Air and Water

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Act 2 of Natura Naturans is titled Air and Water and continues the intrepid adventure of the wayward Buccaneer, Merlin, Archimedes and Gaslite Zee as they journey onwards together through the darkness of underground tunnels towards their final destination, Camelot.

Act 1, Fire and Earth, which precedes this post, concluded with the ghost of the Buccaneer stepping foot upon a virgin isle and delighting in the exquisite beauty of Nature’s sumptuous dream. In reality however, he is asleep, bound and buckled to a make-shift raft, and being towed upstream by Merlin and Archimedes towards Rainbow Ravine and a proposed rendezvous at Severn Fold Road. Merlin who has foreseen danger on their path is most anxious to make haste and deliver their party to contrived safety beyond the extended reach of Morgana Le Faye. He carries the fabled Ink-Stone belonging to Mercury, an item he is keen to return to the winged messenger at his earliest opportunity…


~ Chapter 5 ~

~ Natura Naturans ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~

~ Act 2 ~ Air and Water ~


Deep within fissures of fallen black stone,

darkness rippled her swarthy drape.

Deadly, dastardly, dark and deathly, emerged

Darkly Sparkle’s devilish shape.


She slunk and slithered across midnight glissade,

and slid sensuously upon the shore.

Silently slipping, quietly quickening, she

slid serpentine onto cavern floor.


Athwart shadows She pressed her oil slick scales,

and glided towards Gaslite Zee.

She surveyed her prey from rock’s deepest shade,

concealed within dark ebony.


Zee dozed and dazed within his guiding glow,

and cast his beam down-stream.

His Gaslite vein had wound on down,

since tattle had turned to dream.


Late was the hour after long tiring miles,

and their passage had worked a charm.

Zee had flickered ahead, his light to shed,

and Merlin had kept them from harm.


T’was Archie’s affable wit, and tweeting twooo,

which had kept their spirits elevated.

From up on high, his vociferous cry,

had kept tired hearts motivated.


For seven hours, the merry minstrel played,

with no line lost, or note ill-stayed.

For seven hours his inflecting repertoire,

echoed high above centre stage.


Merlin had mused as he wandered this day,

caught in deep thought at Archie’s tale.

Most he’d remembered from times long ago,

when prose rose upon Avalon’s Isle.


Recalling her spell left him vulnerable,

such was his love for her misted veil.

Into her fabled realm he’d strayed and stayed,

charmed by her legendary tale.


“Avalon, my Lady ” Merlin had sighed,

each time Archie recounted her fame.

And crossed his heart and touched his lips,

each time poetry whispered her name.


T’was where he fell for Nimhue’s aqueous gaze,

and filled his scarlet heart.

T’was where he drowned in her submarine maze,

and failed his purple craft.


Her melody, her mood, her mulberry mauve,

her imperial poise and lilac rose.

His fair sweet Nimuhe, whose intoxicating balm,

would always haunt his darkly prose.


Zee wavered lazily, in dreams’ reverie,

snug in a nook of the cavernous wall.

T’was all well to dwell in slumber ville,

whilst deep water ran calmly still.


Away in the distance, Dalbergia sighed,

her glow a whisper upon the air.

With sensuous grace, she revealed her face,

in faint blush of strawberry flare.


T’was moment when scaly demon stirred, and

surged from her shadowy hide!

T’was moment when the recumbent Zee,

found no crook in which to slide!


Dark jaws opened wide, from above she dived,

like an angel of whispering death.

Zee’s flaming fright was a last flickering light,

as Darkly Sparkle snuffed out his breath


Shadow swiftly swarmed to compound his plight,

and sealed off the Gaslite vein.

With no gaseous chain spreading swift prattling,

Zee’s last words were screamed in vain.


Darkly Sparkle coiled her oil-slick form, and

squeezed the light right out of Zee.

Each lingering death brought ethereal delight,

for Morgana’s unearthly zombie.


She spilled from the crevice as melting wax,

a single drop of liquid night.

Upon the ground, she pooled and purled, and

dissolved the puckish sprite.


Flowing away, she followed the fall,

down path to ravine’s twisted turn.

