One Feather

New Mercury copy

~ One Feather ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


Would I have known

this evening’s Light would be precise

and so different to the last,

if not for your sense of knowing and your care?


Silence arrived in the whisper of a passing sky.

Go wonder at the miracle of a Swan’s feather

floating in delicate orientation

within cloud drawing gold ink from the Sun.


I saw a single feather held as a Poet’s quill

inscribe a lasting grace

upon the memory of this sweet evening,

in script penned by a wing-tipped wand.


~ Namaste PSJ ~


29 thoughts on “One Feather

    • Hey Linda,

      How beautifully you move two words precisely together and add a third to bring a smile 🙂 Thank you for your wonderful thoughts.


      DN – 20/06/2015

      • Hey Dewin, Sometimes my comments are short, but not for lack of interest or delight. Sometimes words do not adequately convey the emotions evoked. Love words, but hey they are not a decent substitute for the language of the heart. ❤

      • Hey Linda,

        I treasure one glimpse through a cloud to perhaps better understand many things, and none more important than the smile to be found in friendships.

        Thank you for the shine of yours.

        Namaste Linda

        DN – 20/06/2015

  1. What a deep and gentle hearted inspired poem, Dewin. I can see that feather floating in the colored cloud reflection, and feel the wonder of it. I am glad you had a lovely, special evening.

    • Hey Mary,

      Thank you for sharing the experience with me and reflecting in ways I may not have considered or perhaps missed as I stood to watch the cloud pass by. Colours, reflections, these dreams that flow before our eyes are as colourful as the heart desires.

      I’ve taken to walking beyond the shadow of the trees and across the adjacent playing fields, my morning commute across the heath-land has become an opportunity to wander in the sunshine and pause before the day. I have this new compulsion to look for feathers that occasionally fall upon the turf when the small flocks of Seagull, Magpie and Wood Pigeon contend for food. My collection is slowly growing and now fashioned on my desk at work to help keep my spirit lifted a little higher.

      My evening was quite special thank you. Have a wonderful weekend.


      DN – 20/06/2015

      • Interesting…when you said, “Go, wonder at the miracle of a Swan’s feather
        floating in delicate orientation within a cloud drawing gold ink from the Sun,” I went immediately to water in my mind, so I thought the feather was floating within a cloud reflection. I love feathers too. They seem to accumulate within every nook and cranny in my house. They are all very meaningful to me.
        About your beautiful comment on Rock Concert. I for some reason didn’t get that until I thanked you on Flowering a Moist Rose for pushing the like buttons for Rock Concert and Grosbeak Repertoire. I was just happy to see your name. Imagine my happiness when I saw your comment thereafter. You had already written it. Cyberspace is sometimes a strange wonder indeed.

      • Hey Mary,

        ‘I went immediately to water in my mind’ ~ You did? 🙂 That is a beautiful visualisation and metaphor to have come to mind. I like the way your thoughts wander and your vision wonders as you interpret and explore ideas and imagery.

        Your comment is a gift that inspires, as so your friendship. Thank you.


        DN – 20/06/2015

    • Hey Ka,

      I am delighted when you stop by, and so grateful to be the fortunate recipient of your beautiful thoughts…’the target of precision and gentleness’ is quite eloquent and its beacon a star to always aim for.

      Thank you for your kindness and company.

      We share in our wonder, and in the wonder of words, and your wonderful words in ‘fine-tuned softness’ are always words of wonder to find deep peace within.

      Thank you for leaving such kind thoughts. Good luck with the forthcoming studies!


      DN – 20/06/2015

      • Dear Dewin,
        I didn’t see your reply in my message box, but I ventured by as to experience the energy of this poem once again, as well as our exchange. Reading your words here makes it impossible for me to doubt our connectedness – how a poem can show up in a reader at precisely the right moment! How we can share dimensions of space and daily walking paths, and friendships. I’m looking forward to reading more from your quill and PSJ?
        Cheers, Ka

      • Hey Ka,

        Thank you for the warmth in your comment as you ventured by.

        I to believe there are silken threads connecting everything in life that are spun more finely than graphene (or is that grapheme 😉 ) upon which the tender shine of a solar wind transmits an intention and delivers gifts in to our life. Like a spider’s weave in the glow of a dewy spring morning will catch crystal drops in pearls of light, so to the beads of cosmic intention fuse to the silken threads of our life and set like gold stones waiting to be ‘found’ every day in the most wonderful ways.

