Love (Part 1)

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Chapter 5 Act 3 of Natura Naturans is called Love (Part 1) and will be presented here in two parts for ease of reading. I trust you’ll forgive my dilly-dally and dithering in reaching the end of the poem, it is not by way of laziness or indulgence. It is more that Merlin stopped to tell a story half-way through this episode and time just passed me by. I believe he was speaking with the Buccaneer and deliberating a mute point still further but as usual I was writing all he said down and barely got chance to actually listen. Perhaps I’ll read it back through to myself later.

Act 2 of Natura Naturans left the adventuring trio torn, twisted, barrelled and rolled, and dispersed throughout the underground labyrinth. Barely had they fought off Morgana’s shady brood and Darkly Sparkle when the three journeymen were flushed-away to soggy ends by a surging tidal flood in their cavernous maze. Having been tossed and turned and borne by stampeding water their racing torrent launched them over the edge of a beautiful waterfall. It was here that if not for good luck, quick wits, wishful thinking and a little aeronautical bravery offering semblance of chance to evade death, the Buccaneer and his companions would surely have all perished in the cascading tumult…

I hope you enjoy this instalment.

There’s enough ink in the pot to spill another spell before the well runs dry. Love (Part 2) will therefore follow shortly. Thank you for reading.


~ Chapter 5 ~

~ Natura Naturans ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~  

~ Act 3 ~ Love (Part 1) ~


Flash and flicker lit tips of tallow tapers

flaring feeble flames to warm the shade.

In despairing gloom inside a miserable tomb,

darkness plagued where he sat and prayed.


Worry weighed heavily upon Merlin’s mind,

deep grief pressed for room to mourn.

They had journeyed so far to lose so much,

yet now their fellowship was torn.


He sat lost to the touch of Sissoo’s torn sleeve

knowing inside she’d died and gone.

Unto final end she’d been his phoenix queen,

until last song when she’d sung a swan.


He’d seen Archie stall airlifting their fool

having almost remained airborne.

He’d watched ‘em both fall and some other as well,

something black and Hell-born.


Merlin had followed ill-fated raft to the floor

still tethered to splitting oak beams.

The raft took full force striking river’s course

and splintered away on slip-streams.


Flotsam and jetsam had bedevilled his jaunt

passing through the waterfall pool.

Left bruised and battered to a cave he’d ventured

seeking sanctuary from Morgana’s ghoul.


With neither wand nor staff Merlin indulged the dark,

barely half the wizard of fable.

In his mind he knew his journey went on,

but in his heart he didn’t feel able.


Forlorn and dejected his thoughts turned to Zee,

another friend lost from a triad of three.

He missed the mischievous wispy Sprite

with his cheerful flame and frippery.


Soft blooms of light slowly warmed his heart

as he sat despondent on the rocky ledge.

Reaching slowly down he fumbled around

and set a light by water’s edge.


He lit the tall taper and let it tilt

with its flame to the crystal flow.

Then placed a leaf upon the gurgling stream

to see which way it would go.


The lonely leaf rushed silently away

hastening its pace on its way to the grey.

“Good,” said Merlin, “a little luck on my side,

I’ve still a fast rushing tide to ride.”


Options were few but he’d decide what to do

whilst he travelled through the ravine.

“Safer to keep sailing,” he assured himself,

and made ready to head down-stream.


When to his eye fluttered a fleeting glimmer,

a sheen quickly seen at water’s edge.

Stooping to the floor he discovered something more

and sat-back aghast on the ledge!


Where water whirled beneath tapers glow

a whorl now swirled within river’s flow.

It spun a wispy spiral of silvery light

with a glimmering glittering show.


Merlin dipped a fingertip into the fulgid eddy

and holding steady the hoary thready

brought it slowly to his eye.


With absolute delight he had been right,

it was indelible Ink-Stone fluid!

In the silence of his subterranean hide

Merlin thanked the mercurial winged-druid.


The Ink-Stone had become soluble,

as was its intended trade.

Spinning a thread of soft silky words

from one’s mind onto the page.


In water the ink would neither dissipate

nor ever dissolve away.

Where water would slowly evaporate

indelible ink would stay!


Merlin watched the ink coil and curl,

watched its playful helix burl and twirl.

Watched it spin and turn and twist and purl

and watched the silken threads unfurl.


The grey inky flow spun slowly away

and flowed to cavern’s yawn.

In its wake it left afloat a written note

in a hand so elegantly drawn.


“Follow me as I flow along river’s ravine,

‘tis not so far to tunnel’s end.”

“And there at rest by tunnels’ stream

is where you might find your absent friends.”


“Carbus Minibus!” exclaimed Merlin out-loud,

“Dear Mercury, you do have some style!”

“Thank you my fine swift-feathered friend,

you do have such guile to beguile.”


With meagre load stowed upon makeshift raft,

with tapers tied to a twiggy bough.

Merlin cast out for unknown shores

tailing an inky-trail at her prow.


Serene in gleams of taper’s soft beams

they floated upon ravine’s rushing stream.

Beneath weight and press of mountainous mass

they sailed through ravine’s dark seams.


Wherever Mercury’s inky-flow decided to go

Merlin steered the raft to follow.

Threading tunnels long deep and wide

and those both tight and narrow.


He’d retained his bag with contents intact

and reached-in to rummage through.

A certain potion had teased his mind and

he was unsure if it were lost in the flue.


T’was a spell he’d cast only once before

long ago on a distant adventure.

On a whim he’d brought the vial along

with little pre-thought or conjecture.


For some reason it felt of comfort to him,

an assurance that remained undefined.

Yet still it prevailed as a passing thought

pressing gently on his mind.


He flipped the small vial back in his bag

and returned his gaze to the bow.

Ink slipped and flowed and found its way,

Merlin followed its after-glow.


One last lit taper slowly dwindled its flame

and dimmed to a sparking demise.

One moment when darkness darkened dark night

then sudden light appeared in new guise.


“Indelible ink is luminous!” chuckled Merlin

delighting in what had been hidden.

“Good words ought be brought to the light of dark,

‘tis why good words are written!”


The channel thinned to a narrow squeeze

with passage onwards into darker frieze.

More slowly now…without gouge or gorge

Merlin steered with crafted ease.


At furthest extend of tunnel’s tight end

the channel split into two.

Ink ceased its flow and purled a pool

made a choice then shot on through.


The river rushed and streamed fast and true

as tunnel’s width grew and grew.

Ink and raft were hurried through and through

and into a misted lake they slew.


Merlin chased the ink as it made a turn

and pursued swift course to the shore.

He imagined it was to avoid the mist

but deep down he knew far more.


He sat lower upon raft’s gnarly top

and squinted beneath the misty veil.

Soft luminous glow reached into shadow

but warmed only rock and shale.


When between snaggy crags and craggy snags

a shoreline lit his view.

T’was here the slippery silvery ink

spelt out the words “For You.”


With darkness extreme the inky gleam

barely reached the shore, but

with faith in his stride Merlin leapt the tide

in his haste to discover more!


Had it not been for woeful blubbering, choking

and coughing and incessant snuffling,

Merlin wondered if he would ever have seen

his two friends lost on the shore!


With untold delight he rushed to reunite

their ship-wrecked team of three!

With glee with glee with merry merry glee

to have restored their company!


T’was the Buccaneer’s pitiful weep and wail

Merlin had heard as he had arrived.

“Ahoy!” He called as he followed the howl,

“Merlin!” Came a voice in surprise!


Embracing was bracing and came with tears

as two friends rejoined with delight.

“Where’s Archie?” Merlin asked with moist eyes

still holding his prodigy tight.


Pointing to the floor with a few tears more

the Buccaneer gestured to his side.

Within raggy wrap and torn-off scrap, Archie lay

with sprained wing and pride.


“I think he’s asleep,” the Buccaneer suggested,

“He’s been like that for hours.”

“Tis nothing we can’t restore a little further more

with time and healing powers.”


Merlin lifted Archie from the soggy ground.

and stepped away towards the raft.

“Come,” said he, “brave hearts indeed,

we’ll rest in tunnels’ shaft.”


Aboard once more running silent and true

following their silver-ink trail.

Merlin, the Buccaneer, and Archie their Owl

slipped quietly beyond the pale.

~ + ~

“I have so much to tell you,” the Buccaneer said,

“one wonders quite where to start!”

“I recall our ravine my twisted dreams

and the pain in my aching heart.”


“But such bountiful beauty have I also seen

amidst my anguish and deep suffering!”

“T’was Nature’s emerald Isle my fairest Queen

gently woken from her slumbering.”


“And a pathway of sumptuous gild and gold

and light streams upon which to unfold.”

“And colours! Oh Merlin, t’was a rainbow of joy,

such vivid sights to behold!”


“Through glades glossed with glimmering light

beneath a sky of azure blue.”

“When I happened upon an exquisite pond

brushed in Nature’s dreamy hue.”


“To her edge I ventured and then gazed across

to where a beautiful Rose did grow.”

“My heart was unbounded my spirit ungrounded!”

“Before Morgana-the-Raven did show!”


“She stole my light, blinded my sight

to leave me burnt to my core!”

“But Merlin, I flew, I flew, upon dark wings I flew

across my pond to the other shore!”


“Morgana led me through deep darkness

and into a moon-struck hall.”

“Dance,” she said, “take flight in my light,

but she let this foolish fool fall!”


“Fascinating!” exclaimed Merlin, “an adventure indeed!”

“A dream found deep within a spell!”

“My fine Buccaneer it does truly seem

as if all with you will now be well.”


“I have much to tell and much to explain

and much to reveal to you.”

“But so little time when there’s so much to gain

on this mission we must pursue.”


“Buccaneer,” said Merlin, “I think you now see

the depth of Morgana’s treacherous villainy.”

“You were the fool she so easily enticed

by the allure of dark sorcery.”


“Feathers are graced and placed with great care

and never charmed by wishful thinking.”

“Such is your desire to have wings and fly

you forget to do any thinking.”


“Thinking?” I asked, “what on earth do you mean?”

“I had wings on the mindful side!”

“And so you will again,” Merlin assured,

“once you lose your foolish pride!”


“VITRIOL carries the soul to the Edge of the Void

with the promise of finding true Love.”

“Yet it seems dark seams were revealed in dreams

in the guise of your darkly dove!”


