Jake Sweeny is entertaining a merry fellowship of players at camp-side with continued publication of words from his expanding journal. The group are waiting for the start of new adventures – or the continuation of the last adventure –  travelling en route together towards their final destination in Camelot. They have time to relax and perhaps chance to dream, much like Jake who has been moon-gazing again.

He tells me this is Part 2 of Vixen, which precedes this post – https://dewinnefol.wordpress.com/2017/07/23/vixen/


~ The Wizard of Wands ~ Jake’s Journal ~

~ Ranger ~ By ~ Jake Sweeny ~


Fleet footed through a dark forest night

she foxtrotted her path left and right.

I followed I chased I dashed and raced,

into her darkness I quickly haste.


Each turn she took she cast back a look

ensuring I tracked her ghost trail.

Dancing and prancing across brush and brook

with moon lighting her flaming red tail.


More quiver than shiver we moved as a river

streaming between silvery-lit forms.

We slipped swayed we paid bade to glade,

we rippled and played amongst ferns.


I watched her flicker heard her snicker,

hounded her with my badgering.

I rambled scrambled made haste through brambles

with her red umber meandering.


When at last by a gnarly knobbed old hollow

she paused to wait in the shady shallow.

“Jake,” she grinned with a grin like sin.

“Are you still prepared to follow?”


Arrested was I in both tread and track,

yet in my heart there was no turning back.

“Yes,” I said feeling the beat of my heart.

“Then come Jake,” she said, “let’s make a start.”


She turned and twisted whilst I resisted

and disappeared down the hole.

I couldn’t stride I couldn’t hide the flowing tide

spreading trepidation in my soul.


I could have lied perhaps even denied

my fear room to find its form.

Yet that time had gone I was coming undone,

torn by the scent of a coming storm.


Hesitant undecided head and heart misguided,

I deliberated upon my next move.

Had I been shrewd I would have removed

myself in a cunning countermove.


But here was I in sight of an enchanted goal!

With rare chance in a moment spelled!

With courage swelling with cowardice failing,

I took first step without being felled!


“Jake” came a whine echoing in the dark,

a whine with a warning leaving its mark.

“Come Jake,” she summoned with biting bark,

her song no longer a lulling lark.


I lengthened my step extended my stride

I was given over to foolish pride.

She had bewitched beguiled charmed and teased

else tricked and tempted me to please

and would seize me in her heinous hide

and suck my blood and leave me dried!


“Jake,” she said with her whine a chime,

an alarming sign, another tease to tempt me further.

I was unable to resist and continued to persist

beyond darkness farther and farther.


“Hasten Jake you must quickly quicken,

feel the darkness let it thicken.”

“Sense her grace touch her face,

 taste the flavour in all things forbidden.”


“The forbidden hidden kept out of sight,

kept in shadow away from the light.”

“Come follow me Jake do what feels right,

I am your vixen on this darkly night.”


Her voice was confusion her lies a profusion,

but onwards I steadily pressed.

When then I stumbled flipped rolled and rumbled,

And tumbled until I came to rest!


“Oh you are a jape Jake,” she joyfully jested,

“A joker a free-loader a clown!”

“But I find it most fitting that you are now sitting,

upon my bed of Eiderdown.”


Dazed and confused I could barely move,

my head had no sense or feeling!

Night rapidly thickened as I swiftly sickened,

my mind raced retching and reeling


Her rosy tinged brush singed a red flush,

a blush brushing the back of my hand!

My blood went racing my heart palpitating!

My anticipation became a fear fanned!


I heard soft paws padding slowly away,

moving in circles within deep grey.

My daze was abating my fear escalating

my instinct was to now get away!


When of a sudden she was no longer hidden,

no longer given to hide!

No longer huddled no longer muddled and

no longer cloaked by night’s tide!


Bright was the light blinding my sight

flaming the fuse of tapers.

Suddenly awash with splash and dash

yet still darker than an undertakers.


I ached pain raked behind my shocked eyes,

the taper’s bloom an unexpected surprise.

I was already turning with yearning to be free,

when a voice whispered, “Please stay with me.”


Disorientated stilled I steeled my will,

chanced a brief glance behind me.

Expecting her lies were teeth clawing scythes,

I was surprised by what was to see.


Her aged lying form lying still and calm,

her pose that of a sphinx.

