Stitch, Stash, and Stow

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Stitch, Stash and Stow is the final Act in a three Act poem written under the title Copper Door. Copper Door is the 4th Chapter in a poem recalling my meeting with Merlin the Wizard many years ago and follows on from Elixir Vitae. Chapter 5, Natura Naturans is to be published shortly, and will conclude the poem.

Act 2 of Copper Door, Thread, Tread and Weave, heralded the beginning of a journey for the Buccaneer, stepping out with Merlin and Archimedes on a glorious underground adventure to save Camelot from the ruin of Modred and Morgana, and en route visit sweet nature’s Copper Door. But alas, tragedy struck early upon the journeymen’s arduous route when the trio became separated at a ravine, leaving the brave Buccaneer all alone in the dark to fight an overgrown Draconis! In stirling battle upon the very edge of life, the marauding Mariner was shaken by a savage blow and cast brutally against the rock wall. He lies where he fell slowly drifting as one with impenetrable night…


~ Copper Door ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~

~ Act Three ~

~ Stitch, Stash, and Stow ~


“This flume, this room, this funnel we’re in,

there’s no further we can go.”

“Boulder and smoulder contest our stride,

making our return arrested and slow.”


“Darn deluge, darn cave-in, darn witless Buccaneer!”

“Why had he never learnt Latin?”

“Is caudicalis draconis so complex a term,

“not to know it meant driftwood dragon?


“At tunnel’s gape, where we all turned to flee,

gnarled wet and warty Oaken tree.”

“T’was driftwood thwarting our underground seam,

blocking our pathway beside river’s ravine.”


“How long have we worried along this maze of ways,

searching for our mariner friend?”

“How long had it been before precious dreams,

met with such dreadful end?”


“By Jupiter, Merlin! Come quickly here!”

“I’ve found a tunnel to the other side!”

“Said subway extends below an Infinity Pool,

but offers safe route inside.”


Upon closer inspection the subterranean path,

proved a tight passage barely insurmountable.

Of small concern for an owl of Archie’s size,

yet for Merlin, t’was all but impassable!


When at long, long last, tight tenacious tube,

squeezed squat opening upon farthest shore.

A climbing clough sloped to a tapered crown,

and disappeared on through iron doors.


Merlin raced to reach the perilous rise, and

scampered for the monstrous doors.

High on a ledge, already ahead,

sat Archie unpicking lock’s flaws.


“Concealed beneath darkly binding bond,

and enchanted periphery.”

“Are spells I’ve never encountered before,

in all my years of history.”


“Such charms were spawned from an ancient tongue,

in a dialect that passed long ago.”

“But I fear whatever skulks behind these iron doors,

would be fair reason for us to go!”


“No! We must keep on!” Merlin eagerly insisted,

pressing closer to the iron-clad shell.

“Our wily Buccaneer’s waylaid beyond ‘ere,

this door may lead to where he fell.”


With deftly hand and a wizard’s indolent ease,

from out of his bag a vial he retrieved.

And daubing four hinges with a generous drizzle,

stepped aside as iron started to sizzle.


“Been here before?” Archie nonchalantly asked,

as spit and spark smote hinge and fetters.

“Oh yes indeed, way back in ’57,

this was Ceasar’s great Hall of Letters.”


“At bequest of the Four King’s of Cantium,

we’d set out on a stealthy mission.”

“As I recall, we arrived by coracle, and

picked passage thro’ the river-system.”


“Having disembarked we’d headed out on foot.”

“Three in our company, as was the custom.”

“When by chance we happened upon this hidden door,

a giant portal to unearthly wisdom!”


“Five guards presented no encumbrance at all,

our spell-casting was a formidable tradition.”

“After heaving aside two iron-hung doors,

we stepped into a belletrist kingdom.”


“Behind this mantle of Rome’s imperial zeal,

lay a depository of wonder to feast upon!”

“From scrawls and scripts, from spells and spiel,

to classics scrolled but long forgotten!”


“Lost to wonder, to words, to Virgilian folio,

we pursued mission’s end, searched high and low.”

“Rumour was rife, the toxic tome had been found,

and was concealed here, deep underground.”


“Specifically and explicitly,

for ears of only you.”

“Said Hall was last resting place,

of a relic known to few.”


“The Lettered Hall housed The Wizard of Wands,

taken intact from Alexandria’s athenaeum.”

“Within opulent bind, is bound and found,

wicked Sorcery’s darkest compendium!”


“Here be evil that spoils, evil that boils,

evil that defiles all truth in antiquity.”

“It’s why this Book was secured so fast,

it has power to alter history!”


“Do you think it’s still here?” Archie enquired,

“After Modred’s many years of tears?”

Merlin pushed hard against solid carved doors.

“After Morgana’s many years of fears?”


With thunderous impact on the rock strewn floor,

two slabs shattered and scattered as scree.

With sudden screech through the vacant door,

rushed branches of a Banshee Tree!


