Launch Pad Blues

New Mercury copy

~ Launch Pad Blues ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Alone on-board the Silver Wing, stayed in space and steel

I’m braced by leather and sealed in an astronauts tomb

where I lay tilted to gaze from behind a face leafed in gold

to a star brightening beyond my fragile sense of knowing.


Yet, into inky pools and frozen seas,

I’m falling through forgotten dreams

and find there is no end to the deep,

nor light in sight to guide my fallen Love

back to this flight of day.


She has become Night and risen an obsidian rose,

fragrant in the musk of heartbreak and moonlight,

yet sensuous and lithe beneath a moon spilling sorrows.

she becomes a blackened flower, conjuring ebony pearls from starlit dew

and extending the gentle arch of her raven wings

to embrace me with the shadow of her lover’s swarthy flower.


She comes to me now to sever my heart-entangled chord,

to scythe the air with a whispering onyx blade

and cleave the stem of an umbilical line

that has me tried and tied,

and left me dreaming of destinations

still earth found.


She and I have become prisoners of Love, I think,

grieving amidst uncertainty and sharing the weight of night’s stifling shroud

both players in the comedy of mythological love.

Sun worshippers waiting the morn’ and the emergence of

a beloved ghost from the passions of flaming pyres.


Night enfolds me in her cloying thrill and stills the fluttering yaw of

my clouds billowing ride, as it hurries across the oceans wide,

silently searching amongst shadows for a flash of blue in the silver quiver of the deep.

longing at the thought of one more press from cherished lips,

a breathless kiss to seal lasting memory, that I’d inhale until I ceased to breathe.


Come sunrise we’ll both have left this spiralling ledge,

you, gone to the inky depths of

Neptune’s fabled leagues, and me to another Earth beyond this world.

Further apart than ever before…and yet,

not us,

still no further apart than your gaze lifted skywards to the transit of a pulsing flare,

mine cast back to this sublunary jewel from the rim of a distant star.


I’ll search the void for your heart-emblazoned luminary,

knowing you’ll be there in the thaw of ice tears

welling in the swell of Tombaugh Region and

warming the chill within Pluto’s dark heart.



37 thoughts on “Launch Pad Blues

    • Hey Linda,

      You are so often the first to pen your inspired thoughts or leave a trail of sweet words upon my page 🙂

      I’m always grateful to have the pleasure of your company and be the recipient of welcome support and kindness. It’s really good to have a caring friend who shines so brightly from afar 🙂

      I hope all is as well Linda and your thoughts at peace. Hope to catch up at a Blog near you very soon 🙂


      DN – 27/07/2015

    • Hey Linda,

      Welcome to Dewin’s 🙂 Lovely to have you stop by

      Did you bring any spare smiles or chuckles with you? If not i’ll have to pop over later and share a grin over coffee 🙂

      Thank you for your comment Linda…I don’t imagine for one moment I have found any similarity whatsoever to what really transpires prior to lift off. The intensity and excitement must be overwhelming and matched only by the overbearing stillness and the inability to swallow. Tell me, if given the option of going into space…would you go?


      DN – 27/07/2015

  1. Hey Dewin,
    This is just amazing. Such a common word – but truly it is. Exquisite images of space and Love, facing unknown, imaginings, excitement, sadness, deep heart felt love…
    Just beautiful. You would have to remember to exhale, though.

    • Hey Mary 🙂

      Happiness abounds whenever your kindness and support stroll upon my Blog and make their presence known by leaving delightful words to inspire my evening and keep me buoyant for weeks ahead! You are always so generous, and I do of course miss you when your comments don’t appear 🙂

      It’s wonderful to have you visit again, thank you as always Mary. It means a lot to have your friendship here 🙂

      Well, I’m very much enjoying the experience of writing poems and find it compelling, alluring, sensuous, sensual, wholeheartedly absorbing, and not surprisingly also very tiring! Distilling emotions and finding a choice of words to express the immensity and complexity of all one feels and senses is proving a vertical learning curve and there is a long way still to be travelled before I fit the cut of a poets suit as it is required by the Master Tailor. I will however persist and continue along this pathway as it carries me deeper and deeper into the very heart of an endless Love found bound within the promise of eternal prose.

      It would seem as though my space-faring, heart-aching, anxious and Love-smitten astronaut waits for the countdown to begin and someone with a match to light the blue-touch paper and then it might well be Lift Off! 🙂

      Namaste dear Mary

      DN – 28/07/2015

      • “Distilling emotions and finding a choice of words to express the immensity and complexity of all one feels and senses is proving a vertical learning curve and there is a long way still to be travelled before I fit the cut of a poets suit as it is required by the Master Tailor.” That is it in a nutshell for me – only not poetry. Writing at all.
        I am glad you are enjoying writing poetry, and plan to pursue. Beautiful words as always, Dewin, and it was nice that you illustrated this poem! I didn’t say that before.
        I miss your comments as well when they don’t appear. I missed one for Ponderosa Pine speaks especially. Not sure if you saw it. Just put up another too. Close UP. Sometimes when I don’t respond to your poetry, it’s because it goes over my head, and I can’t figure out what to say. I always always read, and enjoy them even when I don’t totally understand. There seems to be a dual meaning – about space and personal spiritual Love, and also personal romantic love and heart ache.
        I always love what you write, Dewin – prose, poetry, personal comments. Always beautiful and from the heart. Always deeply vulnerable and genuine. Words always chosen excruciatingly carefully and well. And your illustrations, well….all of that too.
        Take care dear Dewin.

