The Spell of The Elements

New Mercury copy

The Alchemist and the Kundalini

~ The Spell of The Elements ~ By ~ Elizabeth Jennings ~

~ Published in ~ The Virago Book of Spirituality, of Women and Angels ~


 Fire and Water, Air and Earth

Contend, unite. A magic birth

Is taking place somewhere not far

Celebrated by a star.


Take the music of the wind,

Take the fingers of a mind

Making, breaking, letting go.

Take the blanket of the snow


And a necklace of the stars,

Take the footsteps of the hours.

All can spell-bind, all can build,

All will come if you have called.


We are subject to a spell.

It is married to free will.

Come the spring the earth will lie

Lucky under a lucky sky


No determinism has

Power to hold us long. We pass

Into every element,

Come and gone but never spent.



20 thoughts on “The Spell of The Elements

  1. Wonderful poem and stunning visual graphic.. The Elements of nature hold us all within their magic spell.. Each one of them holds its own power.. loved reading.. Thank you for sharing.

    • Hey Sue Dreamwalker,

      How wonderful to have you leave such a charming comment Sue. Thank you. It’s always nice to have one’s efforts appreciated so sincerely…and who wouldn’t enjoy their work described as ‘stunning’…that is really very kind, thank you.

      The poem is delightful and a treasured piece that seemed to suit the post well. I find the words gently absorbing. Curiously I had intended to title the image, ‘The Alchemist, Kundalini’…but the poem inspired a better judgement and The Spell Of The Elements seemed to weave its own magic.

      Thank you for your comment. I do wander over periodically to read your blog and will drop by again shortly to say hello. Take care Sue Dreamwalker.


      DN – 11/11/2014

      P.S: Hope you’re enjoying the English autumn…the Welsh one has been rather damp and drizzly and it’s getting cooler by the day.

      • You are welcome Dewin, and thank you very much for the wonderful reply. England is just as damp and windy today.. Nothing yet to complain about.. I do think Winter may have a spell all of her own to cast upon us this year.. So just blessed that its not as cold as it may soon turn out to be.. 🙂

      • Hey Sue,

        Pleasure. Welcome to chez Dewin 🙂

        …your enigmatic phrase, ‘I do think Winter may have a spell all of her own to cast upon us this year..’…leaves my imagination enchanted by the prospect of ‘her’ seasonal arrival: the Goddess of Winter. She is always divine.

        Take care Sue. See you at Dreamwalker’s 🙂


        DN – 13/11/2014

  2. Dear Dewin.

    So so glad you took my advice to heart and began blogging up a storm. your artwork is amazing, sublime, powerful and simply stunning!

    So happy to witness more of your talent.


    • Hey Linda,

      Well now! My day seems pleasantly filled with wonderful visitors from overseas bound for the Welsh hills to script everlasting and inspiring words on the pages of Dewin Nefol…and none more so than yours Linda, which is delightful, thank you so much…it is both charming and wonderfully thoughtful 😀

      Your prophetic advice was wholly encouraging and I am very appreciative to have your kindness and consideration and read such lovely words….sending such positive energy and affirming support is a wonderful gift to treasure. Thank you.


      DN – 06/12/2014

    • Hey O and OM,

      Thank you for the spirited reminder and positive thought…you seem to ‘like’ so much on DN these days…thank you for the wonderful presence of your felidae spirit 🙂

      Curiously felicitous…when I first read your comment, I considered your wonderful Blog as a portrait of its author, as a self-expression of what you think and feel and what aspects of life motivate and drive you, inspire and interest you. I think blogging is intimate in that way and reveals many charming, changing, responding and beautifully considered truths.

      It also occurred to me that one’s self-portrait is a project always changing and becoming in the same way as all things are in the universe…similar to the skeletal winged-figure bound to walk forever upon the hand of Gaia in a gesture symbolising cyclic nature and it’s eternal, perpetual, flow: every moment transforming into the next as a flowing river of elemental particles fading to become the breath of life elsewhere in the universe.

