Natura Naturans

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Natura Naturans is Chapter 5 of my poem telling of high adventure with Merlin the Wizard. As with the previous chapter, I have divided this chapter into 3 Acts for ease of reading. This Act is titled Fire and Earth.

Natura Naturans continues the story of the wayward Buccaneer as he journeys underground in the company of Merlin, Archimedes, and Gaslite Zee. At conclusion of Chapter 4, Stich, Stash and Stow, the bewildered ghost of the Buccaneer was setting sail for distant shores upon the mighty Venus in search of higher dreams and firmer ground to root his flower.

Meanwhile, within dense dark tunnels, his beleaguered comrades take respite from their arduous travels to tend the Buccaneer’s corporeal self with Vitriol…


~ Chapter 5 ~

~ Natura Naturans ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~

~ Act 1 ~ Fire and Earth ~


“Rippling the surface of unfathomable blue,

rise virgin shores of a distant isle.”

“Bashful she hides ‘neath eve’s blistered sky,

a precious jewel with enigmatic smile.”


“For four fine days, for three starlit nights,

have I journeyed so indescribably far.”

“Carried by winds, bourn by waves,

always following my luminous star.”


“Tis to her glow my ethereal moth was drawn,

in flight upon Love’s light.”

“Tis to her warmth my delicate heart is drawn,

in dreams I have each night.”


“She shares no illusion when I close my eyes,

and feel my Loving heart swell.”

“I am serene, deeply stilled from within,

drawing water from her purest well.”


“At coming of morn’s lustrous, red dawn,

I’ll set foot upon Isle’s blessed ground.”

“What wonders await for when I arrive,

at sacred place where dreams are found?”

~ + ~

Merlin reclined against carven cavern wall,

and gazed into the subdued rosy hue.

For fourth fraught day, the Buccaneer lay,

following his most propitious rescue.


Zee swayed in time to an airless breeze,

Archie perched by pothole’s yawn.

Bound by friendship’s fate they waited upon,

the Mariner’s restored new form.


Said Merlin, “We can ill afford to rest further now,

or we’ll miss our rendezvous.”

“We should have been at Rainbow Ravine,

but are now so long overdue.”


“Our beleaguered Buccaneer cannot stay here,

we must all travel as one together.”

“Two paths ahead, upon neither we’ll tread,

but take another, with greater endeavour.”


“Is it wise to move him?” Archimedes asked,

inflecting words with a cautious tone.

“Losing heart and soul surely takes its toll,

‘tis not repair to flesh and bone.”


“I thought he’d achieve all he needed to find,

as we made our way to Copper Door.”

“I never considered his conviction would fail,

nor his will to journey-on some more.”


“Perhaps VITRIOL has induced rapid care,

and loosened his shackles further still.”

“I’ve a knowing sense our seafaring soul,

will yet find the one inked Quill.”


“We will leave in the morn, without further delay,

with our Buccaneer rafted and stowed.”

“We’ll head upstream towards Rainbow Ravine,

set camp by Seven Fold Road.”


“My preference to travel by deeper paths,

was to avoid exposure to harm.”

“We have little choice, whilst he lays in repose,

spellbound by her VITRIOL charm.”


“I’ll go gather boughs from flayed Oaken Tree,

craft a crafted craft with stability.”

“Archie, I trust you’ll steer our passage clear,

with your usual dependability?”


“An excellent plan!” Archie commended,

“Shall I fashion us each a new oar?”

“Why no Archimedes, ‘tis you who will tow,

at tether’s end ‘til destiny’s shore!”


“I shall commandeer our makeshift helm,

keep our vessel on safe course.”

“It’d be near tragedy, should further calamity,

compound our collective remorse.”


“At tether’s end, for an entire day!”

“Good grief Merlin, I’m 1000 years old!”

“Tis 10 hours at least to Rainbow Shore,

a further two until Seven Fold Road!”


“Then we’d best leave early!” Merlin replied,

“and move ahead of the tidal-rise.”

“I fear secondary swell in this watery well,

without land to land is unwise!”


“Early?” Said Zee, flickering to life,

“Would that mean, top o’ the morn?”

“I’m usually rising much closer to dusk,

in twilight am I best born.”


“Tis humbling indeed to be one of three,

who focus with such earnest intent!”

“We’re leaving at five, when fire dies,

so prepare for our watery event!”


“I’ll send word ahead on the Gaslite vein,

request covert eyes along our trail.”

“Tis well to know if our wicked foe,

hides where a Seer’s sight might fail.”


“Graciously accepted,” Merlin responded,

“I’ll consider it an act of great import.”

“Might I also rely on your generous help,

in giving Archie some affable support?”


“I’ve a sense, my flapperty frivolous friend,

will sulk the entire evening away.”

