Buckle Down


The carnival that constitutes the production effort for The Wizard of Wands (WoW) strolls steadily on: story blueprints are drafting, new sets’ building, novel locations being sourced and the usual hustle of wardrobe and props continues to bustle unabated. Extras and stunt doubles are scheduled and I’ve reason to hope all other logistical nightmares are catered for….but there will always be the unexpected to look forward to. Book 2 of the continuing saga is therefore underway – albeit slowly – as new story-threads are teased from the inkwell and given an airing. Despite what might sound like care and careful planning, there is a lot of flexibility built in to the system to cater for the keyboard-trolls. (I have no ‘Raven’ in feline guise to keyboard stroll and rid me of the pesky trolls.)

So whilst the production crew (that would be Dewin) presses on with the Wizard of Wands, I thought I’d try to keep the story alive by publishing a few ‘off-camera incidents’ that might otherwise go unread. I’m Jake Sweeny, general factotum and artful ‘Scrounger’, and friend to Merlin and Archie for more years than I care to remember. It’s a friendship that brings advantages and of course carries immense trust and degrees of responsibility. But their secrets are all safe with me, I’m not in the habit of mischief making nor gossip mongering, which would never do (we are like one big family) but capturing chance moments and spinning a line or two seems fair game to me. Perhaps I’ll also include idle snippets of conversations, mindful musings (and other quiet quiet thoughts) taking place amongst the stars and cast members on the set of The Wizard of Wands. I would include text and tale of the production crew as well but that would just be me and be of no real interest here.

The current ‘players,’ Master Scribe, Archie, Merlin, Hg, Snowmelt, Niblette and Scriblette, and I, have arrived at our new storyline location and are making ready to draft out the next performance. With camp preparations complete and time to kill before we break for supper, I’ve grabbed my parchment and headed out to join the team hoping to catch a ‘curious’ moment somewhere abouts.

Unknown to Merlin and the other legendary stars, I was ‘asked’ by Master Scribe to quietly ensure the first line of any new verse associated with the ‘Merlin poem’ began with words given by CB from VC who provided…‘bring on the wizardry.’

Well okay, I’ll try, but I’m no wizard! 🙂

~ 16th June 5 A.D ~ It’s dusk at the end of a thunderously wet and soggy summers day. Understandably activity in the campsite is at a rather slow ebb but with promise of a fine dry evening the fire’s are lit and warmth returns…indeed there is the gentle lull of music to sweeten our ear. As I sit to write Master Scribe has just returned from a moist ramble in the rain…


~ The Wizard Of Wands – Bloopers and Out-Takes ~

~Buckle Down ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


‘Bring on the wizardry,’ amused the Muse,

musing the moment with the amuse of her muse.

‘Sing with the melody,’ mused the amuse,

amusing the moment with the Muse amused!


His gaze stayed stalled paused stilled,

for perhaps two moments too long.

“Beautiful“ I heard a voice tenderly say,

“She sings a most beautiful song.”


“At once when seen she enters ones dream,

fluttering the flitter of friendship’s feather.”

“Her face a grace a mystical place.”

“Her companionship a partnership to treasure.”


“A Roseling is she and an absolute delight!”

“Adored by all since appearing one night,

emerging by fireside cast in hearth-light,

She’d slipped Hg’s guard to give all a fright!”


“CB is how she is affectionately known,

amongst our fine fellowship of good friends.”

“I’ve heard she travels under a different guise

when accompanying tales to telling ends.”


“I find her a mystery, beguiling perhaps,

a curiosity in purple hue.”

“Her hair raven sleek, eyes dark with mystique

and a smile to warm one through and through.”


“We’ve sat to chit and chat a bit,

else passed the time of day.”

“I’ve asked her about her travels elsewhere,

but she’s very reluctant to say.”


“A twinkle in her eye reveals a depth to her,

a dimension I’ve not yet seen.”

“Perhaps along our meandering path,

will emerge what now lies unseen?”


“Did I mention CB is trippng with us?” I wrote.

“As a new player in the troop?”

“Merlin explained it was all prearranged but,

he’d forgotten to keep us in the loop.”


Said Master Scribe,

“I’m delighted to have a new friend along,

one so creative with merry songs.”

“She a fine heroine to honour our group of six,

and help with my writing wrongs!”




