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Tattle is part 2 of a poem inspired by a first meeting I had with Merlin the Wizard and follows on from Prattle, which precedes this post. Prattle found Merlin’s quill-seeking protagonist being merrily led through underground passages by a darkly Raven in a bid to reach Merlin’s fabled ossuary. Having tripped the light fantastic along a mirrored corridor, the two have arrived at the foot of a stone staircase. It is here the Raven revealed herself and urged the protagonist to make haste…

~Tattle ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


”Run you fool!”


Pressing silence shatters as an echoing haunted cry

splices the air like a whipping-boy’s flail!

Amidst panic and swirls and black feathered twirls,

Black Raven takes sudden flight from the wail!




She’s steeped in craggy shadow on a far lonely ledge,

amongst deep darkness skulking away.

“Never well!” her shriek rattles with ominous edge.

“Tis never well meeting Morgan le Faye!”


With razor-sharp glint to the nap of her sneer

chiselling rock walls in our cavernous space.

I hearken to hear the wizard’s voice cry out,

to dispel craven fear from my face!


“Seeker” she soothes from her remote pitchy stay,

“Your destiny isn’t yet given!”

“Choose either to meet with Merlin the Worm,

or join me, Morgana-the-Raven!”


“This epic journey you fashion is of superficial care,

a mere folly on the veneer of life’s short flight!”

“Answers don’t lay beyond the stars!” she cackled,

and then continued to mock my plight.


“Only the foolish voyage the uncharted higher realms

anticipating all their dreams will be found!”

“Only the fearless would follow a black-feathered fiend,

to where death and shadow are bound!”


“I will show you the ways of darkness and night,

grant you immortality, power and dominion!”

“My seer’s second sight prophesies infinite might

and reign over the Underworld Kingdom!”


“Come now” she cawed, “you must abandon this place!”

“Be set free from Merlin’s illusory tower.”

“Come now,” she cooed, “you must make haste,

and join me on a path to great power!”


Seducing my thoughts with a web of dark threads

She’s chastened my stride on ancient stone stairs.

“A doorway to this future stands open,” she purred,

“To spirit you away from Merlin’s dark lair!”


“One step further to a wretched realm” she pressed,

“darkened by suffering, pain and despair!”

“Or one step further towards a kingdom of gold,

with you as Dark Prince and King’s heir!”


Bewitched by darkness and her spellbinding guile,

I’m uncertain upon which end to now gamble.

Enticed by the allure of her black feathered smile,

my conviction is starting to crumble.


“Run you fool! Run!”


Bursting white light searing vibrant cordite suddenly

stirs me from my befuddling haze!

Hidden stairs emerge from within a cave to my right.

offering safe passage from Morgana’s gaze!


“Run you fool! Run!”


Encouraged I spring forth and leap steps 1 and 2,

and make 2, 4, and 6 an impetuous race!

But between jagged seams, stairs 8, 9 and 10

Impede progress to a much slower pace.


From stair 11 I’m clear and flying once again,

bounding steps 12 through to 15.

I leave sweet 16 as a passing pipe dream

and stride on to narrow stair 17.


Tightening rock seams as I reach stair 18,

have me crowded within a trim furrow.

Behind in the snap of my closing rock crack,

Morgana’s scream fades with her sorrow.


I cannot pull free from the rocks assured grasp

nor push past the wily embrace of stone.

Cunning enchantment still bedevils my course,

will it be here I shall die all alone?


Slowly pressed in the compress of charmed stone,

I surrender breathless in the embrace of 19 and 20…

When of a sudden, from on high in my tomb cavity,

comes sweet birdsong reciting Merlin’s vast gravity!


Hovering at height in dark cinnamon folds,

‘else perched on a Horned Owl’s high banister.

From the brim of a scrape in a flurry of words,

Archimedes sings of the Sage Calligrapher!


“Merlinus charms the eyes of many men,

or else might awaken whom he will.”

“Lailoken! Myrddin! Ambrosius! Silvestris!”

All are legends scribed with One Quill!”


“The Physicians of Myddfai, The Red Book of Hergest,

both are marvels in folklore and fable!”

“Romance and Grail and Vita Merlini,

all were once penned at his writing-table!”


“Nor least we forget Empedocles, Nennius, Darius,

Ostanes, Plato, and Pythagoras!”

“For each their feathers were unwittingly shaped

by Merlin the mythological Magus!”


”Archimedes!” “Enough of the tattle and fly on over yer!”

Came a disambiguated voice with Welsh flare!