Archie stalled, Merlin stilled,

and threw himself clear to one side.

“Her boughs spring once, it’s the wail in their flail,

that’s why the name’s applied!”


Dalbergia’s flame cast out its brightest beam,

deep into the cavernous beyond.

Merlin slipped silently into the scarlet gleam,

and slowly withdrew his wand.


Ash flurried and scurried in the press of air,

released in the quake of mighty doors.

And floated as motes in scarlet brigade,

spiralling upwards from fire scarred floors.


The Hall was vast, to honour Rome’s reverie,

with religion, ideas and philosophies.

With archaic wisdom stolen from every country,

blooded by Rome’s savage victories.


Four towering walls stood cracked and scorched,

fine murals, flags, and eagles torched.

Merlin gazed upwards to where once was a dome,

now pitted and pocked, scorched granite stone.


To either side stretched a thousand rows,

of charred wood stacks and cinder meadows.

Pillars stood buckled, each blackened the same,

every book and volume, vanquished by flame.


“What heinous crime has befallen this Hall,

and taken from us such treasure!”

“What odious fool has forsaken this Hall,

and destroyed it all beyond measure!”


Archie circumnavigated the entire Letters room,

seeking salvage and prize to return.

But discovering little, he flew from the gloom,

looking jaded in heart and downturn.


“Whatever was here, is here no more,

all’s been damned in a literary pyre!”

“Such glorious minds, their words, now gone,

all’s been consumed by raging fire!”


Far beyond reach of Sissoo’s sumptuous glare,

a shadow shifted to an open door.

Slipping slowly through the swarthy crack,

it stole away from the blackened Hall floor.


It was Archie who sensed the feint fleeing form,

who heard thud of heavy stone doors.

And flapping towards the source of the sound,

called for Merlin to follow once more.


“We’re not alone,” Archimedes whispered,

hurrying passed in dry smoky air.

And speared fast vector across the gaping room,

with distant door never leaving his stare.


Merlin ran and ran, for all his aging might,

to keep pace with Archie’s fleeting flight.

But failed on legs, both thin and old,

to keep the swiftly owl in sight!


“Well don’t delay or dilly-dally there,

waiting for me to open the door!”

“There’s no time to pause pursuing perplexing shade,

best policy is to push on some more!”


Broad bound stone, squealed and yielded,

swinging with effort upon ancient mounts.

Merlin tarried a little to take a deeper breath,

fearing whatever might suddenly pounce!


But only the surge of tunnel’s pitchy murk,

hurried headlong through the door.

Only the breeze from a distant wind,

stirred a foot or so from the floor.


Merlin stepped forward, his wand poised to strike,

prepared for any threat coming into view.

Archie flapped overhead, fearing to tread,

thinking it safer if he simply flew.


Bitter darkness bit harder at staff’s bejewelled blaze,

incensed at having woken from slumber.

But the tunnel was bare; there was no lethal lair,

no sneaky snare, spitting fire and thunder!


When unexpectedly across the subway floor,

slid a sliver of light at phenomenal pace.

It dashed or darted for path’s deeper gloom,

before Archie could give proper chase.


“It’s a Wisp!” declared Merlin with concerned surprise,

“a puckish sprite of the fairy-realm!”

“Caution prevails my fine feathery friend,

one wrong turn, could well overwhelm!”


“Twas no Ignis Fatuus sliding from Hall’s ashen tomb,

but something mean and menacing!”

“Tis safe to follow a foolish fiery Wisp!”

said Archie, flying off without questioning.


Myrddin hastened his chase of the serpentine beam,

slipping quickly down the passageway.

At tunnel’s end, where three paths extend,

Merlin slowed to feel the feint of the Fey.


Deep within darkness, small particles of warmth,

still lingered in the blush of whisked air.

Towards tunnel two and threading on through,

stretched two streaks of fast fading flare.


Bounding for two, Merlin strode on through,

quickening as long passages descended.

When into a cavern of sparse width and height,

sloping tunnels quite suddenly ended.


“At last!” smirked Archie with sardonic glee,

“I thought perhaps you’d lost our tail?”

“Meet my old friend, Gaslite Zee,

our new guide upon the trail.”


“Well, I’m delighted!” sighed Merlin wearily,

“Indeed we’ve need of company.”

“The tale we tell, is of dream’s defeat,

and unhappily, of near tragedy”


“Merlin,” said Zee reassuringly.

“Trust to hope in your loving heart.”

“We shall find your friend, the mislaid Buccaneer,

and I will show you where to start!”


“Twas fortuitous indeed that we happened upon,

your most timely company!”

“I’m grateful, I’m sure, yet tempted to ask,

how you know where our comrade may be?”


“Indeed agreed!” mimicked Gaslite Zee,

“t’was fortuitous for both thee and me!”

“Before you appeared, a phantom slid free,

and into my light stabbed its dark mystery!”


