At last! Chapter 5 Act 4 of Natura Naturans is finished and posted under the title Love (Part 2). This instalment is the concluding chapter in the Wizard of Wands, Book 1.

Many months have passed since the Buccaneer first set out on his quest to acquire the One Inked Quill, and in so doing sought the companionship of Merlin the Wizard and his pet owl Archimedes to assist him along his way. Happily agreeing, the three hearty comrades set course for Camelot travelling dark and dangerous underground passages in an attempt to avoid the ever present threat of Morgana Le Faye. It was here in the tunnels that the three journeymen narrowly evaded the savagery of Darkly Sparkle and escaped from an underground waterfall. Separated during the chaos Archie, Merlin and Buccaneer were later reunited with the magical help of Mercury’s indelible ink, which lead them to safety. Now back together the three tired heroes press on once again into the darkness of twisting tunnels as they make their way steadily towards Camelot. In his hand the Buccaneer holds two luminous silver feathers belonging to Mercury. Quite why they were left still remains a mystery to be solved.

I hope you will enjoy the story…thank you for reading.


~ Chapter 5 ~

~ Natura Naturans ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~

~ Act 4 ~ Love (Part 2) ~


Lost were long hours spent walking that day

seeking tunnels dark end steeped in deep grey.

But at last they arrived upon a hewn-rock wall

spanning the width of their passageway.


Archie took a feather from the Buccaneer’s hand,

and stepped closer to investigate.

“Hmm,” said he, “tis a mystery to me,

but I’ve a theory to postulate.”


“Said wall is not all it appears to be,

but an illusion to perplex one’s plight.”

“Watch as I disappear,” Archie amused

and vanished quickly out of sight!


Moments later he reappeared,

emerging from the opposite wall.

“A pathway behind this façade of stone

heads upwards to a curious hall.”


“How did you do that,” the Buccaneer asked,

“disappear into rock and boulder?”

“It’s quite simple really,” Archie confessed,

“truth lies in the eyes of the beholder.”


“The wall and buttress never actually meet

for their join secrets a hidden seam.”

“From where we stood when first arrived

the opening is architecturally screened.”


“A hall?” enquired Merlin shouldering his bag

and following Archie’s ponderous shuffle.

Said Archie, “I saw no more as I hurried through

only signs of a silent scuffle.”


“With care,” Merlin cautioned, “until we are sure

and watch where you tread upon the floor.”

“Buccaneer do well to stay close at my side

our situation has yet to be clarified.”


More outsized room than hewn-rock hall

with haunts of dampness and fear.

Bones lay scattered amongst skittered plinths,

cobwebs spun their webby drear.


“An old Temple for ceremony,” Merlin offered,

“but I know not of what prevailed.”

“There’ll be more I’m sure yet to be seen

 when deep darkness lifts her veil.”


Two flints struck a searing spark

flaming the fuse of four candles.

In sudden bloom the swell of the room

revealed her curvaceous angles.


The Buccaneer stepped back a pace or two

aghast at the sight he saw.

Skeletons and skulls and human bones

lay fallen upon the floor.


“Six,” whispered the wise feathered Sage,

“and all from a different time.”

“Old bones flake, new bones break and

ancient bones slip away as slime.”


“Archie,” said Merlin, “what do you see

when you look up to where a ceiling would be?”

“I cannot say with all sincerity, but

this hall reaches skywards towards infinity?”


All three gazed upwards with uncertainty,

 wide eyes squinting into obscurity.

When Archie stated most emphatically,

“the ceremony has already begun.”


“What?” said his comrades simultaneously,

“what ceremony is happening concurrently?”

“Archie?” said his comrades urgently.

“Please explain what you mean exactly?”


From far lofty mount an ominous boom rung out,

sending cold shivers down their spine.

“At the base of a bottomless tidal well,” he said,

 the deepest in any Earth mine.”


“What ceremony?” pressed the frantic Buccaneer,

and grasped his two feathers tighter.

“An ill-omened hum hangs over this well,

its lament is a prelude for disaster!”


“Buccaneer!” snapped Merlin, “Get a grip!”

“Else fashion a mind that rises!”

“Archie please tell me what has now begun?”

“I have dislike for unwanted surprises.”


“Imagine a huge cylinder reaching upwards thro’ stone

at the base of which was once found a door.”

“Imagine stepping into that swelling well

to be carried upwards to something more.”


“In tall tales told in folds of old fable

we emerged from inside the Earth.”

“For a race once born into darkness and gloom

found chance to endure rebirth.”


The press of the press of the Buccaneer’s press

became evermore impressive.

“What ceremony has begun?” He anxiously asked

becoming evermore eggressive.


“The Rising,” said Archie in monotone mood,

“it started when we arrived.”

“We could make for the door but I’m really quite sure

any way out will be deprived.”


A thud behind them reaffirmed his doubt

as large doors closed sealing their doom.

From pores in the floor gushed excited streams

swirling water into their tomb.


“Folklore and tradition are without contradiction

in the telling of their fabled tale.”

“Her water either carries one’s spirit far away,

‘else one is lifted far beyond this veil.”


Darkness pressed down upon their crowns,

a chill promptly dampened the air.

Water gushed and flushed and wildly rushed

and filled the well with damp despair.


Knee-deep and desperate, dismayed and forlorn,

 when the water slowly whirled her pool.

“Vortex!” shouted Merlin, “get out of the stream

or spoil in the spin of her spool!”


“There are steps!” yelled the Buccaneer.

“Steps on the inside of the wall!”

Merlin followed his distant gaze

towards what he thought was rock-fall.


There upon tired eyes glimpsed one tiny jut

then another in sequential setting.

Around the wall small steps did crawl

 offering escape from the fateful wetting.


Archie was buoyant as he bobbed and swayed

and floated a path to the fall.

Merlin waded instead to the rocks he fled,

. with the Buccaneer in firm haul.


Three scrambled for foothold on miniscule mounts,

each step completed by fate or God’s will.

To the rush and roar of wild whirling furore

they raced the rapidly rising well.


Archie moved easily over perch-like stones,

tined talons teased a tenacious grip.

Though soon parted from their party of three

he still reached so none would slip.


Merlin’s assured stride aided his hastened ascent,

as did surefootedness and a calm demeanour.

Both were virtues the Buccaneer lacked

with his trepidation and twitchy endeavour.


Where two travellers scurried Archie hurried

and took a long view ahead.

Their slippery path plotted a perilous course

spiralling upwards into blackness and dread.


Water quickened the whirl of her watery swirl

pirouetting passed their perilous perch.

She spun she turned she twisted she spurned,

she scoured tall walls with smirch.


She thrashed she wailed she topped and tailed

she twirled gyrated and whorled.

She ripped she raced she pranced and paced,

 she pulled pushed and hurled.


“Quicker!” shouted Merlin, “She reaches with zeal,

we must move further ahead!”

“Take care across here old rocks are worn

make certain of where you tread!”


Against the rock wall facing the full fall,

the Buccaneer set down a shaky stride.

His weight shifted twisted his balance desisted

as stepping stair began to slide.


He stumbled ineptly back his balance cracked,

his reserve flaked like dry old bone.

“Merlin!” he yelled, “what on earth do I do?”

to cross these juts of crumbling stone?”


Readily applying his mass so heavily

the Buccaneer bore down on one aged stone.

As it broke away Merlin heard him say,

“what little hope is all long gone!”


Fine fortune favoured the fall of the fool

when he fell into a backward slide.

The snag of a crag slowed his drag

stabilising his foot on tunnel’s side.


“Merlin!” yelled the beleaguered Buccaneer,

“two steps have fallen away!”

“I’ll soon be thrown to become dust and bone

in the whip of her cyclonic sway!”


”Buccaneer!” screeched Archie, “focus your mind!”

“There amongst chaos a solution you’ll find!”

“Buccaneer!” howled Merlin, “steel your heart!”

“There amongst chaos you’ll hone your art!”


Tearing torrents tore their torrid tide

rampaging fast and feral and free.

Feet below the Buccaneer’s woeful roost

wild water raged rapaciously.


Closing his eyes and opening his heart

he reached for a higher stay.

 As white water rippled as dark fear rattled

his mind found a another new way.


Two steps were gone his leap was too long

to risk his fate to faith alone.

Had he had wings he would have flown,

and soared the gap between the stone.


In his moment of pride, “Eureka!” he cried,

“there is one last saving grace!”

“A bridge!” he cried, “to the other side,

a feather-bridge to span the space!”


“Maybe he’s loco,” said Archie thoughtfully,

“far too long in dry-dock repair?”

“Maybe he’s cool,” said Merlin considerately,

“but all we can do is hope and stare!”


“End to end with feather tips overlapping,

I’ll lace the barbs with my fingers.”

“They’ll reach I’m sure and both hold secure,

for they bear Him up to where he lingers!”


Without further delay thick barbs were splayed,

and woven to form wizard’s weave.

Nimble with sleight magic fingers took flight,

preening faster than he could believe!


“Quickly!” Merlin urged with eager egression,

“she’s risen another few feet!”

“Make haste Buccaneer tie firm your pleat,

make fast your task to complete your feat!”


Barely seconds to spare when feathers extended,

reaching-out across the void.

Merlin grasped and gripped the spanning quills,

as water lashed dashed destroyed.


By good measure his feathers fanned a bridge,

their thread a slender stem to tread.

“Quickly! Quickly! Hurry! Scurry!”

“Do not stop for fear or worry!”


The Buccaneer paused to polish his poise

to ensure his first step were true.

To Merlin he gazed in a wistful daze…

and then one small step became two!


By third fraught stride the feathers bowed

but held their binding bonds!

Then quill tips raked and old stone quaked,

 then barbs loosened their tangled fronds!


One wobble one wibble caught in the middle

he sunk closer to her ferocious roar!

 One quiver one shiver his voice didn’t wither

as shrieking he leapt to his mentor!.”


