Thread, Tread, and Weave

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Thread, Tread and Weave is the second Act in a three Act poem written under the title Copper Door. Copper Door is the 4th chapter in a narrative poem telling of my encounter with Merlin the Wizard. This poem follows on from Act 1 – Spiel, Spool and Spell, which precedes this post. Copper Door has been divided into three Acts, with Act 3 –  Stitch, Stash and Stow to follow shortly.

Spiel, Spool, and Spell, told how our questing hero, the Buccaneer, stepped through Merlin’s magic mirror and into the darkly realm beyond. Here he was met by Merlin and Archimedes, and in a feast of showmanship and spell-casting, introduced to the Red Lady, Dalbergia Sissoo, Merlin’s rosewood wand. With formalities set aside, the Buccaneer and his two magical companions now stand upon the threshold of adventure and journey to Copper Door.


~ Copper Door ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~

~ Act Two ~

~ Thread, Tread, and Weave ~


“Where’s Myrddin?” I asked, with quiet timbre voice.

“Has he already fled?”

“No, he’s taken a flume to a different room,

to prepare for our passage ahead.”


“Each chance to glance, I glimpse and gape,

and yet Merlin’s nowhere to be seen!”

“It’s almost as if he could never exist,

without this fool, with eyes to dream.”


“Buccaneer,” said Archie, “I need to explain,

our questing is guise for clandestine intention.”

“We trail a tale to restore lost kingdom’s past,

for Camelot we are contesting.”


“What do you mean, pursuing furtive gain?”

I was feeling unexpectedly besieged.

“We depart this day for realms far away,

to reclaim King’s crown wrongfully seized.”


“One thousand years of Mordred’s wicked reign,

has blackened the legendary Kingdom.”

“Through desire it was lost, through Lancelot’s lust,

and with it, Chivalry’s worthy wisdom.”


“Legends of bold, speak of great Kings of old,

ruling enchanted empires of fable and fantasy.”

“No King was as bold, no tale better told,

than Merlin’s telling of Arthurian history.”


“His myths of old, speak of Knights of bold,

galloping steeds, gallanting deeds, slaying flame and fancy!”

“No Knight’s tale was more boldly told, than

Lancelot and Guinevere’s sinful treachery.”


Archimedes flew to settle upon a nearby stack,

to conclude Lancelot’s misdemeanour.

His tale only whittled my whittled worries more,

whilst waiting for my unwitting misadventure.


“A Knight’s virtuous path tells of Devil’s darkly glass,

tempting fire from Light and King’s flavour.”

“Beneath Queen’s banner rose, daring Knights rode,

slaying Shadows, wearing Knight’s shining armour.”


Lancelot’s ventured path, tells of Devil’s darkly glass,

teasing fire out of sight with King’s favour.

“Beneath Queen’s banner rose, daring Du Lac rode,

Slaying Guinevere, with Knight’s shining amour.”


“So why do I share this despicable tale,

as we start along new passageways?”

“You see Buccaneer, a true Knight must prevail,

to seek enlightenment beyond courtly slays.”


“But alas.”

“Legend recalls, twas Du Lac’s unruly sway,

which brought about the end of days.”

“Civil War ensued and beloved Camelot fell,

to Mordred and his dark raven ways.”


“His thousand years with Morgana’s wicked vein,

has blackened our once fabled Kingdom.”

“Yet, hidden away, are those who have stayed,

loyal to King’s crown and Merlin’s wisdom.”


“Archimedes, why do you baffle our friend as you do?”

“With all your flannel and flummery?”

He’s not here to listen to fallacious fribble,

or an owl’s felonious frippery.”


Said Archie, feeling a little sore.

“I shared your woe, and my woe more.”

“Huddled for warmth upon Glastonbury Tor,

with distant Camelot aflame and burning.”


Archie continued, still feeling sore.

“I felt your woe, and my woe more.”

“Huddled for warmth upon Llyn Ogwen’s shore,

with distant Avalon aflame and burning.”