“T’was an evil creature, with fiendish intent,

a Darkly Sparkle from the after-life!”

“When we leave in search of your misplaced friend,

prepare for worse trouble and strife.”


“But, you enquire of me, a puckish Wisp,

how I know of your journey’s end?”

“Well, I’ll tell you more, as we head-out the door,

en route to your dragon-slaying friend!”


Archie forced a smile to lift the mood,

for Zee’s story had already been told.

Then in full sight, of friendships warm light,

they left quickly for darkly folds…

~ + ~

I lay within shadow, upon cold sodden ground,

weeping pain from my splintered bones.

“How long has it been since last felling wound?”

“How long since I fell on bloody stones?”


“Spawn’s accursed wraith, is it here with me?”

“Preparing to attack, or assault viciously?”

“Or has it flown, though skulks close by,

waiting and watching, with Draconis eyes?”


“Oh Merlin, why did you ever turn and go,

leaving me to die by beast and shadow?”

“Did I fail to meet your wizard’s highest stay?”

“Or falter one step upon the way?”


“Did I not fight with bravado and bravery,

to overcome our adversary?”

“Did I not fight with a knight’s gallantry?”

“Yet, alone I will die, in your lost ossuary.”


“How foolish was I to have ever believed,

in Fate, in Merlin, in Destiny!”

“How foolish was I to have ever agreed, to travel

a journey so foolishly conceived.”


“And now, for all my courageous sway,

shall I never again see first light of day.”

“Ne’er be overwhelmed by Love’s rising rose,

instead, overcome by deathly shadows.”


“Shifting shade hungers for my breath’s final spill,

eager to befriend one dying alone.”

“She shines coal eyes, scrawls her inky quill,

beneath last lines of my fading tome.”


“I feel her here, sense her never-ending lull,

taste cheap thrill on the tip of her tongue.”

“With Death as my lover on last voyage home,

am I still bound to where I begun?”


Upon cloying air whispered the faintest of words,

a muted hiss aside my death’s bed.

“There’s no brighter gleam, no better dream,

than one heartfelt and intuitively led.”


“I thought dear friend, you might fail at the first,

or fall foul of the incongruous ravine.”

“Yet it still seems, in your heart, left unseen,

is hope to live-on in your dream?”


“What gave you strength, surely gives you hope!”

“Tis not your time to come to me!”

“Banished were your fears, in a tonic of tears,

when Merlin passed his cup to thee.”


“I cannot stay here, my fading Buccaneer,

offering cold comfort until you are through.”

“I cannot stay here, my foolish Mutineer,

with Merlin’s elixir still flowing in you!”


“Feel your way through last testing hour,

with faith and resolve in your heart.”

“And within sight, of Merlin’s light, might,

you find your new place to start.”


“My friend, you’ve already travelled so very far,

upon a path to meet your noble end.”

“You sought adventure beyond the infinite void,

and that journey is still far from penn’d.”


“We shall meet again, before an earthy tomb,

or by Life’s crossroad at dusk of day.”

“Farewell Buccaneer, I’ll leave you to dreams,

of your destination far away.”


Darkness left, leaving her scent upon my skin,

her words lingering upon clammy air.

On this occasion, She came silently alone,

to offer hope, not to ensnare.


“Tis sweet joy to know my life will still flow,

beyond current sense of suffering and pain!”

“For one testing hour, must I strive to prevail,

seek strength to believe once again!”


“Upon hallowed ground, is where I was found,

by a Wizard who freed me from fear.”

“With purpose I followed, for I firmly believed,

t’was my destiny guiding me here.”


“Such wonder indeed whilst I shared his company, and

touched the heart of Merlin’s fantasy!”

“Bewitched, bemused, beloved, enchanted, and

guided by the hand of mastery.”


“But to meet my end on a journey bound,

within darkly passageways heading deep underground?”

“In abandoning me to die upon bloodstained floor,

how did Merlin perfect sweet Nature’s perfect law?”


“Perhaps it is not for me to dwell upon,

the way of a Wizard who inwardly guides.”

“But yield to belief, he is divinely inspired,

ending my path over which he presides.”


“My mind clings to many dissolving dreams,

limps still in hope towards the unseen.”

“But my heart lies broken, split apart at seams,

aching for repose in Eden’s garden green.”


“Should my resolve weaken, or fade further still,

will it have all been in vain?”

“Or did I find my way betwixt night and day,

questing Merlin’s reality membrane?”


“I see with simplicity, in the clarity of last hour.”

“Mine was never a love of life, not until it hurt,

not until death came knocking at my door.”

“Mine was never a life of love, not until it hurt,

not until my heart lost a life worth living for.”

~ + ~

“So there was I, an atmospheric Wisp,

bright with light and flaming cheerfully.”

“When there fluttered down on feather’s of gold,

the Thrice Greatest, Winged Mercury!”


“In a voice to crack blue Preseli stone,

he commandeered me to grand adventures!”