Water roared and raced and ravaged the quills

 tearing them apart and ripping barbs!

One moment one feather and then their were two

as he scurried over one making yards!


Merlin’s grip slipped on splitting spines

his grasp a sudden clasp on thin air!

Archie grabbed grappled grabbed again

pulling him back onto the narrow stair!


The Buccaneer’s foot landed its mark

but his momentum carried him further!

Arriving fast with no way passed

he took one giant step more upon crumbling ore…

before leaping clear of the tier!


Piercing his shoe as he lifted and flew

was one half of a silvery feather.

T’was held fast in the grasp of synthetic hide,

in a sole devoid of leather.


High over their heads like a bird he soared

with one feather giving him flight!

Into gloom he flew but then was gone, that

Buccaneer with one feather of light!




Slipping tripping flailing and wailing

Merlin harried Archie to quickly race!

When above in the gloom in a glowing bloom

appeared the Buccaneer’s radiant face!


“Oh Merlin! I flew!” he yelled, “I flew! I flew!”

“Above the flue I flew over you!”

“I flew!” he yelled, “I flew! I flew!”

“And in my flight I grew and grew!”


“From inside darkness I’ve emerged anew!”

“From out of darkness I’ve returned to you!”


“T’was more a fortuitous Fool leaping with style,

than a flight of any reliable worth!”

“But I shall credit you this,” Archie said,

”you’ve a heart of considerable girth!”


“Now quickly ahead upwards we tread

to escape her swish and swirl!”

“Buccaneer lead us clear to lofty ground

 and way out of this infernal well!”


Three hurried to climb skinny stone steps

with doom biting hard at their tails.

Higher and higher they scrambled their way

with death’s tipping hand on their scales!

~ + ~

A smear of rouge a smudge of light

a glimmer shone out from afar.

“I can’t be sure until I’ve seen some more

but it shines as bright as a star!”


Archie stared hard into the blackened haze

intent of seeing far further.

“Good Heavens!” said he, “it’s the sky above!”

And screeched to express his fervour!


“Then quickly!” yelled Merlin, “we must now flee

and escape this soggy insanity!”

“Step faster push harder reach higher!” said he,

“else we’ll drown within this misery!”


Chasing and pacing and outrunning the tide

they strived for the very next stay.

Upwards three clambered as one path meandered

to a star shining down on their way…

~ + ~

Unto last stepping stair they fled with dare,

until arriving on a wider projection.

To the lip of the ledge the Buccaneer edged

seeking sight of their next destination.


Merlin and Archie clambered from the gloom

and breathless regained their composure.

Shoulder to shoulder three travellers stood

upon the crown of one last boulder.


Their feather-light reached to illume old rock

a crag riddled with ravelling radicals.

Dry roots knotted clotted dotted and spotted

the granite with vegetable materials.


High above their eye-line bearing down

bowed vast boughs of vaster trees.

Fat twigs unending fatter branches bending

with the weight of oversized leaves.


When to their noses wafted scent of roses

bourn aloft upon soft calming breezes.

“An age in tunnels has left me nearly in pieces

I cannot tell you how much this pleases!”


Below still circled the predatory swell

her whirling well far less frantic.

Rising to still on the lip of their sill

in feather’s warm glow she was dramatic.


Calm and serene dark watered and menacing

her settling poise absorbed their light.

“Only a fool would fall ‘neath her shallow veil,

deep down she’s as dark as night.”


 “Then it is a leap of faith,” Archie declared,

“for none of us are preened for flight.”

“If my sense of second sight steers us right

we shall prevail and all be alright.”


 A gap of twelve feet separated the three

from the rock of roots before them.

When with one sudden bound the Buccaneer left ground

took flight and grasped a thick stem!


“Twice in one day, ‘tis child’s play

this flying with one feather unaided!”

“Now come don’t delay reach for this stay

or linger longer there until persuaded!”


Merlin caught the twitch in Archie’s face

as one eyebrow rose in revelation.

With his mind inclined with intuitive grace

Merlin knew it required levitation.


“I’ll give you a hand to cross,” gestured Archie,

“else you’ll never make the leap.”

“Distance is deceiving because of the height

it is more than a little steep.”


“Indeed agreed,” said Merlin,

“tuck a strong wing beneath my boot.”

“And on the count of one two three

launch me to the rocky root!”


“All being well and my bound finds ground,

you’ll be all alone to cross the swell.”

“How might you fare my dear old owl

will all with you all be well?


“Of course!” came Archie’s certain response,

“you really are an old wheeze!”

“I’ve Spring in my sight, one wing for flight,

I’ll clear the gap with ease!”


“Then so be it,” Merlin conceded,

“I shall see thee on the other side!”

“Leap swiftly grasp safely land securely,

and stay away from her grasping tide!”


He ran three steps and put down his boot

into the cupping of Archie’s wing.

With force the owl flexed feather tips and

launched Merlin as if from a sling!


His flight was short but his aim was sure,

he landed in dry rooted weaves.

And turned to watch as Archie leapt

and flew up into the leaves!


He’d slung his sling and tested his wing

before he’d leapt the void.

It pained him still but firm was his will

 when deeper conviction was employed.


Now jubilant and thriving climbing still striving

for the summit of their rooted rock peak.

So far from the floor and just meters more

before the promise of Nature’s mystique.


The Buccaneer reached down a hand

as Merlin topped the climb.

“You have to see what’s waiting here,

‘a forest born from the sublime!”


Barely had Merlin straightened to stand

or the Buccaneer turned around.

When from behind them a voice spoke out

leaving both speechless and spellbound!


“Merlin my friend! My dear artful Seer!”

“How very pleased I am to see you!”

“I thought you lost to her swirling grave,

that I was to late for your rescue!”


As the Buccaneer spun, Merlin quickly begun

walking towards the Silver Winged Flyer.

“Hermes!” He bubbled, “you silvery Mage,

and high Herald holding highflier!”


Hooded was he tall elegant and composed,

polished to a perfect shimmer.

A dress of coal black subdued blue hue,

but not the lustre of celestial glimmer.


He stood shaded by a sweep of broody leaves,

freely tumbling from a bough.

Shadows deep only failed to keep

his radiance from flaring out.


Two friends embraced as old Wizard’s do

with hearty slaps on the back as gestures.

Two friends locked eyes as great Elders do

sharing silent whispers of high adventures.


T’was Archie who interrupted the Seers greet,

who leapt a branch to land at their feet.

Said he, “how marvellous to see you Mercury

as we rise from our oubliette.”


Three Mages of Ages embraced as one

a collective with unlimited measure.

To three Sages stepped forth the Buccaneer

so four travellers might stand together?


“Hers is the hearth at the heart of every Sun.”

he heard Lord Mercury say.

“She is well my friend and the route not far

to the warmth of her homely stay.”


“I believe this is yours,” quavered the Buccaneer

holding out one silver feather.

“On the contrary Sir its ownership is yours,

gifted to you for your measure.”


“I’m Lord Mercury,” said he in quipped parlance,

“but you may call me Herm or Hg.”

He emerged from shadow in one swift stride

to the side of Merlin’s prodigy.


“My dear Sir,” said he, “you’re part of our three,

the reason why four now stand together.”

“Our every endeavour has carried you further

and closer to the treasure you’ll pleasure.”


“I have more to tell when we’ve time to dwell

but for now let us tread quickly.”

He placed one hand on the Buccaneer’s arm,

“we’re far from harm but must move carefully.”


Of curiosity indeed Herm had a familiar face

a visage the Buccaneer had seen before.

He dug deep and trawled memories recall

yet couldn’t quite find what he looked for.


He was in awe for sure of this preened demi-god,

he was lost in the throes of near bliss.

For all those years spent soulfully wandering

had somehow led him to this!


The Buccaneer stuttered his opening line

clearly overwhelmed by his companion’s shine.

“Hb,” he faltered and twinkled a smile,

“the pleasure,” he assured, “is mine.”


Merlin attempted to capture an impulsive smile,

Archie let slip a muffled wheeze.

Lord Mercury’s riposte flew sincere and true

as if sped by the lulling breeze.


“Agreed,” said he, “tis my pleasure indeed,

to meet a maverick from Merlin’s fold!”

“There was once another with your brash and verve,

whose Arthurian legend is still told.”


“Merlin speaks highly of your essential essence,

he believes in the heart of you.”

“Great things will come when time is right

until then we’ve Destiny to pursue.”


“Walk with me and we shall talk some more

en route to Copper Door.”

“I’m told you are eager in your thirst to learn

 and in your hunger to discover more.”


The Buccaneer hardly heard the Flyer’s words,

star struck was he within mystery.

He kept astride alongside his new company,

a fourth now added to travellers three.


Overhead towering trees reached for the sky

grasping for distant stars burning higher.

Upon a floor firm and sure Nature thrived oversized,

her every form a poem to inspire.


“Our path to Copper Door,” said Mercury,

“will take a long hour or two.”

“I imagine you’ll welcome this emerald seam

 after long dark days in the flue?”


“What words have I to define this dream,”

mused the Buccaneer gazing away.

“When one walks with Gods in Eden’s prayer,

what words are there to word this day?”


Mercury flashed a smile and down a path he led,

“that’s why you’re here among us,” he said.

as Scribe within our fold.”

“To Camelot we are head with intention set.

you shall score the Legend to be told.”


“One hand must write the tale just right,

must reach for words of Truth.”

“History must be etched in The Wizard of Wands,

from the quill of the Soothsayer’s sooth.”


Speechless breathless at a loss for words

the Buccaneer fell into a stumbling stride.

T’was a reassuring hand upon his arm

when Hg slowed and returned to his side.


“Do not dwell on doubt or let her deceive,

 what lies ahead is yours to believe.”

“It’s why you muse as you do and strive to achieve

ownership of Merlin’s wizardy weave.”


The Buccaneer let out a long pent up smile

a beaming gleam worn ear to ear.

“Hg,” said he, “is this fantasy reality?”