In the silence that followed my surprised final gasp,

Archimedes flew to the last stepping stair…

~~~~~ + ~~~~~


37 thoughts on “Tattle

  1. Hey Dewin, the second part of your poem was a joy to read and is just as captivating and evocative as the first part. Can’t wait to read part 3 🙂 I hope you are well. Brightest Blessings, Sammi

    • Hey Sammi 🙂

      December 2015 seems so very long ago to me now: an altogether different time and place an age away from where the Buccaneer now lingers beyond the shadow of the veil… A snippet from Chapter 5 🙂

      ~ Natura Naturans ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~ Act 1 ~ Fire and Earth ~

      “Rippling the surface of unfathomable blue,
      rise virgin shores of a distant Isle.”
      “Bashful she hides ‘neath eve’s blistered sky,
      a precious jewel with enigmatic smile.”
      “For four fine days, for three starlit nights,
      have I journeyed so indescribably far.”
      “Carried by winds, bourn by waves,
      always following my luminous star.”
      “Tis to her glow my ethereal moth was drawn,
      in flight upon Love’s light.”
      “Tis to her warmth my delicate heart is drawn,
      in dreams I have each night.”
      “She shares no illusion when I close my eyes,
      and feel my Loving heart swell.”
      “I am serene, deeply stilled from within,
      drawing water from her purest well.”
      “At coming of morn’s lustrous, red dawn,
      I’ll set foot upon Isle’s blessed ground.”
      “What wonders await for when I arrive,
      at sacred place where dreams are found?”
      Thanking you for inspiring words and continued good company en route to Chapter 3 🙂

      Brightest Blessings, and best wishes for continued writing success 🙂


      DN – 23/10/2016

      • Hey Dewin, Hope you are well 🙂

        Thanks for sharing a snippet from Chapter 5 with us. These verses are a treat! Like the rest of your poem, the words captivate, conjuring vivid visions as the journey unfolds. I can’t wait to read more…

        Wishing you the brightest of blessings,

      • Hey Sammi 🙂

        How are you doing? Happy Halloween! Or perhaps more appropriately, Happy Samhain. And welcome to Autumn, your favourite month? 🙂

        Thank you for your company here at chez Dewin, you know how much I enjoy a ‘scribble’ on my page when it’s written with a dash of your generosity 🙂 And a further thank you for having followed the story as you have, and for comments made elsewhere, which I am also very grateful for. Thank you Sammi…I’ll make promises to reply, and hope that I will keep them. Sorry for being a weevil 🙂

        It was Sizzles who made the decision to let loose a snippet of Chapter 5: you’ll recall what a mischievous desk pet he can be! My back was only turned for a second! 🙂 But of course, I am very pleased to hear such positive thoughts and feedback, thank you…your appreciation is encouraging. The snippets are the opening lines to Chapter 5. The time delay between ending Chapter 4 and publishing Chapter 5 (soon) meant that I didn’t have to describe the Buccaneer’s journey, but only write the start and end of it and hope for continuity in the story. It’s a lazy way of aiming for seamlessness, so I hope it works as a device. I have no storyline to follow, which is a little awkward, and each verse leads me someplace different to the last, so keeping sequences going is proving difficult, and at times I find myself dillying and dallying and going off at tangents with ideas and scenarios. I hope the storyline flows without deviation and is easy to follow. I readily admit that towards the end of Chapter 5, I did stray off-course a little and enjoyed a break from the tunnels…500 lines, I think, devoted to Merlin’s bumbling story-telling! I seem to recall it was the weekend I should have raced on towards the finish. But alas, how the mind wanders when Merlin takes over and wants to elaborate on a point. Anyway, I do hope you’ll enjoy the closing chapter, and perhaps offer some advice about a title for the combined 5 Chapters? It needs a meta-title lol 🙂 I have one or two ideas myself, but curiosity gets the better of me, and I chance asking the question to you? 🙂

        As to my Halloween…Other than the occasional bloom and boom of soggy fireworks and the spectral glow of lanterns feathering in the fog, Halloween seems to have come and gone with neither trick nor treat or bewitchment. Whilst I imagine living 3 floors up explains the lack of either callers or costumes, or ghosts and ghouls, the midnight hour is to close at hand to yet rule out the possibility of being enchanted. I shall have to sleep with one eye open just in case lol 🙂

        Thank you for sharing Halloween with me Sammi…always a pleasure to have you say ‘hey’ 🙂 Curiously, I bought Welsh cakes today…my local had managed to bake ghostly figures beneath the frosted glaze, and they looked to good to miss out on. Tomorrow, its back to sweet, dark coffee and a Danish, or three.

        Have a wonderful week Sammi, and as always, happy scribbling 🙂

        Take care in all ways for always and always.


        DN – 31/10/2016

      • Hey Dewin the Weevil! 😀 lol

        I am fine, thank you. And yourself?
        Did any Halloween trick or treat or enchantment materialise?

        Of course it was Sizzles! I remember him and his mischievous ways. And yet, his mischief-making led to us being given this sneak-peak, so in this instance we are grateful to him 🙂

        Finding (or keeping) continuity in 500 lines of poetry is a mammoth task (one I can’t imagine undertaking!) but from what I’ve read you’re doing a great job 🙂

        As for a meta-title lol, I will have to think on it to ensure it captures the magic and majesty of the journey. The odd word and theme naturally suggests itself, but alone they are lacking. I would love to hear what ideas you’ve had so far, if you’re willing to reveal them :-).

        Ghostly Welsh cakes sound perfect lol 🙂

