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  1. Beautiful and captivating, Dewin. I zoomed in and I saw figures in the center in interesting sphinx-y positions; they were in a cirle, I think? I’m not sure how to describe it right now. There’s a lot in this image to explore.

    • Hey Ka,

      How wonderful to have you stop by and leave me with a smile. I’ve missed the gentleness of your subtle voice and the delicate shade of your spiritual nuance. Thank you for the time you have spent here and for always looking more closely at everything you see. As always, I trust all is well and life finds you abundant in health, wealth and happiness.

      The four gilded figures in the centre of the image support the weight of a large golden cauldron glowing in the scorching breath of dragon fire…although the dragon really doesn’t exist other than through the association of lines and colours: there is no solidity in its form, merely the suggestion of its presence. I wondered as to the colouring of the butterfly rising, and eventually decided upon the purity of the colour white…somehow it seemed to balance the intensity of the burning flames.

      Enjoy your weekend Ka, take good care, and keep smiling. Thank you for your visit πŸ™‚


      DN – 25/04/2015

      • Hi Dewin,

        Thanks for allowing my message to be so well-received! What a pleasure to visit.

        I particular like how you described this, “although the dragon really doesn’t exist other than through the association of lines and colours: there is no solidity in its form, merely the suggestion of its presence.” I would say this quality you describe is what I appreciate most in art “forms.”

        Thanks for adding to my smile today. Namaste. Ka

        • Hey Ka,

          What a pleasure it is to have you visit and leave those wise thoughts of yours that stop a while with me and are always so well regarded. Sometimes your words come as a trickle of small golden beads that you place with care and leave up to me to string on the twine, whilst at other times your thoughts might spill across the page as you expand upon themes and move the bench mark a little ‘higher’. Thank you as always for your presence here and for the form of your unimaginable words so carefully delivered in a bright ray of starlight πŸ™‚

          So pleased you liked the image…are Dragons your thing as well?

          Take care of one and all Ka,


          DN – 05/05/2015

          • Hi Dewin,
            Dragons… well, one day maybe I’ll write a blog post about it. Maybe. In the meantime, I did enjoy your image; and it was lovely that you shared your creations here. I know we all have different schedules – so it’s lovely when they align for a moment in time; and give us a chance to interact. Best to you,

            • Hey Ka,

              Thank you, and best to you as well…have a great weekend πŸ™‚

              I’ll look forward to reading the post on Dragons, no doubt it will present your unique perspective in a thoughtfully insightful way and be written with inspiring energy. I enjoy the certainty of warmth in the colouring of your posts, and always tenderness and honesty and a sense of peace is inscribed in your words…your blog is a charming space in which to pause and enjoy the many patterns of your interesting thoughts. I went looking for words to describe the experience and came back with ‘karesansui’ and ‘kaiyΕ«-shiki-teien’…my own vocabulary being less then the experience of being there πŸ™‚ In the meantime until your Dragon post is possibly written…you are welcome here as often as you please Ka, I’m always grateful for your calming company and kind words

              Hmmm, the aligning of individual threads and the timing and duration of their entwining with others. What a curious phenomena it is, and how fascinating that it even occurs at all given the extent of our busy lives. Whether by chance or by probability, or by a perception of fate and destiny, there are always degrees of magic to be found when spirits share a moment in time and pause long enough to listen to each other. Sometimes one might wish it were possible to dissolve the structure of time altogether by physically stepping through the screen to hold a conversation in person…but then if that were already possible perhaps we would never meet the people we do meet here on WP at all?


              DN – 09/05/2015

              • Hi Dewin,

                Your comment is such a gift. To read it brings this sense of appreciation for your skillful insight and description into the worlds that we are sharing. As do your images possess a quality of dimensionlessness, as though all these worlds are existing simultaneously. I’m so amazed by the subtlety of impressions we make on one another through the written word.