“Then led me at speed along underground paths,

to a great Hall pillaged of splendours!”


“And there I waited as Mercury requested,

glowing dimly in the murky mantle.”

“And there I waited as Mercury suggested,

for the arrival of Darkly Sparkle.”


“He knew foul fiend would frequent there?”

Merlin furrowed his frowning brow.

“Why didn’t he say, when here the other day,

in our pre-adventure powwow?”


“I can only assume, t’was to give you three room,

to press on without added distraction.”

“Had you known of the threat, it’s safe to bet,

you’d be first to take decisive action.”


“Should your cover be blown, we’d never have known,

who threatened your way ahead.”

“Twas for Camelot’s sake, I had to make,

first contact with Morgana’s dead.”


“But let us hurry and scurry and skitter on,

we’re closer than you might imagine.”

“When Mercury sequestered me, he also told me,

just where the Buccaneer had fallen.”


“Fascinating,” said Merlin stroking his beard,

“Morgana’s tentacles have stretched far and wide.”

“We are grateful indeed you’ve suddenly appeared,

and may remain a while at our side?”


“Of course,” agreed Zee, “quite happily,

until we arrive at Copper Seam.”

“From there you must travel her burnished road,

to fulfil your own special dream.”


“As for Zee, I’ll never be, any more than me,

a guiding light to a tunnel’s end.”

“For all those lost at lonely times, I am

a friend on whom you can depend.”


“When path ends, I’ll return to my vaporous life,

of sweet ignition and entropy.”

“To rise in flame, to flare then fade,

always fulfilling my destiny.”


“It’s been many years,” Archie said with regret,

“since we met in the Woodland Realm.”

“And traded tall tails of far flung shores,

beneath mighty boughs of Saturn’s Elm.”


“Centuries and eons are too many years,

but chance allows us to talk on our way.”

“Tis timely synchronicity, and Mercury’s trickery,

bringing us together upon this day!”


“But first,” said Zee, “I shall recall, briefly,

the rhyme of the dragon-slain Mariner.”

“You’ve crafted an obituary?” Merlin recoiled,

“Isn’t that being rather premature?”


“Oh no!” shrieked Zee, “On the contrary!”

“Your Buccaneer remained with the living!”

“My ode justly tells the one last tale,

of a hero who kept on believing.”


“A hero?” Merlin asked, unashamedly confused.

“Perhaps you should elaborate.”

“I’m intrigued to know, where your story goes,

and how we have cause to celebrate.”


“You’re peeved, indeed, I’ll bring you up to speed,”

and save my post script for another time.”

“Suffice to say, no dragon was slain, but,

an object washed underground in the rain.”


“In darkness, your hero, raged needlessly,

repelling a driftwood Oaken Tree!”

“Dislodged up-stream, it came thundering down,

drowned the Buccaneer and tumbled his crown!”


“The inscrutable Gaslite’s, control a gaseous vein,

or perhaps that should be gossip vine?”

“A tube for tattle, a pipe-line for prattle,

and dare I say most of its mine!”


“But,” said Zee, “whilst a wee sprite I be,

I tell you my tale with all certainty.”

“Your Buccaneer fought most courageously,

hewing branches off his adversary!”

~ + ~

Within a hurried hour, the rum team of three,

had hastened their return to wild Oaken Tree.

But searched in vain for either track or trail,

for slightest sign of their Buccaneer’s sail.


When alone, far away, submerged in deep grey,

Archie spied their fallen friend.

Lying still on the floor, was Zee right after all?

Or had life already come to an end?


As they gathered around the blood-soaked ground,

it was Merlin who fell upon one knee.

And tending the wayfarer with restorative charms,

incanted spells to kindle soul’s recovery.


“Tis timely intervention, for our Buccaneer pales,

his flaming flare is fading fast.”

“But I sense he must linger a little longer still,

to find new form, with an ancient past.”


“He dwells in the illusion of shattered dreams,

alone without faith to root his flower.”

“He seeks higher realms to determine his fate,

and slips beyond reach of my power.”


“Perhaps it’s early upon his unlearned way,

but I shall present a foolish notion.”

“Our Buccaneer is lost without fire in his heart,

might not Love, be our strongest potion?”


Looking to Archie, Merlin whispered words,

“VITRIOL if you please, my feathered swage.”

“Visita Interiora Terrae, Rectificando Invenies,

Occultum Lapidem,” said Archie, the oracular sage.


“Yes, yes, indeed agreed.” Merlin decreed,

“an acrostic, to solve it alone.”

“Visit the interior of the Earth and there,

to discover and rectify, the unseen stone.”


Merlin lifted the Buccaneer’s weak, wilted form,

and carried him to a cave by river side.

And there upon the blanketed ground,

laid him down with last spell applied.


“What does it mean to become your dreams?”

“What does it take for you to believe?”

“Break down your walls, step forth, be free,

embrace the power you hold within.”

