Flame Feather

New Mercury copy

~ Flame Feather ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Imagine a cloudless star-lit morn’ floating

    upon a mantle of mist, and

    watch a wizard dip the feather tip

    and gently set a smouldering jewel

    in the fiery crown of a Phoenix dawn

    rising scarlet-gold, smoke ash and fire.


Magnificent immolating mythology of s/ages

Miracle of slight lava glittered light in flight of endless life

You rise with the Sun’s soaring altitude

    to melt moons and ignite stars, until…

…a timeless ache brings a fabled yearning to

   burning a fiery return to death and re-birth in Light


   Phoenix, I wonder at the transforming fire

   lifting your heart beat and wings

   the rejuvenating pyre you wear so well

   in feather quill and flame

Phoenix, do you sense elegance in what you are

    and feel Love for what you’ll always be,

Spirit inside a Phoenix wand

    reflecting the breath of a Solar wind

    in a Renaissance of fire.


My hands are shaking, my body infinitely unbound

    barely stabled after all, when lifted a little off the ground.

Was I ever this lost in space before, or were you always found

When you floated down to seduce me

When I floated up having been seduced.

Your feathered fire lit an Alchemical chain

Threading weave’s flame breathing cord

    and guiding Mistletoe to Heliopolis.



9 thoughts on “Flame Feather

  1. Dewin this poem was indeed magical.. This is the time of the Phoenix Rising… And as I think upon your words.. how delicately balanced we all are.. Within the winds of time.. Each drifting upon their own time space, floating within their own reality.. Some so proud and colourful, rich and diverse.. While others are soft and downy, delicate and shy as they hide, clinging closer to the body needing constant peening to keep them well oiled for their job in hand.

    And how many need to be strong to hold themselves in Flight as those flight feathers wing their way across the miles to reach safer shores.. new horizons, a brighter tomorrow ..

    I enjoyed this poem Dewin.. for it reminded me of a recent re-read of a book I have upon my shelves I have read again this month.. one I think you would enjoy.. Called Phoenix Rising. by Mary Summer Rain.. ( a true story of factual happenings and insights into our future through the shaman ‘No Eyes’.. ) And I was astonished as I read her forgotten words on first reading how many of her insights are now happening..

    Wonderful read.. Blessings

  2. Such a multi-talented artist you are, Dewin. Your words spring from a well of depth and heart, ever touching profound and passionate love. It is wonderful to witness the flow of your pen, and as I read, I can’t help but imagine what one of your art pieces based on this poem would look like. Either way, you tell the feelings beautifully – always thought provoking, always rich, always enchanting.
    Namaste, friend.

    • Hey Mary,

      ‘Your words spring from a well of depth and heart, ever touching profound and passionate love’…what a wonderful comment and so beautifully written…thank you so very much, it helped to put the shine on my day. Treasured words and words of treasure that trickle gently into a bottomless well of friendship…are there any better gifts to leave a friend? Thank you Mary from the bottom of my ink-well 🙂

      As for your thought-provoking suggestion of imagining a piece of art-work in illustration of the poem, well now, you have got me thinking about ‘taking a line for a walk’ (as an old Art teacher once said) in the flames. It sounds sort of enticing doesn’t it.

      Mary, you bring miles of smiles and delightful words to my Blog, and enrich it with your thoughts. Thank you 🙂

      Namaste dear friend.

      DN – 29/06/2015

      • “Treasured words and words of treasure that trickle gently into a bottomless well of friendship.” That feels nice to feel and to know. Thank you, my dear friend.

    • Hey PSJ,

      You knew I’d find much to extrude when you left this constructive consideration on how the metaphor of building can be literally reified in a 4 word poem.

      Evaluating a building as a collective craftwork offers a wonderful conception of craft as an individual creative pursuit.

      Thank you for your craft with words 🙂


      DN – 04/07/2015

  3. Wow. Dw!!
    What fire and energy and wisdom!! And of course the words you’ve chosen are divine.
    A lovely poem.
    Thank you for sharing.
    I really liked the passion in this one.
    Hugs. O and om. ♡.

  4. Hey O and OM,

    If not for the significant ‘others’ in your life – your book, and Odie…maybe you’d visit more often and leave nice comments like this all the time 🙂

    Thanks for breezing by…how are you two pressed novel inkers? lol 🙂

    It’s always lovely to see you both here. Thank you for the visit and flaming sentiment.

    Dw…cute lol 🙂

    Catch up soon my feline friends. Namaste

    DN – 14/07/2015

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