“Morgana’s attention was to lower your intention

pull you further from your highest goal.”

“Her promises and lies were cleverly disguised

yet all were found within your soul.”


“To your heart’s desire she was so readily drawn

to flighty dreams of being airborne!”

“She fooled your fool in her sorceress pool

and gilded your flowering thorn!”


“Tis not a sin nor foolish pride

to hold fast to one’s deepest dream.”

“But a Wizard’s way is stay without sway

to remain above our darkly gleam.”


“You saw and feathered your dark mystery

else amused the Shadow held within.”

“T’was not all a dream but possibilities unseen

of a power held beneath you skin.”


“You mean I can fly?” The Buccaneer asked,

sounding overwhelmingly confused.

“Why of course you can!” Merlin chuckled,

when both your heart and mind are used.”


“Her pool revealed deep desire in your heart

her sorcery manifested that intention.”

“Moon‘s illuminating beam shattered false dream

to save you from Morgana’s dimension.”


“Did Morgana set me free?” I cautiously asked,

unsure if I wanted to know.

“Perhaps” replied Merlin, “or you awoke the fool

and made your own choice to go?”


“But she reached for my heart then let me depart

in the fall of a single moonbeam!”

“I fell so far having flown so high

in the illusion of a beautiful dream.”


“She said to me…

“The sweet rose that grows in your rosy eyes

will root you to the floor.”

“But the rose that grows in my darkly eyes

will lift you for evermore.”


“She has a serpent’s tongue and wicked words

to twist your heartfelt intent.”

“Beware the sensuous Sorceress in dark feathered trim

her power doth tease and torment!”


“Have I failed you Merlin to reach a higher stay?”

“Or did I fall and leave the Wizard’s way?”

“No,” said Merlin, “darkness was Her chance to see

the true depth of your loyalty.”


“You fell Buccaneer but were not taken below

because your truth will never hide.”

“Morgana has now seen only purity within,

to her darkness you’ll never be tied.”


“You were born to fly within Sun drenched skies,

‘tis where your heart’s intended.”

“You were born to fly within infinite skies,

‘tis where your mind’s extended.”


“I’ve heard that before!” I cried-out excitedly.

“Whilst waiting on Isle’s sandy shore.”

“Beneath crimson light I was told it was right

to find heart in Merlin’s lore.”


“But when at the Herm where I paused to dwell

and considered my pathway ahead.”

“I wonder now if the choice I made

were the wrong path upon which to tread.”


“In the stream of my dream I saw colours gleam,

felt their energy flare my flame.”

“Yet now as I awake from slumber’s tale

I feel nothing but qualm and shame.”


“Do not dwell upon such withering doubt

nor consider your healing fell short.”

“Destiny will be found whilst still Earthbound

when you reach for her highest-court.”


“What do you mean,” I asked once again,

even more confused by his riddling.

Said the Seer, “Buccaneer pause to think some more,

weren’t you once charmed by a Rose glistening?”


“Did her sweet blush not render your heart

with the flush of her gilded Rose?”

“Love lifts and inspires takes flight and aspires

but one’s mind must discern her prose.”


“Natura Naturans.” He continued choosing words

to deepen my waking trance.

“Nature nurturing Nature, “ he enlightened,

‘tis one’s chance to dance with Romance.”


“But do not forget your discerning mind,

nor fail to pierce Nature’s veil.”

“Her eternal devotion is a driving emotion,

always reaching for the light of her grail.”


“Elevate your mind let your psyche take flight,

as did Nature use wit to form her feather.”

“From shadow she grew to her beloved she flew,

always reaching for the end of her tether.”


“And now so must you fashion your mind and

grow with her wit and woo.”

“Where one feather grew to fashion your wand

with her Love you will soon wear two.”


I was dazed and confused and equally bemused

as I sat listening to Merlin’s words.

So far from Her Isle yet borne by Her smile,

and the memory of those flame-licked birds.


“Both Love and Passion were revealed at my pool

and shared wisdom of her rose!”

“But had it not been for Morgana’s ravening

I’d know from where her Love flows.”


“But you do Buccaneer,” said Merlin the Seer,

“for Her heart beats as one within you.”

“Is your mind still blind to the Love you’ll find

blushing your spirit’s infinite blue?”


“Love swells your well to brim and lip,

drives your passion with loving fire.”

“But ‘tis your mind that finds the creative spark

to fulfil your heart’s one true desire.”


Merlin chuckled a little and squeezed a smile,

certain the Buccaneer was drowning!

“You must twist both flames to gild your rose

and raise her to her crowning.”


“Perhaps,” said Merlin, “I should share a tale

and demonstrate an analogy.”

“A classic story so often told

in the annals of antiquity.”


“So would you care for calming words

or thoughts of daring-do?”

“Or would you dare for dashing words

and thoughts of Love’s red hue?”


“Buccaneer,” said he, “let me take you back a way

to a time before time begun.”

“When to our Earth a flower was born

kissed by the rays of the Sun…”


“One day a spark from Thought brought forth a whim

proposing possibility within a space.”

“Fair Lady Sophia accepted this idea

and created potential inside that place.”


“Her name was Gaia, a sweet natured child

with kind tending heart and manner mild.”

“Perfect in dimension for her timeless intention

of creating paths for thought’s ascension.”


“Tendrils of light kindled Gaia’s loving toil

shining affection upon her grace.”

“Pearls of life dewed warm sensuous soil

spilling braid upon green lace.”


“Hands of Gaia tended her seedling sire

providing spirit with loving embrace.”

“Curiosities’ flute teased Gaia’s peeking shoot

encouraging growth with nurtured haste.”


“Youthful pleasure pinked spring’s budding frills

chancing to good luck in her chase.”

“Wild fervour unfurled sepal’s fledgling folds

and parted her pursed petal case.”


“Fiery passion deepened her puckering red bloom

igniting a fuse of green lace.”

“But only true Love would ever open her flower,

to reveal the blush on her face.”


“Sleek slender sharp and sassy she arose a Rose

reaching upwards for her highest tier.”

“From lofted crown she surveyed her realm

as might a queen gaze-out from her tower.”


“Her flower-crested isle lay surrounded by seas, but

her Rose was guarded by Jacaranda Trees.”

“On sultry nights in the swish of a breeze, came songs

of Honey-Creepers, Wood-nymphs, and Bees.”


“With the allure of her flower She wielded Love’s power,

a power to inspire grace or devour.”

“From her stems high mount Aphrodite shone out

enticing butterflies to her Rose bower.”


“Word had gone forth to Kingdom’s far edge

Aphrodite had come of age to marry.”

“T’was Thought who decreed only worthy should succeed

and set a challenge pre-matrimony.”


“To each suitor a quest was fittingly found

tailored to suit their merit.”

“To each a challenge was duly bound

cut for the fit of their spirit.”


“There was one winged-suitor whom I seem to recall

was a little different to any other.”

“It was late in the year some time around Fall

or perhaps it was at end of Summer?”


“T’was a day very unlike the day before

with not one cloud to spoil the sky.”

“When to her Isle there happened along

a most enthralling guy.”


“Tall was he and of athletic build

with cascades of silvery hair.”

“He cut a dash with elegant appeal

with his splash of debonair.”


“He was suited in black with a Raven’s blue hue

and a hooded cloak of metallic grey.”

“Magical mystery flowed from his robes,

when finery flared the light of day.”


“Upon his darkly back the Raven in black,

wore wings of silver feathers.”

“Said he these are not the frill’s of a common man

but quills that define my measure.”


“Neither striding nor gliding he swayed his way

across her white-sandy shore.”

“And passing betwixt her supplicants

knelt down upon her floor.”


He gazed upon Aphrodite’s radiant red Rose

at Her elevation above the heather.

“My Lady,” said he, “ thou art truly divine

finding you is my absolute pleasure.”


“I have travelled so far from distant realms

to feel the passion of your flame.”

“Tis a journey I’d make through Hell and back

to see your Rose again.”


“But first please allow me to introduce myself,

I am a Messenger of the Air.”

“A fleet-footed Flyer with quicksilver pace

flamboyance panache and flare.”


“My Lady I am he who is also three,

Thoth, Hermes, and of course Winged Mercury,

an Aviator of unimpeachable descent.”

“I am Herald and Harbinger, Magician and Mage

and a Lord of the Firmament.”


“I have no gold to swell your royal chest,

no kingdom for you to treasure.”

“Tis my heart I offer in service to you

and my wings of silvery feathers.”


“It is my pleasure indeed to welcome thee,

my most esteemed Lord Mercury.”

“We are unexpectedly graced most certainly,

meeting one of the Dii Consentes.”


“The delight is mine,” Mercury assured,

“your luminosity is unsurpassed.”

“By harmonious degree your rapturous beauty

is clearly from Heaven cast.”


“My Lady if I may quickly cut to the chase

and ask more about my quest.”

“I believe there is need to fulfil a task

before one can lay and rest.”


“Indeed Lord Mercury I’ve a deed for thee,

a trial with proportionate suitability.”

“Tis not a consideration of your capability

but something to test your versatility.”


“”I am at your service,” said winged Mercury

with a flourishing sweep of his arm.

“I trust my lady your task demands daring-do

with high certainty for harm?”


Aphrodite smiled and blushed a little redder,

Mercury it seemed was a fine brave fella.

“My Lord if you possess such elevated pedigree

you will complete the deed without difficulty.”


“My Lady,” said he with chivalrous inflection,

“it would be my gracious pleasure.”

“To compete for your hand and win your heart

should require full use of my measure.”


“Indeed,” said Aphrodite flirting a smile and

rouging to a tender sweet flush.

“Tis a matter of great importance to me,

success in your task will mean much.”


“Declaring one’s self an adept at speed and flight,

is quite an accolade.”

“I know of many who would hasten to suggest

‘tis the stuff of which dreams are made.”


“Please listen to me well my Lord Mercury

for I shall reveal my quest for thee.”

“I have reflected upon your flighty might

and have a task I feel is perfectly right.“


“Long have I held a fascination for the stars,

with their shine at end of day.”

“For your first task you must harvest a star

from the boughs of the Milky Way.”


“To complete your second labour of love,

assuming your first was a success.”

“I ask that you steal my weight in gold

from Hades dreaming wilderness.”


“A loud gasp flowed from the gathered crowd,

a rippling of surprise and woe”

“Then all eyes turned to the stranger with wings

to see if he would go!”