T’was where her hordes waited, at bend of stream,

for Merlin and comrades to burn…

~ + ~

Sunlight bathed the glade of my precious Isle,

life serenaded in voluptuous green.

Long languid gazes, thro’ lazy hazy mazes,

as the ghost of I waltzed with his Queen.


Ending my avenue of golden wheat sheaves,

lay a pathway of burnished stone.

It dwindled away through prismatic shades,

to a Willow copse growing alone.


I quickened my pace over firmer ground,

and hastened for the Willowy thicket.

Parting the Sallow, I discovered a pond,

laying ‘silent as a silent cricket’.


Her glade was bathed in sun-kissed wonder,

Her gown a crown of scintillating green.

She stole my breath, stalled my heart,

with beauty I had never seen.


Upon her calm, no ripple stirred,

no ringlet bubbled forth.

Her mirroring sheen was mesmerizing,

reflecting the sum of Nature’s worth.


Languorous she lazed beneath a cloudless sky,

her pool cast vivid blue.

From sloping banks the tilting Willow bowed,

to dream in her dreaming hue.


Tall Oak and Elm, and Pine and Lime,

stood firmly rooted to the ground.

Vibrant Nature bustled, her vivid leaves rustled,

and yet, there was no sound.


“Still is the water when my fears are unfounded.”

“Ancient is the land when my feet stay grounded.”

“Eternal is the moment when my heart is astounded.”

“Infinite is the sky when my dreams are unbounded.”


Tentatively I stepped to water’s glinting edge,

with my heart suddenly all a stutter.

To either side of my timid stride,

a kaleidoscope of butterflies did flutter.


I watched and waited as they flurried away,

and gave chase through adorning light.

Across the water the rabble rushed,

with flicker in their flittering flight.


To farthest shore sped the flashing swarm,

and settled in polychromatic pose.

Upon each leaf and stem, every colour shone,

to adorn Love’s sweet Gild Rose.


Beguiling, bewitching, her bloom gazed at me, and

deeply I fell into her red reverie.

Flushed with blush, I pinked and purled, quite

overwhelmed by her energy.


To my side as I cried sweet tears of release,

floated two forms with ethereal grace.

One bright with light, one dark as night,

but both of angelic face.


“Fair fabled Rose, sweet budding bloom,

whose centre is spun misted gold.”

‘Tis around her eternally spiralling heart,

where your delicate petals unfold.”


“Beholding her charm, her enticing allure,

draws your eye evermore deeply within.”

“Her coiled frond path leads to her heart, and

will return you to where you begin.”


“When my Passion burns, I sweeten her flower,

by quickening the thrill of her heart.”

“When my Love heals, I propagate her flower,

by perpetuating her annual new start.”


“We Love, we Live, our Beauty ceaselessly gives,

our fervour flows within all veins.”

“When I am your Passion, when She, your Love,

our Grace doth bring rich gains.”


T’was at waters edge where I stood and gazed,

across the pond to her scarlet blaze.

“Passion’s Loving flower with your rose tinted bloom,

‘tis my heart you will always consume.”


I sensed Love’s company leave unexpectedly,

and hasten quickly away.

I saw my dear rose close her open heart, and

from her side the butterflies start.


I saw towering trees tops suddenly bend and sway,

I saw tall grasses snap and splay.

I watched wild Nature fall into wild disarray,

I cowered as deep darkness pushed back the day.


A shadow passed swiftly across the veil,

on swarthy wings of raven night.

Its form settled upon a posted crown,

and stole away my light.


“Seeker of quills!” crowed Morgana Le Faye,

with shrill and crowing cry.

“Behold, Merlin’s fool, who approaches my pool,

without pretty wings to gratify!”


“Have I not tempted to tease, and attempted to try,

and promised one day to make you fly?”

“Yet you desert your dreams for an ancient worm,

without ever once asking, why?”


“The sweet rose that grows in your rosy eyes,

will root you to the floor.”

“But the rose that grows in my darkly eyes,

will lift you for evermore.”


“Tis never to late to change your sway,

and feather your wings another way.”