                There may be another dragon post to come. I looked back in time and saw this one: https://fiestaestrella.wordpress.com/2015/02/21/content-dragon/

                I do wonder, Dewin Nefol, what do you make of the black and white checked floor? I’ve had “this floor” occur in old doodles of mine. Old. But not Old-Old (I’m referring to the doodles). Have you anything to say about it? The floor feels ancient – and timeless.

                Lovely weekend to you,

  2. Hey Dewin,
    Wow!! From a distance, I am drawn to the light. As I go deeper, I get a little lost and slightly frightened by the fire. I feel myself in wheels of opposites as I walk around and gaze at different characters and aspects. Love/fear; suffering/ecstasy; heaven/hell; intensity/peace; caged/free; priest like/ devilish. When in fear, all I have to do is go to the heart of the transformative white butterfly with the green and blue aura. The golden Light that radiates from her heart brings back the feeling of love. I feel the dragon hovering unseen, which is intensely beautiful.
    Fragmented thoughts appear in my head: wheels within wheels, a mercurial bull with a bright third eye, metal, fire and gold. I am lost again. The butterfly brings me back.
    Your creativity is beyond beyond! I will come back and walk within this piece again, Dewin. It is fascinating, as are you.

    • Hey Mary πŸ™‚

      Having already been the very grateful recipient of both your wonderful kindness and your generosity, not to mention your charm and inspirational perspectives, I now receive a beautiful comment laden with reflective observation, personal impression and a piercing vision that lifts the veil a little higher so as to expose several principle themes that underpin the motivation for the image. Your incisive and poetic delineation of the work is both exciting and infectious, and as always mindfully stimulating and deeply thought provoking. It is quite a spell that you weave through the power of words. Thank you so much Mary, you have touched on aspects within the image that I had not considered or been consciously aware of…your eloquent, balanced and highly creative summation has opened my eyes to new relationships, new emotive possibilities and new avenues of thoughtful enquiry…practical and solid steps that I may not have made myself as quickly. And it does indeed feel very much as though the continued exchange of energies has no bounds in successfully contributing to the momentum of individual progress and expansion of friendship. I am very grateful for the gift of both πŸ™‚

      It was Easter weekend when this image was completed: a four day stretch that provided the rare opportunity of time and space away from the maddening crowd to invest effort in a little art-work. However, Draconis was not the image I set out to complete on Good Friday, but rather it came about late on Sunday afternoon when I had all but discarded the original idea (things just weren’t gelling after 4 attempts) and opted instead to throw a few older photographs together and see what took shape. My normal working method is usually more cerebrally orientated – I like to dwell on bold statements, references and empiricism, symbolism and emblem, metaphysical and philosophical thoughts, and have fantastical ideas clash with realism: these are the main motivators that influence form – as opposed to permitting Serendipity to have things entirely her own way. I was therefore a little surprised to see the fruits of less conscious and direct activity slowly start to pull together the pieces of something a little different from the hat…I am not normally so lucky! Perhaps I should let serendipity lead the way more often…the process of assemblage was much quicker, the frustration far less invasive, and the result just as rewarding personally.

      Should you return for a second viewing, I would be fascinated as always to hear your thoughts, which are equally beyond beyond πŸ˜‰

      Thank you for sharing your gift with me when there are others far more deserving of your inspired insight and attention than I.


      DN – 28/04/2015

      • I have been back several times to visit this piece. There is such detail and so many layers. At first, I went into it letting the feeling aspect of my imagination have her way. When I look at it again from a distance, I see this beautiful mandala, strong in Light. It is transformative – again it is the butterfly that draws me with her radiating golden heart
        rays. The complexity goes beyond my mind, so I have to go back to the feeling place. I let my inner being walk deeply into the mandala because I seem to trust you.

