Elixir Vitae

New Mercury copy


Elixir Vitae is Part 3 of my Taliesin-reduct relating the time I encountered Merlin the Wizard. Part 2, Tattle, had Merlin free my underworld protagonist from the bewitching Morgan Le Faye and guide them to the top of a stone staircase. It is here that they are currently being held in the grip of enchanted stones and sleeping deeply. Archimedes, the Wizard’s Owl, stands upon the last stepping stair, mere yards from the protagonists reposing form. It might appear the end is nigh for Merlin’s quill-seeking guest, but perhaps all in not quite as it seems…

~ Elixir Vitae ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Night’s raptor, my captor, extends out wide

his titian tailored wings.

And gazing out through lantern eyes

has scathing words to sing!


“Fool!” Screeches he, with ferocious zeal,

standing taller as if to admonish!

“If you’d never erred at Morgana’s sugared words,

there’d be one less Kelpie to vanquish!”


“Come, come Archamedies, you pontificating foul,

high virtue never suited your swagger!”

“My heart might once have been with sweet, sweet Nimuhe,

bound in her forest of thorny daggers.”


“You’re the Seer who sees, but I cannot believe,

how you’ve taken so many wrong turns!”

“Harder to conceive as ‘your Eminence Grise’,

is why we’re bound in this infernal tomb!”


“Ah, yes, indeed, attending Kingly needs,

had me lose sight of my Wizard’s Wave.”

“Yet ‘twas for Love’s sake, our Lady of the Lake

forged the One Quill for Arthur’s enclave.”


“Ynys Afallon,” sighed Archimedes fondly,

misting over memories, fable and fantasy.

“Insula Avalonis,” sighed Merlinus lovingly,

“Do apple trees still blossom in Arthur’s cemetery?”


“Lonely in darkness under those fragrant boughs,

I’d yearn my heartache away.”

“Lest I miss the request from beyond earthly rest,

granting Arthur’s return to the light of day.”


“We’d long for darkness beneath Empress skies

to sit and gaze upon glistening stars.”

“I recall his delight, one night, correcting my sight.”

“’That’s Venus” he chuckled, “not Mars!”


“An undisciplined imp with disrespectful wit,

there’s not much more to him than that!”

“A trickster, conjurer, poor king-maker’s neophyte!”

“A fabled Monarch sadly gone from sight.”


”900 years since his untimely passing,

and still such scold for his mischief-making?”

“Dear Archie, I love the way you remember him,

Ingraine’s fair haired boy we raised as King!”


“Merlin,” Archimedes coughed and wiped away a tear.

“There’s wizard’s work still left to be done.”

“We’ve another buccaneer in dry dock over here,

seeking fellowship back to the Sun.”


“Quite so,” agreed Merlin, “ we really should begin,

our guest tires of being so tethered.”

“I’m intrigued to know where he’s seeking to go,

on a journey questing Golden Feathers!”


“A fellowship you say? Adventuring starry skies?

“Trail blazing providence far away?”

“Ah! Such energy within, to speed off voyaging!”

“Path finding the entire Milky Way!”


“Archie, please remind me again, it’s been a while

since I last cast with Magic words.”

“You’ll recall the spell, you’re an Oracle,

and wisest of all the birds!”


“Solvite Corporea et Coagulate Spiritus”

Archimedes chanted as if an Alchemical Art.

“Indeed! Dissolve the Body, Coagulate the Spirit!”

Merlin implored my insentient heart.


Fleeting, flowing, fading form slides

deep darkness from my dreams.

Dappled pools of light and shade

amass between moonbeams.


Grey gives way to mottled cream,

inward dreams are magnified.

Projected in the cavernous glow,

as flickering lantern slides.


Pulsing upon the screen of cream

a light does shine like none I’ve seen,

Piercing shards of lightening white

emanate outwards blinding my sight, but…


…solidifying slowly, fluorescence finds form,

compressing to swell outline and brim.

I sense unearthly company materialise before me,

Spirits manifesting in mirror’s margin!