“Tis not his age which troubles our sage,

but the weigh of wet sleigh for a day!”


“I think,” smirked Zee in Merlin’s ear.

“Archie’s gained a pound in the middle”

“If it were possible to help our owl at all,

I’d be first to decline to paddle.”


“I understand why Archie befriended thee,”

Merlin said with a mischievous grin.

“You share commonality as self-absorbed rogues,

with a heart of gold within!”


“Airborne, he’s free, to moan incessantly,

out of ear shot of you and I.”

“I’ve a tether for me, to heave our company, but,

we’ll leave him to flap on high.”


T’was playful mockery at an uncertain hour,

an opportunity to let off steam.

Upon the morn’, would all four move on,

in pursuit of dreams upstream.

~ + ~

The ghost of I slid from ship’s ancient helm,

and floated towards her prow.

One last hour unto Isle’s blazoned shore,

fairest beauty, as she’d mastered now.


“Night slips and slides to other side,

in shine of yonder fire.”

“In flit and flight beneath starlight,

to such an end inspires desire.”


“High overhead, shimmers a wondrous star,

radiant in her blazing gown.”

“In splendour she ignites her heralding flare,

upon threshold of emergent dawn.”


“Fair luminary, which on my ghost does shine,

guiding light to farer’s end of mine.”

“Sweet promise resplendent in glowing Celestine,

your fire is divinely sublime.”


“You are first-light upon this unfolding hour

last flame to fade before the Sun.”

“And in your glow, and by your compose,

Heaven’s procession is finely spun.”


As if on queue, from my beloved’s hand,

came a backwash of cobalt blue.

An intense orange seam split soured cream,

before brilliance in carnation hue.


“Tis well to dwell with tear filled eyes,

and relish this blessed scene.”

“To see Empyrean’s canvas, once dazzled by stars,

brushed with blush, by morning’s Queen.”


“Upon sweet cherry painted misted morn,

wet still with passion’s shine.”

“Unfolds a vision from an embellished dream,

dripped in pink and gold design.”


“Rose coloured seas prolong their dreams,

or pause on the turn of the tide.”

“Breath held, breeze stilled, for final touch,

to Love’s adoring bride.”


When into my vision raced a flock of gulls,

cutting a dash with graceful appeal.

Feathers ignite, in flight, with scarlet delight,

as angels spiral, twist, and wheel.


I gaze and follow their graceful course,

soaring majestically above the sands.

Masters of flight, tripping the light,

flying upwards to distant lands.


At crest of their rise, to my sudden surprise,

I glimpse glint of an unknown flare!

At speed it raced, or shifted space,

until halting in my startled stare.


I sensed it turn around, survey the ground,

and focus thro’ the cosmic haze.

A sound from within, which came from afar,

seemed to deepen my burrowing gaze.


T’was moment when the Earth stood still,

when all reason fell away.

T’was moment when my heart would fill,

and my mind be blown away.


I felt impelled to listen, eager to hear,

nay, keen to attune to the hum.

Tis hard to conceive a more curious sight, than a

gleam speaking light from the sun.


“Me?” I said, both dazed and confused,

clearly overwhelmed by the mystical glow.

“What are you, who speaks without words?”

“And what is it I must know?”


“With Love,” spoke the voice. “Watch yonder skies.”

“Witness the birth of a brave new world.”

“We are here for all, yet speak to you,

as one ready to be unfurled.”


“With eyes that see beyond reality,

with a heart that knows only truth.”

“Tis rightful time to now set forth,

fulfill the promise of your youth.”


“Follow cosmic schemes to grander dreams,

to where your heart‘s intended.”

“Merlin gifts and guides towards what’s right,

to where your mind’s extended.”


“Listen well Buccaneer to his quiet inner voice,

resounding in your heart.”

“Tis Merlin who speaks, your sagacious sage,

from your side he’ll never start.”


“You’ll not fail the Grail you’re questing on,

nor will your destiny be amended.”

“With Camelot lost to the perfidy of piers,

‘tis time their reign was ended.”


“We know the anguish of your ailing world,

sense your despair and suffering.”

“We come to earth to fight for few,

who believe Camelot is worth reclaiming.”


“You are not alone in this time of woe,

take heart through the coming years.”

“Awakening Camelot to its machiavellian ways,

requires augmenting people’s fears.”


“Have no doubt, you will ultimately succeed,

to smite evil’s growing horde.”

“Not by violence shall the truth prevail, for

your pen is mightier than their sword.”


“In time, foul stench of impoverished souls,

who turn your world to twisted ends.”

“Those few will fall upon weapons they wield,

in hell shall they make amends.”


“Unwitting fools, who prosper still,

from deceit, exploitation and lies.”

