Blue Feather

New Mercury copy

~ Blue Feather ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Singularly unique.

That’s you.

There’s no other Blue

more superlative than you.

Love’s unfathomable cobalt hue

crafted you blue

in lightening hue

electric you






No other

with your mesmerising blue

there’s never another

touching infinite blue

soaring forever in

Sky blue hue,






No other

Blue like you.

No other feather

blushes like you…

…tinted Blue Moon hue

is my sweet memory of you




feathery love.


~ Thank you Blue, for all you do in Friendship and Love ~


36 thoughts on “Blue Feather

    • Hey Linda,

      I see the magenta hue of your Litebeing flower and know there’ll be the flavour of kindness in the colour of your words…and a side-salad of a warm smile. Thank you 🙂

      It is a poem of gratitude for friendship found with a blue feather 🙂

      Have a wonderful weekend.


      DN – 04/07/2015

                • Hey O and OM,

                  Well? Well… You still don’t sound certain to me.

                  Perhaps if I had used a different type of language in a more imaginative way, or found other suitably expressive words you’d be sure?

                  There is only one blue feather with a heart of liquid sunshine 🙂


                  DN – 15/07/2015

                    • Hay O and Om,

                      Indeed…there is…only one 🙂 …and if the feather of compelling blue that floated into my life be as wonderful as the gift of friendship that you have, then I am as equally grateful as you to have a wonderful friendly feather from out of the blue.

                      Night’s reaching cloak of mysterious dreams compels me to focus on my honest intention of replying to your wonderful comments before the hatchway to Zzzzz carries me beyond certainty. Cloaked intentions indeed 🙂

                      Enjoy your evening O and OM. Thank you for our covert banter 😉 I’ll drop by your Blog before lights out and see if you are any further into cracking that last 10%…I’ll be an hour or so lol 🙂


                      DN – 15/07/2015

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    • Thank you very much indeed. Your generous act of kindness is kindly regarded and warmly received, thank you 🙂


      DN – 08/07/2015

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    • Hey you,

      Perhaps a comment added out of the Blue is all the poem needs to become a favourite lovely colour 🙂

      Thank you dear Sindy…you bring sunshine and infinite blue skies with your gentle touch and kind words. It’s so lovely to have you flutter past again now the warmer weather is here 🙂

      I wonder…will you ever return to land on my Blog again? Such pretty blue wings…

      Namaste Sindy

      DN – 16/07/2015

      • On your blog, most certainly. WP is not sending me any new post notifications. You are really blooming as a poet Dewin ❤ I am so pleased. I wish it had an art piece to go with.

        • Then I shall endeavour to work harder and encourage your return. Thank you 🙂

          ‘Blooming as a poet Dewin’…I like the sound of that generous idea! Thank you.

          And the art work….mmm, yes…I think you might be right, in fact I was thinking much the same the other morning. I shall ponder it further…you know how these things take a little time for this slower moving Earth sign….too much deliberation, cogitation, and procrastination, and not enough action! Indeed, so, I shall consider it still further 🙂

          Your comment is a treasure to keep safe, again, and as always, thank you so much. Have a wonderful evening SS.


          DN – 16/07/2015

    • Hey Sindy,

      Thank you. A very considerate and kind gesture, I find it both supportive and encouraging. And you know I am pleased you liked the poem…your perspective is always valued, so I like the word ‘exceptionally’ a lot 🙂 lol

      Thank you Sindy

      Namaste 🙂

      DN – 16/07/2015

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  4. Just wanted to pop by and share my admiration of this gorgeous and heartfelt poem. I have recently “befriended” your blue feather friend, brought to her through a lovely series of synchronicities and internet interconnectedness… she suggested I visit your site here, and on doing so I realised that we have indeed “met” before. I think came across you by accident some time past, and maybe commented and exchanged a few friendly words with you, though for the life of me I can’t recall details…please forgive me! Still, I am grateful for the second chance to make your acquaintance! Allow me to please introduce myself, my name is Amy…

  5. I think it my pleasure to receive such a delightful introduction from The Dream Well…and may I add, …how courteously you present yourself, how well the name of your Blog compliments its fair Lady, and together, how enchanting an impression it leaves. Thank you…Good afternoon Amy…how are you? 🙂

    A friend befriended by a blue feathered friend is a friend to me also. I find it a delightful thought that your series of synchronicities had you ‘pop by’ and sign your name upon my Blog…’admiration’, ‘heartfelt’ and ‘gorgeous’ blend and taste like honey. Thank you Amy for the sweet taste of wonderful words.

    Hmm, I also know we have ‘met’ before and paused long enough to glance and smile a hello in passing…and whilst I cannot place the moment, nor find reference in my comments history, I sense a degree of familiarity with you. Naturally, it remains a pleasure to welcome you here to Dewin’s. Thank you for the compliment of ‘popping by’…lovely phrase 🙂

    I am bound for your Blog once again having visited several times at the suggestion of our blue feathered friend. Indeed, the Blog is beautifully presented and wonderfully immersive reading, the material sensitive and well written. I know I shall continue to enjoy it still further.

    I hope you’ll visit again and leave another smiling Gravatar upon my Blog. Have a warm and vibrant afternoon and a merry song of an evening 🙂


    DN – 19/07/2015

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