Hermetic Sunrise

New Mercury copy

Hermetic Sunrise 1

~ Excerpt from ~Β The Sunflower ~ By ~ Dora Greenwell ~


I follow One Above,

I track the shadow of his steps, I grow

Most like to him I love

Of all that shines below.



24 thoughts on “Hermetic Sunrise

  1. Your choice of quote The Sunflower went so well with your creation.. loved the shadows of the columns, with the mystical surrounds and Glow of the Sun…
    Many thanks for sharing..

    • Hey Sue,

      There are five combining photographs in this image, all of which were taken at sunrise amongst the ruins of Apollo’s Temple in Side, Turkey. I was fortunate to find the only elevated vantage point high enough to gave me a view across the beautiful shoreline towards the ‘V’ shape cleft in the distant hills. The orientation of the Temple strongly favours this perspective. The columns are Roman and were photographed alongside the Side Museum, and the pathway shot at the Aspendos amphitheatre in the ancient city of Pamphylia, located about 40 km east of the city of Antalya, Turkey. The Side Museum has one of the few intact busts of Hermes that it exhibits publically without viewing restrictions. I found my meeting with the flowing form of mythical Hermes an unforgettable experience: a lasting encounter with the mystical ‘demi-god’ upon whose path I had walked whilst on holiday.

      The Poem is superb, and well known yet I found it described the experience of excited anticipation waiting for one magic moment at sunrise from the Temple of Apollo πŸ™‚

      Thank you Sue, take care.


      DN – 30/11/2014

      • Wishing you a Peaceful and Happy New Year Dewin. and I send you many blessings in abundance for Health and Happiness in 2015 to you and yours..
        Happy New Year to you.. and hope to see more of your posts in the New Year
        Blessings Sue

    • Hey you,

      …It’s like the extraordinary Blue Butterfly flew out from between the pages of a mystical tome at sunrise to write ‘amazing’ ‘beautiful’ words in sapphire coloured light along the pathway to Apollo’s rosy Temple…

      Thank you always SS πŸ™‚


      DN – 02/12/2014

      • Hey Blue Kitty πŸ™‚

        Blwyddyn Newydd Dda! Happy New Year 2015!

        Thank you so much for asking…my New Year was magical beyond measure, virtually out of this world…an adventure that carried me far away to distant shores and closer to the beauty of eternal sunshine. Simply put, it was amazing ❀

        I can only hope your New year was as miraculous as the two New Years that I celebrated with someone very special. Did you do anything different or unusual? πŸ˜‰

        It's always so wonderful to have you flutter-by…thank you sweet SS πŸ™‚


        DN – 10/01/2015

  2. hi. i can only echo the echoes of what was said above. so i’m writing it down below. as the poem suggests.
    btw. email is odyssian9@gmail

    looking forward to large size files.
    o and om

    • Hey O and OM,

      According to the one thing, would I be right in glimpsing an emerald shine to your choice of words, or is that just the colour of the light radiating from within Odie’s green eyes? πŸ™‚

      I am very grateful to have your continued appreciation, thank you…


      DN – 02/12/2014

      • likewise dearest dewin.
        I like what you’ve done here. the face of hermes is covered exactly so. once again the expert skills of your sly hand cover ‘the self’ in the self portrait. You are a master of secrecy. which begs the question: what does your name mean? very interesting. it is irish for…? or is it an anagram?
        Perhaps one of these?
        Fondle Wine
        Enfold Wine
        Flowed Nine
        Fowled Nine
        Wolfed Nine
        Wined Felon
        Owned Elfin
        Endow Elfin
        Infold Ween
        Down Feline (our fave)
        if olden new
        end life now
        owned elfin
        done flew in
        of linen dew (another fave)
        no flee wind
        down eel fin

        o and om

      • Hey O and OM,

        “There is no where in this Universe to hide from you tonight…it’s the wings and the halo that sees you shine so bright…that lulls me to you under the spell of an amber Star. When we come together.” “There are rainbows hung in the deep liquid darkness of the infinite universe that only the angels get to see…but let me tell you what else I have found there when flying amongst the stars…”

