The Great Fairy Fire – Panther – (1-3)

Whilst the second Book in The Wizard Of Wands series is being penned, I thought I’d scribble a few lines to keep interest going in my Blog. This a story penned in rhyme called The Great Fairy Fire. I’ve no idea where the story will head or how it will conclude – it is written as a side-real tale to the Wizard Of Wands (as was Alkemi of course) and it may tie into the Books being written as some future point…if nothing else it adds a little more dimension to Merlin’s world and that of the Fellowship en route to Camelot with a view to regime change. It is also being written because it had to be written…because sometimes its easier to know what’s going on inside when thoughts are delineated and expressed with ink. No doubt the great Fairy conflagration will all end in ashes or dust as everything does in life, but who knows where this poem will flow. I’m proposing not to do any artwork per se but might slide in the odd image just for interest…my energy is being directed into the second book of The Wizard Of Wands, which Merlin hopes will lead him out of one fairy-tale and into the fire of another story called real life lol 🙂

If comments are forthcoming so much the better, but if not that’s okay as well. If you like it leave a ‘like’ and if you don’t then that’s okay: the poem will be written either way.


~ The Great Fairy Fire – Panther (1) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


‘Hey,’ said Merlin, ‘don’t be shy, come closer little kitty, there’s no need to hide.’

She paused her paws at the threshold, all but one small step away, then

Poked a black nose and several toes into the light of day.

Merlin offered out his Loving hand inviting her on her way.

‘Hey you,’ he said, whispering instead, ‘are you coming out to play?’

‘Merlin misses cuddles and kisses from his dark-sequinned felidae.’


“You wear your beauty a thousand ways, and then again a thousand more,”

“Every flight of light upon your skin every rainbow blushing every pore:”

“You glow from within shimmer from without: a Dark Goddess of Love beyond all doubt.”

“My Love, I cannot deny my poetic I nor still the flutter in me:”

“Tenderly tenderly you tease-out a silk line pulling me closer to thee.

“Merrily merrily I follow your vine drink of your wine fall in-Love for Eternity.”


“I have never seen a Cat so fine, a Panther who melts my heart:”

“Your sheen, your chic, your iridescent mystique:”

“You’re my favourite work of Dark Art!”

“We were destined to be from the very start:-“

“Why ask when you and feel the glow:”

“Of my Love always with you when we part?”


~ The Great Fairy Fire – Panther (2) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


“She paces a Panther a Princess a dark pearl,”

“Upon my soul her shadow unfurls”

“She paws to please at my aching heart:”

” To tease, to tempt, to spin dark arts.”


“Sculptured with Love, she’s a cut above,”

“A Cat with a cut above all the rest.”

“From head to toe, in elegant shadow.”

“She’s exquisite: the very best.”


“Onyx with jet inset in her eyes,”

“I’m enticed into her diamond mines:”

“Coals so dark and yet I can see,”

“Your Moon illuminates all of thee.”


“The quality of Love flourishing in your core,”

“Is a quality of Love I cherish and adore.”

“Like a Lotus flower in blossom,”

“Risen from the Aquatic floor.”


“Dear Lady who paces whose poise is perfect,”

“Whose polish is never-ending mystery,”

“Panther wrapped in your shimmering dark skin,”

“Will I never stop Loving thee.”


“You have an allure that holds my eye:”

“Relentless beauty of a midnight sky”

“Where soft dark clouds slip slowly by,”

“Which carry me into your lullaby.”


“In your shifting light, I am a Moth who flies:”

“Who seeks passage to your Crystal Loon,”

“I cannot deny the Moth inside,”

“Intoxicated by your Gilded Moon.”


“Silver spider inside her climbs ever higher”

“Reaching for her delectable Moon,”

“She spools a line a gossamer so fine”

“Weaving with Love on my writing loom.”


~ The Great Fairy Fire ~ Panther (3) ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


“In all ways you flutter my energetic heart:”

“Always the Dark Lady of the Lamp,”

“Always the Genie who lights up my hearth,”

“In the heart of this super-tramp.”


“Always poised and posed and elegant,”

“Always statuesque and refined,”

“Always in all ways a woman always”

“Always the Lady on my mind.”


“I know not from where you came before we met:”

“Indeed perhaps I shall never know”

“I know only that you are here now, and”

“I pray you will never go,”


“You were gazing through a clear window,”

“Partly-hidden behind a Sunflower,”

“Your eye may have strayed to look my way,”

“But I was captivated by your power.”


