Indelible Crystal

New Mercury copy

~ Indelible Crystal ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


When I take the unimagined mind

beneath the Lapis shade of a precious star

Or dive within a Topaz shard

 I feel an unfathomable fire alight upon ice,

melt cobalt spools

  inking tourmaline pools,

Neptune’s rippling dream gleam, iridescent stream,

fluid Sapphire rainbow, spilt from

Imagination’s Cup enriching Life.


When I take the unimagined body

beneath the green jade of a wandering star

Or dive within a Healer’s shard

I feel an inner vivacity animate sculpture

spin silk-feathered spools

  cradle cloud pressed pools

Nature’s perfect seam dream, iridescent stream,

Earth’s Emerald rainbow, spilt from

Milk springs nurturing Life.


When I take the unimagined eye

beneath the gravity of a metaphysical star

Or dive within a Malachite shard

I feel a contemplative infinity alight within all time

unravel cosmic spools

  lace star-seed pools

Mystery exploding gleam’s dream iridescent stream,

Light emanating rainbow, spilt from

Stone film and meditating upon Life.


When I take the unimagined heart

beneath the affectionate embrace of an impassioned star,

Or dive within a Lover’s shard

I feel an ecstatic affinity flame the Ruby Rose

purl Loving spools

   flush rosette pools

flowering gleam’s syrup seam iridescent stream,

Foam born rainbow, spilt from

Love’s fountain romancing Life


When I take the unimagined soul

within the pervading light of an adored gold Star

Or dive inside a Crystal shard

I feel the blissful touch of an Eternal hand

  Alight upon my spirit

tender sun-flashed spools

swelling Love’s sacred pools

fusing sweet Spirit’s dream seam iridescent stream,

Sun gilded rainbow, spilt from

Compassion’s Heart and luminous in-ner Life.




16 thoughts on “Indelible Crystal

    • Hey Linda,

      Indeed, it is a happy Solstice when you stop by and leave a kind comment. Thank you for the splendour arising within your words Linda 😉


      DN – 25/06/2015

      • Your comments are wonderfully kind: the being being Litebeing being the fluorescence in you. Always shining. Thank you for your gift of words 🙂

        Enjoy your afternoon LL.


        DN – 25/06/2015

    • Hey Ka,

      Thank you for coming by again and adding the colour of your rainbow ditto’s to much appreciated words.

      Happy Solstice Ka


      DN – 25/06/2015

      • Ka!

        Thank you! 🙂 May your day be equally as abundant in superlative ways.

        One question, what makes a pause pause, or a short breath breathe more deeply?

        Have a wonderful afternoon and weekend.


        DN – 26/06/2015

  1. Hey Dewin,
    As you take us diving through the rainbow colors of mind, body, imagination, heart and soul, you enrich our lives. These words of mystery, compassion, stars, stones and pools stir up the elements within, each seen and felt vividly. Such balance in the wildness of it. “The blissful touch of an eternal hand alight upon my spirit,” and “Sun gilded rainbow, split from Compassion’s Heart and luminous in-ner Life.” Wow, Dewin. This is a masterpiece! I keep reading it over and over. Now, this one I know has water in it. 🙂

    • Hey Mary,

      The wonderful words you use and the sense of support they provide are very reassuring to me 🙂 Always kind, perceptive, insightful and thoughtful, your reflections are influencing and sustaining: each word a drop of gentle encouragement, each line enriching and nourishing, each comment a gift illuminated by the colours of your vivid rainbow. Thank you so much Mary…you leave a delightful glow here in the shine of your thoughts 🙂

      Have a wonderful weekend enjoying the vivacity of nature. Thank you for your generous friendship.


      DN – 26/06/2015

  2. A healer who understands their crystal beings.. exquisite words dear Dewin Your connection to the indelible crystals shines deep from their translucent hearts within every word you have written..
    Beautiful poetry Dewin..
    Blessings Sue

    • Hey Sue,

      You find words to lift a smile and stretch it from ear to ear, thank you so much for your bounteous thoughts 🙂 I think you write with a knowing glint in your eye, the shine of a golden heart who understands far better than I the depth of colours to be found within Mother Earth’s glistening jewellery box.

      In addition to the attributes, correspondences, and vibrational frequencies associated with individual crystals, which I find fascinating in itself, I also have a deep sense of wonder at the individuality of each stone, it’s unique history, its antiquated origin from the depths of space, its formation within nature’s colossal forces, and the energy stored within it. To hold a crystal, is to engage with an ‘artefact’ seeded in the infancy of time by cosmic forces, carried by our Earth Mother, and brought back into the light to unleash it’s gentle power. Each stone is a miracle and presents itself differently…perhaps that is why crystals find us as opposed to us finding them?

      It’s always a delight Sue to have the shine of your crystal glowing on my Blog like a bright light. Thank you 🙂


      DN – 28/06/2015

      • If you want to know more I do have a Crystal and Things Page in my header with a list of various crystals and gem stones and their attributes Dewin..

        I have the pleasure of having a large Quartz crystal.. You can see it within my images on crystals and things.. held up in my hand to the light.. when you look through one side there is the image of a wolf.. as clear as day.. He is my totem.. and you would perhaps not believe it.. but it at times appears to have movement.. even a friend once nearly dropped it in shear fright as she saw the shape move..

        Many thanks for you most wonderful reply ..
        Enjoy a wonderful new week as we begin July
        Blessings Sue

      • Hey Sue,

        Indeed you do 🙂 and I have browsed it several times and come away better informed on each visit thank you. Your Blog is most generously giving in that way.

        I’m fascinated by the description you provide of your crystal totem, the animate wolf spirit residing within your stone. What a fabulous treasure! How did you discover each other, and when did you notice the wolf first move? I don’t think I am as fortunate as you in owning a crystal containing a visible totem or spirit, but there is one in particular, a small light blue crystal skull which contains an almost perfect equilateral triangle formed between 3 distinct bubbles that sit one on each apex corner. In addition, whilst the crystal is pale blue, it will continually shine a pale golden colour when held within any shade of light. Quite uncanny I think 🙂

        It’s wonderful to have you stop by and share a little word or two on the secrets of crystal beings. Take care and keep a smile on your dial 🙂

        Namaste dear friend,

        DN – 30/06/2015

    • Hey Robert,

      Thank you for staying a while longer and leaving another kind and supportive comment. Very pleased you liked this 😀

      Take care on the long flight back home! 🙂


      DN – 24/09/2015

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