Growing Pains

I am continuing  to blog a series of short posts penned by Jake Sweeny a long standing friend of Merlin and Archie who will now be travelling with the Fellowship to Camelot. Jake is presenting small snippets of news and gossip arising on our travels,, his personal perspective and commentary on the journey, poetry, short anecdotes, and details of any random/funny moments occurring en route to our destination.

In the meantime I am taking first steps setting out writing Book 2 of The Wizard of Wands (WoW). It’s a slow start whilst I take two steps back to hit the ground running but I’m pleased to report enthusiastic endeavour and progress. Curiously, for all the careful planning and consideration of the story my first impressions with the writing would suggest the tale is taking its own course and leading where it wants to go rather than where I had intended. I am not discouraged nor impeding the flow: I will be happy if the paths being laid-down carry the story to arrive at the key moments I had planned, but if not then I suppose that is a challenge to rise to and overcome. I am comfortable following the muses lead: the story must go on.


~ The Wizard of Wands ~ Jake’s Journal ~

~ 23rd June 5 A.D ~

~ Growing Pains ~ By ~ Jake Sweeny ~


Midnight with the lost and found.

Midnight upon this ancient mound.

The witching hour, or so they say.

When cast all around abound the spellbound

And those Earthbound spellbinding.


I’ve realised our camp is on Iron-Age ground.

Set upon the grave of a Villanovan Queen.

I can hear her breathing in the womb of her tomb

When my ear in sleep listens to her dream.


It’s profound, her breathing, the sound I mean,

stirring in that she weeps.

My heart fills with her sadness and woe.

Fairly aches with dark secrets she keeps.


For the record, I am an empath.

Near clairvoyant in fact.

It’s a gift, a hindrance too.

In that I have to use tact.


 You see, I get to see, almost immediately,

what is found within a heart.

Not the intimate details you understand, more

the motion of emotion, at least in part.


For example I will know why a heart feels woe,

but not intricacies of all involved.

I get fleeting impressions vague visions passing,

clues and riddles to be solved.


It’s how I scrounge and do well trading,

my craft is hidden in the unseen shading.

Between the space to know and know too much,

in a place they call The Fading.


You’ll understand me better for having mentioned,

my naturally occurring ways.

It’s reason why I seek solace, space alone

to be with people means busy days.


However Master Scribe is a curiosity to me.

He has heart and soul that can’t be breached.

I think it wise he be blessed with this shell,

I wonder if his mind is more easily reached…


Master Scribe is sat mindfully contemplating his navel again. He calls it meditation, I call it chin-stroking over self-indulgence, but we agree to disagree, he is the Soothsayer after-all and I merely a ragman with a pen. He tells me it’s what all poets do so to open up and be receptive to inspiration and finding words. I understand little of what he calls ‘metaphysics’ (another new word he taught me), but from what he describes, a decent flagon of mead seems to do much the same thing: it slackens my shackles and the tongue of my nib and gives impetus to writing my drivel.

Master Scribe is lost in his world. His countenance: the 1000-yard stare he wears, the blissful glint in his eyes suggests he is somewhere I have no knowledge of ever being whilst sober. He’s not noticed me at all being here for the past hour. I’ve even lit a small fire and have a rabbit dripping fat on the spit to serve as cold cuts tomorrow lunchtime.

I wanted to ask his thoughts about Fair Lady Veritas: to ask what he considered to be the essential nature of truth itself. She is someone I would dearly like to meet, greet, shake hands with and sense a little of her emotional inner world. I have progressed from squalor, lived in sin, wrestled with Gods and purified my skin…yet still I feel a need to ask, ‘Lady Veritas, when did truth begin?’ Master Scribe knows the answer, but will never describe her highest virtue through and through and Merlin has never met her. Archie has far too few clues to offer and remains tight lipped with gossip anyway: he is never one for tattle.


“Ah Jake, what a pleasant surprise.”

“Why not sit and join me?”

“There’s room for two on the crest of this rise.”

“Come and see what it is I see.”


Master Scribe was relaxed blissfully vacant

in the zone ‘on the Wizard’s stay’.

“Accuracy, certainty, precision” he stated,

sounding like an echo from far away.


I relinquished my spot next to the fireside,

gave-it it up for a Scarab beetle.

I found safe ground to rest my ash

as we sat to watch a Golden Eagle.


My ash I should mention is a pipe-smoker’s term.

