Rush 2 Polaris

New Mercury copy

~ Rush 2 Polaris ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


 Did I climb aboard the Silver Wing,

and let a dream unfold?

Did I fly upon a Solar wind,

seeking stories to be told?


This my chance to tell a little more,

so…back to the ledge with the perilous edge of apocalyptic fire, and…


Already here!

What now!

Are you sure?

The Polaris?’

Docking Gate 5?


That’s in sight of

the light of my eye-line!

Oh my!


She is a glowing Star!

At first sight I think still pulsing, and

warm on the wings upon which She descended.

Fine fuchsia form,

freshly flushed flower

from Alpha Ursae Minoris



Celestial Pole!

Circumpolar Constancy of the wheeling Firmament!

Tell me!

Will I fall?

Will I fall?


In faith I hope

this morning holds its glorious course,

and dries my eyes, and keep the skies

clear with certainty in front of me.


Will you catch me if I fall,

so I might fly a silhouette again

in the lamp of a distant Sun?


Sweet Polaris

Guiding Star

In whose eyes I am extended

I’d never have known the way back home to Love

before you ascended.


Flight Manual, Lesson 4:

Find faith to believe.


So there stood I a braver heart!

Squarer to the lesser berm of Hell’s furious jut,

First solo flight in sight and…


Flight Manual, Lesson 5:

Find Love


and…now riveted by the intensity

of your Polarising gaze,

breathless in your gravity.


falling in love,

falling in Love,

falling with Love!

My darling, I’m falling with the lo…


‘With the Love of You, my darling’,

was the very last thing I said.

It was no slight, or feint of style,

which draw my dream still closer.

But impassioned heart enflamed by You

who leapt the final bough.

And either falling and dying

or living and flying

Celestial Love fashioned

the flight of your aeronauts

inaugural bow!


Flight Manual, Lesson 1:

There is no altitude to attitude.



10 thoughts on “Rush 2 Polaris

  1. Really enjoyed this…thought provoking for my twitchy mind.. reverberated and twanged a few chords…!!! but i will revisit this again and again for its message…and pleasure.I do so need to practice more to avoid those bum notes..
    but hey i haven’t played”Risk” for some time..and to gamble with Free Will…is LIFE..and safe and wholesome i feel..and bum notes need tuning up….

    • Hey KendoDyl,

      I’m very pleased to welcome you back my enigmatic and mysterious friend and grateful for your kind words.

      I do enjoy the way in which you wrap riddles and puzzles and oblique references into your comment, it leaves an impression. You appear to be a man of music…a body perhaps naturally in harmony with the spheres.

      There is something deeply compelling about the element of risk that plays to our adventurous side…and one wonders if hitting a few ‘bum notes’ proves we are and have been prepared to at least have a go at living Life! More often than not, it feels far better to try and occasionally fail than to never try at all? It’s all rock ‘n’ roll 🙂

      Thank you for your company.


      DN – 13/07/2015

  2. hello Dewin.
    this poem is haunting and exciting, all at the same time. reminds me of how scary love can be at the beginning. outerworld journey ablaze in the heart.
    shooting starts.. and stars.

    o and om
    *** and thank you for our beautiful poem you crafted for us about our novel (being born). I”m sorry we didn’t get back sooner. we dont press nearly as often as we used to.
    o and om.

    • Hey Maria,

      Those are very warming words, and I am most grateful, thank you. It’s lovely to have you visit and add your own special colour to my poem 🙂

      If I did help at all with your post, then it would only have been in a very small way, the quality of your Blog is always quite superb, thank you.

      I have a quick question…if you were to describe this Blog by referring to a specific flower, what flower would you choose? I am just curious 🙂

      Have a wonderful week Maria.


      DN – 21/07/2015

      • Dewin, I see now you’re also the artist of all these paintings! I would like to see your work now more closely and with more time, particularly to answer the question you posed here. I’m glad we crossed each other’s path.

  3. Hey Maria,

    I shall look forward to your forthcoming suggestion and no doubt be pleasantly surprised when I learn of your choice 🙂

    Lovely to have met and shared a moment or two with a new friend on the path of Life. Thank you Maria 🙂


    DN – 27/07/2015

  4. I did not see these updates Dewin and its been a while since my last comment upon your previous post Rush.

    You captivate the imagination and transcend the bridges between time and space within your words.. I loved this verse
    “In faith I hope -This morning holds its glorious course-And dries my eyes and keep the skies clear with certainty in front of me…”
    In faith I hope also Dewin, That one day ALL will ‘Fall’ -in love with Humanity, and we learn our Celestial Purpose

    Excellent poem my friend
    Blessings Sue

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