“Tis never to late to reach for the sky,

so come Buccaneer, I’ll make you fly!”


The ghost of I diminished and dimmed,

my dappled colour scuttled to grey.

I darkened deathly shade of ashen bone,

as my spirit was burnt away.


There was no flaming pyre, no Phoenix fire,

no flash of light at tunnels end.

There was no loving grace, no redeeming face,

no Wizard to call my friend.


My fire swiftly changed from an emerald flame,

to one cast with a ravening blue.

For fast pressing thro’ my famished frame,

was a flash of petroleum hue!


T’was brief the gleam of fiery green,

burning my remnants for kindle.

Her cobalt blue flame returned again,

and had my colour dwindle.


Blackened and charred, my spirit scarred,

my form barely more than cinder.

About me lay Nature, with fair glory marred,

as if savaged by perpetual winter.


“Look down, my sweet handsome Prince,

and reflect in my mirroring pool.”

“Those feathers of which you have always dreamt,

are now worn by your wishing fool.”


By Willow bank, I turned slowly around,

and withered down towards the ground.

Was this last moment, last felling wound,

or pool where dreams were found?


The ghastly edge of a ghostly wing,

feathered within my view.

T’was mauled and matted, twisted and tattered, and

cast an obsidian blue.


“Oh my!” crowed Morgana, “see how you shine!”

“With your patina of ravening glitter!”

“Tis well to swell with blushing pride,

for it sets my heart a twitter!”


“Would you have fared so well, to this beautiful end,

had Merlin dispensed your hell?”

“Would you have travelled this far, for wings of flight,

had I not dispensed your spell?”


“And now with you free, from your own tragedy,

am I able to feel your true measure.”

“So come Buccaneer, come fly with me, and

share unbounded pleasure together.”


As I knelt on the floor, laid bare to my core,

my mind wavered with revulsion.

But as I gazed in the pool, at my feathery fool,

t’was deep lust I felt for my vision.


I arose without turning, my cobalt eyes burning,

my fledgling wings extended for flight.

In twilight I stood, a magnificent sight,

a Dark Prince rising on darkly night!


“My sweet Prince,” cooed Morgana, “my dear darkly dove,

aren’t your Raven wings quite all you love!”

“In time you will forget about your life above, and

the foolish illusions you once dreamt of.”


She paused her spiel and approached the grove,

dragging her darkness across my alcove.

“All this,” she gestured, “is my rich treasure trove,

and yours in the name of my love.”


Her nebulous Demon, in black thorny trim,

flew an arc to the other shore.

“Come Buccaneer,” she seductively teased,

let me show you to something more.”


T’was a mere short glide to pond’s farther side,

but this was my inaugural first flight!

Far down had I travelled, to be so unravelled,

and yet, still rise to such glorious heights!


Sweet was the feat of my first wing-beat,

when my feet lifted off the floor!

With every next beat, came sweeter feats,

until I ached for more and more!


I hovered at low height, a little above the ground,

with my wings beating a steady pulse.

Already the floor was a bore, and walking a chore,

t’was merely something more to repulse!


I caught full sight of my kingly flight,

as I floated above blackly pool.

To lustful delight, I saw the lustre of night,

and knew I was no longer the Fool!


As onyx was I, carved chiselled and hewn, and

polished to an unearthly shine.

I was elegant and sleek, with Underworld mystique,

and such fancy was rightfully mine.


At last free to soar, to find so much more,

I took full measure of my flighty treasure.

To vast heights I soared, to faster speeds I roared,

unbounded in my limitless pleasure.


In silken star-shine, I topped-out of a climb,

and cast a long glance below.

Underworld lay serene, within folds of dark dreams,

and nightmare’s pallid after-glow.


“Hasten, sweet Prince,” Morgana pleaded, from

her pitchy perch on farthest shore.

“There is time enough to enjoy your toys,

but I must lead you to something more.”


So eager to please, I came flurrying down,

and curled the well of the pool.

My inaugural first flight, had been ecstatic delight,

I felt taller for the fall of my fool.


Morgana let slip her atramentous attire,

for a fashion of passion and pain.