“Love offers hope for the tyrannical heart,

if eyes gazed upwards at sunrise.”


“Fear not the path befalling you now,

‘tis nigh time for you to stride.”

“Fear not the words you’ll find to write,

‘tis not the time to hide.”


“For all brave souls whose hearts aspire,

will flourish in the fall.”

“For all brave souls whose hearts inspire,

will respond to worthy call.”


Upon far horizon flashed twelve flaming jewels,

fire-kissed orbs to adorn Love’s crown.

In waves of three and four they came,

to announce a new Earth born.


The last globe to appear, momentarily paused,

before ascending to a higher station.

I sensed its intention shift slowly towards me,

as it issued a silent communication.


“Come Buccaneer, step into your dream,

we’ll show you what we’ve already seen.”

“Far beyond reach of your empirical eyes,

is a world where you’ve always been.”


“Come Buccaneer, step onto the shore,

we’ll show you where you’ve visited before.”

“Far beyond reach of your rational mind,

is where you will find Copper Door.”


“Tis time to step away from The Venus prow,

follow isle’s path as it is unfurled.”

“Unto journey’s end, my Buccaneer friend, and

the one heart to change your world!”


Upon boards beneath high tethered sails,

my ghost became unbounded.

Fine dust of me carried to yonder shore,

where I collected together, dumb-founded!


T’was further surprise when high flare did fade,

when 12 jewels descended as one.

Then serene silence, like none I have known.

As Earth stilled for the rising Sun.


The distant horizon bloomed a flourish of fire,

flame raced to devour each cloud.

Love’s flush flowed and sweetened Earth below,

covering all with her blushing shroud.


I swayed when bathed in bright crimson shade,

inhaling Love’s searing breath.

A hot fire within, whilst she cleansed my skin,

bringing life to renew living death.


Earth turned in time to face far rising jewel,

in rhythm to her cosmic symphony.

Towards the hum of her approaching Sun,

She held her breath reverentially.


A blood-red sphere crested the horizon line,

a fierce ball of ruby rose fire.

To Love’s beauty and grace I was immediately drawn,

into the heart of her flaming pyre.


Standing to gaze across Earth’s crimson haze,

my heart swollen full and brimming.

Surrendering to all that had come before, leaving

my ghost standing taller and glistening.


With eyes open wide, my ghost ready to stride,

my brave-heart swelled to venture on.

With Love at my side, my ghost eager to strive,

my brave-heart yearned for Babylon.”


Sweet flurry and flare of cerise drenched morn,

lifted her heart to infinite blue.

Pink skies gave rise to pastel surprise,

within a melt of light cerulean hue.


“My last moment upon isle’s virgin shore,

my first step on another new way.”

“Tis no longer with hope I journey on,

but within light of a blue-sky day.”


“Phantoms of shadow feint fright at light,

isle’s misted dew lifts, and burns away.”

“Emerging ahead thro’ morn’s thinning haze,

a forest waking, to first light of day.”


“From towering heights, the tree tops stare,

and stall their dapple with sunlit glare.”

“Between bowing boughs scythe honeyed rays,

pooling pools of lemon kissed flare.”


“As I gaze around, Nature’s diversity abounds,

she tenders perpetuity with exquisite care.”

“Within abundance and green, and vivid gleam,

may I grow from within Her prayer.”


The ghost of I slipped between soaring trees,

treading a fructiferous path of fern.

Bright limpid light, cooled emerald green,

paved the way for my return.


“Listening to breeze take flight thro’ trees,

to her voice singing from fauna and flora.”

“In wonder I wander beneath jade-rich haze,

immersed within her living plethora.”


“To either side of my buoyant stride,

lofty swards gently pulse and sway.”

“Beyond tall grass, Great Brocéliande Forest,

where Romance is legend each day.”


“Between her coiling vines and laden boughs,

in a forest expectant with potential.”

“Are wilds for lovers, lunatics, and poet’s alike,

seeking an experience of the existential.“


“In wondrous tales of bold adventurous hearts,

who frequent her forest darkly shaded.”

“Tis always towards her raw sensuous allure,

where their hearts are so easily persuaded.”


“Miraculous stories so frequently declare,

one must beware false glare from far-off flare,

for impression so frequently jades.”

“Perhaps passion pens pearls with charming appeal,

whilst words written with love never fade?”


My passing thoughts passed with illuminating shine,

each pressed from an emerald scene.

Barely had I been within her fine flourishing,

and my heart already felt evergreen.


I twisted and threaded, or weaved with the way,

carefully considerate to every stride.

Unbounded, yet grounded, amidst cool calming hue,

and dissolving as I followed her guide.


I gazed upon high, to an arching canopy,

in wonder at her elegant prowess.