        Wishing you bright, belated Samhain blessings!

      • Hey Sammi 🙂

        How ya doing? Has your week started well? Was their magic and Wicca afoot in the inkwell? Thank you for stopping by, I’m grateful for your company as always 🙂

        I thought ‘weevil’ would bring a smile lol 🙂

        As far as I am aware Halloween left me undisturbed, in as much that I certainly don’t recall anything going bump in the night, or anything untoward occurring after midnight. If it did I’d probably not have woken anyway: once asleep, I am close to virtual death until the alarm goes off lol 🙂 I think the enchantment came next morning walking to work across the heathland with sunlight scything through the fog and flaming the leaves of trees. One tree in particular glowed like a ruby set in gold. Petite and elegant, she was dressed a goddess, robed in deep carnation hue. On this morning, she was stunning and I paused long to admire her shine and drink her beauty. Autumn is very special, and there is magic to be found walking every leafed path through the woods 🙂

        Ah, so you remember Sizzles! Excellent. He said to say ‘hello, or rather, ‘hey” and asks how you are? And he mentioned something about cake recipes, but I didn’t catch all he said as he had wandered away to fetch my coffee. 🙂 Thank you for enjoying the poem Sammi, and for reading onwards towards the end…

        I remember well your advice about letting characters speak as they wish, when they wish, and to allow them room to do so within the story, as well as within one’s mind. I took your advice on board, but being the more literal sort, was waiting for Merlin to knock on the P.C screen and beckon me welcome rather than surrendering to his will and whim and strokes on the keyboard. Merlin becomes talkative sometimes, and seems to write his own lines. He offers me the start, middle and end, and asks me to fill in the gaps: I seldom get an entire verse. Archimedes on the other hand just chips in every now and again like a control freak and adds his two-pence worth. The Buccaneer by comparison has really said very little throughout the story, but as a character he is also the narrator and the entire poem are essentially his words. Chapter 5 gives the Buccaneer a more centred role and greater freedom to talk within the content of the story itself. But I still find him a difficult character to understand and write. 🙂

        As for mammoth tasks, I’m certain you could write 500 lines of poetry. Your flash fiction is always succinct and punchy, enchanting and mysterious…and your poem Samhain, quietly haunting. You’d do an excellent job 🙂 I didn’t set out with the intention of writing a long story, it has just written itself, but knowing that 5000 lines is achievable now seems to be a reasonable target to continue towards whilst I press on concluding the story. I have hope to finish the poem before December, and the artwork as well 🙂

        Meta-title 🙂 I really didn’t know what other word to use that enfolded 5 chapters of the same poem? It seemed reasonable as a word. But I’ll decide not to reveal thoughts on the title until I finish the poem. At best I am swayed between three choices, but you know how it is when you are writing and those thoughts creep up and seek to be heard? I will change my mind several times, so it is best to wait until the end. In the meantime…I shall reflect back on the poem and consider further options, sometimes I need many choices to find the one that best fits. A bit like prospecting for gold. 🙂

        Ghostly Welsh cakes were perfect for the occasion, thank you, their taste has haunted me ever since…

        Have a wonderful week. Take care 🙂


        DN – 02/11/2016

      • Hey Dewin 🙂

        I hope you have had a great week?

        Your heathland walk sounds amazing. Lady Autumn is striking when she decides to reveal herself, and always enchanting. I do so love this time of year. 🙂

        Who could forget Sizzles?! You can tell him hey from me and that I’m working on some teddy-proof cake recipes just for him 😀

        I love how you describe the interaction with your characters, especially the part about waiting for Merlin to tap on the P.C screen! 🙂

        I am so glad that you like my flash fiction and found ‘Samhain’ haunting. 😀 Hmm…still not sure I could ever reach 500 lines of poetry though. The longest poem I have so far written came in at 139 lines and was inspired by the Isle of Apples. It was one of those poems that came out of nowhere and wrote itself in an afternoon, and, surprisingly enough, on my phone rather than in a notebook. My poems, as you have seen, tend to not exceed 25 lines usually. I am a lazy poet 🙂

        I think the word meta-title was perfect. To be honest, I’m not sure what other word you could have used either. I completely understand choosing to keep title musings to yourself for the time being. It’s a little bit like revealing a painting before the artist has finished it, isn’t it? 🙂 And a proposed deadline for December has been set…I am at once both excited to see how it ends and sad because the journey will be over. I guess I shall just have to go back to the beginning and read it all again 😀

        Wishing you a blessing-filled weekend 🙂

      • Afternoon Sammi 🙂

        Thank you for kicking a path through leaves and finding your way here. I trust your week has brought inspiration to your scribbles? 🙂 I recall autumn being your favourite season and can readily appreciate why: nature is enchanting, spectacular, and wholly captivating: all year she smoulders within a green shroud burning with the colour of flame and waiting for her one chance to ignite a pyre and burn as a phoenix.

        I too miss Autumn whenever she leaves.