“Times once were, when Camelot’s enwalling haze,

would stir a wizard’s glazy daze,

to write in playful melody,

and idly wax lyrically,

or jest and jape figuratively,

and with flourish and frivolity,

find face and farce and comedy,

in weaving wizard’s poetry.

But alas, good days are gone,

forever more.”


“Archimedes” Merlin interrupted the owl’s sad lament.

. “Have I mentioned before, how you sound so sore,

when evoking your yore of sweet yesteryear?”


“Well, I’ve sympathy for their loss,” I casually quipped.

“Both Archie and erroneous Lancelot.”

“Tis miserable indeed, losing a cherry sweetheart,

never mind losing cherished Camelot.”


“Your Grand Questing,” I said, “what’s it to do with me?”

I was most anxious to receive an answer.

“I’m here to journey to Copper Door,

not peruse history’s errant Lancer.”


Archie flustered and fluttered his flapping old feathers,

clearly annoyed his teaching hadn’t sunken-in.

My ignorance and fear were greying aging quills,

and he was already ashen plumed and thin.


“Serving Justice with Prowess and unwavering Loyalty,

In Defence, with Courage and honest Humility.”

“With Faith, Largesse and honourable Nobility,

is a Knight’s Code of Chivalry sworn eternally!”


“Enough,” Merlin interceded with sterner projection.

He was impatient, and packed, eager to go.

One bag, one staff, one dark hooded cloak,

each suffused in deep crimson glow.


“We‘ll not weep or wail, or wince or whine,

or dwell or delay, or discuss any further!”

“We’ll not whoop or warble, or whimper or wither,

or wail at our woe, weaving weepy webs hither!”


“We’ll neither stall nor stay, nor still and stale!”

“Neither snape and snipe, nor groan and gripe!”

“For all that once was is no longer our end,

but a platform from which new legends ascend.”


“Buccaneer, I’ll help, not hinder, halt, or hitch,

the thread of your tread to Copper Door.”

“I’ll steer Seer’s pathway towards what’s right,

to perfect, perfect nature’s, perfect law.”


“You chose to seek the prattling old ghoul,

who hides in my theurgist’s bones.”

“You chose to unwind on the spinning spool,

and slip between mirroring stones.”


“You chose correct path beyond shimmering gleam,

and stepped inside this wizard’s dream.”

“Yet now at beginning of heroic new start,

there’s uncertainty in your once plucky heart?”


“My melancholy mariner!”

Far West is best for settling to rest”

for retiring old fears and tears!”

“Far East is best for setting your test,

and embracing triumphant new years!”



“We’re treading onwards, threading downwards!”

“Along dark passages through ancient seams.”

“We’re travelling far beyond edge of perilous ravines,

following noble fate towards grander dreams!”


“Our prize, our goal, our elemental certainty,

is restoring Camelot’s rightful sovereignty.”

“With wizardry, with craft, our honourable fraternity,

will be harbingers heralding a new destiny.”


“We journey to join paladins jousting for justice,

rousting for revolution, ruthless for rebellion!”

“Tis time to reclaim our righteous kingdom,

put end to Mordred’s wicked dominion!”


“When we leave today, should you walk our way,

you’ll be guided by our enchanted company.”

“Though none can say what terror will waylay,

we cannot step-out half-heartedly.”


“Buccaneer, of all you’ll ever choose to be.”

“Of all you’ll ever choose to do.”

“We’re offering you such a glorious end!”

“But the choice is up to you.”


I took seconds to dwell upon Merlin’s words,

to understand his adventure was my Fate.

Then looking deep into the wizard’s eyes, I said,

“Merlin, we’ve a Kingdom to liberate!”


“Indeed! “Agreed!” “That’s splendid!” he said,

and turned sharply on his heels.



“Are we all now all now set to go?”

”If seems an age has past already!”

“We’re leaving late, to head-out t’wards Copper Gate,

or is that heading-out, towards Copper Door?”


Dalbergia’s piercing light lit our journeys’ way,

casting crimson gleam through the gloom.