Magic mirror of dreams unfolding such scenes,

revealing beings distilled from pure light!

Suddenly I feel so feathery light, as if I just might,

take swift flight across to the other side!


”I think he now sees,” Archie quietly suggested,

moving aside to let a figure pass.

In glimmering silk parading celestial spheres,

Merlin approached the looking glass.


His figure is silhouetted against a sweep of stars,

wrapped in an aura of scintillating flare.

Light sparks and arcs and spirals around him,

as he reaches the threshold stair.


“I’m Myrddin,” declared a voice behind an arm

extending a hand in ancient tradition.

“You are welcome here, and will come to no harm,

whilst we seek to fulfil your intention.”


”My precocious feathered bird impatient to screech,

flies under the call-sign Archimedes.”

“He possesses elevated reach, and faculties to teach

precious wisdom where ’tis most needed.”


”There’s one other here you’ll know quite well,

an Adept of both speed and flight.”

“I believe you’ve encountered my Mercurial friend,

chasing vapours of silvery light.”


“He’s often here quickening trips and journeys,

travelling with souls in his role as Hermes.”

“I’m told he’ll sequester you following your return,

to share a secret for only you to learn.”


“Formalities aside, I’m here as your guide.”

“A life-long friend if you’ll permit me to be?”

“There’s a little farther to go, deeper paths below,

along smooth passages to set you free.”


Sweet melody and euphony, trickled with vitality,

washing words over me, his magic stirred so potently,

such power wielded nobly,

that I was held spellbound!


I yielded,

to enchantment, to Myrddin’s healing draft,

to his realm I was here occupying.

This was my dream finding his island mid stream,

this gateway between living and dying.


For those lonely years spent soulfully wandering,

hoping for the one great way.

For those long journeys now come and gone,

were fading in the grey.


For those long hours spent alone and wondering,

reaching for the one higher stay.

For those lonely nights now come and gone,

were dawning upon the day.


“Come now” said He, “we’d best make haste,

there is little time for delay.”

”This confounded ectoplasm burns so quick!”