“Or am I really here?”


“As you believe the world to be,

so it is,” replied Hg.

“Now come,“ said he, “walk with me,

we should return to our esteemed company.”

~ + ~

At length their trail wound to a rock-strewn ford

straddling a brook silently running.

To either side plunged crumbling cliffs

tumbling into stream’s quiet babbling.


“We’ve time to sit beneath a press of stars

and still in the softness of their glow.”

“Buccaneer,” said Hg, “study them well,

each is a world you’ll come to know.”


Four gazed up towards Empyrean’s dark skies,

upwards and upwards into distant highs.

Higher and higher they lifted their eyes

admiring Her beauty in heavenly guise.


Venus shimmered her sallow scarlet flame,

a full Moon flushed her milky hue.

Into Her ponderous perplexity they peered

until dark clouds concealed their view.


Mercury shifted swiftly rising to rise

spearing an impossible vector into the skies!

His rapid return gave all sudden surprise!

That mercurial aviator in mercurial guise!


“Quickly!” He commanded with forceful tone

“we must take flight from cloud and chill.”

“Morgana’s carrion gather vast flocks en masse

her swarms come to take us to Hell.”


Hg wore the countenance of one born to wield

the great power of a discerning Seer.

“Never before has that audacious boar

bore such audacity to venture here!”


“She comes for the Scribe,” Merlin advised,

“for the writer of The Wizard of Wands.”

“In place of the Book she’ll take his hand

and foil the spoil of her darkly Lands.”


Merlin turned in haste to his companions three

his smile an artfully crafted mystery.

“Hg,” said he, “speed them safely away,

I’ll return to you all at first light of day.”


Archie stepped forward to voice his concern

“Merlin,” he said, “are you quite sure?”

“Yes,” he replied, “quite certain indeed,

I’ll lead them on a merry detour.”


Merlin winked at Hg in that way of Sages

ran into the forest and evaporated!

Mercury gathered the duo and abruptly stated,

“his mastery shouldn’t be underestimated..”


“Now swiftly we fly very low in the sky

to avoid detection from overhead.”

“Breathe-in as we leave out as we arrive,

‘else deceleration will spread and shred!”


“On counting three,” said Hg,

“we’ll lift away and soar!”

“On counting four,” said Mercury,

“we’ll land at Copper Door!”


Empyrean’s Moon shone her bedazzling bloom

pouring sequins upon the stream.

The Buccaneer’s count slipped slowly passed “three,”

by “four” he had arrived in a dream!

~ + ~

Merlin hastened his pace and took quicker strides

dashing with dare between trees.

Whilst in the light his foe would catch sight

of his shadow betrayed in Moon’s frieze.


The spell he had poured from his ancient vial

conjured free movement as one might please.

T’was an invisibility cloak a mirror for smoke

a wheeze to evade capture with ease!


“One dab one daub one spill of application,

one nip one sip one gill of concoction.”

“One drizzle one mizzle one dowsing of lotion,

et voila!” Said Merlin, “invisibility potion!”


In magic Merlin had entrusted his fate,

to the Craft he held so dear.

In Mercury Merlin had never have doubt,

he knew friend’s were safely clear.


He understood Hg was lightening quick

yet weight-restricted to carry two.

 T’was why he’d chosen to remain behind

and lead-away the carious crew.


And so he had waited as the circling throng,

gawked and squawked and gathered above.

A trail he’d laid giving an impression of three,

a twisting path heading away through trees.


Within hours his course traced path to the well

where her demonic pout was out.

At rooty rock’s ledge he stepped to the edge

and stared into her bottomless spout.


Her smirch and bloom had given way to gloom,

gloom had given way to despair.

Despair had sunk low to drain away

leaving bare her precipitous lair.


At rocky edge he left a choice trinket or two,

signs of a Seer having spilt baggage.

Then doubling back on a wide arcing path

he raced Aurora’s dawning passage…

~ + ~

From a hilltop nesting whilst still resting

Merlin looked down upon the babbling stream.

T’was a mount with a perch a fair mile away

affording full view without being seen.


He wanted to be certain his curtain, his tissue of lies

led the brood to drowning ends.

Would he then turn to return to his task

and the companionship of his friends.


High above had swelled whirled twirled its mass,

black ink was in turmoil and tumult.

Raven’s rose arose a rose of twisted crows

 a symphony of flurry and movement


Jet feathers swift flight,

swirling hordes no light,

when something ceased,

and a crack of bright,

amidst the gloom of doom descending!


Bursting black in bill with thorn-tipped quill

Faye’s feathered ferocity flew to slay!

Flocking mocking swarming rocketing,

black rain came with dawn of day!


Tides spilt torn edges of seething clouds

splintering the sky into a million shards.

Corvidae and pain fell again and again

pooling amass upon streams’ babbled yards.


A mass swirling and flurrying black feathers still scurrying,

scattered, gathered, strutted and stalked.

Seething sighing blood-lust flying and

carving crowing clawing when they walked.


With such a swathe of seething rage

Merlin’s set trail was quickly found.

From crest of hill Merlin chanced a smile

when amass all turned around…

as one by one they followed along

the deadly path to a wet end bound.


“Craft a draft with a dizzy dash of good luck!”

Merlin mused setting pace to Copper Door.

“Well that and knowing of tidal times,” he said,

“just to ensure and be doubly sure!”


At last fleck of the fleeing flock,

blossomed Aurora’s swollen rose.

Dew tipped prickles pulsed and rippled

as she arose in scintillating prose…

~ + ~

Had I wit to wonder when my particles returned,

long before my senses would ever glean.

Perhaps I’d have felt the pressing back out

of my light-self into labyrinthine.


The rush the thrill and still pulsating when still

as atoms found their way to form me!

I look and see as parts of me shape me beyond me

and turn to firm again as me as bones!

Oh my!


It’s perfectly true my experience was through

in less than a miraculous second.

But not my lingering recall lingering still

  of the fleshy robes of primordial schneken.


My ripple rippled for blissful hours, the rush

departed with one breath of air.

Returning from light is inexpressible delight,

 more intimate than a love affair.


Emergent as three were Archie me and Mercury

upon swollen tip of a hilltop peak.

 T’was an ancient mound intentionally crowned

with megaliths of antediluvian mystique.


Beyond all-around and far-away to my eyes

radiated the radiance of a radiant land.

At first sight so bright so light and snow-white

I shielded the shock beneath salute of one hand.


She was a parallel of coincidental correspondence,

her accordance in concordance and harmony.

A highland rising undulating and forming, still

firming towards one unified singularity


Snow-peaked, snow-laden, snow fields lay pillowed

Dreaming in homogenised reveries.

Bunkering bewildering wilderness shifted

drifted beneath a quilt of snowy seas.


To my eyes still distant in forming vision,

towards rugged peaks capped with ice.

Colossal overwhelming charismatic and charming

 flowed Nature’s presidential paradise.


“Long have I held a feeling, a sense of believing,

in a realm still taking its first breath.”

“Elemental simplicity primordial complexity

potentiality balanced precariously on the edge of death.”


T’was Hg’s line finishing my first thought

as I returned to a semblance of calm.

“Linger longer,” said he, “let new colours spill and thrill

and find way into your heart.”


Mere moments indeed when with sight improved

blindness lifted from my squinted gaze.

 At once the gleam of an undifferentiated scene

withered with my hedonistic haze.


I shivered or quivered whichever it was

at a last pulse of atomic surge.

With bio-systems intact compact and fully charged

binocular biology blinked and merged…


In that single moment of darkness whispered a breeze,

 “Traveller do not be afraid of me.”

“Walk in wonder towards Copper Door and

far deeper into Mystery.”


As my ear did hearken

to a soft voice spoken

my spell was broken!

My eyes shot open!

My fear awoken!

My breath frozen!

My senses in motion

as into my vision

a new scene was woven!

Oh my!


Candle light bloomed her soft orange glow

fair across a cavern wall!

In an undersized space less a cave more a room

I suddenly felt very small.


“”Darkness!” I blurted, “is that you who speaks?”

“It is I the Buccaneer from the mine!”

“Two encounters already since my journey began

our third now here in this shrine?”


“Hg,” I hollered, “Morgana is here for my sight!”

“No,” came the voice, “everything is alright.”

“What then,” I said, “is this tenacious tight tomb

chiselled and hewn from dark night?”


She spoke pearling words upon a silky sigh,

“my dear Buccaneer how unsettling to hear

of your flighty fear of fiery Le Faye.”

“Would you be calmed still if I were to tell

I’m not here to bedevil your stay.”


“I’m here to please or else accompany you

as companion in your dramatic play.”

“Silently we’ve been pacing and quietly waiting

and now here as your Felidae.”


“Have you noticed us at all in your lengthy trawl

treading your journey’s wearisome way?”

“Whilst remaining rather small are we unforgettable

with our patina and irresistible sway?”


“What the double toothpicks!” I suddenly protested

sensing the soft press of brushing fur!

To the floor my eyes were quickly drawn

to smudge shadow and fleeting blur.


To two emerald beams bedazzling from eyes

glistening as jewels within jade.

To the sweetest purr I have ever heard

from the sweetest Grimalkin ever made.


Upon a sumptuous throne of curvaceous stone

flowed her slinky nimble form

She was sleek with chic and feline mystique her

fur fashioned from midnight and storm.


 Lacquered swathes switched swatches with cobalt coals

lustre licked the gloss of her pelt

 Black fur with shine so exquisitely fine

my frozen heart began to melt.


I loved her way her faint sway each way rippling

as molasses from head to toe.

I loved her poise her pose her predilection

in the cut of her tail-ending mow.


I loved the elegance in the tilt of her head

in subtle waves of quivering fur.

I loved the contours of her sensuous shape

and the allure of her alluring purr.


I loved the curve of her spine and sensual face

her grace her polish her pride.

I loved her compose her blossomed black rose

her stance her strut her glide.