Merlin led, Archie flew overhead,

as our fellowship left mirror’s magic room.


Stepping through hollows in ruddy redolent hue,

beneath urgent press of vaulted stone.

I strove to stride at Merlin’s hurried pace,

as he strode fearlessly towards our unknown.


Upon staff’s jewelled tip, a lantern spun,

rosy thread upon Merlin’s flowing cloak,

I lost sight twice as he hastened ahead,

leaving trails of amethyst smoke.


It seemed our perilous trip had scarcely begun,

when from afar, an eerie rumble grumble.

A feint echo bringing halt to our tread,

and sudden standstill to my stumble.


With urgency my Seer’s sanguine beam,

slipped frantically inside a sedimentary seam.

Into darkness fell my tunnel’s gleam,

into blackness plunged my whispering ravine.


“It’s a thrill,” hissed the begriming shade,

to hold you in my enlightened snare.”

“To sense fear as you cower in my colourless façade,

blind behind your unsuspecting stare’


“Deep in the darkness of my bothersome tarn,

within pitchy pools persuading you to wonder.”

“Stirred are dark fears, which huddle in your tears,

to walk with you wherever you wander.”


“When blackened screams spill from wicked seams,

when death plans darker schemes far ahead.”

“There’ll be no brighter gleam, no safer dream,

than one heartfelt and intuitively led.”


“Feel your way through fear’s darkest hours,

when uncertainty steals your sight.”

“And in the shadow of your redeeming soul,

you’ll find courage within the night!”


A rash of rouge dappled the abyssal ravine,

and stole away my unfathomable dream.

“Dragon!” cried Merlin, and fled tunnel’s yawn,

“Caudicalis Draconis! Wild, huge, overgrown!”


In rapid succession, unfortunate events,

unfolded at mercurial pace.

As Merlin harried Archie to different ground, he

carried Sissoo away from my space!


Back into inky night with no crimson light,

without fierce flame to fake my way.

I hunkered down, embraced the ground,

fearing I’d be dragon prey on this day!


From tunnel’s gape crept a groaning sound,

haunted by some abysmal misery.

Stricken by darkness, I envisioned far worse,

than hell’s lizard born o’sorcery!


I huddled in silence upon the ancient floor,

with sweat pearling upon my brow.

Breath held, I listened for the slightest sound,

certain death would come quickly now.


Hitherto no hum beyond my thumping heart,

did flee from shadow’s clasp.

Yet within my heightened state of mind,

dreadful terrors prolonged their grasp.


At length, silence became an oppressive regime,

the cloying claustrophobia, closely confining.

Blindly I crawled from my haven floor space,

heading in the direction of our arriving.


I hugged hewn walls and followed miner’s course,

fearful at every uncertain stride.

Should I slip and fall, it was a mile or more,

straight down, on one last ride.


Perhaps it was after long unrelenting hours,

perhaps it was long after far more.

When I sunk back against the tunnel wall,

to rest wearily upon the floor.


My hand reached to slow my sliding slump,

and touched something on the ground.

Something cold, coiled and uncannily wet,

something fleshy yet unnaturally found.


In blind panic I turned from the heinous thing,

and sidled away three paces or more!

In terror I screamed when my foot found thin air,

and I stepped off the edge of the floor!


My sudden flurry and flail failed to grasp, nor

flaying foot find fixed hold in the gloom.

Headfirst into the fearful unknown I fell,

knowing this would be my doom.


For long moments I shook with unspeakable fear,

in trepidation of my end to come.

I realized this was to be my last breath,

the one final beat of my drum…


When sudden impact upon a yielding floor!

Fluid racing to silence my scream!

I plunged deeply within a watery grave,

deeper still into death’s drowning dream!


Shocked near to dying, my screaming mind crying,

for ancient impulses to struggle for life.

I rasped, retched, reached out in hope,

of forestalling my fast sinking strife.


When to my hand came a sturdy stem,

gnarled and knolled and saving!

I pulled and pulled for dear life’s worth,

to escape the end death was craving.