        As everything in our outer world is a projection of the inner, our own processes and filters are mirrored before us. Your multi-layered images brought up for me very strongly the dualities I mentioned before. I don’t know if you read my “Whale of a Time” post, but swimming on the edge of love and fear was salient for me in that experience, as it has been in a recurring dream that has visited from time to time over the years, not to mentlon life on a daily basis! I may have seen heaven/hell and priest/devil perhaps because of how much so many of us love the planet and do good for her vs the way humans are raping and trying to kill Her. You have allowed me to look at some of my deeper conflicts because of your willingness to share the depth of your psyche through your photographic art here as well as your heartfelt, thoughtful and really kind of brilliant words.

        I wonder what the” new relationships, new emotive possibilities and new avenues of thoughtful enquiry…practical and solid steps that I may not have made myself as quickly” that you said your eyes have been opened to might be? Have you thought of anything so far that you would be willing to share?

        How much of what the viewer sees is their own mirror and how much is from the artist? This blending of energies is so meaningful to me. Thank you for your friendship, Dewin.

        It is interesting that Darconis was not what you set about to create and that Serendipity danced with you throughout. That is beautiful. Though you say that your work is “cerebrally oriented,” I wonder if that is ever holistically true. Magical realism can’t be ALL cerebral, can it?

        Well, this must be getting too long because I don’t seem to have access to the beginning of the comment, so I’m not sure what I have said already.

        So, anyway….I love this piece. I love seeing you in it, and l love what it mirrors for me. Thank you for your answer to my comment, and for our continued exchange.


  3. Dewin,
    Your art is like your prose, complex, multi-layered, and transcendent. So glad you are posting your creations again.
    Could the molten center be another realm?



    • Hey Linda,

      You know Linda, I do so enjoy your passing visits to Dewin’s very much…those precise, distilled and rapier-like sentiments of yours always seem to cut a direct pathway through the fluff and fancy to deliver kindness and support with such warmth and generosity…words that undoubtedly reveal the ever giving tenderness in your heart. Thank you for such wonderfully inspirational thoughts, they really are very much appreciated πŸ™‚

      You ask about the molten centre and the possibilities of it being another realm, and in truth I had not viewed it in this delightfully inspiring way…although it does make perfect sense to do so. I had always imagined the cauldron to be representative of the untapped potential of the mind that is the ever-present, always giving, and unbounded imagination from whence creative possibilities emerge. However, in following your spiritually astute lead, and taking another tentative step closer to the very edge of reality to poke an eye through the veil, I find myself contemplating the elemental cauldron on a cosmic scale as the creative potential of the Grand Architect from within whose mind all things emerge. The Dragon thus becomes both guardian of the Elemental Forces, including Chaos and Cosmic order, and the energising force within which is bound all the phenomena of nature. (SymbolReader, Monika, has recently posted on Prima Materia and presented a Jungian perspective on the dragon symbol…which is well worth a read). It is a resplendent image to keep at the forefront of my mind. Thank you for such a gargantuan vision! In addition, I have also not ruled out the influencing factor of either my ancestral heritage nor the fact that I live in a country whose flag bears the emblem of the Red Dragon, which is seen as a powerful and beneficent symbol of prosperity and protection. Indeed, it is said that the symbolic (Welsh) Red Dragon was inspired by the vision of Merlin when he prophesised its victory over the White Dragon of English rulership. And of course, this links in very nicely to the legend of King Arthur, whose court was said to lie in the Roman village of Caerleon, which is identifiable in the distant view from where I live.

      In recent months I have begun to feel as if I am being guided by a very clear, wise voice towards the source of a wonderful gift that is as yet still beyond my grasp but visible within. To stop the proverbial train (as you acknowledged so descriptively), or even to pause it for too long in a bid to snatch breath would permit doubt and indifference and deflect the ‘magic’ in the experience. And to that end, I can honestly say that the encouragement I receive by way of comment is both reassuring and sustaining, and I am very grateful to be the recipient of both. Thank you so much for adding your Scorrpionic fire to the metaphysical mix. I always knew you were a star πŸ™‚

      Enjoy a wonderful Sun-day and all the gifts that it will bring to you. One has no difficulty in believing that there is indeed magic in the air at this time of year…and we are all sprinkled equally with a generous coating of fairy dust sufficient to make our dreams become reality…

