Continuing a series of posts penned by Jake Sweeny, travelling companion to Merlin and the Fellowship, who is writing a journal of abstract observations, thoughts and reflections whilst journeying with his merry band of players ever closer to Camelot. The journeymen and accompanying animals are camping out ahead of continuing adventure: their travels momentarily delayed by rain, which has subsequently cleared to become a sparkling night with promise of a welcoming new dawn…

~ 23rd June 5 A.D ~ A troubled nights sleep I’ve awoken in the early hours of a spectacularly bright night basking in the reverie of a dream. The peace and tranquillity at this distilled hour of the night is palpable, at once both confusing in its eeriness yet equally as enchanting with opportunity for peace and quiet. It would be absolute if not for hushed whispers and snippets of conversation carried on an occasional breeze that passes across the page of my journal and leaves words in its passing…


~ The Wizard of Wands ~ Jake’s Journal ~

~ Ties ~ By ~ Jake Sweeny ~


“Upon whom does she gaze,” asked Master Scribe,

his face a flush of milky hue.

“Do you mean Selene, our heavenly Queen?”

“Well now,” said Archie, “at you.”


“At me,” said he, “why would that be?”

“She has a globe beneath her beam”

“Why smile at me there’s a universe to see,

a galaxy within which to dream?”


“Should I feel glee to be subject of her see?”

“To be illuminated enlightened enchanted?”

“I feel her eyes her balmy guise,

I feel the pull of timeless mystery.”

“I ache, I yearn, I sense my shadow burn,

I am lit within like a pyre.”

“Inside I run I hide I take flight I glide yet,

I’m entranced by her brilliant fire.”


Archie paused to ponder his cultured reply,

cast a long look up into the sky.

“Master Scribe you are reborn a master See,

with a compassionate heart knowing great sensitivity.”


“Selene she blossoms when she lovingly gazes,

when she flutters her dreamy eyes.”

 “Her entice excites her touch seeps and creeps,

then into her mind your moth flies.”


“My moth flies?” repeated the Soothsayer rhetorically.

“Is there such a thing as a Milvus Moth?”

“Why of course,” Archimedes happily enthused,

“So you may accompany the Moth of Thoth.”


“To where?” asked the Soothsayer curiously,

“And who is the Thoth in the Moth?”

“All will become clear,” said the feathered Seer,

holding a length of folded cloth.”


“From Hg,” said Archie his eyebrow raised,

“For times when one flies to the Moon.”

“For times when one dives to follow Hg,

deeper within death’s dark tomb.”


“Another feather perhaps or a flaming wand?”

“A talisman to ward off the dark?”

“Neither,” said Archie, “but a piece of thread,

tied as an anchor before you embark.”


“Ariadne once spooled out her golden silk

into the deep of a Minotaur’s heart.”

“Think upon this as Selene’s returning line,

the chord back to where you start.”


Silk sensuous to the touch formed a soft pouch,

a pocket more a sleeve to contain.

Tilting one end to tip out the tie,

tipped out a length of translucent chain.


“It’s beautiful,” gasped Master Scribe

“Each link is exquisitely engraved.”

“So light an item, so delicately fine.”

“From what is this chain made?”


“Luna-silk, “Archie replied,

“Spun by Moths of the Moon.”

“Tis what binds a changelings life

when transforming in the cocoon.”


“It ties, binds, and tethers the pupas being,

it prohibits spirit from leaving.”

“It anchors life passing thro deaths door,

and returns it back to the living”


“Luna-silk will tether your Moth,

else guide you from the dark.”

“Your feathers and wand will respond

as the Moth in you leaves its mark.”


“From raptor to Lepidoptera?” quizzed Master Scribe,

“You mean I can fly without light!”

Archie the nocturnal owl squeezed out a smile,

“Indeed,” he said, “you now have night sight.”


Artwork/Composition by Dewin Nefol


My good friends and fellow Bloggers, Ka and John suggested I include a contents list for the Wizard of Wands so that the poem may be navigated and read by chapter selection. I thought it a wonderful idea and present it as follows:


~ The Wizard Of Wands ~

Chapter 1 – Prattle – https://dewinnefol.wordpress.com/2015/10/05/prattle/

Chapter 2 – Tattle – https://dewinnefol.wordpress.com/2015/12/06/tattle-3/

Chapter 3 – Elixir Vitae – https://dewinnefol.wordpress.com/2016/02/25/aqua-vitae/

Chapter 4 – Copper Door Act 1 – Spiel, Spool, and Spell – https://dewinnefol.wordpress.com/2016/03/23/copper-door-spiel-spool-and-spell/