Gasping, I broke surface, and grasped harder still,

scrabbling upwards from my watery hell.

But barely had I climbed two feet or more,

when there came an ear-splintering roar.


So absolute was darkness I couldn’t discern,

from where the fetid dragon howled.

So absolute was horror I couldn’t decide,

from where the gnarled beast growled.


I froze in dread, went limp, played dead,

and clung to my knotty wood tuber.

A long deep groan, a throaty grumble,

a rushing current, a rampaging rumble!


I sensed the rising behemoth stir and swell,

felt tidal flow force me to shore.

I heard the ruffle of unfolding wings,

heeded swift silence before next roar.


With sudden fury came the whip of a tail,

tearing flesh from my tearing face.

With sudden rage came the bite of blades,

as talons shredded me like lace.


Ripped and ragged, tattered and torn,

close to drowning, with all spirit gone.

I heaved myself higher on dangling dowel,

defying death’s reach from beyond.


Snatching at rock, at earth, at dust,

scrambling to flee my flaming fear.

Grabbing in vain only to wince in pain, but

reaching again, praying, to never die here.


At long, long last, firm foothold held,

and bore full wet weight of me.

I lunged with force, with inhuman strength,

to be free of the wrathful sea.


My ravaged root, my stout saving stem,

tore free with me in its limpet hold.

And thundering down upon the bruising shore,

into a flailing throng I rolled.


Each threshing and thrashing of unholy spite,

   beat me down upon my knees.

When in my hand the torn timber cried,

“tis time to fight or cease to be!”


A berserker’s frenzied ferocity,

flowed fluid as fanned fire within!

I stood to stare! To stand! To stay!

To fight to live another day!


I swung that branch with venomous zeal,

determined to cast all asunder.

I wielded that staff as if murderous steel,

delirious, with red mist and thunder.


Dull roar of battle upon sheer edge of life,

screams splintering dreams of my titan foe.

Shrill holler of war upon sheer edge of life,

screams forging dreams of my inner hero!


Hell’s welting rain descended again,

whipping my flesh with tongues of fire.

I wouldn’t long sustain such unbearable pain,

before the life in me would expire.


I buckled to one knee beneath a crushing blow,

felled by foul beast’s greater might.

But with wrath, with rage, with hope for life,

I struggled to my feet for one last fight!


Wielding my staff I assailed the dark night,

struck out viciously with deadly force.

Yet without sight I was a hapless knight, and

my scything of dragon-flesh, off course.


Sudden thunder slammed against my splitting skull,

with power to lift me from the floor.

I struck solid wall, senses darkened, went dull,

and I barely remember much more.


I slipped silently beyond all sense of despair,

became one with impenetrable night.