“With desire she extends her heart to the Sun,

in reach of true love’s first kiss.”


“To bake or bask at such inspiring heights,

and perspire in Sun’s syrupy glow.”

“Tis to lofted realms where Nature’s dreams aspire,

and winged angels habitually go.”


“Such yearning have I to feel cloudless skies,

to perfect mastery upon the air”

“My heart’s foolish desire will never transpire,

without firm wish to ever dare.”


“My Earth rooted feet might never take flight,

or have me trail the astral plains.”

“But each day I endeavour with an honest heart,

to be free of my earthly chains.”


My ghost quickened along Nature’s fruitful path,

feeling freshened by her fecundate forms.

When soon upon a mossy Herm I came,

nestled deep within her charms.


“Beneath blade and bract, tight vine and leaf,

is an inscription carved in base relief.”

“It offers no distance to journey’s end, but

a choice to be made with belief.”


“Traveller take heed, and with conviction perceive,

the rightful path to amble down.”

“When ready to receive, when willing to believe,

Fate and Destiny, will lead to your crown.”


I paused to ponder, to contemplate,

to cogitate and deliberate.

To ruminate and meditate, calculate and concentrate.

Yet found one doubt within my heart.


Here stood I, my ghost feather-light,

my form free from earthly fate.

T’was my corporal self, the mortal me,

still left to liberate.


“In disquieted repose, upon a frayed hem of life,

remains the failing light of me.”

“Brave heart indeed, would he have failed to see,

true beauty in Love’s deep mystery.”


“Shadows surrounding him appear never to fade,

darkness frequently blinds his sight.”

“Else, ‘tis not with eyes that fail to see,

but a heart that fears the Light.”


“One wonders what warms his starless soul,

or inflames his reclusive spirit?”

“One wonders whether Love was welcomed within,

or had ever expressed Her merit?”


“His plight with life, was a featherless flight,

a struggle to continuously be free.”

“Earth-bound, his heart fell far from home,

t’was never where he wanted to be.”


“Tired with wandering, wondering, and pondering,

his heart ached for sweet release.”

“T’was what impelled him deep underground,

as escape to bring lasting peace.”


“Tis to Merlin he reached with earnest intent,

seeking counsel to another new way.”

“How he had hoped with Love in his heart,

to find a Wizard’s highest stay.”


“How he had hoped with Love in his heart,

to be returned to the light of day.”

“How he had hoped with Love in his heart,

to never again feel cast-away.”


“Merlin endeavours to loosen his tethering bonds,

blending VITRIOL for his bodily soul.”

“Yet ‘tis for a Love beyond my sagacious sage,

where his heart desires to go.”


“Beyond the veil, always pale to his distant gaze,

mythic Beauty waits to lift his heart.”

“Tis to her intoxicating Light he’s artfully drawn,

but has at times felt quite apart.”


“And yet, here am I, a ghost upon her Isle,

unfastened from all haltering ties!”

“Tis no longer the Buccaneer stepping thro’ here, but

his spirit stripped of all earthly guise!”


“At last, beyond form, am I so nearly free,

from recumbent ways and materiality!”

“Unchaste from daydream, released from fear,

am I limitless in potentiality.”


“So what of this Herm? What is it I perceive,

as I pause to ponder, and believe to receive?”

“Buried in deep green, lies a trail yet unseen,

one leading to Fate and Destiny.”


“Beyond trees I see her one emerald path,

laying serene between high hoary veldt.”

“I’ve followed her flow with faith, never doubt,

in what it was I had always felt.”


“If this is a dream, would I have really rushed in,

if not impelled by what I believed?”

“Need I understand more, about sweet Copper Door,

before my path ahead will be perceived?”


“Tis time infinite me decides’ with certainty,

to set one foot further upon this day.”

“Tis time unlimited me, passed beyond mystery,

by walking the unseen pathway.”


I turned from the Herm, and gazed further ahead,

to where two Junipers entwined their crown.

Betwixt the two, a flourish of Bamboo, and

a flowering Wisteria tumbling down.


“Towards soft lavender blue, and deep violet hue,

towards a cascade of purple rain.”

“Towards mollifying light, am I instantly lulled,

and to sweet promises she might contain.”


Beneath turquoise blooms from stems extended,

bathed in sprays of amethyst fire.

As I lingered within her sweet heliotrope hue,

my heart swelled with profound desire.


“A lake once dry, suddenly fills and spills,

and rushes thro’ my veins distended.”

“Tis Love, ‘tis Life, ‘tis God’s earthly state,

‘tis sweet Nature acting as intended.”


“Laid bare am I, with neither bind nor bond,

yet tied by Love to everything.”

“My heart calmly yields to Nature’s pressing will,

and drinks from her colourful fountain.”


