Ambiguous Trees

New Mercury copyAmbiguous Trees~Excerpt from ~ The Seasons ~By ~ M.L of Burnham Abbey ~


And when in the maturing year in autumn mists.

The dim elms loom a greying shadow in the mind

(forgetting fine detail of loved leaf and bark)

We know they are foreshadowings of our own dissolving

(Oh burnished cloud) –

Both are indwelling and a dispossessing.



18 thoughts on “Ambiguous Trees

    • Hey you,

      It’s been to long since last you flew by on those pretty blue wings to say such sweet things. Thank you for kind words. πŸ™‚

      As you know I’ve enjoyed reading Lucy’s adventure very much…her unfolding drama has evolved into a wonderful story that I look forward to reading more of…and evermore so now that she is out of the chrysalis and stepping down on to the bare stones of a new path.

      There is something extraordinary in being in the midst of a forest, a certain intensity that comes with a creeping acceptance of otherworldliness: a feeling that sort of infringes on the edges of the mind in mysterious ways. I find thick woodland spaces to be both enchanting, mystical, and fabulous, and yet equally, they are enclosing, dark, foreboding and somehow threatening, and always intense.

      Thanks for fluttering in from out of the blue πŸ™‚ It’s always a pleasure to have you come by…


      DN – 11/11/2014

    • Hey Sue,

      Thank you, kind words as always. The poem is a small delight that ‘came into’ my life back in 1997 by way of a folded insert slipped between the pages of a misplaced book left on a garden bench in Kew Gardens. I find it restful, peaceful and calming, and think if it more as a satisfied sigh at the end of a long year.

      There are four digital photographs used to create the composite image for this post. and of those, two focus on a newly felled elm tree laying on its side upon the ground. This gave me a great chance to explore the tree visually from an alternative perspective to normal. The photographs were taken in the grounds of the Mills Observatory in Balgay Park, Dundee, Dundee City, Scotland, UK… Britain’s first purpose-built public observatory, which has a magnificent woodland setting on the summit of Balgay Hill. It’s a fantastic place to while away a few hours watching the solar system through the telescopes or admiring the spectacular vista across β€˜the silvery Tay’ river…well worth the hour long uphill push to reach its elevated location.

      Thanks for stopping by…your thoughts are always very welcome.


      DN – 30/11/2014

      • I am aware of the observatory πŸ™‚ I live in the East Midlands of the UK. It is very cleverly created, I wouldn’t have a clue how to start in dabbling in digital art, I only dabble with a brush and paints and pastels.. πŸ™‚
        I would imagine the views are stunning.. with the river Tay in the distance The scenery around there is breath taking.. I have been to Scotland several times for holidays and have so enjoyed my time among the Loch’s and Mountains.. πŸ™‚

      • Hey Sue,

        Please forgive a slightly late reply, and many thanks for the comment πŸ™‚

        The Observatory is a fascinating place to explore, and my visit a happy three hour delight. I was fortunate to be visiting at a time when the main doors to the observatory were open and the dome facing towards the Tay offering a spectacular view of Dundee City as it stretches out along the banks of the Tay and heads onwards in a dwindling mass in search of Broughty Castle on the extreme headland. The distance is within 10 miles, yet given the height of the viewing platform, the magnitude of the panorama was intensified. I also enjoyed a long and highly informative conversation with a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic Astronomer who works as a member of the staffing team, which was wholly engaging and incredibly fascinating and left me far more aware of contemporary thought on Astronomy as a scientific enquiry. Dundee is a City of historical value, and offers several places of interest…Discovery Point and Verdant Works are photo opportunities and trips back in time whilst the McManus Galleries offer an enticing blend of Scottish works, and Camperdown Country Park a quiet retreat for an afternoon stroll.

        I have seen your art-work Sue and enjoyed its obvious flair and dexterity…you appear to have a gift for illustrative work and craft work, and the patience to practice being good at both. Equally fascinating, is in reading the comments on your artwork and appreciating a little of the motivation and experiences that gave rise to its conception….you delineate this process so well and offer up all sorts of interesting observations and ideas. The insightful and spontaneous works you created for the readings are magnificent…as to the compression of symbols and visual ideas within the structures and forms you have chosen…each element seems to help stimulate the mind by asking us to freely associate disparate objects/shapes/forms and find within their story ideas that combine into a coherent structure. Sometimes I find less facilitated images daunting in the abbreviation of its message or meaning.