I departed within my heart’s deepest dream,

and floated upwards towards the light…

~~~~~ + ~~~~~


12 thoughts on “Thread, Tread, and Weave

  1. So wonderful to witness your return Dewin. The artwork is fabulous and the writing is so congruent with your inner spark. You truly have the poet’s soul and I wonder if you are, in fact, from another era where magic was the norm and romance was not jaded, where chivalry was expected and honor was intact.

    Namaste, Linda

    • Hey Linda,

      You gift, you guide, you beguile with wonderful words, and you embellish my rhyme with lyrical sentiment of your own. Thank you 🙂 I think we both share an affinity with the romance of Romance, of Chivalry, and Honour, and feel the ‘magic’ in their timeless sensibility. 🙂 Thank you for such kind appreciation of the artwork and continued enjoyment of the on-going saga…and thank you for being here to witness said’s always a pleasure to be made to feel so welcome.

      I trust all is well within and without and life finds you joyous in heart and soul and blooming in the late spring warmth 🙂


      DN – 12/06/2016

  2. Hey Dewin! I hope you are well. This is another great instalment in your epic poem. It was definitely worth the wait 😉 The further I got into it, the faster I was reading, so totally swept away was I with your story. You certainly have a gift with words. I can’t wait to read part three of Copper Door – I need to know what happens next! 🙂

    I do hope that once it’s finished you will consider submitting it for publication somewhere. In my opinion, I think it would make a great chapbook 🙂

    Brightest Blessings

    • Hey Sammi,

      How are you? 🙂 Tis a pleasure as always to have you ‘cum by yer’, and a delight to find you’ve mixed a a little pixie-dust into the inkwell and left a smile or two in a kindly comment. Your on-going appreciation of the saga is most welcome, thank you.

      I’ve taken a few days longer than I’d imagined to get this section of the poem written, and of course I could readily reel off a thousand excuses to explain my procrastination and delay. But I won’t 🙂 I’m just grateful that it got written, that you are continuing to read and enjoy my scribble, and are generous enough to offer kind reflection. Thank you 🙂

      And thank you also for the endorsement and support regards chapbooks and publication. It is a grand idea, and inspiring enough to keep the Buccaneer honest in his endeavours 🙂

      I’ll hope Act 3 of Copper Door – Stitch, Stash, and Sow, will see the light of day shortly. Every day I get another line written and the story moves ever closer to Copper Door. Please keep fingers crossed, there’s not that far to go now!

      Thank you for stopping by Sammi 🙂 I hope all is well.

      Have a wonderful week. Take care.


      DN – 19/06/2016

      • Hey Dewin, I am fine, thank you 🙂 And how are you? Are you enjoying the summer so far?

        It would be rude to ‘cum by yer’ and leave neither pixie dust nor smile 🙂

        No excuses are necessary / required / expected. Poetry and other scribbles are only ever ready when they are ready and never before – muses can be funny like that, keeping to their own schedules 🙂

        Of course I shall keep my fingers crossed in anticipation of Act Three and the nearing of Copper Door. The journey so far has been amazing and I have every faith that the remainder will continue to be rich and vivid and exciting 🙂

        Wishing you bright blessings for the coming weekend.

      • Hey Sammi 🙂

        Thank you for coming by yer all those months ago and leaving a smile or four 🙂 I am sorry to have missed ya by yer.

        Your understanding of muses remains as poignant then as it is fitting now. Indeed they are pleasantly perplexing 🙂

        I have little recall of Summer…to many months have passed already to remember the warmth and sunshine of that far off day in July 🙂 You know in Wales we rarely get a summer, it is more a lifting of the cloud or a parting of the grey for a merry day of shine lol 🙂

        Your faith in the poem continuing to please also remains an inspiration. As to generous words like ‘vivid’, ‘rich’, and ‘exciting’. Thank you for your trident of musing words 🙂 I shall endeavour to get to the end, so please keep fingers crossed!


        DN – 06/11/2016

  3. Hey Dewin!
    What a wonderful weaving of wizard’s poetry! I loved every word.! All the alliteration was superb, and the story continues to hold me. I love Camelot and all it stands for. As Knight’s honorable nobility is a Code of Chivalry sworn eternally, it stands to reason this story will revive forever. Who better to carry it on, but Dewin, the Great poet and wizard himself!

    A Knight must forever seek enlightenment.

    “Each chance to glance, I glimpse and gape,” is how I feel reading this. I sort of long for the days of Camelot – so honorable and noble.

    I love the relationship you create between Merlin and the owl, as he chides him for his “flannel and flummery, fallacious fribble or an owl’s felonious frippery.”