        Perhaps it was Samhain magic that perpetuated all week and gave rise to an unexpected two weeks leave from work, but certainly I am grateful for the post Halloween ‘treat’ that was delivered on my undisturbed Monday evening. There’s a longer back-story to this fortuitous occurrence, but suffice to say I find myself poised on the edge of a period of 14 days with hope of harvesting an ending from the last fruits left on the poetry tree before winter… Cool 🙂

        In anticipation of your teddy-proof recipes (lol) Sizzles has begged, borrowed or otherwise purloined a bakers apron from someplace and tailored it to size. He’s abandoned the hair-net idea in favour of a cap and is eagerly searching the internet for one that might fit. 🙂 He said to say ‘thank you Sammi’, and mused a smile 🙂

        I have always enjoyed and appreciated your story-telling and learnt much from reading and discussing your work with you. Chatting has been a pleasure. Your comments, suggestions and replies are full of informative gems and positive thoughts. I value the learning it has provided. Thank you 🙂 The Isle of Apples…what a fascinating title…do we get to know more? 🙂 139 lines is quite an accomplishment, evermore so when lines were written so fast in the one afternoon! I wish I had that speed lol 🙂 A lazy-poet, is there really such a thing? Musing and chin stroking takes time lol 🙂 You are a prolific writer with an endless well of ideas, consistently high output, and many published successes…there’s nothing lazy about that! Flash-fiction is almost poetry, in that distillation removes the un-necessary to leave just the essence and a reader’s imagination. 🙂

        Merlin really only appears when I am sat at my desk staring at a blank word document…’Each chance I glance, I glimpse and gape, but Merlin’s nowhere to be seen. It is almost as if, he could never exist, without this fool’s eyes to dream.’… he rarely appears elsewhere in life, at least not consciously anyway lol 🙂 I’m sure he wanders with me sometimes, eager to guide and lead, and eager to push and pull me kicking and screaming towards the end of the Buccaneer’s underground journey lol 🙂

        I hope Chapter 5 lives up to your expectations! I am pleased with it so far, and hope the remaining lines work as an appropriate ending. This is the first occasion I find myself with an ending to achieve, and it is unlike most experiences I have had before. If creating an image, there is no true ending…the picture is over when it is over. But writing feels different, it sort of begs for a point of conclusion: a means to tie threads together, an anchor point in the madness from which all answers flow. I hope I can achieve satisfactory closure to the story…but whether that is conclusion to the meta-story is another matter. Chapter 5 doesn’t take the intrepid trio to Camelot…that is a mammoth story still to be told another time 🙂

        Hoping your weekend burns with the excited colours of autumn. Take care 🙂


        DN – 06/11/2016

      • Morning Dewin 🙂

        I hope you had a blessing-filled weekend? My scribbles of the past week were inspired indeed, thankfully. I find that once Samhain has passed I am inundated with thoughts and ideas, not to mention the motivation to do something about some of them. Or perhaps I am just more attuned to that which I find inspiring at this time of year…I love your words on Autumn. Beautiful!

        Two weeks to dedicate to poetry – I hope you enjoy them and in return they offer you all you need to accomplish your goal 🙂

        Sizzles is a darling! 🙂 lol

        As for the poem, I am as yet unsure what to do with it, so will refrain from posting it on the blog until I can determine its purpose. It feels special to me, in its way, along with its sister poem, which came about in the same way almost a year later. If you are interested in reading it I would gladly email a copy of it to you and welcome your opinion on it, but if not, don’t worry, I won’t be offended 🙂

        Thank you too for the insightful conversation 🙂 Your thoughts and interpretations have a tendency to lead to me seeing things in a different way, and this chatting has also made me aware of my own creative process. So, thank you 🙂

        Your verse on Merlin’s appearance is inspired! Poetry just seems to flow from you!

        I understand what you say about the differences between visual art and word-based art. Endings are hard to pinpoint indeed; there is often no definite boundary, but rather a blur between what was then, what is now and what still might me. Just like in nature. 🙂 Ah, “many tower’d Camelot”, a wondrous place to visit in dream and poetry. I wonder, is that a hint at a future project?

        Wishing you the brightest, most-inspired blessings for the week ahead! 🙂

      • Afternoon Sammi 🙂

        Welcome to yet another new week kick-started into motion by fire, flame, lantern-light, and/or fire-works! November it seems is quite the month for those more pyrotechnically persuaded 🙂 Looking out of the window at the weekend’s fair of flare and flame, I wonder at the metaphysics of bonfire night, and think of revolutionary Uranus exploding in the darkness of Pluto and unleashing a wild mix of savage energy into the unsuspecting imagination! It leaves me kindled, buzzing, and dare I say, sleepy in the hedonistic after-glow of Catherine’s wheel lol I feel like Dionysus finishing off the partying year with a last bash and bottle of drinkable grappa 🙂

        My weekend was enjoyable: thank you for asking 🙂 Once divested of workly garb I made haste for the sofa and eased into annual leave 🙂 I am still enjoying the process of removing work related detritus from my thinking and formulating a plan of attack with the writing. To add to the pondering, I have a visit from the real estate agent tomorrow, and know the interruption will influence the flow if I started writing now. So today I am researching, reflecting, and re-reading, and deciding on whether or not to move the flat around for the winter. In general terms, I am procrastinating whilst Merlin distils his thoughts and decides to put in an appearance sometime tomorrow afternoon, I hope 🙂