Her stare was a dare I could no longer bare

for want of touching one so fine.

From the first moment I caught sight of her,

I knew she was undoubtedly mine.


I approached with care whilst crouching low,

easing from shade into deep shadow.

“By what name would you travel by?” I inquisitively asked,

“might it be a name I’d know?”


“Niblette,” mewled a yowl close to my kneel

“Scriblette,” mewed another below the throne.

In the flick of my eyes between the two

they had both already flown!


“Niblette, Scriblette!” I exclaimed on a whim,

eager for glimpse of twined two!

One grimalkin was a magnificent sight,

glancing glossy two was entirely untrue!


From a splice in a crack near a neat small stack

came a voice melting chocolate and cream.

“Amber is what tells us apart,” she purred,

flashing eyes from an exotic dream.


“On my” I sighed, “you’re a bodacious sight,

 with your limpid eyes of saffron light!”

“Breathless in the beauty of two grimalkins alike,

one emerald one amber both exquisite delight!”


A shadow stirred silently upon the throne

as a black pelt parted the shade.

Seamless was she and as fluid as night

as deep within darkness she played.


She purred as a panther to encourage my hand

to reach out and caress her fur.

She teased as a tigress torn from a scene

in a dream where she never were.


Hurried to haste for my first faint touch

she sighed a long visceral purr.

Charmed and enchanted I longed so much

to know the true essence of her.


Oh my! Would a kiss ever linger quite as long

if dusted against my cheek?

Would a flame ever warm my loving heart

as did the caress of her midnight chic.


Tip to tip with both sleek and slick her fur

pressed athwart my hand.

I closed my eyes as she eased to me

with her pelt now gently fanned.


Did I first fly or was I first flown

in that one press of her to me?

More Love flowed than my heart would know

more fears left than my mind could see.


Two delicate paws barely dented my robes

as she lay one either side on each shoulder.

Into my face she was gazing her emerald blazing

when I opened my eyes to her smoulder.


This feline face with lioness grace she moved me,

stirred me turned me to spiralling bliss.

Her touch when it fell lightly upon my nose

came softly as an angel’s kiss.


My tears as they flowed sealed our embrace

‘else sweetened my heart still further.

I listed and drifted in the sweet Love of her

upon seas as light as a feather.


I lingered and lazed within her emerald eyes

drowning in jewels knowing dreams.

I floated as a mote in her languid gaze

upon Love’s glistening streams.


She nudged and nibbled as she nosed my nose

and patted my face as I petted her grace.

Our union was instant our hearts became one

 in the charm of our sweet embrace.


“Scriblette,” she purred, “come hither if you will,

come meet our charming new friend.”

“His touch is warming his heart quite endearing,

his gentle loving knows no end.”


My eye glimpsed a sudden amber flash

streak upwards from the floor.

Chancing quick glance proved pointless

before quick glimpse of a delicate paw.


At once one furry pad preceded two,

 with a third and fourth soon following.

From deep dense shade flowed a cat so fine

one cast from nights dark hollowing.


“Scriblette,” she soothed stealing my heart and

pausing my breath with her mewl.

I turned my head to face her feline form

as she slipped out for her big reveal


From her mantle ledge in soft candlelight

to my shoulder in one graceful bound.

When into my neck she nuzzled her head

I sensed the sweetest love I’d ever found.


To that shared moment would I sit and write

and find a thousand words to tell.

Of how two spirits filled my heart with Love

and my life with their Grimalkins spell.


But it’d delay still further the forthcoming end,

and the continuation of my story.

Perhaps another time shall I share a line

or else tell a tale or allegory


T’was Niblette with her verdurous eyes

who pressed for a tighter huddle.

T’was Scriblette with her adoring grace

who melted into folds of our cuddle


“Trust in us,” she appeased softly purring,

half-closing her amber eyes.

“To Copper Door we swore to lead and guide

to take you further to other highs.”


“For you sweet love arrives a moment so fine,

  a gift bestowed upon the few.”

“Tis time your heart encouraged your mind

without thought to misconstrue.”


“Asleep in one room of this ancient deep tomb

upon a soft bed of balsam and heather.”

“Lays a lady purple red in fine silken threads

adorning fuchsia and teal feathers.”


“Her burning emotion is her flawless devotion

 sharing Divine Love unconditionally.”

“Into her swollen hue is a path set out for you,

one that ends in knowing Her Supremacy.”


“Would sense of sunlight kissing tree-tops tall

turn your sight towards such Love?”

“Would knowing the Loving heights of angelic birds

inspire you to embrace your Dove?”


Niblette slipped her sweet embrace and

to the empty throne did leap.

“Buccaneer,” said she melting on cold hard stone.

“Or would you sow a crown to reap?”


“Another annexe to this tomb hides a different room,

in which is secreted the One Inked Quill.”

“Separating you from this hallowed loom

is a choice to be made with free will.”


“This feather of fable for which you yearn,

will carry the mind to unimaginable heights.”

“Far farther beyond reach of one’s dreaming spire.”

“Towards Kingship and Priestly rights.”


Niblette stretched and arched her slender form

curving to a near perfect arc.

She relaxed once again with her green eyes aflame,

and mewled, “are you ready to embark?”


“Two paths are ahead,” purred Scriblette

but upon which would you tread?”

“Might Niblette’s path bloom your Kingly flower,

‘else place a crown upon your head?”


“Might my path sweeten your compassionate heart

and flourish Love’s rising Rose?”

“Or might neither path offer the fire you desire

to empower either Love, King, or prose?”


“Love,” said I without pause or dither

“I want to hold her in my heart.”

“I want knowing of her flowing in my loving prose

her flourish to every word’s new start.”


“I want Love to seal and close each line,

To swell and pour upon my nib”

“I want her fire her desire her flaming spirit

to fill my quill and always give.”


“I want to hold to fold to mould with her

to have her burn against my mind.”

“I want to feel the sear of fusing Love

 when our hearts are first entwined.”


“I want to fall at her feet feeling wholly complete

and adored by her Loving gaze.”

“I want tears and deep stirrings and emotional outpourings

I want to drown when I give her praise.”


“Hmm,” Niblette purred, “what exquisite delight

would the flight in light of Love offer!”

“But why not explore your feelings more,

 Kingly priesthood is the better proffer?”


“Why would you not rise to fill two crowns

to embrace both virtues of equal merit?”

“Would not her Love nurture self-Sovereignty

and inspire your Kingly spirit?”


“We knew one other who passed through here

whose path was destiny bound.”

“Yet one choice had he to be made freely

to embrace pure Love or be crowned.”


“Might you recall the ancient Sage still?”

“He who hastens to be at your side?”

“Would knowing his choice instil perfect will

or else help you to further decide?”


“You have asked so little for one who seeks,”

continued Scriblette’s tender thought.

“Merlin’s choice to follow the truth in his soul

is a vow he has never forgot.”


“I am without questions, my intention is set,

to know Love is my questing end.”

“Many times have I tried my feelings to hide

but I can no longer pretend.”


“I know you both sense a hollow in me

a dark place where light has never shined.”

“Would I confess in prayer as we sit and dwell

‘tis where my heart is confined.”


In unison my audience spoke as one without flaw,

“one always finds so much more to explore,

when our drilling bore draws close to the core

 and first pierces a distant void.”


“Tis true,” I said, “I want so very much,

to know the press of Love’s tender touch.”

“To sense sweet embrace cradle me in her womb,

 with her blood spiriting my eternal bloom.”


It was Niblette leaping into my expectant arms

who proffered her purred second sight.

“A righteous choice if it were perfectly right

to forgo instating Kingship with Love’s light.”


“Hg once advanced through her hallowed Door,

chose his path after Zeus gave him wings.”

“As I recall Mercury was a miracle born

for words with spirit that sings.”


“He wears no crown or covets a throne

he is a Spirit intended to be free.”

“Psyche’s flight is his might, his adoring delight,

dispensing her quicksilver energy.”


“Merlin yields and bends to Love’s sweet call,

to share wisdom of her enchanted will.”

“Mercury crests and soars and glides and guides,

and scribes with her One-Inked Quill.”


“And so to what end might you now intend,

having shared an inner thought or two?”

“Be certain,” they purred, “ before making your pledge,

before you step far beyond the ledge.”


“Tis not by way of mindful philosophy

shall your choice be held fixed and firm.”

“Beyond virtuous belief or humble prayer,

is the answer for which you yearn.”


I knew as I grew in one supreme moment

my choice did not need amending.

“I am blessed to walk as a humble man

  with desire for life never-ending.”


“I am free within me to be as I please

when held in the arms of Love.”

“My life is worth spending relentlessly striving

with my love in Her Love above.”


“Then so be it,” mewled the Grimalkin two,

 “your oath has been solemnly made.”

“Had doubt dampened your swift reply then

your choice was not for what you prayed.”


Into shadow they slipped sliding a path

out of sight of my field of vision.

Hours seem to pass in one beat of my heart

waiting for what followed my decision”


There was no drift or shift or crack in black.

No sound no thud or sudden snap.

No groan from walls or turning racks.

No whisper from doors flung widely back!

Only piercing silence pierced my tomb,

piercing my heartbeat piercing the room.


Then with neither growl nor purr of any sense,

a mewling menace flared my attention.

Fear ignited my darkness to a dizzy haze,

a gaze with no visible foundation.



A whisper came floating from deep within shade.

“My darling,” it flowed, “do not be afraid.”

“She loves you deeply in a bond heavenly conveyed

long before your sweetness was ever made.”


Quills and fluid fur found form in my hand,

my fingers found form between fur.

She flowed like a river to her tailing end,

from the fluid tap of her queenly purr.


To my right she returned having circled me whole,

and slid her weight beneath my hand.

Her muzzle pressed, her nozzle nuzzled

nudging for embrace on demand.


Slowly kneeling though never leaving my feeling,

letting fingers rest upon her might.

When two exquisite eyes in Lapis blue hue,

twin pearls pooled in perfect night.


