gown,

I see Hell’s Hound close in her direction.


Who is this that opens your sores? Who gives you Love reason to pause?

What depth of space from beyond this place finds form loping on four paws?

What shutter is this stutter stuttering the mutter of mater?

What is this Dark Matter fraught with shattering?

What matter is mattering my vision of Grace?

What from Hell was polarising in the deep of breathless space?


When suddenly:

Bloodlets and Starlets, two birds of one feather both angels upon harlot’s wings:

Fell dead with dread both burnt red upon the bed of Death.

Two torn and worn til grubby, dirtied having flirted as Whores of Love.

Now measured are they severed ripped apart from Grace:

Eternal anguish carved on dead stone face: a reflection of a lonely place,

Where their beauty lies damaged raped of all flesh;

Boneless left hollow, soulless in the wilderness.


Scarlet still races through her crimson waste: the detritus of Dark Lord Anubis.

Night’s sensuous Jackal in a suit woven black,  maniacal magical arriving for the crack.

He’s a dog named Ani he never goes back: not when he finds a good home of his own,

Takes off his lead and rolls-over, to chew on the bones of the dead.


Portentously puzzling an ear-piercing howl behind muzzling raged without holding back!

Lord Anubis arrived with wide open jaws as if launching a ferocious attack!

Canines like swords drawn extended, rapier talons tined distended,

The Fever Dog came bounding with his Mad Hound howling!


“Anubis! Yes you boy! Stand still laddie!”


But momentum carried him onwards still bounding,

To the slippery wet edge of a comet-tailed landing:

Where then the enraged howl of comical under-standing,

That a dog can’t stop on a wet star-trailed landing,

Not without obedience training and proper handling.


“Hold on a moment I won’t be a minute! Get it?”

The raw rasping power of the voice caught me unaware,

Such passion such punch such acoustic delivery!

Twas almost as if She were all around me.


When then a golden rubber ball came quickly flying past,

Rapaciously harassed by a Black Jackal running fast,

Chasing rubber balls back through wide portal doors.

Slipping and sliding on diamond-studded floors.


“That should keep him occupied ,” the gravelly voice said,

“So we can have a quick wee chat.”

“Now listen to me carefully my little honey bee,

I’m not at all this, nor am I all that,”

“Because I’m always somewhere in-between.”

“Maker and breaker of all miraculous worlds.”

“I am Mother, and the Kali of your dreams.”


“You see, that’s the Dark Magic of me,” she said,

“I’m also Nephthys, his real mother.”

“Whenever he’s in bother I’ll always be here.”

“I’ll always be there because deep down I care.”

“Even when he is being a Lil Red Bleeder.”


“Now Puppy training,” she continued, “I’m very good at that,”

“It even works well on Kites, Kitties and Cats.”

“And other bipedal curiosities of diverse Nature,”

“Including you, you most delightful creature.”


“She told me where to find you, She knew you’d be waiting here.”

“One step away from the top of stairs, was where you’ve always liked to play.”


My total surprise at her grasping lines had me quickly find reply.

“Who are you? What is this? Where am I? And why?”

“Quietly my dear or Anubis might hear and then come rushing back.”

“He’s not so funny on an empty tummy and we wouldn’t want that.”

“Things could get hairy, the moment quite scary,”

“Not at all pretty: but painfully agonising and very bloody messy.”


“S-S-S-show yourself,” I stuttered for I was overwhelmed, and

Shell shocked and chaste unable to make haste.

Dogged fear froze my pace my stride my upward rise,

Upon unending stepping stairs where to the top I raced.


“This Mother is a dog-handler of the very worst kind,”

“You ‘d find my appearance would destroy you.”

“I would turn you to stone if I were ever prone,”

“To reveal myself right now before you.”


“But right now we’ve no time to get into all of that,”

“And besides Anubis might suddenly come biting back.”

“So listen to me well whilst on the stairway,”

“Today I’ve one small trick still left to learn ya.”


“Scribbling Scribe!” she hissed, “You must remember this!”

“You are Keeper of the Scarab Beetle.”

“The Ancient Worm you twist and turn,”

“To unlock doors inside other people.”