        How wonderful it is to hear that the magic of autumn has inspired your writing and continues to propel your seasoned feather across the creamy page. You do a far better job of harnessing the seasonal energy than I, and really I should take note of your virtuosity and capitalise upon your method…just how do you maintain such focus when the head spins with so many inspired ideas? Or is it a case of being as a leaf caught by a gentle breeze and flurried, scurried, whisked, and whirled, to destinations anew without ever once asking why? It must feel like flying!

        As to your poem, The Isle of Apples, I would be absolutely delighted to read it, thank you Sammi 🙂 I was fascinated by the title, and I’m now very curious indeed to know the poem is special (as all poems are 🙂 ) and has a sister. That the two were written 12 months apart also adds a mysterious touch, don’t you think? You have my email address. I’ll look forward to stepping off the Buccaneer’s path for a quiet pit-stop en route to journey’s end. Thank you Sammi. We’ll chat further on verse, vogue and villanelle and explore the vagaries of visualisation and storytelling 🙂

        I thank you for your reflection on endings, beginnings, and trailers that extend beyond closure. You offer timely insight once again to direct my endeavours and whittle the stick of endings to a sharper point. I‘ll certainly reconsider quite how I tie threads of the story together, and which threads I tie and which threads I don’t. It seems all is confusion, and yet perhaps that is as much a part of the process of writing as any other part? It is all so new to me 🙂

        Mythic Camelot might well be a future destination to story. The journeying threesome is already embarked on that greater quest and travel to reclaim its fable. That itself has the prospect of being an epic adventure. What a grand idea it is, but what a whole lot of writing! lol 🙂 I’m not yet at the end of this story and will happily consider taking a holiday before Merlin even thinks about stepping beyond tunnel’s end 🙂 However, I came across another story still to be told whilst writing a part of chapter 5, which appeals as a winter warmer…

        Talking of which, Sizzles blushed a little behind his scarlet cotton, and says ‘awe’ 🙂

        Thank you for an early morning visit, and for inspired blessing for the week ahead. I trust autumn still stirs your inkwell with her charm and change…


        DN – 07/11/2016

      • Hey Dewin 🙂

        I hope the first few days of your holiday have proven rewarding. Your introduction to the week sounds illuminating and full of sparkle, not to mention rowdy. 🙂

        With regards to focus – I don’t actually have any! lol I am far too easily distracted to concentrate on any one thing. And just like a leaf, go wherever my thoughts carry me. I am too much an Aquarian, with my head in the clouds 🙂

        I will get the poem emailed over to you this afternoon then, though I hope you keep your expectations as to its merits very low! Why it feels special to me, I can’t actually explain. Perhaps it is merely the subject matter, after all, many find Avalon and Albion inspiring…I agree that the manifestation of the sister poem 12 months later does make it all sound so mysterious, though the setting for the second poem is different to the first, and the theme is different too. And yet, I feel like they are both connected some how. It’s all very strange and mysterious, and when discussing it with someone else my thoughts on it just sound odd! 🙂

        Again, you might find your characters have a say in where and how you find an end to your story, and what threads are tied neatly and which are not. I’m sure Merlin will endeavour to ensure his voice is heard in the matter 🙂

        A holiday will certainly be well-earned by the end of this feat of epic storytelling! And yet, it is encouraging to hear that the story keeps on giving, inspiring even more avenues to explore. 🙂

        Wishing you the brightest of blessings for the rest week, and the rest of your holiday 🙂

      • Good evening Sammi 🙂

        How are you on this cold, soggy, wild, wet and windy, grey November evening? I’ve given in and gone for an extra layer of warm clothing and a quick blast on the central heating just to take the edge off. I have a feeling winter will strike soon with vengeance! Brrrrr 🙂

        I seem to be halfway through the week already and wonder quite where the days have gone! I don’t recall time passing-by so quickly whilst in work 🙂 It is true, the week did indeed begin with a rowdy shower of fireworks and inferno, but has subsequently calmed to a mere spark in the murky distance…a single fire still burns high upon the far off hills. This year Bonfire Night has been particularly popular with people celebrating Guy Fawkes’s night with fireworks…perhaps people are just more insistent these days for their voice to be heard. Either way, it has certainly been quite a show, and I get to watch it all for free 🙂

        Thank you in anticipation of emailing the poem 🙂 If I may, i’ll keep it to read on Saturday morning over a morning cuppa…something special to wake up to and start the day. I’m very much looking forward to dwelling in a tale set within the timelessness of myth of fable! My curiosity is certainly piqued. Kingdoms of Avalon and Albion pull relentlessly at the heartstrings, whilst words like mysterious and strange tease the imagination. But it is the word ‘odd’ that draws me like a moth to the candle flame 🙂

        Merlin has been rather quiet for the past couple of days, perhaps he’s waiting for the seasonal noise to die down so as to allow himself chance to be heard over the snap, crackle and pop. He doesn’t enjoy shouting, which is more Archimedes’ forte anyway. Merlin is more a Buccaneer-whisperer lol 🙂