“Your gaze drills me thrills me, altogether melts me,”

“Has me falling under your spell: my will’s perplexed”

“My quill’s flexed, I’m alive in your darkly swell!”

“One dally one dip one inky tip: I’m coiled in your dark inkwell!”


“But one wish for one kiss for one moment of bliss:”

“For you are fashioned by my desire.”

“O to be bold, to be gently hand-rolled,”

“To be fused to your lips by fire.”


14 thoughts on “The Great Fairy Fire – Panther – (1-3)

    • Hey David, Namaste 🙂

      Hugs to begin with, hugs to end, delighted to have you stop by good friend 🙂 How are you David? How is life north of Cardiff on the borders with the English empire? Have you held the thin red line and protected this green and vibrant Land from the wicked machinations of an evil government and despotic regime? I trust that you have: things will change when Wales devolves from the UK government and starts to fare far, far better by independence and independent governance.

      Thank you for one wonderful word responding to the poem. I recall your enjoyment of all things Merlin, and indeed recall your kindly comments when my journey with Merlin started all those many months ago. Your comment was influencing and had me reaching for the history books and timelines from the past – more to align myself with the intended direction of the poem, but equally to learn more of the history of Wales, including its Folk-lore and Oral Traditions. I am grateful for such influence, thank you…a Poet never switches off to all possibility: including all input and all observation either stemming from within or from the heart of another. Whilst always discerning, I am always seeking means to personal betterment with the poetry and thus never dismissive of kind regard or subtle suggestion. Knowing you are reading and enjoying what is published thus far is important to me and I thankful for such support. Thank you 🙂

      This poem is led at the moment by influences both real and imagined as much as those dreamt of, wished for and intended for the story and for life. One day Merlin really does wish to park-off and retire in a place called The Ink Well. Merlin is an antiquated soul, one who has always walked and walked and walked without ever once having a place to call home. He loves his Land, he loves the people and these two aspects are ingrained on his very soul: but one day he dreams of hanging up the battle wand, finding love and settling into a new life that he’s never had before. I get the impression Merlin would like that place to be sat on the shore of an unknown Island in the middle of an endless sea where he’ll live in harmony with nature whilst sharing the remainder of his life with someone special. It is his dream, and I as a friend to Merlin hope his dream will come true…I’ve told him to keep wishing and following his Star and perhaps one day all his dreams will manifest. I live in hope for him always. A good Wizard like Merlin deserves to be the end of his days. 🙂

      Many thanks good friend for wandering by and stopping to say ‘hello’. Your comment is warmly received as to your support. Thank you 🙂

      Hoping all is well. Take care and enjoy the weekend….I trust it will fill all expectations nicely.

      Love and Peace. Namaste 🙂


    • Greetings good Sir, Namaste 🙂

      A visit from you twice in one day, how fortunate I am to have a friend with interest in my work and the kindness and regard to express that with sincerity. Thank you.

      My epic scope probably stems from the fact that I engage and interact with very few people other than those placed directly on my path by way of either good fortune or misfortune, or by some other mysterious will of the universe that requires me to be a wizard and affect change for another whilst being gifted in return: perhaps by way of an idea or a phrase, a word, a thought or an action that inspires or challenges me. I think all exchanges of ‘energy’ by way of thought or deed is really the fundamental principle underpinning the very fabric of our Universe. We are alive because of the exchange of energy and maintain our life via the absorption and exchange of energetic matter. My scope is therefore influenced by reality and most often I feed this reality into the mix of words in a poem until conclusion of my thoughts or conclusion f a poem. The author is present in the stories and poems either by way of fantastical thought, wilful intent or latent interest. Epic wise the length and breadth of a poem is dictated by such moments or a series of on-going situations and circumstances that prevail and/or are prevalent at time of writing or at the moment a poem is inspired to start. I never draft a story but write it raw and chisel it from the old block one stanza at a time. I go where the story takes me and submit to a higher authority commanding my quill and leading me ever-onwards deeper and deeper into the magical mystery of poetry and poetic form. I love a good story and love to write a story that I’d enjoy reading: growing up as a child with parents disinclined towards wonder and wonderment, there was never anything fantastic about the experience other than the moments I would escape for the day, find myself a thick forest or a remote haystack and just dream of blue skies and the skitter of passing clouds. I loved being away from the madness of life and finding friendship and company in my own reality of tales. My formative experiences stayed with me throughout my youth but then faded away when life demanded I was compliant to a more traditional view of life: one that through choices made led me further from what I once loved and cherished. It is now only after time and experience have left their scars that life affords me chance and opportunity to once again revisit the joy of wandering in wonderment in a world of make-believe fashioned my own will and ability. I’ve had to wait for many years to get to this point: and indeed would not have done so had it not been for a beautiful Blue Butterfly in Phoenix and a dear friend and Bardic Druid whose paths crossed mine and inspired me to set pen to paper and write a line or two. I will always owe a debt of gratitude to both of these friends.