“Lord Mercury stood and lifted his gaze, and

stared deeply into her strawberry haze.”

“My Lady,” said he, “I shall return for thee

before first light of day.”


“One question Lord Mercury before you go,

there’s something that I’d like to know.”

“They say my flower is a butterflies dream,

but am I the fairest rose you’ve ever seen?”


“Undoubtedly,” he said, “you are truly blessed,

Earth’s sweetest most radiant petalled Goddess.”

“There is no other whose beauty compares to thee,

whose brilliance shines with such majesty.”


“Within sight of your exquisite light

I feel a demi-god newly reborn.”

“Fairly floating am I without need to try

and I hope this feeling will go on.”


“To the wow of the crowd he unfurled his wings

and rocketed into the air!”

“A sudden flash of Sun and then he was gone,

that Messenger with mercurial flare!”


“What happened in Hell?” Archie unexpectedly asked,

freshly woken from distant slumber.

“My head is swimming it won’t stop spinning,

I think I’m going to chunder!”


“Love stories,” said Merlin, “they leave him queasy,

feeling uneasy and a little out of sorts.”

“Archie it’s delightful to have you back from sleep,

I’ll look for safe place to port.”


Merlin chuckled a little and mused a smile

recalling the story he’d once heard told.

“What happened to Mercury in the Underworld

is indeed a story to behold!”


“Perhaps at journey’s end,” said Merlin the Seer,

“I’ll tell you more and bend your ear!”

“Suffice to say it was one Hell of a day

involving a dog hot fire and a Lyre!”


Finding an alcove with sufficient room for three

proved to be an impossibility.

So high were they on tidal rise

searching further seemed futility.


But when to an opening the tunnel extended

and continued to a widening hollow.

There they chased the fleet-flowing ink

and into the cavern did follow.


A rocky shore bore an inlet with anchorage

and one small step to firmer ground.

Whilst Archie raced to wretch and reel,

Merlin’s story continued to astound.


“Lord Mercury’s return all-but silenced the throng,

those gathered for a tall tale told.”

“A flash of light so bright so white and

Mercury appeared amongst the fold.”


“My Lady,” he said, “should I be blessed to return

to once again behold your fire.”

“Tis your beauty and grace that has given me pace

and the will to never tire.”


“Upon this morn this inspired copper dawn

I bring great word of my victory!”

“To distant stars I have flown to Hades far below

through time space and mystery!”


“From Heaven’s high bough I plucked you a star,

‘tis more deeply red than Cinnabar!”

“From Hades black fold I purloined your gold

and a copy of old Black’s Grimoire!”


“The crowd erupted in a cacophony of cheer,

their gallant charmer had prevailed!”

“Where others had tried and lost their way,

Lord Mercury had never failed!”


Aphrodite shimmered as She unfurled her flush

and gazed upon her Winged Knight.

“My Lord,” said She, “please present for me

the spoils of your questing flight.”


“A silence settled upon the gathered crowd,

a hush to hear a pin fall.”

“My Lady,” said he, “tis pleasure indeed

to exhibit your cherished haul.”


“But first,” he pressed, “may I seek a small space,

your cache requires an introduction.”

“T’was no mean feat to accomplish your task

and fulfil your expectation.”


“Why of course fine Sir,” Aphrodite replied,

“I am most keen to be pleased by your tale.”

“Lord Mercury,” She said, “Might we start with my star

and a story of epic scale?”


“My Lady,” said he, “where better else to begin,

than with romancing your heavenly jewel.”

“Tis fair I share the beautiful grace of a blissful place

embroidered within Empyrean’s crewel.”


“I climbed a steep arc as I flew from the Earth

and accelerated hard for the stars!”

“I rode slip-streams ignited moonbeams

and topped-out far beyond Mars!”


“In search of your star I turned to the dawn

and raced light across Earth’s sweeping curve.”

“As she lifted her face to the morning I paced

with rose flush dashing my verve.”


“Sweet Star of Dawn high above she shone

as gift from the highest realm.”

“Her star thought I would charm your blush

but allow your beauty to overwhelm.”


“Within reach of my grasp Venus asked,

“To what do I owe this pleasure?”

“My Queen,” said I, “to your glory I was drawn

upon solar-winds and silver-feathers.”


“Tis with urgent heart and urgent appeal,

I petition your ear to hear.”

“Herald’s fabulous flower, my flagrant fictive Queen

by whose light I am endeared.”


“My heart is stolen by a most beautiful rose

with gild of scarlet lace.”

“Tis her flower, her grace, I seek her embrace

and the Love in her eternal prose.”


“I am charged with returning a heavenly star

harvested from the Milky Way.”

“For her heart I must compete, a task to complete,

to take her hand upon this day.”


“Lord Mercury,” said Venus, for she knew his name,

“I see her shine upon your eyes.”

“Tis sweet Aphrodite of whom you speak,

‘tis her love upon which you rise.”


“I am Heaven’s Herald held tight in God’s heart

and hewn by her Loving hand.”

“Below is the glow from Earth’s emerald star

and the warmth of her vibrant land.”


“I wake each morn to Gaia’s tender form

and gaze upon Aphrodite’s red rose.”

“Heaven honours Earth’s exalted flower,

‘tis through her heart our Love flows.”


“I cast my shine to polish her bloom

to share a moment in her embrace.”

“My light might flush her crimson wash

but could never blush her face.”


“She arose a rose upon this very morn,

as ever a spectacular flower.”

“In her gaze towards morn’s dawning skies

a twinkle did escape her bower.”


“I am gently moved by her stunning shine

for her Love is deep and true.”

“Her desire is not the stars she wonders at

but longing for Mercurial you.”


“My lord I am blessed to witness such Love,

to have sense of your sacred fire.”

“May your sweet love shine and burn divine,

may your hearts never fail or tire.”


“I’m honoured to have your blessing my Lady,

to know our love is well received.”

“May I extend my pleasure whilst in your favour

for an item to be retrieved.”


“Wouldst thou share one drop of Love

to adorn my beloved flower?”

“Wouldst thou spill one tear of Love

to illuminate her every hour?”


“My Lord her radiance casts a brilliant glow,

upon the hearts of all.”

“If pleasure were measure of Love’s true treasure

then ‘tis joy to have one tear fall.”


“And so it was Venus poured her Love,

into my crystal vile.”

“Starlight star-bright ‘tis a star just right

to veneer my Lady’s smile.”


“Lord Mercury,” said Aphrodite fluttering a grin,

“I am moved by your flattery.”

“With suave you charmed sweet Venus above.

with panache you’ve captivated me.”


“I witnessed your dash across Heaven’s sky,

saw your trail inflamed by stars.”

“When you chased the Sun, crested the horizon

did I hope my dream was ours.”


“Yet my Lord to your final task we turn,

seeking tale of your daring-do.”

“Should I not see bags of gold on thee

if your jaunt through Hell came through?”


“My Lady my Queen my rosy red dream,

would I fail a promise to keep?”

“But…dare I share the woe and weep of Hades deep,

or steep your flesh in doleful creep?“


“Merlin! The ink!” “It’s flowing away!”

Came Archie’s warning cry.

“What say we dispense with your hearty tales

and follow the inky dye?”


The Ink had indeed coiled and sprung

and woven a silvered trail ahead.

“At a more convenient time I’ll finish last lines,

for we’ve thread to sled instead.”


“What I will tell you before we go,

Mercury succeeded in his journey below.”

“Yet t’was not gold he prized his bride

but a diamond-studded cameo!”


Said he, “My Lady,”

“Neath star-shine your Rose is wholly perfected

when brushed with Heaven’s light.”

“Within this jewel your Rose is eternally reflected

 and always worn in Heaven’s sight.”


Merlin chuckled and paused and chuckled again…

“Okay”, he said, “we’ll skip to the end.”


“Aphrodite consented and the two were wed

with much merriment and jubilation!”

“Thought was delighted his Rose was united

with a Messenger of such elevated station.”


“Merlin…are we all now all now ready to leave

or remaining here for chapter two?”

“I hate to halt your storyteller’s flow

but there’s something we must really do!”


“Indeed,” said Merlin winking at the Buccaneer,

“when you’ve boarded we’ll get started!”

“It wouldn’t do leaving twit or twoo

in our haste to be departed!”


Archie ruffled feathers and scrambled aboard

and muted his muttered mutter.

“Merlin,” said he, “skip to the very end

and forgo the lyrical clutter!”


“Indeed agreed,” conceded the Buccaneer,

“I am already so very confused.”

“You’d do well to dwell on latter verse,

than leaving me somewhat bemused?”


Merlin paused briefly to consider their request,

then eased a curious smile.”

“If I relinquish my style you’ll miss the beguile,

and trial awhile in this watery aisle!”


“But,” he continued, “I shall dally no more,

and dispense with my playful rhyme.”

“Perhaps it is true and the hours so few,

to allow me to take my time.”


“Buccaneer,” said he, “tis mystery to me,

to know what you’ve learnt so far?”

“So if I may allow you centre stage

and room for your repertoire?”


“Where to begin?” The Mariner asked

“when so much has happened this day?”

“How to begin?” he mindfully pondered

“when my thoughts have been far away?”


Merlin let soft silence fall to fool his fool

adrift on his raft made for three.

“Why not start in the tunnel my Buccaneer friend,

when you took leave of our company.”


“You left me!” hollered the pitiful Buccaneer.

“To the wrath of a fearsome fiend!”

“I lay dying within amongst blood splattering,

then almost died once again as I dreamed.”


Swirling Merlin returned his gaze and

saw desolation beneath his downcast haze.

“I’d not be the Wizard of legend and fable

if I left you now all withered and feeble.”


He chuckled behind a satisfied smile

and looked down upon his charge.

“Tis dry-dock despair from dry-dock repair!”

“A last shadow to pass as a dirge!”


“I call it Jeremiad’s Lament,” teased Merlin

with a twitch of a mischievous grin.

“One returns in new skin to a haunt of violins

playing out our memories and chagrin.”


“Fading ghosts and ghouls idle follies of fools,

mere milestones of dreams long past.”

“Now amassed in new skin are you free to begin

sailing on beneath a full mast.”


“Now,” said Merlin, “about that second death,

you should really look into it a bit more.”