A bad habit I’ll never shake.

I should’ve quit long years ago,

long after my last prison break.


But hey, a fella is permitted one mild extravagance,

at worst perhaps just two

But having any more than three or four, even

a scrounger would be rotten through and through!


“Master Scribe,” said I, “see how she flies.”

“She is Queen of the skies, of all she surveys.”

“What delight! Soaring at height in searing sunlight!”

“See her polish, her glaze, her feather tips blaze!”


“Why Jake you have entered my world after-all.”

“Merlin said it would take a few days.”

“I know you have sensitivity to almost ‘see’,

that you intuit another’s inner ways.”


“He told me I was protected by Fair Lady V.”

“That I was shielded magically.”

He said, “it’s needed to protect all that you know.”

“Merlin spoke quite emphatically.”


“Master Scribe,” said I, “you are a Soothsayer now,

a depository knowing truth of every born soul.”

“No other mortal shares that knowledge with you…”

“Full access to one’s Akashic scroll.”


Master Scribe sighed more loudly than intended,

paused to let it linger in the air.

“Whilst you’ll never know what lies within,” he said,

“Your stare is a stare to lay me bare.”


“You see what is unapparent, “the Soothsayer continued,

“What is hidden to the human eye.”

“I can’t deny knowing truth weighs heavily with me,

despite having these new wings to fly.”


Said I, “the gift you bare bares no weight of Grace.”

“It is your perception that needs to change.”

“I’m not sure I know what you mean,” said Master Scribe.

“My friend,” said I, “it is all about range.”


“Range?” he asked, “do you imply reach or scope?”

“No,” I said, “I mean the end of your rope.”

“You have a duty, a task, you are sailing full mast,

but must find focus with your ‘telescope’.”


“If one adds lenticular vision to your microscopic sight,

to the truth you know and to your insight.”

“I glimpse why you are overwhelmed by a loss of light.”

“It comes with knowing a soul’s darkest night.”


“It is as you describe Jake: their vulnerability, their plight.”

“Their fears, their dreams, their circumstances, their blight.”

“I pass beyond their darkness and onwards to their light.”

“I pass through many layers to watch their soul take flight.”


“I see the truth within them, their glorious splendour,

I see their Eagle caged behind bars.”

“I see everything they have ever been.”

“Since their first day born from the stars.”


“Focus,” I said, “on the matter in hand,

on the rationale for the destined meeting.”

“You must learn quickly how best to conclude,

why any encounter requires completing


“Merlin might say ‘fashion a mind that rises!”

“He is always one for witticism and tag.”

“He means you’ve to avoid unpleasant surprises,

by flying above the silt and drag.”


“My friend, you already know the truth within,

the revelation one’s heart keeps close.”

“It is not necessary to digest the entire soul,

only differentiate where it suffers most.”


“Master Scribe you prescribe for Veritas.”

“You are subject to a higher level of truth.”

“You’ve no need to dwell on the superfluous within.”

“Focus your mind on being the sleuth.”


“Sleuth,” the Soothsayer soothed out a sigh,

“Truth,” Jake replied rather subtly.

“I only need see what must be resolved,” he said,

“not what is growing old and dusty.”


“Exactly,” I said, “I knew you’d get it!”

I added, “being Merlin’s prodigy,”

“Thank you Jake,” said the Scribe facing me.

“For providing me with insightful company.”


“And Astrology, psychology, pathology, methodology,”

He paused for a smoke on his pipe.

“Also a nip of theology, borrowed terminology, and

friendly help with a moan and gripe.”


“Merlin is a great man Master Scribe.”

“Hg is simply out of this world.”

“But don’t imagine it was easy for either of them,

when their fledgling feathers were unfurled.”


“One forgets they started out by not ever knowing.”

“Yet arose as icons of legend and fable.”

“It is a matter of perspective my winged friend.”

“You must sharpen your focus as you’re now able.”


Master Scribe was moved by our timely chat.

He sat staring through me to the other side.

Beyond the hypnotic gaze, the penetrative stare,

There was only happiness in his eyes.


“You are a good man Jake,” he said to me.

“A good man through and through.”

“With solid foundations for your charming rogue.”

“And for the emerging nature of you.”


“Your question for Lady Veritas, when did Truth begin?”

He paused leaving me waiting for something more.

“Twas when you offered up your place by the fireside,

to the Scarab Beetle on the floor.”