Her scarlet black light, was of predatory night,

as she led me on further again.


I followed her scent, as would a faithful hound,

trailing a path where her feathers fell.

I stepped into shadow, for love I had found,

knowing in my heart all was well.


Deeper shadows distend, utter darkness extends, and

I was consumed by seamless night.

Where once I’d take fright, to be without sight,

being without light, now felt so right.


When from above there came a sudden glimmer,

a solitary beam of moonstruck glitter.

One shard of light, milk-white and bright,

cast down its crystal flicker.


I watched my Queen grace silken beam,

and dance in her pool of light.

Oh fantastical night, of never-ending delight!

Never had I imagined such sight!


“Come hither for your pleasure,” she softly purred,

reaching out with her passerine claw.

“Come hither for my pleasure,” she gently lulled,

“come dance with me upon the floor.”


In sight of her gaze, I was lost in my daze,

and found in the blaze of her haze.

I took one lively step, one giant stride,

to be with my love, to stand by her side…


But there was no floor!

No blackened ground!

Just a bottomless hole,

extending down and down…

and down and down…

and down…and down.

~ + ~

Merlin was tiring, his strength failing away,

indeed, it had been a most arduous day.

And yet through it all, the Buccaneer lay,

wrapped in his shrouds of lifeless grey.


Sissoo’s flittering flame, suddenly flickered and fell,

fluttering to become a mere quiver.

With haste, Merlin pulled taut his tether, tugging

their raft to edge of the river.


Archie who sensed a foul change in the air,

had landed to reel his lash in.

With a whispered voice he quietly announced,

“We’re surrounded by Morgana’s Djinn.”


At once Merlin reached for his flaming wand,

and flashed Sissoo’s indomitable fire.

Scarlet light, scorching bright, took rapid flight,

and scythed across the mire.


Shadow drifted, shade shifted, turned and twisted,

but still evil amassed her horde.

With venomous zeal came her slashing blades,

dripping death from every sword.


Ferocity fanned fiend’s frightful fire,

as she cleaved away the light.

And drawing closer towards Merlin’s wand,

struck fast with blinding bite.


“Merlin!” screeched Archie, anticipating the strike,

but to late to intervene.

Shadow stung hard at Sissoo’s ruby red hue,

and hurled her to Hell’s ravine.


“No!” Merlin howled with pain tearing his heart,

as his beloved was ripped away.

“Sissoo!” he wailed, “My darling Sissoo!”

“I will pray for your soul on this day!”


Shade poured her horde upon Merlin’s gown,

with intention to inflict cruel pain.

Anguish savaged his heart and ravaged his frown,

in grieving waves again and again.


In mournful moment, Darkly Sparkle uncoiled,

a fierce fury within wrathful fray.

With Dalbergia undone, with enchantment far flung,

Darkly was assured her Wizardy prey.


Through swathing swarms of swarthy Shade,

She came with malicious force.

Sweet kiss of death with deadly intent, to

take Merlin below river’s course.


With fangs distended, She thrashed her flail,

and rippled dark night upon her trail.

Her toxic tips touched Sage tendered lips!

As sharp talons tightened around her tail!


Night’s raptor, her capture, raged and reeled,

and raced for a far higher stay!

And there upon a lone craggy ledge,

put rapid end to her despicable grey!


T’was sufficient show for Shadow to flee,

back to her never-ending misery.

Shade slid away ‘neath stone and boulder, and

Sparkle was cast to the sea!


Archie leapt clear from his high lofted mount,

with wing feathers mauled and missing.

Downwards he flew, swooping hard and low,

with his predatory rage still misting.


He skittered and scattered scurrying Shade,

tore hole through the bearing horde.

To Merlin’s side, he courageously dived,

to save his grief-stricken Lord.


His tined tearing talons slit and slashed,

their aim struck fair and true,

At each killing stride, his eyes flared wide,

his beak flashed steely hue.


Merlin still spun, still stung, still lingered upon,

his beloved sweet Rosewood Sissoo.

He grasped for his staff, his old solid timber,

with his heart having torn in two.