        My quill is my own, as PSJ’s bardic plume is his own as well. Each is coloured uniquely to express the spirit within…the quill choosing the shine of the poet Harry lol 🙂 The gift of his friendship is an accelerant to learning and the warmth of his friendship a sharing of wonderful company.

        I have just ‘found’ a beautiful poem in my reader written by a ‘party in the stars’…

        Thank you for your wonderful company.


        DN – 27/06/2015

      • DN – my heart feels huge in the expanse of the space where we are sharing. Yesterday I met a porcupine quill that wanted to be taken home. Soon…pearls of light and water that glimmer on the cobweb… wonderful! Namaste dear friend, Ka

      • Hey Ka,

        The symbolism of the Porcupine is remarkable, no wonder one of its magical 30,000 quills wanted to find you, a ‘warrior of light’ and bring you further abundance in Joy, Power, Fire, Strength, Defence, Curiosity, Innocence, Helpfulness, Partnership, Fearlessness, Loyalty, and Love. How wonderful to be gifted in this magical way 🙂 I imagine it will be a highly spirited quill, uniquely shaped by its prestigious integrity, and when ‘giving’ through your entrusted care, will bear the press of your delicate hand and shape 29,999 poems in its likeness.


        DN – 27/06/2015

  2. Hey Aquileana,

    You leave a perfect comment in reply: as gilded as your Solstice timed post on Apollo and warming as the kindness in your words. Thank you 🙂

    Have a happy weekend. Best wishes Aquileana.


    DN – 20/06/2015

    • Hey PSJ,

      It’s wonderful to have you comment. I’m always grateful for the balance in your thoughts. Thank you 🙂

      The matter of the cloud is something quite inexplicable.


      DN – 25/06/2015

  3. Hahaha! I love how you build words around my misinterpretation to make it sound like a good thing. Thank you. I mostly see swans gracefully swimming. I did see them fly in both Scotland and New Zealand, but wasn’t thinking of them. Anyway, I love this poem. I love the way you write.
    Namaste friend.

    • Hey Mary,

      Your comments are a wonderful source of support and encouragement, thank you! I always appreciate your considered thought and observation very much…the idea of cloud reflections was not something that I immediately recall whilst looking out of the window, but the image it conjures in a visceral sense transfers so well to it’s literary sense through sensuous experience and is quite beautiful as an analogy of the watery imagination. Your expressive comment was thought-provoking and sensitive, creative and inspiring, and opened doors. Thank you 🙂

      The Swan finds a wonderful form in flight I think. I use it here as a symbol associated with Apollo, although it does have links with Bardic inspiration in Celtic tradition and is often shown in iconography with the harp and the otherworld of spiritual beings. Quite possibly, I use it here as both, maybe, at least that was the intention.

      Thank you for liking my poem…a first attempt at one anyway. It seems to have become an energetic habit of late 🙂

      Namaste friend

      DN – 26/06/2015

    • Hey Sammi,

      Thank you for the gift of your kind words, for your visit here, and for your encouragement. Having been entertained this morning by the snippets, slices, stories, and poetic forms of your Blog…each a delicious trap to fall into…perhaps it is I who should be thanking you for having a magical way with words 🙂

      I hope you will return again and find something else to your liking. Until next time, take care, and enjoy the late afternoon shades of a fine spring weekend.


      DN – 28/06/2015

      • Thank you for sharing your gift with words 🙂 The way you are able to capture power and majesty in your poetry is like the bards of old.

        I will certainly be back to read more, and I don’t doubt that what I’ll find will be as inspirational and enlightening as that which I have already come across.

        Wishing you bright blessings for the week ahead.

  4. Another wonderful poem dear Dewin.. and how can I compete with such fabulous comments.. each worthy in their merit to the author of One Feather..

    Feathers show up within my own world when I need a reminder…. I loved your line “Silence arrived in the whispers of a passing sky”…… Thank you for the gift of the feather.

    • Hey Sue D,

      What fabulous support and encouragement in your words! What a treasure you are Sue to be so generous. Thank you 🙂

      Feathers have been abundant of late – not so much as a reminder per se, more a gentle insistence perhaps that I (continue to) listen a little more attentively to the rhythm in the tune and try a little harder to always hear the melody playing in the moment 🙂

      Thank you for your pitch perfect voice to add to the tune playing here. Enjoy the rest of your wonderful day and have a great week ahead. Take care.


      DN – 28/06/2015

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