        Indeed a holiday will be most welcome at journey’s end! My current two week sojourn is more busman’s holiday than it is a fortnight of sun, sea and sand, but it is enjoyable, and becoming rather too relaxing. I could very easily get used to this bohemian lifestyle 🙂

        You Air signs are amazing! True fliers with heightened perspective and panoramic vision. What gifts indeed, and what a life it must be to have been born on the wind 🙂

        Hoping your Woden’s day wore a smile, and Thor’s day adds fiery spice to your Aquarian well 🙂 Have a wonderful week…


        DN – 09/11/2016

  2. There you are! I’ve been missing you around here. I noticed you didn’t answer 2 or 3 comments from people (including me 🙂 ) on Silver Winged Messenger, so I was wondering if you were ok. Then I saw that you liked a couple of my posts. Thanks.
    This poem is great!!! I am very much looking forward to #3. I’m totally hooked. Amazing how you can tell such an exciting story in verse.
    Hope everything is well with you, Dewin.

      • Hey Sindy 🙂

        Thank you for fluttering by 🙂 Forthright, forceful, forgiving, and friendly…such a comment deserves a note to all who have commented here…

        I fall, once, twice, three times a human being, and remain imperfect in everyway, other than issuing apologies, which I seem to be getting rather good at however woeful they may actually be. I hope my words may be accepted with the sincerity they are intended 🙂

        It is a blemish in my character to be so witless and absentmindedly disengaged, and a chink in the armour of my noble intentions, which like the path to all expressive endeavours, oft fall foul to the littering’s of the devil’s own satanic herd. In life, I am frequently led-astray into Brocéliande Forest to be bewitched, beguiled, bewildered and bemused by the glittering’s of the mind or the shock and awe of life. Sometimes it can take a while to find a different route back from such voyages of discovery 🙂

        Reclusive? Hmmm. Perhaps it is so…and yet, I never feel alone when I share friendship with kind and forgiving souls. Thank you 🙂 In truth, I was speaking of you all just recently and expressing my gratitude for your company and acquaintance.

        I am still writing the final instalment to this narrative poem, and may well find myself absent over future weeks without good cause or plausible reason other than I shall be treading deeper and deeper into tunnels darker whilst striving for the end. Resolute and determined, and with lines still left to write, I trust my path ahead will not fade, nor the warmth of blogging friends. Thank you 🙂


        DN – 23/10/2016

      • 🙂 a humble man understands his errant ways far better for having had them revealed…and yet…those forest lights and far off flares still tease my moth relentlessly…


        DN – 23/10/2016

    • Hey Mary 🙂

      Unquestionably, I am a rogue in the fullest extent Mary, and my woeful wizard’s weave unwoven all-to-easily and all-to-frequently as well. ‘Tis a flaw the Buccaneer endeavours to improve…perhaps later chapters in the poem will find him far more mindful whilst he wanders 🙂

      As one who accompanied my wayward character betwixt twin megaliths…your company is always most welcome, as to your kind words and readership 🙂

      Thank you for ‘missing me’ 🙂 Wherever I go, whenever I go, I always take friendships with me. Thank you for yours.


      DN – 23/10/2016

  3. Much wisdom to be learned within your poetic verses dear Dewin.. Another excellent read in the saga.
    Many thanks for your interactions this last year.
    Wishing you a Blessed 2016 and Beyond..

    • Dear Sue 🙂

      New Year’s Eve, when all through the house, not a creature stirred, not even a mouse…. and yet, unseen, unknown, and silent to my ear…. kind words fell in feathered beats upon my page. T’was test of me to have returned the sentiment in a timely, and time-honoured fashion, and with the same warmth and sincerity as kind words were written. I’m sorry to have missed the quiet beat of your gentle drum, six-string Sue, and the opportunity to reciprocate your warm thoughts.

      Ten months on from your merry cheer, and I am both late in wishing you a wonderful 2016, but equally, I am also early for ensuring I have done so for 2017! Brightest Blessings! 😀

      My year has been a series of endings and beginnings that begun with an early Spring rise all those months ago and concludes temporarily amidst darkness and claustrophobia of unending tunnels. ‘Tis well I have the beat of your companionable drum echoing with the fall of my every step 🙂

      I live in hope, imagining as I do, next Spring will bloom ‘me’ a different flower, perhaps one with a less rapscallion shine blighting my hue 🙂

      A rascal, a rogue, a rotter, a blotter, a squatter on my ink-jotter!
      A spotter, a plotter, a potter for prose,
      or, mere totter and trotter for swatter?

      Thank you Sue D for a year of merry lines, witty japes, miles of smiles, music, theatre, story-telling, walks, talks, poetry, commentary, and fond recall of days long past. We shall meet one day at The Moon Inn and swop tall tales over a flagon or two…until then…fare thee well Sue Dreamwalker 🙂

      Thank you for your friendship and company 🙂


      DN – 23/10/2016

      • I am pleased you enjoyed the beats of my drum.. the six strings still need fine tuning, but at least are getting strummed.. As for your absence.. I am sorry it seems life has taken hold to throw you its curved balls , some which catch us out often as we play this game of Life.
        Your fare thee well sounds permanent.. I never say never.. for the roads in life have many twists and turns.. The Moon Inn is still there, new landlords, different visitors, changing villagers. Standing the test of time.
        I hope as Autumn gives way to Winter, the cold chill of the past leaves your bones to be replaced as you say with Springs arrival of New Ventures.