When I opened my eyes, there was little surprise,

to find virgin ground beneath my feet.

Yet meandering away within a wash of green,

wove an avenue of golden wheat.”


Crowned clusters stretched to a distant end,

far beyond reach of my captivated stare.

Flaxen and flowing, she danced with the breeze,

in a sensuous love-affair.


Finding my focus, I slipped from the shade,

and stepped into an auriferous spell.

Sunlight flared the tips of golden sheaves,

adding polish to her sway and swell.


Syrup stained light splashed my unfettered soul,

as I ambled between gold-leafed stems.

T’was the sheen for dreams of spirited wings,

to shine with the iridescence of gems.


Mottled me dallied and dawdled in dappled daub,

to delay departing the pasture.

My ghostly grey had faded away, but my spirit,

was newly alive with colour.


I flashed, flared, my kaleidoscopic colours dared,

to race through their chromatic spectrum.

Splitting celestial light, was an ecstatic delight,

a moment to touch perfectum!


Transparent in light, I was rainbow bright,

as I twirled and twisted away.

Unto avenues end, did my dance extend,

within Sun’s golden enamelled rays…

~ + ~

T’was Merlin who woke to watch fire’s demise,

who saw embers fade slowly away.

He’d sat alone by hearth’s shifting light,

casting shadows of serpentine grey.


He had observed, and seen, snake-like skeins,

rise and twist and sway.

He intuitively knew, within smoky hue,

waited wisdom to help guide their way.


“We must pay heed on this path we lead,

en route to Rainbow Ravine.”

“Morgana searches for the Wizard of Wands,

and knows of our surreptitious scheme.”


“Her sorcery and villainy, her wicked ambiguity,

her darkly disciples of the deceased.”

“To evil ends her dreams descend,

wielding Mordred, her twisted beast.”


“Tis well to dwell on the extent of their reach,

to discover her magic has further increased.”

“But I feel deeply within true heart of mine,

a new power rising in the East.”




T’was Archie who eased himself into the cave,

and interrupted his Seer’s thought.

“I’ve flown ahead of where we will tread, and

our way appears fraught with nought.”


“Thank you,” said Merlin, lifting his gaze,

towards his feathery old owl.

“I wondered if I were the only fool to wake,

but I see you’ve been out on the prowl.”


“Whilst our Buccaneer floats in distant realms,

‘tis wise to consider our plight.”

“If danger is ready to compromise our course,

‘tis wise to consider our sleight.”


“Our fairway is free of fiend, friend and foe,

‘tis time to break our camp and go.”

“Zee is alight, with his flame shining low, but,

he’s taken to igniting in stealthy-glow.”


“I’ve readied our rather recumbent Buccaneer,

he should survive a splash or two.”

“Which leaves you and I, Merlin the Seer,

to make ready our briny crew.”


“Where would I be without you?” said Merlin,

as Archimedes settled by the fire.

“My feathery old sage since our earliest days,

together we are all we require.”


“Archie, I’ve something I must reveal to you,

a burden I’ve carried all alone.”

“Since first morn’ of our departing day,

I’ve concealed the One Ink-Stone.”


“You’ll recall I disappeared into a nearby flume,

to pack for our journey ahead.”

“My bag, my staff, and cloaking threads,

upon the bed were spread.”


“I retrieved several vials, and a pot or two, and

maybe a nip of sweet Seer’s brew.”

“And there, beside all my bottles and flasks,

lay a box in ebony hue.”


“Would I have noticed its subtle existence at all,

if not for its lustrous allure?”

“Or perhaps that was the real reason why,

the black box failed to reassure.”


“But beneath it lay a hand-scribed note,

penned with a flourish of silvery line.”

“Dear Merlin,” it read, ‘Take care as you tread,’

P.S: Look after this, it’s mine!”


“Well, stone the crows!” Archimedes blurted,

“You are charged with the fabled Ink-Stone!”

“Tis no wonder you pushed so hard to leave,

in truth we should have already flown!”


“Indeed agreed!” Merlin decreed,

“There was no time for delays with our stray!”

“Tis quite clear, Mercury is compromised,

or this stone would never come our way.”


“What is this Ink really for?” Archie enquired,

his attention suddenly quite piqued.

“I’ve heard so many fantastical tales,

in legend is the Ink-Stone steeped.”


“Hmm,” Merlin stalled, and gazed out to the shore,

basking beneath a warm crimson shade.

“Words were a gift once bestowed by the stars,

the most refined symbols ever made.”


“To ensure continuity and purity of word,

indelible ink was widely proscribed.”

“To only the few, whose words would be true,

was Ink-Stone more rarely prescribed.”


“Permanent ink?” Archie quizzed,

“why would that manifest such ill-ease?”