Photography/Artwork by Dewin Nefol




24 thoughts on “Growing Pains

  1. Some times Dewin our writing has a life of its own, so go with the flow my friend.. I so enjoyed the poetic muse of Jake and can whole heatedly empathise with his quandary on his gift of Seeing beneath the heart..
    Wishing you many happy unhindered hours of creation my friend, your artwork outstanding as is the whole of this journey you are taking with Merlin and friends..
    Blessings your way..
    Sue 🙂

  2. Hey Sue,

    How are you doing? Well I hope and enjoying the warmer weather. Thank you for stopping by and commenting – I always enjoy your perspective knowing there is often more to find or consider in the words….’beneath the heart’ being a phrase I will consider.

    Jake is an old-hand at the ‘seeing’ game who will offer sound advice to the Soothsayer on how best to manage his extraordinary gift, which he finds quite overwhelming: fair reason I think why he has sought space for himself so often over the last two days to consider all that he has become….Milvus Milvus is a complex wand to wield (what is Love, what is Truth?), and it will take time for the Scribe to align himself effectively with her power and come to understand how he may use it to best effect. In seeing truth, the Soothsayer also sees the lies that have been told, the deceptions that have taken place, the untruths that have existed within another. Perhaps it is these aspects of people he finds most difficult to deal with when he knows truth to be a better way. Jake has suggested at an experience of an earlier life living in squalor and sin and will have invaluable depth of insight to offer the Soothsayer by way of an education about the dark heart. I think they will grow to become good friends on some level over time.

    Yes indeed it is true Sue, the spirit of writing comes and goes at her leisure, seemingly favouring the pen one day then favouring chaos the next, she has her own mind, her own thoughts, and emotions and honours these as readily she does her role as muse. But she is a delight, mostly 🙂 I enjoy the roller-coaster ride and subservience to her lead and will always miss her terribly when she wanders away on a whim.

    Thank you for comment on the artwork. I’m not sure what the image was meant to convey per se – it just appeared: it is a centre to ‘something’, a place where there stands a purple hooded figure in the doorway of a circular cage held in the centre of pinks/purples and blues. I’ve no idea who the figure is or why he bears a large M on his tunic. He also feels important to me 🙂

    Thank you for your continued readership and enjoyment Sue, it’s great to have your company alongside the fellowship. I’m heading for Zzzzz, so will bid thee farewell until next time.

    Take care in all ways always. Have a great week.

    Namaste 🙂


    • Just tracked back here Dewin, and saw you had left me a reply, and a wonderful reply too.. I had not received it within my notifications.. But alot are going astray with WP recently.. Thank you, I am well and I think art often creates itself and while we may not think it is meant to be..It will come into its own BEing 🙂
      Wishing you well my friend

      • Hey Sue,

        It’s a Sunday afternoon treat to have you track back and with your usual subtle deftness gently reaffirm your initial comment…thank you for your gentle persuasion and kind friendship Sue, it means a lot to share your company, and have guiding eyes on our trail 🙂 I hope I will come to understand as you do already what the art conveys…growing pains indeed 🙂

        So pleased to hear all is well with you. I imagine this recent period of warm dry weather has seen your garden flourish in a cascade of colour. It will be a beautiful setting set just for you, each day there to take you deeper into her heart.

        Enjoy Sunday evening and of course best wishes and brightest blessings for the week ahead. Take care of one and all.

        Namaste 🙂


      • 🙂 Large smiles as I get this reply straight back.. And yes I recently shared some transformed artwork I reworked as I put it away some years ago .. Then when the time was right words also flowed.. Creation comes in through various doors, its up to us to hold the key to unlocking them. When we feel the flow and move with it.. Often then we feel more satisfied with the results.. 🙂

      • Hey Sue,

        🙂 Excellent! Then WP is improving else Merlin is working his WP magic again in mysterious ways lol 🙂

        I read the article you posted on the reworked art and found much to consider. I’ve never returned to an old piece of art with intention to finish or rework…I just start again. However, I do think art a prophetic experience in that we project into it both past and present but also aspects of the future as intention or sentiment. I don’t always fully see what is created…one cannot retain knowledge of every thought considered whilst generating a piece and sometimes that rawness is lost or obscured, or there still to be discovered. An art lecturer from my uni days once suggested putting the worked piece of art in a remote corner where it is glimpsed in the half light. If the initial energy of the painting changes or its impact on the artist alter then he argued a case to rework or start again. I don’t think it necessary to be so black and white, but I do like to linger pondering the entirety of my portfolio. Patterns emerge and in those patterns there emerges a sense of meaning, a sense of revelation.