Smack went the slap reeling him back

and cherrying his cheeky cheek!

Snap went the strap bracing his back

slackening his pack

tipping him into the middle of next week!


Archie muffled a laugh as he heartedly quaffed

else swallowed down a sizeable seed.

He had sunk a few maybe one or two,

He had drunk two too many with greed.


“Indeed,” said Merlin in chastising tone.

“A fine friendly flower on which to dwell.”

“But first Master Soothsayer least you forget,

the will of the Rose in your ink-well?”

“Would I dare declare your interest should care,

care for the tale still left to tell.”


“Ouch!” he said, “was that really needed?”

“To your ‘look’ I had already conceded!”

“Hmmm,” grizzled Merlin from griddle-side.

“To Fair Lady Veritas are you dutifully tied!”


“She intrigues us all,” said Master Scribe,

“She a late arrival amongst our cast.”

“Where did you say she’d journeyed from?”

“Pray tell us more about her past.”


“No,” he gruffed with definitive intent,

adding another furrow to his frown.

“You’ve no time to stand and stare my Sage,

“Verse must be written, so please buckle down!”


“It’s day 7 after leaving Copper Door,” I mused,

and we’ve all succumbed to the toll.”

“500 long miles across desert sands,

our story is more than a gentle stroll.”


“Mostly Merlin’s mood has morosely moved

to the darker side of grumpy grey.”

“Two days delayed by lashing rain,

we are way behind on our Way.”


“Hg? He had to flee some three days past,

but he should be back quite soon.”

“His long journeys out never seem to last,

moving so fast by the light of full Moon.”


“As for the Grimalkins, yes both are well.”

“Slipped away for the night I shouldn’t wonder!”

“Else stolen away you know how they stray,

following each whim with a wander.”


“And Snowmelt? Ah yes, as beautiful as ever.”

“Our Leopard never leaves our side.”

“She, always as elusive as she is ethereal,

our dear Snowmelt is not often spied.”


“But I feel her,” said Master Scribe.

“Here with her gentle grace.”

“I sense her motion, feel her pace, so soft.”

“Her paws fall but never seem to touch,

more brush the dust.

In as much,

that Snowmelt fairly floats.”


“Snowmelt,” the Scribe said quietly out loud:

perhaps as a stray thought finding air.

“How I love her… in as much,

“… because I know she’s always there!”


Photography/Artwork by Dewin Nefol


10 thoughts on “Buckle Down

    • Hey John,

      How are you doing? 🙂 Thank you for paying me a visit my friend, your readership and continued enjoyment is encouraging as ever.

      Jake Sweeny surprised us all when he suggested publishing some snippets from his journal. Reluctant at first to participate – the usual contractual obligations are binding – we conceded that it would be a good idea to keep the Blog going whilst Master Scribe collates his data and collects his thoughts. He’s been a little distant of late, still reeling from being given his Milvus Wand (Red Kite) and no doubt needing space to accommodate all that happened thus far. It is a serious business being Knight to Lady Veritas and Master Scribe for The Wizard of Wands: he needs time to reflect.

      In the meantime, I hope Jake will pen a few lines and publish his verse here. I have a pre-existing arrangement with Jake in as much that my secrets are safe between us and will never be revealed here. As for the others in the cast, Jake is sensitive to their privacy but advocates for freedom of speech in all ways 🙂

      Thank you for your support and friendship. Enjoy your Monday evening John, best wishes to one and all.

      Namaste 🙂


      • Hi, Dewin! Good to hear from you. It is Sunday evening as I write this. I thoroughly enjoy a story told in poetic form, and I believe others will too. Self-publishing is time-consuming – and then there’s the marketing – which I do very poorly. At the moment, the primary task is to continue to create, publish online, and build your following. I hope Monday is good to you, my friend!


        • Hey John,

          Ah yes indeed, Sunday eve not Monday evening after-all! It’s the time difference which addles my mind and even then there’s no apology for being a full 24 hours ahead of myself either! Ah well, such is life when it feels one is always racing ahead to make best use of time.

          Thank you for advice – always welcome to a novice keen to avoid pitfalls and trauma (lol) – so I will take heed and deliberate further. At this time, I feel better able to continue the story and expand ideas emerging from the previous story. The feather appears to be fluttering again now that recent thunderstorms have passed – and one hopes the summer will remain sunlit and gloriously bright. I shall push on with the writing. Thank you John.