“Together we’ve encountered a billion words, and

none have left you so displeased.”


“Tis not the prophet crafting each critical word,

nor their hand that wields their wand.”

“Tis not their heart inspiring prognostic prose,

but the voice calling from beyond.”


“Tis not the eye reading each crafted word,

which enchants the infatuated wit.”

“Tis not the mind appraising appreciative prose,

but the voice speaking silently thro’ it.”


“Not every hand blessed with sweetened words,

is a conduit for rightful expression.”

“Befalling the befuddled are tainted tongues,

where evil flows as their only confession.”


“Whatever the intention setting out for their stay,

a wicked word will be heard, either way.”

“Tis not sufficient to dismissively say,

such evil words will have their day.”


“Legendary Ink-stone stains the retinal mind,

with words of indelible certainty.”

“At once when seen, are those words etched in,

to last for eternity.”


“If indelible words were wickedly cast,

and passed before the unsuspecting eye.”

“If those indelible words, were ever free to roam,

the consequences would terrify.”


“I see!” said Archie excitedly, “tis indeed a very noble prize!”

“An indelible ink-stone, whose essence never dries!”

“For what is written, will live-on as truth,

or lines will propagate more lies.”


“Succinctly put,” Merlin replied,

“I knew you’d appreciate my concern.”

“Tis wondrous indeed this gift from the God,

but something I’m very keen to return.”


“The Hermeneutic ink-stone!” Archie exclaimed,

“Held here in your loving care!”

“The stone from which the Message goes forth,

when written with Mercurial flare!”


“Archie,” said Merlin, “what would you say,

if I left you and Zee for a couple of days?”

“I’ve a location in mind, a destination to find,

someplace to hide the ink-stone away.”


“Oh no,” said Archie, “that’ll never do!”

“We four are together, you’re part of one crew.”

“Should peril prevail, we’re better as two,

together with Zee, we’re three for you.”


“Once more Archie, you make me so proud,

to have you standing by my side.”

“To know in times of timeless furore,

‘tis together we’ll bravely stride.”


“Tis not the last adventure we’ll undertake,

but the last we shall conclude.”

“Unto the bitter end we must defend,

a campaign of such magnitude.”


“We are entrusted with a glorious task,

to restore Camelot’s worthy kingdom.”

“Neither I nor thee, will ever know certainty,

without help from a good wingman.”


“Indeed, agreed,” Merlin said with conviction,

as he stood to shoulder his pack.

“Let’s move it out, and tread with care,

we’ve a Darkly Sparkle at our back.”


Upon crafted raft of shapely oaken boughs,

the marinated Mariner was rested.

Wrapped to his chest beneath a waterproof vest,

Mercury’s Ink-Stone was carefully secreted.


Archie stepped into twisted rope and brace,

tightening his belt a notch or two.

Zee flurried ahead to shine gentle light,

to keep their bearing true.


Grasping the tether, Merlin slowly pulled,

easing the raft gently ahead.

Once moving, he knew, momentum would hold,

replacing effort he’d invested instead.


With deluge dampened, the flow was slow,

the river a distended stream.