~ + ~

Lifeless and listing, lay the brave Buccaneer,

with gentle heart stilled and without verve.

On a ship bourn away upon Life’s ebbing tide,

stood his ghost with spirit stirred.


“The last golden Galleon, she sails as my Queen,

fleet’s finest, most splendid, ship ever seen.”

“Oak timbered, high sided, five-mast sovereign,

carrier of souls to where dreams begin.”


“Fleet in flow beneath full fashioned sail,

She styles sleek lines from aft to helm.”

“As silhouettes we’ll follow the transit of stars,

homebound to a distant realm.”


“Cast off, cast out, make ready ruddy sail!”

“Hoist the talisman atop the mast!”

“Fly fast my fair Queen, for Destiny’s shore, for

disclosure and closure at last!”


Beyond harbour wall, with canvas pulled taut,

The Venus slipped silently away.

A voice from afar, “Fare thee well Buccaneer!”

Keened my spirit setting out on the way.


“Starlight, star shine, moon balm and calm,

pearls strung across an endless sea.“

“Unfurled, unfettered, unfounded, unbounded,

sailing in search of endless me.”


Empyrean rippled her infinite glass,

turned heaven to meet ocean’s end.

By clear moon light, within distant sight,

She called to me as her friend.


“Her Star blazons beyond far tipping edge.

my sweet herald at dawn of day.”

“Sail on Buccaneer, your time has come,

for Venus to guide your way.”


I stood for an age, with rosy eyes glazed,

in admiration of her exhilarating show.

Upon this night, it felt so right, to bathe

in light of her Loving glow.


“I fell in despair from Death’s deadly snare,

only to rise in eternal devotion.”

“Upon glittering seas, is where my spirit breathes,

sailing heart’s ocean of timeless emotion.”


For one moment I pause to imagine fine sight,

of a ghost-ship cresting giant waves at night.

When at helm’s wheel, I saw my vaporous apparel,

become a moth flying in starlight!


”What sense of grace unfurls such fragile wings?”

“Or impels my flight towards distant shore?”