“The Transformative Scarab guides one to a Cherub.”

“To a Golden Child both meek and mild.”

“To a Forgotten Child both mean and wild,”

“But sweet as saccharine syrup.”


“Scarab is for you: a compass pointing home.”

“A omnidirectional looking-glass, so that no matter where you roam.”

“As Keeper of the Scarab Beetle, your Dog, Anubis,

Is a power rush, to help find your way home.”


“Whenever darkness disturbs you or leaves you in grave doubt.”

“Untether the leash let Red Scarab come out.”

“Pour your venom into his Black Blooded Bliss.”

“To Rise on the Power of Anubis!”


~ Artwork/Photography ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Alkemi (Part 10)

Alkemi (Part 10) continues the unfolding story of a Red Kite ascending on a metaphysical stairway watched by Venus who shines brightly above him. It is her Love that impels the Kite upwards and onwards into the very Heart of Creativity.


~ Alkemi (Part 10) ~ By Dewin Nefol ~


The dead have awoken within me: guardians of the afterlife,

Guides through darkness, protectors from demonic strife.

I feel their flux their hallowed flow, I see the underworld the swarthy  glow,

I sense black blood throbbing in my veins: I know of their woe their never-ending pain,

Life stolen from them in the ender’s game, by the Reaper who scythes again and again.


But for what purpose do they haunt me? Indeed why are they there,

Waiting for me at the top of the stairs to join with them in communal prayer

Worshiping Darkness idolising Death, intoxicated by memory of one last breath

Released in the grave grey wilderness, where restless they roam seeking a home but finding only me,

Empty of Death full of Life, a receptacle for energy: an opportunity to live and dream again, reborn in the words of Poetry.


Artwork/Photography By Dewin Nefol at: ~


Whilst Alkemi (Part 10) is a continuation of a series of Poems written under the title Alkemi, this instalment is also a submission for Linda Litebeing’s ‘Sense-sational Challenge‘ at

Next up on this challenge is Ka Malena @


Alkemi (Part 9)

Three poems away from conclusion, Alkemi (Part 9) continues the story of a Red Kite awakening from a dream in-Love with the Goddess Venus. Her Love drives him onwards and upwards from where he stands at the bottom of a staircase that extends into deep darkness above. The Kite has been upgraded blessed with enhanced vision allowing sight beyond the beyond of his imagination. And so it is with renewed confidence that the Red Kite begins climbing higher on the stairway…


~ Alkemi (Part 9) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Translucent Night optimum sight yet my dizziness prevails:

Abundant light pristine bright diamond dimpled star-trails

Chase comet tails into swarthy vales where darkness steeps behind ebony veils: and here

I am stirred by stillness when She stares; I sense her shadow shade my prayers,

Impel my step up flights of stairs: says She, ‘take leaps of faith be bold and dare.’

‘Fly upwards onwards without knowing where stairways may end twist or bend,’

‘Or dip and fall or rise again, your journey eternal never ending: yet ending now where it once began,’

‘Deep in the Heart of your final Destination.’


‘Within my womb pressed to my bosom feeding on homogenised dark.’

‘Feeling yet disbelieving believing but reeling; transformation within my Ark.’

‘Safe harbour pious labour in a sworn covenant with Love: be wise my hawking owlish Dove,’

‘Blessed are thee by a Bright Star above: a Goddess a Virgin deeply in-Love: a Sorceress of spellbinding words,’

‘Whispered in your heart She is heard: when you are still silent, when you are stirred,’

‘Spurred on encouraged into diamond mines, lyricizing Loving lines: symbols fusing transcendent rhymes,’

‘So step slowly as you rise grow twist and climb in Loving Union with a Venusian Vine.’


 ‘Tis fine to pause to ponder Fate, to reach for reasons to deliberate: but, why wait?’

‘Why delay? Why let doubt grey your golden shine, basking in the glow of sweet Lady Divine,’

‘Pouring Her Love into your bottomless mine, manifesting diamonds in your coal-dust mind,’

‘Where striving for certainty to erase all doubt, has you reach for immortality before you checkout,’

‘Your passion is Quest and you eternally devout, Venus is the Goddess you care about:’

‘Tis Her you cherish and turn to for Love, who flutters your heart like a Turtle Dove,’

‘Who adores you from a afar her shining star, waiting for you to wear her glove.’