          I do hope Monday is kind for both of us, mine already 2 and a bit hours old, your’s still a twinkle in Mother Nature’s eye. I’m sure you will make best use of the first day of a new week.

          Take care good friend. Enjoy Sunday evening!

          Namaste 🙂


    • Hey Eugeina,

      And you are kind and considerate with your generous comments my friend, thank you 🙂 How are you? Well I hope and blooming with the onset of summer.

      Would it were I could take credit for Jake’s work, but sadly that would be unjust. Not even Merlin knew he could turn a rhyme else knock out a few words. I had him down as being a bit ‘darkly’ rather than a tad ‘wordy’, but I stand happily corrected. He is both! 🙂 Merlin finds good use for his roguish charm and I trust Merlin’s judgement implicitly. I think it is more a case that Jake is one of those people who just exudes a mysteriously edgy disposition that some find unsettling at first. In time I shall come to know him far better and be left warmed by his friendship.

      I’ve been off-line for a couple of weeks recently and in my absence have no doubt missed a post of two, including those I enjoy reading with a coffee on your Blog. I hope to catch up as best I am able with missed posts, but certainly look forward to sharing a beverage with you soon. So, until next time we sit stir sip and tale…

      Take care in all ways always.

      Namaste 🙂


  1. Hey Dewin!!
    I know, I know…I’m so sorry. I have been mostly away from computer for the last 7 months or so. Remember me? Haha. I did read The Copper Door. Each chapter I read, I spent the day thinking in cadence, alliteration and rhyme! Such an amazing story and so well penned! I can’t imagine the commitment and fortitude such a piece would take. I wanted to comment on each one. Maybe I will. But I didn’t want another day to pass without letting you know I’ve been here all along.

    The election here, in Nov sort of threw me into a need to not be near the computer much. I keep sneaking into news feeds, and that is not good for me at the moment – only to find what I need, to call my Congress people and Senators about. But it triggers me, these horrible acts happening here, most especially what is happening to the Earth as you might imagine. I have traveled and walked and run and flown. And just stayed put some of the time on my quiet mountain.

    Your writing is astounding. I can’t wait for a copy to hold in my hand and read comfortably, turning each page in astonishment. The Copper Door is a masterpiece. It should be out there on parchment! I can imagine reading it again and again! And again!

    I have thought of you a lot over these months, happy you are writing such wonderment, missing our connection. You are important to me. Keep writing, my friend. The world needs you.

  2. Hey Mary 🙂

    It always a treat to see you here, evermore so when you’ve been away for so long. Thank you for taking time to come on over. 🙂 How are you doing? Well rested I trust, renewed by spring, bursting to bloom in summer and sufficiently distanced both physically and emotionally from the press of a pressing world so that the shimmer of your delightful nature and radiant flower can shine it on again! Do I remember you Mary…why of course I do: yours is a beautiful soul never forgotten, a friend never lost to time or distance. I don’t think we ever lose connections with good people we call friends, not when those connections were established with deliberation, honesty and favourable intention. Our connection is not severed by time or space, it remains there like a telephone line ready to be dialled into when the time is right to do so. And the time will always be right to do so.. It’s one reason why you are here now at the start of the Soothsayer’s new adventure…a friend with wisdom, and good walking boots. You know your company is most welcome good friend, I hope you’ve packed for adventuring lol 🙂

    It seems an age ago when we danced in the wilderness of a long lost weekend 🙂 The memory lingers with me, when each time the wind stirs the dragonfly wind-chime my mind follows its lace-winged melody to the edge of a sparkling pond pooling in the wilderness…a wilderness woven as a weave from the photographs you publish and the words you write with mindfulness and vision. Here I rest with the chiming dragonfly on a thin grass stem peering into the millpond whilst we sway in a love-affair with nature. It’s a mesmerising place, full of charm, enchantment and grace. It’s always so warm here, so vibrant, so full of life, Love and sunshine. No wonder you made it your home.