        ‘Creation comes in through various doors, its up to us to hold the key to unlocking them’…an excellent summation and what better way is there to unlock a door if not through knowing ourselves and potentialising those aspects.

        ‘When we feel the flow and move with it.’ So, so true! If only it wasn’t so immensely difficult to disperse the gremlins and grotesques that haunt the path of creative adventure. The best ideas lie in the wildest places and one has to pioneer!

        It was Bruce Lee who said ‘be like water’ in reference to the manner and style in which we move and overcome objects or flow and fill the form of the receptacle that is our potential selves. Quantum thinking?

        Namaste 🙂


      • A wonderful response.. And Bruce Lee knew a thing or two didn’t he.. 😉
        I Had forgotten about the painting until it was among my new canvas’s and so the thought was born to create something different yet keep the essence of the rainbow angel.. I had hurriedly created in the past.
        What was more revealing to me, were the words which came to me.. So the painting to me helped trigger the thoughts..

        Your art lecturer sounded to have sound advice . Never having such a tutor I just follow instincts..
        And Quantum thinking is a whole new ball game.. 🙂 that totally interests me..
        Wishing you well my friend upon your WP travels as well as the ones that lead to help others upon theirs.
        Sue 🙂

      • Hey Sue 🙂

        How are you on this humid Tuesday evening?

        Bruce Lee was an extraordinary man, an icon for me in many ways, his films filled parts of my early youth and had me swinging broom handles in the living room, often with disastrous effects lol 🙂 Ah, heady days indeed, mum was furious! lol 🙂 In all seriousness however, Bruce remains a symbol of self-discipline, determination, practice and perfection. A Master of his art, one has to admire someone who becomes their passion in every cell of their being. There are two other icons from the days of my sporting youth who fascinated me…Ayrton Senna (Formula One) and Kendo Nagasaki from the UK wrestling arena. I had admiration for both and for different reasons but underlining their uniqueness was a common denominator: to perfect their craft, to take passion and sharpen its arrow tip to a pinpoint. Their sporting prowess, their dedicated approach, their ice-cool demeanours and professionalism was captivating for a young mind. All presented a lesson in focus, commitment and devotion to what was in their heart.

        I love that an angel returned to you and gently nudged her way into your consciousness. I also think it adorable that you retained her essence – how could it ever fade in time – and redressed her for the current time in your life. That she brought tender words softly whispered as you brought her to completion is a delightful gift I can only dream of. I think back to another relatively recent post you made, one recalling how windy weather brought a new feather to your door. Perhaps all these moments are bound together in some inextricably interwoven way and you the receiver who channel their intention through you? If so your instincts and intuition should ensure you are always kept very busy! 🙂

        My art lecturer was a Film Lecturer who had abandoned pencil and brush as he considered both a convention and couldn’t discover another way of mark making without them. He had turned to film to find and enjoy a continuation of his artistic interests and became a very renowned author on film critique. A severe man, he was a strict taskmaster and timekeeper and did no tolerate interruption in his lectures or when watching film. I imagine this was because he’d lose count of the edits and timing of scenes he’d record alongside every film watch. He suggested it made the film more pleasurable to watch, gave him deeper understanding as to the structure of the film. As for me I just enjoy entering the illusion on the silvery screen and letting it become a part of me, or vice versa, whichever it is.

        WP travels…I think you journey far wider and far further and more often than I Sue. Everywhere I go I see your smiling gravatar already in the comments section set alongside your kind, compassionate and wise words. I don’t know where you get the endless energy from to fly so far or quite what keeps you elevated for so long…there must be tricks to the flying game that only you must know? 🙂

        Quantum State, quantum thinking…I’ll leave you to follow interest to wherever it may lead. I have read so little on it but like you Sue I find it fascinating and something to explore further.

        Its lovely to see you here and delightful as ever to be left chasing the thoughts wriggling for attention between the spaces of your words. You are an artful owl my Dreamwalking friend: thank you for being so well feathered.