“How far did you fall in a moonlit beam

when stepping upon Morgana’s floor?”


“Well I don’t readily recall the end of the fall,

merely the start of my flapping end.”

“One moment I was there the next I was gone

and into darkness I had descended.”


“I awoke on the shore to find dear Archie torn,

split feathers across sand and stone.”

“I thought he had gone that I was alone, and

you’d been devoured by a Dragon!”


“Hmm,” said Merlin, “a riddle indeed how

you fell twice but were miraculously saved?”

“You had long since gone when we stumbled upon

your battered body in dismal caves.”


“Restorative charms worked ancient ways

your beaten body healed in a couple of days.”

“But your mind it seems revealed two streams

and from one you were lifted away.”


“Hmm,” said Merlin, his second pause in a row,

“we must turn back the hands of time.”

“You fell in the fall of a waterfall swell

but were never pulled in to her brine.”


“Twas Archie who saved your worthless hide!”

“Without him there you’d surely have died!”

“He severed the tether betwixt you and raft,

set you down on the riverside!”


“Think nothing of it,” huffed Archimedes,

“It’s what us Owl-types do.”

“We’ve broad wings to lift those that fall, and

talons for those who may slip through.”


“With second sight we are born of Night,

into silence with death passing through.”

‘We’ve precognition in flight to know what’s right

before it ever happens for you.”


“Merlin had seen the heinous evil being,

pulling you through the veil.”

“When I reached and grasped to take hold of you,

it was at first to no avail!”


“Morgana had hold of your aching heart, in her

poisoned pool and darkly glass.”

“I ripped you away from the Ravening ghoul

without Sorcery blackening fresh grass.”


“Poison and tethers?” “A new skin for night?”

“Morgana offered me both before inaugural flight!“

“But now you say death darkness and sight

and feathers to fly are all alright?”


“I recall my fall and the face of her fiend.”

“But wait! It was the cruel face of me!”

“My wretched self with wretched eyes, and

wretched in feathered misery!”


“Indeed agreed,” said Merlin,

“the Rainbow of Iris will never lie.”

“Your need for speed whilst lusting for wings,

it nearly had you die.”


Archie ruffled his feathers and extended one wing,

the other was strapped at his side.

“Buccaneer,” said he, “tis your mind that soars,

and your heart that powers your glide.”


“Hmm,” said Merlin stroking his beard,

“we’ll leave him to think it all through.”

“When the rose that grows catches his eye,

he’ll let go of his myopic view.”



“If you quibble your dribble unmuddle your middle

and better your dabbling ways.”

“You’ll scribble your drabble unscramble your ramble,

and discover your dreams missing phase.”


“Enough!” commanded the Buccaneer…

“I just don’t have the reach and sway,

to understand your wordy play!”

“What middle? What riddle? What dark missing phase!”

“I’ve been with Morpheus for several daze!”


“Hush now!” Said Merlin, “use your self will

and take a moment to quietly still.”

“Take a moment to steadily fill your empty heart

with memory of her loving thrill.”


“And another thing,” interrupted the Buccaneer,

“there’s one answer I need to know.”

“From the day we set out I never had doubt

of where we were intending to go.”


“You are the Seer it’s clear with gifts to see,

with loving eyes you watch over me.”

“And yet I know there is still something more?”

“Merlin…what exactly is sweet Copper Door?”


“Copper Door,” the old Wizard said at last,

“Is not merely another way.”

“Tis an entrance to a realm far far beyond,

beyond a place you’ll long to stay.”


His smile a crease between beard and ‘tache

spread to kindle kind old eyes.

“Buccaneer,” he continued, “what is found ahead,

is a most beloved prize.”


“Behind Copper Door lies an ancient form,

an entity born at the flick of a quark”

“In darkness she sleeps with innocence untouched

at the very heart of every heart’s spark.”


“When to Her dreams comes a spirit of light,

one sweet drop of a soul so pure.”

“For the seeker who wakes her ancient repose

waits a Love that will always endure.”


“Merlin,” said Archie, “Can we please dispense

with both lyric and repertoire?”

“Our fast thready eddy our slinky trail

has steadied to stall on a sand-bar.


The ink was dimming pooling and puddling and

stilled on the creep of a grit shore.

Their brief glimpse of land ebbed slowly away

but not resolve to head on some more.


“Wait” said Merlin, “before we leap clear

let’s watch what the ink might do.”

“After all,” he suggested, “it has led us here,

perhaps there will be further clues.”


Scarcely glinting barely stirring viscous ink

slipped slowly to water’s edge.

One thin finger of one ink-stained stream slid

quickly onto the sandy wedge.


It followed no path nor obvious route

as it ventured further away.

Yet it was clear to all who stood in awe.

the ink somehow knew its way.


Up slope where dim light failed to reach,

a tall shadow whispered a call.

And bent to lay down an ebony box

upon the sandy shingle shawl.


He stood to watch three bedraggled souls

find good sense to step ashore.

And waited for the ink to safely return

back to its dry-stone store.


The shadow placed two silver feathers down,

both planted upright in the ground.

Then turning away he folded into the dark

and disappeared upwards without a sound.


Merlin was the first of their company ashore,

his first step first print on new ground.

Archie stumbled a little but dug in claws,

the Buccaneer landed in one bound.


Towards slope’s gravelled summit they slowly paced

leaving a wake of footsteps behind ‘em.

Darkness so complete each stride a new beat,

each step an echo on a dry drum.


Merlin tarried a little to look back at the raft,

a mere blip of grey amidst the gloom.

It remained firmly tethered to a staked out line,

still amidst still spilling spume.


When ahead of him came a sudden loud cry,

a startled shout to lift his dim view.

“Merlin come quickly I’ve a find to declare,

something I literally bumped into!”


Whether by luck or chance, fate or fortune,

t’was the Buccaneer who knelt for feathers’ prize.

Who stood and held two silver stemmed quills,

wide eyes wide with a child’s surprise.


Merlin helped Archie reach their jubilant charge

and cautiously took a feather in hand.

“My, my,” said he, “tis magnificent indeed

finding feathers firmly fixed in the sand.”


Tall slender and slight of a weight just right

to give height to flight in full sunlight.

Sculptured silver with white a feather just right

to excite sunlight in full-winged flight.


It teased darkness with the warmth of its glow

as might a mirror reflect black light.

In seeing a little further ahead,

two feathers displaced plight with delight.


“We are close to our end but not our goal.”

“Yet we are cared for at every stride.”

“Buccaneer,” said Merlin, “is your faith now restored?”

“Do you follow this sign left by our guide?”


Said the Buccaneer caught a little off-guard,

“Why two feathers and not just one?”

.”Is this another choice to be made perhaps

when one choice has just begun?”


“Why not leave with both?” Archie asked,

“It would be the right thing to do.”

“Feathers so prized should not be left behind

when two were left behind for you.”


“Indeed agreed,” Merlin decreed,

“treasure them both with immense care.”

“Fine feathers for flight through darkness and light

and beyond upon slip streams of air.”


From within wide eyes on a radiant face

the Buccaneer returned an enigmatic stare.

“Merlin,” he said, “I have no fear as I tread

further into our spellbinding prayer.”


“Excellent!” chortled Merlin smiling,

“keep that thought spinning in your mind.”

“I’ve a sense such strength and mindful mettle,

will yet be more sharply defined.”


“So let’s press on!” Archimedes suggested,

“with those fine feathers to light our way!”

“Else these old legs of mine will need more time

to rest another day!”


“Indeed agreed,” quipped Merlin,

“we all appear a little jaded.”

“Yet resolute are we to answer Camelot’s call,

for her song has never faded.”


“Quite so,” said the Buccaneer,

“to Camelot we must strive.”

“With good fortune at hand

to keep our dreams alive!”


The Buccaneer turned and dissolved away,

treading a thread across sandy coarse.

Merlin shuffled Archie urgently along,

following the Buccaneer’s striding course.


Sand became pebble, pebble became boulder,

back into tunnels walking bolder and bolder.

Ahead led the Buccaneer fanning mercurial light.