        Escaping planet Earth to consider the wizardry of your curiously fascinating, insightful, inspiring, energetic, subtly questioning, and masterful reply, I’ve crawled inside the celestial headphones, turned the volume control to ludicrously loud and now have the sweet harmonious sound of god’s Euphoric Trance pulsing through my skull with the explosive force of an Apollo rocket breaking loose of its moorings…”‘cos its a hot sensation thinking about that sweet sensation…and you know it’ll take me right where I want to be…it feels so good, it feels so good, rising, rising into the night” ‘Down Feline’…’Of Linen Dew’…the temptation with poetic form is to have its sensual enchantment unleash the wild imagination and set it free like a once-caged Lion; I am in awe of the Sun-distilled ink that runs through the nib of your slippery pen and falls like Fondled Wine upon my comments page…thank you. Such attention to the anagrammatic form of my name is beautifully warming πŸ™‚

        Of course I tried to rearrange the letters in the name O, as in O and OM, but could not improve upon perfection. I turned my attention to the name OM, which upon meditative reflection leaves me unequivocally divided by the choice of two possibilities. Somewhere between the MO and the OM, is a single breath bound to the words ‘mani padme hum’, and in the stillness of indecision, I find myself attentive to a radiant voice that “brings me back to a song that I once knew, of a time that I wished never ended, to a place where we controlled the sunlight…and angels came into my dreams.” God, I love listening to Trance music with Odie around…

        It’s wonderful to have you comment above so appreciatively on the sly-hand of Hermes the Mage and the revelation or otherwise of Shadows and mercurial secrets from below the Sun-kissed hood of Thoth. Perhaps as more doors open and more paths appear, revealing less might actually mean revealing more lol πŸ™‚

        I’ll see you over at Odie’s…there’s a magnificent three-eyed blog I feel compelled to lose myself in whilst having a coffee in the morning…

        Take care y’all. Namaste

        DN – 14/12/2014

        P.S: Dewin Nefol is Welsh

      • Mind official blown.
        Please give us a minute and a few days to process this one.

        O and om
        -Just stands for odie and odie mama. And of course, the spiritual sound of contentment understanding balance unity and peace.
        But we are glad you saw more. Perhaps Omega?

      • Hi Dewin!

        I’ve missed you. It’s been busy times, and I’m living my truth the best I know how. Your images are very evocative. Did I read that you are in Wales? Magical place. I was there briefly but it made an impression on me.

        Best, Ka

  3. Hey Ka,

    How charming, thank you πŸ™‚ I’ve missed the gentle sweet song like a cricket’s voice that comes with your every visit and was so pleased to have you drop by to say ‘hi’. I know how busy you are and appreciate all the more the kind message. It’s lovely to see you here at Dewin’s, thanks for popping over the Atlantic puddle.

    I know a little of your worldly travels from the details on your blog, but had no idea you had visited Wales? What a small world! What on earth were you doing in this green and rugged land? Did you have much chance to explore…there is so much that would be of interest to you, from folklore and tradition, to Legend and Myth, Wales is steeped in the mists of antiquity.

    As for living your truth…who could ever ask more than to ask that you give your best? You blog reveals you’ve a remarkable resilience and keen determination to remain persistent and focussed on your goals, both personally and professionally through your studies, and I find that sort of example-setting an inspiration. I wish I could be as tenacious πŸ™‚

    I’ll be watching your blog closely for further developments and updates. Good luck, and keep smiling as you do πŸ™‚

    Take care Ka. Namaste

    DN – 08/12/2014

    P.S: The image on your Blog of you standing within the huge roots of that ancient tree…I imagine it left you very grounded yet in total awe at the ineffable magnitude of Nature’s display. The site you visited is one of the few places I’d really like to visit one day. I’d love to hear more of your experiences whilst there πŸ™‚

  4. hi DN-
    got your email. thanks for getting back to me about the cards. I’ve been hard at work in book land. won’t be coming out for awhile. when i do, i will email you. also, i have to draw up the specs for the 0 card into a mood board, as you suggested. fun, but no cakewalk.
    o and om.

    • Hey Aquileana,

      Generous words from a master-blogger, thank you. Grateful as always for a new visitor to Dewin’s…i’ll look forward to seeing you here again πŸ™‚


      DN – 26/01/2015

      • Hi Ka,

        Hmmm. Well I guess it could also be a question… Perhaps it is one of those moments when we ask, ‘does the mind have to bend to ask the question in the first place, or does the mind have to bend to listen and hear the answer?’

        Lovely to have you stop by again Ka and leave me with a smile πŸ™‚


        DN – 05/05/2015

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