Flowering A Moist Rose

New Mercury copy



23 thoughts on “Flowering A Moist Rose

    • Hey Sindy,

      Stunning, like the inspiring beauty at the heart of my cherished Muse. She who strengthens me, awakens me, lulls me, guides me, drives me, and affirms in me the desire to never stop believing in the reality of all my dreams. She is amazing. Perhaps you know her? 🙂

      Thank you for very encouraging and flattering words….such wonderful comments are always welcome.


      DN – 22/11/2014

    • Hey Sue,

      How wonderful to welcome you back so soon 🙂 And bearing gifts of kindly words to gratify my creative vanity…thank you once again for your generosity and kindness. I find it inspiring that you enjoy the image as you do for it encourages me further in my endeavours and gently helps to dispel the wispy clouds that sometimes pepper the infinite blue of an expansive horizon.

      I must also add, that the ‘beauty’ and ‘worth’ of your comment reflects perfectly the beauty emanating from within you. It is a rare gift that you share with many, and one that seems to flow effortlessly with goodness, honest intent and purpose attached.

      Thank you visiting and leaving me with a smile 🙂

      Take good care. Namaste

      DN – 26/11/2014

      • No I thank YOU. for adding a Bright Morning smile to my own face as I log into the Webs of thoughts within this virtual world of technology this morning, before I get on with the wonderful reality of creation within my own illusions. As I create within my own day 🙂
        Sue _/\_

      • Hi dewin
        Haven’t been on WordPress in awhile, and now I’m writing from my cell, which is limited. Will send you my email info so you can send your art file as soon as I get back to the keyboard on my laptop.
        Hope all is well.
        Hugs and hugs,
        O and om

  1. Hey O and OM,

    Good to see you back on WP… i’ll not be the only one to have missed the two of you being around. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

    I’ll email you soon…


    DN – 02/12/2014

    • Hey Linda,

      Thank you! 😀 One very generously bright and effervescent word to arrest your comment and captivate my attention…I am so vain lol But, thank you 🙂

      Perhaps it was the richness of the colour that caught the ‘ah-Scorpio’ eye?

      It’s wonderful to have you visit Linda. I hope you will drop by again and find an image that you enjoy…and in the meantime, I shall ponder the recent Litebeing blogs and pause to share a smile with you shortly. Until then, best wishes for joy and peace…take care.


      DN – 06/12/2014

      • Happy Christmas Dewin!
        I love the bright colors here and wow seemed to be the best assembly of characters I could use to describe my admiration. Feels very Scorpionic to me and that is a compliment. I am following and reading your blog, awaiting your next creation. Hoping you will comment soon at my place. Your commentary always inspires me and gives me pause to consider the unconsidered. I considered you in fact when I published my Pluto in the 7th house article. I pulled it ( at least temporarily) since it did not seem to make any discernible impact upon my readers except glaring silence 😦

        It is a mystery to me which creations impact the “other”. not necessarily a relationship between what sparks the creator ( little c) and the recipients of the creation.

        Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Wishing you immense holiday cheer and blessings for 2015.


      • Thank you! Dymuniadau gorau ar gyfer y Nadolig a’r Flwyddyn Newydd 2015! I trust that Christmas brought you all that you truly wanted from Santa, and I hope that your new year brings you further gifts of good health, great wealth, and continued happiness 🙂

        Hey Linda,

        What a lovely surprise to have you drop by and generously offer a healthy slice of festive Spirit 🙂 You know I am always grateful for your appreciative indulgence and pertinent insight…you add a touch of intrigue and mystery to the occasion, thank you. I hope to have a new image posted before the week is out, and would welcome your discerning eye.

        I have kept up to speed with your wonderful Blog, and indeed read the article you posted on Pluto in the 7th and found it revealed more about the Plutonic mind-set than I had been familiar with. Thank you for your consideration of me when posting that article…you are either very intuitive or very aware, or simply both, but yes indeed I do have Pluto in the 7th house in my Natal Chart together with 6 other planets that were also stationed in the 7th house at the time of my birth as well. Percipient to the last, I imagine you will be able to readily determine the majority of them. I wish you had not pulled this article from your Blog but rather had given your readership time and opportunity to acknowledge the true meaning of Pluto…a planet that cannot be readily understood ‘until the cunning of the Serpent is transformed into the vision of the great Eagle flying into the sunlight. Pluto has that power to lead the mind on to fresh fields of endeavour – maybe in inter-planetary brotherhoods and on other stars’ (Joan Hodgson…The Sacred Science)

        Your phrase, ‘It is a mystery to me which creations impact the “other”. Not necessarily a relationship between what sparks the creator ( little c) and the recipients of the creation’ has had me thinking today about what this might really mean…there is a most interesting message to be teased from between your words that eludes me at this time, but which continues to fascinate me in much the same way as would a consideration of the unconsidered. Perhaps you’d explain a little further?