Drowning in grief, his passion boiled free,

with rage he struck, with blind savagery.

“For you my Love! My sweet Rosie Sissoo!”

“For the Muse I amused in the heart of you!”


Unto bitter end battled the embittered swarm,

unto brittle end, with all fight gone.

Yet splicing and slicing, slitting and slaying, and

screaming their deathly dark song.


Into fierce flail and wail of felling furore,

came sudden sound to deaden the fray.

To Archie and Seer, who were last to hear,

came a roar thro’ bore’s water way.


Abandoning their fight dark hordes took fright,

and scurried swiftly from their siege.

Artful second sight had Archie take flight,

and Merlin recover his ‘Sage.’


A spitting wild wall of venomous foam,

exploded around tunnel’s tight bend!

In waves of thunderous depth it heaved,

the tidal head of a flooding end!


She came as secondary swell in tunnel’s watery well,

raging and racing rapaciously!

Deafening was the boom of torrential gloom,

as she cascaded relentlessly!


Merlin turned swiftly from the tumultuous tide,

belted his tether, a reef-knot he tied.

Then sprinting to the ravaged raft, he raced,

with hauling line firm about his waist.


Gushing, rushing, overwhelming, and drowning!

Water poured with cataclysmic force!

Sheer mass and might pitched all with spite,

as she charged without remorse!


Merlin quickened his quickly unhesitating stride,

crossing boulder and pebble at speed.

At jut of gapes edge, he leapt from the ledge, and

jumped into a white-water stampede!


T’was to late to land upon their stricken raft,

for it had already strayed away.

Into ravine’s ravening river he fell,

into a place with no light of day!


Gloom boomed and thundered, crashed and roared,

and ripped thro’ the tunnel at speed.

Merlin’s struggling form was lifted and bourn, and

carried by galloping steeds.


With tether pulling taut about his waist,

Merlin tightened his grip on ropey twine.

With every ounce of strength and might,

he pulled himself further along the line.


Up ahead sped the raft at tremendous pace,

hustled to haste by the river’s swell.

It flew and chased, and hurtled and raced, and

tobogganed through ravine’s dark well.


Still further ahead on her wild rushing tide,

she deposited her debris and detritus.

She dammed her flow, but found new wrath,

revealing the worse of her animus.


She tore new bore through weakened rock,

split crack and crevice seams.

She surged, purged, scrubbed and scourged, and

twisted her eroding streams.


Merlin prayed for escape from hole’s jagged gape,

felt dismay as raft barrelled through.

He sensed water swerve, felt every vim and verve,

as he careened thro’ her carven corkscrew.


Buffeted and ruffetted and dragged quickly along,

Merlin held tight to tie and tether.

Twisting and turning with tired lungs burning,

t’was no time for a wizard to wither!


Within sight and reach of raft’s Oaken boughs,

with pain tearing at every sinew.

Merlin watched their craft take sudden flight…

and then into deep darkness he flew!


One piercing stream, one scintillating beam,

gilded a shaft of intense golden light.

From miles up high, thro’ a slit in the sky,

shone radiance to illume their flight.


Light’s blinding beam reached in to the ravine,

and revealed a most wondrous sight.

Had it not been, for death’s forthcoming dream,

such vision would have inspired delight.


T’was Rainbow Ravine, as Merlin had never seen,

without stepping off path’s grounded way!

Now heading for her hue, both raft and he flew,

falling with wispy waterfall spray!


Amidst splash and splay of faint misty play,

Iris fanned her multihued bloom.

She spilt seven shades from single rays, and

cast her rainbow to the gloom.


She was sight to behold amongst darkly folds,

sweet Goddess and Divine Messenger.

In Merlin’s eyes, She shone a beacon of hope,

as way out of their watery sepulchre.


With audacious heart, he chanced a looping line,

and caught hold of a jutting rock snag.

Then to the ground his eyes tentatively turned,

in expectation of the sudden drag.


He watched Buccaneer and raft frantically fall,

and fast approach her prismatic crown.

Unto tether’s tight end, they spin and spun,

until halting their journey down


Merlin’s rope tightened in a violent vicious vice,

as raft’s weight pulled taut his tying tie.

