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Autumn descends and the nights draw-in to blow with the wind under my front door. It’s too dark to stray and too cold not to stay close to the warming hearth. And so I thought it a merry jape to pen some waggish verse during the snug evening hours and tell of the time I met Myrddin: better known as Merlin the wizard. Prattle is the first episode of a poem that might possibly run to five chapters, but I’ll have to ask Merlin about that. Hope you enjoy…

Years fade the memory I’m keen to share,

of long ago in the Caverns of Bryn Myrddin.

Recollection of that day is lost in the grey,

and of the detail I’ll never be certain.

~ ~ ~

~ Prattle ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~

~ ~ ~

Within samite-silk weave of Sun Moon and Stars,

dressed in the fabric of Three Realms.

As High! As Below! As Far as He’ll go!

Merlin sleeps at the Prognosticator’s Helm.


Hastening my gait across faraway hills,

infused by eventide’s mahogany plumes.

I quicken through swale to a wizard’s Caern,

and to Bryn Myrddin’s allegorical tomb.


Through boscage and bosk, over bush and brake,

across gorse, grove, quag, skein and sedge.

Dallying in dingle and spun in the spinney,

I tread paths over rock morass and hedge.


Breaking tree line upon a withering ridge,

a plateau of marble leads the way.

Beyond are sunk two hefting-stones

and deep darkness extending away.


Passing betwixt the twin megaliths

I step inside the arching rock cavern.

Calling out in Gaelic to awaken his name,

I step aside for black snap from the Raven.


There flies on the swart a spectral bird,

sleek in inky swathes of midnight.

Slick with preening-oil’s iridescent bow,

and silent in the seer’s second sight.


Beyond my probing gaze I sense

the depth of her piercing stare.

Flowing as smoke no sound does she make,

circling silently whispering air.


“Like all who dream Merlin sees” she cawed,

“of the reason you walk these ancient flagstones.”

‘You’re seeking the prattling old ghoul!’ she cackled.

“Who dwells in his theurgist’s bones!”


“So say on this day why you came this way!” she crowed,

with harsh edge to her carving cries.

“What is your wish at tunnel’s end?” she asked,

with a flutter of her sorceress eyes.


“To speak with Myrddin,” I said out loud,

and spoke firmly with acquiescent good will.

‘Stealing Merlin’s flying quill, I fancy!” she recoiled,

splicing my words with her razor bill!


“To ask for his Fellowship,” I quickly held,

and followed her drilling gaze.

“Maybe so my friend,” she jawed, “but tell me more

before I open doors to Merlin’s maze!”


“I’m journeying out to the Golden Globe,” I quipped,

“and seek a great wizard as my guide.”

“I’m heading far beyond the infinite void” I said,

and need Merlin along for the ride.”


“I’m questing the Grail chasing mercurial winged light,

and have need of this soothsayer’s knowing sway.

I’m navigating safe passage across off-world seas,

and have need of this enchanter’s edifying way.”


“Then perhaps it is so my friend,” she said,

“but quiet now, speak no more of it here.”

“He’ll listen to your quest laying at rest, so come,

I’ll open the door to Merlin the Seer”.


Slipping further within the dark resting space

we press through rock to a large odeum door.

Bracing iron hinges on oak newel flanks

swing open to reveal a mirror-stone floor.


Glistening and whispering in the twitching torchlight,

tripping on silver slip and tiffany glassine.

Burnished in the glaze of flames fulgent flare,

pellucid in geodesy’s sweet dream ravine.


Gliding on star shine we deepen the fault,

and dance along diaphanous diamond aisles!

Threading our seam in the limpid wax gleam,

spiralling upwards and upwards for miles!


At the rise of a ridge comes the tunnel end,

and mirror’s dazzling artery ceases to flow.

I spin off the path and fall through the rock!

Still keeping pace with the swiftly crow.


When of a sudden, she appears in thin air!

Blackthorn trim, talon and beak!

In nebulous feathers of deathly dark shade,

She turns to me and speaks!


“Legend recounts Merlin will awaken the day

a seeker draws the One Quill from ink-stone slumber.

So say all you mean and mean all you say,

in Merlin’s head-spinning crystal chamber.”


“Now come don’t delay! Awaken the Wizard this day!

“Tell him the tale of your Cosmic Journey!”

“Now come! Have no fear! Climb the last rushing tier!