        Knowing that Every Tunnel how ever dark and Long it has been winds its way towards its end where Light once again will illuminate and brighten any tender bud wishing to expand and grow.
        It sounds my friend Dewin that you have been held within much shadow but I also see from your ‘chatter’ that this period, while perhaps was dark is now ready to take a new road to a brighter future..
        Where ever your road leads you my friend.. I wish you well on the journey.
        And Mr Google can always find a Dreamwalker named Sue..
        Blessings my friend

      • Hey Sue 🙂

        I don’t need Mr Google to find you Sue, your page is marked as a favourite and remains all but a click away 🙂 I just follow the beat of your drum and the drummers who follow your beat beating their drum in timely beat to yours. Thank you for your kind and considerate comment. I appreciate such generosity and warmth 🙂

        ‘Held within shadow’…is a wonderful phrase, and one I’ll add to the notepad for sharing elsewhere. It is multi-faceted and deeply contemplative, as dense as the darkness that surrounds it, and seamless, with neither end nor beginning. Such a phrase makes me feel wildly disorientated, unbounded, exposed, vulnerable, and yet so free. After 11 months writing, Merlin’s labyrinth induces a similar feeling, and yet the journey continues to blindly stumble along dark passages and meandering tunnels as if by magic 🙂

        You speak of buds and their wish to expand and grow, and of light, illumination, and brightness, and of roads to a different future. Perhaps it is so my Dreamwalker friend and you suggest of my journey’s end? Or perhaps you venture adventure, and press a little further, to enquire a little farther, if the seed, freed after being planted, had withered to weed without light? 🙂 ‘Indeed agreed,’ said Merlin, ‘VITRIOL should have worked its spell.’ ‘Perhaps next spring, with fresh writing, there’ll be a different story to tell.’ 🙂

        To consider quite where the latter months of this year may lead…has me eager to conclude the final Chapter, Chapter 5, and slip into something less confining and claustrophobic whilst tucked-in for the onset of a Welsh winter. And yet, how ironic it would be to have the poem concluded, and the artwork all finished during the same dark month that the story was born. 🙂 Spooky 🙂 A tall tale to tell one day ‘neath low rafters, by a warm fire at the Moon Inn 🙂 My ‘fare thee well’ was meant as an expression only. Paths cross and threads weave for a host of reasons. Perhaps we might even have walked the same path across a Derbyshire peak already, or stopped to look-out across the same view? Who knows? Time reveals all things 🙂

        ‘Where ever your road leads you my friend…I wish you well on the journey’. Thank you…the sentiment is reciprocated 🙂 I’ll send you a postcard from wherever the path leads me…

        Thank you so much for kind words and vision 🙂

        Take care always in all ways for always and always.


        DN – 24/10/2016

  4. Eager for continuity 🙂

    I am at a loss for words.
    Looking forward to more of yours here.

    Eager for continuity 🙂
    Here’s another smile for Merlin’s cauldron…
    and a wink.

    With Peace,

    Happy New Year, 2016, in timeless freedom, Dewin! Blessed be!

    • Hey Ka 🙂

      For 9 months and 23 days a poignant brew of loss of words has gently stirred its wink and smile within Merlin’s cauldron…and I, whether eager for continuity, or merely blind and blinded by excess and freedom, never noticed as you added wise-sage and a pinch of peace to his babbling brew 🙂

      As mark of my retrospective and prospective best wishes, and apologies, I’ve ‘borrowed’ a Wordsworth line for Chapter 5 of this poem, which I thought both fitting and related. Perhaps you might know it when you read it? 🙂

      I have been a little distant from one and all this year, and regrettably have missed continuity in sharing friendship. I hope your 2016 brought freedom and timelessness in equal abundance and measure.

      As the journeying Buccaneer, I tunnel onwards and downwards, with enchanted company, still eager to find new words, still at a loss to find them, but still mining and smiling, winking and whining, and weaving woeful wizzy wizard’s weave lol 🙂 But I am resolute to finish…

      Thanking you for friendship and company, readership and comment, and for the poetry in repeating ‘eager for continuity’ twice 🙂 I recall your fondness for improvisation and melody, ’tis the whimsy of you 😛

      Take care.


      DN – 24/10/2016

      • Dewin! Hello!

        I have tried twice to reply to you (today) because it’s been my first opportunity. I assumed that the energy would be shared, regardless, through intention. ::hugs and salutations:: Wales isn’t too far. Both written attempts were erased. I need to eat lunch now and when I am refreshed, we’ll see how your Buccaneer is. My beloved teacher was sick today, so a lecture was canceled. While this gave me the illusion of free time, I still have to make up for the work missed. I love that we both improvise a lot. I love that whimsy still exists despite all the writing attempts. I’m glad that you came around again and replied. The online format is timeless.

        Life is brilliant with enchanted company, for sure. I’m not sure about Wordsworth. I have to brush up on my poetry no doubt.

        Aloha, Ka

      • Hey Ka 🙂

        I’m pleased as always to have you come by and drop me a line, thank you for visiting…your teacher’s absence has been my gain whilst giving you chance to momentarily take a breath from the learning 🙂 I was actually online catching up a little with life elsewhere and viewing your latest blog when I noticed you’d stopped by here to say ‘hello.’ I left a petal on your site in response to your worthy success. 🙂