    I started reading really fast during the exciting part with the dragon (I secretly hoped they would make friends. I know, slaying dragons and all that, but I always feel for the dragon. :)) But I was glued to what his fate would be, and the ending is a cliff hanger for sure!!!

    A couple of other things really stood out for me. One being the dependence on intuition. “Feel your way through fears darkest hours.” “When uncertainty steals your sight and in the shadow of your redeeming soul, you’ll find courage within the night.” “No brighter gleam, no safer dream than one heartfelt and intuitively led.” The other thing is the “heralding of a new destiny.” It is so reflective of the quest before us now in today’s world.

    This whole piece has a movement that takes us all along for the rough ride of destiny, and you keep us waiting and wanting for more. I, for one, look very much forward to Stitch Stash and Sow!

    The artwork is wonderful. Like a mirror image coming together as one. Ah, the mirrors of our lives!!

    Oh, and I wanted to say that Linda’s comment was so right on. 🙂


  4. Hey Mary 🙂

    Desperate to find an apology sufficient to reflect my shame, I ask for forgiveness in replying so very late to your considerably generous and noble comment. What fool am I to have missed such kindness? Certainly I am not the chivalrous knight so befitting of Archimedes’ ode, and no doubt would have done a terrible job if title had ever been given! I am sorry Mary: when you have wandered and walked, and provided such friendship and company along the poetic trail, it is abysmal to have neglected my reply. Dewin has let himself down a little hasn’t he? Perhaps not such a great wizard after-all, but one, I hope still willing to learn and earn his wand…a knight must seek enlightenment…and a wizard his purple hue 🙂

    It is true that I have not had a storyline to follow, nor any clear idea of a narrative, and certainly no knowing of where the words written would take me. In that way it has been quite an adventure relinquishing a writer’s control and following Merlin’s lead 🙂 It’s fascinating reading between the lines of your wonderful comment for it has me considerate of subtexts and deeper themes underpinning the poem, including those I may not have fully explored: for example, above and beyond the literal, what is it that Camelot might possibly represent? Or indeed for that matter, a Knight? I have no understanding why Archie harkens back to an ancient time, nor indeed why Merlin sees it as a platform from which a new legend will ascend, but I feel an overwhelming sense of inspired allegiance to their over-arching cause and monumental intention 🙂 Do you think Camelot embodies all that is hoped for within the ideal state? Is the myth of Camelot remembrance of a Golden Age, or hope and wish for one to still to come…a new renaissance for mankind? Perhaps Camelot is the shining beacon offering a different destiny for all, one as unique to each of us as we are as unique to each other.

    Merlin and Archie have shared each others company for hundreds of years, chiding, spell correction, stubbornness, and aloofness come as standard between friends of such magnitude and long-standing. Archie speaks his mind and/or ruffles his aging grey feathers whilst Merlin just says and does what he wants anyway despite the orally owlish seer’s best remarks. I’m certain Merlin is wise and gracious enough to know when Archie is right and concedes to the owl’s greater knowledge 🙂 I was surprised that Archie shared such felonious frippery, ’tis not like him to be so foul, but in fairness, he was labouring a delicate point and with Merlin off-stage, had chance to throw scorn on the errant Lancer. I trust the wayward Buccaneer will ponder Archie’s words and understand them for what they are. Chapter 5 has Archie reveal more of himself than just being a bit of a damp squib lol 🙂

    I hear you on the dragon-front! Why indeed maim, kill or slaughter when one could just as simply take up an infant, smuggle it home and keep it safely as a pet? I’m sure, in time, it could be domesticated if given the right amount of love within a good home 🙂 I guess what one would save on heating bills would be spent on food…I’m told keeping a dragon is expensive? 🙂 As for the Buccaneer…perhaps only time will tell if his sorry tale ends where he has fallen against carven cavern wall…

    Many thanks for comments on the artwork. After finding an obliging tree knot en route to work, I went for an impression of a ‘driftwood dragon’. A favourite pass-time is reflecting photographs, or parts of photographs. Such an exercise reveals many hidden treasures. I haven’t found it easy creating images to suit the poem…a case I think of the mind setting its intentions on writing and not wishing to deviate to far from that. Holding on to a story for 12 months is tricky enough, ever-more-so when life, work, and the usual trials and tribulations of living bleed one’s time and energy. But ce la vie! 🙂