Still preened and proud her vixen meowed,

yet her eyes had lost all trace of minx.


I paused and turned and spurned my fear,

walked towards her fading sneer.

Eyes slowly adjusting to dim flickering light…

something in the moment felt curiously right.


I stepped with care across the earthen floor,

stooping ‘neath a root-riddled ceiling.

still eager to dash still tense and aware,

and yet keen to explore this feeling.


Where soft light bloomed a little brighter,

I crouched down to be close beside her.

She didn’t watch me she looked away,

downwards into a hole dug fresh that day.


With my sight returned I followed her gaze

saw something bright by her paw.

It was something whiter something lighter,

something carefully placed on straw.


Without definition or a closer look,

I knew what she had unearthed.

I knew by the way she stuttered with tears,

the skull she held held great worth.


Her voice was a quiet hesitant whisper,

Her melancholy strained with sorrow and pride.

“Jake this is for you” she softly murmured,

her gentle words were all but sighed.


Her eyes held tears as she gazed at me,

her sadness a madness haunting.

Aged she had greyed with her memories taunting,

her mocking watching from within.


I reached carefully with my confidence growing,

my fingers feeling around for bone.

Her paw pushed the skull to my reaching hand,

“Jake this is now yours to own.”


I held it so gently as an object treasured,

felt its touch upon my skin.

I traced outlines and contours and folds of bone,

I sensed memories still lingering within!


“A Ranger?” I asked, “from long in the past?”

“A Fox of great standing and pedigree.”

“Noble and able uncannily capable,

he was a fox with immense mystery.”


“He was indeed,” she said, “My mate for life.”

“A King’s-fox through and through.”

“I loved him dearly until the very last.”

“But his spirit must now pass to you.”


“It’s time for you to take up the mantle,

become the force that protects and guides.”

“It’s time for you to show your true mettle,

become the force that changes history’s tides.”


“You have a mission ahead one filled with dread,

but success is within your grasp.”

“Jake you are a Ranger born to serve the crown,

born to complete one precious task.”


“His spirit will provide as gift and guide,

his Love will have you endure.”

“His cunning will cloak his dark shadow smoke,

his craft will conceal and obscure.”


“I don’t understand,” I spluttered aghast,

“I don’t understand this at all!

“Jake!” came the reply “Jake will you wake!”

“Jake you’re dreaming aloud you fool!”



16 thoughts on “RANGER

    • Good morning John,

      A pleasure as ever to thank you for the re-blog. I was most grateful for your show of kindness and support sharing Jake’s poem ‘Vixen’ on your side of the pond and I am more than appreciative still for the re-blog of Ranger. Thank you good friend 🙂

      Jake’s lyrical tale was I think inspired by a moonbeam who once delighted watching foxes at play in the London garden of a Duke 🙂 In the poem the Vixen appears in moonlight and leads Jake towards illumination…she displays the same gentleness of nature and uncanny charm that brought smiles and pleasure to the watcher of London foxes. Equally, Jake is now left to quietly ponder on the significance of his enlightening dream: I wonder where his thoughts may lead? 🙂

      Thank you again for re-blogging Jake’s Journal entry. He is delighted, as am I 🙂

      Wishing you and yours well in all ways always. Have a great weekend, take care.

      Namaste 🙂


    • Hey John,

      With gratitude for your kindness and consideration, thank you for enjoying the tales as you do 🙂

      I wonder if you may be tinkering with the idea of writing poetry? Perhaps you may even have already done so…are you ready to share? 🙂

      Namaste 🙂


  1. What an enthralling tale.. Told with such depth, and precision as I was taken step by step among brambles through the dark night.. This was more than a mere dream to Jake.. And I am sure the relationship between the skull and the King’s Fox I am sure will make his presence felt..
    A remarkable story Dewin.. One that makes me want to create in poetry again the story I once told now lost even in memory… Of a young boy who found himself alone in wood, he disappeared from life as he was never understood. For he heard the call of the wild that held him to be forever a child. Meeting Goblins, and Elves, deeper and deeper into the forest he delved. Seeking out a talisman of copper bright, that he knew his father had lost one night, Now he too was a lost in mind, as onward and forward he searched to find.. ……

    😉 And that was all spur of the moment Rhyme! 🙂
    I really really do enjoy your posts.. May we forever create our own worlds of illusion .:-)
    Have a Blessed rest of the weekend