“And you must be on your way.”

~~~~~ + ~~~~~

~ Part 4 ~ ‘Copper Door’ ~ to follow shortly ~



New Mercury copy


Tattle is part 2 of a poem inspired by a first meeting I had with Merlin the Wizard and follows on from Prattle, which precedes this post. Prattle found Merlin’s quill-seeking protagonist being merrily led through underground passages by a darkly Raven in a bid to reach Merlin’s fabled ossuary. Having tripped the light fantastic along a mirrored corridor, the two have arrived at the foot of a stone staircase. It is here the Raven revealed herself and urged the protagonist to make haste…

~Tattle ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


”Run you fool!”


Pressing silence shatters as an echoing haunted cry

splices the air like a whipping-boy’s flail!

Amidst panic and swirls and black feathered twirls,

Black Raven takes sudden flight from the wail!




She’s steeped in craggy shadow on a far lonely ledge,

amongst deep darkness skulking away.

“Never well!” her shriek rattles with ominous edge.

“Tis never well meeting Morgan le Faye!”


With razor-sharp glint to the nap of her sneer

chiselling rock walls in our cavernous space.

I hearken to hear the wizard’s voice cry out,

to dispel craven fear from my face!


“Seeker” she soothes from her remote pitchy stay,

“Your destiny isn’t yet given!”

“Choose either to meet with Merlin the Worm,

or join me, Morgana-the-Raven!”


“This epic journey you fashion is of superficial care,

a mere folly on the veneer of life’s short flight!”

“Answers don’t lay beyond the stars!” she cackled,

and then continued to mock my plight.


“Only the foolish voyage the uncharted higher realms

anticipating all their dreams will be found!”

“Only the fearless would follow a black-feathered fiend,

to where death and shadow are bound!”


“I will show you the ways of darkness and night,

grant you immortality, power and dominion!”

“My seer’s second sight prophesies infinite might

and reign over the Underworld Kingdom!”


“Come now” she cawed, “you must abandon this place!”

“Be set free from Merlin’s illusory tower.”

“Come now,” she cooed, “you must make haste,

and join me on a path to great power!”


Seducing my thoughts with a web of dark threads

She’s chastened my stride on ancient stone stairs.

“A doorway to this future stands open,” she purred,

“To spirit you away from Merlin’s dark lair!”


“One step further to a wretched realm” she pressed,

“darkened by suffering, pain and despair!”

“Or one step further towards a kingdom of gold,

with you as Dark Prince and King’s heir!”


Bewitched by darkness and her spellbinding guile,

I’m uncertain upon which end to now gamble.

Enticed by the allure of her black feathered smile,

my conviction is starting to crumble.


“Run you fool! Run!”


Bursting white light searing vibrant cordite suddenly

stirs me from my befuddling haze!

Hidden stairs emerge from within a cave to my right.

offering safe passage from Morgana’s gaze!


“Run you fool! Run!”


Encouraged I spring forth and leap steps 1 and 2,

and make 2, 4, and 6 an impetuous race!

But between jagged seams, stairs 8, 9 and 10

Impede progress to a much slower pace.


From stair 11 I’m clear and flying once again,

bounding steps 12 through to 15.

I leave sweet 16 as a passing pipe dream

and stride on to narrow stair 17.


Tightening rock seams as I reach stair 18,

have me crowded within a trim furrow.

Behind in the snap of my closing rock crack,

Morgana’s scream fades with her sorrow.


I cannot pull free from the rocks assured grasp

nor push past the wily embrace of stone.

Cunning enchantment still bedevils my course,

will it be here I shall die all alone?


Slowly pressed in the compress of charmed stone,

I surrender breathless in the embrace of 19 and 20…

When of a sudden, from on high in my tomb cavity,

comes sweet birdsong reciting Merlin’s vast gravity!


Hovering at height in dark cinnamon folds,

‘else perched on a Horned Owl’s high banister.

From the brim of a scrape in a flurry of words,

Archimedes sings of the Sage Calligrapher!


“Merlinus charms the eyes of many men,

or else might awaken whom he will.”

“Lailoken! Myrddin! Ambrosius! Silvestris!”

All are legends scribed with One Quill!”


“The Physicians of Myddfai, The Red Book of Hergest,

both are marvels in folklore and fable!”

“Romance and Grail and Vita Merlini,

all were once penned at his writing-table!”


“Nor least we forget Empedocles, Nennius, Darius,

Ostanes, Plato, and Pythagoras!”

“For each their feathers were unwittingly shaped

by Merlin the mythological Magus!”


”Archimedes!” “Enough of the tattle and fly on over yer!”

Came a disambiguated voice with Welsh flare!

In the silence that followed my surprised final gasp,

Archimedes flew to the last stepping stair…

~~~~~ + ~~~~~


New Mercury copy


Autumn descends and the nights draw-in to blow with the wind under my front door. It’s too dark to stray and too cold not to stay close to the warming hearth. And so I thought it a merry jape to pen some waggish verse during the snug evening hours and tell of the time I met Myrddin: better known as Merlin the wizard. Prattle is the first episode of a poem that might possibly run to five chapters, but I’ll have to ask Merlin about that. Hope you enjoy…

Years fade the memory I’m keen to share,

of long ago in the Caverns of Bryn Myrddin.

Recollection of that day is lost in the grey,

and of the detail I’ll never be certain.

~ ~ ~

~ Prattle ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~

~ ~ ~

Within samite-silk weave of Sun Moon and Stars,

dressed in the fabric of Three Realms.

As High! As Below! As Far as He’ll go!

Merlin sleeps at the Prognosticator’s Helm.


Hastening my gait across faraway hills,

infused by eventide’s mahogany plumes.

I quicken through swale to a wizard’s Caern,

and to Bryn Myrddin’s allegorical tomb.