    • Hey Maria,

      Lovely to see you here, thank you for visiting 🙂 I read many of the insightful and knowledgeable comments that you leave on Blog posts and accept your cosmic perspective is far larger than my own…but should my astronaut finally get to take off and journey out beyond the stars in search of new worlds and return with stories to tell, then I hope you’ll be available to advise on the details 🙂

      Have a wonderful afternoon 🙂


      DN – 29/07/2015

      • Oh Dewin, thanks for believing, or liking, my insights. I love philosophy, but I also like to study all religions (since I was very young). I feel very humbled by your comment.

  2. I viewed this through an alternative scope,away from the domestic base, and was blessed with its wonderment ,through a precious window during the grind of the day. I find glimpses of Magic… can unfold during the Norm.and.its beginning to accelerate, with no Police in site….Looking so much forward to the next Sign Post..may the green light prevail….

    • Hey KendoDyl,

      Ahhh, the mysterious wanderer returns to scribe another day 🙂

      You have become something of an idle curiosity to me my friend, a phantom, an enigma who passes by and leaves kind thoughts and sentiment packaged in code and metaphor. It’s a wonderful gesture, which I appreciate very much indeed, thank you, but equally it still leaves me very curious to know more about you. Your epithet for example….what secrets does it reveal to the initiated mind I wonder? And, Sign Posts, Police, Normalcy, Magic and grinding days 🙂 That’s quite a diverse group of dots to join up, and yet, somehow I seem to know exactly what you are talking about! lol 🙂 I think it was your rapid acceleration from the prevailing ‘green light’ that gave you away…

      I shall look forward to your next visitation and the penning of more fine words strung between dots 🙂


      DN – 29/07/2015.

  3. “Yet into inky pools and frozen seas, I’m falling through forgotten dreams and find there is no end to the deep,
    nor light in sight to guide my fallen Love back to this flight of day.”

    A poem that makes you stop and retrace the spoken word.. As the visions launch out beyond the stars to encompass the Universal beauty which has always had unseen wings which fly through uncharted voids. The Night enfolded me Dewin within the thrill of your thoughts..

    Wishing you a wonderful week.. And I am so pleased I came by, as this didn’t turn up within my reader, and I have yet to spy it among my many emails.. 🙂
    Blessings Sue

  4. Hey Dewin,
    A beautifully captivating poem. The vivid emotions and fascinating imagery you are able to conjure with words both eloquent and enchanting is simply amazing…It was a joy to read 🙂
    Brightest Blessings, Sammi

    • Hey Sammi,

      How unexpected to get a visit from your good self here at chez Dewin 🙂 It’s a joy to have you stop by Sammi, and I hope you’ll always feel welcome 🙂

      So, how are you? Did Oden take care of your Wednesday as we had hoped? 🙂 And did you bring Welsh cakes with you and leave them hidden somewhere in-between your overtly kind and generous words for me to search for later? Hmmm? 🙂 Your comments are adorable Sammi, thank you, and they leave me feeling both inspired and aspirational…although still hungry for tea and cake!

      Put the kettle on Sammi…I’ll follow the fast flapping Crow and be there now in an hour or two 🙂


      DN – 29/07/2015

      • Hey Dewin,
        Do you think I would have the audacity to come visiting without bringing a handful of Welsh cakes with me? I know better than that…Did you find them? 🙂
        Have a good evening and Brightest Blessings,

  5. Hi Dw.
    This lovely poem broke my heart into too many pieces. I’m especially sad because of how fully aware the speaker is of his feelings. Im praying for happy ending for both characters.
    As always, this poem has excellent writing and imagery. Read this many many times.. As its beauty and truth overwhelmed my sadness to a degree 🙂

    I hope there is a part two. I’d like to know where the main character intents to fly.

    O and om

  6. Hi Dewin,
    I, too, enjoyed reading this sensual poem of love and longing. It’s as if your poet has as his passion a love language for eternal space worship. Obsidian – your use of this word still blots my mind with a thick mask and curiosity about these two distant lovers who live in worlds alone, connected by the gaze of distant lights. It’s a fabulous poem, my friend. Let’s have some more of it.

  7. Hey Ka,

    Thank you so much for your kind words and insightful perspective.

