Piper At DawnIT is my Birthday! 🙂 A landmark year, a major milestone event, call it what thou willst, it matters not, I shall never see the back of 21 ever again 😉

Today I am permitted to indulge my whim and the reader will just have to manage their expectations accordingly. As such I am posting the beginning of a 3-Part mini-adventure whilst The Wizard Of Wands is being scribbled and scratched, scrawled and hatched for future release. In my defence this poem does have tangible relevance to the main story in that whilst the Fellowship remain encamped (shortly to leave, I am told!) the Soothsayer has found chance to muse a little space amongst the rising anxiety at start of the new adventure.

Quietly and steadily with mindfulness and focussed regard for his craft, the Soothsayer has advanced his understanding of Milvus Milvus, his Red Kite’s wand, which he flutters as Knight of Lady Veritas, Our Lady Of Truth. However, having taken me to one side just the other day to have a ‘man-to-man’ powwow, I can report he has been run ragged in a foreign land  battling alongside a fellow Knight in a fire-storm bubbled up from the lava-pits of Hell. He is a little worn, shaken but not stirred, or should that be as Archimedes keeps reminding him, ‘um, you are a Knight stirred Soothsayer, never a Red Kite shaken.’

On a personal note, there is a ditty sitting pretty on my About Page. Should idle curiosity tease to tempt, or tempt to tease, please feel free to read. Thank you!

“May the whizz of the Wizard alwayz be wiz you!”

Namaste 🙂



~ Piper At The Gates of Dawn – (1) – Charmed – By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


By a babbling beck I’ve decked to peck, dappled by shade, liminal light,

Casting no shadow above or below, idly listening to a brook’s idle flow,

As she twists turns trickles goes, sensuously swirling across my toes,

Teasing twirling tumbled stones, tickling humour, a Red Kite’s bones.


Beneath a canopy of broad verdurous green, I begin my lyrical storytelling,

Of a Goddess whose alluring genes, inspire the spires of aspiring dreams,

Who leads me deeper into Plutonic seams, quarrying diamonds lodestones within,

It’s where this story should really begin, with a raptor falling in tailspin!


But enough of opera, pantomime comedy, my Red Kite flies relentlessly!

A banner of Faith Hope Charity: virtue’s Red Baron feathered splendidly!

No less a dove than the Dove of Love, yet forever a raptor, a fighter pilot of-Love,

For the Goddess always shining her Bright Star above.


And so without much further ado, I shall begin the very first line,

And hope to finish my telling tale, before a milestone in time

Is reached breached relished cherished, my new decade begun,

New feathers perhaps, gilded golden, for an Eagle flying into the Sun.


T’was early one morning, just as the Sun was rising, when I saw a spark of silvery fire.

No more than a flare it held my stare, fluttered my heart with curious desire.

More than a Star burning distant and far, it moved me in spiritual ways.

High in a tree my melody playing, my Red Kite praying before dawn of day.


Old and wise yet one flare surprised, for I had never seen it before.

Versed in folklore and ancient yore, yet even I could not be sure, and so

Climbing rising into sunlight shining, unimpeded by swaying boughs,

With my Red roused and my Kite aroused, silently flying soaring to browse.


I flew higher and higher to see something more, something more of something other!

Something smothered in bright red light: a beacon for my curious flight.

Navigation far better when a flare is bright, vectors guiding lines of sight.

Quicker still I flew into a red haze, but still the light ahead steered my gaze.


Wild strawberry a scarlet of crimson shade, bathed cloud and sky in endless fades,

Tones, colours, red swathes galore, gradients grading unfolding evermore,

My Raven flying feathered matador, charging bullish into vapours of red,

Flapping through mist thickly spun, where others birds would fear to tread.


What end pleases without a little mystery, what journey teases if too easy?

But I a flier with extended vision, my flight-path certain, utmost precision,

Never niggled or jiggled shaken or stirred, nor slurred blurred made absurd

In a fog of ruby red mire, a burning pyre, soft flaming fire flirting cloud and sky.


At its centre sat preened and proud, a Goddess on her blood-red cloud,

Her throne a pillow, a billowing shroud, vaporous wisps, chiselled twists

Shaped as lips whispering out-loud, of the Goddess, her beauty endowed,

By Grace and Favour, the Artist above, who sculptured this Goddess an embodiment of Love.


With eyes wide my glide was effortlessly smooth,

All too easy I thought to stay in her groove.