Through boscage and bosk, over bush and brake,

across gorse, grove, quag, skein and sedge.

Dallying in dingle and spun in the spinney,

I tread paths over rock morass and hedge.


Breaking tree line upon a withering ridge,

a plateau of marble leads the way.

Beyond are sunk two hefting-stones

and deep darkness extending away.


Passing betwixt the twin megaliths

I step inside the arching rock cavern.

Calling out in Gaelic to awaken his name,

I step aside for black snap from the Raven.


There flies on the swart a spectral bird,

sleek in inky swathes of midnight.

Slick with preening-oil’s iridescent bow,

and silent in the seer’s second sight.


Beyond my probing gaze I sense

the depth of her piercing stare.

Flowing as smoke no sound does she make,

circling silently whispering air.


“Like all who dream Merlin sees” she cawed,

“of the reason you walk these ancient flagstones.”

‘You’re seeking the prattling old ghoul!’ she cackled.

“Who dwells in his theurgist’s bones!”


“So say on this day why you came this way!” she crowed,

with harsh edge to her carving cries.

“What is your wish at tunnel’s end?” she asked,

with a flutter of her sorceress eyes.


“To speak with Myrddin,” I said out loud,

and spoke firmly with acquiescent good will.

‘Stealing Merlin’s flying quill, I fancy!” she recoiled,

splicing my words with her razor bill!


“To ask for his Fellowship,” I quickly held,

and followed her drilling gaze.

“Maybe so my friend,” she jawed, “but tell me more

before I open doors to Merlin’s maze!”


“I’m journeying out to the Golden Globe,” I quipped,

“and seek a great wizard as my guide.”

“I’m heading far beyond the infinite void” I said,

and need Merlin along for the ride.”


“I’m questing the Grail chasing mercurial winged light,

and have need of this soothsayer’s knowing sway.

I’m navigating safe passage across off-world seas,

and have need of this enchanter’s edifying way.”


“Then perhaps it is so my friend,” she said,

“but quiet now, speak no more of it here.”

“He’ll listen to your quest laying at rest, so come,

I’ll open the door to Merlin the Seer”.


Slipping further within the dark resting space

we press through rock to a large odeum door.

Bracing iron hinges on oak newel flanks

swing open to reveal a mirror-stone floor.


Glistening and whispering in the twitching torchlight,

tripping on silver slip and tiffany glassine.

Burnished in the glaze of flames fulgent flare,

pellucid in geodesy’s sweet dream ravine.


Gliding on star shine we deepen the fault,

and dance along diaphanous diamond aisles!

Threading our seam in the limpid wax gleam,

spiralling upwards and upwards for miles!


At the rise of a ridge comes the tunnel end,

and mirror’s dazzling artery ceases to flow.

I spin off the path and fall through the rock!

Still keeping pace with the swiftly crow.


When of a sudden, she appears in thin air!

Blackthorn trim, talon and beak!

In nebulous feathers of deathly dark shade,

She turns to me and speaks!


“Legend recounts Merlin will awaken the day

a seeker draws the One Quill from ink-stone slumber.

So say all you mean and mean all you say,

in Merlin’s head-spinning crystal chamber.”


“Now come don’t delay! Awaken the Wizard this day!

“Tell him the tale of your Cosmic Journey!”

“Now come! Have no fear! Climb the last rushing tier!