      I hope you are continuing to grow in wellness and strength and will be quickly restored from the temporary ills that have beset you of late. Take care of yourself LL and thank you again for stopping by πŸ™‚


      DN – 26/04/2015

  4. Dewin this is another beautiful masterpiece.. I see the Bull above the butterfly, and the four figures on all fours who look half human.. πŸ™‚
    To me the butterfly represents the transformation through the veils .. So much going on here.. I was so interested in reading your reply to Linda..
    I once had a powerful dream of a four headed red dragon.. πŸ™‚

    I would be interested in knowing How many hours in total did this take to create? Love it.. and I could sink into its realm right now and stay there.. πŸ™‚

    Wishing you a peaceful week
    Blessings Sue

    • Hey Sue,

      As I sit to write your reply I am accompanied by the nearby hoot of a sagacious Owl. She is the first I have heard so close to the city this year, but always a very welcome neighbour for the brief spell she’s close-by. I enjoy the warmth of her darkly presence, in knowing that the night is somehow watched over. With an open window, I’ll listen for echoes of her call between the buildings and the silence that fades in the wake of her passing air as life scurries to find the next shelter. Indeed, there are times when the neighbours cat and I have exchanged glances as we look skywards in search of passing fury. We’ve never seen her airborne but we wait, the cat and I, in hopeful anticipation…

      Sue, you have this wonderful habit of using words like ‘another’ and ‘beautiful’ and ‘masterpiece’ together in the same sentence to always leave me beaming a smile and lifted by your considerate words. I do so enjoy your visits πŸ™‚ Phrases like ‘transformation through the veils’ dissolves the mind into a misted valley sunlit by shards of yellow light. Beautiful. Sometimes, your comments have the same feel as the impress of your poetry.

      You ask how long the image took to complete. It was finished over the Saturday and Sunday of Easter weekend, which is a much quicker production time than normal. I am happy with the image, and have grown to like it more of late. Sometimes I don’t always enjoy the finished result as much initially as I might when coming back to it after a break. It’s possible to get to close to something and not realise and stepping back a little can help define something further. The other contributing factor to the length of the process is deciding how much detail to put in and what to take out. The more detail, the finer and slower the work becomes. I think knowing when to stop adding and reshaping images isn’t something that is planned but rather happens. Something comes about in the image that describes a feeling of almost numbness: a sense of grateful acceptance that the work is finished and the idea or concept has found its own way to becoming form. I think of this as finding a sense of balance and harmony in the image…a point in time that also curiously describes the ending of my relationship with it.

      I am of course fascinated by the powerful dream of the four-headed dragon and would enjoy hearing more of that…does it inspire a painting in you? I also like the phrase ‘look half-human’…the human-like form is a somewhat chipped though nicely sculpted figurine about 5 inches high that sits on a shelf in my spare room and came by way of a parting gift from an employer many years ago…although I admit, neither the years nor the mileage and numerous house moves have been kind to her (nor me!) and perhaps time in-front of the camera is now over for both of us. The figurine has been used in at least two animated films completed years ago in university: one of which I remember being based on the story of Persephone. Heady days for both I think. She now sits next to another figurine called Serenity, which I think is rather touching, and I sit next to an open window and listen for the Owl.

      Another of your phrases…’sink into its realm and stay there’ has my mind spiralling inwards and outwards as it ties together symbols and elements within the picture. In the cauldron is a heady mix: all possibility and all matter, heated by the fires of a creative spirit and giving rise to the transforming butterfly…the Great alchemical work…wheels within wheels.

      Hoping that you had a peaceful week Sue. Wonderful to share a bit of writing space with you this evening, it’s always a pleasure. The Owl I think has departed for the night in the same way as I must away to the Land of Zzzzzzz. I’m looking forward to the fruits of your bountiful allotment and keep all things crossed for a flush table later this year. It is a fine looking soil in which to plant the future feast πŸ™‚

      Take care Sue D.