Upwards he sped, towards rock’s jutting edge,

praying that no one here would die.


Inertia tore the Buccaneer free,

from crafted rafted oaken tree.

At one end of last tie, he almost slipped free,

pulled by the force of gravity.


Left hanging upside down, he dangled around

turning and twisting with bluster.

With both neck and crown below Rainbow’s gown,

t’was only his body in arc’s lustre.


Barely in time, Merlin looped second line,

then readied himself for sudden impact.

He struck the hard edge of cold jutting ledge,

and felt his whole body compact.


Taut tether tightened about snagging rock stack,

and held heavy wet weight of all.

But should saving stack, suddenly crack,

one and all would surely fall!


Blood gushed and rushed to the Buccaneer’s head

overwhelming his recovering dream.

Waking eyes went wide with traumatic surprise,

as they stared into the black ravine!


He screamed a scream to chill frozen wind,

and thrashed at tether’s end.

He curled and furled and flapped and flayed,

at visions he couldn’t comprehend.


For far, far below, where water gushed away,

emerged a harrowing spectre cast pale ashen grey.

Rippling as it hovered on ghastly-blackened wings,

every feather rotten with hellish rotten things!


All around this fiend from the abysmal ravine,

shimmered a landscape beyond all despair.

Nature’s sensuous form lay blackened and torn,

Her sweet nature laid sullied and bare.


T’was then foul fiend pulled away its hood,

and stared into the hung man’s eyes.

T’was then brave Buccaneer saw his deepest fears, and

horror at his own wicked guise!


“My beautiful Prince” pleaded a harrowing voice.

“Be wise to Morgana’s lies!”

“She’ll gild the ground beneath your feet, but,

no-man ever flies her skies.”


“These things are not wings!” the Demon cried,

“But sins from the soul’s she skins!”

“Do not preen with pride by her dreaming pool,

but tailor your wings for kings!”


Gnarled and gnarly, scarred and scaly, came the

unexpected reach of clasping claws!

Around the Buccaneer’s heart they tightened hold,

and pulled him towards the floor!


“My beautiful Prince!” crowed a carven voice,

“You seem to be all in a flutter!”

“Should I squeeze to please my maleficent self,

and have your treacherous heart stutter?”


“Morgana!” gasped the desperate Buccaneer,

as he reeled at her vile visage!

“Maggot!” she recoiled, “Mutineer!” she broiled,

’tis your soul I have come to pillage!”


Claws pawed his heart and paused his mind,

and poisoned thoughts to make him blind.

“Foul fiend!” He screamed, as dreams unseamed,

and sharp claws ground their grind.


“Foul fool!” She screeched, with flared eyes blazing

flesh boiling to a scarlet shine.

“Had you never heard, Merlin’s sugared words,

you would have already been mine!”


“Where is he now, in your time of great need?”

“Where is he now, for your life to plead!”

“He fell for despair, in my water he bleeds.”

“Upon his sad soul, my darkness, she feeds.”


“But all is not lost, my Dark Prince and King’s heir,

for your journey now begins with glee.”

“Come Buccaneer, fly with me, reign with me!”

“Rule Underworld with our dark majesty!”


She howled and cawed, and carved and crowed, and

into his heart her dark fingers she drove.

Harder and harder, she squeezed and pulled, and

lower and lower, the Buccaneer was hauled.


He wriggled and squiggled, twisted and turned, and

in his heart, for Love he yearned.

T’was a joyous moment when his spirit returned,

when lessons of Love were truly learned.


In desperation to be free from his wild insanity,

the Buccaneer began swinging his line.

Morgana clawed and roared and ripped and raked,

to hold fast her concubine.


Struggling, straining, with his binds loose and failing,

The One Ink Stone slipped silently away.

Downwards it spun, into darkness, then gone,

lost in last shadow of last day.


Up high on a ledge, braced hard to the edge,

Merlin clenched the ever-tightening tether!

He heard the Buccaneer’s scream, and saw him swing,

and felt him pull ever closer to t’river.


The old snagging stack, crumbled quickly away,

as the Buccaneer lengthened his swing.