    I have visited several times in recent months to re-read your posts and lose myself in the images. Sometimes I sit there dreaming for so long that any thought I did have of commenting is distilled beyond words and I can’t always leave the one word ‘hypnotic’ every time I write. One day I think I will visit your neighbourhood and see how it compares to my thoughts and the impression given through your wonderful Blog. It would be a perfect destination for a weeks walking in the sunshine whilst timing away from the rat-race. Perhaps one day I shall share a tale about the time a spider and I enjoyed spending a couple of hours in each others company – she stuck to the back of my hand without moving for the entire period – during which time the name of a mountain range was given. The range of mountains was not known to me but is in New Mexico. My only known association to NM was through WP and your site. Anyway, I thought it would be opportune to follow the spiders advice and head that way at some point in the near future – I think the intention would be to ‘get lost in the wilderness’ – and perhaps also get chance to visit you or make arrangements to indulge in a ‘Walk’.

    Thank you for your kind comment, for wonderful encouragement and obvious enjoyment of the poem. Printed on parchment, now there’s a thought! It sounds an amazing idea but far to expensive for a simple ‘chapbook’ or 50p impulse buy at the Amazon checkout lol 🙂 It delights me that you have enjoyed the story so far Mary. I hope you’ll continue to find small pleasure in the rest of the story as it appears here (and/or elsewhere). Noted is the reference you make to a book copy of the story…thank you for the interest in that and the enthusiasm with which you comment. I shall attend to all things publishing when next there is a dry spell with the writing. On advice from my good friend John (above) he suggests I engage with the text and leave self-publishing on the backburner simmering. I think his suggestion is valid at this time, I am in the mood for writing more than thinking and would have to learn and invest time and energy in book production. I don’t have a lot of time spare, so decided to push on with the poem and commit to the new story: strike whilst the iron is hot, so they say. I’ve introduced two new characters to the group, one of whom Jake Sweeny penned this post, the other being ‘CB’ a Roseling. As the story is due to expand, I thought the cast should expand a little as well to accommodate the change. Jake’s writing allows reflection on backstories together with recording unseen moments, which also keeps me honest, focused and objective with writing the storyline (knowing that Jake is watching!) but with freedom to invent small sub-stories and twisting paths where needed for supporting cast…stories that could be used to assist the thrust of the main narrative itself perhaps. CB, a heroine for the story, provides a degree of balance to four male characters and three female animals, and Merlin thought it a good idea to call upon her services as the Fellowship head closer to Camelot. I think there is reason for Merlin’s suggestion, one I hope that will become clear to me in time. Having never written for a female character there will be times when I am bound to seek advice whilst I grasp at straws and thin air to delineate some aspect of her nature. Your wise input will be invaluable Mary, so please don’t be a stranger! Thank you 🙂

    ‘ I have thought of you a lot over these months…’ That is very considerate of you, very warming too, thank you Mary. I wonder why I might have taken up moments of your time? You are important to me as well, thank you, all good friends are for they share a most important space in a life…without them we are always naked before the world like a new baby without a supportive team lol 🙂 Thank you.

    You wrote, ‘…and just stayed put some of the time on my quiet mountain.’ I just had to add: there is no better place than a mountain when needing hermitage, solace, serenity, peace, space, or chance to be as close to the sky as possible. Above the tree line, above the cloud line is a brilliant place bathed in brilliant sunlight. So white, so bright, it is a homogenised wilderness undifferentiated by points of common reference save for snow, ice and the infinite sky. Stretching away before me are large paw prints, their gait suggesting a very large Snow Leopard running at pace. They lead higher climbing above the last wispy patches of fog to an outcrop of rock protruding beyond the mountains edge. The jut is set higher than my line of sight fully allows from down here but there is a silhouette cast against the azure blue that is clearly visible and very distinctive. I think it is Snowmelt waiting on me to catch up for a hug: she’s so demanding for cuddles 🙂

    I’m having a Disney day. Not watching the films per se – which are all superbly crafted – but flicking through You Tube listening to the songs, which are equally as enjoyable. As I sat to read your comment earlier this morning ‘Let it Go’ from Frozen was playing. No doubt I was singing along when I read the word mountain in your comment and reflected back on the post itself, ending as it does with Snowmelt. It would appear a synchronous moment on an undefined level, one I will ponder and leave you to muse upon before lights out.