      DN – 06/05/2015

      • Dear Dewin, I am certain both you and the night owl will share many a waking hour in pursuit of recreation, the Owl on the trail of the shrew.. and you as you shrewdly create πŸ™‚
        Many thanks for your wonderful reply Dewin..
        And over two days over Easter is still a good few hours. And I think like when I paint.. there is an internal switch which just knows when to stop.. πŸ™‚
        The Four Headed Dragon was a dream a few years ago.. One which was so vivid I wonder if a dream at all.. I was gathered up in what I often term my out of body experience.. as I feel sucked out of the back of my head.. Up I went to greet what at first appeared like a barbers pole.. except it was the neck of the dragon.. I was not scared, but felt it represented the four directions. I found myself on its neck and was taken with it far up into outer space… Looking back upon Earth as we see it from outer space.. a blue colourful globe..

        I was then told to go back down.. and found myself flying alone.. the earth drawing closer and closer. But the earth was a cauldron of malt and lava.. I asked ‘is this Hell?’.. And the thought came back.. No this is the future, I awoke.. And have never forgotten the experience.. for as I awoke.. I could smell the acrid smell from the volcanic eruptions..

        Its been brought home to me recently, as I see how around our earth at the moment.. the volcanic activity is on the increase, even though its not being openly reported, many inactive volcanoes are now after many years of dormancy are re-awakening.. There is lots of history surrounding Dragons, And of course the red one of Wales.. πŸ™‚ must not be forgotten :-D…

        Wishing you also a very Peaceful week Dewin..

  5. I am not sure if you have already written a book on something. If not, why not? I would love to read anything written by you. Your imagination is so abstract, so I am supremely confident that whatever you write will be a pleasure to read as well as thought provoking.

    • Hey Jithin,

      Good to see you here again πŸ™‚

      Well now, how does one set about replying to such a direct question when it is asked in four sentences generously laden with an abundance of warmth and kindness and sprinkled with the glitter of your imagination! Thank you for both diversity and singularity in your comment…what a creative guy you are. And of course, one could also ask you the same question…where is the book?

      But, my answer is no, I haven’t already written a book on anything at all. And why not? Hmmm…that’s a reasonable question to ask, after-all, each of us is writing the story of their own lives and must have something of interest to tell…but perhaps that is not quite what you meant? One wonders what on earth I would write a whole book about! Jithin, I am flattered that you think I would be able to write a book in the first place, that I’d have the creative agility and ability needed to set out on such a path. I think the art of writing a book is an extraordinary gift for those that do possess it, or indeed, are possessed by the desire to write and be mastered by the crafting of beautiful words. Writing (a book) takes stamina and mental strength to drive the creative process relentlessly and maintain the internal organisation of thoughts and ideas, which then sustain life in all the threads that finally come together through the pages and sow up a book. That is a big commitment of time, energy, and focus when already my waking life is a careful balancing of work rest and play and my attention more aligned at this time with the enjoyment I get from creating visual images. But, to hold in the hand a covered, titled and bound book of your own making must be an extraordinary feeling….the sense of accomplishment and personal achievement alone being a sensation one would want to savour and keep close for quite a long time.

      There are many authors and writers whose work I greatly admire and whose words linger-on within me long after their reading, but in taking a far wider perspective, isn’t the free transmission of diverse thought, no matter how it is presented to the world, a beautiful gift to be shared and always appreciated…the human mind is seemingly unbounded in its ability to communicate in highly creative ways; every expression a statement that further extends an evolving description of ‘who’ and ‘what’ ‘we’ are, as individuals and as a collective, and how we relate and regard the experience of life?