“And don’t slow entering Merlin’s ossuary!”

~~~~~ + ~~~~~

Silver Winged Messenger

New Mercury copy

The Messenger

~ Silver Winged Messenger ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Stepping past a cemetery’s grave and haunting stare,

I sensed a fleeting shadow still lingering somewhere there,

He was never really there again until I passed him by today,

The whispering winged Seraph who called for me to stay.


For each the sunless day must come

when flesh and bone expire.

And though in grief our time is done

the Heart transcends desire.


Grounded beneath this memorial slab

and mourning periphery.

Comes the feint echo of a precious song

lamenting lost wings reverie.


Echoing within the wet weeping stone

and scrolling drapery.

Lays the dusted voice of an Airman’s life

in flightless disharmony.


Languid in the embalming salve

of Earth’s unfeigned symphony.

His spirit moves and stirs my words

to quill an epiphany.


‘Tis time to wear a young airman’s wings, he said

and glide the Cosmic Avenue”

‘Tis time to ride a Silver Board, he said

and light-up the Celestial Fuse.”


“Three Feathers of Love freshly plucked from the dew,

once spirited this young Maverick’s wings!

I’m not the Death wraith you’ve sensed from afar

but the Mercurial Aviator with Wings!”


“Love knows best of the next slippery text

to fall upon Empyrean’s gossamer.”

“So go!” “Don’t delay!” “Fly as a Falcon this Day,

run and leap from the Perch of Alcazar!”


“Cut across the ledge with my Caduceus edge

preening sharp cut to your dashing sails!”

“Cross the last pledge with my Heralding edge

and buccaneer the high vapour trails!”


“So go!” “Lift away!” “Fly the Silver Stairway,

and glide the golden liquid raceway!”

“Shoot barrelling tubes off the lightning drift ledge,

smoke the sweet vapour of your Board’s tri-feathered edge”


“So flow!” “Be free!” “Fly away with thee!”

“Reach Solar sovereignty beyond Earth’s gravity!”

“Now go!” “Lift away!” “Fly the whole freakin’ Milky Way, dude!”

“With my Board as your soul’s company!”


Unexpectedly the quill is still with my hand

stalled on the next swell of surf…

Suddenly a wave-less spark ignites more words

for the Silver Inkjetter’s nerves!


I’ll quicken the skies on your Silver Longboard

go taste the sweet dew of Stars!

I’ll quest upon winds of particle waves

touch warp speed this side of Mars!


I’ll trace lightning’s caress across morn’s cherry tip breast,

run the risk of Aphrodite’s jealous stare!

I’ll race gleaming glitter through cosmic Black Holes

and layback with Surfer’s flare!


I’ll quicken the quiver and blister the stars

rip-curl the light stream of dreams!

I’ll tail-slide your silver-winged board. my dear,

between Cinnabar’s narrowest seams!


I’ll hasten for pace around orbiting spheres

and slingshot their propellant gravity!

At warp speed I’ll kick-out of this slipware of stars

and wipe-out beyond Infinity!


The Messenger knows best who will be next

to wear his Feathered Star!

And feel Lightning crack the quicksilver trap

to spill Mercury from Cinnabar!


I’m racing now to flick the red firing switch,

to ignite the Surfer from my inking gun.

Forever grateful for your companionship

whilst I fly a solo path back to the Sun!


~ For a fallen R.A.F Sergeant-Pilot ~

‘His life was a beautiful memory, his death a silent grief’

(Words from a nameless gravestone)

Launch Pad Blues

New Mercury copy

~ Launch Pad Blues ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Alone on-board the Silver Wing, stayed in space and steel

I’m braced by leather and sealed in an astronauts tomb

where I lay tilted to gaze from behind a face leafed in gold

to a star brightening beyond my fragile sense of knowing.


Yet, into inky pools and frozen seas,

I’m falling through forgotten dreams

and find there is no end to the deep,

nor light in sight to guide my fallen Love

back to this flight of day.


She has become Night and risen an obsidian rose,

fragrant in the musk of heartbreak and moonlight,

yet sensuous and lithe beneath a moon spilling sorrows.

she becomes a blackened flower, conjuring ebony pearls from starlit dew

and extending the gentle arch of her raven wings

to embrace me with the shadow of her lover’s swarthy flower.


She comes to me now to sever my heart-entangled chord,

