Snips From The Clipboard

Whilst I set about creating digital images I am often left with numerous ‘clipboard snips’ on my Photo-Editing suit, which I’d normally clear away from the working space as I progress. Today however I got to wondering if perhaps some of these pieces of photographs could be used for image making in their right, thus Dewin’s Snips From The Clipboard was born as an idea. Created more as a on-going open ‘sketchbook’, and for fun, rather than being fully rendered final pieces, I thought I’d put a short poem with each as well and publish them on Dewin Nefol. I hope you enjoy these digital doodles. This piece is called ‘Raven’s Dawn.’

“May the whizz of the Wizard alwayz be wiz you!”

Namaste 🙂



~ Raven’s Dawn ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Fly Black Winged Brethren fly! Fly ragged upon the Dawn!

Fly Messengers of Melancholy, fly! Fly to the horizon Air-borne!

Fly Sorrow of Motley Morrow, fly! Fly Woeful Crowful of Corvidae!

Fly Swarthy Servants of Death, fly! Fly to the horizon New-born!



 ~ For Lady Himali Ishtar ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~

God Bless. Namaste 🙂



First ideas for a Mercurial Caduceus – the weapon of choice for the discerning Messenger of the Gods.

“May the whizz of the Wizard alwayz be wiz you!”

Namaste 🙂




~ Bull Horn Motif ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~



7 thoughts on “Snips From The Clipboard

    • Mary Rose, Namaste 🙂

      A beautiful name to bless my blog, and a new friend who wanders through the forest to Castle Deeply Dewin to say hello. How lovely to welcome a new guest with skill to leave both inspiration and kindness in the harmony of two words. Thank you, I shall treasure them as I would diamonds 🙂

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I like the Gravatar image you use…black cats with amber eyes are my favourite, and remind me of the Grimalkins – two black cats featured in an extended poem I have written and posted on this Blog – one of whom is called Niblette, and the other Scriblette. ‘Grimalkin’ is an old English word for cat 🙂

      I read on your Blog you were heading to Walden’s Wood. I trust you will find way there successfully. Bon voyage, as they say here in Wales 🙂

      “May the whizz of the Wizard always be wiz ya!”

      God Bless. Namaste 🙂


  1. Hey Dewin, Namaste 🙂

    The Mercurial Caduceus….will you be rendering it in colour? I imagine the black and white version is a live working document…the colour version for when you’ve had chance to get used to the power. Be discerning Dewin. Be a Herald Highflier.

    “May Venus Visitus and Alwayz Be Vivus”

    Love and Peace in Words and Deeds. Namaste 🙂

    Hg, Lord Mercury

  2. What a great idea to use your beautiful artwork along with your words. It’s been a while since I’ve checked in but I’m loving what you’ve done with the place, your creativity shines through as always. I’m looking forward to getting some catch up reading time alone so I can sit curled up in a blanket with some hot mead and pour through all these new treasures. 🙂

  3. Hey Ginni DV, Namaste 🙂

    The place needed brightening up somewhat, it was getting a little drab. Colour on the walls and mirrors on the floors were the only answer I could come up with, eh voila! Why not stay a while longer and browse the delectables or have me talk you through a picture hanging in the virtual gallery at Castle Deeply Dewin….I am always happy to discuss.

    Your talk of quiet time, of blankets and hot mead and of curling up pouring through treasure, it sounds delightful, wonderfully warm and cosy. I hope you find the space to be sufficiently alone to read and catch up with yourself…hoping all is swell in the Deville well that only get to know as Ginni.

    Enjoy your day and the tail-end of the week. The weekend is nearly here and with it two days to breathe for us all. I am looking forward to taking deep breaths. And you Ginni 😉

    ‘May the Whizz of the Wizard alwayz be Wizz ya’

    Lover of Red and Peace. Namaste 🙂


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