    Thank you again for stopping by and sharing your friendship. Word Press misses you, I’ve missed you, but I know you’ve been there all along…tracking our trail through tunnels and passageways keeping an eye on things from a distance and making friends with Niblette and Scriblette long before I. It’s so good to know a good friend is only steps away.

    Until next time Mary, look after Her wilderness when and where she cannot, and take all good care of you in all ways for always and always. Hope you’re smiling! Have a wonderful weekend.

    Namaste 🙂


  3. Ah, Dewin, It would be such a pleasure to me if you should wander this way. Thank you for your wonderful response.
    I will be here often to read about adventures of these characters in lovely rhyme, attired in hiking boots indeed.
    You are a good friend, Dewin, and one of my first on WP. I think I met you through Sindy, but can’t even remember now. She really helped me get started. Showed me some of the ropes, when I got confused.

    I noticed you read my Focus post. Funny you had just written about “Let it Go” from Frozen, and my post synchronistically had much to do with letting go. 🙂

    I think striking when the iron is hot is the right thing to do. Sometimes muses leave us for a time, I have learned recently, and letting them guide us when they are here seems prudent. All the more happy for us here at WP to enjoy your presence these days.

    If and when you do come over to this side of the pond, I would recommend Colorado as well. Have you been there? The rocky cliffs above tree line on the 14,000 + ft mountains would take you closest to the sky. It’s not too far from my part of the woods. Maybe no snow leopards, but perhaps a mountain lion, bear or big horned sheep. And definitely a chance to get lost in the wilderness.

    Thanks again for your response. Always you make me smile, my friend.

    Warmth and sunshine,

  4. Hey Mary,

    Warmth and sunshine is a wonderful sign-off, thank you. How are you? How was Monday?

    Thank you for replying and for intention to stay the full course of the story until the end. It’ll be good to enjoy your company, and I’m sure you’ll get to know the rest of the cast of Wizard of Wands other than I in good time. They are a decent bunch of characters 🙂

    It was most likely Sindy who was the common denominator, she always spoke highly of you in conversation and would have encouraged a visit. Would we have met on WP in 2014/2015? I lose track of time on WP quite easily so I may be wrong. We share a love of Nature and I think that is what brings birds of the same feather together, as they say, and prevails as a basis upon which friendship grows. Thank you for your friendship.

    I did indeed ponder the Focus post for some time actually. I needed to unwind and it was perfect…it always is a good destination to head to, and that is why I stayed to get lost in it all. We don’t get sky that blue here, nor the feeling of warmth when one wonders the beautiful valleys and hills of Wales. It is also the vision of something different that is an allure, and the possibilities of escape into that alien other. Maybe it’s just my imagination magnifying wishful thinking for a change in weather, for a change in colour, and something other. I think I disappeared into the other when reflecting on the photographs of the rain drops and flew off with the Red Kite evading the peck of crows to join the hummingbird 🙂 I will visit shortly, take a walk instead of sitting to ponder and say ‘hey’ 🙂

    Colorado sounds a perfect destination, thank you for the reminder. It wasn’t the range of mountains mentioned but I think the choice is far better…more height across a larger area, I think. The three animals you list, at least two of them don’t exist here in the UK naturally. It would be exciting to appreciate any one of the three from a distance…and better still to see them in their habitat and not behind bars of a zoo. I have long considered a walking holiday – not one to cover distance or conquer mountain peaks or push personal limits – just somewhere to adventure mildly in the warm lol 🙂

    I’ve rewritten the start of the first chapter for Book 2 several times, each time condensing and distilling other ideas as they emerge from elsewhere in my mind. It’s a process much akin to drilling out a core sample and identifying the various strata that emerge, each has a story independent of the layers and yet together they are part of a whole bigger picture. I have a butterfly mind that won’t keep still nor settle easily on decisions. It adds chaos to the writing but I enjoy that as it keeps the story alive in me and the challenge always fresh.

    I’m pleased to leave you with a smile Mary…if that is true then my work here is done 🙂

    Enjoy a pleasant afternoon and evening. Keep eyes open for Eagle feathers…we don’t get many of those here…and I’ll pick it up from you whenever I am next in the neighbourhood. Perhaps we can trade? What gift could I offer for an Eagle’s feather?

    Take care good friend 🙂 Warmth and sunshine,





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