“And don’t slow entering Merlin’s ossuary!”

~~~~~ + ~~~~~


13 thoughts on “Prattle

  1. You know I love me some Merlin ❤ You write in a style that hearkens to another time and place. I think that is part of the connection we share? The Force of Merlin is strong in you young snow leopard. 😀 Keep it going. The tale continues to unfold. It is as if you slipped easily into that dimension, that world.
    Keep it up!

  2. Astounding poetry Dewin, and I was enthralled throughout held in its spell.. I could envision the Raven and her sleek plumage and her beady eye, as she craws and questions. The megaliths I saw rising tall and dark, as you walked between them..
    Oh I do hope we are treated to a sequel dear Dewin.. You will have many a dark cold night by the hearth to create more adventures 🙂

    Many thanks I really REALLY enjoyed this tale.. 🙂

  3. And then what happened?!

    Looking forward to the sequel, Dewin.


  4. What an epic poem. I love how this flows and can imagine some Teller of Tales from days gone by standing keeping an audience enthralled with this as a story out of his box of delights.

    • Hey Kate,

      Thanking you for visiting and bringing your generous sentiment and kind imagination to chez Dewin. Lovely to welcome you here. Thank you for having stopped by 🙂

      Should I confess to previously having had the experience of a sitting enthralled in a small packed rounded auditorium whilst a Story Teller took centre stage? A Teller of Tales dressed as one might imagine the Pied Piper of Hamlyn to have dressed, right down to extended curling toed shows. I have never forgotten the magic of that enchanting two hours, and nor I think would anyone else who was present. It was an amazing experience, the oral tradition of story-telling adds dimensions to the words of a book. The young adults sat alongside me were spellbound…not one whisper was heard for the duration, just ‘oohs’ and ‘aarghs’ and ‘sighs’ and in one or two cases tears as well. It was theatre without being theatre…theatre without the pomp and ceremony, just one person stealing the entire show. That experience has remained with me and when sitting to type the first line of this story on that draughty November in 2015, it was firmly on my mind.

      The poem was never destined to continue as it has…there was no blue-print, there has never been a blue-print, no plan, no notes, just one stanza after the other. Merlin gives me first line and last world, I fill in the gaps and Archie chastises me whenever I slip up! I studied Animation and Film-making at university and I used animate exactly the same way, no key frames, just head down and go for it! I think I approach all aspects of life that I choose to engage with in the same way. It’s a 100% investment or it isn’t, there is never middle ground with me….my philosophy being an extension of Yoda’s infamous line to Luke, ‘do or don’t do, there is no try.’ I don’t always succeed, but I die with my boots on!

      Anyway, I’m babbling so had best wrap it up and press-on 🙂 It’s been a pleasure to chat a while Kate. Thank you for support and encouragement. You’re always welcome…the kettle is invariably on and I get to borrow the Raven’s Earl Grey and Hobnobs, so all good. Cup of tea Kate?

      Thanks again for company here, its much appreciated. I hope you’ll enjoy a wonderful weekend. Be blessed in all ways for always. Take care.

      Namaste 🙂


  5. Hey Zeron,

    A new reader at chez Dewin is always welcome, thank you for stopping by.

    Different? In a good way I hope…in a way that will lead your curiosity to read the entire story perhaps? 🙂 In anticipation of your readership, thank you.

    Hoping all is well. Take care.

    Namaste 🙂


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  7. An epic journey to pull the quill from the ink and awaken the magician in your head. Long may his wisdom spill on to your pages.
    I used to have a pet crow who was a friend. He radiated that strength and wisdom – the guardian of secrets.
    I enjoyed it Dewin.

    • Hey Opher,

      You appeared as if out of nowhere much like the shopkeeper in Mr. Benn…can I try on the Red Knight costume please? 🙂 It’s good to have you come by, thank you. I appreciate the comment…tis but the start of the Buccaneer’s passage to becoming the Fool who strides out trailing the next tale.

      A pet Crow. That is cooler than a freeze-pop…did it have a name? How tame did it become? There are three families of crows living in the old tree next to the flats in which I live. They now come regularly for food but remain very timid. They are friends…guardians as much messengers and portals to other worlds who crow at anything that moves or can be eaten. They occasion the guttering above my living room window and peer in else keep look-out on their nests. At work where my desk occupies space next to a large window with a view over a extended rooftop, a Raven visits quite often: his throaty roar thrice cried leaves me anticipating something more than nothing more but never more than what is destined. Your pet Crow has me thinking Opher…should my hovel ever be elsewhere perhaps lying silent within woodland, I would adore ownership of a pet Raven and a black cat. I would need nothing more, evermore, never more than both of those creatures as pets.

      Talking of Crows and the like, you may enjoy a poem written by a Homeless person hailing under the name Scruffy Dude. It’s called Dark Raven. I hope you enjoy it.

      Merlin is the magician at the heart of this hearty tale and naturally enough he takes the lead in penning the story. The Buccaneer likes to imagine Merlin gives him first line and last word for each stanza but in reality it is the wizard who writes and the Buccaneer who is dictated to: it is the right relationship for a wizard and his apprentice to adopt of course. Merlin is a harsh taskmaster but an awesome wizard to have on your team, know what I mean dude? 🙂 I am doubtful if I would have (fully) acknowledged Merlin’s presence had it not been for me relocating to Wales to go to University those many years ago. But ever since I have moved here I’ve been enchanted by the Land and its many legends: Wales has this uncanny way of drawing one into its myth and leaving you standing there on the edge of a misted lake waiting for a sword to rise in the hand of a beautiful Goddess.

      Thank you again for stopping by Opher. I’ll look forward to next time you call…

      Namaste 🙂


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