      My interest in Merlin – an antiquated figure with symbolic meaning on more levels than I could shake a stick at – was seeded in Disney story-books from ages past. Merlin returned with the arrival of a Phoenix from Phoenix in my life: it was she who reminded me that life is a fantasy: a story that can always be written by each of us whenever we choose. It was inevitable that her loving encouragement and Muse-like quality – so deep, so energetic, so passionate and so very mysterious – brought forth Merlin and of course Archimedes his beloved Owl. They were characters I adored as a child and adore once again as they rise within me and inspire with their tales and stories. It is Merlin who now gifts me the first line of any poem, corrects me when I go wrong, and chastises me when I step off the path he demands I walk with conviction, determination and supreme effort. Merlin knows tat if I want a ticket out of this place called mediocrity and boredom, then I have to write and write with the utmost faith and belief that it will fund the future and find me a home called The Ink Well. Merlin has a dream to retire from Wizarding one day and settle into his end of days knowing happiness, knowing Love, and knowing of the sweetness of life. I owe Merlin that much, and that is why I write and write and write in the hopes that he and I will arrive on that sandy shore one day knowing there is no division anymore between fantasy and reality 🙂

      Thank you for opening up a small crack to have me peer inside and leave a line or two in response to your words. This ride we call life: sometimes it twists and turns like a coiled roller-coaster, at other times it floors us with its overwhelming intensity, whilst at other times it becomes the most viscerally pleasing experience one could ever imagine. In between all of these facets of life lie stories and tales, truths and fantasy: but always the process of penning anything is a waking dream we call reality, and that is epic enough for anyone to endure. 🙂

      Take care my friend. Love and Peace for the World: may we all begin to once again cherish the virtue of Love and place it centrally within Life. The World is in terrible pain and desperate to be Loved.

      Namaste 🙂


  1. I wonder what it might be like in the depths of your mind. From light to dark, from high to low, from love to love, and always Merlin. I love what you write, Dewin and I love your artwork.

    • Namaste Mary, how are you? 🙂

      A little bird fluttering in the notification in-box revealed your presence to me, and how lovely it is to have you step across the small puddle wander the forest and pay a visit to Castle Deeply Dewin 🙂 I hope all is well in all ways with you, that life finds you content, in good health and radiant as ever: always full-to-brimming with a mile of smiles even during the cooling Winter months. How is the paradise on your doorstep? Thriving in secret I hope: perhaps even dreaming beneath a blanket of snow of a warm day in spring yet to come when brave new shoots rise towards the stars joyous in the warmth of the Sun 🙂

      Would you really like to climb inside my head Mary? lol 🙂 I spend most of my time wishing I could climb out of it…it’s exhausting in there sometimes! My mind is never really its own: it exists as a receptacle for all that happens around it, or emerges as a mirror for everyone else to reflect in. Every moment of my life Mary is a moment of either shock or awe or both together and I merely the vehicle to keep it alive and functioning else have it express itself in words. 🙂 I do have some control sometimes but that remains a side-real feature concerning itself with everyday stuff: the main event goes on and on and on regardless – my inner Muse is relentless in what she demands of me or wants to be shared and aired. If she is feeling disposed to Love then Love prevails, if she is feeling despondent then her form takes on a darker aspect and thus I will be delightfully moody lol 🙂 As ever she is influenced and effected by the outside world as much her own interpretation of it and as such I have little choice other than to be compliant to her whim, her will, and the flex of my quill. It is tiring romancing her day and night whilst also trying to maintain some vestige of interest in a normal life: we are not so much in opposition – we are symbiotic – but sometimes I want to have the last word, which naturally enough infuriates her evermore, and our inner discourse quickly descends into maddening ferocity with a little extra trauma thrown in on the side for good measure. 🙂