“What sense of wonder billows full swelling sails,

steering The Venus to Copper Door?”

~~~~~ + ~~~~~


11 thoughts on “Stitch, Stash, and Stow

  1. A perfect ending to Copper Door! You have taken us on a breathtaking journey, Dewin, vividly crafted with a sense of wonder and timelessness.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed every chapter, and now the end is in sight…I wonder what will happen in the final verses…which of course, I am looking forward to reading 🙂

    I hope you are well. Brightest Blessings, Sammi

    • Hey Sammi 🙂

      If I were to start with an apology for my habitual tardiness in replying to your wonderful comments, would it suffice in also thanking you for the warmth and enjoyment of your words? Perhaps not. Your company has been inspiring Sammi, thank you, your readership most encouraging 🙂

      And so it is that the wayward Buccaneer reaches the end of Chapter 4 having taken flight in starlight upon the rolling seas to sail in search of endless ‘me’. One wonders where his destination lies, or what will indeed happen to him as he extends himself beyond the veil 🙂 I hope you’ll enjoy the ending Sammi, and will continue to be as generous with your comments as you always have been throughout this story 🙂 I value your honest opinion, and your company, thank you.

      I wonder if this is ‘a perfect ending to Copper Door’, or mere passage to it? I’m not certain myself quite how Copper Door will manifest. It has become a curiously beguiling, alluring yet shifting entity in my thoughts, one never revealed but intuited, and I am as curious as anyone to know what to make of it! 🙂

      Have a wonderful weekend, and a fabulous week ahead. Take care 🙂


      DN – 06/11/2016

  2. Wonderful how that magic vile did loosen those hinges of the door.. The Hall of Letters housing the Wizard of Wands..
    You paint a vivid picture of the Hall with columns and slab stones Murals and eagles torch
    I LOVED taking my time reading this Dewin.. For some reason you have been on my mind in recent days and I remembered I had yet to read this wonderful episode..

    I could see it being made into a wonderful lavish film in the virtual reality world of technical genius.

    I so hope you are going to publish this fine work Dewin..
    Wishing you a Blessed Day and Peaceful weekend

    • Good afternoon Sue 🙂

      ‘Tis indeed a pleasure to know you are still enjoying the Buccaneer’s stumbling and stuttering through the darkness of Merlin’s underworld labyrinth. Your company is most welcome, as to the kindness of your comment. Thank you for staying the course, and for coming by to say hello. 🙂

      Merlin’s arrival at the Hall of Letters came about more by accident than it did through conscious direction. Having escaped the tight tenacious tube and scrabbled up the sloping clough, I was at a loss to know where Merlin and Archie would be heading next in their desperate struggle to get back to the witless Buccaneer. It was my intention to introduce a shadowy character to the plot, and to do so within a ruined environment that would add depth to the character’s presence. I toyed with the idea of using an enclosed space (other than the tunnels) to have a shadowy character appear but had not defined the nature of that space. At this time I was chatting to work colleagues about the poem (it is my one topic of conversation these days lol) and happened upon a friend who was studying History for their MA. During the conversation we discussed many things including the Roman Empire and its associations to Wales. Upon reflecting on our conversation, and having followed several researchable themes, I decided my defined space would be a Library…the vestiges of the long lost library of Alexandra, which had been allegedly ransacked and destroyed by the Roman Empire. I decided in fact that the library had been stolen and moved to a secret location when Caesar invaded England, and Merlin had known about this, hence his coracle journey into the tunnels in 57A.D. But would I ever admit to inventing the name Hall of Letters if it had not been to find a word that rhymed with fetters? I’d rather not say lol 🙂 As to the Wizard of Wands, that magical, mystical, book of evil…perhaps its inclusion in the story will be revealed in Chapter 5, but then again, perhaps it won’t lol 🙂 I will just have to wait and see what flows from the inky nib.

      To wonder as to the possibility of this being a film is truly something I’ve not considered, or even contemplated. It is however a delicious thought, and I would LOVE to be a part of that! I’ll drop Disney a line later this afternoon lol 🙂 Thank you Sue for the motivating suggestion, and for thinking the story worthy: your thoughts are inspiring. When finished, I will try to get the poem published, if for no other reason than to derive a sense of personal fulfilment at the completion of an extended piece of work. It must be an amazing feeling to be published and to hold a covered volume of your work, something solid and dependable as opposed to distant lines on a p.c screen…I think in some tangible way I prefer solidity in form as opposed to the virtual platform. I am a traditionalist in that way…but then who doesn’t like being surrounded by books full of mystery and intrigue? 🙂

      I always enjoy discussion following on from your comments Sue. They have me view things from a different perspective, or ask me to consider other possibilities I had perhaps not considered. Your comments are always inspiring. I think we do find ourselves thinking of others with whom we share an affinity for friendship, writing and blogging, and we do certainly feel drawn on occasions to pay attention to our whim and thoughts and visit a site. I’m never sure why this happens, but I accept that it does, and that it is supportive and genuine…and perhaps necessary for mutual benefit…paths do cross for all sorts of reasons, don’t they? 🙂

      Well Sue, I’ll leave you to enjoy your Sunday afternoon and look forward to catching up again shortly. Many thanks for stopping by, and for leaving another inspiring comment, as you always do 🙂

      Enjoy your week ahead! Take care always for always and always.


      DN – 20/11/2016

      • Thank you Dewin for
        that wonderful response as always whenever you reply or leave me a comment.. I delight to read the flow of your words..
        The very fact that each line is held in poem for me is of special delight.. I think I may have told you I took part in an online story once upon a time I think it was around 2009 where by a lovely lady from the USA invited us to participate in writing the story which she had started.. Unfortunately I lost the link when my ole computer which ran on steam, died a death.. So these words are floating about somewhere in hyper-space .. 🙂

        When you spoke about the Hall of Letters.. It reminded me of the Spiritual Halls of Learning..