 Alabaster danced swirling sapphires deep beryl.

Teal teased indigo’s royal blue.

 Azure sheen sizzled ultramarine

blushing turquoise with cerulean dew.


Livid black slices pearled liquid orbs.

Jewels brushed starlight with lapis sable.

Black spheres lost in violet and jade.

Fused with fire and deep copper gable.


But, in one blink she was gone or spirited away!

Else pacing her imperious dark shrine.

 My senses raced to taste her heavy dusk scent

for touch of her irreducible feline.


“She misses you,” whispered a whispered voice,

a wafted whisper wafting to my ear.

Wafting settling lapping rasping

Soft licks groomed my Buccaneer.


“We miss you.”

“Whenever you reach for so far away.

Or stray away from your far away stay.”

“Each time you set sail on another new way.

Each moment of each and every day.

Whenever your stay is days away,

days away from your loving way.’

“Snowmelt and I, we miss you.”


Stunned, rooted was I by firm stem and stable.

Stalled still kneeling upon the floor.

Stilled still reeling with her pant still purring.

With sweet-love behind Copper Door.


Deep blue ran rings around pitted black pools

 Mourning mauve contested amethyst fire.

“Snowmelt” said I, “please, one blink more,

one glimpse more,

one chance more

for one glance more of your sapphire pyres.”


But her purr and perfume padded to fade

Folding away to slip beyond shade.

Left mindful was I anticipating next turn

A Knight waiting his felidae’s return.


Candle flame flickered on the whim of a breeze

Took flight from its tethered fuse

Light raced chased last phantoms of grey

Devouring my shrine in heliotrope hues.


Auriferous ferocity sensuously blazing.

Ignited livid light rapturously flaming!

Breathless was I my heart blissfully hazing!

Touched by Love’s Golden Heart blazing!


My soul aching with desire spilt glorious yearning!

All sense of sense seared sent burning!

Her light was so bright, her emergence quaking!

My eyes were opened as if first waking!


“Oh my Goddess!” I breathed barely breathing at all.

Powerlessly melting upon the floor.

“Oh my goodness,” I whispered my breath inhaling.

Helpless in-Love behind Copper Door.


“Oh my Love,” I grasped at last still gasping.

Still grasping reaching for words to say.

And then nevermore the sound of breathy words.

  As I died in her arms that day…

~ + ~

~ Epilogue ~


“Master Soothsayer shall we make best of where we rest?”

“This sweet nest so blessed with happiness?”

It was either Niblette or Scriblette upon the throne,

two Grimalkins were sat entwining.


Snowmelt shifted her phantom drifted,

And excluded chill at the door.

Upon the floor she calmly eased blissfully pleased

By morning’s ice-cold breeze.


Niblette flowed from her throne and padded a path,

Rippling the darker shades of the room.

Scriblette leapt from stone into my embrace,

Flashing two liquid saffron blooms.


“We wait,” she purred, “here in the shade

and perhaps learn a little more.”

“Niblette will tell of what we’ve missed

and what is still left to find in store.”


“I’m not sure of where I’ve even just been!”

“Nor even sure of where I am now!”

“It all seems a dream, a whimsical stream.”

“Like a poem plucked from the brow.”


“Mmm,” mewled Scriblette and paused.

“Was there always an evermore behind Copper Door,

one quite as exquisite as this?”

“Was there always evermore after Copper Door?”

“An evermore of quill, ink and chalice?”


“Sweet Scriblette my dear you make it so clear.”

“In this instant I really am here!”

“Master,” chirped Niblette leaping to cutch.

“There are no secrets between there and hear.”


”So neat offbeat, feet fleet with beat but so unsure?”

Soothsayer, “walk and believe to achieve.”

“Else adopt adapt advance,” she smoothed.

“Please Master we must now leave.”


“Tis your time to write with Light!”

“Cleave splice with her Feather!”

“Else pull taut her Virtuous Bow.”

“Slice never slash cut never gash.”

“Her mind your mind, one arrow.”


“For sooth’s sake walk Master Scribe.” they teased.

“Take up her tier’s new start.”

“Walk sit alongside her other winged Seers.”

“Her Masters of the Purple Plumed Art.“


By fireside huddled a small group of two.

As if a portrait in a hall of fame.

Three hours were passed since Merlin had gone.

Dawn would soon share morn’s flame.


Quintessentially calm poised and serene.

Hg was never one easily ruffled.

His gaze was glazed in fire-lapped haze.

His thoughts tempered tho’ ne’er troubled.


“Your passage through the tidal swell.”

“Is a secret to fall silent on your ears.”

“You now have sight of my Magus sleight.”

“Tis a trick I’ve been using for years!”


“What better route than take Nature’s root?”

“Far quicker delivering at Hades door.”

“I wait for her drought, head back before spout.”

“And up through the hall in well’s floor!”


“The bones are a folly at the bottom of the well.”

“Fair warning ‘beware her swell!”

“Yet still they come to chance her whirl.”

“Few leave having stories to tell.”


“I’m occasioned by lost souls seeking their way.”

“Back to the past life or light of day.”

“I’m Psychopomp,” said Hg, “it’s my bound duty.”

“As accompanying guide for the final last stay.”


“I’m heading back.” Archimedes muttered.

“To see if I catch Merlin’s sight.”

“My wing is well rested to permit short flight.”

“My quill sharp to take-up the good fight.”


“No!” Mercury insisted standing firm his ground.

“It would be a most foolish endeavour!”

His emphatic command bounded around.

“Staying right here would be clever!”


“Merlin has more than one trick up his sleeve.”

“Else he’d not have gone astray.”

“Better we wait for Dawn to come.”

“Our path far safer ‘neath light of day.”


“Quiet,” Mercury said suddenly turning.

Hearing my first step upon the floor.

Moving fast, he arrived long, long before,

I could think about one step more!


“Where in Sooth’s Tale have you been?”

His words firm splitting the air.

“One moment as I watched you quickly dissolve.”

”And the next you were no longer there!”


I was still in shock and could only stare.

Not yet fully settled in the room.

I was overcome and a little undone,

Not yet fully out of the tomb


Niblette lay bathing her feline with fire.

Scriblette splayed out to perfect her shimmer.

Flame flicked licked glossed and glistened

Two Grimalkins with a rosewood glimmer.


“Grimalkins,” said I.

“They do Love a well tendered hearth.”

“It makes their day when there’s no delay,

being first to fireside by quickest path.”


“Hg, Archie, where is Merlin if you please?”

“I will recall all but first please don’t tease.”

“Don’t tease appease my inquiring heart.”

 “With an answer if you please.”


Hg’s eye’s shone with truth in knowing.

 “All is fine Master Soothsayer,” he said.

“All’s well in the swell of the tidal well.”

“Come sit by fire with us instead.”


“But before we turn and return to friends.”

“Your Soothsayer’s ear if you please.”


“Our Rose…

Her prose only grows when your love flows.”

“Give her sweet passion tender space.”

“Observe her rule never fool her Dove”

“Until your last coup de grace.”


“My Lord Seer?”


“Master Scribe,” he said stating the law.

“Always Sooth when you write with Her feather.”

“Live the oath you swore behind Copper Door.”

“And your hearts will be as one together.”


“My Lord?”


“Her wizard’s weave!” He said wearing smile.

“She’s already penned The Wizard of Wands.”

“And will write of Camelot,” muttered Merlin.

“When a rose cried tears for sweet freedom.”


“Merlin! Hg roared ecstatically!

“My Sage! The wonderful Wizard who is!”

“Still riding beneath her Banner I see.”

“Still keeping the life that’s his!”


“Always a last line for free!” chortled Merlin

“I’d miss your muse if absent.”

“Where did you disappear to?” said Hg.

“With your sudden invisible talent.”


Mercury’s eyes softened to a friendly stare.

He’d already heard Merlin’s victory flare.

 As a message delivered from a higher Stair.

“Her well is swell, her swell all well and fair.”


“Friend it is so good to see you.”

“We’ll talk later of adventures.”


Two Sages of Ages smiled musing.

Sharing in the ways Great Seers do.

Three stood embracing as Archie cuddled.

Warming his twit between two.


Suddenly turning Merlin whirled twirled, cloak unfurled .

“Where is the Soothsaying Buccaneer?”

“Is he here?”


“Master Scribe!” sighed Merlin still swirling.

“How is our ruby Rose young wing?!”

“Shining and pearling elegant wings unfurling?”

“Transcendent in-Love never ending?


Prodigy and Sage paused for an age,

Eyes piercing the other’s knowing.

“It’s time to fly to your highest stay,

Rise the Kite showing Love’s glowing.”


“Gentlemen!” Said Merlin chuckling.

“See how he gleams when so newly preened!”

“Not perfect or polished by any standard.”

 “But I think elegant, surprisingly esteemed.”


Scriblette mewled her eyes softly drooling.

To smoulder my shoulder with dark fur.

“My sweet yours is still a shine divine!”

“More colourful with your every next purr.”


“Brothers Sisters Friends,” she softly mewled.

Glistening with the tone of her flame.

“Forevermore shall four nevermore be three.”

 “We are five as one in this game.”


“Sleek and slick and chic with thick fur,

Snowmelt now brings warmth to our six.”

“She’s our slight lissom Light phantom delight!”

“Enchanting with her tender sweet licks.”


“So six in our fellowship to flower one Rose.”

“And bind Land, Sea, Air and Above.”

“At our heart, her Rose is perfect prose.”

“And our Fire of unquenchable Love.’


“Master Scribe you are the Buccaneer no-more.”

“But now always her soothsaying Love.”

“Her Red Kite, her Eagle.

“Her Flaming guardian from above.”


“Amen,” said six as one.”


Snowmelt purred stirred lifted and stilled.

Then back to her chill on door’s sill.

She seemed so free to simply be.

But she stayed to keep us from ill-will.


Three left our quickly huddled prayer.