        Namaste 🙂


      • What a beautiful and enlightening reply dear Dewin. One that left a smile upon my lips. So in-depth are your responses my friend in ALL of your own comments you leave within WP.
        Feathers still turn up, grey ones, white ones, black ones.. and the allotment shed now has a plentiful supply.
        So the artful owl reference made me grin..
        Owls I have always loved to draw from being a child.. and I have painted one or two and given them away over the years.. I even got my Granddaughter into painting them..
        I know if we were sat beside an open fire, with mug of tea in hand, we would find much to discuss on life, living and the spaces inbetween.
        Wishing you a good day Dewin, the rains have arrived, so more time at least for knitting today and WordPress as Nature is watering the garden. 🙂
        Blessings 🙂

      • Hey Sue 🙂

        Welcome to Wednesday afternoon 🙂

        I imagine WP is as much a mirror expressing our individuality as it is a fuller reflection/commentary on the experience of being human: in some way shape or form there are endless perspectives expressing the human condition – and we each find our own means and method of self-expression as we set about the process of posting/blogging etc. I enjoy the warmth to be found sharing in the spirit of commenting and replying. Words are as precious as the thoughts and sentiment that motivated them onto the page and regardless of whether one is posting, commenting or replying our words should share truth as a common denominator to ensure trust.

        A feathered bed lies in your allotment shed,
        A bed shed by angels waltzing matilda.

        One day Sue we shall sit to sip and sup and share a tall tale or two beside the side of a wide open fire bustling with flame and good cheer. A braaivleis at the allotment, one that extends into an evening spinning yarns and spelling stories beneath the stars. A night ‘discussing life, living and the spaces inbetween’ whilst we flicker and fade like phantoms within firelight…

        Indeed, more rain! Wonderful lol 🙂 It seems I’ll be housebound for the evening but I’ll hope for a dry hour to take Charlie out for a wander (Charlie the neighbours dog). Keep fingers crossed. Meanwhile, I hope you are enjoying the chance to knit and surf happy in knowing Nature is taking care of things at the allotment for you.

        Wishing you a peaceful, restful, fruitful and rewarding evening Sue. Thank you for feathering the edges of my Blog with your owlish words. Take care of one and all, owlets included 🙂

        Namaste 🙂


      • Enjoy your walk dear Dewin.. for the sky here is darkening at this moment, so a storm brewing here..
        But I love a good old storm too.. 🙂 until next time.. 🙂

      • Thank you Sue, but I fear the clouds are thickening here also and the rain getting wetter as we chat. Charlie may have to forgo his walk.

        I also enjoy thunderstorms (when occurring outside the window of course lol) the electricity in the air is well, electric if not electrifying 🙂

        Indeed my Dreamwalking friend: until next time…

        Namaste 🙂


  3. Hi DN,
    It goes like that sometimes where the characters take their own route.. I am glad you are penning a new manuscript and here Jake takes us on quite the adventure. As for pondering the navel, that’s important work 😉 I enjoyed the tone of the overall piece and the clever phrasings. Keep writing all!

    • Hey CB,

      As I sit to reply, Shakira is bursting into life in my headphones and doing her utmost to convince me to ‘Try Everything’ (Zootopia). It is a catchy little tune as all Disney tunes are, both upbeat and full of positivity, which carries the message to get back up again when we fall and push for what we want…. ‘I won’t give up, I won’t give in, until I reach the end and then I will start again.’ It is a good song to have playing as the Fellowship embark on new adventure.

      How are you doing Christy? Well I hope and joyous in the sunshine. Thank you for calling by and commenting. I am pleased to read the idea of a new script entertains you…might that suggest we’ll be sharing your company en route to the end of our story as well? I hope so 🙂

      Navel gazing – yes indeed it is important, perhaps the single most important part of writing…everything is revealed in the chin-stroking ‘dream time’ when one follows the muse on her spiral path 🙂 Prior to writing his post here, Jake had been reading a blog featuring Stone Henge and Avebury Long-barrow and was obviously encouraged by thought to contemplate its mystery further. Avebury was/is the omphalos of the ancient world – the centre and navel of their earth-centred culture – and hence defines the context of his ‘navel gazing’ comment. In relation to the poem, Jake is ‘up-grading’, ‘growing’, and sharing his experience and wisdom with Master Scribe whilst he learns to raise his expectations else cast his vision higher. It is a mutually beneficial exercise and one I hope that will generate/establish a deep friendship and bond between Jake and The Soothsayer.