Moved gently passed caring, no thoughts or fearing,

Scarlet gave swagger to the way I moved.


Ever closer to her cloud, her crimson billow,

My Red Kite landed upon her rose pillow,

Reddening swiftly in her soft-fiery glow.

“My darling,” she said, “please flex, kneel low.”


“Why your Grace I forget my place, I err in the face of the Divine.”

“That’s fine,” she whispered, her voice velvet soft cream.

Perfect I thought for a shining Bright Star, born each morn a Queen.

Her Aurora my every Dawn, her Venus my every dream.


“How might I address you my Lady: a Goddess of Rose and Gold?”

“What title would suit the fairest face, of which legend is forever told?”

“Be bold,” said she, “be inventive, I want to see how well you fly!”

“Be told,” she said, “be imaginative, I want to read how well you sigh!”


“Sigh?’ said I sighing, “what might My Lady mean?”

“I thought I were already adorned, wearing colours of my Rosy Queen?”

“You are,” she said, “but your raptor seems a little tame!”

“In the journey ahead of thee, you will need to raise your game!”


“My Lady?” I enquired, “may I be so bold, as to ask I too be told,

 “So that you and I, me and thee, are singing from the same hymn sheet?”

“I thought you were asking me to define your name.”

“I’d not appreciated it was a precursor for feathered game!”


“Soothsayer,” she soothed, “you’ve loved me all of your life.”

“Surely you know by now, I will groom you as might a wife!”

“Grow you as an Aviator, flourish your feathered flight.”

“Add charm, panache, and maverick, to crimson your Red Kite!”


“We have a distance to travel, you should really pack light.”

“Take only what is of worth, leave what isn’t right.”

“Exercise discernment, apply your judgemental Red Kite.”

“Then together at Dawn we will ascend: you will follow my Bright Light!”


~ Artwork/Photography/Composition By Dewin Nefol ~



21 thoughts on “PIPER AT THE GATES OF DAWN – (1) – Charmed

    • Good day kind Sir!

      The first amongst the stampede arriving at Dewin’s gets top spot and a candle to blow out 😉 Kudos dude, kudos! lol 🙂

      For fear of having me wax lyrical like a madman reciting the entire contents of Marcel Proust’s elephantine ‘Remembrance of Things Past,’ weighing in at 9,609,000 characters, I will keep comments short sharp and sassy until the inking-gun goes to Kansas in a hand-basket with Toto. There will lines from films, quotes from other sources, I generally intend to P-A-R-T-Y until it’s 2099!

      I’ll raise a glass or two of Lychee juice in honour of your name and artfully borrow a line to say,: “Here’s to staying positive and testing negative! Chin Chin”

      “May the whizz of the Wizard alwayz be wiz you!”

      Namaste 🙂


  1. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Dewin.. I really enjoyed your muse.. And look forward to the continuing parts of an adventure 🙂 I wish I had more time this morning to add flourish to my words Dewin, Alas, I am on my own flight path this morning.

    🙂 Blessings for your journey..


    • Greetings Sue 🙂

      Aww! Thank you! 😀 Birthday best wishes find richer flavours to savour the younger one grows. You serve me a spaghetti of lines, which I shall enjoy as a banquet served with my usual side-helping of cheese! Cheers me dears, as my mum would say 🙂

      Delighted you enjoyed part-1 of Piper. The poem was a little present to myself, a small indulgence whilst I enjoy a couple of days freedom from the firm having fun instead 😉

      Thank you for reading Sue. Good Luck on your flight path today, please take care when flying that high!

      “May the whizz of the Wizard alwayz be wiz you!”

      Namaste ❤


  2. Happy Birthday, Dewin! I hope you have a wonderful day, full of bright blessings and enchanting things 🙂

    I really enjoyed Piper at the Gates of Dawn. Full of your usual flair, the descriptions of colour really captured my attention. The form, with the rhyme coming at varying points, sometimes mid-line as well as at the end, gave a sing-song quality to your words. I loved the effect it produced. I’m eager to see where the story goes. Can’t wait to read the next part.

    Now I’m off to read the ditty on your about page 🙂

    Have a great day, and wishing you the brightest of birthday blessings 🙂

    • Greetings Lady Sammi C, 🙂

      How are thee? Do you fair well SC?