Rock shattered and splattered in a squall of scree,

leaving all unsecured to anything!


Downwards they plunged into the engulfing ravine,

downwards and downwards to shades darkest seam!

Downwards they tumbled thro’ Iris’s dream.

downwards and downwards to Hell’s opening!


When suddenly…!

A long shrilling cry echoed down from on high,

as a dark shadow crossed through the light.

T’was most welcome sight, given their plight,

to see Archie in full flapping flight!


Downwards he raced like a bullet train,

wings pulled back, to quicken his gain!

Faster and faster and faster he came,

faster and faster and faster again!


When alongside Merlin, he slowed his fall,

and heard a voice calling loud in his ear.

“We’re tied by one rope, with no hope to help both,

“Archie…you must save the Buccaneer!”


“Merlin!” shrieked Archie, “There must be a way!”

“Of saving both upon this day!”

“Go! Archie! Go! Fly fast my dear friend,

his precious life upon you depends!”


For one fleeting moment their eyes met and stared,

their tears stung then streamed away.

“Forgive me,” yelled Merlin, “my beloved old owl,

and pray for my soul on this day!”


Merlin turned and tumbled, and rocketed down,

as Archimedes swiftly passed his shoulder.

T’was one final chance, one final glance, before

friendship would be brought to closure.


Hastening faster, accelerating harder, Archie

pierced the unfathomable dark.

With verve he swerved, and slew as he flew,

and passed the Buccaneer’s ark.


Through gloom with doom, the ground rushed up

and caught Archie unaware.

A mere hundred feet for an aerobatic feat,

by which to salvage the Buccaneer!


With tined talons drawn, Archie turned fast and hard,

his hooked bill a razor of fire.

Shuddering pain ripped through his frame,

as he tore through the retaining wire.


Barbed talons grabbed with their grappling grip,

grasping at the Buccaneers tie.

Huge powerful wings gave might for flight, but

with dead weight, he couldn’t fly!


Archie extended wide his spanning wings,

and pressed down to arrest their fall.

His jarred muscles hurt, his taut tendons burnt,

whenever he pushed, or tried to pull.


His fast flurry and flap were to no avail,

t’was far better to reach-out and glide.

At speed they speared a spiralling descent,

heading away from the cascading tide.


Scarcely twenty feet from the fast flowing flood,

flight feathers failed then ripped and tore.

For ground they found one rapid way down,

and were met by stone stack and tor!


Barely slowing from break neck speed, they

blazed onto the rock-strewn shore.