      I’ve declared myself a newbie at enjoying the writing experience and savour the enjoyment of perpetual learning whilst embarking on the story-tellers adventure. I am slowly coming to understand there is a reality to creating fictional characters: they become as close as confidants and real friends, share head-space, strive to be heard all the time, and desire nothing more than one’s complete attention. The joy is in giving in and listening to what they have to say…it is their story after-all and not mine, and I would do well to accept their advice more often and with greater confidence. But as I say I am learning, adopting new ways, adapting to new characters, and I hope advancing with a new story. Keep fingers crossed 🙂

      Thank you again for taking time to stop by CB from VC, a delight as always. I trust your feather is fluttering and you are taking advantage of the open bird-cage door and blue skies? 🙂

      Have a wonderful week. Take care in all ways always.

      Namaste 🙂


  4. Hey Dewin 🙂 Not entirely sure how it’s taken three weeks for me to find this, so I apologise. I insist you give me a nudge if such a thing should happen again lol 🙂

    I was completely enchanted by the opening verses, Dewin. It made me think of all the times I’ve visited Iron Age sites and wondered about the people in whose footsteps I was walking. Hillforts and barrows and the like are very atmospheric places. Will we get to learn more about this Queen and her dark secrets? I hope so, she’s really captured my imagination 🙂

    I especially enjoyed the prose between the verses of poetry. These lines were fluid and poetic themselves, and I relished the rhythm and rhyme to be found in the middle of a paragraph.

    It’s nice to learn more about Jake, and to be given an new perspective on the group. Being an empath certainly has its ups and downs. Looking forward to reading more.

    Wishing you the Brightest of Blessings 🙂

    • Hey Sammi,

      I wasn’t even aware of the date when this was published…the post goes on and I tend to forget about it, or rather I move on from it to the next moment: always living in the present, as folk might say 🙂 Thank you for calling by SC with your wand weaving words from an endless inky pool of pixie dust 🙂

      Hmmm, the Queen in the womb of her tomb – indeed what secrets did she take to the grave and will Jake ever reveal what he ‘senses’? Possibly. I had not considered her inclusion anything other than being a device adding atmosphere and intrigue and introducing Jake’s gifted disposition. Perhaps it is worth perusing an interest in her in the story, or perhaps hers is a story needing a tale of its own? A thought, maybe I should call her Macha and hand her character over to you to write her wild, uncompromising, unconquerable history…in verse or prose? A Saturday challenge from me to you 🙂

      Thank you for kind comments regarding the prose. Breaking from verse is quite a relief: sometimes it feels like liberation from bindings, sometimes it feels like jumping into another equally hot frying pan. It is a new form of writing for me to consider and play about with and I may do more of it throughout the story…using it to unpack density or present explanation. I think the experience here has led me to conclude that I need to expand aspects of my writing to embrace a new vocabulary and become familiar with the language of nature 🙂 I glad you enjoyed semblance of poetic content in the prose…Jake has a scratchy quill and much to learn but enjoys his journal and chance to pull a line or two from his brow. I imagine life for him as a true empath is at once perplexing, exhausting, confusing, visceral and effecting, but he is an old hand and understand his gift well enough to know how to switch it on and off. My only hope is that he teaches the Soothsayer these skills quickly and long before Master Scribe pops a blood vessel. 🙂

      Thank you for spending a small part of your Friday morning with Jake and company. I am sure they enjoyed your company and would have wished you a wonderful weekend in much the same way as I do.

      Take care of you and the moggies in all ways always. Is it a baking weekend? Mmmm

      Namaste 🙂


      • Good afternoon, Dewin. I hope Monday is full of sunshine and smiles where you are 🙂

        Sometimes it can be refreshing to switch from poetry to prose, or vice versa. It allows the mind to work in different ways. And I certainly enjoyed the mixing up of the two here.

        Challenge accepted! 😀 I will have to sit and ponder on it a while and see what comes to mind.