With Merlin to his left and Archie to his right

three travellers journeyed on into cavernous night…

~~~~~ + ~~~~~


42 thoughts on “Love (Part 1)

  1. I am pleased that Archie only had a sprained wing and wounded pride.
    Morgana Not to be trusted
    I fancy a feather to be fashioned into a wand.. 🙂

    It seems Feathers are flying features in our posts Dewin.
    I really enjoyed the read ..
    I thought of you the other day when I caught a Welch advert to visit Wales.. As someone read a poem in which Merlin was also mentioned.. 🙂

    Many thanks for ALL of your contributions Dewin, I appreciate you most recent visits 🙂
    Blessings Sue

    • Hey Sue,

      “Carbus Minibus!” It was Merlin who joked.
      “My dear Lady how do you do?”
      Archie groaned like a stretching line.
      “How on Earth do you do Drummer Sue?”

      Thank you for kind verse and mention of Archie. He is now well and back to his winged Seer self. A minor scrape, just a scratch, the tethering line was no mean feat of flight. Disentangling the Buccaneer has already taken many lines so far. If their is an upside one imagines the Buccaneer passed his head through Iris before near descending. Thank you, He is also back to form, journey and process. The poem seems a never-ending labour of Love.

      Merlin oozes with ancient Welsh folk-lore. His Myth his fable are blood flowing through the veins of all Red Dragons. Celts are proud and passionate about their past. Traditions such as storytelling are maintained through language. I always think of Merlin as the eminence gris of the Red Dragon. His prophecy foreseeing the White Dragon Fall. Buried some think beneath the Stones of Stone Henge. Perhaps that was why the Preseli Blue Stones were required so as to weigh down the beast from rising again.

      Thank you for enjoying the read 🙂

      Indeed Morgana is a slippery fiend yet an artful seer herself of course. What feather do you fancy? For whom?

      Always a pleasure to have you stop you by. Thank you. 🙂

      Warm in the warmth of a warming spring, take care have an enjoyable week.



  2. Hey Sue,

    A Solar Dragon 🙂 Graceful in gold I hope?

    So many feathers take flight to fall this time of year. Her sky bustles with birds on the wing! She is always a Fairy Tale.

    Ah yes feathers and Dragons have featured heavily in posts of late. Spring is eagerly awakening in our lives flowering in new form atop our fuse. Feathers for fearless artists to fly! One feather of pure sweet Love for you, Sue, and for the gardener perhaps a Snapdragon? 🙂

    I was lost in the dreaming whilst listening without listening to hear the voice speaking not speaking to me. Spirit and grace flow between the spaces of what he says in a way I have not heard before. And three magnificent feathers to position his being, his sightline drawn upwards to Infinity downwards to Earth, Land, Solidity. Yet also through Earth, knowing how She extends on one web as a vibration humming. Her part in One Melody.

    Mention of the Red Kite tail feather blew my mind! Love’s Red Baroness.

    Three Feathers One Hand One Heart
    One Spirit In Love For Eternity.

    I wonder Sue if all feathers once found and lifted from the floor by their keepers flourish new quills to excite this world? A friend once said, Jason perhaps, ’tis not the mind willing words but a feather divining lines.’

    ~ Talking of Dreams and Dragons ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol

    I had an amusing venture whilst out about today.
    Rolling merrily strolling drifting shifting with Harmony.
    When on my path else walking my way.
    Fluttered sweet little company.
    Quickly flurrying scurrying skirting a path.
    As a Wag might skitter my ledge.
    When one little book in a window smouldering.
    Split open his little beige egg.
    Wayne Anderson is not the Little Lost Dragon’s name
    But the Prometheus writing alchemical Fire.
    His will of quill seems guided somehow.
    Perhaps by his cracking sire?
    Sue if you do encounter his Little Lost flame.
    Be sure admire the little dudes pose.
    It lifts one’s eye to feathered skies.
    Hand drawn with a pencil’s prose.
    Little Lost Dragon isn’t lost anymore.
    His copy is snuggled up beside me.
    Still warm kisses me one Idris flame.
    From the Halogen beyond his Keeper.

    Always for always in all ways always please take good care of you.

    Namaste 🙂


    • Hey DN,

      “How ya doin’ DN dude?
      “Are you yet rolling in that Red Chair?
      “Baroness Love Kite!”
      “Love’s Aerial Red Lady.”
      “Is a Red Ace Beware or Dare!”
      Always for your Love my love.
      Thank you for being my Home.

      Namaste 🙂

      x Sizzles x

      • ~ Hey Sizzles ~

        I flew quickly to linger in the warmth of your words.
        Nay stay in your cotton sweet Love.
        My Red Lady Dove.
        How are you Teddy Bear?
        One moment is eternity.
        Lingering in your stare.
        Eyes beaded with Loving Care.
        Glinting Sizzles Glare.
        Her Sizzling Teddy Bear.
        Flares Her Sizzling Flare.
        Her Sizzling Red Dare
        Her Sizzling Espièglerie.
        In Little Red Me.
        She always stares gazing at me.
        Tending to my hearth.
        Tenderly warming merrily.
        My fire always caringly.
        My flame in-Love Eternally.
        Sizzling in Her Fire.
        “Baroness Red Kite,” She sizzles.
        “She’s an Ace for One Sky,”
        “No lie?” said !
        “Oh my!” I said.
        “Tell me more!”
        “Forever more.”
        Sizzles said sizzling.
        Her Red Cotton primed.
        “Would you care for Her feather?”
        “For your Crystal Jar?”
        “Now wouldn’t that be quite a find?”
        “Oh yes!” Said I.
        “I’d ache to see Her.”
        “To hold Her in my gaze!”
        “Her Red Haze overwhelming!”
        “Red Tailed Kite.”
        “What splendid delight!”
        “Red Baroness of Love”
        “Red Kite in Flight.”
        “Loves Red Feathered Tail.”
        “Red Feathered Sail.”
        “Red Devil soaring!”
        “Red Feathers Racing!”
        “Red Pyre Flaring!”
        “Red Feathers Flaming!”
        “Flaming Ever Hotter!”
        “Ever Higher!”
        “Above Us All.”
        “I’d ache to see Her!”
        “See her Fly!”
        “See her Dash!”
        “Her Flash!”
        “Across the Sky!”
        “Oh my!”
        “Her Scarlet Dare!”
        “Her Red Debonair!”
        “Her Fanfare Flaring Red! ”
        “Tail Fan Flaming Redder!”
        “Crimson Talons Tined!”
        “Preying One Prayer for Love.”
        “Striking all from above.”
        “Raking hearts with Love.”
        “Feathered Red Kite of Flight.”
        “Of Fight and Red Rage.”
        “Always Redder in Love.”
        “Is the Red Feathered Sage.”
        “And the Red Chair?” She glowed.
        “How did you know about that?”
        I asked as a fool.
        “Ah yes foolish me.”
        I was blushing.
        “Asking foolish questions.”
        “Of My Lady.”
        “When flaming Lady Sizzles knows all.”
        “Always has.
        “Always will.”
        The Red Chair is claimed.
        Claimed mine at work on Thursday.
        Left to air over the weekend.
        I shall return to her seat Tuesday.
        She rescued me.
        From cupboard space.
        Dusting her curves.
        Fit for our first embrace.
        She shines a little better now.
        In light thro’ bright windows.
        Rouge once more upon the floor.
        Five casters rooted as toes.
        She has a big lap to fill.
        Her seat one spacious petal.
        Broad and wide flourishing.
        Almost a bench to my slight size.
        Yet for one hour.
        Thursday later than noon.
        Sitting within her seat.
        Felt a treat.
        Fitting for two.
        Two hours more.
        With Her.
        I mean.
        Rose Chair.
        First flight upon her Rosy Cush.
        First slide upon her toes.
        First kiss of seat to warm bum cheek.
        First pirouette upon Lady Rose..
        Love you always Sizzles.
        My Little Teddy Bear.

        I always see your Sizzle.
        Sizzling all ways.
        Sizzling always.
        But in all ways.
        For always.
        Your Sizzling
        My Sizzle.
        Our Sizzle.
        One Sizzling always.

        Thank you for finding my home your own to own as home. Always.

        Namaste ❤


      • Thank you Sue,

        Hoping the system will be repaired shortly. Perhaps these words will help…

        “Technica Abierunt!”

        “Gremlins be gone!” charmed Merlin.
        Striking several keys upon his board.
        “That should resolve the issue,” he said.
        “Performance should now be restored.”

        Lovely to see you at chez Dewin’s Sue. Thank you for visiting and commenting as you do. Have a wonderful week.

        This evening, I am sharing a bonfire with some friends. Tis a fair night for flame-watching, for friendship, griddled sausages, baked beans, onions cooked in their skins, and smoky bacon charred crispy to the edge. Who could ask for more?

        Namaste 🙂


      • Hey Sue,

        Thank you….our meal was a veritable banquet, the bacon especially good and cooked to perfection. And the best part of all, there was no washing up 🙂

        Hearty best wishes to you from one and all breaking bread by fireside.

        Enjoy your day…it looks to be another bright and sun-filled morning. Perfect weather for tea-induced contemplation in warming walled gardens with wind-chimes.

        Namaste 🙂

        DN and Ravens 12

      • Sounds a perfect banquet. 🙂 and I hope your day has continued in that perfect mood.. A little cooler today, but the Sun has shone.. And more rows of potatoes were planted.. 🙂 So all good. 🙂

      • Hey Sue,

        Perfect in every way, thank you, as we hope was yours?

        Today has gently trickled by without cause for concern or issue. We are trying to encourage a new member to join our murder of scarecrows at Raven’s 12….they are a self-taught draftsperson, artfully creative with pencil and paper and quite prolific. Their work serves as a therapeutic passion. Indeed one rarely sees their head lift from the page. We are hopeful they might participate eventually…some people need time and space to accommodate change and new ideas. For some the Internet is still a mystery: mention of publishing on WP for global viewing, that seems to blow minds. But we shall see what happens, keep fingers crossed.

        Wonderful to hear you were outdoors enjoying the allotment yesterday Sue…it was ideal weather for keen gardeners. Your hard work will pay off later in the year.

        Writing as Dewin Nefol, I sat for a while this afternoon watching folks toiling the soil of allotments neighbouring the cemetery. I was joined walking by a Spaniel called Charlie, who very occasionally accompanies me on a wander. Charlie is not mine…he’s merely borrowed for an hour or two when company is required. We went looking for Crow feathers to put in notebooks and did well collecting 7 nice wing feathers. Charlie had the biggest catch of the day landing a feather just short of 12 inches long. We lingered for a while trying to catch sight of the magical giant Corvidae from which it might have fallen. But suffice to say we departed disappointed and sadly none the wiser, we saw nothing more. However we will be back sometime soon. For now we are just happy owning such a magnificent feather. It is obsidian black with a deep midnight-blue, almost cobalt patina when it catches the skylight just right. Another treasure to cherish.

        Thank you for replying. Have a wonderful evening Sue. Take care

        Namaste 🙂

        DN and Raven’s 12

        P.S: Great to hear the technical issues are resolved. Good old Merlin lol 🙂

      • Yes good old Merlin.. 🙂 and although some others I still have an issue yours now is dissolved lol
        Your draftsperson would make a wonderful addition. As to the gift of the Crow feathers.. I can see in my minds eye those colours, I love how they change colour when catching the light.. So beautiful..
        And Charlie such a wonderful companion.. Have a Peaceful evening Dewin. 🙂

      • Hey Sue,