to scythe the air with a whispering onyx blade

and cleave the stem of an umbilical line

that has me tried and tied,

and left me dreaming of destinations

still earth found.


She and I have become prisoners of Love, I think,

grieving amidst uncertainty and sharing the weight of night’s stifling shroud

both players in the comedy of mythological love.

Sun worshippers waiting the morn’ and the emergence of

a beloved ghost from the passions of flaming pyres.


Night enfolds me in her cloying thrill and stills the fluttering yaw of

my clouds billowing ride, as it hurries across the oceans wide,

silently searching amongst shadows for a flash of blue in the silver quiver of the deep.

longing at the thought of one more press from cherished lips,

a breathless kiss to seal lasting memory, that I’d inhale until I ceased to breathe.


Come sunrise we’ll both have left this spiralling ledge,

you, gone to the inky depths of

Neptune’s fabled leagues, and me to another Earth beyond this world.

Further apart than ever before…and yet,

not us,

still no further apart than your gaze lifted skywards to the transit of a pulsing flare,

mine cast back to this sublunary jewel from the rim of a distant star.


I’ll search the void for your heart-emblazoned luminary,

knowing you’ll be there in the thaw of ice tears

welling in the swell of Tombaugh Region and

warming the chill within Pluto’s dark heart.


Rush 2 Polaris

New Mercury copy

~ Rush 2 Polaris ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


 Did I climb aboard the Silver Wing,

and let a dream unfold?

Did I fly upon a Solar wind,

seeking stories to be told?


This my chance to tell a little more,

so…back to the ledge with the perilous edge of apocalyptic fire, and…


Already here!

What now!

Are you sure?

The Polaris?’

Docking Gate 5?


That’s in sight of

the light of my eye-line!

Oh my!


She is a glowing Star!

At first sight I think still pulsing, and

warm on the wings upon which She descended.

Fine fuchsia form,

freshly flushed flower

from Alpha Ursae Minoris



Celestial Pole!

Circumpolar Constancy of the wheeling Firmament!

Tell me!

Will I fall?

Will I fall?


In faith I hope

this morning holds its glorious course,

and dries my eyes, and keep the skies

clear with certainty in front of me.


Will you catch me if I fall,

so I might fly a silhouette again

in the lamp of a distant Sun?


Sweet Polaris

Guiding Star

In whose eyes I am extended

I’d never have known the way back home to Love

before you ascended.


Flight Manual, Lesson 4:

Find faith to believe.


So there stood I a braver heart!

Squarer to the lesser berm of Hell’s furious jut,

First solo flight in sight and…


Flight Manual, Lesson 5:

Find Love


and…now riveted by the intensity

of your Polarising gaze,

breathless in your gravity.


falling in love,

falling in Love,

falling with Love!

My darling, I’m falling with the lo…


‘With the Love of You, my darling’,

was the very last thing I said.

It was no slight, or feint of style,

which draw my dream still closer.

But impassioned heart enflamed by You

who leapt the final bough.

And either falling and dying

or living and flying

Celestial Love fashioned

the flight of your aeronauts

inaugural bow!


Flight Manual, Lesson 1:

There is no altitude to attitude.



New Mercury copy

~ Rush ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


I am not the first to go.

But this time it’s me on a ledge

with the innocuous edge of one more step being

an unbounded leap to certain death!

And I ask if I’ll be alone should I fall…

Will I?

Will I be alone?

If I fall?


“Sentient dreamer!

“This your last call!”

“Move to the bough and be clear of the bow.”

“Strengthen intention and plead to providence!”

“Come! Climb aboard the Silver Wing

and journey beyond the light of Steorra!”


Oh, Moirai,

If I were to fall

will I ever wake to wonder and wander again in the wonder of waking to a wondrous new world?

Will I?
Will I?

”Willow! “

“Take heart!”


Flight Manual, Lesson 1: Flap when you fall unhurried through atmospheric skies.

Lesson 2: At the end of Lesson 1, you won’t be, keep going.


“And there you will wonder, or wander in wonder, or wonder and wonder or wander and wonder, or wander never at all!”