    Sincere thanks for trailing ink and kindness across the comments box and leaving such generous words. If you read on, and/or wander with the Buccaneer farther, I hope you’ll find further enjoyment in the story. Your company is always very welcome on the rough ride to destiny… 🙂

    Thank you for having visited and for spending a little time with me here this June. Your enthusiasm is always so inspiring because your words are always written with the colours of sunshine.

    Hoping your weekend is charmed by nature’s kaleidoscopic season 🙂


    DN – 06/11/2016

    • Hey Dewin!! I can’t reply to your next post just yet. A big wind came through and took out our internet satellite on 12/15. They can’t get out to the house to fix it until January 20th! I had to come to town today, so wanted to jot you a quick line to let you know I’m not ignoring you on purpose!! I hope your holidays have been good thus far, and that your New Year is the best ever. Take care, my friend, and we will dance again next year!


  5. Hi Dewin,

    I was duly entertained. Your good nature and your powerful prose
    sunk me deep in story. I also found out there might be dragons so… that hastened my step.

    And this piece here:

    “When blackened screams spill from wicked seams,
    when death plans darker schemes far ahead.”
    “There’ll be no brighter gleam, no safer dream,
    than one heartfelt and intuitively led.”

    Yay! ❤ fully led.
    Thank you for reeling me back in for this savory story.

    Thanks for the humor:

    “Archimedes, why do you baffle our friend as you do?”
    “With all your flannel and flummery?”
    He’s not here to listen to fallacious fribble,
    or an owl’s felonious frippery.”

    Loved reading.
    Aloha, Ka

  6. Hey Ka 🙂

    Sincere thanks for sinking back into the dark tunnels, for braving dragons, and for leaving an inspiring petal or two 🙂

    I take it dragons aren’t your favourite pet? lol 🙂 Nor seemingly are they the Buccaneer’s favourite either, although rumour has it that this is his first encounter with one, which leads me to conclude that he is obviously demonstrating considerable unconscious bias born no doubt from either rumour or story, or both, rather than formulating his own opinion. Dragons do seem to get something of a bad press, however, if honest, I’d probably react as he did, and find a quiet, safe haven in which to curl up and wait for the beast to pass 🙂 I’m grateful indeed that you made it out of the tunnels alive and live to comment another day 🙂

    Thank you for your appreciation of the lines cited. I acknowledge the additional word ‘fully’ used to express your thoughts, and am sure the Buccaneer heeds your wisdom. Indeed, at the time the darkness spoke to him, the Buccaneer was very much in need of enlightenment and guidance. One hopes he understands the true nature of the advice given and will benefit from it…there are times when he seems awfully dismissive and flippant, but I think deep down inside he knows far more than he truly reveals. After all, it was his choice to go looking for the prattling old ghoul in the first place, and I’m certain he knew what that would eventually mean. A witless and wayward mariner he may be, but inside where it matters, he’s a loving soul with honest intentions and someone who naturally wears his heart on his sleeve. He certainly doesn’t fool me with his flummery and quipping…and neither does he fool Archie or Merlin, who for some reason persist and value his company 🙂 Heaven only knows why 😉

    As for Archie’s frippery, flummery and fribble…he does like to chatter and generally offer his opinion on nearly everything, but I think he does so with the honest intention of educating rather than gossiping unnecessarily or spreading malicious rumour. His intention is to redirect the Buccaneer’s focus, and remind him of the importance of noble conduct and honest endeavour, not to mention the beauty and Love to be found above and beyond the Buccaneer’s unenlightened and instinctual nature. Archie is representative of the mind, but equally he remains subservient to the beauty in his heart, and I think that is the true message he offers here. He epitomises the worthy values of Knighthood and encourages the Buccaneer to follow that noble path. (I appreciate Knights of old were bold in many ways, but the truth of the matter is that many were also rapscallions, unwashed, uncouth, and generally despairingly aloof and indifferent to life outside of their courtly sphere. I take a more romantic view and imagine the shining Knight upon his white steed racing to save King, Queen and country from wickedness and evil, and distressed maidens from ravishing dragons! 🙂 )

    Again, many thanks for your comment and readership, your company and your insight. I’m pleased indeed to know you are enjoying the story so far, and very grateful for your company as always 🙂

    Hoping you enjoy both your Sunday evening and the new week ahead. Best wishes with your on-going studies and the forging of your soul-sword 😉


    DN – 21/11/2016

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