~ The Wizard of Wands ~ Jake’s Journal ~

~ Vixen ~ By ~ Jake Sweeny ~


Beneath a thick lick of balmy soup

I am reflecting in a moonbeam.

As I lie I try recalling lost lines,

Spoken earlier before this dream…


“So far solar to go,” I said,

“She never ceases her glide.”

“Upon great wings she flies in crystal skies

always travelling so far and wide.”


“An elevated flight,” added Master Scribe,

“One always flying into the Sun.”

“Only Eagles dare stare at Heaven’s flare,

without ever being undone.”


Selene presses her gaze infuses her haze,

Entices me into her trance.

And here I stay with my eyes all glazed,

My mind enchanted by romance.


When by my side a dark shadow I spied,

a flick of slick suddenly dive and dart.

Still lost in a dream I follow the gleam

with a rising pulse in my beating heart.


Through brush and bracken I push a path,

Passing between thickly trees.

Silently stepping stealthily pressing,

My passage tightly weaved and squeezed.


I pause to seize the scent of a passing breeze,

pleased to tweeze with expert ease

each aroma from night’s fragrant frieze

teasing my mind with sensualities.


An odorous lingering still subtly clinging

on the sweet edge of fernly taste.

Now turning right towards deeper night,

I track the smell with renewed haste.


Upon a clearing lazily dreaming

within pools of milk-white light.

At its centre I gaze curiously amazed,

Upon an dark creature of the night.


Caught in the stream of a single Moon beam

sits a flame of subdued red fire.

Poised and polished she’s purposefully paused,

to blaze in a moonbeam’s desire.


So fine is she this spectre of night,

this flaming spirit beneath moonlight.

Sitting elegant and regal her spiegel a beagle,

Her dogginess more felidae and weasel!


Her snout is tipped with a blackened nose

and sharp teeth set in pointed rows.

And cunning eyes such as I’ve never seen,

cast deep in jade and sparkling green.


When a quiver of wind moves brush and tail,

ripples the beast’s milky red fur.

She stays posed and composed completely still

as about her the forest stirs.


Bathed in soft balm sat perfectly calm

head held high and ears pricked.

She appears so proud but I see ‘neath her shroud,

When another’s eye would be easily tricked.


She is born a gypsy nomadically wandering,

a traveller knowing Bedouin ways.

Within her glaze lies a Bohemian’s gaze,

one of open roads endless days.


I snap a thin branch no more than a twig:

despite my weight being evenly splayed.

A loud crack cries out across the glade,

my cover now gone a mistake now made!


I froze in the freeze of a chilling look,

then hid deeper in dark vegetation.

Small beads of sweat peppered my brow,

I was now focus of this beast’s fixation!


Her deepening gaze probed my startled stare,

snared me between tall fir and bracken.

Her countenance changed a thin smile emerged,

and then her eyes began to blacken.


“Why hide from me Jake when I’m an all see,

one who knows my forest intimately.”

“Why follow me Jake why be torn from a dream,

if not to satisfy curiosity?”


“Come hither don’t dither dallying behind trees,

this glade and I are here to please.”

“Do you know about foxes about our ways?”

“This encounter brings the luckiest of days.”


I rose from cold folds of coiled twisted roots,

stepped into the enchanted glade.

“I was startled from my dream by a dashing gleam,

and into this glade I strayed.”


“And stayed and gazed at me!” said she.

“Have you not seen my like before?”

“Never,” said I, “with no word of a lie,

you’re the first fox I’ve seen in my yore.”


“The first you’ve seen? Are you quite sure?”

“I’ve clear memory of another time.”

“Do you once recall from behind a prison wall,

being led to freedom by a whine?”


“Might you remember my call my vixen howl,

my growl my cowl my cunning prowl.”

“Might you recount dogged days and wily ways

and dreams and schemes of getaways?”


I said  “yes I remember my cell very well!

“I couldn’t bare the air of despair!”

“But you clever fox if you were really there,

why wasn’t I aware of your hidden stare?”


She smiled twirling gathering her tail,

hiding her face behind its veil.

“Jake,” said she, “come follow me,

“there is something I must reveal.”


I hesitated with indecision dogging at me,

should I stay or go or perhaps just flee?

Could I trust this creature who entices me?

Her cunning is a spell cast craftily!


“Yes,” I confirmed but was not so sure,

pausing recalling forgotten folk lore.

