The Great Fairy Fire – (39-40) – Conjunction (Continued)

In attempting to foil a plot to overthrow her, Morgana-Le-Faye has unleashed her fury upon the Kingdom of Camelot. Swarms of Piranha Fairies sweep the land eating flesh and bone whilst rogue fairies freely roam.

Merlin the great wizard believes in an ancient prophecy foretelling of the Twelve who return to Camelot in time of great need to restore the Kingdom. Whilst seeking the Twelve he was crushed close to death by an assassin Boa Constrictor and only managed to escape a tight squeeze by taking up his molecular body and transporting it to the source of the Black Babble: a river running through Eons Bach. It is here where his particles are swirling in a cauldron stirred by Anubis.

Snow Melt who freed the Twelve from Morgana led them to a forest. There she left the Twelve Ravens hidden in the Highwayman’s Hollow before making her way to Eons Bach to meet the Ferryman of the Black Babble.

Elsewhere and far, far away, unbeknownst to both Merlin and Snow Melt, a huge swarm of Piranha Fairies pursue Ravens secreted at the Hollow…


– The Great Fairy Fire – (39) – Conjunction (Continued) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


“Follow me if you want to live!” yelled the hooded cat.

Saddled sat mounted on the back of the Black Swan.

“Quickly! You must run!” commanded the cat:

Cloaked in black with a mask across green eyes.

“Follow me into the Portal else everyone dies!”


“Ravens! I am not the dandy Highwayman!”

“But now is not a good time to explain me!”

“Instead I’m the dandy Highway Cat who can!”

“Spin a little magic rhyme, turn a little key,”

“Open up the way ahead, rescue all of thee!”


“So what say you twelve dark Ravens?”

“Are you still game or will you follow me?”

“We’re heading for Eons Bach,” said the cat.

“It’s where we are all meant to be!”

“So grab your socks, drop your rocks, let’s be having thee!”


In ancient tongue chanting words long forgotten,

The Highway Cat charmed a crazy spell.

“Portal-stone portal-stone, open up your gate.”

“It is I Creosote who yells and waits!”

“Holder of the golden key: I am the Highway Felidae” 


“Portal-stone portal stone! Open up this day!”

“Lead us quickly from the Piranha Fey!”

“Portal-stone portal-stone! Without delay!

“Reveal our path to Eons Bach:”

“Show us another way!”


~ The Great Fairy Fire – (40) – Conjunction (Continued) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Anubis stirred the cauldron one spin more,

Then dipped the tip of one golden claw

Brought a drop to his tongue eager to explore:

“Taste of wizard,” he proclaimed, “is always a little bitter.”

“This one needs a peck of spicy pickled pepper!”


He sniggered quivered wagged a black tail.

“Add dash of Brash, drizzle of Mizzle, add a poetic tall Tale.”

“A pinch of Pluto, a dab of Tobasco, a pep of Pesto.”

“O no!” said he, “that’s for my tea, “I meant Hey Presto!”

“Hand-made Prima material ready-mixed to flow!”


“You forgot to add a shot of Venusian Sleeper!”

Scolded the Grim Reaper, Keeper of Anubis.

“He must be protected: both blessed and blissed.”

“He must be Loved in the watery wilderness.”

“Come Anubis one last spin. Merlin deserves everything!”


“I know how you feel,” whispered Sprocket.

“As much as it pains you to hear it from me.”

“Merlin is long gone Jinder Soo: why can’t you see?”

“You’d have caught him by now if it were meant to be.”

“Merlin left to travel alone, and now so must thee.”


“Or come with me and we’ll cut quite a sway!”

“Cutting down to size Morgana-Le-Faye!”

“Join us Jinder Soo, I’ll show you the way”

“The hidden way inside the Hive of Hate.”

“Jinder Soo,” said Sprocket, “my meeting you tis fate!”


4 thoughts on “The Great Fairy Fire – (39-40) – Conjunction (Continued)

  1. Master Opher, Namaste 🙂

    I’ve woken late this morning: my Sunday needed to be eased into after a lazy start…so a little behind with a reply.

    Your poetry is far from doggerel, tis full of passion and ingenuity and both shine brightly with integrity and honesty, and surely that is the essence of poetry? I’d still like to read of Fang the Tiger Snake and his out-building ways and days out in the sun 🙂

    You’ve inspired with your comment and expanded my thinking, thank you: as a result I have been busy doing a little homework reading up on my mythology ahead of the next instalment. My reading begins with a book called ‘Out of tis World’ bought from a charity shop years ago. It’s a fascinating read – human beings are fascinating creatures – but what prompted its purchase was that a pressed dried red rose had been inserted between the pages of the book. The pages thus bookmarked feature the Dogon Tribe of Mali in West Africa who have ‘worshiped’ or placed centrally amongst their belief system the star Sirius (meaning ‘glowing’ or ‘scorcher’), which ties in very nicely with all things ‘doggy’ and the constellation Alpha Canis Majoris. Extending my reading I came across the Goddess Sopdet – Egyptian Goddess of Sirius, who legend suggests may also have been keeper of Anubis is as much that the appearance of Sirius marked the great flood and the beginning of the new fertile year. She will undoubtedly feature in the poem very shortly 🙂

    I’m off for sugar, milk, and coffee, and then back to the loom for a little more weaving before lights-out. Enjoy your afternoon – great to see a little sunshine and a hint of pale pastel blue.

    Happy snake charming lol 😉 Namaste 🙂


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    • Hey Steph, Namaste 🙂

      Pausing her penning of an episodic Charade,
      A visit to Dewin Nefol’s blog was generously made,
      And there said authoress set a kindly-sharing line,
      Whilst she sat enjoying my poem set in time.
      To Stephanie who read my words and gifted a tag,
      Thank you for having visited it made me rather glad:
      In knowing others find amusement in my poetry,
      And care to share with others who wax lyrically.

      Thank you 🙂

      Hoping all is well in mystical Glastonbury. Enjoy the sunshine whilst it’s here! 🙂

      Namaste 🙂


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