        As to the use of Photoshop for image manipulation, and indeed the whole world of digital image making, the reality is that if one can use WP and evolve an enriching blog as you have done, then taking digital photographs and manipulating them using simple tools is a walk in park. I’d encourage you to try…the pleasure for me is knowing I can repeat or change an infinite number of aspects of the work at any time and without needing to start the entire piece all over again if I make a mistake as might be the case using other media, like paint. However, there are times when I wish I had the focal intensity of the painter and admire all who can embrace such a spontaneous and meditative practice. Your work shows a very gentle hand and the patience to achieve wonderful results.

        I have moved many times throughout areas of the UK but have yet to enjoy a long stay in the East Midlands…views from train windows and cars whilst passing through have been numerous, and I have spent several longer weekends in Lincolnshire, including Grantham and Lincoln itself. I’ve been curious as to where exactly you might live…the recent photographs that had us join you on your countryside walk, which I imagine is on your doorstep, had my mind in several possible locations. You are very fortunate to be situated where you are, it is a beautiful part of the UK.

        Many thanks for reminding me more of my Dundee experience…reminiscing over the two weeks brought back several happy smiles πŸ™‚ Hope to see you at Dreamwalker’s shortly. Take care.


        DN – 07/12/2014

    • Hey O and OM,

      Odie’s light dazzles, and his soul is so bright, is it little wonder why Spirit chooses to dwell in the regal body of a hosting Sphinx πŸ™‚

      Your reply, ‘Aah, the puppet master’ is genius and an illuminating viewpoint shining new light on the image that I’d not considered before. Inspiring, thank you.


      DN – 06/12/2014

      • anytime, dm, anytime.
        odie wants me to write more, but im fending him off so i can get back online and slog through the misery that is reading about the slim to none chances of getting published the first 20 tries…

        any book sin the works for you?
        typo, and it stays.
        o and om πŸ™‚

      • Hey O and OM,

        Typos are sometimes so appealing aren’t they lol πŸ™‚

        I could happily sit and reflect in the light of Odie’s esteemed presence all night and never once grow weary of his inspiring company. I admire your self-discipline and dedication in ‘returning to the ‘slog” (great word) to chase down a dream and know such tenacity will bolster the courage in your heart and drive you onwards to ultimate success. Do not give up! All will come to you as it is intended πŸ™‚

        In reply to your question…I currently have no considerations to write a book…a thoroughly rewarding and deeply fulfilling experience though it would be, but may return to the prospect at another time. However, I’m very interested to hear of your personal experiences and to get a first hand account of the trials and tribulations that came and went like the weather throughout the creative process. An insider’s perspective would make for a great blog series and be incredibly useful as a source of information for us mere mortals? Perhaps you’d consider this as and when time allows? πŸ™‚

        Well…have a enjoyable Sunday afternoon! Sincere thanks for your wonderful company and inspirational comments. May the Mercurial spirit be with you…


        DN – 07/12/2014

  1. Thanks for stopping by my site and liking Happiness and Spring Snow. I love your work, and am now following. I look forward to what you come up with next.

    • Hey Mary,

      Thank you for walking a wandering pathway to my Blog…your kind comment is gratefully received as to your following. Thank you. I also look forward to what I come up with next.

      Happiness and Spring Snow…I lingered a while to enjoy with equal measure the spirit in your words and the innate beauty of the serene environment within which they were written. It is a wonderful landscape that you live in. Nature and spirit are inseparable in your writing and reflect your loving attachment and keen sensitivity to both. A charming read, thank you.


      DN – 12/03/2015

    • Hey Phyllis,

      Welcome to Dewin’s…and thank you so much for your warm and generous comment.

      WP times the posting of your comment at 4 minutes to midnight, mere moments before Sun-day’s rising. According to Tweaking the Days of the Week that would suggest my Saturday ended poised in a liminal space with Perfection teetering on the cusp of Reflecion πŸ™‚

      Have a great week ahead travelling on planet Earth space-ways.


      DN – 22/03/2015

      • Aaaah – your cosmic brain is showing! πŸ˜‰ Love it. Meanwhile, I was in a bit more ‘earthy’ mode this morning – check out my self-ascribed epitaph on my latest blog.

      • Hey Phyllis,

        Thank you. Earthy modes and Cosmic brains…hmmm πŸ˜‰ …”Those to whom no distant horizons beckon…for whom no challenges remain…though they have inherited a Universe…they possess only empty sand…[…]…Let my board and me again become as one! For I must leave this place of madness…[…]…Now, I ride the eternal winds once more! And none shall ever be my master…”

        ~ Silver Surfer #1 (August 1968) ~ written by Stan Lee, drawn by John Buscema ~


        DN – 22/03/2015

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