        I think the positive energy you left on your last visit was more than sufficient in helping to support positive intentions with the poem. One could always do with assistance in that way, and Wales really isn’t that far away when it comes to transmitting energetic thought with positive intention. I am a firm believer in non-verbal communication.

        As for whimsy…it is refreshing to feel so free and easy with life, and so humorous, so playfully quaint and fanciful, so as to always exude a cheeky smile and elicit warmth from others. I enjoy the sweetness of that thought 🙂

        ‘Life is brilliant with enchanted company’…I’m sure you’d soon feel differently if it were Merlin and Archimedes who were accompanying you. Their incessant talking drives me mad lol 🙂 As to the borrowed Wordsworth line, you’ll know it when you see it for it draws reference to one of your past blogs. That’s all the clues you are getting 🙂 In the meantime, if you do catch up with the Buccaneer’s journey, I hope you’ll transmit something energetic to him…like you and the relentless passion of learning, he’s feeling a little jaded and getting tired of walking. If Merlin were who he says he is, the Buccaneer would have wings or wheels fitted by now and be either flying or skating to the finish line. Apparently neither wheels nor wings are within Merlin’s skill-set, so as it is, the Buccaneer remains road-weary with habit of napping all to frequently these days. He’s such a procrastinator lol 🙂

        Thanks for saying ‘hello’. Enjoy your weekend and the chance to be whimsical! Take care 🙂


        DN – 19/11/2016

    • Hey Sue 🙂

      Thank you for sharing February 19th with me here at chez Dewin 🙂

      Would it were I could recall with clarity that distant evening 8 months ago for it has been a long year of change: the thread of my tread has taken me far and wide, albeit both here and there, yet ’tis to my nook I return for hearth, and a warm chair by flame and flare 🙂

      Wishing you a wonderful new week ahead. Take care 🙂

      Namaste Sue D 🙂

      DN – 24/10/2016

      • Oh my Dewin, how lovely to hear from you after all of this time.. I did call in a few times to see no more had been posted.. Yet now as I click to your blog, I see I must have missed a couple of your posts.. I hope to get to catch up with your tales..
        Glad you have returned and are picking up your tread to weave once again my friend 🙂 Sue

      • Hey Sue 🙂

        And it’s wonderful to hear from you as well six-string Sue 🙂 Indeed, it has been a while, and whilst months may pass, I hope friendship and company never fade…nor the gentle beat of your calming drum 🙂 Thank you for company along the Buccaneer’s path.

        I too have snuck a peek at your blog, and caught a little of your year: a patch of life here, a patch of life there, almost an allotment’s worth of life in total as opposed to seeing your garden in full shine. You know how I always enjoy sharing the vista from your doorstep and the photographs of your travels. Scotland brought her beauty generously to the eye, and at once I was returned in thought to memories of my time spent with Navy cadets whilst at school, and a two week sojourn to a camp-site near Helensborough. The fortnight took in stays at Faslane, and a week-long expedition across the hills…a most enjoyable experience, Scotland is serenely beautiful, and worth every blister 🙂

        Should you find chance to read on from Tattle, there is Elixir Vitae and Copper Door Acts 1-3 to fill a quiet five minutes one quiet afternoon 🙂 Chapter 5 is 70% complete, with only the ending left to write, edit, and polish. There is also the artwork to consider, but involved as I am with writing, my head-space is a little to occupied to consider quite what to publish. There is always so much to do and so little time 🙂 What started out as a merry jape last November, idly scrawling a verse or two has grown into a poem over 4300 lines in length. Would it were easy to stay underground with Merlin for so many months without ever taking the occasional lungful of fresh air to dispel perpetual claustrophobia, then perhaps I would have finished the entire verse by now: actually, I was aiming for September, but perhaps that was optimistic. Or perhaps, there just needed to be constant darkness, claustrophobia, and intensity this year for words to find a way towards finding their own end? Who knows. I am however, hoping for a happy ending! lol 🙂

        As always Sue, thank you for sharing your thoughts and stopping by to say ‘hi’ 🙂 I trust all is well and life finds you elemental amidst the autumn shades. ‘Tis the Virgo way 🙂

        Have a wonderful week. Take care,


        DN – 24/10/2016

  5. Hey poet brat! I unlike the other lovely ladies above, have not read part one, two, or three, wow, some friend I am. I will I promise.I really did not know they were up to read as I have not received Word Press notification for a couple of years now. No excuse, I know. I am very proud of you. ❤


    • Hey sweet SS…oh my, how the Scorpion shines in you on this your Solar return lol 🙂

      Only a true friend, ever-present, ever wise, ever generous, and demonstrating such honest and sincere intent would be so bold as to scold and grasp and sting with such sweetness! 😀 How I have missed the tending touch of tender teaching lol 😀

      A brat…well, yes, indeed, quite so, I think, most indubitably, you are right…but surely, hopefully, desirably, I am a poet-brat with a golden heart still to find at journey’s end 🙂 Perhaps, you will walk with me to the precipice of my last perilous edge, and from safe ledge call out, “fare thee well Buccaneer”…

      Chapter 4 has 3 Acts to peruse, ending in a promise for Chapter 5 to follow shortly. Chapter 5, Natura Naturans, is heading towards conclusion with a lengthy stride or two still to go. I’d be proud to have you read it, and offer your erudite critique ❤

      Take care always and always 🙂


      DN – 23/10/2016

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