      Take care y’all and have an enjoyable weekend 🙂


      DN – 06/12/2014

      • mind blown. mine, not odie’s.
        i know you’re right. the portrait changes. which is why it’s up to us to determine who we are at the moment we agree to draw and portray ourselves. and then to press send. because we cant go back and hit the reset button on how others see/interpret our projections of ourselves, no matter how carefully we craft the picture. no matter how talented we are.
        but not sharing is also not an option either, is it?

        o and om

      • Hey O and OM,

        Hmmm….we are complex beings, fashioned over time, and mutable in our behaviour. I think any form of self-expression never truly denies the authenticity of its author or diminishes the intrinsic value of the signature on the work, but I don’t believe creative people should feel bound by either words or images in pursuit of a fixed definition of themselves. Surrendering to the creative instinct is far less about agreeing to make compromises and far more about remaining truthful and fixated on the moment being expressed: and by compromises I mean not allowing convention and tradition to become an intrinsic part of the creative impulse, which I feel should remain true to perpetuating, beautifying, and evolving forms of communication that befit highly complex and articulate human minds. The breadth, depth and sheer scale of our daily experiences are far to numerous for conventional forms of communication to limit definitions of ourselves to broad strokes and broader words. In answer to your rhetorical question…be honest and sincere in all that you do and let your truth prevail and your legend shine on.


        DN – 06/12/2014

    • Hey Jithin,

      From one fellow ‘time and space’ traveller to another, my apologies for the short delay in replying. My working days are currently longer than they had been and now seem to be more invasive in my evenings leaving little or no opportunity to enjoy the company and comments of friends. I am therefore a little tardy with my replies, sorry Jithin. It is of course wonderful to see you here…thank you for your kind and appreciative words and for taking time to visit (I know you are a man on the move!). I thought ‘thought’ was an abstract concept and the notion of ‘understanding’ a uniquely individual experience…so perhaps you see, relate, or understand far more than you think you know 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by to say hello en route to your next destination and photo opportunity. Curiously, I am still hooked into to your post on Auroville. It really is quite a fascinating place isn’t it?

      Take care friend. Namaste

      DN – 07/05/2016

      • Thanks again for a beautiful reply. Its alright, we all are busy at some point or the other. Well yes, you are very true about Auroville. I guess you don’t want to miss an opportunity to visit that amazing place.

      • Hey Jithin,

        Good to hear from you….thank you for understanding.

        Indeed Auroville is a unique opportunity, as to the opportunity to visit any of the other fabulous places you bring alive for others to enjoy. But yes, Auroville certainly seems to hold a lingering fascination within me that I can’t quite seem to reach. Perhaps that is why I continue to think on it, and why I’ve placed it on my ‘must-do list’….you already know, an adventure of some sort is probably long overdue 🙂

        Great to have you visit Jithin. Thank you for your comment. See you next time on Monday Monochrome perhaps.


        DN – 13/05/2015

      • I hope to help you during your Auroville visit. Just let me know when 🙂
        Yea, perhaps on Monday. You reminded me to post something 😀

      • Hey Jithin,

        Thank you! That is an exceedingly generous offer, and a sincerely wonderful thought. I am really quite moved by your kindness, honesty and trust thank you. It would undoubtedly be an experience to savour, and made all the more enjoyable I’m certain by the possibility of meeting and spending time with a once distant friend 🙂

        Please know, I shall keep the plan alive, as opposed to the good intention kept simmering on the back-burner and let you know well in advance of when the road ahead is open for adventure…

        Thank you so much for friendship Jithin. It is a wonderful experience to share.

        Good speed with both excursions and endeavours. I wonder what the focus of your subject matter will be in Monochrome? Something for the book perhaps? 🙂


        DN – 14/05/2015

      • Dear Dewin,
        It would be a great pleasure to meet you in person and get to know you more. So feel free to get in touch if you finalise your plans. I am also grateful for your friendship. And thank you for your wishes.
        Well these days Mondays are for mundane things. I call it Mundane Monday challenge. To find beauty in mundane things and photograph it. Hope you will like it 🙂

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