“Until comes a day when you’ll wonder less often at the wonder of

your last wandering morning on Earth…”

“But tell me, just for posterities sake,

Remind me of the wonder of walking in wonder?”

“Was wandering and wondering as wonderful as wondering and waking open wide to ride the rush of morning’s tide through archways of light capped horizons?”

“Wanderer. Wonderer. Wind Walker!


Lesson 3: Let slip the one line between attitude and altitude.


“Now Go!”

Wonder upon the wing of an Eagle!

“And learn to Love this sky!”


Blue Feather

New Mercury copy

~ Blue Feather ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Singularly unique.

That’s you.

There’s no other Blue

more superlative than you.

Love’s unfathomable cobalt hue

crafted you blue

in lightening hue

electric you






No other

with your mesmerising blue

there’s never another

touching infinite blue

soaring forever in

Sky blue hue,






No other

Blue like you.

No other feather

blushes like you…

…tinted Blue Moon hue

is my sweet memory of you




feathery love.


~ Thank you Blue, for all you do in Friendship and Love ~


Flame Feather

New Mercury copy

~ Flame Feather ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Imagine a cloudless star-lit morn’ floating

    upon a mantle of mist, and

    watch a wizard dip the feather tip

    and gently set a smouldering jewel

    in the fiery crown of a Phoenix dawn

    rising scarlet-gold, smoke ash and fire.


Magnificent immolating mythology of s/ages

Miracle of slight lava glittered light in flight of endless life

You rise with the Sun’s soaring altitude

    to melt moons and ignite stars, until…

…a timeless ache brings a fabled yearning to

   burning a fiery return to death and re-birth in Light


   Phoenix, I wonder at the transforming fire

   lifting your heart beat and wings

   the rejuvenating pyre you wear so well

   in feather quill and flame

Phoenix, do you sense elegance in what you are

    and feel Love for what you’ll always be,

Spirit inside a Phoenix wand

    reflecting the breath of a Solar wind

    in a Renaissance of fire.


My hands are shaking, my body infinitely unbound

    barely stabled after all, when lifted a little off the ground.

Was I ever this lost in space before, or were you always found

When you floated down to seduce me

When I floated up having been seduced.

Your feathered fire lit an Alchemical chain

Threading weave’s flame breathing cord

    and guiding Mistletoe to Heliopolis.



Indelible Crystal

New Mercury copy

~ Indelible Crystal ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


When I take the unimagined mind

beneath the Lapis shade of a precious star

Or dive within a Topaz shard

 I feel an unfathomable fire alight upon ice,

melt cobalt spools

  inking tourmaline pools,

Neptune’s rippling dream gleam, iridescent stream,

fluid Sapphire rainbow, spilt from

Imagination’s Cup enriching Life.


When I take the unimagined body

beneath the green jade of a wandering star

Or dive within a Healer’s shard

I feel an inner vivacity animate sculpture

spin silk-feathered spools

  cradle cloud pressed pools

Nature’s perfect seam dream, iridescent stream,

Earth’s Emerald rainbow, spilt from

Milk springs nurturing Life.


When I take the unimagined eye

beneath the gravity of a metaphysical star

Or dive within a Malachite shard

I feel a contemplative infinity alight within all time

unravel cosmic spools

  lace star-seed pools

Mystery exploding gleam’s dream iridescent stream,

Light emanating rainbow, spilt from

Stone film and meditating upon Life.


When I take the unimagined heart

beneath the affectionate embrace of an impassioned star,

Or dive within a Lover’s shard

I feel an ecstatic affinity flame the Ruby Rose

purl Loving spools

   flush rosette pools

flowering gleam’s syrup seam iridescent stream,

Foam born rainbow, spilt from

Love’s fountain romancing Life


When I take the unimagined soul

within the pervading light of an adored gold Star

Or dive inside a Crystal shard

I feel the blissful touch of an Eternal hand

  Alight upon my spirit

tender sun-flashed spools

swelling Love’s sacred pools

fusing sweet Spirit’s dream seam iridescent stream,

Sun gilded rainbow, spilt from

Compassion’s Heart and luminous in-ner Life.