Chapter 4 – Copper Door Act 2 – Thread, Tread, and Weave – https://dewinnefol.wordpress.com/2016/06/11/thread-tread-and-weave/

Chapter 4 – Copper Door – Act 3 – Stitch, Stash, and Sow – https://dewinnefol.wordpress.com/2016/07/24/1383/

Chapter 5 – Act 1 – Natura Naturans – https://dewinnefol.wordpress.com/2016/12/11/natura-naturans/

Chapter 5 – Act 2 – Air and Water – https://dewinnefol.wordpress.com/2016/12/24/water-and-air/

Chapter 5 – Act 3 – Love (Part 1) – https://dewinnefol.wordpress.com/2017/02/06/love/

Chapter 5 – Act 4 – Love (Part 2) – https://dewinnefol.wordpress.com/2017/05/15/love-part-2/




15 thoughts on “Ties

    • Hey Ka,

      😀 …and brought about by the collective spirit of friendship here on WP shining in the still of your starry millpond always calm beneath a full Moon 🙂

      Thank YOU for illumination dear friend. And thank you for enjoying Jake’s listening ear and scratchy scrawl.

      A new week ahead and I imagine you’ve BIG plans: people to see, things to do, and high places to go adventuring 🙂 Take care up there!

      Namaste 🙂


  1. An excellent post… love the poem. So moving… And I like the stanza in hich you mention Selene, the goddess of moon, Ariadne and the Minotaur… Great mythological twists in your poem!. Hope you are doing well! Sending best wishes! 🙂

    • Hey Aquileana 🙂

      How are you doing? It’s always a pleasure to have you come by and say ‘hello’ 🙂 I hope life is treating you well…no doubt you are basking in glorious sunshine as summer warms to sizzle? I’m picturing azure skies, golden sandy beaches and lazy palm trees idly snoozing lulled by the melody of lapping waves.

      I’m always delighted by your visit and kind comments, thank you. You bring the full depth and breadth of your encyclopaedic knowledge with you and as a result I value your perspective and sharp eye for detail and commentary. Theseus and Ariadne, Selene and Master Scribe…both are linked by an attenuated fragile thread of poetic licence and mythological sensibility and wrapped in Luna-silk for good measure lol 🙂 Already Master Scribe is the Soothsayer adopting the guise of the Red Kite but perhaps there are adventures ahead of him that will undoubtedly require him to travel in the light of both night and day. Hg for example, as Mercury, is triple aspected in his myriad roles (thrice greatest as Hermes, Mercury, and Thoth) he is the purveyor of the magic arts, systems of writing, developments in science, and judge (Psychopompus) of the dead. Should Master Scribe ever find his storyline involved with Hg’s it would be appropriate for him to be ‘equipped’ for such a mission. Also, another meta-narrative exists in that in the opening poem, Prattle, the Buccaneer (now the Soothsayer) speaks of an intended journey to the Golden Globe. I imagine journeys to the Silvery Moon are the first stage towards fulfilling that final notion.

      Thank you for asking, I am fine at time of writing, as I hope you are? 🙂 Regards your name – when I read it I have to say it out loud after once being advised by a work colleague who has the name ‘Liana’ on how to pronounce it correctly – I recall a funny five minutes ensued as she tried to educate me in pronunciation and I tried to copy her Italian/Welsh accent with great endeavour: but failed miserably and we both succumbed instead to fits of laughter 😀

      Have a wonderful afternoon and evening. Best wishes and brightest blessings for the week ahead. Take care of one and all 🙂

      Namaste 🙂


  2. Hey Dewin, I love the imagery and mythology in this instalment. It all blends together so well.

    “To be illuminated enlightened enchanted” is a great line. Also “Spun by the Moths in the Moon”.

    The Wizard of Wands contents list is a good idea…though perhaps a page dedicated as an index might be easier for your readers to find, should they miss this post? It’s just a thought…

    Have a great Monday evening. Brightest Blessings 🙂

    • Hey SC 🙂

      My Monday is charmed by friends visiting and each bringing their own enchantment with them…your magic dust as always SC is flurried gently with deftness and generosity as is the signature of your kindly wand. Thank you for enjoyment and appreciation of Jake’s poem 🙂

      The Moon Moths fluttering away for eternity within the bright of Selene’s compelling glow…what bliss it must be for them, and how Master Scribe will enjoy her mystery safe in the knowledge that ‘lunacy’ will never take hold and trap him within her endless dream forever. Archie, who must have undoubtedly encouraged Hg’s gift, has sight beyond night, perhaps even a capacity for precognition and will offer much needed guidance on how best to accommodate new talents. Archie’s guardianship of Master Scribe is subtle and I hope affecting. He sees things from a great height and provides an education where it is most needed. 🙂

      Thank you for advice/suggestion on including a contents page. I will take your comment on-board and work on the idea further. The format of my choice of WP Template would benefit from such a device. A good call SC, thank you muchly 🙂 I am going to put the contents list as already shown at the foot of each relevant post, the index page will supersede that.