        Good old Merlin saved the day…he even managed to get the Latin mostly right as well. And without Archie’s help. Talking of whom…I’ve not seen him about for a while. Curious indeed, he’s usually close-by, perched at this early hour. Rumour has it he’s been bothered by Crows lately and is feeling a little displaced. Sulking again no doubt, you know how he is when in a huff.

        Regards Raven’s 12, I would be keen to have an artist join the scarecrows. There are poets but only a limited number of artists to compliment the existing pool of talent. They will be invaluable and hopefully be kept busy. Fingers crossed they’ll team up. There’s the gift of a feather and notebook waiting for them already, just have to come sign on the dotted line.

        Charlie is owned by a charming old couple living locally. He is impeccably well behaved for a springer but acknowledges his owner’s elderly years. When in their company his excitement is barely contained in static pose where he stays happily in a state of explosive happiness all day. When out and free, he is wild and unstoppable, a true force of nature. And yet so gentle and well behaved, he always stays very close. Great fun on a long walk, always so eager for the next hill!

        A quiet evening for me this evening thanks Sue. A chance to unwind and chill a little at chez Dewin. I hope your evening provided similar opportunity to still awhile.

        I have a sneaky feeling that Merlin may be putting in an unexpected appearance shortly. Maybe it’s just something in the air, but enchantment is afoot.

        Thank you for stopping by. Take care of one and all.

        Namaste 🙂


      • I will look forward to Merlins next appearance.. 🙂 and Charlie sounds a delightful companion to all.. 🙂 Look out for the Pingback today.. 🙂
        Have a pleasant Thursday

      • Hey Sue,

        Thank you Sue. Our hand-sown eyes are open and alert for pingbacks. Your kindness is appreciated.

        Perhaps Charlie will get his face on-line at some point in the future. A little camera shy he’ll need persuading with a doggy treat or two.

        Take care, enjoy a wonderful day.

        Namaste 🙂

        DN and Raven’s 12

  3. Hey Dewin, I hope you’re well 🙂

    Another epic instalment in an already epic poem. 🙂 It was a joy to read and to get caught up once more in this fabulous, flowing tale.

    My favourite few lines had to be:

    “Think nothing of it,” huffed Archimedes,
    “It’s what us owl-types do.”

    Great stuff! And now the end is in sight…how sad it will be to reach the conclusion of this grand, heroic adventure. The question is, what will you write once it’s finished?

    Wishing you bright blessings!

  4. Hey Sammi,

    A drizzle of fairy dust.
    A scrabble of drabble.
    From the tip of your feathered wand.
    Thank you for your dazzle.
    For your kind soft words.
    Lady Sammi Scribble.
    For Sizzle perhaps?
    For Her eyes to read?
    She’s still glowing red.
    Rouging at another mention.
    Blushing deeply for a hug.
    Flushing deeper still.
    Her Love.
    How are you Sammi?
    Is all still sweetly stirring..
    In the Cauldron of Your Life.
    Spring’s turning stirring?
    Yearning stirring Spice?”
    How are the cats?
    I hope.
    Still fawning for affection.
    And cake?
    Are you enjoying novel enterprise.
    I hope in all ways so lost.
    Cloud watching infinite skies.
    Pressed by lulling puffs.
    Always fading until last.
    An epic? Hmm.
    A tall tale told if you ask me!
    And no doubting one occasioned with errors.
    I’m fallible.
    Writing down what is said.
    I’m subject to loss and stray.
    But hey, I’ve tried my best.
    To write it as it was told to me.
    There are lines.
    Dropped notes.
    Wilting vines all over!
    Merlin is forgiving.
    Else turns and says to me.
    “Another mistake made apprentice?”
    “Next time use Katana!”
    “Or Hummingbird!”
    “Never one feather to split words.”
    “Else clogs will wear lines.”
    “Always blistering when worn.”
    “Rubbing unmercifully.”
    “Think carefully young Buccaneer.”
    “Next time!”
    “Use Katana!”
    I am flayed for far less by Merlin.
    Pick axe through my spinal cord.
    If ever I forget my Latin!
    Tis merciful being cut quickly.
    With his razor tongued word.
    Just teasing of course!
    As to favourite lines. Thank you for caring declaring sharing your thoughts and leaving them here for my ponder. My ponder to wander wondering not at all knowing although I do hear hint of a tale 🙂

    Merlin let slip his lip in error.
    You’ll recall he has that way.
    That sway about him.
    That play.
    When reaching for words.
    But only today.
    He walked beside me.
    Sharing his Magic.
    With Archie and I.
    Flying in my periphery.
    “Dewin,” said Merlin.
    “When Arcadia flows.”
    “Humankind grows.”
    “Flourishing Forests.”
    “And green Florets.”
    “And mystical Mango groves.”
    “If one neglects one seed.”
    “Else fails meet her need.”
    “Her sweet Mango freed.”
    “Will never know.”
    “More than shadow.”
    “And shade within the Earth.”
    “Merlin!” I spun excited some.
    “Look there upon the floor.”
    “Where?” He said.
    “Right there,” I said.
    And pointed a little more.
    “Well I do declare!” said Merlin.
    “What is it we have here?”
    “An acorn?”
    “No too flat.”
    “I see no press of a cup’s rim.”
    “It’s missing.”
    “The swell of her kernel more submarine.”
    “Clad purple brown hue.”
    “A shield in shape.”
    “Hmm?” He pondered.
    “Lychee” said Archie.
    “Thank you,” I said kneeling.
    Lifting this beauty from the floor.
    “Think nothing of it,” huffed Archimedes,
    “It’s what us owl-types do.”
    “For you.”
    “Thank you,” I said reeling.
    Standing learned in Love’s Lore.
    So this seed you see.
    In my pocket presently.
    Polished gently.
    She waits warming.
    Waiting for her Bonsai.
    In time forming.
    For me.
    The Poem.
    Thank you Sammi.
    Nearing the end.
    I have turned to the title.
    And shall call it The Wizard of Wands.
    It has already been claimed.
    By Lord Mercury.
    By Hg.
    It has been named.
    In looking further ahead.
    Hmm I do still wonder.
    To wander or ponder?
    Good question!
    But ahead is a place I will tread.
    When choices settle.
    One won.
    Two paths ahead.
    When two must be One .
    One pathway only.
    Home to One Sun
    To scurry hurry flurry else press quick word and impress blessings for your eve and Sunny Sunday.
    I do.
    Wish both sun and sunshine on you.

    Thank you for an inspiring visit. Lady Sammi Scribbles.

    Fair weather stirring
    Weather fair warming.
    Brushed cloud evening.
    Blushed tinted rouge.
    Flushing silver rushing
    Namaste 🙂


  5. Hey Dewin,

    Late is the hour upon which I call.
    To deliver a flyer from Hg.
    A fleeting visit for only thee.
    For one message carried merrily.
    I received a message form Jason.
    The Homeless chap.
    You mentioned at Sue Dreamwaker’s
    Just the other day.
    I believe his Red Dragons have a Blog.
    Freshly pressed today.
    Would you like the address?
    Three poems so far.
    I know there will be many more!

    Namaste my friend 🙂


  6. Hi Dewin. I did not see your later replies.. but WP has not been delivering some of them from various sites I comment upon. Hope you are enjoying the Sunnier weather as Spring gets underway.
    An Hour Less this evening, but an Hour more of Sun tomorrow..
    Wishing you well.
    Sue 🙂

    • Hey Sue,

      How are you doing?

      These recent sunnier days have been most welcome thanks Sue. Warmth in the sun has been a long time coming or so it sometimes feels here in Wales. I’ve just returned from three wonderful days with friends in Pembrokeshire. It was a delight visiting anyway, and polished by good weather and enjoyment of stone Caerns in the Preseli’s, two sightings of Red Kites, several Buzzards, and a little puppy (Westie) called Merlin.

      I was hoping a feather would fall as the raptors soared close overhead, but they held fast to their quills, perhaps for another time.

      I hope you are out and about else heading for the Derbyshire hills dales and trails journeying with Mother Nature?

      As to the clocks going back…I always sense the loss of that hour and never feel it is returned in the fall. I am sure to be late to work this week as a consequence. I was going to ask,,,,do you notice the time at all now or even comply with it having ‘removed the wrist-watch’ as you once suggested and returned to body-clock hours?

      Hoping your week is full of dreams coming true.

      Take care Sue.

      Namaste 🙂


      • Hi Dewin, sounds like you have been busy. We did drive out to Matlock the other day.. to my Uncles Diamond Wedding Anniversary.. 🙂 So still in the Derbyshire Dales.. 🙂
        The Sun was a welcome sight.. and planting got started with seeds going into the allotment..
        Sorry only just got around to revisiting my comment here, I do not always get them in my notifications.. which is a problem at times.. But good to hear back from you and all is well..
        Enjoy the rest of your week.
        Sue 🙂

      • Hey Sue,

        So pleased to hear you are venturing and adventuring. Matlock is a beautiful destination. And Diamond Weddings, well now that is quite an achievement: congratulations to the happy couple, still young after all these years.

        I shall hope to enjoy the rest of my week, thank you. It has begun well so far. Sunday being an enjoyable day to leave a buzz to last the week through.

        Thank you for visiting.

        Namaste 🙂


      • 🙂 Enjoy your weekend too Dewin, and I got this reply haha.. Such is the life of WP with disappearing comments.. Take care.. 🙂 and yes the happy couple are well.. 🙂

      • Hey Sue,

        “Excellent” chuckled Merlin musing a small smile.

        Should your cyber-adventuring encourage you to visit a new destination, it would be good to see you at Gallbloggers: a homeless person’s Dolmen where the Scarecrows and I hang out 🙂

        Until next time Sue…loaf long and prosper. And as always, take good care of one and all.

        Namaste 🙂


  7. Hello Dewin,

    I see here is another marvelous chapter of your epic poem.
    Do you have an outline for your poem? A link to one?

    Merlin’s internal story about Mercury and Aphrodite shows that Merlin has a soft spot for the classic love story. Oh, don’t we all talk to Merlin from time to time, and watch him scratch his head, or trail off momentarily, into another start of his smart heart. I, too, love your part on Archimedes, our dear owl. In all of it, altogether, so many feathers have been flying around, and a few rested on the mind here in this tale. Each one a potential wielded wand, a wand for wielding with which enchantment is ever so exponential.

    As there are many wonderfully inspired lines that you do neatly pen, I do resolve up to the following ending and subsequent lead-in for the continuation of your art with the forepart: “‘..[R]esolute are we to answer Camelot’s call, for her song has never faded.'” How wonderfully intact is the fellowship, and how curious is that ink that unfurls and burls and leads the way.

    Peace and Love,

  8. Hey Ka,

    What a pleasure it is to have you visit, thank you. Another petal calmly penned and left to fall at Dewin’s. As ever I am grateful for your encouragement and readership. Your ‘presence’ here always brings kindness and generosity, intrigue and enquiry, and something else as well….something found nestled between the words. I appreciate and find worth in all five, thank you Ka, you are always so artfully creative.