      Thanking you for my birthday best wishes! 🙂 I am saving them all to make one BIG wish at the alleged hour of my birth. Until then I will leave the flood gates open to allow further birthday best birthday to pour distended into the wily Wizard’s Wishing Bowl 🙂

      I appreciate the drizzle of your comment-making wand,
      The brightness of your ‘Brightest Blessings,’
      Your eye for lyric, your ear for song,
      Your readerships of my Word Pressings.
      Fair Lady Sammi C, writer of dark mystery,
      You know more than I about melody.
      I’ve read your poems, heard your tune,
      Seen colours of your inkwell bloom.
      Bloom to blossom flowering Moons,
      Tapestries of words, twisted threaded looms,
      Witchcraft and fantasy, in a poetry of ruins.
      Racing breezes do as they pleases,
      September rushes beneath my door.
      I ventured outside not long ago
      Well wrapped-up in layers of warmth.
      I think I may have thawed a little,
      Since returning from the cold,
      I really should take better care,
      As summer fades, becoming old,

      Thank you for sharing my birthday with me Sammi 🙂 Will you stay for a toast? “To those who have seen my writing at its best and seen it at its worse and can’t tell the difference! Bottom’s Up!” 😀

      “May the whizz of the Wizard alwayz be wiz you!”

      Namaste 🙂


    • Dear Linda, Namaste 🙂

      Every moment we surmount is a milestone,
      Every marker we reach is overcome.
      We never arrive where we once began,
      But always end up where we once begun.

      Sincerely thank you, from a Wizard afar,
      Reaching a grand old age a little charred,
      Battle-scarred, but upright upon this day!
      Still eager and willing, for his Peter Pan play!
      Thank you for happiness on my birthday! Your magic is a gift that always works for me Linda 😉

      “May the whizz of the Wizard alwayz be wiz you!”

      Namaste 🙂


    • Good day good sir! 🙂

      How are thee? Hoping one and all are fine, overseas in Ontario territory?

      What a pleasure indeed to receive your best wishes!
      Comments, messages, your words are riches!
      Words of friendship too, it’s just your way,
      Re-blogging on my birthday! !How kind! Thank you!”
      I trust life finds you well, in a spell of warm weather.
      For most of my day, the Welsh sun’s been at play,
      Both warm and dry, it’s been almost a pleasure,
      Tho’ now sinking fast, day’s colours half-shade,
      Deeper darkens the depth of Dapplewood Glade!

      Thank you for sharing my birthday big fella. Take care.

      Perhaps a toast, fresh mango juice? “To wives and girlfriends! May they never meet!” 😉

      “May the whizz of the Wizard alwayz be wiz you!”

      Namaste 🙂


    • Good evening Monika, Namaste 🙂

      Upon broad golden wings of your Gravatar image, you deck to peck by my babbling beck and leave pbirthday wishes for the Piper to fill her Alchemist’s bowl and attain the unattainable fanciful hope! The kind wishes you send, the pipe-bowl she draws from: at once both one and the same, an inspirational visionary blend of silver glittering, intellect, creativity and imagination, brought together in a marriage of flavours she pipes at dawn under the title ‘Dream On Little Dreamer!’ 🙂

      I have high regard for your perspective on all things symbolic Monika, (and Jungian) and trust your opinion. As such, I wonder if I might seek your point-of-view on the contents of a Keats poem called Lamia that inspired the artwork for this poem. Lamia offers a reflection on the all-absorbing nature of illusory, passionate love and a recognition of the claims of reason. If you’ve not read Lamia, I think you’d enjoy it. Here is a summation:

      ‘The God Hermes, having fallen deeply in love with a nymph who has hidden herself from him, hears a voice complaining of being imprisoned in a snake’s body. The speaker is a beautiful serpent. She tells Hermes that she knows he seeks a nymph and offers to make the nymph, to whom she has given the power of invisibility, visible to him providing he will restore to her woman’s body. Hermes agrees. The nymph becomes visible to Hermes; the serpent turns into a beautiful woman and disappears away to be with her love.’

      My question is: why does Keats have Hermes chasing a nymph, and what does this say about the nature of Hermes as both archetype and legend? I am curious to know why Keats provides neither rhyme nor reason, nor indeed conclusion, for why Hermes was thus engaged. He simply leaves Hermes by the forest or roadside: perhaps as a Herm? Maybe that is the answer to the riddle of the poem. Hermes teaches the Lamia about the perils of dark forests, dark motivations, dark intentions, dark deception, and about the Truth of Love. Hermes has no intention of sexual conquest, he aims only to ensure the Lamia becomes a woman rather than remaining a snake.