        I had a wonderful Dream only a few nights ago.. About visiting a wonderful library filled with Ancient books so large I would hardly be able to lift them.. Bigger than the Old family bibles.. ( of which I have one in the loft ) arrgh what isn’t in the loft these days 🙂
        A wonderful librarian assisted me in my searching through the many corridors of books..
        She helped lift down a beautiful gold embossed leather volume of Egyptian hieroglyphs . I lovingly turned each large page feeling the hand painted designs..
        I then was handed another book which was filled with beautiful Celtic designs.. I was just about to discover something I know was an ancient secret when I awoke..
        LOL.. Haha.. Such is the way of Dreams.. I maybe need to connect again to my painting.. And be creative again with paint brush..
        I keep toying with the idea of self-publishing a book of my poems.. To leave perhaps something tangible for my Granddaughter to hold in her hand in the future.. I really must put that Dream into a reality.. If only on my computer to print out.
        You really should reach out too.. For your Poems are too good to stay locked within the screen of your blog and computer.. The storyline holds Magic for all of us who have ever loved Merlin..

        And your tale touches so many elements of truth..

        Sending you thoughts for a wonderful week, even though here it is more than a little soggy 🙂
        And thank you my Sunday was special.. In the company of a little girl whose own Magic casts me in her spell.. 🙂

        Blessings Sue xx

      • Good evening Sue 🙂

        So very pleased to hear from you and to know all is well following a wild and immensely soggy weekend! I woke Sunday morning to a world almost devoured by autumnal devastation, and a sheet of standing water two or three centimetres thick surrounding the entire building in which I live. And still the rain hammers down and the wind blows with relentless fury! For all-intents-and-purposes winter it seems has well and truly arrived with lasting vengeance, and I get the distinct impression she will be a wraith this year! But as long as there is snow on Christmas Day, I’ll be content to put up with whatever else may be thrown down from the skies! 🙂

        Well now, you have indeed left me quite a reply here Sue: full of wonder and mystery, intrigue and contemplation, with a kind and generous word or two included as well. Thank you 🙂 I was particularly touched by the manner in which you describe the enchanting company of a little girl who made your weekend very special. Aww, bless her little cotton socks…she sounds a delight 🙂

        I do recall discussing the poem you co-authored back in 2009, and like you, I to am most disappointed it has been lost in cyberspace without trace. I would certainly have enjoyed its colourful reading and poetic competence: the story sounded most interesting! During our discussion you passed on several gems regarding characterisation and narrative, not to mention offering advice on using ‘speech’ to guide the story. I learnt a whole lot from your poetic experience, and can’t begin to thank you enough 🙂 I imagine you have tried to locate or contact your American friend in hope of obtaining a copy? Perhaps readership across WP could assist in tracking down your fellow writer – it has to be worth a try, right? After all, 2009 wasn’t that long ago and the world has become an ever-shrinking place in which to hide lol 🙂 I’ll keep fingers crossed in case you decide to give it one more shot 🙂

        Regarding self-publishing. I am led to believe there are many opportunities online to get material published and prices are reasonable for one-off prints. As is the norm, the more one buys, the cheaper the price. I think it would be wonderful to give solidity to your work and in the process create a family heirloom to be treasured and perhaps added to in the future. Do I get the impression that a special little girl has inherited her Grandmother’s love of both the Earth and the Arts? 🙂 I do hope you manifest your intention. Would there be time to get it done before Christmas…it’d make for a wonderful gift! 🙂

        I do intend to get the poem published when finished, edited and the artwork either reworked or replaced, and will search out opportunities to do so. I also received a very positive suggestion by a good friend that I should enter my work into competitions, which I found most flattering and thoughtful. Perhaps upon completion of the poem my confidence in it will grow to the point where I feel such a suggestion is plausible. With it incomplete at the moment, so I too feel uncertain as to its worth in that way, and won’t consider submissions until it is complete. For me, confidence comes when I have fully completed a task as opposed to merely engaging with it…once at the end, I then know beyond a shadow of a doubt I am capable of doing it all over again. Lessons have to be thoroughly learned or I’ll not feel ‘complete’ within myself. Does that make any sense at all? I hope so.

        I will certainly follow-up your mention of the Spiritual Halls of Learning…a quick peek on-line has piqued my curiosity still further. Thank you for the suggestion, yet another gem you have shared from the Dreamwalker bag of secrets lol 🙂 Talking of which, I was fascinated by your dream and wholly disappointed to know you woke before the big reveal! Oh no! lol 🙂 As I read your comment, I was eager to know what your dream meant, or how you might interpret it, and more eager still to know the ending! Sue, you must get back to painting and reconnect with that amazing energy, there is definitely something there for you find…dreams like that seldom happen, and books that large are so very few and far between, it must all mean something, surely? I like the mention of a librarian guiding you to a specific tome – and what a magnificent book it sounds – and then, if that weren’t enough, handing you another book of equal importance for your understanding and appreciation. It is indeed a magical dream! I wonder how you interpret it?

        It’s always a pleasure to chat with you Sue and have your words and thoughts expand my mind ever further. Both supportive and encouraging your considerate comments always fascinate and always leave me with a smile. What more could one ever ask for than to share both merriment and knowledge with friendship 🙂 Thank you Sue D 🙂

        Enjoy a wonderful new week ahead, and please keep fingers crossed for dry weather…I still have 3 weeks left commuting to my current job, which necessitates a 30 minute walk across open space with limited opportunity for cover from either wind or rain. I hate getting wet at the best of times (as all cats do lol), but soaked through before work is especially unpleasant, as to the slow and uncomfortable process of drying out. A day in wet clothes leaves me feeling like I’m warm food wrapped in cling-film, you know the way wet material seems to stick to the skin…I find it most uncomfortable! 🙂

        Take care Sue D…loaf long and prosper 🙂


        DN – 21/11/2016