        It was *supposed* to be a baking weekend. I was meant to be making the cakes and dessert for a family barbeque but for once I decided to cheat and bought cakes in instead. It did not go down too well… :-\

        Wishing you the brightest blessings for the week ahead 🙂

      • Hey Sammi 🙂

        A good evening to you also, how was your day? I enjoyed the bubbly opening lines of your comment…you sound on good form despite the rebuff from family following disappointment at your apathy and disregard lol 🙂 I too would have been ashamed by your actions and had you sit out the gathering sat on the steps of shame in the garden. However, secretly, between you and I, I’d have done exactly the same thing as you did and rebuffed the rebuff by serving salt in their tea or adding a nip of Carolina Reaper (pepper sauce) to the ketchup, and then polishing off the cakes when they were unfortunately unable to do so 😀 At least you were there and delivered with cake, and that is the most important thing 🙂

        You’ve encouraged me before to write prose and consider narrative using a different form. I have been hesitant to do so thinking it best not to break form with the poem, but with that now done there has been chance to play about a little more. It is one reason why I have enjoyed your Saturday challenges of late and participated myself. As a storyteller, as a writer and poet, you have capability to do both and as I have said before I find much to learn in how you set about storytelling. Jake moves in different ways to the Soothsayer and his approach to writing is his own; perhaps he finds it easier to narrate a story rather than wax lyrical about it as a poem. I got to thinking that Jake should be a more direct character in both manner and expression than Master Scribe.

        Yah! So pleased to hear you’ll ponder Macha’s telling tale and bring to the fore her shining light for all to see! 😀 I’m excited to see what your abundant imagination brings forward and in what form the storytelling will take. Thank you for accepting the challenge with a beaming smile! I am enthused by your reaction….and I will nudge you endlessly to remind you if you fail to deliver a script bwahahahaha!

        I have WP notifications suggesting replies are needed to comments made on your Blog so I’ll wish you a wonderful late spring evening, thank you again for popping by, and say ‘au revoir’ from here…

        Namaste 🙂


  5. Hi Dewin,

    To pick up a thread from before, I’m going to wander over back to that Iron Maiden song you mentioned elsewhere and see if I can find it… more on that…
    As for this piece, it was fun to read. I like that you are enjoying the writing experiment, and allowing the muse/s to guide you. There’s something solid about the name, Jake. You know? I’m left thinking about this scarab beetle and how truth is connected to it? Am I reading that as you mean it? Wishing you a brilliant set of days, and then some more after that, and then many, many more. Watching the characters interact and seeing what they reveal to you. I really enjoyed this part:

    “You’ll understand me better for having mentioned,

    my naturally occurring ways.

    It’s reason why I seek solace, space alone

    to be with people means busy days.


    However Master Scribe is a curiosity to me.

    He has heart and soul that can’t be breached.

    I think it wise he be blessed with this shell,

    I wonder if his mind is more easily reached… ”

    Peace & Blessings,

    • Hey Ka 🙂

      You arrive at chez Dewin like a tornado leaving in your forceful wake two comments that have me breached, drilled, strapped to the chair and interrogated using a feather to tease the naked souls of my feet 🙂 lol How I enjoy our moments together Ka…I’m nervous in replying to your comments already and I’ve barely begun typing. 😀 (Only teasing….your mind is as agile as a hummingbird and you already know I admire the depth of your perspective)

      I’ll reply separately to each comment and hence will be heading to Love (Part 1) upon signing off here.

      So you approve of the name Jake: the solidity I can appreciate as well although I cannot say that dimension of his name occurred to me. Upon reflection I agree, perhaps it is due to the shortness of the name as much the low tonal sound it makes when spoken out loud. In truth I chose the name for rhyming reasons in that it rhymes easily with many useful words but cannot be abbreviated itself. In that way, I guess it is a stable name as well.

      Regards the Scarab beetle: it is mentioned for its symbolic worth in association with the Golden Eagle. The Scarab is symbolic of Birth, Death, Rebirth. The Eagle is an apex solar symbol. Jake (who has a dubious, shady background) leaves one physical situation (the fireside – symbolic with purification) to join the Soothsayer at the crest of the hill…a short journey has been made, and in so doing Jake is rewarded with an ability to ‘see what the soothsayer sees’…the golden Eagle. His vision is ‘reborn’, awoken for the period of time the Soothsayer allows him to see through his eyes.

      I decided Jake needed to write an alternate perspective on the journey, something that might add to the poem overall and offer chance to bolster the story in places where it might thin out or get to dense. I can also report on the characters in ways the story cannot and hide subplots within Jake’s diary scribbles.

      I think the Soothsayer will always be a curiosity for Jake because Master Scribe will not be undone by the sensitivities of empathetic enquiry. The Soothsayer is shielded by the virtuous spirit of Truth…it is essential to the history of all things that his akashic knowledge is never acquired and his power of penetrative gaze never stolen or wrongly appropriated. And yet, in all ways always Master Scribe has to reveal the Truth in all things and at all times, and in that way perhaps even Jake will grow to understand something more of virtuous Lady Veritas, the living truth burning in the heart of the hearth of life. I have every confidence Master Scribe and Jake will pursue a friendship and benefit mutually from the experience 🙂

      Thank you for stretching and clarifying aspects of my thinking…you do that so well so effortlessly it’s almost as if you are a natural at sifting the fine from the coarse like a panhandler in the Klondike.