      Thank you also for allowing me one small extended comment by way of indulgence on my birthday, which I will from this day forward now refer to as, Dewin’s Day 🙂

      Should you wish to raise a glass of fruit juice in small celebration, I shall borrow a line from Kahlil Gibran and declare: ‘Love one another, but make not a bond of Love: Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls’ Amen to that.”

      Wishing you Brightest Blessings and happiness for the whole week through.

      “May the whizz of the Wizard alwayz be wiz you!”

      Namaste 🙂


      • In Keats’s own words….

        She was a gordian shape of dazzling hue,
        Vermilion-spotted, golden, green, and blue;
        Striped like a zebra, freckled like a pard,
        Eyed like a peacock, and all crimson barr’d;
        And full of silver moons, that, as she breathed,
        Dissolv’d, or brighter shone, or interwreathed
        Their lustres with the gloomier tapestries –
        So rainbow-sided, touch’d with miseries,
        She seem’d, at once, some penanced lady elf,
        Some demon’s mistress, or the demon’s self.
        Upon her crest she wore a wannish fire
        Sprinkled with stars, like Ariadne’s tiar:
        Her head was serpent, but ah, bitter-sweet!
        She had a woman’s mouth with all its pearls complete:
        And for her eyes: what could such eyes do there
        But weep, and weep, that they were born so fair?
        As Proserpine still weeps for her Sicilian air.
        Her throat was serpent, but the words she spake
        Came, as through bubbling honey, for Love’s sake,
        And thus; while Hermes on his pinions lay,
        Like a stoop’d falcon ere he takes his prey.

        Namaste 🙂


      • Hi Dewin

        A fascinating question. I am quite busy right now (sorry for being brief) but I immediately had alchemical associations when I looked at the poem. Look here:


        I think Hermes did have a coniunctio with his nymph, but it was the higher coniunctio or the one that happens in the unconscious, so we do not even know what is going on there but it is definitely miraculous.

        Take care


        • Hey Monika 🙂

          She comes glittering upon Her crimson wings
          Blowing kisses upon the breeze,
          “I am True Love, in earthly guise,”
          “I am Venus bringing you to your knees.”

          Thank you for making time to gift and guide me I have bookmarked the link you provided: the site is a veritable banquet of delicious tasty treats, a Wizard’s candy store. I love saccharine and sweet, sugar and confectionary. I am the candy man, bwahahahaha!

          Pursuing thoughts regards my circumstance,
          Dark Raven relentlessly rutted my head.
          “The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz!”
          “Dear Lord, why won’t you wake up!” He said.


          Thank you for counsel fair Lady Monika,
          A fallow deer to follow thro’ liminal space.
          You are the light in every dark forest night,
          The dancing doe, the nymph, the grace.
          You are Monika, Unique Advisor, Lady Psyche in flight
          Your mind is pure, clean, crisp and clear,
          Your heart at One, eternally bright.
          And now I know the Wind has a name.
          “Monika” she whispers softly, again and again.

          Hoping your day is an abundance of sweet and precious moments that make you sigh.

          “May the whizz of the Wizard alwayz be wiz you!”

          Namaste 🙂


  3. Ah my dear Dewin, you have crafted yet another beautiful riot of colours and sweet melodies. This is a great start, can’t wait to see where the Red Kite lands next, hopefully soaring to new undiscovered heights and bringing us back more magical tales.
    I especially ejoyed this line – ‘Never niggled or jiggled shaken or stirred, nor slurred blurred made absurd’ – It’s so fun to say! 😀
    Hope you had a wonderful Birthday & I wish you many happy returns 🙂

    • Hey Ginni 🙂

      “Mirror, Mirror on Dewin’s blogging wall.”
      “Who is the darkest commenter of all?”
      “Why Dewin, do you really need to ask?”
      “Tis Ginni Deville in the Darkly Glass.”

      In the manner of those who enjoy a good party,
      You find me in the kitchen raiding the fridge.
      Caught in the act of making Scooby-snacks,
      “Would you mind passing the pepperidge?”

      Join me in a toast Ginni DV,
      We’ll raise a glass ‘For One and All!’
      “A prayer for Love, Faith, Hope and Charity.”
      “Upon Earth, the Great Wizard’s Crystal Ball!”