Barrelling, bowling, reeling and rolling,

they crashed down on the deadly floor…

~~~~~ + ~~~~~


14 thoughts on “Air and Water

  1. Dewin.. You have been busy I see.. I will be back over the Christmas Holidays to read where I left off my friend. In the mean time I wanted to drop in to wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas time.. Have a fabulous Christmas and wishing you a Peaceful and Happy New Year..
    Hugs and Blessings
    Sue 🙂

    • Hey Sue 🙂

      Aw, thank you Sue, that’s very kind 🙂 Of course, your sentiments are entirely reciprocated…sincere best wishes for a fabulous Christmas Day and a prosperous, peaceful, and generous new year. I trust you are well and energised once again to hit the New Year running at full tilt! 🙂 Take good care my friend.

      Regards my being busy…I have managed to take advantage of a change in my personal circumstances to pursue with greater purpose the completion of the poem. Whilst the final chapter is all but now written, I have one final image to compose before publishing the concluding Act, titled Love 🙂

      I’ll look forward to enjoying your esteemed company here at chez Dewin in the near future. And, as always, until then Sue…brightest blessings and best wishes to one and all. Have a wonderful Christmas 🙂


      DN – 24/12/2016

      • I can not wait Dewin.. As I catch up with my own comments here and prepare a scheduled poem for Christmas Day.. The modem will be turned off again until after boxing day 🙂 So until then, when I look forward to my reading catch up session on your posts. Happy Christmas.. 🙂

      • That sounds like a marvellous plan! I’ll take a Christmas Day morning wander to Dreamwalker’s and share in the enjoyment of your festive ode 🙂

        Happy Christmas indeed! 😀


        DN – 24/12/2016

      • Thank you Dewin.. I am late repaying my visit.. Due to a nasty attack by a virus.. But your posts are going no where and will bring all the more joy when my head is clearer to enjoy reading them in full 🙂 xx

  2. Hey Dewin 🙂

    Another masterpiece – of art and poetry! I hate to sound repetitive but I think this is my favourite chapter. 🙂 I was completely hooked from first word to last and caught up in the action of the narrative. The vivid descriptions and fluid storytelling make for an engaging read full of wonder. Amazing. 🙂

    I can’t wait to read Act 3 to see how things are going to conclude…

    Wishing you bright blessings for the rest of the week 🙂

  3. Oh wow, I’m glad I put some time aside to catch up, it’s all tumbling together lovely. I love the changes in narration and as ever the language is beautiful.
    Hope you are well and managing to get some time to dream out the next installment soon 🙂

  4. Hi Dewin,

    I might be reading these out of order at this point – but holding fast was I while reading near this waterfall – as I joined with Dalbergia Sissoo (not the last of her!?), Merlin, Archie and the Buccaneer. That Morgana Le Fey is something else! It was difficult to see Archimedes carry out Merlin’s “last chance” request, and choose the Buccanner – though hopefully it all works out, for all!

    Merry Christmas! (Time traveling for a moment to wish you a Merry Christmas and bring some cheer) Spring is now near! 🙂



    • Hey Ka 🙂

      Indeed, Happy Christmas Ka!! (Early best wishes for this year, or late for last, but either way, sentiment is not bound by the abstract nature of time when expressed with sincerity!) I trust you had a wonderful holiday season 🙂

      Well now, your comment opened up my Dashboard browser to reveal a hidden seam of comments unseen that sparkle like hand-cut diamonds 🙂 Thank you! And thank you for coming by to have a little old read…every companion upon the Buccaneer’s trail will always be a friend 🙂

      Were you reading the poem out of order Ka? This Chapter precedes the next, and you are most welcome to while away 5 minutes of your time should you wish to know the outcome of Merlin’s request! 🙂 What I can tell you is that the story continues…

      Very pleased to hear you found a firm hold in the slip and slide of the waterfall. Beautiful she may be, but she is also perilous as well when approached in the wrong manner! And so very unlike Morgana who always wears the dark allure of her dark thorny heart on her dark feathered sleeve for dark reasons! Still, she is however crucial to advancing the Buccaneer’s understanding…indeed, if not for her as a driving factor, one wonders quite what the Buccaneer would have discovered if left to his own devices 🙂

      Hmmm, regards Dalbergia Sissoo…the loss of her almost broke Merlin’s heart, and even left a little tear in my eye as well (as did the moment when Archie and Merlin glimpse a last glance of each other on their way down towards the river). She personified and supported a larger narrative of course, and one could include in that list of combustible attributes, passion, flame, fire, and love (small L). One wonders quite what Merlin will do without her, and how he might fare without his beloved fiery muse in the face of Le Faye? Dalbergia was the only one ever made…a true Phoenix through and through. One now wonders if is time for a new wand to find the Wizard, or whether perhaps Dalbergia might return in new or different guise? 🙂 Either way, I hope everything works out the way it is intended for Merlin…a wizard should never have a sad heart!

      Ah yes, spring is in the air and less than 2 weeks away officially. March 10th is I believe the ‘official’ start date of spring leaving us all very little time to polish our petals and prepare for the rising! 🙂

      Oh, I meant to ask…did you catch sight of the one line I borrowed from Wordsworth and included as a tip of the hat to you and a past Blog? I promised I would in a previous comment. Well, if not, I’ll repeat it here for posterities sake…

      I quickened my pace over firmer ground
      and hastened for the Willowy thicket.
      Parting the Sallow I discovered a pond
      laying ‘silent as a silent cricket’.

      Hoping life finds you in top form and flourishing. Lovely to hear from you Ka, thank you for stopping by and dropping a petal 🙂


      DN – 20/02/2017

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