      My outside world is not at all complex or complicated: but it is full of wondrous moments and one or two very special people who unknowingly promote the best in me, else rip me to pieces and leave me a shell to fill again with time. I love to be moved in so many ways and so often: perhaps I even go looking for opportunity to be so shaken and stirred just so I can feel alive and find words to express those emotions within the context of a poem or other narrative form. Jinder Soo, the Black Panther has stolen my gaze, is stealing my heart, and Merlin just cannot resist wanting to share her company, her friendship, and her enchantment. As an observer to Merlin, I think he adores her but cannot find sense, assuredness or certainty in his thoughts above that of being a Wizard enough to tell her. He is a character who knows only how to Love spirit with all his heart and finds endless pleasure in doing so, but he is also someone who does not really understand the convoluted path of human-love with its ego-centric inevitability: he has spent far to long alone with his Muse – a perfect woman – and perhaps believes human-love will only lead to pain: as a wizard he has seen enough pain and despair for one lifetime to want to seek out more. And yet, I get the feeling in the most honest sense that Merlin is a little lonely and would desperately like to be held just once in his life by someone who loves him as much as he loves them. He waits for his time, he waits for the Universe that he believes in to bring him all that he desires when the time is right so that one day he will know all paths to Love whilst being here on Earth. I keep everything crossed for him, ad have every hope that one day he will be loved and not just Loved by Spirit. Perhaps Jinder Soo will lead him to Love as they walk one path together through the aftermath of the Great Fairy Fire….only time will tell 🙂

      I enjoy your mindful comments Mary: you find such subtle ways to open me up like an oyster in search of a pearl I might or might not have revealed otherwsie. Somehow I always end up writing to much, saying to much, but enjoying every moment of sharing truths with a friend. Thank you for dancing with me through comments made, shared and expressed: you leave me buoyant and evermore reflective and/or reflecting on the nature of Merlin. Thank you 🙂

      Love and Peace. Namaste 🙂


      • Hey Dewin,

        Your Muse is certainly a strong one. I guess my muse would be Nature, and though complicated at times, she teaches me on a daily basis, some things needing to be said or written, and some things just for me. Like you, I feel things deeply. I like the heights and depths and everything in between, even when I hate it. Sometimes I wish I had a Muse like yours, who has words for you to find. I want to find that place where the words are. Sometimes I can. But you…you seem to be there all the time, perhaps relentlessly. Yes, I would like to see what it is like inside your head. Maybe for just a short time, though. I think I couldn’t last too long with that kind of constant intensity. Your feathers, though….seems like they would calm you….or create more for your Muse to grab on to, haha.

        I so wish your image of my little paradise were true. Of course, it is still paradise, but it is in trouble, Dewin. She needs everyone’s energy to bring us some snow. We have had no moisture in 126 days. We should be under several feet of snow by now. It is a scary thing, as fire season is about on us. We are in the process of deciding what to pack up in case we are evacuated. Whatever you do to send energy – pray, vision….please send some this way. See this land covered in snow or lots of rain. It’s too warm and too dry. The birds are talking of spring as are the buds on the trees, which will surely freeze. It’s too soon. Snow, snow, snow. Please! The ground, which should be spongy and muddy is cracked and parched.

        I keep bargaining with God (dess) LIke – “Really, I will be fine. I can lose everything and still be fine.” “So, since I know that, we don’t need for it to really happen, right?” I receive no answer.

        But back to your interesting head, I hope you enjoy Jinder Soo and all characters who enter and dance in your mind, heart and spirit! May the wiz of the wiz be always wiz you!




        • Hey Mary, Namaste 🙂

          What a wonderful reply, thank you 🙂

          I’ve no doubt your Muse is far stronger and far more resilient than mine: Nature is supreme and you very fortunate indeed being so well aligned and in-touch with Her. She retains all the knowledge of this universe and you have access to the infinite through Her. Is it little wonder that Se adores you and cradles you in her embrace. I love the fact that She shares secrets with you and provides Her counsel directly to your ear: that She moves you in mysterious ways whilst providing you with strength to do Her bidding. Nature has Her moods in much the same way as She has Her seasons. Being so in-tune with Her obviously takes you to places where Eagles soar in sunlit skies and/or where the tiniest creature burrows deep into the dense dark soil beneath your feet. Nature is all things and everything else beside that and you know like a Mother and within that special relationship exist the words you hear and want to record. I wish I had such a close affinity with Her as you: I adore Her and treasure every moment when held by Her but I cannot always calm the noise in my head sufficient to hear what She says to me.