Returning to warm by hearth’s fire.

“Tell me,” said Hg turning back to me.

“What do you now desire?”


Staring into his knowing eyes I said.

“To walk on the surface of the Sun.”


“Hmm,” said Hg with a wry old smile,

“One day my Sage, when your journey is all done.

I’ll carry you there to the heart of the Sun.”

“And lay you down with the soul of the One.”

“Until then, you have a far higher purpose to serve,

and we have Camelot to be won.”


“My promise Hg was always to Serve.”

“To write with her rose on my quill.”

 “To flourish Her flower with Love’s arching curve.”

“With Her verve cresting every word’s thrill.”


“Indeed agreed,” said Hg.

“Go weave her loving spell.”

“Write a Truth to last for all time.”

“A Legend always to tell.”


“She held me,” I said with my eyes misting.

 “For a moment as the King I was.”

“The man-child conceived in a womb of Love,

birthed cherished and cradled, because.


“Fly swiftly to my arms Willy Wagtail” She hummed.

“Come child clutch at my breast.”

“Weep with me Willy Wagtail,” She sighed.

“Sleep next to me again.” She begged.


“Surrender in my Love child,

come bathe deeply in my spring.”

“Come suckle from my fountain child,

As once you did a King.”


“My darling why did you ever leave?”

“To quest when I was always here.”

“For you my dear sweet Seer.”

“My sweet sired Sire.”

“You were always my desire.”


“Where did you wander to be better nourished?”

“What dreams encouraged you to go?”

“Why did you wonder when so cherished?”

“Why ever leave the one who loved so?”


“But look!”

“My child now a Knight in-Love how fine!”

“In-Love again for the very first time.”

“Fluttering his buck eyes to fawn in mine.”

 “His Sun now grown a Stag in time.”


“Antlers and feathers are seeds in my care.”

“Both gifted for my son’s new journey.”

“Fan your flare where antlers dare.”

“Hold high your head my Sun, be worthy.”


“Your future now carries gravitas.”

“Romancing Fair Lady Veritas.”

“As Knight and Chaperone.”

“You will yield to Fair Lady Veritas.”

  “Be Sooth for Her veritable Throne.”


“Her will will will your will and spool your spell.”

“She will always define your measure.”

“Her will will will your will and fill your quill,

“With Love in your Soothsayer’s feather.”


“Come,” said Hg, “pray silently with me.”

“Pray for the Heart of our eternal red Rose.”

“Her Love arose a rose blossoming eternally.”

“Adored by her Sun each new day.”


Hg and I stood for a quiet time each reflecting,

Stilled in thought dynamically connecting.

Far beyond beyond I was cut from my tethering.

Dissolving revolving evolving bettering

Centring, dithering, entering, surrendering

Feathering, tempering, treasuring, and rendering

Coloured in the bliss of Love.


“My Lady, amen” said I sated by prayer,

now flowing in a rush of showing.

Showing still growing, crowning and flowering

glowing with the gnosis of knowing.


“So where exactly have you been then?”

Five faces finally had to ask as one.

“Far beyond here without you.” I led.

“Romancing the Grail,” Hg said.


“For you Soothsayer a gift,” he continued.

“This is now yours to firmly wield.”

“Keep her Love always warm in your heart.”

“Keep Lady Rose upon your shield.”


He handed me a fabric sleeve.

Two knots in length maybe three.

“What is this cloth with lilac wispy weave?”

“Embossed with strange heraldry?”


“Delivery livery,” clipped Merlin’s frippery.

“Rose cloth veined with heather.”

“Her will will be done, not if or whenever.”

“But done when you Sooth this feather.”


My gaze fell upon the sacred form I held,

traced its size and unexplored dimension.

I sat to sit under the sudden weight of it,

with anticipation focusing my attention.


Small folds opened further layers slipped away,

until a wrap of scorching red satin.

“Amor Vincit Omnia,” I read out loud,

elegant words sown in Latin.


Sumptuous to the touch her satin smouldered,

Folded peeled to reveal her feather.

She was so bright, so delicately light,

my hand began to quiver.


“Behold, Milvus Milvus,” Hg confided,

“The most gracious of all Accipitridae.”

“Resplendent in flight she is never misguided,

Her Love always leads your way.”


Through tears all my fears took sudden flight,

my heart swelled and spilled its pleasure.

Now bent to the floor was this far, far more.

More treasure than I could ever measure.


Her Feather, a dream, she was supreme.

A plume of immaculate conception.

Without exception she was sculptured perfection,

Her Quill the will of loving creation.


Impelled to hold her, I withdrew her length,

 and into my hand did slide.

I fell instantly dreaming far beyond the room,

but remained still by the fireside.


Trimmed at her tip by a jet of night,

She burned on a spine of rosewood.

Brilliant in white she radiated might,

Shone the Sword of my Knighthood.


One moment when with new wings unfurling.

I left the Earth with my head still swirling!

I was lifted and rising when I was suddenly flying!

Soon soaring without trying!

Ascending skies extending unending.

Racing the light of a rosy red dawn.


I couldn’t stand or cease from kneeling.

In bliss was I with unbounded feeling.

Falling through skies with my wings burning,

turning discerning yearning with resplendent fire!


“Soothsayer,” said Merlin with calm melody

his voice a lull to ground me.

“You’ve flight whenever she wishes to be free.”

“Her Love is a sky always gifted to thee.”


“Fly on your way like an Eagle!” mused Archie,

stealing last lines unto the end.

“Indeed, agreed,” declared Merlin.

“What finer words could be penn’d?”


“Quos amor verus tenuit, tenebit,”

I fluttered, flittering a Soothsayer’s knowing words.

“Amor meus amplior quam verba est,”