“Your fox,” said I, “I heard your sigh,

tracked your trail across the forest floor.”

“But before one step more I now implore,

an answer to appease and gratify.”


“Your track disappeared a long while ago.”

“Quite how did you do that?”

“Why Jake,” said she, “don’t you see?”

“I’m as elusive as Snowmelt your cat.”


“I bound lower boughs seek stonier ground

move with darkness always behind me.”

“I’m predator by night stealth in daylight,

I’m always a shadow you’ll never see.”


“I am your dark soliloquy,” said she merrily,

“A wily whisper in a pressing hour.”

“I am wild from within born knowing sin,

 yet baring the scent of every wild flower.”


“I am a dance a trance a devious romance,

a sly and scheming quick mind.”

“I am craft and cunning and clever running,

 and the underhand in a furtive find.”


“I am slanted candid shrewd astute,

I’m seldom heard you’d think me mute.”

“I am deceitful designing Machiavellian and thriving,

I am the vixen conniving your every striving!”


She paused to lick paws to fluff her tail,

then headed off following a darkly trail.

“So Jake,” I heard as she wailed her song,

“Are you now prepared to come along?”


Photography/Artwork by Dewin Nefol

30 thoughts on “VIXEN

  1. This was a delicious rendition of beautiful poetry and so magically weaved.. The rhythm like the heart beats got faster as the story unfolded and I can not tell you how much I enjoyed this tale.. Well done Jake.. The fox I love, and was so pleased when the outlawed fox hunting..
    Wishing you a Peaceful Evening Dewin..
    Sue 🙂

  2. Good evening Sue 🙂

    How are you? My weekend would not be complete without having the treat of you commenting so kindly. Thank you…in replying I get chance to rhyme the first line with an opening salutation 🙂

    So pleased indeed to receive your appreciation of Jake’s scribbles. A powerful Moon it seems to have compelled him to set pen to paper. He appears a little moonstruck else is captivated by charm and curiosity. I’ve no idea where Jake’s path may lead him or what consequences could should or would prevail: I am not privy to his prose prior to publishing: his pen-work is a script kept close under lock and key. (I am always so interested to know what he will reveal next!”)

    Indeed Sue, fox-hunting is not by any stretch of the imagination a sport. It is distasteful to me a practice retaining its medieval ugliness. If periodic culling or managed reduction in numbers is essential to farming/communities, one hopes it is carried out with respect. My preference would always be to have Nature thrive without external intervention or interference. However, in past ‘chat’ on your Blog, we spoke of future water shortages and populations being concentrated into mega-cities whilst wildernesses dry as deserts. Nature will find a way to continue to triumph, She always has, perhaps always will, but at what cost would that be for us and what purpose would it serve to perpetuate our indifference to her, the environment, to our Earth? I value certain traditions and believe they should be retained and maintained but animal cruelty and other blood-sports define a set of human values we should have left behind years ago…we do not need animal trophies to define ourselves or reaffirm our perceived niche in life. There is need for the world to act with positive intention and promote harmonious living alongside nature rather than seek to artificially contain it or manage it inappropriately.

    Thank you once again Sue, I shall pass your comments on to Jake, who has slipped away on some errand or another, when he gets back.

    Until next time Sue Dreamwalker, have a wonderful week. Take care of one and all.

    Namaste 🙂


  3. I love this poetry, Dewin – I adore the rhymes within some lines that are not rhymed with others. It is an enchanting narrative in verse. Thank you!

    • Hey John,

      How are you doing? It’s very kind of you to comment so generously and with lyricism of your own to impress, thank you…I sense the bard in you straining at the bars of the cage…it is only a typo away 🙂

      Your comment had me re-read the poem in a slightly different light, thank you 🙂

      Jake let slip in conversation there is a second-part to this poem to follow shortly. I hope you will also enjoy reading that with equal enjoyment.

      Your late afternoon will be upon you whereas my evening is nigh on over already…I don’t know where time flies to at the end of the day! I trust your evening will pass by less quickly than mine and be as enjoyable. Take care my friend in all ways always.

      Namaste 🙂


    • Hey John,

      As ever as generous with your Blog space as you are your comments and kindness, thank you my friend. I appreciate all three aspects 🙂

      Jake let slip in conversation there is a second-part to this poem to follow shortly. I hope you will also enjoy reading that with equal enjoyment.

      I trust your evening will please. Take care of one and all in all ways for always and for always in all ways always.