    • Hey Sue,

      Tripping the light fantastic you walk upon my page and dancing to an unheard beat leave footprints as lyrical comments in the sand, how grand, how glad, how blessed am I to have you pass by paving paths towards wilderness and mystery 🙂 Thank you for finding pleasure in the measure of Jake’s words, his blurb often absurd is balm for his brain else tonic for his mind, a potion taken when he seeks to find some kind of understanding in the dark of night, some way through the forest out into the light 🙂

      I too am quite certain there is something far deeper to this dream than perhaps even Jake fully appreciates, yet I believe he is slowly becoming more aware of who he is and what fate may lay before him. With a new adventure soon to start all the players in the Fellowship must be ready to act out their parts with aplomb lol 🙂

      I am always very grateful for your comments Sue and always left inspired to adventure again: to press just a little further and deeper back into thicker darker forests. Before I do so, please tell me more of this copper Talisman…if I find it what should I do with it? 🙂

      Saturday nights are right for dancing, so I trust you are 🙂 Take care of one and all. Thank you for visiting.

      Namaste 🙂


      • I made that story up many moons ago, and never really expressed the inner workings of where it would take me upon the printed page..
        Writing spontaniously last evening the verse, set me upon my own new path.. For I too want to know more about the Talisman and where it originated from. So the tale began to unfold as typed more as it was so freely flowing.. I think that Jake’s Fox King was held in my mind as a King also emerged within the beginning of the story.. One that will take us deeper into the dark mysteries of the enchanted woods, where Trolls and Fairies live.
        And all in Rhyme. 🙂 we shall see how this Talisman came into being, and how it became lost, and who found it and what happened to it and them..
        I am interested to find out myself.. For I do not know from one verse to the next what will be flowing through my pen. :-D.
        But the journey is going to be an interesting one for sure Dewin.. And I thank you and Jake for setting the compass to aid me in a new venture of mystical magic.. 🙂
        Have a wonderful Sunday my friend

  2. Hey Sue,

    You are gifted in so many ways, your story outline but one example of the length and breadth of you. It is a tale full of excitement and mystery, a story brimming with magical adventure and with life! I am just as eager to know the beginning middle and end as much as you and to understand more of this mythic Talisman…Sue,you must keep the inky flow flowing 🙂 And to be penned in rhyme? Excellent! Then perhaps we shall share secrets or trade wisdom and knowledge acquired during the writing of our respective adventures 🙂

    I think it was Jake not I who did any compass setting…me I get lost just getting to the garden gate lol 🙂 He is a wise old stick who despite his shabby exterior is as sharp as a shiny pin 🙂

    I wish you well with poetic endeavours and thank you for best wishes for my Sunday afternoon. I trust your day will be as joyous and rewarding. Thank you for coming by of a morning to share a brew 🙂

    Namaste 🙂


  3. Jake is sharing wonderful words with us, in lyrical form, and we delight in reading them. It’s an adventure every time I come here! Hope all is well xx

    • Hey Christy B,

      A little later in the day than I had intended, it seems midnight needed to come and go and Monday arrive before I had chance to reply, It has been a day of shifting time-zones beginning as I recall in Australia and New Zealand and concluding in Canada. I love the rapidity and ease of Internet travel: and there are no hidden extras to pay for 🙂

      How are you doing CB? I hope all is well with you in all ways that make you smile and your weekend has served to set you up nicely for the week ahead. Thank you for asking, I, and the merry players here at camp-side are all well and getting ready for the off. Somewhere within the business of gathering up our belongings is Jake who will be warmed by your comment, as will Master Scribe. In fact we are all pleased to have you join us around the fireside for ‘coffee and a bagel’: it’s something of a tradition before every new adventure; a last chance to swop a hearty tale or two and gird hearts and minds ahead of daring escapades, gruelling trials, frenetic episodes, dramatic affairs; capers, antics; quests, campaigns, and wild wild ventures! Would you like to go first and tell a tall tale? 🙂

      Thank you for taking time to read and comment. Your kind words are always welcome 🙂

      Enjoy a wonderful week blessed with riches beyond your wildest dreams. Take care CB

      Namaste 🙂


    • Hey Tina 🙂

      Your signature purple heart and beaming smile closes a charming comment. Thank you for reading and appreciating as you do and sharing your thoughts so warmly. I am so pleased you enjoy the poem: your flicker and quiver are mesmerising, and I have no trouble imagining your illuminated candle dancing with panache else cutting a dash in the light of the silvery Moon 🙂