    Well now, you ask about an outline for the poem. That in itself is a a huge question and I don’t really know where to begin answering it. Perhaps it would be better to ask if I will plan a story outline now that I am largely resided to continue it towards an ultimate conclusion. The answer to that would be, yes, loosely I know what I would like to include in the story….there is need of a meta-narrative, an over-arching construct: the story must hang remotely on something bigger (all stories do, even our’s 🙂 ) The story’s detailing is however often superfluous when I write, it is a consideration taking care of itself…Merlin leads the way, gives me opening line and last word and squeezes me into a more confining box lol …or perhaps Merlin has done so up until now – once the intrepid trio exit the tunnels, then perhaps the Buccaneer might take the story lead, who knows? 🙂 The minutiae within the story spring forth by themselves as too the circumstance and situation the characters find themselves in, and thus the dialogue is always ad-lib, impromptu and never engineered or predetermined either. In progressing the story, the meta-narrative would be for regime change in Camelot, the removal of Morgana and Modred and the reinstatement of a new monarch. The scope for this narrative is infinite, but the destination is assured, and assuring…there is a very feint and distant light at tunnel’s far-away end. In the following instalment, Hg, Lord Mercury outlines his proposal to the Buccaneer for the forthcoming adventure. The last lines of this are nearly finished and the artwork all-but-done. Ideally I would have had it posted already, but I’ve had the pleasure of assisting ‘friends’ with a new blog at Gallybloggers….a home for creative scarecrows created by contributions from highly creative Homeless people. I am thoroughly enjoying participating amongst them.

    I know you have already visited Gallybloggers Ka, thank you so much for appreciating what is presented. I imagine you came by way of Sue Dreamwalker’s blog…her support has also been tremendously encouraging to all at Raven’s 12 who have contributed to to Gallybloggers thus far. The site is growing and I hope will progress to include other types of writing. Your readership is valued, you are a fine poet yourself…and I see published as well. Congratulations, a little belated though they may be 🙂 You must be thrilled and eager to press more?

    Regards the writing process…I recall once reading on a blog site, perhaps it was at Blue Bluebutterflies, regarding the mind’s capacity for both conscious and consciously unconscious thought to happen be processed concurrently….the notion that whilst focused and fully engaged in one activity, or mind-set, we have capacity to consciously attend to unconscious thoughts as well. I imagine this is a simplistic recall of something far more eloquently put, but I think what this means is that we can simultaneously be open to conscious reality and dream states at the same time. Of late I have found this happening more and more…the back-burner is simmering on the stove-top whilst the main-hotplate is boiling a pan. There are many occasions when one world bleeds into the other, when senses are presently occupied and alert yet also knowingly gathering input and processing information for something else equally as present. Energies are always intermingling, mixing, moving, shifting one to the other as events unfurl in the day. It leads to some strange and curious moments when one’s mind is listening to Merlin babble on about something important whilst buying a cheeseburger…

    ‘Have a nice day’ said she keeping pace.
    Sugared smile never leaving her face.
    ‘Indeed.’ said I, ‘it’s so full of grace.’
    ‘Camelot is a magnificent place.’

    I left leaving cautious confusion on a still fixed smile, a giggle echoing behind me as conversation was shared, and walked off into the morning sunshine. At my next visit sweetly giggling Lady Tina served me again and remembered the previous comment. ‘Merlin,’ she teased, ‘how is Camelot today my lurv?’ I smiled at her inflection quietly stirred by the compliment, knowing inside of how little she really knew of who was most prevalent in my thoughts.

    You talk fondly of Archie, thank you. I find him a little like marmite: ultimately enjoyed after debating its taste for a while lol 🙂 He is rather clinical and precise and his comments incisive. A little too aerated for my liking sometimes, too aloof and dispassionate on occasion but always loyal to the cause, to Merlin, and to Camelot, and gratefully to the Buccaneer who is in his caring charge. Archie is perhaps far less padded as a character than say Jimmy Cricket yet he sort of serves a similar purpose being the subtle voice of reason to Merlin’s more circumnavigating more remote words. I have grown to love Archimedes, his feathers may be tinged a little grey, his frown a bit to severe but he’s an oracular Sage, a generous wit when needed and a ferocious force of nature when offended or defending one and all. However, my personal preference is writing for Merlin…he’s far more buccaneer orientated I think, charmingly wayward and still sagacious and wizardly forceful, but he has an edge of mischief about him born from experience that infuses his commentary with more wit, slip, slide, and slices more of himself. He has history, great depth of character and legendary status. I like him for his subtle edge of naughtiness…he retains the Magic of his adventurous, wondrous inner child, yet conducts himself with noble intention and wisdom. Archie has these qualities of course and many back-stories to tell, although one hears so little of those tales these days.

    Merlin has a soft spot for a love story, of course he does. He loves to feel loved, don’t we all? He is ancient, has seen many wondrous things in his life and shared and participated in some of them as well. He has known love and participated in that as well. Sadly it bound him to a path where in attending Kingly deeds he lost his Wizard’s sway, and maybe his way as well. Regards his story to the Buccaneer, perhaps he was around when Mercury met Aphrodite and had first hand account of it? Or perhaps he invented the story just for the Buccaneer’s young ear? Perhaps he even placed his guidance into a story that encouraged balance and harmony with mindful intention and focus to explain how passion evolves with Love and Thought when they are in unity expressing as one. It is the basis of any Wizard’s highest stay and a lesson for the Buccaneer to understand. Merlin always tries to be an education: the Buccaneer’s quest has required it and will always continue to require it. He will always remain the apprentice to Merlin’s mastery. However, one might wonder what would happen to the Buccaneer if anything untoward were to ever happen to Merlin. Would he be ready to confront far bigger trouble ahead without him? Hmmm.

    Do I have a link to a story? Not sure what you mean entirely, but I will offer the following answer, Merlin? I am not certain where he gets his information from, probably higher Wizards no doubt. Hg perhaps? 🙂

    Many feathers have fallen or flourished during the story, whether plucked, plumed, bloomed, picked-up or presented, each has written its own lines. I believe that is the way of all quills…each falls from a different bird and has its own character pertaining to that variety of bird. For example, one sees a Wag behave very differently to a Swan. The former is flighty and flitting fervently fixating on insects always dashing racing chasing. A Swan is serene, noble, regal, decisive, graceful, slow, elegant in flight and upon water and an altogether different bird. One imagines for each, their poetry would reflect their manner, their form fashioned from the cut of their feather’s shape. Have you ever held a Swan’s feather or a feather of equal size? They are huge, bigger and heavier than expected. It is a feather that finds its own balance in the hand long before it ever lets you know its flutter. A swan’s feather has a very distinct poise in the hand it is un-nerving with its power. You see, I enjoy moving different feathers through the air at various speeds and feeling how each of them responds to the air in their own unique way. A swan’s feather has amazing strength and force of lifting power. I cannot imagine how an Eagle’s wing-feather would feel when held either in the hand or tested for flight. The very thought brings excited goose-bumps 🙂

    And lastly Ka, thank for selecting favourite lines whilst reflecting upon others with kind comment. I try my best to record the story as well as I am able whenever Merlin comes by and sits a while to talk. Absent of late I’ve no idea where he may have been but I am so pleased he decided to show up late in 2015. It’s a lot of fun and hard hard-work having him around. He demands so much but offers far more.

    It’s been enjoyable replying to your comment Ka. Thank you again for visiting. I trust all is well in all ways with you and both Love and happiness are triumphant rulers in your life. You ‘sound’ happy on your blog, and here in your comment, thoughtful and sincere. One small thought crosses my mind….do your petals fall in slightly different shades throughout the year as you follow the seasons within you? Oh, and one last question….what is your favourite feather Ka?

    Your Sunday is perhaps half over already, but the weekend is far from done. I hope it has brought success and fulfilment thus far and will oblige further with rest peace and room to breathe before the new week commences.

    Take good care Ka for always in all ways.

    Namaste 🙂


    Please visit Gallybloggers at

    I have been listening to this 1986 Iron Maiden track. I thought I’d leave it here for others to enjoy a little UK Metal.

    ~ Wasted Years ~ Written by ~ Adrian Frederick Smith ~ Performed by Iron Maiden ~
    From the coast of gold, across the seven seas
    I’m traveling on, far and wide
    But now it seems, I’m just a stranger to myself
    And all the things I sometimes do, it isn’t me but someone else
    I close my eyes, and think of home
    Another city goes by, in the night
    Ain’t it funny how it is, you never miss it til it’s gone away
    And my heart is lying there and will be til my dying day
    So understand
    Don’t waste your time always searching for those wasted years
    Face up, make your stand
    And realize you’re living in the golden years
    Too much time on my hands, I got you on my mind
    Can’t ease this pain, so easily
    When you can’t find the words to say, it’s hard to make it through another day
    And it makes me want to cry, and throw my hands up to the sky
    So understand
    Don’t waste your time always searching for those wasted years
    Face up, make your stand
    And realize you’re living in the golden years
    Written by Adrian Frederick Smith ~ Copyright © Universal Music Publishing Group.
    Presented on Google Play Music.
    Video published on Youtube.

    • Hi Dewin,

      When I asked about your outline, you wrote, “Well now, you ask about an outline for the poem. That in itself is a a huge question and I don’t really know where to begin answering it. Perhaps it would be better to ask if I will plan a story outline now that I am largely resided to continue it towards an ultimate conclusion.” What I meant, is that after writing your epic poem, do you have an outline that shows this and that chapter, and this or that Act, as it falls into a framework? I was looking for a “map” to see the whole piece of writing. In my own experience, this comes after the piece is written, or sometimes before, but it is usually edited along the way. Is the question I asked before clearer now? It’s really an aid for the reader that I am asking to see if you happen to have on file. The reason why I ask is that in the preceding paragraphs you inform the reader about the parts in the past that were already written. If someone new comes across your blog, they will be able to see at an eye’s glance where they have tuned into your story – with an outline (that perhaps has links) to those parts that you published already. Truly, you may ignore my suggestion.

      I’m happy about your Gallbloggers project, Dewin – how awesome that you have done this for the community. I’ll have to visit it again when I can! Yes, I did publish my book, and it felt a challenging task, but it managed to happen, somehow. As you wrote, “You must be thrilled and eager to press more?” Though I am thrilled, I’m not eager to press for more. I have much too much to do otherwise. Sometimes, though, in my wilder dreams, I do imagine pressing for more. 🙂 After all, yes, I believe this, “we can simultaneously be open to conscious reality and dream states at the same time,” as you may have re-written but nonetheless pointed to in your own words. Your part about Merlin and the cheeseburger hand-off happening at the same time was amusing. You were talking about Merlin babbling. I was also enjoying your elucidation of the relationship between Merlin and the Buccaneer, and your stated preference for writing for Merlin. He’s a good guy – classic! Why not? You were replying about a link to story, my question? I don’t remember that in my original response/question to you. I’ll have to track back, and see what I might have meant.