        Thank you also for your kind and generous remarks concerning my comments…to be inspiring, that would be a wonderful gift…but I do not think it is necessarily any of my doing if you are inspired, but rather it is your own Plutonian influence bringing into manifestation the deeper and more profound qualities of the planets most closely connected with it in your horoscope. Pluto/Plutus is the Great Alchemist, and becomes virulently active at the threshold of major change when its influence will be far-reaching in terms of soul-experience and unfoldment. It is only Pluto who can open the door between two worlds and release the solar-force which will give the soul strength to surrender its will and carry out its appointed task…

        Astrology is a very sacred science and I imagine you are very good at it.

        Sincere best wishes for the New Year, may all your ‘dreams’ come true…


        DN – 30/12/2014

  2. Hello again Dewin,
    Can you translate the beginning line of your comment? thanks in advance.
    I will try to explain what I meant here: ‘It is a mystery to me which creations impact the “other”. Not necessarily a relationship between what sparks the creator ( little c) and the recipients of the creation’ I have noticed with my blogging that more whimsical, less involved posts often result in many likes and comments and long thoughtful in-depth articles that I happily toil over for hours and hours often go unnoticed or with little fanfare. creator little c is me, as opposed to Divine Creator ( of which we are part of, of course) So I do not see a relationship typically between what I see as my more interesting work and what others appear to enjoy. The Pluto article was hard to write but in a good way, pushing me to think and edit and think some more and edit, etc., and really craft my skills. It seemed to go unnoticed or scare people off possibly. Do not really know! To consider the unconsidered is my attempt at wit 🙂

    Do not give me too much credit. You had already told me you had Pluto in the 7th and I could only venture a guess about the other planets as they could be anything except Neptune conjunct Pluto 😉 No one alive now has that aspect! But did you say you have a Virgo Sun ??

    Anyway you seem to grasp Pluto pretty well and he sure has been busy these past few years.
    I hope 2015 is a heady revelation of all dreams and imaginings of love and meaning are made manifest.


    • Hey Mary,

      To borrow sentiment from the wonderful reply you left to my comment on your Blog…the indents of your soft tracks are delightfully impressed upon my page, and your comment enchanting. I am always very grateful for reflective consideration of my artwork…and will often sit to contemplate the streams of other people’s thoughts that filter into the flowing river of my consciousness, and which on occasion might prompt me to peruse further routes of investigation with a discerning mind. I appreciate the depth of your imaginative vision, thank you.

      And thank you for extending your walk to connect here again. Happy wanderings in your little slice of heaven Mary 🙂


      DN – 28/03/2015

  3. Thank you Dewin. I have come here to wander again today, and always like very much what I find. I hope you are enjoying your Sunday.

  4. Hey Dewin. Thank you for liking 2 of my posts. I loved seeing your name again on my page. I have missed you, friend.

    • Hey Mary,

      Thank you for wandering by…you know I followed your path back to Rock Concert and felt life amidst the ageless stone.

      Namaste friend

      DN – 20/06/20151

  5. Wasn’t your comment on Rock Concert an answer to this comment from me? Or did you see this after that conversation? Did we pass each other on two paths on the way to each others’ blogs? Funny.

  6. Hey Mary,

    Hmm, perhaps 🙂 I commented on Rock Concert on 12/06. It was in response to a comment you made here on that day. Is that what you mean? 🙂 On the 12th, your friendly tracks returned to Mindful Wanderings and continued to lead on towards Rock Concert…it was a beautiful walk, thank you, I had to stay to share Her song and your scored melody.

    From time spent wandering came a deeper understanding of the vivacity in nature’s heart as She sculpts and diversifies an ever-flowing form.

    I hope you are enjoying the space and freedom that is balm on a fine weathered weekend.

    Thank you for wandering over here 🙂

    Namaste my good friend.

    DN – 20/06/2015

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