  3. What a joy to read Dewin, as well as to see your discussion herein and to learn how your story moved on its heels and thought wheels, with reference to the discussions wielded during the daily hours and among friends. Keep your focus, dear friend. I’d like to see a movie, too. I enjoy reading these beautiful spells dug up from the ancient lands and see behind hidden stones: what else may be found within? Your story gives clues. 🙂
    Aloha, Ka

  4. Good afternoon Ka 🙂

    My goodness you did have a busy afternoon commenting here! Thank you so much Ka, every word is a delight 🙂

    Indeed I was grateful for the attention (and patience!) of friends and work colleagues and for the discussion which ensued. Their comments, like those that appear here are invaluable as a source of inspiration and a wonderful mechanism by which one may distil thoughts and process ideas more readily…writing can sometimes be an intense experience and often I find myself unable to see the thickness of the forest for the width of the trees, so standing back once in a while before capitalising on thoughtful comment and helpful insight is wonderfully effective and wholly appreciated. Indeed, you commented elsewhere and made mention of the fact that every reader brings their own ‘universe’ and personality with them to the comments box, and hence provides a unique perspective on the work. It is tremendously supportive and always offers inspiration and delight! 🙂

    As to my focus…I readily admit that I do not have a particularly good work ethos when it comes to writing! I try desperately hard to be good and commit, but my mind freely wanders and roams wherever and whenever it chooses. I must improve in that way or else have everything I attempt take forever to complete: and time is so very precious when life is readily compromised by the occupational hazard of a working life. I am shortly to start my 4th job role this year, and will be moving to offices closer to my home town, which I hope will ultimately return to me nearly 26 days a year. Currently I am travelling 3 hours every day to and from work and often have so little time in the evenings to set pen to paper, or catch up with friends here on WP. I hope I am able to make best use of this extra time and increase my output and participation here on WP.

    Thank you for supporting the suggestion of the poem being made into a film 🙂 It is an idea so far beyond my thinking that I hadn’t considered it before, and yet, to pause now and imagine it a reality is such a thrill! Oh my! 😀

    So you enjoy the spells eh? 🙂 In this instance, ‘Vitriol’ is taken directly from the Tabula Smaragdina Hermetis, a Rosicrucian symbol emanating from the 16th/17th century. There is a highly complex and detailed explanation of the Tabula Smaragdina Hermetis available on-line should you wish to explore it further. I’ll provide the link if interested 🙂

    I hope I haven’t given away to many clues or revealed to much before the poems ending! I know how perceptive and intuitive you are, so I’ve little doubt you’ve got it all figured out already! 🙂 And if you have, please share your knowledge, because I haven’t got a clue lol 😀

    Many thanks for the comment and for leading me into discussion. I’m always grateful for your knowing ways and insightful mind. Have a wonderfully prosperous and fruitful week. Best wishes with the studies! 🙂


    DN – 21/11/2016

    • Hey Cindy 🙂

      Thank you for letting curiosity get the better of you and taking a quick peek at the visual. Your generous appreciation and wonderful choice of words ( 🙂 ) has me beaming like a Cheshire cat 😀

      I read Animation at university as my major yet pursued interest in Alchemy as a choice of research to support my filmic studies. The link between the two being life itself – either by referencing life’s ‘illusionary’ nature (animation) or indeed by seeking ‘truth’ at the heart of all life. The conclusion to each limb of study being the finalising of a completed whole: either the film or in Alchemy the completion of the ‘great work’. I went to university to step away from life for four years as much as I did to gain an academic award. I also appreciated the time it gave to attend to artistic practice and the expansion of my portfolio. The finding of the fox-cub skeleton was fortuitous indeed and came about as a result of inheriting a dog for the summer months whilst on recess from university…a doggie-doo I called Plato by way of a black circle of fur on his all white back. We’d walk miles of a morning and venture through unexplored territory as and whenever opportunity allowed. It was whilst out on one such adventure that Taz, the dog, sniffed his way to us finding an object of grotesque beauty – grotesque in that we had found the left overs from nature’s dinner table and yet within the carnage there remained a raw beauty lingering beyond death: a beauty torn from animated life yet still alive and living within the very fabric of the bones themselves. It lay not in the curve or bow of the bone, nor in its colour, but in my reflection and recognition of the exquisite nature of nature’s ‘design’ and immaculate manifestation.

      I sat with Taz and our bag of bones in the morning sunshine and wondered at the concept of death and about the eternal nature of nature. I also considered our good fortune at finding our small treasure and thanked the departing fox for the provision of wisdom, knowledge and wise counsel. I always think it profound when gifted with empirical evidence of a benign and loving universe and knew I had to do something with the bones we had collected. It was when photographing the bones and laying them out in pattern that the butterfly idea first took shape. It was then just a small step in thinking to evolve that notion and find a way to best utilise the most descriptive of bones…the ones with recognised shape: the skull and vertebrae for example. Forming a representative figure with humanoid characteristics with the material available felt very alchemical, almost like creating a homunculus. The skeletal structure would I think support the requirement for flight as well as provide well for terrestrial capability: at least that was the intention in invention of a new species.

      So yes indeed the fox cub’s spirit did rise from death to live again immortalised as a digital entity forever flying the virtual skyways above WP. It is a heavenly flight to last for all eternity 🙂

      The fox connection this weekend has thrilled and pleased and been greatly enjoyed. I have delighted in trading stories and having chance to see the photographs taken on your London safari 🙂 It is the magic of WP and the magic of friendship that finds someone enjoying photographs of Hooded Orioles and Blue Jays on Friday and by Sunday evening sharing thoughts on the metaphysics of fox skeletons. The joy of learning never ceases to amaze me 🙂

      Thank you once again for calling by Cindy and extending friendship across the big pond. Have a wonderful weekend and a blessed week.

      Namaste 🙂


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