      I hope Monday was fair and kind to you Sammi and will set the minimum standard from which your week of wonder will flow. Thank you coming by yer.

      Take care of one and all.

      Namaste 🙂


  3. Hey Dewin,

    I thought I’d stop,and leave a sign
    And glad was I, at this great find
    For here I found a welcome sight
    A post I’d missed: a sheer delight
    For in these words, a smile is born
    My soul rekindled, not forlorn
    And just before I take to bed
    Your words they dance around my head

    Hope you are enjoying pleasant dreams too 😉

    • Hey Ginni 🙂

      From one night owl who treasures the solitude of ‘quiet moments’ to another who dreams in vivid shades and writes words lit by the colours of a rainbow…thank you, your poem is a never ending gift to always warm my smile, your wishes for pleasant dreams an open doorway leading to paradise. You are a Moon beam Ms. Ginni and the smile newly worn by a soul newly born always dancing before bed is dazzling! 😀

      Best wishes for miles of smiles on any day of your wondrous week ending in a ‘y’ 😀

      Namaste 🙂


  4. Beautifully written, Namaste. A brilliant combination of mythology, imagery and lovely flowing verses. I love these lines “Spun by Moths of the Moon.” “Tis what binds a changelings life when transforming in the cocoon.”

    • Hey Eugenia 🙂

      Brightening my cloudy Saturday with the radiance of kind words a Sunflower leaves a petal upon my page and smiles at a delicate line spun by the silvery light of the moon. Thank you Eugenia, it’s a pleasure to have you stop by. I hope all is well and your weekend is a riot of peace and tranquillity 🙂

      I scratched out a quick poem of sorts…something to do with having company whilst writing this post…

      I was never alone scratching out my lines,
      For a delicate Moth flew around me.
      Neither led by light nor altering its flight,
      It was a spirit with a wish to be free.
      I called and beckoned held out my hand
      Hoping this spirit would cease and land.
      But it quickened its pace made rapid haste
      and out through the door it hurriedly raced!
      I chased following its meandering course
      as it flittered fluttered bobbed weaved and stuttered
      flapping away with fast flapping furore,
      and flying on out through the open door!
      So down the stairs I stepped slipped sliding
      pursuing a moth already gliding
      quickening its crossing of the hallway floor
      quickly heading onwards towards the door!
      I leapt the last flight of seven stairs
      landing a parachute roll on the ground.
      Gathering my wits I made for the door
      certain the moth was still housebound.
      But alas the fragile milky moth was gone!
      It was simply nowhere to be found.
      I looked closer still at the frame and pane,
      and then I heard the faintest sound.
      “Be free Jake,” a gentle voice said to me.
      “Step through this last closed door.”
      “Why dilly-dally when dally might delight,
      come Jake,” said the voice, “fly in moonlight.”
      The Moth appeared on the outside pane,
      her shade a tone of crimson white.
      Standing stilled backlit by the Moon,
      she was a most enchanting sight.
      “Be free Jake,” she whispered to me.
      “Waltz with my dancing moonbeams.”
      “Be with me Jake,” she softly sighed,
      “Come be free within my dreams.”
      Thank you for company and readership…you are my favourite Tuesday Chatter 🙂 Hoping your Saturday will leave you relishing Sunday and the new week ahead. Take care in all ways always as a I always hope you do.

      Namaste 🙂


    • Hey Sue,

      How are you? 🙂 Well I trust and energised for the week ahead?

      Thank you for reading (more) from Jake’s journal and commenting with a smile. I think Jake is enjoying the experience of sharing his words 🙂

      The contents page is coming shortly! The idea to include one now was excellent: an idea I wish I had thought of but cannot take credit for. The Blog is getting long and it would help navigate it as a reader. Thank you for supporting the idea.

      Take care Sue, enjoy a cosy warm evening.

      Namaste 🙂


      • Thank you Sue 🙂 The rain will cease when its good and ready and the Sun will shine again. Nature knows best 🙂

        Have a wonderful week. Take care in all ways.

        Namaste 🙂


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