      Thank you for your very appreciative and appreciated comment…your question has left me thoughtful, your kind words have left me smiling πŸ™‚

      Take care on your travels…


      DN – 07/05/2015

      • You always find greater meaning in almost everything. Now that is some skill. Glad to know that my few words inspired you. Well my book might come soon πŸ˜‰
        You know, if you compile all your lovely comments, you could very well make a great book out of it! Hope you will find some more time for things other than your work, soon. You too take care πŸ™‚

  6. Impressive… It looks like a mandala on fire… It could perfectly depict the hidden unconscious hidden desires of the soul. All my best wishes. Aquileana πŸ˜€

    • Hey Aquileana,

      Thank you for kind words πŸ™‚ Great to see your beaming smile everywhere you go…it must be the sunshine that you bring in your spirited comments. The fiery depiction of the soul’s unconscious hidden desires or, the centring of thought amidst the fiery desires of the soul? I guess either way one almost burns in the uncanny glow of creations flame πŸ™‚

      Wonderful to have you comment with your usual succinct incisiveness and slice of best wishes πŸ™‚


      DN – 05/05/2015

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  8. Hello Dewin… What a magnificent and strong piece of artwork this is. Not sure if words can explain how it makes me feel.. It works within, calming the fiery parts of my human vulnerabilities… I recognize the butterfly of beauty and transformation and know that you are a very powerful force… Not only with your words but with your art… Thank you… I’ll be back again sooner rather than later… I’m quite busy self publishing my first book… Love Barbara

  9. Hey Dewin,
    This is such a powerful image…there’s so much to see and appreciate…I find myself wondering what is through the gateway…And the butterfly, so radiant and delicate in the middle of all this…
    There are so many layers and so much to take in – and take away from it. It is, quite simply, amazing πŸ™‚
    Bright Blessings, Sammi

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    • Again, thank you Sreejit for hosting such a wonderful idea. Your blog is a delightful gateway to an anthology of interest and fascination. A treasure. Thank you.


      DN – 12/07/2015

    • Hey Karuna,

      How wonderful to receive a new visitor πŸ™‚ You’ve a beautiful name, am I right in thinking it means ‘compassion’?

      Thank you, it’s delightful to have you stop by and leave a welcome comment, thank you.

      Have a wonderful weekend πŸ™‚


      DN – 12/07/2015

  11. I scry with this eye.. some interesting things. Chariot wheels. and tears of fire. This once deserves at least an hour’s gaze. it is a maze.
    o and om.

    • Hey O and OM,

      Whenever I spy with this eye a scry’s piercing gaze through a hazy maze of tears and fire, I just have to acknowledge it with one line and a broad smile πŸ™‚

      …and leave the word ‘thank you’ resting beneath the rose window at the end of the chequer-board path…

      Thank you for the steer of your passing gaze Charioteers πŸ™‚


      DN – 19/07/2015

      • Ahh, yes. I would love to have a rose trimmed window at the end of a checkered wonderland board. How fantastic. Thanks for letting me imagine such a place.
        o and om.

        • Hey O and OM,

          The rose that grows within glass only knows that the wonder of Light casts its true colour upon the world πŸ™‚

          Emblematic of many things and a symbol of perfection the sensual rose is radiant as the scared heart of the cosmic wheel. The rosette also has wheel symbolism, connotating the unfolding of generative power and perhaps the western equivalent of the stunning lotus. In associated symbolism of Freemasonry…a subject I enjoy reading about…three St. John’s roses represent Light, Love and Life. Perhaps those three attributes are expressed here in some way, I’ve certainly found such principles influencing.

          The eloquent, elegant rose is the noble illumed bloom emblazoned on the window of my fire fuelled soul. Like a moth I cannot help but fly towards her sweet loving glow and embrace, and cherish our uniquely defined partnership. (Venus in Leo, its inevitable πŸ™‚ )

          I imagine a room large enough for broad iron gates to tower above those passing through. A room large enough to allow the floor to impress and mystify with its expanse and infinite tessellation. And a ceiling high enough to see the Butterfly ascend to the height of stars…and…and…and I’m definitely going to need to find a bigger flat πŸ™‚


          DN – 19/07/2015

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