      Thank you for sharing my birthday with me Ginni and gifting me ‘a small dark bit’ wrapped-up in burning paper. How did you know it was just what I needed?! 🙂 Thank you also for your kindness and warmth in the comment: for genuine interest and enthusiasm in the story, and consideration of my scratching scrawl. Glad you liked the line cited, one of my favourites as well, although it could be progressed further into a stanza – please feel free to reply with additional lines adding to what is already there. Accept or not? 🙂

      Thank you for asking, I hope to have another riot of colour lyrically pressed as Part 2 of this mini-adventure shortly.

      Until next time GDV: be a razor, be a devil, be psychotic poetically…and take care to always have fun! bwahahahaha! 🙂

      “May the whizz of the Wizard alwayz be wiz you!”

      Namaste 🙂


  4. Belated happy 21st Birthday DN! I am so sorry I missed this post. I always thought you’d be older to me considering your poetic charm. This seems a pleasant surprise 😊 I hope you enjoyed your birthday 🌸💖🌻

    • My Lady, My Dream, My Dark Ruby Red Queen, Namaste 🙂

      It is wonderful indeed My Lady to have thee return, and also baring gifts of flowers and cherub-darted hearts to warm my Castle with your colours of red and gold. Thank you…I will laze and gaze in a delightful haze in the aura of the flora after you leave. They are glorious, thank you.

      You have so little time before flllying to Dubai in the morning: I’m grateful you had chance to stop by before you left 🙂 Have a safe journey home to your golden front door.

      Thank you so much for birthday wishes, both they and the flowers are presents to cherish always. Thank you 🙂 You weren’t to know it was my birthday, so no need to apologise Himali…however, thank you that is kind. Indeed the big day was a riot of fun flamed by Lychee fruit juice, friendship and good good company…I’d go back and do it all over again! In fact, do you know what, I think I’ll do it all over again next year! What a great idea! Excellent!

      You kindly wrote…’This seems a pleasant surprise ‘ …

      The sweetness of Himali, who flies her Venusian shade,
      The colours of your Lady Red Kite, the protector of your glade.
      I sense her settle next to you, a mighty friend already made,
      One who always gifts and guides you, guards your purity, my fledgling maid.
      I’d be more a Fool than a Knight to suggest I am 22, or even 23!
      24 is one more, heading in the right direction: 25 another later addition…
      I could continue through my mid 30’s, but even that would be a cheeky lie.
      Perhaps stop at 40, but why bely? When in truth we’re all timeless inside.
      I’m 21 today! ‘m 21 today!
      I’ve got the Key of the Door!
      Forever I’ll never be 21 evermore!
      I left 21 still bustin’ moves, on an Ibiza Dance Floor!

      Thank you for your time and for your company, for mystifying ever further an enigma that is also a mystery: the puzzle in the riddle wrapped up in the question – who put the Ruby in Rosewood Himali?

      “May the whizz of the Wizard alwayz be wiz you!”

      Sweet dreams Ice Queen. Namaste 🙂


        • My Queen, Lady Rosewood Himali, Namaste 🙂

          That is excellent news! Your home! thank you for telling me. 🙂 It’s wonderful to see you here, thank you, I love it when you come by.

          I like being your 21 Turned Poet…say it quick enough and it sounds like 21 Gun Turret, perfect for a grand entrance, a salute, for when you next arrive at Castle Dewin….

          As one hoping you’d comment to say a quick, ‘hey!’
          Your message also gifts your smile to light up my day! Thank you.
          I’m so pleased your home in DBX, happy safe and well.
          No doubt you’ve stories to share with good friends?
          Perhaps also a Fairy Tale to tell?
          I’m delighted to read all your replies elsewhere,
          Indeed, our Rose Diary project fills me with glee!
          Something special for My Rosewood Himali,
          Loving words shared between me and thee.
          Writing to thee My Lady Himali is my absolute pleasure.
          Serene and peaceful,, always a joy, in that way you are my leisure!
          Our friendship is a gift, one to grow and treasure in all ways.

          Join me in a toast to welcome you back home and to “all future shared endeavours!”

          “From Friendship to Rubies! Namaste 🙂 ”

          Take care, have a wonderful evening my sweet Lady Rosewood Himali 🙂

          “May the whizz of the Wizard alwayz be wiz you!”

          God Bless. Namaste 🙂


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