      Your blessings for a brilliant set of peaceful days is entirely reciprocated and added to with a dusting of cocoa powder and a dollop of finest clotted-cream 🙂 I hope your weekend weaves a web of wondrous magic to wear the upcoming week through.

      Take care of you (all) in all ways always.

      Namaste 🙂


      • Am I really doing all this as you say? LOL. I am enjoying, nevertheless! Thank you my dear friend for your extra dollop – man – we gotta love that nature affords us this extra girth of room in the tavern booth. After, I considered break-time a necessity and opened up the stout in my fridge that was there for a couple of seasons, untouched. Indeed, it is brewed with Cocoa. You must have known or included with me in your toast! To writing, to exploration, to the witty territory of mind-stretching, twister-making, new understanding mind-expanding! I, too, have had my days sifting…. and no doubt, one is never done. Bless you dear friend. Thanks for the merriment and cheer – and one day I hope to visit Wales again and see you there! Namaste Dewin, from us to you and me to you, and – us – with it, this hearth of truth, that where a beetle sleeps, is a vision. What about Jake’s past? What have I missed dear friend in my reading? Thank you for your explanations, for your love of symbolism. Jake will help reveal the moments and share a perspective that is unique. Fine choice! Aloha!

  6. Aloha Ka 🙂

    Yes absolutely…your pure spirit is difficult to hide from and seems to be able to squeeze into smaller gaps than I leaving me no where to slip or slide into. As such I am caught in the bright light of you and illumed like a lantern 🙂 You are a calm pond always stilled amidst chaos and set down in the bosom of serenity. I find the peace, the quiet, the isolation from ‘thinking’ to embrace ‘receiving’ to be an experience I am still getting used to and like most things new to me, I relish the challenge but make a slow start to fully accommodate it. I think Monika at Symbol Reader once used the term ‘incubation period’ in reference to acquiring certainty before acceptance of something new and stilling the mind when all it wants to do is flitter in the glittering is hard work. I like the glitter and glisten of sparkly things and must curb the corvidae in me lol 🙂

    Indeed, “bottoms up Ka!” as they would say in pubs across the UK when one lifts a flagon or bottle of stout and toasts with friends. “Here’s to happiness, to health, to good fortune, to ‘writing, to exploration, to the witty territory of mind-stretching, twister-making, mind-expanding new understanding!” 🙂 Phew, I’m thirsty now.

    If ever you travel to Wales again it’d be a pleasure to meet up, chink glasses and share good company with you. I’d also delight in sharing what I know of this green and vibrant land with you and perhaps guide you to places of interest that might otherwise remain unknown. And if ever I am in your neighbourhood – not entirely sure where that is, but paths will cross as and when they should – I’ll drop you a comment and share a coffee with y’all. It would be a whole heap of fun 🙂

    You ask about Jake’s past. He has admitted to past periods living in squalor, and living in sin, and breaking out of jail. He has a past that is hidden from the reader but not hidden from the Soothsayer. There will be further revelations and further mention made to Jake’s past as the story unfolds…no doubt there will be moments that will require him to display something of the depth of himself, and times as well when as the Soothsayer suggested he will define himself as a good man through and through. Only time will tell if he proves an interesting character to write for, or how indeed he will affect and effect other characters and the storyline respectively. It is still very early days and the tale may yet twist many more times before it is laid out in words. You have sharpened my focus Ka and had me reach for the next step in my thoughts. Thank you for your sharing your magic and the gift of friendship 🙂

    As for symbols, you know all about those as you are a published poet and wholly appreciate the brevity levity and transcendent power of words: words are symbols.

    5.30am and I will be in trouble for staying up so late and chattering away. In truth I stopped halfway though replies to watch a film else I’d already be travelling with the sandman into the dreamtime. Never mind, it has been an adventurous night and the day before me is still baby fresh and ready to be enjoyed. I’ll leave you to the warmth and comfort of a cosy Saturday night and wish you brightest blessings for the week ahead.

    Take care of one and all.

    Namaste 🙂


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