      May I let you into a curious little secret regarding the lilt? As I commenced the first line a fellow Blogger, Shehanne from – https://shehannemoore.wordpress.com/ – ‘liked’ the previous poem, Vixen. Shehanne is a Scottish lady and her ‘like’ put my mind into accent mode. To my ear, the first stanza sounds better with a Scottish accent pronouncing the ‘t’s’. Her timely intervention was the starting point that I needed to gave me a structure upon which to progress the poem. But that’s our secret of course, shhh, don’t tell anyone I had help 🙂

      You write, ‘And I loved the ending ~ or is it the beginning?’ A very good question to ask! Certainly it would appear to be the end of a dream, although which one I’m not sure 🙂

      Always a pleasure to share your company and a delight to always see you smile. Take good care, have a wonderful week Tina.

      Namaste 🙂


      • Your secret is safe with me, Dewin 🙂 Shey and her dudes are an ongoing inspiration, and it’s lovely to learn you caught a little of their charm. It settles like magic fairy dust on the heart 💜

  4. Hey Tina 🙂

    I knew I could trust your discretion and confidence, thank you…what others don’t know about won’t hurt them 🙂

    A relatively new follower of Shey’s blog, I thoroughly enjoy her ‘smexy posts’, her bonny characters and of course the hamster dudes lol 🙂 I once had a working holiday to the area in which Shey resides with her family and enjoyed my occasion there immensely. I’ve commented before regards the soft lulling lilt of the East Coast Scottish accent and how it differs from its opposite on the West Coast, which is much more abrasive and heavily pronounced. When sat writing I often read the poems out-loud and experiment with accents (trying out character ideas perhaps?), it gives the words a different sound, a different sense, feel and rhythm. I have a good ear for accents and reasonably good mimic skills, which makes the experience more fun. Fortunate for me Shey’s ‘like’ came at exactly the right moment sprinkling fairy dust to tickle the little grey cells and get the accented ball rolling. But then that is the magic of WP! 🙂

    Thank you for calling by Tina, lovely to have you comment 🙂 I’m collecting the purple hearts you leave to make one large heart 🙂 Hoping all is well in all ways. Take care and have a wonderful week.

    Namaste 🙂


  5. Hey Dewin 🙂

    What a great follow-up piece to Vixen. I was thoroughly enchanted and felt a range of emotions as we moved through the verses; the sadness of feeling the Vixen had for her lost mate was heart wrenching and brought a tear to the eye.

    And what a gift to give Jake! What does it all mean and where will it lead? What is the mission she spoke of? There are so many questions…I suppose, we shall just have to wait patiently for the next instalment to see how Jake’s story unfolds… 🙂

    Wishing you the Brightest of Blessings 🙂

    • Hey Sammi,

      Poised on the cusp of Thursday with an uncanny stillness outside the window – traffic noise is non-existent, stormy squalls have abated – midnight comes and goes and the night rolls steadily onwards towards another grey overcast morning. When will the sunshine come back? It’s meant to be Summer! 🙂

      How are you Sammi? I trust your week has been a joy thus far? 🙂 Many thanks for popping on over, taking a read and dropping Jake a line. He’ll be delighted by your enjoyment and perhaps inspired to answer your questions in the coming days, weeks, and months ahead as the Fellowship journey on. Personally I think Jake has a lot more thinking to do about his ‘mission’ – he is tight-lipped about whatever else might have been said – and a little more thinking to do before deciding how to proceed and utilise his newly acquired gift to best effect. I’m certain Jake will quickly learn to take ownership of his Ranger skill-set and I hope share his understanding here.

      You speak with a gentle softness regards the Vixen, and she is both proud and sad, yet I think she finds strength in Jake: strength in knowing and believing that her mate’s spirit leaves a legacy to inspire the future. She trusts the request made of her and has honoured it. There is a sense of completion for her and a sense of something commencing for Jake. It is hint towards the cycle of life through a continuance of spirit. It is magic 🙂

      Thank you for continued readership, for your kind and encouraging comment, and for a tear in your eye…just the one I hope 🙂 Enjoy a happy Thursday, a wonderful Friday and an amazing weekend. Take care of one and all.

      Namaste 🙂


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