      I have not played with a Swan’s feather! Now….. I hope I get to, someday! Given, of course, that the swan willingly offers this experience.

      You asked: “do your petals fall in slightly different shades throughout the year as you follow the seasons within you? Oh, and one last question….what is your favourite feather Ka?

      Yes, my petals are varied, but I don’t think they change with the seasons, I think they cycle quickly. I tend to be a little bit Phoenix- y. How about you, Dewin?
      Hmmmm…. my favorite feather: there’s blue jay and there’s red-tailed hawk. I have been receiver of several of these, crow and mocking bird…. I really can’t choose, Dewin! Favorites for me come in, and then I have concurrent favorites, you know what I mean?

      SO, I’m stumped; what does the Iron Maiden song, “Wasted Years” mean to you? The lyrics are interesting. I’ve heard of Iron Maiden before, but never really listened. Thanks for sharing.

      Best and always be blessed, Ka

      • Hey Ka 🙂

        Windblown I arrive on the swirling breeze still spinning like a Scarab’s birthing ball. 🙂

        Ah, I see, you meant links to other chapters of the poem, like a contents list. I am sorry to have misinterpreted what was written and heading off on a keyboard hammering half a page blabbering on about approaches to writing. Doh! 🙂 It is an excellent idea you have come up with Ka, and one also proposed to me by my blogging friend John who emailed with much the same notion. I shall take due heed of your advice and perhaps add an entire index to the bottom of each poem in the epic. Thank you to both for the tip, it is also an idea i’ll take forward to the next story. I think mention in comments of previously written episodes coincided with discussion on when I get to do the art work and how sometimes I have written ahead and then need to back-track my thinking to consider the art. It is tricky to perpetuate the storyline and at the same time accommodate thinking towards artwork for past moments in the story. I am not sure how best to overcome this as a concern going forward but I will find a resolution and means to complete one chapter before moving on.

        Thank you again for kind and generous comment about Gallybloggers. The postings have slowed for the immediate period, numbers within Ravens 12 have fallen as folk move on in one way or another and I have lost contact with the people I used to see more frequently. In time I will find others to contribute and hope to keep interest going as best we are able. Regards your publication – I consider it a marvellous achievement, one to be very proud of, and one that can be ticked off the bucket list on your life list of ‘must-do’s’, but never say never Ka, you have one mountain climbed already and will rise for the next peak when the call of the wild whispers in your writers ear. Who knows, perhaps your writing and your poetry will provide a mechanism by which you can express your paid work as a holistic healer and practioner. There is always so much more to find out within ourselves and that in itself is a journey of discovery that brings the right rewards at the right time because we chose to make the right choices to invest our passion where we were guided…the breadth of your spiritual knowledge and life experiences extend beyond the technical demands of your chosen profession and you could write forever on matters relating them all together as one. The world is always your oyster.

        Regards the enjoyment of writing for different characters and my preference for Merlin as opposed to the Buccaneer: Merlin is no longer writing the story but the Soothsayer is so it will interesting to see if my perspective changes and I find myself warming to other cast members. I also have no firm idea which character will present themselves for the central role in the story: it doesn’t have to be the Buccaneer anymore as he has now become the Soothsayer, so the post of main protagonist is still up for grabs. 🙂

        (I think the referral to ‘links’ was a confusion now unpacked and resolved and related to a contents list for the chapters of the poem 🙂 )

        Hmm a little Phoenix-y eh? 🙂 I can understand how that works when you’ve a mind so inquisitive, sensitive, eager yet disciplined it can discern, embrace, reject, adopt, adapt and advance so quickly. And yet I know you also find ways to still and silence the race and rush of life to go exploring both top and root of life’s majestic tree. You are a phenomenon Ka, a force of nature, and the holder of many wonderful gifts. As for me, I am affected by the movement of seasons, sometimes subtly, sometimes more directly such as periods of disquiet throughout the dark cold winter months and/or a more calm and open disposition during the spring and summer. But in general terms I tend to respond to life on a daily basis – the UK does not have clearly defined seasons and lots of rain – and take each day as it comes.

        Your choice of feathers are excellent. I have only just encountered the Blue Jay per se, it having found a way into my understanding after visiting Cindy Knoke’s site and being thrilled by the photograph she had posted of Blue Jay. Stunning little birds, quite beautiful in everyway and a delight to the eye. They remind me of the ‘brighter side’ of magpies and other members of the corvidae family, the happy aspect to their more black and white fashion. I would love to own a Blue Jay feather, and indeed a Red Kite feather would be a marvellous thing as well. That you’ve been the recipient of these feathers speaks volumes…they are never blessed to just anyone you know 🙂 I know exactly what you mean about concurrent favourites and concurrent concurrent favourites as well – when spoilt for choice and faced with so many wonderful varieties of feathered wands it is nigh on impossible to opt for just one. Each comes with the spirit of its owner intact and as such each has its own beauty to reveal if given a flutter. 🙂

        You know Ka I’ve sat here and thought about the Iron Maiden song for an age and I cannot fathom exactly what it is that appeals to me. Perhaps it is the mystery of not being able to identify the critical factor in the tune that prevails and has me play it on loop as an attempt to understand it better. But I think that would be too insipid an answer to wash. The lyrics suggest at a never ending journey, perhaps the one taken through life, and defined I think by stages with each stage a chance to embrace new challenge by rising to beat it as we walk along the road of life. The wasted years are not the years taken to get to where we are but the time lost in trying to understand them, or walking away from them, when instead we might do better to accept we are a product of those years and now ready to improve with the very next challenge. I also think the song reflects on our search for ourselves in much the same way as Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist stories the physical search for treasure (a ‘home’) that we eventually find within ourselves after years walking away from it. In that way, the song encourages a contemplation, realisation and acceptance of self. But seriously I don’t know…music is a subjective experience and we each will find our own interpretation. By way of shaking up the track list, I have been listening to Disney songs of late and find as much enjoyment in those as I do the most stirring of instrumental pieces or rousing band performances. If the song touches the heart it’ll stay forever. Thanks for listening and appreciating it in your own way 🙂

        I don’t know quite where the time goes whilst chatting away with you Ka, but it is close to 3am in the morning and I must away until the break of day and catch a few Zzzzzzz’s 🙂 My Saturday afternoon/evening has been most enjoyable as I hope yours will be when it arrives. Thank you for dropping petals, stirring thoughts, prompting interesting discussion and inner/outer dialogue, and for being a dear friend in the process. You sing with a merry melody that stills me calms me and has me focus on the next rung up on the ladder climbing skywards. Thank you 🙂

        I will bid thee a wonderful weekend and hope the upcoming week brings best wishes to fruition in ways you have only ever dared to dream of 🙂

        Namaste 🙂


      • Thank you 😀 And for you Ka, sweet dreams for when you get to the merry old Land of Zzzzz….a place of evergreen wonder always brimming with magic and enchantment.

        I am being a little bit naughty and having another five minutes before bedtime to conclude replies, sip a last sup of tea and digest a chocolate biscuit of two…my post midnight snacks are becoming meals in themselves 🙂 Besides which, I couldn’t end the day without having the last word in a comment lol 🙂

        Happy dreams Ka….enjoy your party in the stars 🙂

        Sleep well. Namaste 🙂


  9. Dare I leave mere words
    Not phrased in verse?
    Lost in a journey already begun,
    To the story spun, I’m not averse.

    That is to say, coming into an epic poem part way through presented a challenge. I’m no expert, but I like your verse that tells a mighty tale. Bravo!

  10. Hey John,

    How are you doing? Welcome to chez Dewin, the site upon which I moon-light from Gallybloggers. Shhh never tell the Scarecrows of my extra-curricula activities here, I’ll be usurped by Raven’s 12.

    Wonderful to have you stop-by my friend and dare to leave a line expertly spun and lost to journey phrased as poesy and not mere words but prose arose as verse not adverse to a tall tale told from the fold of a blog’s virtual pages. What delight when might meets epic to the tune of bravo, when conquest overcomes challenge and kind comments flow, when your pen kind sir nay your laptop’s quill wields her will and striking keys to please posts compositions lyrically. Thank you John, your consideration and appreciation are warmly received, your prose the icing on a kind comment. I like the cut of your nib sir.

    Grateful also to have you accompany the Buccaneer whilst we seek to finish his next instalment. A little behind with the preparation on that, but high hopes for posting shortly. Fingers and feathers crossed.

    Hoping your afternoon passed beneath the arriving presence of warm spring sunshine. It is a most beautiful time of year, a season to capitalise upon nature’s vitality in preparation for a sizzling summer ahead. Your chances in Canada are possibly far, far better than mine, but one lives in hope.

    Take care in all ways.

    Namaste 🙂


  11. Ah, yes, the magical ink! This is my favorite part: “Good words ought be brought to the light of dark,
    ‘tis why good words are written!” ~Indeed~ your good words are brought to light here!

    • Hey CB from BC,

      It’s a delight to have you visit and offer a choice word or two in response to the poem. Thank you for your generosity and appreciation of the poem.

      Very pleased you enjoyed the magical ink as much as Merlin and his comrades did. Good old Mercury always has a trick or two up his sleeve that adds to his enchantment and shine. He’d never had abandoned the journeymen on such an important quest, and indeed left the Ink-Stone with Merlin right from the very beginning already knowing it would serve a use. Such a clever insightful fellow, one wonders how he knows quite so much as he does: could it be it is because he is always in touch with a higher authority who grants him vision? I will have to ask and report back on his answer. Until then, I’ll trust and hope that he and Merlin continue to share friendship and the magic of indelible inky words with each other, and more importantly with me!

      Thank you once again for stopping by Christy. My apologies for a late response, my time has not been mine to manage successfully of late, so I am playing a little catch up as best I can. Hoping the grass is greener on your side of the small puddle CB and that your quill is flourishing lines and bringing your own work to fruition. I imagine you have many untold stories yet to tell and wish you well with concluding them all.

      Thank you again for visiting and commenting. Until next time…

      Take care in all ways for always,

      Namaste 🙂


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