Mysteries I see fleetingly: spectres and forms pushing me, Angels and Fawns pressing me with urgency

Guiding me towards mystery: upwards into the Heart of Thee, the Goddess in the heart of me,

My never-ending Fantasy, the Lover who always comforts me, lifts my eyes fills my skies with Loving surprise

Repeatedly: Her majesty blazes down on me, blazes fondly with Loving glaze: my days a haze since She gazed into my heart.

Not at journey’s end but at the very start: ‘in a womb in a tomb within one room made ready for you sweet Owl,’ said She whispering to me:

‘Tis a place in space with infinite Grace, Infinite Compassion, Endless Love, for you my darling Raptor Dove,’ said She to me tenderly,

‘Tis Alchemy beyond sense of all earthly measure: tis a Catalytic World, a Philosopher’s Treasure,’

‘Everlasting Pleasure in a High-spun Realm of giddy Gold: flying bold on wings of gilded feathers.’


Pausing to stop three steps from the top where there are Angels gathering here: graceful and flowing

Dazzling and glowing spirits of silvery grey: shift and drift dance and sway else pray abandoned in-Love.

Rose petals falling from One Above: and I brim full filling deeply with Love, with desire for unquenchable fire

To thrill me more to please me more to tease me more forevermore, to open my eyes to starlit skies to a Golden Gilded Orb,

To a place in space only Wizards have been: the Great Work of the Alchemist’s dream, petroleum feathered reverie,

Eye of the Creator watching me, Venus above guiding me, Night pressed tight against me: I am enthralled

Lost to wonder with little care knowing Love will always be there, patiently waiting She’ll stand to stare:

Three steps above me on a Golden Stair with a ticket to Wonderland should I ever dare.


~ Artwork/Photography/Composition By Dewin Nefol ~


Alkemi (Part 8)

I was reminded of the unfathomable beauty found in synchronicity when yesterday I met a Horned Owl being displayed in a shopping centre close to where I live. She was beautiful, exquisite, and I melted in her eyes. During brief conversation with one of the ‘flight’ attendants I asked if the Owl had relinquished a feather and if so was it available. I was informed that the Owl wasn’t malting at this time but as the display was returning the next day the handler would look to see if any feathers had fallen overnight in the other aviaries. I thanked him and returned to work.

That evening when at home I felt impelled to continue Alkemi and set about creating the image here. I was feeling Purple and in need of a reason to see with Loving eyes. The Owl in the image came about by benign chance, I had not started with an Owl image in mind…in fact it began as a Butterfly and a Snake. However once the image became owlish I went with the idea emerging by adding feathering courtesy of a Hawk photo. Hence my Owl is an Alchemical Owl, a new species sitting pretty behind rose thorns: she is purple, owlish and hawkish with big eyes 🙂

The shopping centre was busy when I returned to see the Owl today and yet curiously as I approached the display the small crowd gathered there suddenly dispersed leaving me the sole admirer of the Owl and opportunity to talk to the handler, a gentleman by the name of Carl. (A name meaning ‘strong man’) I repeated the conversation I’d had the previous day and explained the reason behind my request…that an Owl Feather was needed to add to my poetic ‘wand’ collection. He said he had checked overnight but regrettably no feathers were found. However he mentioned the display would be returning on 9/12/17 and that he would keep feathers aside until then should they fall. I was very grateful for his kindness and consideration: when then he paused and before mentioning that an Eagle Owl was due to malt and that in light of my poetic need, he’d seek out a wing tip feather as a quill 🙂 I was bowled over by his offer, in fact so excited by it that my spine tingled between my shoulder blades 🙂 I stood for a moment longer still fascinated by the Owl, spellbound by the idea of owning an Eagle Owl feather when it suddenly occurred to me to ask the name of the Horned Owl being displayed. Her name was Rose. I was lost for words and just enjoyed the tingling in my spine.