      Namaste 🙂


    • Hey Rae,

      Welcome to chez Dewin, it is always delightful to welcome a new commenter: thank you for reading and appreciating with such succinct precision…the word used is poetry in itself 🙂

      Your name, Rae, is unusual to me, may I ask after its origin? Is it taken from Raymond or derived from Scottish ancestry?

      Take care.

      Namaste 🙂


      • When my grandmother, Rachel Figgenboam came through Ellis Island upon immigrating from England, the officials told her her name would not fit in the blank; she’d have to shorten it. She thought they meant both names, so she became Rae Figgins, and I was named Rae after her. Many girls here in the South have “Rae” as their middle name: Tammy Rae, Bettie Rae, Laurie Rae, but I’ve only met a few with a first name of Rae.

        • Hey Rae,

          I am most enchanted by that tale 🙂 I think its absolutely delightful, thank you so much for sharing it. I would never have guessed it was an abbreviation of the name Rachel. In Scottish the name Rae means, ‘Grace’. It is a beautiful name don’t you think?

          I also adore the English surname…that too is wonderfully endearing. I am also English, though living in Wales, UK. The surname put me in mind of areas in the North of England within the counties of Lancashire and Yorkshire. It is an unusual surname in its spelling…might it have once been derived from Higginbotham? I am sorry to pry, I hope you’re not offended; I have an interest in the origins of words, their etymology and history which extends into names as well.

          Thank you Rae 🙂 I trust you’ll enjoy the remainder of your day. Take care.

          Namaste 🙂


          • I think it had the jewish flavoring of a great-great-great grandfather from Hungary. “boum” or “boam” was often a Jewish name suffix. Somewhere the Hungarian/Jew ancestor married an English ancestor, and the result was Figgenboam.

            • Hey Rae,

              Ah yes! Thank you. The mystery is closer to being solved and another story has been told through a name 🙂 One might also speculate about the name Figgen and evolve a history in that name as well, and so on and so forth until a shortened name with a tale becomes a story writing a novel. So what is in a name? Hundreds of years worth of stories that span the globe! 🙂

              Thank you for returning, replying and sharing. Enjoy a wonderful week. Take care.

              Namaste 🙂


              • A new week has started. I have a new great-grand niece plus an easy delivery and a healthy baby and it’s only Monday! Hope your week has started off equally well.

                • Hey Rae,

                  Congratulations! 😀 I am delighted whilst you are thrilled and mum and baby deliriously happy! And both doing just fine, I hope 🙂 It’s an exciting time: even from here I can sense a sense of it all between your words.

                  Curiously I find your news in keeping with the theme of our comments and must therefore ask: What is her name? 😀

                  I chuckled a little at your phrase, ‘and it’s only Monday!’ and wondered what you might be expecting for Tuesday? Surely not more babies? 🙂

                  How would it be possible that the beginning of my week bettered your charmed Monday? 🙂 Sadly, all to predictably, my day was a normal Monday and I tethered to the coal-face for my 7.24hrs at work. It was not all woe: my view from a second floor office-block window offers a view with a panoramic sky, birds on the wing soaring, and in the far distance two wind turbines stand, tilt and turn. This view (of nature) is my never-ending theatre and today like everyday she was an opera.

                  My day also ends with you sharing news of a new-life on planet Earth…what could be better to encourage a smile to close the evening? 🙂

                  Enjoy a wonderful week! Best wishes to one and all.

                  Namaste 🙂


                    • Hey Rae,

                      Noah Grace 🙂 Really? 🙂 A very beautiful name for a 6lb warrior of light…she will be greatly moved and comforted by the sweet sentiment found in the heart of her name.

                      Dad seems to know what a tough world it is: he already loves with a father’s heart knowing protection and the deepest sense of love imaginable for his treasured child.

                      No doubt a wonderfully busy week full o joy and happiness. I trust that feeling will keep you floating for days to come. Thank you for answering the question, I am thrilled for you all 🙂

                      Take care of one and all in all ways always.

                      Namaste 🙂


  4. From the artwork to the poetic words, you do not disappoint, Dewin! The scene unfolds before our eyes with each lyrical line, and we want more by the end. You are quite the storyteller, my friend.

