New Mercury copy

~ Rush ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


I am not the first to go.

But this time it’s me on a ledge

with the innocuous edge of one more step being

an unbounded leap to certain death!

And I ask if I’ll be alone should I fall…

Will I?

Will I be alone?

If I fall?


“Sentient dreamer!

“This your last call!”

“Move to the bough and be clear of the bow.”

“Strengthen intention and plead to providence!”

“Come! Climb aboard the Silver Wing

and journey beyond the light of Steorra!”


Oh, Moirai,

If I were to fall

will I ever wake to wonder and wander again in the wonder of waking to a wondrous new world?

Will I?
Will I?

”Willow! “

“Take heart!”


Flight Manual, Lesson 1: Flap when you fall unhurried through atmospheric skies.

Lesson 2: At the end of Lesson 1, you won’t be, keep going.


“And there you will wonder, or wander in wonder, or wonder and wonder or wander and wonder, or wander never at all!”

“Until comes a day when you’ll wonder less often at the wonder of

your last wandering morning on Earth…”

“But tell me, just for posterities sake,

Remind me of the wonder of walking in wonder?”

“Was wandering and wondering as wonderful as wondering and waking open wide to ride the rush of morning’s tide through archways of light capped horizons?”

“Wanderer. Wonderer. Wind Walker!


Lesson 3: Let slip the one line between attitude and altitude.


“Now Go!”

Wonder upon the wing of an Eagle!

“And learn to Love this sky!”


16 thoughts on “Rush

  1. Encouraging the flight of consciousness beyond the light of the stars…
    I can hear the great and mighty wings thunder through in remote view.
    Poem begets poem. An inspiring read… “Let slip the one line between attitude and altitude.”
    “Strengthen intention and plead to providence!” K

    • Hey Ka,

      Your sword is a mighty pen, and your ‘sense’ of poetry still better formed than my own 😉

      Thank you for the inspirational thunder of your gentle voice.

      Have a wonderful week 🙂


      DN – 13/07/2015

  2. Superb…lesson taken on board…and many visitations to come!!!…hint of humour in there…it brought smiles..great jousting of words…now to joust with my day….

    • Hey KendoDyl,

      You thread words as pearlescent beads on a string of dots in a poetry of unfolding thought to leave a comment. Thank you 🙂

      Was there a winner or loser to the jousting of your day?

      Have a wonderful week.


      DN – 13/07/2015

      • There is never a loser, even a loser Wins to fight another day….there may be regrets but what we have are thoughts to cogitate.The what ifs of life, the musings and the new strategy for another day..with fine tunings to set or rebel and cast the strings away and thrash at life to see what occurs…i float on and cast my beady eye for new sign-posts….there is no Rush…!!!…until the time arrives..

        • Hey KendoDyl,

          My, you are an early blogger my friend, and still mysterious even at 5.53am 🙂

          Another mindful comment thank you, spilling with wisdom and drizzled with the whisper of positive intention and energetic purpose. Your metaphorical phrase, ‘…and cast the strings away and thrash at life to see what occurs’…carries a magical tune to unlock a doorway and open the imagination to a world of possibility and choice.

          I’m a little curious to know if there are sign-posts on the other side of the doorway to be followed.? Perhaps when you return next time, you’ll tell me?

          Thank you for enjoying Rush. I look forward to paths crossing again. Rock on KendoDyl 🙂


          DN – 14/07/2015

  3. “Wonder upon the wing of an Eagle! And learn to Love this sky!”
    I love to wonder as I wander, be it solidly on the ground or flying aroung in the sky without this dense body. May we all become lighter. Beautifully written, Dewin. I get lost wandering,wondering, floating and flying around in the images.
    Much to ponder here.

  4. Hey Mary,

    🙂 Always a pleasure to have you call by. Hoping all is well?

    I have been meaning to stretch my legs and take a hike to visit your Blog and open a few outdoors 🙂 On first glance it looked a fascinating read, and generous with your vibrant images. I am behind with both my replies and happy wanderings, so forgive me if I am a little late to view your post.

    Thank you for a wonderful comment, the elevated imagery is delightful…you have such sensitivity and gentleness about you, thank you Mary. 🙂

    Some years ago I used to work for a retail company that had nature and natural phenomena as its central theme. Of the range of products they sold, none were more popular than the ambient nature sounds and tranquil music CD’s. Titles such as Tranquillity, or Serenity, or Dolphin Garden etc. Working in the shop, one could quite easily become oblivious to the sound of the CD’s being piped through the speakers, and often I found myself lost in the job only to suddenly aware of a pod of passing whales, or the sound of an approaching thunderstorm, or the distinct hum of an Amazon Rain Forest. Sometimes it was a little surreal. One CD featured bird calls, which I distinctly recall contained a 30 minute section on Eagles. It was a wonderful set of recordings, cleanly captured within the folds of the Andes mountains and compelling. I think once the piercing echo of an Eagles shrill cry has been heard it is a sound never forgotten.

    Lovely to have you come by. Take care on your travels!


    DN – 13/07/2015

  5. Delightful and mysterious, Dewin. There is something captivating about hovering near an edge that is ten thousand lines on a topographical map, all starkly stacked into one mighty line, contemplating that step change in our understanding of what we once understood, and all the while receiving whispered instructions that come with a hint of goading humor… Makes you realize we have something of flight inside of us… Wings or no…


  6. excellent poem Dewin.. I often wonder at the trust of the birds in first flight.. especially those perched high in nests.. .. I love to watch live cams on such birds as Eagles or ospreys and watch how they flex to strengthen and test themselves.. and allow themselves to lift off within the wind before taking flight..

    Trust.. is the key they hold.. No fear enters their mind I am sure… We could all do well to learn from them.. I hope one day we all learn such freedoms.. And ‘Learn to love this Sky’ and Earth..
    Blessings Sue x

    • Hey Robert,

      Thank you for unfurling those Albatross wings and steering a course across the great puddle to land here a while…it’s wonderful to have you visit again, ever more so when you leave such generous words my friend 🙂

      Hoping all is well and life is treating you kindly in every which way possible. Take care big fella 🙂


      DN – 23/09/2015

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