Leaving the shopping centre I passed by a charity shop that called me inside whereupon I was drawn to a first edition print of The Illustrated Collected Work of  Wordsworth. The book was unloved: gold-edged pages were loose, dog-eared and curled but yet the book retained its quality within scuffed covers of grubby gold. Had the book been within my price range I would have bought it…but upon reflection I don’t think that was the reason why I stopped to read it. I read only one poem end to end and that poem was ‘To A Butterfly’…


~ To A Butterfly ~ By ~ William Wordsworth ~


I’VE watched you now a full half-hour;

Self-poised upon that yellow flower

And, little Butterfly! indeed

I know not if you sleep or feed.

How motionless!–not frozen seas

More motionless! and then

What joy awaits you, when the breeze

Hath found you out among the trees,

And calls you forth again!


This plot of orchard-ground is ours:

My trees they are, my Sister’s flowers;

Here rest your wings when they are weary;

Here lodge as in a sanctuary!

Come often to us, fear no wrong;

Sit near us on the bough!

We’ll talk of sunshine and of song,

And summer days, when we were young;

Sweet childish days, that were as long

As twenty days are now.


Having thought Alkemi (Part 7) the last poem in the Alkemi series I return again to take another bold step up the staircase heading to the Moon 🙂

Underlying Alkemi (Part 8) is my inspired meeting with Rose the Horned Owl in a shopping centre called The Kingsway 😉 She was queenly, elegant and beautiful, whilst I am none of those things: so I stood to gaze tripping over my thoughts stumbling over my words whilst she undid me to the core.

Alkemi (Part 8) continues unfolding the story of a Red Kite woken from a shared dream in view of Venus shining above. The Kite has ‘acquired’ a keen sense of vision allowing sight beyond his wildest imagination. He perches on the edge of a cloud dizzied by all he surveys…


~ Alkemi (Part 8) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Tufted horns on her head tined talons on her toes

Enraptured by a raptor an Owl called Rose:

Calmly she sat poetically posed elegantly waxing feathery prose

For a Poet seeking guidance from one who knows,

Passageway beyond darkness to where no-one goes.


Overwhelmed and captured my heart ruptured, red mist filled my gaze.

Blazing flame bathed me again and again until I was purple through and through

Peacock feather blue became magenta hue: no longer a staircase to the Moon, but an image

Of an Owl perched between thorns, tender sweet roses with pointed horns,

My Rose She has pretty Luna eyes, guiding me through dark night skies.


Perfect in purple She is regal and wise, Queen of night amongst stars she flies,

Wisdom’s Owl anthropomorphised: her eyes my guide to being wise,

Wise with words and sentiments, wise with Love and encouragement:

Rise higher fly further fly faster, become master of the night:

She instils second sight precognition in flight, vision to always see the Light.


So close to me I sense her sensuality her darkness her swarthy mystery,

Tenderly she presses me, soft sweet caresses purpling the heart of me:

Slipping now sliding I’m slowly gliding deeper into bewitchery,

Beguiling I’m flying I’m seeing without trying, I’ve eye-line beyond the Milky Way:

Not quite as far as the Brightest Star, but I’m certainly on my way.


~ Artwork/Photography/Composition By Dewin Nefol ~


Alkemi (Part 7)

Alkemi (Part 7) is the last poem written under the umbrella title ‘Piper At The Gates Of Dawn’. It continues the story of a Red Kite who having been woken at dawn with Venus above the horizon perches in mindful contemplation…


~ Alkemi (Part 7) ~ By Dewin Nefol ~


Star-spangled Ecstasy, Love’s Eternal mystery

Dioramic elasticity panoramic certainty; never-ending

Potentiality, infinite unbounded externally,

Particles of Love limitless possibility,

Manifesting stairways internally.


Peacock Blue cobalt hue starry universe,

Dark flooded diamond-studded cosmic fireworks:

How I ache to rise and fall kneeling in your dream,

Tendering the lettering of my Alchemical Queen:

Iridescent feathers petroleum sheen.


~ Artwork/Photography/Composition By Dewin Nefol ~