Driven to reach camp at Seven Fold Road,

they headed out for Rainbow Ravine…

~~~~~ + ~~~~~

Photography/Artwork by Dewin Nefol:



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  1. Hey Dewin! I hope you are well. 🙂

    Congratulations on penning another great chapter in your epic poem. I relished reading the rich description throughout this chapter, a chapter filled with a wealth of colour and vibrant imagery. This might just be my favourite chapter yet 🙂

    The riddling inscription on the herm is fantastic – made me think of Tolkein. 🙂 Rainbow Ravine and Seven Fold Path both sound enchanting – I’m looking forward to reading what happens there.

    “Earth and Fire” is a great title for this part and the picture you have paired with this instalment is so striking and the colours so captivating. A thoroughly dazzling read 🙂

    Wishing you the Brightest of Blessings! 🙂

    • Hey Sammi 🙂

      I am always a little behind in responding to comments, and hope the New Year will encourage an improvement in managing my available time much better 🙂

      Thank you Sammi for generous warmth and vibrant colour in your kind comment. I was thrilled you enjoyed the reading and equally pleased you regard this chapter as your favourite 🙂 You’ve wandered with the wayward Buccaneer from the very start of his adventure and relished every chapter: could he have asked for anything more from such a loyal friend and companion along his arduous route? I don’t think so 🙂 Thank you Sammi for staying the course and bringing your tinsel and smiling shine to light up his route through the darkness.

      Your Tolkien reference made me smile, thank you Sammi…I certainly hadn’t viewed the inscription in that way, nor intended to follow his suit. I simply imagined it a necessary device offering guidance and opportunity for the Buccaneer to pause, reflect, and contemplate his true intention. Without giving to much away, I hope the Buccaneer managed to elevate his thoughts so as to remain on the right path as he strode onwards towards his dream…

      Earth and Fire as a title came about as I finished this instalment. It was written without a title, which is unusual for me as I like to write towards a definitive target as defined by the title itself. Perhaps unconsciously, the absence of a title gave me greater freedom to move in various directions and step outside of a prescribed structure. Whether a benefit or a drawback to the writing is debateable, but certainly I enjoyed the opportunity to freestyle a little more. The following Act, written under the title Air and Water, forced me to return to a more structured approach as the storyline became a little darker and more complex. I hope Act 2 of Natura Naturans meets your expectations! 🙂

      It’s always a delight Sammi to have you visit. Thank you….your sparkle is always as bright as the blessings you wish for others. They are entirely reciprocated 🙂

      As Christmas Day moves ever closer to arriving on our doorstep or down our chimney, I have chance to wish you a fabulous day and a truly wonderful, prosperous, and peaceful New Year 2017. I trust you’ll enjoy the occasion amongst family and friends and celebrate it in style. No doubt those baked tasty treats will steal the show, mmmm lol 🙂

      Take care in all ways for always and always.


      DN – 24/12/2016

      • Hey Dewin, just a quick message to wish you the brightest of Yuletide blessings. I hope you have a wonderfully festive few days 🙂 I look forward to returning when time allows to read Air and Water – I know this chapter will be as enchanting as the ones that preceded it. 🙂

      • Hey Sammi 🙂

        Thank you for those best wishes and brightest blessings, they’ve brought a sparkle to Christmas 🙂

        Have a wonderful Yuletide! I’ll look forward to catching up again as and when time allows. Until then…


        DN – 25/12/2016

  2. Hey PSJ 🙂

    Succinct, punchy, and overtly generous….just the way I like it lol 🙂

    Happy Christmas to you and Al…I trust you’ll have a memorable day: the first of many still yet to come in the warmth of a treasured new home. Thank you for your friendship and support big fella…I wouldn’t have made it thus far without you 🙂

    Sincere best wishes for the New Year: may Trigger rock the States like the cover rocks the anthology 🙂


    DN – 24/12/2016

  3. I so enjoyed this continuation of this wondrous tale.. As I follow all in this adventure..
    The trusted oak to fashion oar.. And those taking part over a 1000 years old..
    To witness the birth of a brave new world..
    Lots of metaphors here and there Dewin.. As the stench of impoverished souls turn the world to twisted ends..

    Pink and crimson skies.. Jewels indeed.. I think you have been given a tremendous gift Dewin with this enchanting tale sprung from your imagination.. I think you were Helped by the Ghost from Beyond my friend.. 🙂
    Its been a delight to read. And your graphic here is absolutely stunning.. I will be back to read the next instalment..

    Have a Blessed New Year.. And Wishing you A Happy Harmonious Healthy New Year..
    Sue 🙂

    • Hey Sue,

      Was it really January when you visited and left such kind words and thoughtful encouragement? I can’t believe quite how I have missed this treasured comment of yours Sue or been so woefully neglectful. I really am very sorry to be so late in replying and hope you’ll forgive my errantry….you know how I like to wander often lost and confused far and wide only to return weeks later and find that I have missed the company of good friends elsewhere. I cannot help my tramping ways, it is the very heart of me.