    From the heights of your poetic self-expression, I imagine you also find an immense sense of freedom amongst the stars 😉 You have a deeply penetrative gaze Ka…

    To assist your curiosity, I thought I’d throw 3 summarised definitions in the mix, starting with Obsidian – a naturally occurring volcanic glass formed as an extrusive igneous rock. It is produced when felsic lava extruded from a volcano cools rapidly with minimum crystal growth (Google Definitions) In the poem Obsidian is used to suggest at many themes occurring simultaneously, including the desires of the characters Moon and the mirror through which they might be viewed. One might ask if what is seen is a reflection of the true passions and wishes of the viewer, or if it offers a comment on the inward healing journey (ending in a type of death, much like the Tower card of the Tarot), or even if it is a commentary on what is observed beyond the glass? Either way, a sense of vision is suggested…the gold-leaf face plate is a gentle clue…hinting perhaps at what might be desired most to achieve growth, evolution, and progress…like the longing for expansive space, voyages beyond the stars, and a return to the Galactic Centre. The reference to Sun worshippers may also have different meanings depending on which side of the glass one may sit in Love, or love, and/or in longing, or desire. Literal meanings do not always apply, that is the beauty of engaging with the artistic licence of poetry.

    As to the gaze of distant lights (how beautifully put Ka 🙂 ) I found an acceptable framework of understanding in theoretical physics and Particle Entanglement Theory, imagining each opposing ‘character’ within the poem to be a particle within the vastness of Space. Quantum entanglement is a physical phenomenon that occurs when pairs (or groups) of particles are generated and interact in ways such that the quantum state of each particle cannot be described independently – instead, a quantum state may be given for the system as a whole (Google Definitions) Psychologically speaking, one may find depth of form in words like Animus and Anima that suit the mis-en-scene described in the poem, and credit must be given where it is due…poetry cannot negate the subjective perspective of its author, yet the poem is not wholly intended to be read in this way. Moreover might this not also describe the mechanism at play between closely associating and deeply caring friends, or between Lover’s, or indeed offer a possible explanation towards understanding the true depth of non-verbal communication? How do particle pairs ‘communicate’ over vast distances? How do animals communicate so effortless without words? Or to take it a little further, how might one tap into collective and individual consciousness to communicate? I’ve no doubt that our existence within One universe already provides us all with the innate ability to identify and utilise higher forms of communication. Indeed we even have names for such mechanisms such as intuition, impression, resonance, echo, instinct, clairvoyance, synchronicity, and premonition…. and so the list continues. But as we all know, communication is mostly about listening, and intuiting the beat of someone else’s drum, and that is something we can all do readily by sharing and associating through Love, kindness, compassion, comradeship and fellowship, and extending warmth and acceptance to all both practically and spiritually. There are so many facets of life that become embellished through the practice of living, loving, experiencing and sharing. We cannot be islands when we are held in the embrace of One Universe.

    It’s counterpart, Disentanglement, ‘is a process that destroys parity while conserving angular momentum as the particles separate. That is, the process of disentanglement causes the interference terms to decohere and therefore destroys entanglement between the pair’. Of course, as human beings, one is always free to disentangle at any time from anyone or anything, including ourselves, that is a personal choice to be made when the time is right…at the moment perhaps when the Sun remerges upon the horizon and the ethereal promise is fulfilled in the heart and the dark glass closes to seal the crack in the void 🙂

    Thank you again for stopping by and bringing ‘curiosity’ with you 🙂

    Have a wonderful day Ka 🙂


    DN – 07/09/2015

    Post Script: Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind…thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, alongside The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying (Sogyal Rinpoche), and No Beginning, No End, The Intimate Heart of Zen (Jakusho Kwong). Still on my reading list as I’ve yet to finish it…The Science of Self-Realisation (A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada)

  8. This, indeed, is a very special blog. You are very special, One does not easily meet people like you. You are simply amazing in your choice of words, imagery and the very art of language usage. Yours is a unique style. BRAVO!

    • Hey Ngobesing Romanus,

      How delightful to have your company here at Dewin’s, Ngobesing, my friend 🙂 It’s wonderful to see you here and read your words of kindness, inspiration, encouragement, and support. And, if I may, I would also like to say how much I have enjoyed your fine company whilst sharing a stretch of road together over the past two weeks or so. I couldn’t have asked for anything more than fellowship and friendship, and in both regards, you have been most generous. There are reasons people meet across time and space, and whilst those reasons may not always be immediately ‘obvious’, the ‘quality’ of their impact is profound. I am very proud to call you my friend. Thank you 🙂


      DN – 23/09/2015

      • You are such a sweet soul. Thank you a million Dewin; and abundant blessing on you. Your language is lovely, captivating and leaves no one indifferent. May you continue to grow in this wonderful ability to reach, touch and warm the heart of those you meet through your words!

      • Hey Ngobesing Romanus,

        Thank you 😀 You have been an inspiration to me and continue to extend one hand in kind, loving friendship, whilst opening the other hand to leave ‘termites for this hungry bird’ so that he may fly and soar as high and as far as you 🙂

        With gratitude always, thank you.


        DN – 24/09/2015

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