I flourished, flying away with a flock of birds…

~~~~~ + ~~~~~

Quos amor verus tenuit, tenebit – True love will hold on to those whom it has held.

Amor meus amplior quam verba est, – My love is more than words.

Photography/Artwork by Dewin Nefol


Authors Note: I have thoroughly enjoyed writing and sharing my tale of long ago and hope that the writing journey will continue. A huge thank you from me, Merlin and Archie to everyone who has shared my story and walked alongside the Buccaneer en route to each new chapter. We would not have got there without your kindness and friendship. So it’s a BIG thank you from me, and a BIG thank you from them as well. Thank you.


19 thoughts on “LOVE (PART 2)

  1. Hey John,

    Great to have you pass by and leave a line to inspire a smile. Thank you for your comment and generous enthusiasm.

    I am uncertain how I feel getting to the ‘end’ of this story. I thought there would be a sense of growing relief or release from something, but I feel nothing of that, nor any deeper sense of accomplishment or achievement. Perhaps I had already moved on in my thinking long before the artwork was completed and the last chapter published here. It is what it is, and I am more than pleased with most of it. If I consider publishing there is still small work to be done tidying up the grammar and maybe rewriting the odd stanza or two. Something to consider for the near future perhaps. I’d certainly like to see it dressed in a jacket and tucked away on my bookshelf for posterity.

    Thank you once again for visiting John and bringing a little Canadian warmth and sunshine with you. Hoping all is well your side of the puddle. I’ll catch up soon.

    Until then, take care and enjoy the remainder of your week.



  2. Hey Dewin,

    Congratulations, my friend, on completing such an epic. This poetic tale of yours is truly magnificent. It deserves to be published and you deserve to have it published 🙂 The imagery you have conjured out of words, the sense of adventure you have captured and the exploration of the mysteries you have woven…the journey has been outstanding, breathtaking and imaginative. I have enjoyed reading it from beginning to end. Thank you for sharing it. Naturally, I was pleased to read in the introduction that this is the first book in the series. The Wizard of Wands is a great title 🙂

    Wishing you the brightest of blessings, and well done, again! 🙂

  3. Hey Sammi,

    Well now, you have been extraordinarily kind and generous with your comment here, and I’m not quite sure the work deserves such praise, but it is very warming and most inspiring to receive it. Thank you 😀

    This epic poem has been a real labour of love from beginning to end and at times very enjoyable to write. There have also been lows when words didn’t flow and ideas weren’t forthcoming, and times when Merlin went absent for a spell, like Wizards seem to do from time to time, which left me reaching every which way in a bid to maintain momentum. (I have no idea where Merlin went 🙂 ) This is my first proper experience of writing anything substantial and in truth I had not anticipated the full extent of the personal journey involved in writing, but now on the other side of having completed something to be reasonably proud of I am much better placed knowing what to expect in the immediate future and moving onwards with the next Book with a sense of renewed confidence. I hope I shall be able to refine, or newly define, my approach to writing and perhaps accommodate a more structured approach without losing me to process and taking away the impulsiveness of the moment. The Wizard of Wands never did had a story blue-print outside of my imagination and for all intents-and-purposes was hand hewn from solid rock, written one stanza after an other with direction given by Merlin, Archie, or Hg. How they enjoy their Alchemy of words! 🙂

    I’ve always said I’d like to know what it feels like to be published and will pursue that idea to its rightful conclusion. I think it is something that I should do and will attend to when grey clouds lift and the sun shines again.

    I wondered if the last stanza should be left to stand as it is, or whether it needs translation? Latin isn’t everyone’s favourite cup of tea, and perhaps without translation the last stanza offers no conclusion. So for those that would like to know…

    “Quos amor verus tenuit, tenebit,” – “True love will hold on to those whom it has held”

    “Amor meus amplior quam verba est,” – “My love is more than words”

    Thank you also for approval of the title. I recall a brief discussion I had with you on your Blog about choosing a title and whether one waits until the end of the story or writes the story from a title. For this poem, I did the latter, which is a departure for me but allowed scope for the story to become itself without constriction or limit. I also felt it suited the Buccaneer whose journey to acquiring the One Inked Quill is still taking shape: Presently he holds a new Wand, Milvus Milvus, The Red Kite, to be used for the next Book, and after that, well, who knows what other feathers may come his way through either magic, enchantment or plain old hard work. Only time will tell.

    Well Sammi, I had best go get the evening started before it disappears into the night and wakes for another new day in the morning. Very grateful indeed to have you visit, share your thoughts and leave a dizzy dash of encouragement to press on with the next Book. Thank you for your friendship Sammi and the supportive companionship you have shown all along to the wayward Buccaneer. 🙂

    I trust all is well with you and the moggies. I popped by last night to take a wee peek at your Blog and as always found a few gems shining in a seam of gold. Wonderful, thank you.

    Until next time my friend, take care in all ways for always and always.

    Namaste 🙂


    • Hey Dewin,

      Your epic saga very much deserves all the praise it gets. 🙂 One can sense the poem is / was a labour of love as it is being read. I’m so pleased to read that you aim to publish it, whenever that may be, whenever the time is right 🙂

      I think you did the right thing, adding the translation of the Latin at the end, just to ensure all who come to read your poem can understand clearly what you want them to know, without disrupting its fluidity. That final stanza certainly makes the perfect ending for book 1 🙂

      The Red Kite is a great name for a wand. 🙂 Such beautifully majestic birds. Only this past weekend I sat on the edge of an escarpment and watched as a number of them glided through the air over the vale below. It was thoroughly enchanting and offered much in terms of inspiration.

      Wishing you the Brightest of Blessings 🙂

      • Hey Sammi,

        Thank you for kind and thoughtful words and your consideration of the text…I value your input and artful eye as always. Thank you 🙂

        Red Kite’s, yes indeed, they are fabulous birds and a sight to behold when soaring, circling, rising or descending, they are imperious stately birds and guardians of the skyways. I love their flashing red and burnt umber dress and the way the wing feathers contrast so dramatically with their white and black colouring. An exceptionally beautiful bird. Your weekend escaping to an escarpment sounds a wonderful experience that must have left you inspired if not in awe of nature’s ways. She is majestic. The Red Kite is arguably the national bird of Wales (unofficially) and has been returned from near extinction to breeding pairs in the 1000’s. The heroic conservation of Red Kites in and across Wales has served to bolster the numbers across the UK…Welsh birds having been used to expand stock elsewhere. There are several great places to view these birds in Wales, including a Feeding Station and accessible hides in areas West of the Brecon Beacons. I am hoping to visit there later in the year.

        Thank you stopping by Sammi and leaving kind comments with smiles 🙂

        Namaste 🙂


  4. What a lovely surprise to come across your poetry – and with Merlin as one of the subjects (my first crush, as far as wizards go).
    I loved your story, the poetry was wonderful, and I sincerely hope you’ll publish this one day – or even sooner? 🙂

  5. Hey Katy,

    How wonderful to be visited by an enchanting Owl with a fondness for Merlin and the kindness to share generous words and praise. Thank you! I am delighted by your comment and very pleased indeed to hear you have enjoyed the story thus far. Archimedes will be most interested by your visit…indeed I think I saw him fly off a little while ago to go see your Blog site. I await his imminent return.

    I think Merlin is everyone’s favourite Wizard at heart don’t you? I first encountered him in a Disney Bedtime Story Book when I was aged 5…a book that I still have and treasure…and recall being mesmerised by his eccentricity and bumbling. That his character was presented as a story extended from The Sword in the Stone only added to his charm and intrigue. I was always more interested, nay intrigued by Merlin than I was Arthur and that sentiment has quietly lived on inside of me ever since: such is the power of enchantment and the influence of Magic on a young imagination that refuses to give in to reality 🙂

    I have intention to publish the entire poem (about 5000 lines in all) and will be seeking a little time away from work shortly to get things organised and moving in the right direction. There is still a bit of work to be done to get the poem ready for print and I shall be attending to this before making further enquiries. I may rewrite the odd stanza here and there and will look again at the artwork, including creation of a cover image and title graphics. It is a labour of love from beginning to end and a journey of self-discovery to boot and I have much to learn by experiencing the process.

    I hope you shall return again in the future Katy and find enjoyment in what is posted. Thank you for sharing your company on this unnervingly quiet night and for bringing your Owlish ways with you. There is an Owl who returns occasionally to a hazel tree next to my flat, they haven’t been there for a week or so, but curiously I hear them hooting now as I sit and reply to your comment. Perhaps the Owl already knew you were here? Now there’s a magical thought to take into the small hours of Thursday morning with you…

    Thank you for your visit Katy, it’s been a pleasure.

    Enjoy the remainder of the week and take care in all ways always.

    Namaste 🙂


  6. Hey Engenia,

    Tis a delight indeed to have you visit, comment with kindness, and plant a sunflower upon my page…one of my favourite blooms., thank you. Did you know in the language of Hanakotoba, the sunflower is presented as a 3rd Anniversary flower: their open faces symbolizing the sun itself, conveying warmth and happiness, adoration and longevity?

    You’ve been very generous with your comment Eugenia and I feel a little a guilty about taking all the credit when it was actually Merlin who assisted with the text and provided the necessary inspiration. Merlin would grant me the first line and closing word for each stanza, and I just had to fill in the blanks (under supervision of Archie of course.) It was very much a joint effort from beginning to end and I the fortunate recipient of their prognosticating ways. I hope they will always remain with me 🙂

    There is also the added benefit of having the entire English language at my (and Merlin’s) disposal, which allows great flexibility and movement in rhyme, rhythm, context and content. English is a very rich and vibrant language comprising 171,476 words in current use, 47,156 obsolete words, and approximately 9,500 derivative words. As such one is never really lost for words but more spoilt for choice. The name Merlin receives two entries in the Oxford English dictionary….either a small dark falcon that hunts small birds or (in Arthurian legend) a magician who aided and supported King Arthur. Whilst i cannot verbalise my meaning, I like the correlation between these two

    As to Merlin…he has been a growing presence in my life ever since arriving in Wales some 12 years ago. Here is where I am charmed and enchanted by the many ancient myths and legends emanating from folklore and the oral tradition of storytelling. Wales is steeped in history, tradition and magic and one cannot help but surrender to its calling and dive into its perpetual mystery.

    Thank you once again for stopping by Eugenia and enjoying the story. Your readership is most welcome.

    I trust you are enjoying a prosperous, pleasant, purposeful and pleasurable weekend. Take care in all ways always.

    Namaste 🙂


    • Hey Ka,

      Lovely to have you stroll by and drop a little petal on the page. Thank you for your warm comment and kind felicitations. I’ll make sure your laudation is passed on to Merlin and Archie, Hg, Niblette, Scriblette, and Snowmelt who has just this second slipped out the door to venture on some secret mission all of her own.

      In an ignorant world knowing of bitterness, despair, chaos, lies, fear, and division, it’s very reassuring to have friends in the highest places who actually understand what Love is.

      I hope your tough and difficult week ends on a high note with you back flying high again amongst the stars where Love is eternal and Peace never-ending. Have a wonderful weekend.

      Take care Ka in all ways always.

      Namaste 🙂


  7. I arrive at Last Dewin..
    Loved this very from the very first verse. And ingenious is the wall.
    ” Truth lies in the eyes of the beholder”
    A secret seam, and a wise Merlin from the off, to keep all safe.
    I had to smile as one line brought memories of a famous TV clip of the two Ronnie’s to mind.. As the flint lit the fuse of four candles. 🙂
    And interesting muse on the state of bones, from different times..
    The ceremony with had begun with loud boom.. Now this verse really spoke..

    “In tall tales told in folds of old fable

    we emerged from inside the Earth.”

    “For a race once born into darkness and gloom

    found chance to endure rebirth.”

    The section about the water rising, carrying one’s spirit or beyond this veil..Clever.
    Thank goodness for steps! ( we all take one at a time)
    This was a very exciting masterpiece of drama as one could see them slipping and sliding, losing their balance as water gushed and rose..

    “As white water rippled as dark fear rattled

    his mind found a another new way.”