      Well now, I am thrilled to know you enjoyed this instalment and found much to ponder in between the spaces of words. You are always so astute Sue and I know you see more than you say and no doubt understand the poem in a different way to others. It is crowded with metaphor, with hope, with intention and it does reveal many truths both about me and the world in which we live. For example, the sequence where the Buccaneer is ‘spoken to’ by otherworldly visitations is a true account of an event that took place in my life back in February 2014. I recall that morning very clearly indeed: the land below my hill-top flat covered by a thick carpet of fog, whilst above it the most spectacular sunrise shone with carnation and cream. Because I am situated in an elevated position, I would have been one of very few people to have seen the events described in the poem. Might you also believe that the sunrise I witnessed was identical to that written in my very first blog post, which was written and completed the night before. Indeed, I hit the publish button immediately after the events that took place. I am convinced by what I saw and what unfolded before my eyes, and I have no doubt the memory will remain and serve me somehow as I move into the future. You are indeed right Sue to suggest that I had help from ‘beyond’, but whether that help came by way of a ghost, a spirit, an alien, or a divine manifestation, I cannot be certain at all. Perhaps they appear as one and the same to my naïve and innocent eye….after-all I’ve never seen either a God or an alien before and didn’t fully comprehend what was happening…the excitement was to rare a commodity to give-up for clinical dispassionate rationale. The reference to Brave New World is a summative statement regarding the conversation I had on that February morning. It’s why I know help is here on Earth and change is coming. Call it faith if you like, or sense of knowing, it amounts to much the same thing. I know we are not alone and Earth will be restored to her former glory and with it her children as well. It is only a matter of time before those with impoverished souls…the ‘leaders’ of the world and their associated governments and government departments…are nourished and returned to humanity to start again from the bottom.

      You know your trees Sue and the laws that surround them, all Virgo’s have that interest and natural affinity. The mighty oak has a magnificent symbolism and seemed to suit the context well adding a little depth to the nature of the Buccaneer and his flat bottomed raft. Of course Archie was never going to be happy towing the raft, not at his grand old age anyway, but he’s a real trooper and the most loyal of birds despite his winging and whining. And besides, 1000 years old is not that old to an immortal and a legend who will never fade from myth and fable.

      Thank you also for kind words regarding the image. I was pleased with it and thought it worked well enough here. Like all the images, they grow to become what they are rather than me committing to any given form. I think I had five attempts at this image before thinking it done. The image is created after the poem is written which always leaves me backtracking trying to recall the thousands of thoughts and ideas that seek headspace whilst writing. I am trying to develop a short hand method for image ideas…a scribble is never enough and a full on rendered piece to timely. I’ll let you know how I get on.

      The year may be well under way, and I think I have already wished you a Happy New Year, but it never does any harm to pass further best wishes to a friend for happiness, health, and prosperity throughout 2017. No doubt you’ll be making sure it is a great year.

      Always grateful for your company, your friendship and your on-going readership. You’ll know by now that the end of the poem has been published. I hope you have enjoyed the conclusion. Thank you for reading until the end.

      I’ll leave you enjoy last vestiges of Tuesday evening and look forward to catching up with you shortly. Which reminds me…I loved your allotment scarecrow! What a charmer 🙂 Thanks again for calling by Sue, you’re always very welcome.

      Well, until next time Sue D, take care and have yourself an amazing week.

      Namaste 🙂


  4. I read this aloud, Dewin, and what fun even though I’m catching up on the story and as yet haven’t read the selections in order. Ha ha. The cadence and rhyme are mesmerizing and reading aloud adds to the epic feel. What a project! I’m looking forward to reading more and in order!

  5. Hey Diana,

    An apology from me from the outset for a very late reply to a very kind and considerate comment. Thank you for your generosity and for enjoying the poem as you have. I certainly hope you’ll return to read the other chapters either in correct order or as the whim takes you and enjoy the remainder of the story. Your enjoyment so far is inspiring, thank you.

    I wrote the poem as one seamless story without breaks and had to back-track a little to find dividing points so as to publish each chapter. The chapters almost stand alone as independent stories with common themes running through them so that they may be read or re-read separately again if needed.

    I sometimes get to wondering if cadence and rhyme are lost with accents so it wonderful to be reassured that for you these aspects were not diminished. I do read the work out loud, although not as often as I should, and act out the voices that go with the characters. As yet I’ve not taken to dressing up in the part and really going for full on understanding of character, but I can see that changing in the near future! What fun! lol 🙂

    I see you popped over to read the last instalment, Love (Part 2) and left a ‘like’ suggesting at your enjoyment. Thank you for your company and readership, I hope the last chapter didn’t disappoint. I’ve edited the post and added translation to the concluding Latin. It was a gamble that perhaps didn’t quite work as I had hoped, but like all, I live and learn by experience, trial and error.

    Many thanks for visiting, commenting, and supporting the poem with your readership. It’s a delight to see you here. Thank you

    Namaste 🙂


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  7. Hey Cindy,

    I’m blushing, flashing a smile: nay I’m beaming and blushing with neither taking precedence in my enjoyment of feeling the happiness in both. Sincerely, thank you Cindy for generous appreciation and kind words: and best of all, thank you for enjoyment of the poem 🙂 You have topped off my weekend with a cherry 🙂

    However it is Merlin who must take most if not all of the credit for the poem, he is the talented one…the Buccaneer was merely tagging along for the ride; as someone Merlin could dictate to lol 🙂 In breaking that habit, Book 2 of The Wizard of Wands will be scribbled by Master Scribe (a.k.a the Buccaneer in new guise) who is already a little apprehensive about filling Merlin’s poetic shoes: or so the ‘whispers from the wings’ inform me. I find it curious that he is getting a little stage fright…I thought he was well prepared for the new role by Merlin but as the poem for Book 2 will be his fledgling performance, I will be sympathetic when watching the show. I hope you will be as well 🙂

    Thank you again for a shining comment inspiring confidence when the curtain opens for the next show.

    Wishing you a wonderful week of creative endeavour and photographic reward. Take care of one and all.

    Namaste 🙂


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