    • Hey CB,

      How lovely to have you stop by Christy, thank you. I trust all is well in all ways and smiles linger whenever the sun shines on our Earth 🙂

      Thank you indeed for enjoying the poem, and the story thus far, with appreciative words and enthusiasm. Hoping never to disappoint a request for more there is a second part to the poem to arrive shortly 🙂 Should you read it I hope it will leave a smile.

      I am grateful as always to receive comment from fellow storytellers, the support is gratefully acknowledged. Thank you.

      I’ll bid thee a good evening and send you best wishes for the week ahead. Take care CB from VC.

      Namaste 🙂


  5. Hey Dewin!

    Another magnificent instalment, courtesy of Jake. He’s a fabulous storyteller 🙂 Great last line, leaving your readers awaiting the next chapter with bated breath. I wonder where she’ll lead him, if he decides to follow.

    My favourite lines were, “Within her glaze lives a Bohemian’s gaze, one of open roads endless days.” It’s breath-taking and captures the essence of the gypsy-like fox.

    Looking forward to reading more. Wishing you the Brightest of Blessings 🙂

    • Hey Sammi,

      Or rather, good morning as its just 6.27am. How are you doing on this brightening Thursday?

      Thank you for comments made and enjoyment of Jake’s scrawl…he’ll be thrilled to read your kind words and inspired, I hope, to put pen to paper and press on with part 2 of this poem. Jake can’t leave himself so undecided at the end of this episode especially not after having written for your recent Saturday challenge lol 🙂 Your use of the word ‘bated’ had me smile…perhaps you know the ending to come, or not? bwahahahaha!

      Thank you for citing a line as favourite. Tied to the brevity of a word is the spirited romance of Bedouin ways and other travelling communities throughout the world, which offers a great source of inspiration. Hers is an endless wilderness of changing horizons sun-scorched sands exotic sun-sets and starry nights flaming with camp fires music dance and romance. It’s bewitching…like eating Turkish Delight lol 🙂

      Part 2 to follow shortly. I hope you’ll enjoy the conclusion to Jake’s tale 🙂 Until then I must away, take the long walk down the hill back into the real world and back to working in darkness at the coal-face of employment. I look forward to the day ending at work and chance once again to enjoy life 🙂 I trust your day will be a joy Sammi and blessed with both wonder and wonderment in ways you’d never imagined.

      Take care of you and the moggies et one and all. Have a happy day.

      Namaste 🙂


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  7. DN,


    Eloquence is imbued throughout your writing— I, personally, enjoyed how each stanza, if I may call it so, attributes certain traits to the characters unfolding the story. For example, Selene, to my eyes, is the embodiment of Aphrodite— who is ethereal and mystifying. How you described her gaze, and the choice of words, really emphasized the vastness of her beauty.

    Aside from that humble comment, I would like to say that the use of alliteration and rhymes within the text is really an elegant sweet for the tongue. I enjoyed this a lot— I cannot wait to make more time to read your other works.



  8. Hey Iker,

    Welcome to Wales 🙂

    It’s good to have you come by my friend and pen a very pleasing line or two of your own. Thank you for kind comments made and consideration of the poem – your phrase, ‘an elegant sweet for the tongue,’ is much appreciated, thank you. I’ve often wondered how accents other than my own may effect rhyme or rhythm, so thank you for reassurance.

    Selene is a Moon Goddess: one sees in her gaze what one wants to see within a mystery. She sighs, she stirs, she shimmers, she purrs. Her light ignites the deep dark heavily shadowed recesses of our imagination but her presence is fleeting, ephemeral: we only get a glimpse into the dark when she passes through the sky. She can’t be understood by rational as she has no solidity of her own: Selene is a dream intuited 🙂

    I keep making promises to myself to make time to get a contents page or something similar put together. I hope if you do return to read more it will help navigate this Blog. I’ve fingers crossed chance should prevail over the forthcoming weekend.

    Thank you again for nipping across the pond and dropping Dewin a line. Safe journey home!

    Namaste 🙂


    • Good evening Steph, 🙂

      How are you? Wonderful to have you take an evening stroll and find way to Dewin’s Inn on the Hill. What would be your tipple? 🙂

      Your comment has lifted my spirit thank you. You have a way with nice words when you softly whisper them in ink 🙂

      I’ve to dance with the devil in the pale moonlight tomorrow and your comment will inspire thank you. Keep pinkies and perkies crossed.

      I’ll wish you a pleasant evening and hope the remainder of the week brings happiness. Good luck dreaming of a cover.

      Take care of one and all.

      Namaste 🙂



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