          My Muse is a child of Nature, she is not Nature herself, at least not directly anyway. My Muse is subject to human emotion as much as she is divinely inspired by her Great Mother. Perhaps as a consequence of her being less pure she has more to say whilst she comes to terms with who and what she is in reality. Certainly she is relentless Mary and I fortunately or unfortunately the sole recipient of her constant chatter. Even when sleeping I know she is there talking away correcting lines already written and bringing to my attention other words and phrases still yet to be penned. If I wake in the night I find her still whispering – she doesn’t seem to sleep or at least doesn’t seem to sleep when I do. I love her company very dearly and adore her charm and enchantment: yet there are times when all I really want to hear is silence and take a little time for myself. But she does not let that happen and drives me on and on until exhausted and I have no choice but to lay down the quill and lay down my weary head on the pillow to sleep. She is intense, but I love her all the same. As for my feathers, she plucks them from my wings if I am not subservient to her demands, but still I love her so.

          I am so very sorry to hear of the plight on your doorstep, that Paradise is withering in the dryness, that precipitation has not been forthcoming for so long. If my serves me I seem to recall that this has happened before in recent years, suggesting that the area may be subject to a localised climate perhaps as it is surrounded by peaks or some geographical feature that disrupts the usual pattern of weather? Does the area normally have such extremes of weather so that 50% of the year is subject to dry conditions? You mention that ‘usually’ snowfall has occurred and indeed I remember the delightful photographs of ponies shot in the winter weather. Is the greater area also suffering with a dry period as well? It seems the weather is so random, and sadly so affecting. Of course I will send all Love and thoughts bound in a positive vision to the wilderness on your doorstep: perhaps Mother Nature will hear our prayers and bless the land with rain or snow. You suggest birds are chattering as if it is spring already and the trees are budding far to early as a result of the dry spell. I guess rain would be the preferred option so that new life can flourish and not freeze beneath the snow. But you know in your heart Mary that Nature will always survive in some way shape or form: She is a survivor who abhors a vacuum and fill invent to fill the space. She will recover and She will flourish. Our thoughts and prayers will give Her strength to prevail.

          Jinder Soo, the Black Panther, will either remain alongside Merlin or leave him when the time is right for her to do so. I think she is more Merlin’s shadow than she is a stand-alone character: a personification or manifestation of Merlin’s inner world. What she promotes within him is still left to be seen, but I get the feeling having discussed the matter with Merlin that she is companionship on his pathway as much as she is a mindful guide to him elevating his intentions and providing loving support with her presence. I hope she will stay for a while longer: Merlin needs company sometimes, even Wizard’s get lonely for they to are only human, and whilst they may possess great power and authority and be in touch with the Universe, there’s nothing better than having someone to hug and hold and share Love with on planet Earth.

          Tis midnight here Mary and I must away before the witching hour begins in earnest. The sandman is calling and I feel the need to dream…I am all written out for one weekend! 🙂 It’s always a delight to chat with you, to share thoughts and views and to embrace friendship as we do. I’ll hope for rain, and wish you brightest blessing for the new week ahead. Take care in all ways always and in all ways take care.

          Love and Peace. Namaste 🙂


    • Namaste Steph 🙂

      Lady of the Tor, how lovely to have you pass by and share your thoughts so generously. I’m not sure the poem deserves such praise, but it is most welcome all the same. Thank you 🙂

      I think Merlin will be better off on his own and probably happier: besides which he has regime change to instigate in Camelot, a far more important task than talking with shadows.

      Have a great evening. Enjoy your soup and crusty bread! It smells wonderful from here lol 🙂

      Namaste 🙂


      • Oh no I think it deserves far more eloquent praise that I can possibly come up with. It’s still on my mind so maybe I’ll have to pop back and share it.
        I wish I could write poetry like that, I would be a happy poet.

        • Namaste Steph 🙂

          That’s very kind of you thank you – I’ll let Merlin know you care for his words, it’ll put a smile on his enigmatic dial. Not sure Merlin does happy: after-all he has to live in this absurd reality.

          I think you could far exceed the quality of this Steph: it’s nothing more a bunch of rhyming words. You’d do a far better job than he.

          How was the soup? 🙂



  2. Namaste Steph 🙂

    I hope your meal left you full and sated 🙂 I had biscuits and coffee: not quite the same but it sort of did the job.

    Many a well-remembered poem begins with those choice words….it’s what comes next that is important, right? Why not set yourself the challenge of writing a poem for Valentine’s? You can send it out to the Universe if that is your desire or tailor it for someone special, whichever is your preference.

    Just seen the weather forecast for tomorrow: another chilly day in the UK, in Thailand its a balmy 27 degrees. Now if that doesn’t make your mind up to head off I don’t know what else will.

    Namaste 🙂


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