    Thank goodness too for feathers in our life.. 🙂
    And oh to fly!! High..

    “From inside darkness I’ve emerged anew!”

    “From out of darkness I’ve returned to you!”

    Leaps of Faith!!

    So pleased Hermes! Turned up again too.. 🙂

    “Do not dwell on doubt or let her deceive,

    what lies ahead is yours to believe.”

    So so true..

    “My eyes shot open!

    My fear awoken!

    My breath frozen!

    My senses in motion

    as into my vision

    a new scene was woven!

    Oh my!”
    Oh My indeed…. 🙂

    “Niblette, Scriblette!” I loved your description of them

    “I am without questions, my intention is set,

    to know Love is my questing end.”

    This was indeed a most wonderful story from beginning to end.

    “Romancing the Grail,” . In all its parts.


    Brilliant.. JUST BRILLIANT xx 🙂

    Blessings and long may your Stories continue.. and I echo another here.. and you really must seek out a publisher for this work of art my friend..
    Sue 🙂

  8. Hey Sue,

    I know you’ve been as busy as a bee plotting, patching, digging, raking and weeding both garden and allotment since returning from Scotland, so I am especially grateful that you found chance to share our quiet celebration at conclusion of this part of the story. It’s always a pleasure to have you visit and share kindness and generosity in your comment.

    I am thrilled you enjoyed the last instalment and hope it satisfied expectation in delivering a suitable ending. In being my first extended story and my first epic poem, I had no previous experience of writing last chapters, and found this difficult (but wholly enjoyable) to write and bring all the loose threads altogether. Next time around I will be wiser, or rather I will be more wary of Merlin’s leadership lol 🙂

    The Two Ronnie’s reference tickled me for ages….it is one of my favourite comedy sketches of all time: simplistic genius. ‘Hey Sue, got any O’s?’ lol 😀

    Like all writing, especially poetry (even narrative poetry) there is much room for individual interpretation. The story was written with the intention of opening up the text to deeper and more reflective interpretation…indeed there are many spiritual dimensions at work should one be open and/or receptive. The story is based on part-truth part fabrication, blending fantasy with reality in the manner of magical realism. The artwork follows a similar course, the images combined from photographs of real objects….in this case Red Kite feathers, Red Kite skulls, a touch of red silk, and a Pentagram pendant.

    The passages you quote brought a smile…I was curious to know if anyone had favourites. Your choices are excellent and dare I say reflect well on current topics of Love, Renewal, and rising high above negative swirling emotions to taste the sweetness of flight. Indeed, owning feathers, and flying high is far better than drowning in the swell of the well like the evil carrion masses whom Merlin led to their soggy end.

    So you appreciated Hermes return. Well, he had to show up again sometime didn’t he…he is the Herald holding highflier, no story would be complete without him having more page time. Besides which he had to deliver lines and reveal to the Buccaneer his future status as Soothsayer. Merlin could not provide that prompt, only a demi-god and messenger to Zeus could ensure the word went forth. I’d be very surprised if Hg wasn’t around for a while yet: there is plenty he has still to teach the fledgling Red Kite and plenty of other worlds to take him to as well. Romancing the Grail indeed 😀

    I loved your enthusiasm and find it inspiring. Your kind words and positive musings will add to the generosity of others who have travelled with the Fellowship, and read and/or commented since journey started so many months ago. I will push on with Book 2, but need a wee while of down time to break away from the poetic form and indulge in something a little different. There is also intention to publish and I will attend to that shortly as well. Thank you for supporting the suggestion to get words into print, give it a dust jacket and call it a small book. There’s space on the bookshelf waiting already, just got to do the dirty deed and publish! 🙂

    I see you’ve replied already to my last comment on your Blog and are asking where this reply is lol 🙂 Nearly there Sue, nearly there lol 🙂 I work full-time as well you know!! 😀

    Thank you for all your support and encouragement, and your friendship throughout the entire adventure. I am as grateful now as I have always been, and hope that if the saga continues you will wander by every now and again and share your thoughts accordingly. We (the Soothsayer, Merlin, Hg, Niblette, Scriblette, Snow melt, and Archie) look forward to having you share more of our adventure.

    Until then…live a life of adventure and enjoy the view from way up high as you fly onwards with Eagles!

    Namaste 🙂


  9. And so, the epic tale does come to an end. Do you feel a sense of relief or instead a bit of sadness as you had delighted in its creation so much? You do have such great descriptions in your writing and I of course like its poetic stance. Bring on the wizardry! I’m wishing you a beautiful week xx

    • Hey CB from BC,

      How are you Christy? I hope all is well and you are living the dream on your side of the puddle. I’m told the weather is warming quickly out there and summer is nigh on the horizon. Fingers crossed summer will sizzle for you 🙂

      It’s wonderful to see you back here at chez Dewin, I hope you feel welcome whenever you visit. We, the Fellowship and I, enjoy the company of friends and well wishers alike. Thank you for coming by.

      Yes indeed, for now at least, the epic draws to a close and I can kick-back a little and enjoy more often the work and words of others whose endeavours shine on the pages of WP. There is so much excellent writing out there to read, digest and appreciate, one is spoilt for choice. Your own delightful prose at Poetic Parfait being one such port of call of course. It’s true to suggest that I feel a tinge of sadness in completing this and also relief: it has been a large part of my life constantly for many months and now the ‘burden’ or responsibility for it can be put to one side. But curiously, I feel a little numb, almost as if the end arrived and it meant nothing at all. I don’t know if this was because I had already ‘moved on’ and was heavily involved with Gallybloggers – – or if it was because I acknowledge this is not the true ending of the entire story….that I know there is so much more yet to be written. I look back and reflect on the effort involved and whilst not discouraged from moving on, I think I am far more appreciative to what will be required to continue the story, and whilst that excites there are thoughts of what else I may miss out on by investing everything in one product. I am going through the throws of convincing myself that to continue will be worthwhile and fulfilling. There was never intention to write an extended poem, it just happened, and now that I am about 5000 lines in, it sort of feels that I have passed the point of no-return and must continue. I want that decision to be a certainty, and am slowly warming to idea. One thinks of the epic poem, ‘The Fairy Queen’ by Edmund Spencer, all 36000 lines of it, and what a triumph that truly is to have completed such a magnum opus. That’s about 7 times the volume of what I have already written… and that scares me! lol 🙂 Curiously, the day I ended this story, I found 7 casino betting chips on my way home from work. They are not real but from some game or another, but it is a curious thing indeed how synchronous it was to thoughts regarding the poem. Perhaps I should take a gamble and set my intentions 🙂

      Thank you for your kind and generous comments regarding the descriptive quality of the text. I try hard to reach for words and different ways of imparting details, and endeavour not to repeat myself or use the same phraseology more than once. Of course that’s not entirely possible, but I’m quietly confident I’ve done my best to avoid repetition. I’d also like to expand my vocabulary and learn more words and really should read more widely and more often than I do to assist me in that regard. Perhaps over the summer I can find time to indulge and spend time with some quality books, dictionaries, thesauruses and encyclopaedias. One of my enjoyments is reading encyclopaedias and not just for the acquisition of knowledge, but because they offer succinct definitions and exacting entries using phrases, words and sentences that are stripped back to reveal their bare essence. Each entry is almost a poem. It is the same with dictionaries, whilst thesauruses expand upon definitions by offering alternate words. Together all three are a very efficient way of learning language and expanding word base without the need to read entire books. I am certain we all have our own ways of expanding our repertoire.

      ‘Bring on the wizardry!’ 😀 What a wonderful phrase Christy…a phrase I will appropriate as my own and inject into a stanza in the future. I have included three or four phrases in the poem so far that are ‘tips of the hat’ to folk who have been kind enough to wander with the Buccaneer. I shall incorporate yours as a thank you, so you’d best keep reading so as to spot it in the future 🙂 (I even borrowed a Wordsworth line to acknowledge one reader, but shhh, don’t tell anyone lol)

      ‘I’m wishing you a beautiful week’. Thank you, your kind words feel more a gift than a sentence. I shall share your sentiments with the Fellowship so that we might all be charmed and enchanted equally 🙂

      Thank you again Christy for stopping by and delighting with your company. Always a pleasure to welcome you here. I’m looking forward to your next poem, your next story, your next piece of polished prose, and I hope your flighty feather is fluttering fashioning formatting and formulating something formidable and fantastic as was The Next Take.

      Wishing you a wondrous week. Take care in all ways always and in all ways for always.

      Namaste 🙂


      • DN, you do have a marvelous way of commenting! I’m honored by the upcoming mention of part of my own comment in an upcoming poetic line. Of course, I would stay tuned regardless of the mention or not 😉 I’m a loyal reader when I like a write, and your writes are high on my list. Oohh you’re on a list, what do you think of that? 🙂 Hehe! I’ll check out that other site you mention too. As to your feelings now about the project, it is indeed beyond the point of return – and it’s healthy to have those mixed feelings, I think, given how close the writing has grown to your heart. The roots do wander and they come close to your heart! I look forward to more of your magic-filled words and thank you for your interest in my own posts. Sending a big smile your way (not sunny today, there are thunderstorms happening, how strange!) xx

      • Hey Christy,

        Aww, I’ve never been on anyone’s list before 😀 It makes me feel special, thank you. I am always very grateful for the companionship and friendship of readers and warm to people quickly. It’d be a pleasure to include your phrase in an upcoming stanza….perhaps I might even make it the opening line, let’s wait and see what Merlin suggests 🙂

        Thank you for loyal readership and for liking the work…I sense trust and sincerity in your words and genuineness in your character. Having just commented on Maggie Thom’s interview with you, I get the distinct impression that you are indeed very well thought of and your readership and support inspiring and affecting for others as well. Thank you for sharing that with me as well.

        I found a lot of wisdom, and wise counsel in your phrase ‘The roots do wander and they come close to your heart!’ I had not considered this before, the manner in which we set about convincing and reassurng ourselves that what we are doing is the right thing, or indeed, what we are feeling is the right way to feel. This is all very new pasture for me to explore and I am most grateful to be guided by you choice words. I know you have written two (or is it now three) books and therefore have experience of understanding the emotive nature of writing better than I. I value your insight very much, thank you: also the sense of ‘liberation’ that you impart on my thinking by suggesting my thoughts are healthy. I had never considered myself to be a writer, and never once in my entire life thought about writing narrative poetry, well not until a stranger at work sort me out one lunchtime a couple of years ago and somehow passed onto me that idea. I wrote an earlier piece called Chuck House Bard in honour of that single moment. It was a very strange experience at the time, one that prevailed in my thinking, and one I feel blessed to have received. Quite how these things come to be is beyond me yet they do and I am always inspired when fate or destiny comes calling. I do certainly believe we meet and are met by those whom it intended we meet, and I think that extends to all forms of ‘coming together’ inclusing WP. Truly wonderful people, spirited, inspiring, supportive and special: it is an amazing community we share.

        I always enjoy a big smile, and imagine yours extends into your eyes as well. Thank you for on-going readership, for interest and inspiring comment, and for placing me on your list. I’m thrilled and moved by that, thank you.

        Those pesky thunderstorms will pass when the God’s have finished their discussion and sunshine will return. Me I love a good thunderstorm and feeling the sky erupting, tearing and ripping apart like an exploding volcano above me. The air fills with this ecstatic energy and everthing is enlivened and made to sizzle. One of my favourite ambient musical CD’s is called Thunderstorm in the Wilderness…an audio recording of a thunderstorm from the first tiny raindrop and onwards through to the last fading thunderclap. I play it when I need a ‘duvet day’ or when I just want to curl up on the settee and have a little bit of me time.

        I shall be more frequent visiting your blog Christy and know I’ll be in for a treat when I do., so I hope you are busy writing!

        Thank you for the smile…I’m not sharing that with the others this time but keeping it all for myself lol 😀

        Brightest blessings and best wishes for happiness, good fortune, and good cheer. Have a fabulous week!

        Namaste 🙂


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